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tv   CNN Newsroom With Pamela Brown  CNN  November 14, 2021 4:00pm-5:00pm PST

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a lot less. and paying less doesn't mean getting less. with metromile's per-mile pricing... what you pay is based on how many miles you actually drive. so, you can enjoy reliable, high-quality car insurance... at a delightfully different price. get your free quote at stunning admission. new details tonight on the pressure trump was putting on vice president mike pence the day the capitol was stormed. >> you talk to him that morning, you said you could be a patriot or you could be a [ bleep ]. did you really say that or is that incorrect? >> i wouldn't dispute it. >> hang mike pence! hang mike pence! >> record inflation is hitting
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consumers while it's especially gas prices. >> one price one day and tomorrow it's like up 30 cents. >> biden's economic adviser says new legislation will help. >> but those concerns underscore why it's so important that we move forward on the build back better legislation. >> tension and frustration behind the scenes over vice president kamala harris' role in the white house. >> madam vice president, a little while after this is over, maybe we can talk and see how things are going. >> i'd like that. thank you, mr. president. >> the queen pulled out of the remembrance day in london because she strained her back. >> it shows how she's not counselling lightly. she's obviously in pain. i'm pamela brown in washington. you're live in the cnn newsroom on this sunday. and new tonight, tension and frustration simmering inside the white house.
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sources tell cnn vice president kamala harris feels increasingly sidelined and handicapped in her own presidential aspirations. cnn has compiled accounts from nearly three dozen current and former harris aides, administration officials, democratic operatives, donors, and outside advisers, and they describe a white house divided on one side members of harris' inner circle who believe she's been setting to fail instead of being in position to be a future president. excuse me. but on the other side, west wing staffers are exasperated by what they perceive as harris' blunders including fumbled answers on israel and the border crisis. one of the journalists behind all this reporting, cnn senior reporter isaac dovar. isaac, what's behind this? >> we have a situation where the vice president could either be running for president herself in a couple of months, really, if joe biden doesn't run for re-election, or would be the most important validator for him running for re-election at 82
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years old. he, of course, has said he's running for reevection. there are people who care sincerely about her, who look and say she's not being positioned very well to be in any of those eventualities. and they look on what's going on within her office and see things that have really hamstrung her and put her in a bad position. >> you and our colleague jasmine also have this reporting that some people inside the biden orbit have talked about ways to replace ler. >> on sort of like a gallows humor joke. that refer to in the reporting as aaron sorkin style stuff. they would nominate her to be on the supreme court, and that would be a way out. it's not something that would ever happen, but it speaks to the level of frantic panic among harris supporters that this is even being discussed as a joke, that they're seeing that there's any kind of potential wedge between them. this is a president who picked harris as being the future of the party when he picked her for the ticket last year, and there is a real concern that is not the way she's being positioned
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now. >> just to be clear, is this between -- is there friction between harris and biden? or is this like the staffers where you see this friction? >> i think it's really important you see the dynamic between joe biden and kamala harris themselves is very good. they continue to have a warm relationship. by the way, that's also true of their spouses, jill biden and dug imhoff, close relationship. but this is a frustration about how things are going that is some folks in the west wing looking over at the vice president's office and saying it's really dysfunctional. they can't get it together. also people inside the vice president's office and around harris, people who have been advising her from the outside, looking at things and saying why can't they get things more right to put her out in a better way? >> right, because you had donna brazile say why aren't they -- she needs to be out there all the time, outside the beltway. >> right, donna brazile, importantly, longtime democratic operative, was a person who pushed for harris to be on the ticket, has remained an outside adviser.
