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tv   Early Start With Christine Romans and Laura Jarrett  CNN  November 12, 2021 2:00am-2:59am PST

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to build a future of unlimited possibilities. show up or risk contempt. an ultimatum for the former president's chief of staff after another delay for the january 6th investigation. the kyle rittenhouse trial headed foreclosing arguments soon. what each side needs to do before the jury gets the case. and a racist attack on a u.s. olympian. what suni lee is saying this morning. it is friday, november 12, 5:00 a.m. exactly here in new york. thanks for getting up early with us. i'm christine romans. >> and i'm laura jarrett. welcome to our viewers in the
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united states and all around the world. we will have some extraordinary reporting this morning from the poland belarus border this hour. we start with breaking news overnight from washington. the january 6 committee giving a top aide in the trump white house an ultimatum. the panel is now demanding former chief of staff mark meadows show up for a deposition and hand over documents today or risk criminal contempt. this after his attorney made it clear that meadows had no plans to cooperate until the courts ruled on trump's claim of executive privilege. >> and that, by the way, is now delayed as well. a federal appeals court has paused the release of trump white house documents to the select committee. the national archives was supposed to start handing them over today, including handwritten notes from meadows himself. cnn's daniela diaz is live on capitol hill with more for us this morning. good morning, daniela, what do we know? >> reporter: this is what we know, guys. the select committee
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investigating the january 6 insurrection took its first step last night to possibly referring former white house chief of staff mark meadows to the department of justice for criminal contempt of congress if he fails to comply with friday's deadline for a deposition and to turnover key documents that they need for their investigation. look, this is what chairman of the committee bennie thompson wrote in a letter late last night. he said, such willful noncompliance with the subpoena would force the select committee to consider invoking the contempt of congress procedures. now, meadows has been facing new pressure from this committee to cooperate with this committee after notified by president joe biden that they will not assert executive privilege or immunity over documents and testimony requested by the panel. this is all, of course, according to a document obtained by cnn. you know, this move to set a final compliance date for
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meadows comes after his attorney issued a statement earlier thursday, of course, before the committee moved forward with this possible criminal contempt, saying that meadows would not cooperate with the committee until courts ruled on former president donald trump's claim of executive privilege. now, something to keep in mind here, laura, christine, is that this is not the first time the committee would be doing this. they actually already moved forward with a criminal contempt charge for steve bannon, a former ally -- excuse me, close ally of former president donald trump and former white house aide. they voted for this. they moved this through the house of representatives. and as a result, it is all in the hands of attorney general merrick garland and the department of justice. but this really all depends on trump's last-ditch effort as i mentioned, to turn away friday deadline of 46 records after a federal appeals court granted a pause for this release of key white house records. so the bottom line here, we're turning back to what we were
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initially discussing, everything is up in the air about whether mark meadows shows up today. he is supposed to be here at 10:00 a.m. for his deposition and to turn over key records. but right now it seems like that is not likely to happen. >> all right, daniela, thank you so much for that. >> all right. it's time -- yes, thank you, daniela. it's time for three questions in three minutes. bring in former federal prosecutor michael zeldin. thank you for coming on. you're an unofficial third member of "early start" with so much legal news. the january 6 committee is threatening to hold mark meadows in contempt if he doesn't show up for his deposition. he has this very well respected seasoned defense lawyer george terwiliger. it doesn't seem like he would want his client to be found in contempt. >> that's right. i also want to make sure that the executive privilege claim is litigated properly. remember, meadows, unlike bannon, really is the type of
