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tv   CNN Newsroom With Alisyn Camerota and Victor Blackwell  CNN  November 9, 2021 12:00pm-1:00pm PST

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top of the hour, and the breaking news, pfizer and biontech are asking for emergency use authorization of a covid-19 vaccine booster for all individuals 18 and older, not just those who are over 65 high
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risk or who work in high risk environments. >> and elizabeth cohen is here. tell us what it means. >> we can remember that back around the middle of august, president biden said that boosters for everyone and now, well, that is what it looks like we're on the road to that happening. if you remember in september, pfizer received authorization to have boosters, but only for certain people, for people over 65, for people with underlying medical conditions. and while that was a good hefty percentage of americans, it wasn't everybody. so now what will happen if the fda give as green light to this is that anyone over the age of 18 will be eligible to get a booster. and it will be interesting to see will the cdc say that everyone is eligible but we really only want to encourage specifically certain people should get boosters. it will be interesting if they put sort of people in different categories. but at the end of the day, it will be if this passes anyone
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over age 18 will be eligible to get a booster of course six months after their second shot of their pfizer covid vaccine. >> elizabeth with that breaking news, thank you so much. and aaron rodgers is speaking out again, the green bay packers quarterback has tested positive for covid and faced criticism for his comments about his vaccination status. he claimed that he was immunized. turns out that he had not been vaccinated. rodgers claimed that he was a victim of a so-called woke mob. >> and andy scholes is here. and he went back on that same radio show today. what did he say this time? >> yeah, he said that he stands by everything that he said last week and he takes full responsibility for his comments. he did say that he has been speaking with a lot of people over the last few days, people who are vaccinated, people who are unvaccinated and that he respects everyone's opinion on the subject. but he also did say on the radio show earlier that he ackn
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acknowledges that some people might have been misled by those comments. here is what he had to say about that. >> i just wanted to start off the show by acknowledging that, you know, i made some comments that people might have felt were misleading. and, you know, to anybody who felt misled by those comments, i take full responsibility for those comments. i'm excited about feeling better. i'm excited about moving forward and hopefully getting back with my team and getting back to doing what i do best and that is playing ball. its t is tough being able from and dealing with the covid. file like i'm on the other side of it thankfully and thankful to still be able to have something to look forward to this weekend hopefully. >> yeah, and rodgers reiterated that he spoke with many people including doctors and said that not getting the vaccine was in his best interests in terms of
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what he thought. he also added that he is an athlete, not an activist. and he is just looking forward to getting back to playing football. and if things go the way -- on schedule, rodgers could be activated on saturday and be back on the field playing for the packers in green bay against the seahawks on sunday afternoon. >> and we're glad to hear that he is feeling better. but it wasn't that some people m misinterpreted what he said, it was misleading. they say have you been vaccinated, yeah, i've been immunized. i'm not sure how you can m misinterpret that. >> he didn't apologize. he used if someone was offended or someone felt misled. he didn't say sorry. >> andy scholes, thank you for the update. let's turn now to the tragic concert in houston. we now know a 9-year-old boy is one of those severely hurt from the crowd that killed eight. a man in texas says his grand
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son was trampled so severely at the astroworld concert, the boy had a heart attack and is now in a medically induced coma. houston's fire engine department says that two people are still in critical condition. the 9-year-old's family says that he was on his father's shoulders when the dad passed out and the boy fell into the melee. he was transported as john doe to the hospital before his family found him. >> and 18 lawsuits have been filed. sources say that investigators are looking into whether fake pills laced with fentanyl played any part in some of the deaths and injuries. and in just the last hour, we learned that the houston fire department did not have direct communications with the event organizers during this incident. instead fire officials were in contact with a private contractor who was handling medical services. that is what the fire chief had just told you, which is a surprise to hear. cnn's rosa flores is in houston for us. and so one family of a man killed is talking to cnn and talking about how he lost his
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life trying to save his fiance. >> reporter: yes, this is just such a tragic story. the man who died is 27-year-old donish bague and his family telling cnn that he died actually trying to save his fiance who was getting stomped on. and so those are just some tragic details about the final moments of their loved one. and so this family is of course hurting, but now they are also asking for justice. take a listen. >> i just want everyone to know that people who lost their lives shouldn't have lost their lives in this festival. all the parties that were -- that set up this event should be held accountable. it is just justice for them, justice for donish, justice for the victims and justice for the families. that is what we want.