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she said to me, she is not a creature of the beltway, let her out. >> how much is harris al feeling the burden of biden's dismal approval ratings and the weight of inflation, the pandemic, afghanistan? >> it's all on it. right? and the question that she's facing and the people who want her to succeed are facing is her poll numbers and not cnn polls that we see, are lower than joe biden's. part of the reason for that may be that she is not being put out there on her own to build up the good feelings, especially with the base. >> all right, thank you so much. >> thank you. also tonight, shocking information about just how hard the trump administration pushed vice president mike pence to overturn the election before the capitol riot. and betrayal, the final act of the trump show. jonathan karl reveals the white house sent pence a memo detailing a legal strategy they thought would allow him to essentially overturn the election results. obviously, pence did not follow that guidance and went on to
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certify the biden win. but not before then-president trump issued a not so subtle threat at the stop the steal rally on january 6th. >> there was a report, excuse my language, not mine, it was in the report, that you talked to him that morning and said you can be a patriot or you could be an [ bleep ]. did you say that or was that incorrect? >> i wouldn't dispute it. >> i spoke last hour with former pence aide olivia troye and asked her about the way trump pressured pence to overturn valid election results and how trump viewed the violent events of january 6th. >> i think it shows donald trump's plain disregard for our democracy and for our entire u.s. government system. i mean, it's a fact that this was the president of the united states who in very, very much dereliction of duty moment, he completely turns a blind eye to what's happening and i think he relished the events on january
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6th. i think that to him, it fueled his ego. i think it played into his hand, and i don't think, you know, mike pence was an afterthought to him. >> so we have seen the allegiance trump shows to people he feels betrayed him, whether they did or not. but now, we're seeing just how loyal some trump allies can be, even in the face of legal trouble. his former adviser steve bannon is expected to turn himself in tomorrow after being charged with defying a subpoena from the committee investigating the insurrection. trump white house chief of staff, mark meadows, could face similar charges soon. cnn's suzanne malveaux joins me from capitol hill. what can we expect to happen in the coming days? >> in order to get a sense of what's going to happen, all you have to do is take a look backward. the evening before mark meadows was supposed to give a deposition to the committee, to the select committee, that the committee head, bennie thompson,
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issued a statement essentially he had anticipated a meadows no show, saying that if he didn't show up, it would be considered willful noncompliance and he went on to say that would force the select committee to consider invoking contempt of congress procedures. so the question is, pam, whether or not they move forward with that and how quickly. the select committee feels very emboldened by bannon's indictment. they feel it would give meadow more incentive to actually cooperate. this committee has complained meadows has failed to give even basic information, whether or not he used a private cell phone or where his texts came from on january 6th. as for meadows, he says he's been trying really hard to work with this committee. and one of the few republicans who actually voted for that criminal contempt in bannon's case, that being representative fred upton, says that he thinks that meadows' case could be different than bannon's because at least they're talking to his lawyers. on the other hand, you have representative adam schiff who is part of the select committee and head of the house
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intelligence committee who says look, they are getting impatient, they're fed up, and that meadows is running out of time. >> you know, one of the reasons i voted to hold steve bannon in contempt is he didn't cooperate at all. in fact, at the time, one of the arguments was even mark meadows was having his lawyers communicate with the committee. it seemed like there was going to be some progress that was going to be made. >> we want to make sure we have the strongest possible case to present to the justice department, and for the justice department to present to a grand jury. and that means making sure that we bend over backwards to reach any agreement we can with witnesses that are showing any willingness to engage. but when ultimately witnesses decide, as meadows has, that they're not even going to bother showing up, that they have that much contempt for the law, it pretty much forces our hand, and we'll move quickly. >> pam, the house is back in session this week. the select committee will see if meadows takes a different