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person who the executive privilege would apply to under normal circumstances. so i think that the committee may begin the process of referral to let future witnesses know that they mean business. but i'd be surprised if they go forward with a full referral to garland until the court of appeals, at least, makes a decision because i don't think they want multiple contempt citations languishing in the department of justice as merrick garland makes a decision, when is the best time, if ever, to bring a contempt, criminal prosecution. >> so we also know now yesterday, a three-judge panel on the d.c. circuit, all political appointees, gives the former president a bit more time, delaying the release of the trump white house documents from the national archives about the insurrection. the court said it is doing it to protect the court's jurisdiction. made the point of noting the order should not be construed in any way as a ruling on the merits. how do you think, michael, this will affect the justice
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department's decision on contempt for steve bannon? >> well, this is a great question. and we've discussed this a couple of times this week whether or not garland is going to wait until the courts decide the executive privilege so as to take away the defense of the steve bannons and mark meadows of the world, the noncooperators from saying, look, i'd like to cooperate, but the president, the former president has told me to not to, and so i have to let the court make that decision for me and then i'm happily willing to come in. so i think that garland has got to weigh carefully when, if ever, he's going to bring these charges because he does not want to lose. and so i think were i counseling merrick, i'd say to him let's at least wait until the court of appeals decision which should be no later than mid december and then make a decision about who to proceed against. >> the court set a speedy briefing schedule as we expected it knows how important it is. it knows that trump's plan is
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obvious, you know. the playbook is clear. run out the clock, right, because if he loses at the d.c. circuit, this is almost certainly headed to the supreme court, don't you think? >> well, if he loses at the circuit and the circuit gives a powerful decision, then, yes, of course, trump is going to apply for the court, the supreme court to take the case. but a strong opinion in the court of appeals following a strong opinion by the district court may allow the supreme court the leeway to say, you know what, we're not going to take this case. it's settled law and we're done with it. but for sure trump's mode of operation is delay. he is going to seek whatever last-minute pardons he can get for himself. and we'll have to citi wsee wha courts say. >> we shall see. michael, thank you for getting up with us this morning. >> thank you. >> my pleasure. the most important job most americans have never heard of, inflation is raging and the fed has the tools to cool it off.
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♪ (vo) reflect on the past, celebrate the future. season's greetings from audi. welcome back. closing closing arguments in the kyle rittenhouse trial are spejted monday. after eight days of testimony, the prosecution tried to show rittenhouse was a reckless vigilante, killing two and injuring another. the 18-year-old took the stand in his defense claiming through tears he did nothing wrong, and he had to defend himself. >> jurors in the trial heard from 31 witnesses. one use of force expert said thursday that it took just over a minute for rittenhouse to fire all of his shots.
2:13 am
>> so, the total between the two events of shooting is less than 7 seconds. are you asking if you were to put both those two figures together? >> yes. >> it's about 6 1/2 seconds. >> can you tell us the amount of time that passes between the first shot, observation number 8 to joseph rosenbaum, and the final shots to mr. grosskreutz? >> 1 minute 20 seconds. >> that testimony there underscoring just how quickly these shootings unfolded. >> let's bring in cnn legal anal analyst ariba martin. you heard them explain the time the shots rittenhouse fired. what stands out to you? >> yes, the significance of that testimony was to buttress the defense's argument this was a chaotic scene and that rittenhouse was responding in real-time to what he perceived to be real threats. now, the judge didn't allow this
2:14 am
use of force experts to give his opinion about the reasonableness of rittenhouse's conduct. by showing how quickly the time shots were fired, it conveyed to the jurors as kyle himself testified and as other witnesses have testified, that he was under attack, and he was responding after he was being attacked. >> yes, of course the hope is all this is unfolding in a matter of seconds, the jury will feel more sympathy for him, more sympathy for the idea that he didn't somehow plan this, even though he crossed state lines, got a gun. there was, in fact, a plan. put that aside for now. at the end of the day, this case comes down to whether or not prosecutors, of course, prove their case beyond a reasonable doubt. areva, do you think the defense has injected enough doubt to give the jury some pause on at least some of the charges? >> definitely i think the defense has made some significant headway with respect to this, their self-defense claim. they've had several witnesses that have come forward to
2:15 am