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and in terms of that, if that means rules and regulations need to be changed, how they do things, how they kt act and mak these events, they need to do something. they have blood on their hands. >> reporter: hearts are heavy here. you see the growing memorial behind me. this as the medical examiner released the names of all eight individuals yesterday. according to the medical examiner's office, the toxicology reports are expected to take weeks. it is unclear when the cause and manner of death will be released as well. all of those things of course will be key in determining exactly what happened. that will be part of the investigation, what investigators will want to see as they piece this puzzle to figure out what happened. now, lawyers are also going to be wanting to see those documents, at least 18 lawsuits have been filed already. many of these lawsuits claiming negligence or gross negligence, claiming that the defendants, in
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this case live nation, astroworld festival, drake, travis scott, score more, the promoter, that this event was not organized in a safe manner, that these individuals went to this concert hoping to have a good time. and at least eight of them did not get to go home to their families. that is what they are claiming. cnn has reached out to the defendants in this case, the defendants are not commenting about the lawsuits per se. many of them have issued statements saying that their hearts are broken and that they are cooperating with authorities. travis scott saying that he is also partnering with organizations to provide mental health services for these concert goers, many of those services online. and i can tell you, by talking to concertgoers, there is definitely a lot of trauma here,
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saying that they can't even imagine going to a party indoors because they feel claus claustrophobic. and so a long road ahead as they try to grapple with the fact that they were at a concert where eight people died. >> and where more say they almost did. rosa flores, thank you very much. and we're getting new window into i think the style of some of travis scott's concerts. this 2019 documentary raised red flags about how out of control the proud crowds get at some of concerts. >> they push up and spread all the way across it filling in the whole front floor. so the pressure becomes very great up against the barricade. you will see a lot of cloud surfers in general, but also you see a lot of kids just trying to
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get out because it is so compact. we don't know how bad it will be. >> a thathat seems important. and joining us now is a former mtv music correspondent. so he has a history of this. listening to security saying that you will see a lot of kids who can't breathe, who say that they need to get out of the barricades because they can't breathe. that is beyond a red flag. >> but if you go to a travis scott show, you kind of know what you are getting into. you will have more pit, you will h mosh pits, and you know what you are getting into. >> is there something about his concertspit, you will mosh pits, and you know what you are getting into. >> is there something about his concerts that we see this? >> i think travis is only guilty of being travis scott. he is a popular artist and people come to their shows more than other artists in the hip
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hop space. so that is his only indictment. >> hold on a second. isn't this a point of pride for him that people rage and people get -- it gets so intense? i mean he has a history of being charged of pleading guilty to reckless conduct, disorderly conduct and then he did it again. >> this is the third annual event of astroworld in houston. so i think that it is a pride for any artist to pack as many seats in a venue as possible. so i think -- >> but mine the injury part. there were a couple times, and you put it up before, victor, about the history, in 2015, it was disorderly conduct because somebody got hurt. in 2017, somebody got hurt. maybe even more than one person. and so that is different. >> well, i think that it is unfair to just single out travis scott se scott's shows. any genre, whether rock and roll or these heavy metal concerts, it is kind of the same atmosphere. but at a travis scott show, you kind of know what to expect when
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you go there. >> i want to be clear that we're not suggesting that he is responsible for what happened there at all. there is an investigation into who is responsible that is continuing. i did want to also though listen to some of his lyrics. this is star gaze in which he references the crowds and people diving from balconies. let's listen. ♪ ♪ it ain't no mosh no injuries ♪ >> that actually happened at one of his concerts that someone jumped from a third story -- or was pushed from a third story balcony and was paralyzed. he urged someone to jump from another balcony. is it time to change this style, change what happens at these concerts? i think going forward people
