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tv   New Day Weekend With Christi Paul and Boris Sanchez  CNN  November 13, 2021 3:00am-4:00am PST

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to build a future of unlimited possibilities. good morning. welcome to your new day. >> good morning to you. the justice department indicts steve bannon. what it means for the former trump advisor and other members of the trump circle. >> historic inflation. brooind trying to reassure americans he has a plan to help. >> some states are now seeing a rise in covid cases.
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a warning of potential surges heading into the holidays. >> kyle rittenhouse one step closer to a verdict. the govern in wisconsin is bracing for a verdict with hundreds of national guard on stand by. it is saturday, november 13. thank you for waking up with us. good morning. great to have you this weekend. >> thank you for having me. >> we begin with serious legal problems for trump ally steve bannon. the white house chief strategist for criminal contempt of congress. two counts. one refusing to appear for a deposition and refusing to hand over documents. >> the insurrection says the
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bannon indictment should send a message to other witnesses. ignore subpoenas at your own peril. wanting to know more about before, during riots. during the podcast, he offered a preview of things to come. >> all hell is going to break loose tomorrow. >> just understand this, all hell is going to break loose. it is not going to happen the way you think it will happen. it will be quite extraordinarily different. all i can say is strap in. the war room a posey, you have made this happen. tomorrow is game day. >> you can bet there are questions about what he knew. examining the legal and political implications of the indictment. >> beginning with part of the
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team that broke the story. could you start with the indictment and how we got to this point? >> this got real for bannon yesterday. if convicted, he could face jail time. he has been charged with two counts of contempt of congress. one, refusing to appear for a deposition. another kouchbt for refusing to hand overdocuments. each carries a maximum sentence of a year in jail. ban than will have to decide if his loyalty to trump is worth that risk. pursuing a host of different witnesses. they hope this indictment will send a message to maybe those who won't cooperate. >> the two charges and how they
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are responding. getting straight to our reporter who is live with us on capitol hill. what are you hearing from lawmakers. >> very quick to respond. especially the lawmakers on this committee. saying this should send a strong message to my witnesses who refuse to comply on the insurrection of january 6. something to keep many mind on all of this is that bannon is not the only one who would refuse to comply. mark meadows, the former chief of staff of president trump did not show up for a deposition yesterday at 10:00 a.m. he did not turnover key documents he needed to turnover. bannon is not the only witness who has refused to comply. this is what the chairman benny thompson and liz cheney a republican said after this.
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they said, steve bannon's indictment should send a clear message to anyone who thinks they can ignore the committee or stone wall the investigation. no one is above the law. we will not hesitate to use tools at our disposal to get the information we need. >> not the only ones to react. we saw live reactions and more on what they told cnn. >> it sends a message to future invited witnesses. you may not like it. you may think nothing wrong was done but you are not going to be able to avoid it. this is certainly a good thing and sends a chilling message to anybody else that will follow through like this. >> another thing to keep in mind in all of this, republicans have
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been slamming this committee. namely house minority leader saying this investigation is a sham committee investigating the january 6 insurrection because the two appointmented republicans are of course liz cheney and add kinsinger. it is a house selected committee. it sends a really strong message to any witnesses who refuse to comply and there could be huge consequences to those who don't. >> a clear message to those on the committee. thank you so much. following this big developing news that bannon has been indicted on two counts of contempt of congress. we'll talk more about this with
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joey jackson and deputy general. good morning to you both. starting with you. is this indictment a game changer? >> it is. of course for bannon. as everyone was emphasizing, a real game changer for the other witnesses. the we had owes and the clarks of the world. bannon is now done. he's in the criminal justice system. there is nothing he can do. it might take a couple of years to work itself out. that's all right. they want to be able to send this chilling message up the spines of any other witnesses thinking of trying to defy them. now the calculation has been radically altered and people are sweating on capitol hill who yesterday were thinking they could just walk through and not worry about a subpoena from the congress of the u.s.