testify that, you know, the individuals that were shot like mr. rosenbaum were, in fact, the aggressors. the last witness of the day testified he witnessed mr. rosenbaum chase rittenhouse. that he witnessed rosenbaum charge at rittenhouse. again, all supporting the self-defense claim of kyle rittenhouse. but i think he made an exleapt point about this case has always been about this under-age person getting a gun that he wasn't legally entitled to have, crossing state lines, violating the curfew that was in place in wisconsin at the time, and injecting himself into this rather chaotic scene. so i think the jurors are going to have to juxtapose that bigger narrative with the evidence that's been presented by the defense that rittenhouse believed that his life was in danger when he fired those shots. >> so, the prosecution indicated that it will ask for lesser included charges to be submitted to the jury. do you think that that gives the jury an opening to find him guilty of something even if not
2:16 am
the most serious charges that carry the most prison time? >> i think it signals a couple of things. one, i think it signals the prosecution doesn't have 100% faith that it has established beyond a reasonable doubt evidence that would allow the jurors to find on the more significant charges. and definitely they want the jurors to be able to look at the facts that have been presented and to determine if those facts will support, you know, the lesser charges. maybe not the intentional homicide, but maybe the negligence, maybe the recklessness. i think the prosecution realizes there may be some holes in its case. >> all right, areva martin, thank you so much for joining us this morning. >> nice to see you. >> thank you, ladies. a little weekend programming note for you. more than 20 years after her death, princess diana's story is having a second look, it's having a moment. go inside her lasting legacy on a new episode of the cnn original series, diana, sunday night at 9:00 only on cnn.
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to build a future of unlimited possibilities. it may be the most important job most americans have never heard of. president biden is nearing a decision on his pick to lead the federal reserve. with jerome powell seen as the front runner for another term, this decision is critical. the fed is the official inflation fighter with the tools to raise interest rates to cool off the economy. the economy is bouncing back from wage growth. but inflation is running hot, at a 30-year high. there are kinks in the global supply chain and surging demand for goods. the fed chief has called this inflation transitory, continuing to back the fed's easing
2:22 am
monetary policy. the fed has persisted, raising questions whether powell and the fed made a bad call and will have to raise interest rates to avoid a bigger problem in the economy. still, powell has general high marks for his handling of the extraordinary economic turbulence since early last year. and he has expertly telegraphed to markets the fed's tapering of stimulus. his term expires in february. biden is expected to announce his pick as early as next week. a 22-year-old woman hospitalized after that terrible stampede at the astroworld music festival has died. she was a senior at texas a&m university. she went to the concert with her sister and cousin and ended up on a ventilator in critical condition days before passing away. she is now the ninth concert goer to have died. her heartbroken family spoke out on thursday.
2:23 am
>> i want my baby back, you know? i won't be able to live without her. it's like -- it's impossible, you know what i'm saying? i'm empty. >> it suffocated us. they did this to her. they suffocated her. they did this to the 9-year-old boy right now in the i.c.u. who is fighting for his life. they did this to the other eight people who also lost their lives that night. >> the president of the houston professional firefighters association says the district fire chief was denied access to the astroworld venue twice ahead of that show. cnn has reached out several times to the private company that handled security for the event and we have not heard back. u.s. olympian suni lee said she was pepper sprayed last month in a racist incident in los angeles. the gold medal winning gymnast was in l.a. for an appearance on
2:24 am
"dancing with the stars." lee told pop sugar she was waiting for a ride outside with a group of friends, group of girlfriends also all of asian descent when her car, a car drove by and people inside that car started shouting racist slurs at them. then one of the passengers in the car pepper sprayed her arm before the car sped off. lee told the site here, quote, i was so mad but there was nothing i could do. i didn't want to do anything that could get me into trouble. i just let it happen. probably so painful about that quote is the classic gendered response in there that she's worried that she's going to get in trouble even though she's the one that's been attacked. >> that is just an incredible story. >> terrible. weaponizing human suffering, top officials in europe say belarus is orchestrating a surge at the border with poland. the consequence reached far and wide. cnn is live at the border next.
