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tv   CNN Newsroom With Ana Cabrera  CNN  November 9, 2021 10:00am-11:00am PST

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terms. instead he plans to run for a fourth term as governor. appreciate your time today on "inside politics." hope to see you back this time tomorrow. don't go anywhere. ana cabrera picks up our coverage right now. have a great day. hello and thanks for being here. i'm aprila cabrera in new york. it was a death trap. those words as new heartbreaking details from inside this deadly astroworld crowd surge are still coming to light. a 9-year-old right now is fighting for his life. we're learning his dad passed out with the boy on his shoulders. also, a man dying while he was trying to save his fiance. his family is now demanding justice and sharing their pain. >> his smile used to light up the room, man.
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his jokes, his everything that he used to do, little things, and anything that he did he put everyone before himself and that's what he did until he died, until his last breath. >> lawsuits are now piling up. what we're learning straight ahead. plus, trump denied. a judge blocking his latest request to keep documents safe and secret, this as the january 6th committee issues a flurry of new subpoenas for some of trump's closest allies, but will any of them ever testify about that deadly day? our legal expert weighs in, and damning testimony out of georgia as three white man at trial for the death of ahmaud arbery. what one officer said about one defendant's comments at a crime scene. the more we learn, the more heartbreaking this really becomes, two high school
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students among the eight victims killed and you're learning more about the young boy fighting for his life. >> reporter: yes, ana. it's just heartbreaking. 9-year-old e.b., this little boy was supposed to come to this concert with his dad just for a dad and son fun day, and he was actually on his dad's shoulders during the concert. well, his grandfather tells cnn that his dad at one point passed out. take a listen. >> with him holding ezra up that left him vulnerable down and he got really squeezed and he couldn't breathe. he just told me, dad, i couldn't breathe. >> reporter: and i've heard that from so many concert-goers who say it was very difficult to breathe at this concert. what happened after is that e.b. fell off of his dad's shoulders
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on to the crowd and then he was transported to the hospital and right now he's fighting for his life. >> that is so sad, rosa. now we have lawsuits piling up, and this comes as we learn the music festival did not have a contingency plan for surging crowds. what more can you tell us about these lawsuits? >> you know, there's at least 18 lawsuits. most of them claim negligence and in essence that these concert organizers organized an event had a was not safe for people to attend. some of the other allegations are that individuals were trampled on, that it was just not a safe environment, and you're absolutely right. from the operations plan, a 56-page document we've learned that there was no contingency plan for a crowd surge. there were key concerns that were outlined in this plan like a mass casualty event. also a weather event. civil unrest, a riot, but nothing for crowd surge, and
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ana, there's another key thing here, especially when you talk about lawsuits and liability. in this plan it says two individuals had the power to stop the concert. it was the,tive producer and also the festival director. again, this is just the beginning for this as we know that not only eight people have died. there's still three people in the hospital according to the houston fire chief. two of them, ana, in critical condition. >> and a criminal investigation also continues. thank you, rosa flores, for your reporting. now to the continued fight over access to documents and testimony by the january 6th committee. just after midnight a judge denied donald trump's new late-night request to block the national archives from handing over his white house records to house investigators. now, this wasn't a ruling on the main case though. that's still pending. cnn senior legal analyst and former federal and state prosecutor elie hopig is here
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with more. >> reporter: donald trump's lawyers filed a motion with the judge saying, judge, when you ruled against us on this care, i want you to just put it on hold for a minute because we're going to appeal and the judge responded by saying i haven't ruled for or against anyone yet so your motion is premature. we should hear from the judge within the next couple of days. if and when the judge rules against donald trump, which is what i can expect he can then make the motion but for now it was out of time and the jung shot it down pretty quickly. >> she did say she was planning to expeditiously come up with a ruling on the main case. this latest ruling came hours after the january 6th committee issued a fresh round of subpoenas to six trump allies. walk us through the roles of the people that the committee wants to hear from. >> reporter: a fascinating group, yes, michael flynn, the same michael flynn who was convicted by the fbi and later pardoned by donald trump and the committee is interested with him
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because they talked about wild approaches like declaring martial law and seizing election machines and john eastman, the attorney that came up with the plan and the memo, explaining in his view, he was wrong and in his view mike pence as vice president had the power to reject certain electoral votes and throw the election over to donald trump. bernard kerik, another convicted felon, behind the willard meet, the secret war room meetings that happened the days leading up to january 6th and three campaign officials, bill stepien, jason miller and andrea mccullum. they are interested the role the 3 had in spreading the big lie and then getting state boards to help them throw the election as well. >> how likely is it that the january 6th committee will actually hear from these people? >> reporter: well, some of them are between unlikely and completely not going to half i think michael flynn is very unlikely and i think eastman sun likely and kerik sun likely.