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it will be interesting to see how they act. they've issued 35 subpoenas so far. we'll how this compels them to comply with these indictments. >> to you, bannon is expected to self-surrounder on monday. what i found surprising, these charges don't mean he will be forced to testify or produce these documents. right? >> they do not. separate and apart. this is significant. we know it he does no longer have the protection of the president. in that indictment last year, we saw the fact that trump pardoned him. these are different circumstances where you don't have a president when you get indicted pardoning you. we have the congress, the select committee making the
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recommendation to the full congress and voting on and acting upon it. now here we are with regard to this. we know it is the first time it has been done since 1983 almost 40 years. just because you are facing criminal charges, didn't mean you are turning over and overwise taught. there could be extensive investigations. the fbi has authority of powers. they could subpoena and otherwise require those and issue search warrants, et cetera. with respect to documents and they can't compel them to get the quick temperature. >> mark meadows as well was subpoenaed to testify. what do you think his attorneys are telling him now? >> you might want to reconsider.
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what has ended up happening is finally, they are supporting. it used to be you would get a subpoena and nothing would happen. it has been since the reagan administration and prosecution. they don't enforce it. they have the authority. it is never going to happen. it is one thing to be not cooperative with the committee. there are questions you could say i'm not going to answer. to thumb your nose exposes you and your attorneys will sit down and say, you know, we might want to reschedule that appearance you said was not important? >> how do you expect the prosecution to pan out as is a conviction, right? >> so it is pretty interesting.
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his attorney saying this has to be played out in the courts. he's now got a judge that is pretty conservative. he may well be expecting. it is not simply he didn't produce. you've got to show up. you've got to do a privilege log and show you've ha d diligence. it will be a lot of preliminary motions. if convicted, the obligation still remains. he can be convicted once again. in 2022, if republicans are still in charge. that's another thing. the big thing is for the mark
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meadows, jeff clarks and the 150 other people behind the scenes already saying, you know what, we'll cooperate. including the mike pence team who is ready to cooperate and have a lot to say. >> bannon has been made an example of. used in a way to strike fear in the hearts of othe r witnesses.
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too late, he's been convicted of a crime. the other major news out of washington this week, president biden pushing his infrastructure plan as a helpful measure. the cost of living has risen over 6%. the highest rate in 30 years. now republicans are blaming the president and his policies for the stricker shock many americans are feeling. cnn white house reporter with us. inflation has become a political liability. they initially said it i s
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transitory. at first, you heard that it was transitory. officials saying this is a big deal, a top priority trying to break up that log jam. saying this could through the middle of the year for americans as they start grocery shopping he really touted that infrastructure package saying it could help ease some of the
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inflation pressures. take a listen. >> we've got in the cabinet an immense moment of possibility. the american people sent us here to deliver. the american people will ease or lower inflation on our economy. we'll carry this out from what i call blue collar that builds economy from the bottom up and middle out and not from the top down that pressure that really doles out the money and in the measure spent. that will be and of course
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expect him to sign that bill finally on monday. >> jasmine, reporting from the white house. >> marked with unusual testimony and outbursts. the case of kyle rittenhouse in closing phases. with kids getting vaccinated and covid cases looking flat, what this could mean for the holidays. more aftfter a quick break. stay with us. u got it. ♪ liberty, liberty - liberty, liberty ♪ uh, i'll settle for something i can dance to. ♪ liberty, liberty, liberty, liberty ♪ ♪ ♪ only pay for what you need. ♪ liberty, liberty, liberty, liberty ♪
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on the covid front, the fda is not likely to ask outside advisors to weigh in. that could speed up the decision-making process and some states have already started to take things into their own hands
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saying all adults are now eligible for boosters. numbers in some states are ticking upward. doctor volk with us. president of college of american pathologist. thank you for being with us. california is the latest state to deviate from the current guidance and have expanded booster eligible to residents 18 and older. do you see the decision creating any problems. >> i know the more people vaccinated, the safer these holidays will be. the big question is not whether or not you'll have turkey or ham. it is whether your table is safe
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help us understand how booster shouts could bring those numbers down. >> every person vaccinated is one less person who will die of covid-19. everyone who can get vaccinated, should get vaccinated. the booster shots help our immune systems work even better to protect us from that terrible virus. the more people who can get it, the better. >> you noted the holiday not that far off. thanksgiving a few weeks away. any concern about the rise and surge after the holiday. what advise from folks? >> first of all, we are still
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not out of the woods, right? as sick as everyone is with covid-19 and hearing about vaccines and testing. it is still with us. we have to take precautions. the good news is we have some very powerful tools to protect our loved ones. we can make vaccines and make sure those invited over have that vaccine on board and we can keep our families safe. using the tools we have that we really didn't have last year. one of those tools. testing. vaccines are essential getting through the pandemic. talk to us about the importance of expanding testing. >> testing helps us know who is sick and who could potentially spread this terrible virus. the best tests are the pcr tests
3:24 am
run in laboratories. there are home tests also available. if folks are symptom magnetic or concerned that they are exposed, that could be a tool used to see if they have the virus or not. the thing about the home tests, you have to be super careful when you use them and follow the directions to the letter. >> thank you for your time. we appreciate having you. >> murder or self-defense? the kyle rittenhouse case will soon go to a jury. we'll have the latest next. c'mon caleb, you got this! and if you don't, there are other options! umpire: ball! good eye! good eye! eyes are good for lots of things.