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and get back to your rhythm. feel the power. beat the symptoms fast. welcome back to "early start." i'm laura jarrett. >> and i'm christine romans. it is friday, and it's just about 30 minutes past the hour this morning. time for our top stories to keep an eye on today. former white house chief of staff mark meadows has until 10:00 in morning to appear for a deposition before the january 6 house committee. if he doesn't show up, he risks referral for criminal contempt. meadows has said he wants the court to resolve former
2:30 am
president trump's claims before he cooperates. a journalist in myanmar arrested. he was arrested in the aftermath of the military coup. finster said there is no basis for the charges. iranian hackers could use stolen data to breach their systems. the bureau said hackers are searching dark well internet forums for stolen emails and configurations. companies are told how that could be used for further attacks. blizzard warnings are in effect across the upper midwest. the first storm is set to hit today across minnesota and dakotas. winds could top out at 55 miles per hour. more than 2 million at-home covid-19 tests have been recalled. there has been a higher than acceptable false positives. the fda reports 35 reports of
2:31 am
false positives. governor jared declared an executive order to declare the high state at risk of exposure. it maxine all adults eligible for booster shot as long as they are six months out from their first dose of pfizer or moderna. freedom for britney spears could be hours away. a judge in los angeles is expected to rule on the pop singer's request to terminate the conservatorship that has controlled her finances and her life the last 14 years. spears father jamie was suspended as conservator in september. britney called the arrangement toxic. the spacex capsule and its four astronauts welcomed aboard with hugs at the international space station. they now begin a six-month science and research mission. the dragon capsule delivered more than 4,000 pounds of hardware and research equipment to the iss. all right. now to the growing human and geopolitical crisis unfolding in
2:32 am
eastern europe, thousands of people stranded at the border between belarus and poland. mostly of these migrants are from asia and the middle east. they are hoping to travel beyond poland deeper into europe. the e.u. is blaming the authoritarian leader of belarus for this crisis. >> this is a challenge to the whole of the european union. this is not a migration crisis. this is the attempt of an authoritarian regime to try to destabilize its democratic neighbors. this will not succeed, but we have to protect our democracies from this kind of cynical geopolitical power play. >> we are witnessing a major hybrid threat, an attack at our external border in the east by europe's last dictator who is weaponizing human suffering to attack europe.
2:33 am
>> authorities closed the border crossing on tuesday. now the leader of belarus is threatening europe's gas supply. cnn's fred pleitgen is live on the polish side of belarus near the last checkpoint between the two. fred, bring our viewers up to speed here on the latest. what exactly is happening there and why? >> reporter: good morning, laura. yeah, i mean, the situation here is extremely tense and certainly the situation especially for those people who are camped out there at the border, it's devastating. i mean, one of the things that we've seen over the past couple of days as we've been reporting from here is that the temperatures, especially at night, they get extremely cold. it is extremely damp as well. on a regular basis, they go below freezing. and the people who are camped out there, they're right on the belarusian side of the border but right at the border fence with poland. poland put up razor wire, barbed wire and a lot of soldiers to stop people from getting across the border. essentially the folks that are camped out there are in limbo. on one hand you have the belarusian security forces not
2:34 am
letting them back into belarus where they could possibly seek shelter and on the other hand you have the border with the e.u., you have the polish side not letting them cross into the european union. the poles have said they are going to remain steadfast on that as well. you are absolutely right. i'm at the final checkpoint before we get into what's called the exclusion zone. the polish government, go a mile from the border, they are not allowing journalists in and ngos either. they have said they are not going to let the people who were trying to cross, cross and come into this area either. in the past couple of hours, past 24 hours, the polish government has said that there were more than 200 attempts to try and get across the border, and we do have some video that the polish military released earlier today where they said a fairly large group of people did manage to breach the border. now, the poles say and it's obviously impossible for us to independently verify that because we're kept outside the exclusion zone. the poles do say that those people were detained and there
2:35 am
were orders issued for them to leave the territory of poland. so what you have right now, right here obviously the other side of the polish/belarusian border, a massive humanitarian crisis. it is a standoff between belarus and the european union. of course, russia involved as well. and really a dangerous situation here on the eastern flank of nato. laura? >> fred, so president lukashenko is now threatening to cut off gas. that's really vladimir putin's call. russia has shown willingness to use gas as a bargaining chip and prices spiked in europe. could that happen? play that out for us. >> reporter: i think it's certainly something that is not really -- that could be excluded at least. you're right, alexander lukashenko, in a tirade with his cabinet, said, look, the ire peen union is threatening belarus with further sanctions.