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perhaps the campaign officials, more seasoned, more mainstream political operatives but there's a chance to hear from those next and if and when people do defy the subpoenas the committee has to decide do we hold them in contempt and send they ever over for criminal prosecution. >> what's the status on the previous subpoenas that this committee has issued? >> reporter: still several pending. steve bon nan has been held in contempt and is waiting to see if merrick gar lamd recommends criminal prosecution and now the committee needs to say do we send jeffrey clark over to potential prosecution for the do >> had the original three meadows, scavino and kash patel have been negotiating with the committee. the committee has to make a decision on them and then we're waiting for a ruling from the judge that should come any day
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now. >> who was the committee spoken with? >> yeah. so we know from representative chapie that the committee has spoken with over 150 people of. we don't know who most of those people are. we heard from the police officers who defended the capitol that day and jeffrey rosen and donahue have spoken with the committee and five former white house officials have spoken with the committee. the rest of them remain a mystery to us. >> 150 people plus at this point? >> yes. >> as always, appreciate your expertise. >> reporter: thanks, ana. >> as the january 6th continue continues to investigate the former president is digging in and continuing to peddle the big lie and attacking anyone who tells the truth. his latest target cooper cupp who urged the republican party
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to no longer talk about the past and past elections and trump took aim saying kristie was absolutely massacred by those comments. let's discuss with ana navarro and former gop congressman from illinois and former presidential candidate joe walsh. senate minority leader mitch mcconnell said yesterday that the 2022 mid terms, quote, will be about the future, not about the past, end quote, so, joe, who wins this fight? >> trump does, aprila. it's trump's party. look, he's the leader of the republican party. he believes and will continue to spread the big lie, and the truth is the republican party is a cult and the vast majority of the party, of the voters believe the big lie. as long as that's the case. unless you are a republican and you wholeheartedly embrace the big lie, you don't have much of
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a future. >> ana, let's take a closer look at today's republican power, those in positions of power. paul gosar tweeted a doctored animated video of him killing fellow congresswoman alexandria ocasio-cortez. twitter said the video did violate its rules on hateful conduct but didn't remove the tweet. just put a label on it. i just can't get over this, because my kids, ana, would be expelled from school for something like that. i would get fired from my job if i did something like this. this is a member of congress and so far no consequences. >> you're absolutely right. if a school-aged child did that, the police would be called in. they would be sent to a school psychologist and listen, you and i have sat next to some pretty deplorable people and if we ever posted something like that we,
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dragged to hs and i remember when kathy griffin posted something, a attack on french and she got visited by the secret service, and she got let go from many jobs and suffered rouge consequences. it's very disappointing to hear and say today's republican party be so silent. it's ridiculous that they attack big board more vigorously than they condemn this kind of violent tweet by paul gosar. it is ridiculous that josh hauly is out there calling him self-a cape crusader to defend masculinity. well, i know what masculinity looks like, and it does not look like killing one of your female colleagues, and so he wants to be the defender of masculinity as he says he does, he should speak up and condemn this heinous act by paul gosar. >> i do know adam kinzinger has
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condemned it, but, you're right, crickets on this from gop leadership but we're learning some conservative republican lawmakers are discussing whether to strip committee assignments from the 13 republicans who voted for the bipartisan infrastructure bill. remember, 19 republican senators also voted for that bill. let me get that right. they are discussing punishing people who want to get things done an most condemn a member tweeting out a terrible video. >> i know paul deposary. i think he's nuts and doesn't belong in congress anymore. >> a member of cook posted a video of him killing another member of congress. i mean, think about that. think about what he did.