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will be more commhmore conscien they say. this was tragic but i think that people will be more conscience of safety protocols going forward. >> i'm not sure yet that is he not responsible. if you have a history of people being injured and you see ambulances showing up, maybe it is getting bad. >> but i think safety has been an issue. if you go on the website, they have protocols more so on covid than they had for crowd control. but i think at the end of the day, travis scott, you know, he is definitely remorseful about what happened and i think he is taking accountability. >> and how is this reverberating around the industry? >> everyone is feeling it. i mean, i just saw last night tiana taylor had a show and they made sure that someone sat on the stage because it was a
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little crowded. but i think that everyone expressed the same sentiment across the board. >> and you think that he still has a future? >> absolutely. travis scott is one of the biggest artists in the hip hop and he'll still have a career. >> thanks. >> thank you for having me. paul gosar tweets out animated video showing him killing alexandria ocasio-cortez and attacking president biden with swords or something. and it prompted his own sister to ask what is wrong with him. she's going to join us next. and the provitamin b5 formula is gentle on skin. with secret, outlast anything! no sweat. secret. ♪ all strength. no sweat. ♪ how did panera come up with the idea to combine their famous mac and cheese with their iconic grilled cheese? by saying yes. yes to new inventions! yes to clean and fresh ingredients! and yes to living life to the flavor-fullest. panera. live your yes. now $1 delivery. ♪
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we're getting more breaking news this hour, the committee investigating the january 6th insurrection has just issued new subpoenas for ten former trump administration officials, including some who were actively serving in the white house during those capitol attacks. paula reed is on capitol hill for us. >> reporter: what is interesting is clearly the committee is specifically targeting people who would have been around the president at the white house before january 6 in those days. they are specifically looking at who else they were talking to outside the white house. 10 different individuals on this list, i won't give you the whole list, but among them are stephen miller, and other people who may not be household names but certainly people that you would see all the time around the trump white house like ben
12:20 pm
williamson, senior adviser to chief of staff mark meadows. the committee says they want to know who the president was talking to and anyone who may have been involved in efforts to stop the counting of electoral votes. it is one thing to issue a subpoena. the big question now of course, will these people comply. they have been asked to provide the committee with specific documents by november 23rd and then they have depositions scheduled anytime from the end of november to mid-december. but right now it is clear the committee has had difficulty securing meaningful cooperation from close advisers to the former president. right now everybody is looking at the ag ttorney general and whether they will move to hold former white house official steve bannon in contempt, if they will move forward to indict him. without that, there really isn't a lot of deterrent for people not to cooperate with this
12:21 pm
committee. so that really is an outstanding issue. and it remains to be seen whether these people will actually comply with the subpoena. >> and of course that is the important question, will they get the information that they are trying to get from these thousand now additional ten people who are being subpoenaed. let's bring in everin evean per. the scope of these ten, from a senior adviser, white house press secretary, all the way to the personal assistant who just might have been in the room on january 6. talk about the breadth of these names, their positions and what they are trying to get to here. >> yeah, i think that that is what you are seeing in these subpoenas, both the ones that were just announced and the ones that we saw in the last few days. these were people that would have been in a position to know what was the frame of mind, what was being talked about in the
12:22 pm
oval office, in some of those war room conversations and some of those meetings and phone calls that were going back and forth in those key days, you know, the end of december early january before the january 6th capitol riot. again, these are things that i think what you will see the committee trying to do here, obviously they haven't yet said that they are going to go after getting testimony from the former president, but without him, without doing that, you can get a very good picture of what was going on in those conversations by trying to get these testimonies from people that were very, very close to him. obviously caylee mca men any, the documents that she had. and these are things that they were trying to get from the national archives.
