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tv   New Day Weekend With Christi Paul and Boris Sanchez  CNN  November 13, 2021 4:00am-5:00am PST

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currently some snow and rainfall there that will continue over the next 48 hours. in total, we can see roughly 5 inches or more in some areas of the northeast. adding wind and insult to injury. >> tyler, appreciate you. thank you so much for that. good morning. welcome to new day. the justice department indicts steve bannon after he denies a subpoena from congress. what that means to others in the trump inner sickle. >> the american people sent us to make this work and make a difference in their lives. >> president biden touting his
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infrastructure deal making sure mornings aren't hit hard by surging prices and sky high inflation. is there any relief in sight? >> finally free after 13 years, britney spears conservatorship finally ends. we are so grateful to have you thank you for joining us. >> new legal challenges. the federal grand jury indicting bannon. the failure and refusal from the committee on the january 6
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insurrection encouraging the rally that returned from the riot. based off of what he said the day before. >> all hell is going to break loose tomorrow. so many people who said if i was in revolution, i would be in washington with trenton. this is for your time in history. >> former trump white house chief of staff mark meadows playing a very similar game. refusing to show up for a deposition yesterday. issuing 35 subpoenas for organizations as part of the investigation into the capitol riot. some closest allies at the white house and campaign trail.
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so tell us more about what exactly bannon is charged with. >> things got real. two different accounts for failing to appear for a deposition and refusing to hand over documents. now facing a potential maximum of one year in prison for each count. what does this mean and how did we get here? subpoenaed in october and really thumbed his nose. the mayor garland raises questions about where to indict
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bannon and now his future is uncertain. >> do we know specifically what information committee members want? what they are trying to ask and get from these subpoenas? >> they want to know about more of his contact with trump leading up to that day and specifically on that day more from the willard hotel war room. yesterday's news surely increased those chances. >> really a big development we'll continue to follow. thank you for your reporting let's get reaction now from the indictment on capitol hill. >> what are you hearing from
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lawmakers and what could this potentially mean for mark meadows. >> he very quick to react saying this sends a strong message to any other witnesses the committee calls on who refuse to comply with the investigation. you mentioned mark made owes. yesterday, he was supposed to have a vest gags. asked to turnover key documents. as a result, the committee chairman benny thompson saw this coming thursday night and moved forward with possibly referring mark meadows and over what could happen with steve bannon and might be the only witness who goes through the process.
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steve bannon's indictment shouldn't send a clear mess other to anyone trying to stone wall. no one is above the law. other members also reacted this is what she said in a tweet. the grand jury indicted bannon. let this send a message to all of those who would attack our democracy. the days are over we will expose those involved. no one is above the law. calling this investigation a
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sham. the two moderate republicans who were strong critics of former president trump. this shows a strong message to any witnesses who refuse to comply. they have the process behind them. the bottom line is this is a very strong message to those who would cooperate. >> bringing in the legal analyst for those who would join the attorney general he refused to
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appear. refused to hand over documents. if you were on the defense team, what would keep him from getting convicted? >> he doesn't need to mount a defense. it is his right to not rebut charges at all. a very interesting case to start with. he wasn't a government employee at the time.
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no, he does not have a particular strong lega l argument. at the time where the president could exert with them. bannon was out of the white house in 2017. i will be candid that mark meadows has a better case with
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both. the other person you identified there, jeffery clark came in and provided about an hour of answers but still complied with the subpoena. it will be very hard the law requires you to respond. meadows is a different case. the former president will have a stronger presidential claim. you need to come in and on the account of that fact. in open defiance of the subpoena for the call to have to make. >> democrats would be vocal in wanting to be proactive and make these subpoenas to carry weight. the sources didn't think that
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this was such a simple choice. what does the whole process tell you about garland and the way he's been running the justice department. that ought to carry weight and to step in to enforce them. it is just not going to be efficient to charge every single individual who violates a subpoena. in the jeffery clark example, sometimes people don't come in and answer a lot. sometimes they come in and give some documents and not others.
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frankly, going back to his time as president. when he said, we are going to fight all subpoenas. >> we have to leave the conversation there. appreciate you sharing part of your weekend with us. >> thank you for having us here. president biden has laid out a plan to lower consumer prices but does it add up? >> a number of americans are quitting their jobs. what is behind the surge of resignations? that story later this hour. or fun. daring, or thoughtful. sensitive, or strong. progress isn't either or progress is everything.