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ana navarro nailed it. they are afraid to speak up because they are afraid of their voters, period. >> and yet they are letting their voters get by with the idea that it's okay to have sort of a -- a violent culture, athlete violent rhetoric, and it appears that that sort of culture is growing. one of the house republicans who voted for this infrastructure bill gave us a taste of the calls that he's been getting, threatening violence saying i hope you die, for example, and he references in this interview, congresswoman marjorie taylor greene giving the office phone numbers of these republicans who voted for that bill. take a listen. >> i have a colleague as you know that put out the numbers and members who voted that day. we've about working since spring
10:14 am
on a bipartisan bill. i'm concerned about moy staff. they are taking the calls, very disturbing language to say the lease. >> i imagine it took a lot of courage forrim to speak ow. where do you think this is headed? >> i don't know where it's headed. i do know that i can't understand for the life of me how any of these congress people whole were in the capitol on january 6th and saw what violence leads to, saw the attacks on police, the attacks on themselves, heard the calls to hang mike pence, i don't know how they can remain silent when you are -- when there is somebody promoting violence a colleague after what this country just lived through this year. this wasn't ancient history. this didn't happen last century. this happened in january of this year.
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we saw the breaching of the u.s. capitol and violent attacks, and so how they can in the face of that remain complicitly cowardly silent is really inexplicable. inexplicable. it's putting their own lives at risk. >> i've got to get your reaction to congressman josh hawley and when he apparently -- senator josh hawley what he apparently perceives as a threat to miscollin finnerty. take a listen. >> as conservatives we've got to call men back to responsibility. we've got to say spending your time not working, and we have more and more men who are not working, spending your time on video games and watching porn online while doing nothing is not good for you, your family or the country. it's the left wing attack on manhood says to men you're part of the problem. it says your masculinity is inherently problematic. >> he sounds pretty amped up about this. is this a priority, ana.
10:16 am
this is what republicans are trying to do is scare. you asked them a moment ago where all of this is leading. it's going to lead to more violence and to more people getting hurt. donald trump spent four years inciting violence. sadly other republicans have learned from trump, and they think this is the thing to do. this is a scary time. >> it's not normal. that's why we have to keep calling it out. joe walsh and ana navarro thanks so much for being here and offering your perspective >> thank you it's a key element of their defense, but the first officer who arrived at the scene of ahmaud arbery's killing just testified that one of the accused never ever mentioned that he was trying to make a citizen's arrest. details just ahead. plus, pain at the pump is getting worse as millions of americans prepare to hit the road for thanksgiving. what, if anything, can the
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with chasing the big idaho potato truck. but it's not like that's my only interest. i also love cooking with heart-healthy, idaho potatoes. always look for the grown in idaho seal. compelling testimony today in the trial of the three men accused of killing ahmaud arbery. a police officer who interviewed defendant gregory mcmichael says mcmichael never used the word arrest or detain in reference to arbery. remember, the defendants have claimed they were trying to make a citizen's arrest of a burglary suspect when arbery was killed. cnn national correspondent ryan young is covering this trial.
10:22 am
ryan, update us on the testimony and today's other developments. >> reporter: yeah, ana, really nuanced parts when it comes to this court case. let's think about yesterday and how graphic it was in terms of all the images that we saw. today is really getting into just the sort of nuts and bolts about what happened when officers arrived and officer jeff dancebury, he was on scene and the one who was actually doing the conversation with greg mcmichael. this was a officer who had never testified in court and seemed pretty comfortable talking about the events that led up, and you could really see the fact that at some point as he was asking questions going back and forth, there's really no discussion about that point right there, trying to make a citizen's arrest and we weren't able to see his body cam video. one of the reasons why is that body camera video caught gregory mcmichael on it and since they couldn't ask him what he was thinking because he might take the stand, and they went part by part two the transcripts and take a look at one of the
10:23 am
exchanges. >> while speaking with you did greg mcmichael every use the word burglary? >> no, ma'am. >> use the word trespass? >> no, ma'am. >> did he ever tell you while talking to you he was attempting to make a citizen's arrest? >> no, ma'am. >> did he ever even use the word arrest? >> no, ma'am. >> did he ever use the word detain? >> no, ma'am. >> did he ever tell you we're going to detain this guy and wait for the police to come and investigate? >> no, ma'am. >> reporter: think about that. what they are drilling down, that part right there, what he was trying to do. let's not forgot yesterday there was a conversation about how many times ahmaud arbery was cut off, and it was admitted that he was cut off maybe five times as he was running and they said he was running very fast. they didn't know if anything had been done or if he committed any crime so you think how they are trying to piece this together and you can really see what the prosecution is trying do. >> ryan young, thank you, and in wisconsin prosecutors are getting ready to rest their case in the kyle rittenhouse trial. jurors saw graphic up a photos