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posture, if he offers perhaps written questions, certain documents, anything that they might be able to work with that would thwart those criminal contempt charges. pam. >> yeah, pretty brazen of him to not show up for his deposition with the committee and then show up on news max after that. suzanne malveaux, thank you so much. if we're going to see a post holiday spike, there's no question about that. people are exhausted right now. if you're in the southwest right now, you're in the great lakes region, wisconsin, minnesota, michigan, you're in parts of new england or western pennsylvania or northern new york or certain mountain states like colorado, things don't look good. you haven't experienced the delta wave yet and things will get worse before they get better. >> winter is coming, as we all know, but how much covid will follow, and where is what health experts are keeping a close eye on. here are early warning signs from the data we're looking at. during delta's summer surge, this map from the cdc of the level of covid transmission
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across the u.s. was nearly inverted. a lot of red in the south. as you see now, as dr. scott gottlieb points out, it's really impacting regions in the northeast, midwest, west, and southwest. we're also seeing, look at this, a similar dilemma play out with hospitalizations. across the u.s., the number of people in the hospital due to covid is ticking up. here you see what that looks like in terms of icu bed capacity. but here's the question this map brings up. what is the difference between montana, a darker shade right now, compared to, say, new york? you guessed it. experts point to a higher vaccination rate in places like new york and across new england. highlighting the importance of getting the shot or boosters if you're eligible and getting more people protected before the cold weather comes. >> if you are vaccinated, your chances of both getting sick and transmitting the virus to someone else are much, much lower, so this makes it all the more important as winter approaches to get vaccinated. and second, if you are eligible
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to get a booster shot, it's especially helpful if you go ahead and do that now, as winter approaches, again, and as people get prepared for the holidays. we should be prepare for the fact that there may be an uptick in cases that we see in various parts of the country with cold weather. but what has held true for the last year is still true, which is vaccines still give you a high degree of protection, especially against the worst outcomes of covid, like hospitalization and death. >> still ahead on this sunday, another shocking incident of airline violence after a passenger sends a southwest staffer to the hospital. but first, former new jersey governor chris christie looking to rebrand, as he eyes his own future and the future of his republican party. >> donald trump has made it pretty clear he wants to run for president again. would you support him? >> oh, look, i don't know that he's going to run. >> what if he does? >> my friend and colleague dana
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nearly a year since the capitol riot, many leading republicans still have a hard time deciding if trump is good for the party or not. or at least publicly talking about what they really think. listen to gop senator john barrasso try to thread the needle. >> can your party tolerate a leader who defends murderous chants against his own vice president? >> well, let me just say the republican party is incredibly united right now. >> you have no problem with the president saying, hang mike pence is common sense? >> i was with mike pence in the senate chamber during january 6th. and what happened was, they quickly got vice president pence out of there, certainly a lot faster than they removed the
4:18 pm
senators. i believed he was safe the whole time. >> but you're not going to criticize president trump for those views? >> i don't agree with president trump on everything. >> joining me to discuss, cnn chief political correspondent and state of the union coanchor, dana bash. dana, how can so many republicans still be trying to side step the questions like hang mike pence and really coming out and condemning what trump said about that? >> it's almost painful to watch the contortions that republicans like john barrasso put themselves in to avoid answering the questions. especially when you juxtapose what he won't say with what the at-large house member, liz cheney, republican, wyoming, will say. and then some and then some and then some, which is we have to condemn this in order to move forward as a country, but as a republican party. and you know, he is a member
4:19 pm
of -- john barrasso is a member of republican leadership. he clearly doesn't want to talk about these things. but until and unless they condemn comments like the former president has made, it's very hard for them to then move on to the issues, the real policy issues they want to talk about and the real differences they have with the current president. >> he's seen how liz cheney has been treated, people in his own state, wyoming. you have a special series calling being where you interview chris christie and former trump loyalist, former loyalist of donald trump. tell us about that. >> there's a study in contrast right there. he also is very outspoken about the fact that what happened on january 6th was horrible. what happened leading up to january 6th and the president's involvement in that was reprehensible, and that the party needs to acknowledge that
4:20 pm