2:36 am
that's what europe is saying, they want to put sanctions. the u.s. is talking about drawing up new sanctions against lukashenko and his regime as well. we are the ones heating europe, he put it. what happens if we cut the gas off? it is an extremely sensitive topic in europe for the reasons you just mentioned, christine, and that is that we have had these issues with gas deliveries to the european union where there were already some who believed russia might be playing a hand in that as well. it is absolutely unclear whether or not vladimir putin would go along with something like that because, of course, exporting gas is also a big, big important part of russia's economy as well. but so far what we're seeing is it does appear to be the case that russia is very much firmly in the corner of alexander lukashenko. in fact, in the past couple of days we've seen russian nuclear capable strategic bombers fly over the air space of belarus
2:37 am
and the russian government and things they have been saying clearly indicated they are on lukashenko's side. they have essentially said they believe poland is responsible for all of this. guys? >> fred, all this drama with belarus is not happening in a vacuum, of course. they've been in the headlines perhaps all the wrong reasons the last 18 months or so. can you put this in the larger context for us and just sort of remind us of some of that background? >> reporter: yeah, i think it's absolutely important to do that because a lot of people here in europe, certainly european leaders believe the reason why this is happening is because there has been this long-term standoff that has been going on now between alexander lukashenko, between the regime of alexander lukashenko and the european union. all this started in the summer of last year when you had protests that started in belarus where they said there was an election they say was rigged, was severely rigged. the european union and the united states saying exactly the same thing. there were large scale protests and those protests were brutally
2:38 am
crushed by the lukashenko regime. i was actually on the ground there for quite a while in the summer of last year when we saw a lot of those detentions taking place and the crackdown has only accelerated since then. most of the opposition leaders are either in jail or fled the country. then you had a situation this year where the belarusian regime forced a plane from the european carrier to land in minsk and then detained an activist from that plane. that obviously led to more sanctions from the european union. and essentially europe believes because of these sanctions, because of the standoff that's going on is that essentially alexander lukashenko is trying to get back at the european union, but also trying to test the european union's resolve. it is something that we hear especially from the poles who have taken a hard line against alexander lukashenko. they say they believe they need to stand up in this moment. they believe that it's essentially a dictator, as they call it or as they put it,
2:39 am
trying to test their resolve. that's why the poles say that border will remain shut, guys. >> we listened to the belarusian leader. let's listen to that sound quickly. >> the regime is closely for the kremlin to support economically and politically and be -- know if the kremlin is behind this crisis. we don't have evidences, but we can look at what happened. they could play constructed role in the the crisis in belarus. >> what incentive for putin to keep using lukashenko as a puppet, what's the incentive? what's in it for putin? >> reporter: i think that there would be several incentives for russia. on the one hand, of course, it would be, at least, it seems the kremlin believes catastrophic if alexander lukashenko were to have to leave power because
2:40 am
essentially what you could have, then, as far as the russians are concerned, you could have belarus essentially going into the western orbit, as they put it, move closer towards the west. you just heard her there, and also other members of the belarusian opposition. there has been some talk over the past couple years and indeed some real initiatives to move belarus closer into russia's orbit, where you already have a border regime that they have together. you have obviously a lot of cooperation in the defense sector as well. but right now there is a situation where alexander lukashenko is essentially still in power because of vladimir putin. vladimir putin keeps him in power. the economic ties have gotten a lot closer because of a lot of the sanctions that have been levied on belarus.