10:24 am
during testimony this morning. the defendant looked away as the pictures were shown at the people he killed. the teenager fatally shot two people and wounded another during protests in kenosha, wisconsin last summer and the defense says rittenhouse acted in self-defense. yesterday the armed protester/medic who was wounded in the shooting admitted having a gun in his hand when rittenhouse shot him, but he said he never intentionally pointed the gun at rittenhouse, and he believes his own life was in imminent danger. let get some insight on this trial. cnn legal analyst and criminal defense attorney joey jackson joins us now. we're told the prosecution could rest its case as soon as today, joey. it seems like this is moving very quickly, no? >> reporter: yeah. it really is, ana. good to be with you. remember, critical in a case like this, and the prosecution has presented 20-plus witnesses so far, really trying to bring the jury there which is what all the cases are about, bring the jury to that event, but i think
10:25 am
the critical issue in a self-defense case is really three pillars. number one centers around the immediacy of the threat and in the event you're going to use deadly force as rittenhouse did was he under fear of immediate death or serious bodily injury, that's number one and that to this point seems to be the picture that the defense is painting that he was. the second pillar is really the proportionality of your conduct. did you act proportionate to the threat that was posed upon you. as you heard testimony yesterday with respect to someone pointing a gun ought, right, a gun, you have a gun, the proportionality is there and then the last component that the jury has to assess is the reasonability of your conduct so the defense is really trying make a lot of hey by pointing out the mayhem that was going original the chaotic nature that was going on and the fact their client was in fear and indeed the case has been moving rapidly with the 20-plus witnesses. it will soon be time for the defense and, of course, the critical question will be will
10:26 am
rittenhouse himself take the stand. >> so while we wait to see what more develops there, let's pivot to the trial in the killing of ahmaud arbery. jurors heard from another officer today. this is the prosecution's fifth witness, all of whom had interactions with the defendants after arbery's kill, and these witnesses seem to be consistent that the defendants never mentioned that they were trying to make a citizen's arrest before arbery was shot, and yet, joey, that's the defense. >> reporter: yeah. ana, that's very significant and here's why. if you're going to avail yourself to that citizen's arrest law, it would seem to me that upon interacting with the authorities initially, you might have said that. you might have said, hey listen, you know what, we saw him burglarizing, we had knowledge that he was burglarizing something. we were chasing him as a result of that. you would say we were attempting to make an arrest and attempting to detain in purposes of this particular law enforcement you don't do that, and what the
10:27 am
prosecution is doing very effectively, ana, is taking that off the table. remember that a centerpiece of their defense, that is the three defendants as they are charged, is we were relying upon this law which states that if a crime is committed in our presence or we have immediate knowledge of it, we have the right to otherwise affect a citizen's arrest. if it's a felony we can then detain them. if you don't get the benefit of even using that law, you know what? the jury can't consider it because you haven't put forward enough information that would implicate it, and that leaves your defense in a lot of doubt and so, therefore, i think the prosecution is doing a very effective job at neutralizing that and let's see what the defense could do to bring it back on the table to show the clients reasonably rely upon the use of that law. to date they are not doing that. >> joey jackson, as always, thanks so much for guiding us through these proceedings. appreciate it. >> thank you. how much are you feeling it? gas prices are the highest they have been in seven years.
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travel returning to normal. however, gas priced are anything but. right now the average price for a gallon of regular unleaded is $3.42. that's up from around $2 a year ago. cnn correspondent pete muntean is at a gas station in alexandria, virginia. what do these prices mean for holiday travel? >> reporter: it's not going to be cheap for so many cheam, ana. aaa predict the numbers for holiday travel, especially during thanksgiving will be huge. in fact, the increase will be the biggest that is recorded since 2005. of course, the vast majority of people will drive, 48 million will hit the road. the numbers that far up from where they were in 2019 before the pandemic so this won't feel like 2020 in a lot of ways. traffic will be bad and so will the expense. the average price of a gallon of price now up $1.30 from where it was this time last year. we've reached a seven-year high, but what's so interesting here
10:34 am
is that aaa says it will not stop people from getting out and going during the thanksgiving travel period. here's what they said. >> a lot more confidence. people are feeling better about traveling and no matter what the gas prices are, and they are quite a bit higher than last year, people are still going to take the trip. >> reporter: the national average of a gallon of gas, $3.42 was 2.11 last year, 3.27 here at this station in alexandria, virginia, which is so interesting because aaa says it's not a big demand on the horizon that's driving the increase in prices but really a bit of a constriction of the supply. oil-producing nations might try to cut down on the supply in order to recoup some pandemic losses. a little bit of hope on the horizon saying crude right now at $84 a barrel could go down to $72 a barrel sometime in 2022 so a good sign there, ana.