and move forward. the question is, and one of nene things we spoke about in this hour-long special tomorrow night, is how he deals with the former president now in issues beyond january 6th. this is what we talked about. >> donald trump has made it pretty clear he wants to run for president again. would you support him? >> oh, look, i don't know that he's going to run. >> what if he does? >> look, what if? i have -- >> it's not as if it's a big secret that he's seriously considering it? >> let's see what happens if he does and who he is and what he says. >> after everything you have described he has done, you still -- >> dana, look, what i'm saying to you is, i'm not going to sit here in 2021 and prejudge all this. i voted for him in '16 and in '20. on election night in '20, i said what he was doing was absolutely horrible and wrong. and continued to be. you can draw whatever
4:21 pm
conclusions from that you want. but in the end, in 2021, the idea of making predictions for 2024 is folly. >> with all due respect, it sounds like a cop-out. >> i'm sure you think it's a cop-out, but i also know there's no reason to create tumult in a party that already has a lot of tumult in it. >> hmm. so is he saying there basically, look, i don't want to -- i don't want to say what i'm really thinking, but if i come out against trump, i don't want to create any more waves? >> or the fact is that he ran for president in 2016 when donald trump did. and it was trump who got all the oxygen. he had to bow out after the new hampshire primary and decided to back donald trump. so he knows first-hand how things can change very quickly, so he's trying to keep all of his options open. that is, given the fact he has been so out there and critical
4:22 pm
of the former president's lies about election 2020, he himself, christie, is getting criticized for, you know, having it both ways. he says, i know, i realize that's the criticism i'm getting, but i'm in politics and i'm going to basically play the plitical game. those are my words, not his, but that's effectively what he was saying. >> you did a good job pressing him on that, because if he is so critical about trump, about january 6th and the election lie, what else does he need to know when it comes to 2024 and whether he runs or whether, you know? >> and i will tell you, i'm not going to give too much away, but of course, i ask him, chris christie, about his own plans for 2024. and his answer is interesting when it comes to what he will do, but even more interesting when it comes to whether his decision has any bearing on what donald trump does or vice versa. we also talk about some personal
4:23 pm
stuff for him that you don't normally hear politicians talk about, about his physical self, his body, his weight, things that people might be surprised to hear him say. >> always leaving us at the edge of our seats wanting more, dana. thank you so much. we're looking forward to watching this. don't miss dana's special, being chris christie, airs 10:00 p.m., tomorrow right here on cnn. >> exclusive new reporting tonight. the simmering tension between the vice president and the white house. what insiders are saying tonight. you're in the cnn newsroom. we'll be right back. 's great, c. but we need something better. that's easily adjustable has no penalties or advisory fee. and we can monitor to see that we're on track. like schwab intelligent income. schwab! introducing schwab intelligent income. a simple, modern way to pay yourself from your portfolio. oh, that's cool... i mean, we don't have that. schwab. a modern approach to wealth management.
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a white house divided. insiders reveal to cnn vice president kamala harris is growing increasingly frustrated behind the scenes. she is feeling sidelined, set up to fail, and handicapped in her
4:28 pm
own presidential ambitions. this is according to more than three dozen sources who spoke to cnn, some on background, some on report. alice stewart who is a former communications director to ted cruz, and maria cardona, a cnn political commentator and democratic strategist. i love having you both on. >> we love being here. >> we have new reporting we can talk about tonight. this reporting from isaac dovarand jasmine right saying democrats, as we know, they face a steep uphill battle to maintain their slim control of congress a year from now. how damaging could this dysfunction and infighting be that is laid out in the report that is mainly, we should be clear, between the aides, the staff of those in kamala harris' side of the house and president biden's? >> i think that is a critical point that you just made, pam. look, i don't think it has to be that damaging, but it's really up to the people around her and
4:29 pm
the people around president biden. i can understand those kinds of frustrations. anyone who understands how a white house works understands that there will always be tensions between the president, between the vice president. but i think that the president's aides and the vp's aides need to take a look at the bigger picture here, right? if they look at kamala harris, which i think all of them do, and importantly, the president does, as a huge asset to this administration, on so many issues that she can be talking about, she can be talking about voting rights. she can be talking about democracy, she can be talking about the foreign trip she just came back from, which was hugely successful. those are things that i think if you put it in the spotlight, she is a huge asset. she will always be the consummate team player, and do what joe biden wants. and importantly from this piece, we also saw that joe biden has confidence in her. he chose her.