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ask your healthcare provider about rybelsus® today. soon president biden will sign into law with the political agenda. with prices rising. the white house is crossing the
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line with prizes ricing over 6%. the highest rate in over 30 years good morning to you. something we are seeing and experiencing ever day. >> as a lot of republicans are seeing and trying to message right now. it is a huge liability for democrats paying more on everything from rent to gas and people will be paying more for household essentials even the price of turkey. better stock market, lower
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unemployment numbers, inflation is something americans will feel every single day. the biden administration talks up spending billions more on social spending, this could be a real issue for them. >> what more can he do? he discussed the supply chain issue. increasing the number of hours to 24/7 at several ports including los angeles and long beach and trying to find more truck drivers. >> what i've heard from the white house and as i've seen it in passing the infrastructure bill and spending plan will be what they can do to address the
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situation. biden has not drawn this back better. that remains to be seen. >> it brings so many questions starting with the bill that they can sign on monday. is the white house doing enough to sell to voters with midterms they wanted to have this win and coming bigger win on the social
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spending package passing the big spending would be worse in the short term. at the same time touting that these could get better and could come down. >> i know you wrote a piece believing that a skon viks could happen. tell me why this indictment against bannon could be risky for the democrats? >> we saw a big backlash from republicans in this response.
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saying they would be more than happy to call white house officials in to testify on what republicans see that need to be investigated. that there is this risk as some democrats see it as having gon e too far.
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ie, mark meadows and the chief of staff. president biden and president xi jinping to meet and discuss key issues. it will be the president's first since he become president in january. he had hoped for and in-person meeting but the chinese leader has not level china in nearly two years. this week, we heard more shocking comments from the defense attorney in the trial of three white men accused of killing ahmaud arbery. he asked the judge to not let anymore black pastors to sit with the victim's family in the
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south georgia, the defense attorney in the killing of the black jogger is walking back a comment. asking the judge that they not allow anymore black pastors. >> we don't want anymore black pastors or other jesse jackson or whoever was in here earlier this week sitting with the victim's family trying to convince the jury in this case. >> now offering an apology to anyone who might have been offended. >> good morning. it was a much more contrite attorney kevin geoff who rose in the courtroom and he offered one
4:28 am
of the more awkward apologies. >> he said this, if my statements were overly broad, my apologies to anyone who may have been effected. he'll be filing a motion in the court next week. his attorney about too many black pastors. at the noon recess, the defense attorney for travis mcmichael. he came out and blasted him for his statements clearly trying to show the separation between whatever he was trying to say and their defense team believes. >> there has been a lot of reporting in court about wanting no more black pastors. that statement was totally ridiculous.
4:29 am
>> also testimony from the glen county officer. he brings body camera footage that comes from february 11, 2020. 12 days before the deadly confrontation in the neighborhood. this video shows us officers outside of the home under construction. again, this time at night. this time looking for an african american who has been reported citing inside the home. he called 911 saying he had seen a black male going inside the house. he also said it looked like he was reaching into his pocket or waste band. i think he may be armed. this changes everything about the neighborhood's feelings on whoever was going into the home
4:30 am
under construction. it was being looked upon as an announce now clearly being looked upon as a threat. searching the home under construction. this time, guns are drawn. flashlights searching every corner of that house. they find no one. we know two weeks later, they grab their own guns and pursue arbery believe he is armed and once they killed him, tragically find out, he wasn't. >> thank you for that report. an historic figure is now a siganture card away from receiving a poft too many us pardon. he bought a train ticket and sat
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in the white's only and when asked to move, he didn't. his case led to a separate but eek equal doctrine. a voting unanimously in favor of a pardon for plessy. it will be made official with a siganture card. just ahead how loyal fans of britney spears helped her win back her freedom. we're like yod. [yodeling] yo-de-le-he... (man 2) hey, no. uh-uh, don't do that. (man 1) we should go even higher! (man 2) yeah, let's do it. (both) woah! (man 2) i'm good. (man 1) me, too. (man 2) mm-hm. (vo) adventure has a new look. (man 1) let's go lower. (man 2) lower, that sounds good. (vo) discover more in the all-new subaru outback wilderness. love. it's what makes subaru, subaru.