12:23 pm
and according to the information in court, those documents included drafts of speeches and talking points. again, this is what will give this committee a lot of information about what donald trump was thinking, what was the discussion among his advisers in those key days and those hours. >> and of course are each of these individuals -- do the same rules apply to holding steve bannon, whatever consequences that he will face or not, does the same apply to all of these ten or is he in a different category somehow? >> look, i think he is in a different category and he'll tell you this, the reason why, obviously he was not a government employee on january 6. he was no longer a paid adviser to the white house. now, the former president, his legal team, are saying what they say is that it doesn't matter, that the president, former
12:24 pm
president, can make anyone his adviser, it doesn't have to be someone inside the government. i think that is one of the things that the lawyers in this building and other at the u.s. attorney's office down the street are looking at. trying to figure out, you know, if they are going to enforce the subpoena, that this referral from the committee, whether this is something that can stand up in court. i think that there is a lot of frustration, you can see it on twitter and some of the criticism that you hear of the attorney general and justice department, you can see that there is a lot of criticism from democrats about why it is taking so long. but, you know, people here tell me that part of the issue is that they want to make sure that when they bring this, if they bring this, that it is something that will stand the test of time. they know that it will be dissected and it will be a precedent-setting thing. not many of these things are enforced and so they want to make sure that they get this right. one other thing by the way, there is a new u.s. attorney
12:25 pm
that just took office yesterday was his first full day in office, matt graves, he is the new u.s. attorney in east, he will d.c., he will be the one to answer questions about this. and so i think that is part of the delay. >> and again, some of these names are more familiar than others. and we know that of course they want to get to the topic inside the room in the oval office the day before and of course on january 6. but cassidy hutchinson, legislative affairs, that outreach to georgia, we know that that is something that they wanted to get to with jeffrey clark who wrote that letter they wanted doj to send out. she is an important person that we don't hear much about. >> and it speaks to the breadth and depth of the committee's investigation. they are not just looking at washington, but outreach from the white house to other officials. and so absolutely a critical person.
12:26 pm
but to evan's point, everyone is really waiting for the justice department to make this decision on whether they will proceed with steve bannon. i agree with evan, the folks on this list, they are not necessarily in the same position as steve bannon. he was outside of government. but these are also mostly more junior officials in the white house. it is not a chief of staff, not a white house counsel. and so far even though former president trump has tried to assert privilege over documents and witnesses, so far the current administration, president biden and his white house counsel, they have waived privilege on witnesses, on documents. they said that it is not in the best interests of the united states to prevent the committee from getting this kind of evidence. so it is not clear that any of these people would enjoy any kind of privilege protections. we're still waiting for some litigation between the former president and the committee over privilege questions. likely that we may get an answer on that before the end of this week, though likely that will be
12:27 pm
appealed. and then also waiting for this question on steve bannon because without that, it is not clear that mca enany or anyone else will show up if there is no consequence. >> it seems like that they are moving even if they don't think that the attorney general is on this and it is really interesting to watch who they zeroed in on. >> and there could be potentially more. chairman of the committee said that 0 sub20 subpoenas. so stand by for potentially more names. >> thank you both for the breaking news. more than a dozen republicans are facing criticism for their vote on the bipartisan infrastructure bill. the latest criticism coming from former president trump. we have new details next. no mess. just the soothing vicks' vapor for the whole family. introducing new vicks vapostick. i'll shoot you an estimate