4:30 pm
she has his confidence. and what i think everybody needs to understand is if she looks bad, he looks bad. if she looks good, he looks good. and we are at a historic moment in time of a presidency that i think has been barraged by, you know, some unforced errors, but a lot of historical issues that have just sort of appeared. the pandemic, the recession, all of it. and they need to work together because they are their best selves when they are focused on trying to find solutions for the country. so moving forward, i think that's what both of the teams need to focus on, so i don't think it needs to have any negative repercussions, if you will. >> how do you see it? >> in her defense, i see this as a possibility very well sourced story. we have on and off the record information and comments from people in the white house and the vp office. she could possibly be a scapegoat for a white house that
4:31 pm
has not having many accomplishments. they have terrible economy, they certainly, the foreign policy has not been well. we have pocketbook issues that are impacting everyday americans, and the president's approval ratings are very bad right now, with cnn at 45%, and it's easy to point the finger at her when they were unable to get the spending bills passed for weeks and weeks, they said it was a messaging issue. instead of accepting blame for how poorly the white house is doing, she could be an easy scapegoat. on the other hand, you have to look at what has she actually done? she's been given a very impressive portfolio. she was tasked with looking at what's going on with the immigration issue, specifically with the northern triangle. we had no progress on that. she has been tasked as part of her portfolio on abortion, there's no real success on that. as well as voting rights, and nothing with that. and you have to remember, during the democratic primary, in this presidential race, she had big
4:32 pm
problems in her campaign, the campaign was in turmoil. she couldn't raise money. her polling numbers were bad. she dropped out before the iowa caucus, so to say she is a tremendous asset to the democratic party, you have to get back and look, how great was she during the primary, and i would say not very. >> i obviously have to respond to that. i think the majority of democrats believe she is a tremendous asset. you had her, jim, i think jim acosta had jim clyburn on here, and he is one of her closest friends and adviser, and he said he didn't know anything about this. he wasn't under the impression that any of this really was going on. i will say this. you talk about her campaign, you talk about the coverage leading up to this. let's remember, she is a historic vice president. she is in a role that has never been seen in this country before. a woman and a woman of color. the coverage of her up until now, i think, has been through
4:33 pm
the microscope of racism through the lens of misogyny. i'm not saying she's perfect, but every single one of her imperfections has been blown out of proportion, mostly by the right-wing media, and i think that has cost her as well in terms of the image. there is no playbook for her. let's remember this. there is no instruction booklet on how a woman of color takes on this historic role and because it is a historic role, and this was in the piece, and i completely agree with it, people expect for her to be making history every single day. that is too big of a burden for anyone to live up to. so i think that moving forward, she is -- she is going to continue to be a tremendous as asset. she should go out there, as donna brazile said, and talk to the democratic base about everything this president is doing for them. she should be talking about the build back better agenda, and she will. and she should be talking about the past trip, which i think was
4:34 pm
a tremendous success for her, and something that she can continue to build on. >> i think it's important, though, to focus on the policy. everything i mentioned had to do with policy. maria, my dear friend, and the one who brought up misogyny and the gender issue and the race issue. that's really not what this article is about. this is about what has she been able to accomplish as vp and how is that working to further the biden agenda. right now, it hasn't proven very successful. as for what this means for her future if she wants to run for president, they need to get a lot of this behind them and focus on some of the things that she has done well. yes, maria, she did have a very successful trip to france, and this was a great opportunity for her team to really promote that and push that. as things stand now, if these kind of whisper campaigns continue, it doesn't look very good for her political aspirations moving forward. >> okay, i know you want to talk. we had a great conversation. i hope you both feel like you got the fair time here. the host of the podcast, hot mics from left to right, alice
4:35 pm
stewart, maria cardona. thank you both so much. >> appreciate it. >> you're in the "cnn newsroom." >> coming up, another shocking incident of airline violence after a passenger sends a southwest staffer to the hospital. and also to come tonight, the pain at the pump hits a record level in california. we're going to take you there live. feel stuck with student loan debt? move to sofi and feel what it's like to get your money right. (phone chimes) ♪ ♪ ♪ i jump up on the stage ♪ ♪ and do my money dance ♪ ♪ i throw some money up ♪ ♪ and watch the money land ♪ ♪ i do my, i do my i do my money dance ♪ move your student loan debt to sofi - you could save with low rates and no fees. earn a $500 bonus when you refi... and get your money right. ♪ i do my money dance ♪
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legislative win. tomorrow, he'll sign his infrastructure spending plan into law. it will fund improvements to a sprawling list of items, roads, bridges, airports, even environmental clean-ups. it comes as americans are filing the pinch of the worst inflation in decades. cnn's natasha chen is in los angeles as california wrestles with record high gas prices. polo sandoval is at the mission in new york as food charities around the country struggle to feed the hungry. natasha, what are drivers telling you? >> well, pamela, even longtime residents here in california say they're used to paying high gas prices because of environmental fees and higher gas taxes here. but this is extreme. the station behind me, for example, every type of gas is more than $5 per gallon. here are a couple of drivers i spoke to in los angeles talking to me about how the high prices this year even forced one of them to buy a hybrid. >> the freeways are more packed.