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after 13 years and a major legal battle with her father, britney spaerns's legal fight has come to an end. fans outside the courtroom after the judge granted the request to terminate conservativeship in which she had no control of her life including her own reproductive rights. spears plans to take some time off to enjoy herself before sharing plans for the future. >> britney spears is waking up in control of her own destiny for the first time in 13 years. the judge terminating
4:37 am
conservatorship effective immediately. there will be a couple more court dates to work out and to make sure her funds go back to her control. she's now in control of her finance and her percent. saying she remains with some safety nets in place to make sure she is not in a free fall as she takes control of her life just before her 40th birthday. thinking of how long she's lived with this, she could use some help. there are no options to this ruling here. her father's lawyers more her mothers. her father removed in september. he said then he wanted the conservatorship to completely go away. that didn't happen. if you look back further, this summer to july when she did
4:38 am
testify calling into the court. very, very emotional. she thought this was con conservatorship abuse and wanted her father to be charged with this abuse. she said she was forced to be on birth control and to perform. they are looking to make sure if there were any inproprieties they would be taken up and they would go after him for those moments. the court said today the time has come to end the conservatorship. needless to say, all of her supporters, the free britney movement here. hundreds here celebrating when word spread out sietd the courthouse when she is indeed in control of her destiny again. pink confetti and performers on
4:39 am
the road. britney taking to instagram writing, good god, i love my fans so much. i think i'll cry the rest of the day. can i get an amen? praise the lord. and she closed out #freed britney. ahead, if you are fired in iowa for not being vaccinated, you may be able to file for unemployment. just ahead of the holidays, our team at underscored have looked at some popular gifts of the season. julian here with us now, he's a senior editor. i know you have been working hard to figure this out. i have to tell you, one of your first picks is a favorite of
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as businesses are struggling to fill positions, a new report shows a record number of americans are quitting their jobs according to the bureau of labor statistics 4.4 million americans quit their jobs in september. that leaves the country with nearly 10.5 million open positions. during the pandemic, millions have dropped out of the work force, especially women. as of october, the number of women working was nearly 3 million higher than it was during covid. >> there is a new law in iowa that puts businesses in the middle of conflicting federal and state vaccination mandates. important to remember kim reynolds, the governor of iowa
4:49 am
previously criticized the granting of unemployment benefits. >> but this new law allows unvaccinated workers fired to claim those benefits. we have more. >> in rural iowa, spurgon manor is the only elder care facility. its existence and staff are critical for the town's aging population. >> i love being here. you know that. >> two new rules are making this vital job more complicated. >> we really are caught in the middle. >> at health care facilities, new federal guidelines require all staff it be fully vaccinated by january 4 except for those with approved medical or religious exceptions. >> we are 83 vaccinated but still 18 of my employees not vaccinated. i cannot afford to lose one.
4:50 am
>> if nlgs i can find an accept acceptable accommodation for them, then they can't work with the residents. >> and late last month governor kim reynolds who supported ending the unemployment benefits early signed a new law granting benefits to fired employees who choose not to get vaccinated. normally fired employees are not eligible. >> what is the burden that it places on you? >> it is higher fees for insurance and so that makes our burden harder to provide care for our residents. >> reporter: businesses exclusively fund state unemployment through a payroll tax with this new state law they'll pay even more for fired employees. >> and they don't have a choice in the matter. the state has answered a mandate with another mandate that is ome putting business owners in between. >> reporter: the family owned farm manufacturing company has
4:51 am
700 employees, about 50% are vaccinated. in line with local county rates, the company said. navigating a federal rule and state law adds one more hurdle in a challenging year. >> supply china issues and labor shortages and now this. what does that feel like? >> it is a one, two, three, charge on things. >> every business is being put between a rock and a hard place between a mandate that is one size fits all, and then you have state rules and regulations that are trying to protect individual rights as well and businesses in general are getting caught in the squeeze. >> reporter: many businesses including the farming company who you just heard from can opt to test employees weekly if they choose not to get vaccinated.
4:52 am
so the question is, who picks up that bill? is it the federal government or the state or the businesses themselves? placing another question mark and potentially another financial burden on businesses. back to you. >> vanessa yurkevich, thank you for that report. suni lee is the latest victim of a racist attack. we'll tell you what she confronted after a quick break. but first, an iraq war veteran turned his trauma into song and now he's helping other veterans do the same in today's "the human factor." >> i was in iraq for 11 months. it was when i got home and tried to reinterestgrate i noticed i couldn't be in crowds and watching every door. i felt weak and ashamed and i hadn't been able to write songs for five years because of all of the pain.
4:53 am
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olympic gold medallist suni lee was pepper sprayed in los angeles last month. >> brin ging grass has the details. >> suni lee said she felt powerless when this racist incident happened to her in l.a. last month. she's there filming "dancing
4:59 am
with the stars" and she was out with a group of girlfriends of asian descent waiting for a ride when a car pulled um up to them and started saying racial slurs to them in start saying go back to where they came from and lee said then she was pepper sprayed in the arm before the car took off and she said in the interview, quote, i didn't do anything to them and having the reputation it is so hard because i didn't want to do anything that could get me in trouble. i just let it happen. and she said in the interview that she's very much aware of her new celebrity status and how important it is for her to speak up against incidents like this. we know of course that she is an olympic gold medallist competing in the games in tokyo and she's the first american to compete in those games. and sadly this is just another incident against asian-americans that we have seen skyrocket during the pandemic and they continue to go up. according to the group stop aapi
5:00 am
hate, 9,000 incidents were reported to this group from march 2020 to june of this year. boris and am ora. >> thank you. the next hour of "new day" starts right now. good morning. and welcome to your new day. i'm boris sanchez. >> and i'm am ora walker in for christi paul. the justice department is sending a chilly message to trump allies after indicted steve bannon for defying congress. what it means for trump's inner circle. >> and plus surging price and record inflation and now food banks are struggling to keep their selves stocked and feed those in need. >> i'm very worried. we cannot plateau at this point and especially coming into the winter. >> after weeks of progress, some states are now seeing a rise in covid cases. why health experts are warning of special surges. >> plus some of the victims of the astro world tragedy ar


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