2:41 am
you can see how alexander lukashenko by the day and by the week is someone who is in power at the behest of vladimir putin. and that's certainly something vladimir putin appears to want to keep it that way as well. and at the same time, of course, if belarus remains in the orbit of vladimir putin and remains a staunch ally of russia, that's also very important for countries like ukraine as well. we have seen in the past couple of weeks and in the past couple of days, the u.s., for instance, warning they believe russia could be making moves towards ukraine. there certainly is a very tense security situation in this part of europe and it's been something that's been going on for a while. all of that plays into that as well. you can see the ukrainians reacting to all of this. they have also beefed up their border forces as well because they believe that they could be the next to face that destabilization, guys. >> fred, just incredible reporting. thank you so much for being there for us and walking us through all of it. it's a lot, and you did such a nice job. thank you, fred. we'll be right back.
2:42 am
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this morning testimony set to resume in the trial of three men accused in the killing of ahmaud arbery. on thursday, a homeowner whose property is at the center of this case carved a big hole in the defense. >> at any point during your interactions with the mcmichaels, did you ever give them permission to go on your property? >> no. >> and anger this morning over a defense attorney's remark about who should and should not be in that courtroom. cnn's martin savage has more from brunswick, georgia. >> reporter: good morning, christine and laura. day five of testimony was pretty occupied with the testimony of just one witness. that was larry english. but he is a key witness because he is the owner of the home that
2:47 am
was under construction in satilla shores, the neighborhood where ahmaud arbery was killed. a home that over a period of months increasingly seemed to be the source of tension and concern in that community. larry english says because it was a home under construction, he put up security cameras because he knew that people are drawn to sites like that and sure enough, his cameras caught a number of people coming at all different times of the day. but he noted that there was one african-american male who did show up on a number of occasions at night. and, yes, he admits that there was concern. he called 911 and he may have reported to at least one neighbor about his concerns. but then he was emphatic. he said every single time he saw that man on video, he never took anything, never harmed anything. >> no. >> did you ever see anything in his hands, bag, flashlight, anything? >> no. >> reporter: we do know that on february 23rd, 2020, ahmaud
2:48 am
arbery was seen inside that same home, and it was when he ran away from that house that the whole tragic series of events, the pursuit, and then the cornering and then the killing by the three men. travis mcmichael and son were joined by bryan. it would seem to say, not in my house he didn't. there was a bizarre incident that occurred on friday. that came from defense attorney kevin goff who represents william roddy bryant, jr. he complained about the presence of reverend al sharpton being in the public space in the courtroom the day before. here's what he said. >> we don't want any more black pastors coming in here or jesse jackson whoever was in here earlier this week sitting with the victim's family trying to influence the jury in this case.
2:49 am
a bunch of folks came in like colonel sanders sitting in the back with white masks. >> reporter: this is a case surrounded by the issue of race. and to complain there are too many black pastors, the judge didn't know what to make of it. there was no formal motion. and so he moved on. christine and laura? >> martin savage, thank you for that report. two pennsylvania teens are charged with murder for the death of an 8-year-old girl who was killed by police gunfire. three police officers opened fire last august on a car they believed was involved in a shootout, killing fantability and wounding three others. 16-year-old angelo ford and 18-year-old hassan strands started that shootout during a football game. they are still searching for strand. they will determine if deadly force by the officers was justified. >> a tragedy there.