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yours, your employees' and even your customers'. so you can stay ahead. get started with a great offer and ask how you can add comcast business securityedge. plus for a limited time, ask how to get a $500 prepaid card when you upgrade. call today. gop congressman fred upton, one of 13 republicans who voted in favor of the bipartisan infrastructure bill. and he is sharing this disgusting phone message that he received following that yes vote. here is a bleeped version. >> [ bleep ] traitor. that is what you are. you are a [ bleep ] piece of [ bleep ] traitor. hope you die. hope everybody in your [ bleep ] dies. you [ bleep ] piece of [ bleep ]
12:33 pm
trash mother [ bleep ]. voted for [ bleep ]. you are stupider than he is and he can't complete a sentence you dumb mother [ bleep ] traitor piece of [ bleep ] piece of trash. hope you die, hope your family dies. hope your [ bleep ] staff dies. >> and the hateful calls started pouring in after his fellow house colleague republican marjorie taylor greene tweeted the phone numbers of those who had voted for the bill. if that is not enough, former president trump is also criticizing the 13 republicans. and congressional correspondent manu raju is on capitol hill. on what did the former president say? >> this is at a fundraising dinner last night in florida in which he criticized those 13 republicans saying that they should not have voted for that and saying that he was perplexed in a lot of ways that they would give joe biden a victory at a time where he was low in the polls, this according to a
12:34 pm
person who heard his remarks. he also made that clear in a statement over the weekend calling those republicans r.i.n.o.s, republicans in name only, saying that they are pushing for democrat longevity and should be ashamed of themselves. but in talking to those republican members, they are defending their votes. and even one told me this -- >> was it the wrong decision of the leadership to whip against this? >> i don't want to criticize. i'll just say i wouldn't have done it. it shouldn't have been this toxic or this divisive. people should be able to vote their conscience on it. >> politically, you are giving -- they may argue that you are giving the president a win when he is at a very low point. what do you say to that? >> but to vote against it because of that? i don't think that is right. was it good for the district, was it good for the country to vote on something just because it hurts the president is not the right lens i think to see this through. so i just tried do the right
12:35 pm
thing and i think that it is very popular in our district. so i want to go back home and say i know y'all like it and it is good for the district, but it will hurt my opponent? that is not the right thing to do. >> republican leader kevin mccarthy and his leadership team tried to persuade republicans not to vote yes until the democrats got to that majority number of 218 votes friday night. but what angered a number of republicans, some republicans voted yes before the democrats reached that threshold by themselves, and including john cackle from new york. they needed the 13 republicans to vote yes because six democrats voted no. there is some push to potentially strip those 13 republicans from their committee assignments. but in talking to leadership sources, there is not much appetite to get in to that divisive intra-party affair. so despite what the president is pushing, the leadership at the moment is not going along with any efforts to retaliate against
12:36 pm
them. >> manu raju, thank you. now to a lawmaker with fantasies about political violence. republican congressman paul gosar posted a disturbing photo shopped anime video that depicts him killing alexandria ocasio-cortez and attacking president biden with two swords. we're only showing screen shots because it is so vile. let's bring in the sister of congressman paul gosar. jennifer, nice to see you. thanks for being here. i know days like there are hard for you and your siblings. and i know you have spent a couple years now speaking out about your brother and the threat that you think that he poses. do you think that it is getting worse? >> yes, it definitely is getting worse. because no one, no one holds him accountable. not kevin mccarthy, not mitch
12:37 pm
mcconnell, not chuck schumer, not speak er nancy pelosi, not merrick garland. and this is something i have to wonder, does he have to act on it himself before we believe that he is an sociopath. and what is more, we know from everything that we have seen and certainly attorney general garland has seen much more of it than i, that there is evidence to show that he was in a conspiracy to commit treason against the united states of ame america. where is the accountability? >> before we get to what you want to see happen and your conversations that i know you've had with some lawmakers, i just want to get more into your brother's psyche because it is so baffling that this is one of our elected leaders. he in the past has talked about -- before he posted this vi video, some of the democrats wanted him brought up on ethics charges. i think about january 6.