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final statements on monday. each side will have two and a half hours for closing arguments. then the 18-person jury will be narrowed down to 12 according to a drawing of names. they'll have to decide whether the claims of self-defense are justified. the wisconsin governor already bracing for the verdict. he's deployed 500 national guard troops to assist next week. we have more. >> a dramatic trial nears its final stages. marked by intense temperature from the accused. >> there was people right there. >> the trial where the judge commands as much attention as the defendant. admonishing lawyers over the debate of jury instructions. >> the homicide trial is now
3:30 am
slated for closing arguments and jury instructions on monday. prosecutors won a small victory when the judge said he'd add instruction on provocation adding to argue that written house provoked one of those shot and killed into chasing him. prosecutors also asked for lesser charges in addition to the six original accounts. some already more serious than what he faces. the judge complained what that means. >> having the lesser offense included your raising the risk of conviction and this you'll end up with the risk of a second trial. >> saying he understood the ramifications. the judge indicated he will likely allow some lesser charges but not allow others charges
3:31 am
including wreckless homicide for shooting three people during protests in kenosha, wisconsin following the police shooting of jacob blake. two of those three people were killed, one wounded. the judge's behavior has loomed large over the trial. >> i don't believe you. >> he's harshly admonished prosecutors. >> don't get brazen with me. you know very well an attorney cannot go into this area. don't give me that. >> he seems to be a narcissism. likes a lot of attention. engages in these really outlandish outbursts. a lot of attention is focused on
3:32 am
him. this is a serious murder trial. we shouldn't be talking about after the fact by the judge. >> talking about a mistrial with prejudice. the judge is taking that under advisement. we should know about that on monday. our legal analyst believes it is not likely the judge would declare a mistrial at this point. >> thank you for this report. for thousands of lbgtq people in the 1950s, the lavender scare. this week, lisa ling will speak to those who live through it on her show "this is live." when it comes to the mayor, no shortage of personality. mayor elect mayor adams shows us where his passion for politics
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began and why he plans to do things his way. ♪
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3:38 am
home in queens to gracy manson. >> right here was miss brown. i used to run her paper and errands. >> how long have you wanted to be mayor? >> not always but it happened 24 years ago. >> someone gave him advice. he said, if you want to be a mayor, these are four things you have to do. >> got his masters degree. became captain of the police department. >> what happens next is anyone's guess. >> i'm evolving as a man, as a dad. i will continue to evolve if i'm the mayor of the city of new york. >> by his anthem, frank sinatra.
3:39 am
all the way. >> whenever i'm feeling as though i've hit an obstacle, i throw on my way. >> this is not a fashion trend. >> taking on saggy pants in 2010 or teaching parents where to search for their kid's drugs. never shying away from the spotlight. >> he was a state senator. in the trunk of his car was a podium so he could hold a press conference any time. >> beginning here at precinct 103 at jamaica queens. 1975, he and his brother were arrested for criminal trespass into the home of a gogo dancer.