2:50 am
50 minutes past the hour, looking at markets around the world. asian markets closed higher. europe is mixed. wall street, stock futures leaning a little bit higher. a mixed day for investors thursday. the dow fell 158 points, its third straight day of losses. the s&p 500, the nasdaq managed a slight rebound, but the s&p 500 is down about 1% for the week. a new data on the number of job openings for september comes out in just a couple of hours. the number of job openings fell to 10.4 million in august, but a record 4.3 million people quit their jobs. a few reasons why people are quitting or not returning to the work force, there are child care concerns, people looking for better pay, better working conditions and flexible working arrangements. >> ten of the sniffle season kicking off with an upset in miami. andy scholes has the bleacher report. hey, andy. >> this game between the dolphins was a struggle. it was a season where there month more punts than points in
2:51 am
the first three quarters. the best play of the game was one that didn't count. dolphins running the screen play here, offensive lineman robert hunt decided to catch it out of the air. the big man takes it, beautifully stretches out for the touchdown. only problem was he wasn't an eligible receiver. so it didn't count. miami kicked a field goal. 9-3 in the fourth quarter. he fumbled the ball after the catch, damian picks it up, weaves his way for a touchdown. dolphins pull off the upset. first time in lamar jackson's career the ravens scored ten points in the game. los angeles rams, meanwhile, coming out of nowhere to win the odell beckham, jr., sweepstakes, adding him to a star studded roster. he was not happy with how the team was using him. he couldn't make his debut with the rams against the 49ers in san francisco. laker superstar lebron james excited to have his good friend in the same city. tweeted, welcome to l.a., my
2:52 am
brother. it's go time. carolina panthers meanwhile bringing back quarterback cam newton, former number one overall pick. spent nine years in charlotte which included a super bowl run in 2015. signing comes after the club lost sam darnold due to a shoulder injury. matt rule said p.j. walker will start sunday against the cardinals while newton gets up to speed. basketball season just a few days old, but we may have seen the buzzer-beater of the year. u.c. riverside pulling off the incredible upset against arizona state. j.p. mormon, a desperation that was well beyond half-court. take another look. islanders celebrating the 66-65 victory. they were the 11-point under dogs in that game. finally in the nba things getting heated between the pacers and jazz. indiana myles turner blocks rudy gobert. he decides to take turner down with him by grabbing his shorts. the two then kind of acted like
2:53 am
they wanted to fight but really just gave each other some aggressive hugs. four players ended up getting ejected after that. pacers go on to hand the jazz their first home loss of the season. 111-100. guys, that's the kbbest fightin in the nba, give each other a hug, embrace aggressively. >> aggressive hug. i'll trust your analysis over mine. >> we keep our fighting off camera. no one can see how we do it. we can try that next time. thanks, andy. >> thanks. >> queenie liz beth will attend her first public engagement in two weeks. she had been told by her doctors to rest. now she is out in the public eye again. the 95-year-old monarch will attend the uk's remembrance day service on monday. she spent a night in the hospital last month for what a spokesman described as preliminary investigation. >> so british. >> preliminary investigation. i should have done it with a british accent. finally this morning, a sure sign the holidays are near.
2:54 am
the rockefeller center christmas tree has been cut, and is headed for new york city. for the first time ever this year, the tree comes from maryland. the norway spruce is 79 feet tall, weighs nearly 12 tons and is close to 80 years old. they cut down an 80-year-old tree. it would be erected in rockefeller center on saturday. the tree lighting is december 1st. >> do you have your christmas list made? >> yes. >> have you started shopping? >> yes, i've been hiding the gifts. it's all over the house sew they can't find them. >> i'm so worried about supply chain. i made a list and going down the list. >> i warned everyone in my family. christine romans says get your christmas gifts now, people. >> don't wait. an ultimatum for mark meadows to show up or he will risk criminal contempt. thanks for joining us. i'm christine romans. >> have a great day, everyone. i'm laura jarrett. "new day" is next. have a nice weekend. season's greetings from audi.
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