12:38 pm
and he put out this 30 page response part of which said know this, i have never instigated violence, i have never aided or abetted violence, not urged or supported violence. what is your response to that? >> i mean, it is an expletive and it is complete crap. that is an absolute complete lie. i mean, we'll take the hill? you're going to have to sacrifice for your country and take back the white house? that is not inciting violence? it is different when you say i'm feeding for you on an issue. but when you say come to washington and we'll take back the hill, and you can have some sort of straight face, and i don't care how much text is on that 30 pages, it is utter garbage. it means nothing. >> you have wanted your brother held responsible to be censured, to be expelled from congress. i remember you and your siblings calling for it. so i know that you've spoken to some lawmakers.
12:39 pm
what have they told you? >> you know what is funny, they don't actually call me. it is the press that calls me. and we marched out again and again and i would invite you to have one of those lawmakers on the program with me because what i am is a common person. i have proximity to this sociopath who has been elected from a very gerrymandered district. there is no other way that someone like paul wins without that. he is not competent tepts. it i . it is obvious. the dude is obviously incompetent. but i challenge those members to come on the air with me to call me because they don't. because you know why? because they are very concerned about their offices, they are very concerned about election. and they are not concerned about the american people of which i am one. and furthermore, alexandria ocasio-cortez deserves protection. and if you look at her tweets, she said another day at work because the system doesn't
12:40 pm
protect women of color. can we look at that for just a second, can we unpack that for a second? of course she's right. of course she's right. >> so just to be clear, when you've reached out to your arizona representatives, so congressman raul, you have spoken to him or never spoken to him? >> no, and he is not my representative. i don't live in arizona. i live in washington state. i'm represented by someone who has acted on my before. she called for an ethics investigation. and that was not followed through. and why? because there is evidence there. on more than one occasion, in fact when paul went to the uk to stump speech for tommy robinson who by the way was a felon, a felon in the united states for illegal immigration, right? isn't that lovely and ironic, but of course that is what these people are, when he went there, there were questions about the time he spent with steve ban nonand other white extremists.
12:41 pm
nobody followed through. and what they followed through on this, there is evidence and i don't mean to be yelling at you, but i'm at my wit's end with these people. where is the character of our elected leaders. >> jennifer, i hear you and i don't blame you for -- because you have tried to get everyone's attention, tried to grab everybody by the collar and say that it is only getting more dangerous. it does seem to be escalating in terms of not only his rhetoric but now putting out image as and things leakike. i've heard some democrats saying that scensoring him would only give him more notoriety. >> that is absolute crap. it starts with censure. he has forfeited -- he does not deserve the right to serve in this congress. and in fact if you look at the 4th amendment and i've had legal scholars talk with me about this, it has been not enin interpreted this way, but it can be interpreted such that speaker nancy pelosi can say, no, sir, you have forfeited your right to
12:42 pm
your seat in congress. take me to court and get back in. do you understand what i'm saying? she does not have to have everyone's vote on that. he has demonstrated by his treasonness blot that he has conspired against the united states government. i think that that is merit of a forfeit forfeiture of his seat. if we get back in, bully for him. but there are ways do this and they are not doing it and i wonder where are they. who are they working with to get the justice for the people done. >> jennifer gosar, we appreciate your time. thank you very much. obviously we'll have you back and we'll see if they do anything this time. >> thank you, and i'm so sorry to be so supset, about i'm worried about what it means. because alexandria ocasio-cortez is somebody that i hold in the highest of esteem and she is
12:43 pm
doing great work, innovative, inciteful, she actually speaks to policy. cory bush. representative omar. these people must be taken care of. they are there for you and me and everyone else. >> and let me be clear also that in the real world, if somebody posted and broadcast their desire to do violence to a colleague in a real workplace or at a high school, there would be a duty to report that person. that is how it works in the real world. so i don't think that your outrage is irrational. these are different rules that for some reason apply. so i appreciate everything that understand said. >> and whenever i receive hate call, i have called the police department to report them. this is what we do. we take action to hold people accountable for criminal acts and i hope and pray that at least at this point people can find it in their character that
12:44 pm
they have some to step up. >> jennifer gosar, thank you very much for your time. appreciate it. >> thank you very much. a really important conversation. just how long can they allow this to go on. >> i'm going to take her up on that offer to -- >> yeah, to explain why they are not taking any steps to move forward. that is an important conversation to have as well. meanwhile, two california couples are living out a real life mixup that is really kind of devastating their families. their fertility clinic implanted the wrong embryos into the mothers. we'll tell you what happened next. >> this is video of the moment that alexander met his biological daughter for the first time when she was four months old.