3:40 am
>> they took us downstairs to the lower level and kicked us repeatedly in our groin. >> the situation stayed them. focusing on racial discrimination. >> the belief in his own life story became the campaign's main message. >> i wanted to be felt and tell new yorkers a different part of my life. what it was like to be arrested and live on the verge of homelessness. the people you represent was me. i wanted to really show them their fears are my fears. their worries are my worries. they are worried about crime on
3:41 am
the streets. not enough housing, you name it. we have to be safe. if we are not safe, tourism is not going to return. no one will stay if employees cannot ride subway systems. >> you have to make sure to hit reset with the police department. go to the precinct and talk to my officers and let them know you have their backs. if you don't understand the no nobility of protection, you can't be in my department. repurposing stranded hotels to
3:42 am
homes for homeless. . he became vegan when he was diagnosed. >> i'll be a broccoli mayor. >> he seems allergic to activist left of his own party. promoting himself as probusiness, prounion. protecting the poor without driving out the wealthy. >> in this city. only 65,000 pay 51% of our income taxes. if we lose those 65,000 because they are feeling safe because we don't believe they are part of our eco system. we lose funding for our museums, our broadway. >> i'm proud to be a resident of bed-stuy. >> facing questions of whether
3:43 am
he lives in the city or in new jersey. >> i love brooklyn. >> and answering the complaints. >> i always say i'm a lion. lions don't lose sleep over the opinion of sheeps. >> the investigation said your fundraising pushing the boundaries of finance and ethics. >> they have their opinion and i have my opinion. no silent suffering from me. >> adam's glides easily from nrk bureaus, the wealth of the hamptons to the night life. to the joy of photographers and his opponents. >> with the elites, the tiktok girls hanging with the kardashians at club zero. come onment come back. >> i am the american dream.
3:44 am
back on the streets where he grew up. he thinks of his mom who worried about him as he struggled with undiagnosed dyslexia. >> she said i always prayed the hardest for you. >> she died earlier this year leafing behind her well-worn annotated bible. this is the bible i'm going to place my hands on when i'm sworn in. >> cnn, washington. >> quite a large bible, actually. thank you for that. more ahead on newday. first, top 10 cnn heroes of 2021 have been announced. one will be named the cnn hero by you. this week's spotlight on a woman
3:45 am
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nfl star not only a team captain but also a leader off the field working on relationships. >> inspire change, the nfl social justice initiative inspires positive change. new orleans saints, not only an iron man on the field. 11 seasons with not a single
3:51 am
game missed, he's even more impressive off the field working to improve police-community relations. >> you can inspire change. they are trying to have a positive impact. it is redefining the view, the perception of the policing in this community. it feels like it is bringing them closer together. i understand you guys have your protocols. you hear what they go through and the trauma in their heads makes you feelize they are humans as well. if we remember we are all human and trying to keep a family together. i've gone through all the feelings. the highs and lows of every
3:52 am
situation. from joe to george floyd and ahmaud arbery. i've also had positive situations with officers. i've had the negatives as well. this class is helping not just me but the community surrounding it. whatever we are doing is the right step forward it has been there for me for 11 years. it is so easy to give back. you have to put your time and efforts. in the long run, this will inspire others to be a part of this. whether officers or civilians to
3:53 am
create a culture change. >> chronicling the efforts to build a safer more respectful community. exactly the type of difference maker we need to hear more about. a former falcon player. a former stanford graduate. cal berkley rival. >> you can hear the passion in his voice. thank you so much. >> still technically autumn feeling more like winter. look where folks could see up to five inches of snow next.
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with special offers just for movers at the first significant snowstorm of the season that brought heavy snow is now shifting east. >> bringing rain and snow is bringing freeze alert to the southeast. what is it looking like out there? way too soon. if you are not a fan of this we have a series of winter weather makers.
3:59 am
pushing along the northeast. behind it, some very chilly air into the southeast. a clipper system into the northwest, midwest and another system pushing to the pacific northwest. we have roughly 13 million in the southeast under freeze alert. not just across georgia, alabama, tennessee and mississippi. all the way over oklahoma to the carolinas and virginias. quite chilly. this is the first freeze of the season for many in the southeast we'll see a roller coaster of temperatures over the next several days. temperatures will go down, back up and down again over the week. your average high is 55 degrees. you can see that roller coaster ride. with that comes those winter weather systems. we are seeing that one pushing
4:00 am
across the northeast right now. currently some snow and rainfall there that will continue over the next 48 hours. in total, we can see roughly 5 inches or more in some areas of the northeast. adding wind and insult to injury. >> tyler, appreciate you. thank you so much for that. good morning. welcome to new day. the justice department indicts steve bannon after he denies a subpoena from congress. what that means to others in the trump inner sickle. >> the american people sent us to make this work and make a difference in their lives. >> president biden touti


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