4:41 pm
people are going back to work. so you know, you have a lot of commuters. school has started, so i think we're really feeling the crunch right now. >> with the emissions requirements, our gas prices are definitely higher than the nation. we know that. so you know, i just say forget it, i'm going to get a hybrid. >> and that hybrid he tells me has saved him about $400 to $500 per month. a decision he definitely doesn't regret as everyone else is paying through the nose at the pump right now. aaa spokesperson did elus demand is higher than typical this time of year. typically, you would see travel slow down after summer months, but because people have stayed at home throughout the pandemic, they are eager to travel. eager to gather for the holidays. at the same time, you have u.s. oil production, 14% lower than at the end of 2019. so the situation with gas, though, applies to a lot of other products, which is why we're seeing inflation when you have a lot of money chasing too
4:42 pm
few products. and my colleague, polo sandoval, is chasing and tracking how inflation is impacting one of the oldest soup kitchens in new york city. so polo, what are you seeing there? >> natasha, the reality, we're feeling the pain at the pump or higher food prices. we're all seeing that here, and of course, you have inflation, and of course, you also have disruptions in supply chains that are big factors in all this. that means many of the nation's some of their soup kitsches are getting hit particularly hard. we'll give you an example, the bowery mission in new york city, that has been sheltering and feeding needy families for well over 100 years, i spoke to some of the folks here. they took us inside, preparing for one of the busiest times of the year, in this case, thanksgiving, as they prepare to take some of the families in. it's still unclear whether some of those are key factors and some of the challenges they're facing, but at the end of the day, they still have to cover lot more ground, help a lot of people with fewer resources. some of their partners, some of
4:43 pm
their crucial partners that donate a lot of resources and food to feed the hungry, they're now having to spend more money to actually contribute to some of their stock here. i want you to hear directly from the ceo of the organization here, james wyden, as he shows us how they're trying to keep up with demand and also preparing for thanksgiving. >> this year, for example, we have many -- received many, many fewer turkeys than we're used to for thanksgiving. where we're used to distributing out an abundance of food to other partners in the community, we're focused on the 1,000 people we're expecting on thanksgiving day right here at the bowery mission. >> so you have that turkey shortage, but they're hoping that won't lead to a shortage in generosity. here's the thing, pamela. usually they tend to overproduce some of these meals so they make sure they have extra left over after they help some of the families that show up here, and then after that, there extra meals are shared with other nonprofit groups throughout the community, throughout new york city. this year, however, because
4:44 pm
they're so short on the stock, they have to focus on the families that get here and hope there's enough left over to share with the rest of the city. those who need a warm meal this thanksgiving in less than two weeks. >> all right, polo sandoval, natasha chen, thank you. >> yet another violent incident involving commercial air travel. aryell jackson was charged with aggravated assault after reports she assaulted a southwest airline employee in dlash. police say jackson hit a female operations agent on the head with a closed fist during the boarding process for a flight to new york. southwest says its employee was released from the hospital last night. the faa says there have been more than 5100 reports of unruly passengers this year, most cases involve passengers refusing to wear masks. and coming up on the sunday night, donald trump's controversial property in washington, d.c. is getting a
4:45 pm
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britain's queen elizabeth has missed another big event, raising questions about her health. buckingham palace says the queen sprained her back and that she's disappointed to miss the
4:50 pm