12:45 pm
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here is a shocking story. a california couple is suing a los angeles fertility clinic after the wrong embryos were implanted in two women during ivf procedures. the switch resulted in the two families unknowingly giving birth to children that were not biologically theirs. >> and this mixup wasn't cleared up for several months and the parents understandably were devastated when they realized what happened. >> losing the child that you know for the genetic child it's a truly impossible nightmare. >> instead of breastfeeding my own child, i breastfed and bonded with a child i was later forced to give away. >> cnn's stephanie elam is with us now. how did they discover that something had -- something was wrong? >> it's a heartbreaking situation because there really
12:50 pm
are no winners, victor and alisyn. it was a gut feeling, the husband said he felt. he was looking to see a baby that looked like their eldest daughter, and when the baby came out it looked to be of a different race. he said the baby came out with jet black hair and had darker skin than the fair baby that they had given birth to previously. so it was a gut feeling. they eventually, eight weeks later, did a dna test and that's how they were able to determine the baby that they had been caring for, that she brought to term, was not related to either daphna or alexander. and at that point, that's when they started asking more questions and it turns out that another couple got their embryo and brought that baby to term and eventually these couples have switched the babies back but think about what this means. take a listen to alexander and daphna explain what this has been like for them. take a listen. >> my memories of childbirth will always be tainted by the
12:51 pm
sick reality that our biological child was given to someone else and the baby that i thought to bring into this world was not mine to keep. >> constantly fighting, questions and pushing down dark thoughts of doubt. it was truly my hell. >> so the lawsuit names california center for reproductive health and dr. moore in the lawsuit. we should note that we've reached out to the doctor and to the company as well. it also names in vitro tech labs, a third party embryology lab that, according to the lawsuit is also owned by dr. moore. we reached out to them as well to get comment but they have not responded back to cnn about this. but, obviously, when you look at what this means and you look at the lawsuit and what the couple says in there saying that they didn't even know about their biological daughter's existence
12:52 pm
until she was 3 months old. so all of that time that you would look to experience with a baby and all of those feelings, all of that now, they are working through while they are now, think about it with their elder daughter as well, bringing this new baby into the fold. just a really difficult situation. they are gaining a baby but they've also lost a baby, too. >> just total unnecessary trauma. just total carelessness that thrust these families into trauma. >> stephanie, elam, thank you. the committee investigating the insurrection just issued new subpoenas for ten former trump officials. we have new details coming up for you.
12:53 pm
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a couple of stories to update you on. trevor reed, the former u.s. marine held by russia for more than two years. he's now on a hunger strike. according to his family, he's protesting his arbitrary detention and numerous and flagrant violations of his basic human rights. >> in a statement his parents said while we're immensely proud of our son's strength of character we're also extremely worried about his health. reed is serving nine years for a conviction of endangering russian police. the u.s. embassy called the trial absurd. let's end on a happy note. much happier news. molala yousafzai is now married. she announced the news on social media. she posted these pictures of herself and her groom. he's an operations manager for the pakistani cricket board. >> you remember when she was 15 she was shot in the head by the taliban in pakistan for going to
12:57 pm
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mr. miller, you've been served. "the lead" starts right now. breaking news. a new round of subpoenas for close allies and aides of former president trump, including some high-profile names like stephen miller, kayleigh mcenany. and new questions about the role fentanyl-laced drugs may have played in the horrific trampling at that texas concert as families are trying to come to grips with the horror that


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