remembrance sunday service in honor of those who died in conflicts. the queen is 95 years old and has been absent from public life for several weeks. she spent a night in the hospital last month. joining us now is rachel bowie, host of the royally obsessed podcast. nice to see you. how concerned are people about the queen, >> well, pamela, it's a really big deal for the queen to miss the remembrance day sunday service. she's only missed it a hand full of times through her life because of royal tours or pregnancies and a day that has personal significance for her because as we know, she served as a member of the auxillary services during world war ii so it was a big surprise not to see her participate and raising a lot of questions about the state of her health. >> this cnn original series "diana" wraps up this week how the death of the people's princess impacted billions around the world and how her presence continues to be felt
4:51 pm
even to this day. let's watch a clip. >> the news came through directly from paris from our ambassador michael jay. i think charles was in absolute shock this happened. he felt immediately for his sons obviously and there was personal grief, as well. this is a woman he had loved, but it was also a feeling of oh my god, i'm going to get blamed for this. >> the marriage was over but he still felt a huge obligation towards her mainly in the shape of his sons sleeping a few yards away. >> the queen and prince charles got up and talked together, discussed whether they should tell the boys and i think what rightly charles decided what is the point of waking up the boys now? we don't know the truth of it. we'll wait until the morning. he chose i believe to talk to william first, his eldest, which is understandable and together,
4:52 pm
they then went and told prince harry who was just 12. >> that's just so sad. you know, the world had dealt with the shocking deaths of beloved public figures but nothing compared to the outpouring of grief for princess diana. what about her connected her with billions of people around the world? >> well, i think tony blair said it best, diana was the people's princess and coined that term after her death. she was young. she was modern. she was fresh. she was accessible. she really made an impact on every corner of the world she touched. >> and it's been nearly 25 years since diana's death. what has become the most lasting part of her legacy? >> well, i think what is so fascinating about diana, she was the most glamorous woman in the world and open and vulnerable about her struggles with mental health and battle with bulimia and ups and downs of her
4:53 pm
marriage. she demonstrated a different way to be royal. people felt like she was their family. >> how do we see her sons carrying on her legacy today. >> i think whenever you see william and harry, you can only see diana. her spirit lives on in them. i think a lot of people said she was responsible for deroyaling the boys and they have spoken openly about the impact she's had on their lives. >> rachel, thank you for joining us and don't miss the final episode of the cnn original series "diana" tonight at 9:00 on cnn. donald trump's controversial property in washington d.c. is getting a new owner and soon, a new name. the saell of the trump international hotel up next.
4:54 pm
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say good-bye to the trump international hotel in washington. a source says the trump organization will sell the lease to a miami based investment firm for $375 million. they're planning to partner with hilton and rebrand the hotel as a waldorf his totoria. "saturday night live" taking on ted cruz this weekend and his feud with big bird. >> for 50 years i stood by
4:59 pm
sesame street and taught our children dangerous ideas like numbers and kindness but when big bird told children to get vaccinated against a deadly disease, i said enough. and i created my own sesame street called cruz street. it's a gated community. our kids are safe from the woke government. tell them, kids. ♪ crazy days sweeping the lids away in hopes you'll say that his beard looks sweet ♪ ♪ grab an eagle and a gun ♪ ♪ bring the gun to cruz street ♪ >> first guest up on cruz street marjorie taylor greene. cruz also brought on a joe roguen character. oh my gosh. so funny. listen, the gavel has fallen on the ebay auction for a half hour zoom call with yours truly. i want to thank everyone for the
5:00 pm
bids. my final take, $2,650. but darn it, that john berman beat me. he took in $3800 and brian had $350. hard to be upset. this money is for a worthy cause home for our troops. see you next weekend. i'm "pamela pamelapamela brown. ♪ ♪ hello. >> she had really had it with the royal family. >> excuse me. >> she was going to draw a lin


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