10:35 am
>> 202 though, nobody wants to wait. thanks for that reporting. and the white house is facing growing pressure to do something about these prices sooner rather than later. lawmakers from the president's own party are demanding action now. let's bring in cnn's tom foreman. tom, the first step in finding a solution is identifying the root of the problem, right, so help us understand why gas prices are so high? >> reporter: pete touched on it a moment ago, supply and demand, a basic old rule. last year when everyone was staying home and not commuting to work and not able to travel, the demand went way, way down and when it went down the supply went down with it because they didn't want to produce as much oil and gas that was going to sit around somewhere. on top of that, we had hurricane ida rip through the gulf, so even though the united states is now the biggest oil-producing country in the world, texas, oklahoma, new mexico, north dakota, colorado, all those places and the gulf, they were dropping off in their supply so that created the problem. people say joe biden restricted
10:36 am
new issues. that's not the issue. that's a time thing. this is immediately. on top of which opec and russia notably are refusing to worst their outputt. easing it up a little bit at a time trying to make sure they can recoup their losses and make a lot of money and just get back in the money as they see fit, ana. >> then realistically what can president biden do about this, if anything? >> reporter: two words, not much. he can release money -- oil from the strategic petroleum reserve, that's underground reserves in louisiana and texas, but everyone says, look, you're talking about a tiny bump that won't last long even if you do that. the other thing that he could possibly do would be to ban exporgts to say, look, we produce so much oil here. let's not sell any of it here. let's keep it you will a at emhospital the problem you do that here and other countries may do the same and you may not come out winning in that equation but in fact exacerbate the problem and then maybe make it drag on even longer.
10:37 am
bottom line, ana. presidents always get way too much credit when the cost of gas is low and way too much blame when it's high no matter who that president may be, and it's worth remembering, you know, back in the pandemic gas prices were pretty low. we just weren't going anywhere. >> that's why they were so low. >> there was the come fill up your tank. tom foreman. thank you. as least we're informed now about all of it even though it's not the answer that we want to hear. okay. cities like atlanta are lifting the mask mandates and now some schools across the country are as well but is it too soon? also ahead. an update on the number of young kids getting their first shots of the covid vaccine. stay with us. to help make it er for everyone to move forward financially. see how we can make a difference for you at pnc bank. i'll shoot you an estimate as soon as i get back to the office. hey, i can help you do that right now. high thryv! thryv? yep. i'm the all-in-one management software
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new developments in the court battle over vaccine mandates. the justice department overnight asking a federal appeals court to lift a temporary order that was put in place this weekend. that order blocks the biden administration's new vaccine rules set to take effect january 4th and apply to private businesses with 100 or more employees. certain health care workers and federal contractors. the doj argues that those challenging this mandate have not shown that their claims outweigh the harm of stopping a
10:43 am
standard, it says, that will save lives. dr. jorge rodriguez, board certified medical researcher joins us now. how critical is a white house win here? how critical is that vaccine mandate to ending the pandemic? >> i think mandates which i like being called requirements because nobody is being forced to be vaccinated will be essential. we've let this happen laissez-faire over the past and this has consequences has consequences for them and for others. i think this supercedes the rights of the individual. >> right now more and more people are eligible to get vaccinated and new cdc data shows 360,000 children ages 5 to 11 have received their first covid dose. it's just been under a week or so since this group got the green light. what's the reaction to that
10:44 am
start? >> i think that's great. i was really expecting less than that and the parents who have gotten vaccinated will themselves are probably going to take their children to be vaccinated, and they should. that's the one segment of the population that is most susceptible at this time, and listen. the virus is going to land on people that are not vaccinated, and those are the ones that are going to get the sickest, and in this case it's children. >> my kids are ready. i'm ready. we've go the our appointments set for thursday for both my kids to get vaccinated and we're all looking forward to it. the american academy of pediatrics report that covid-19 cases among children jumped more than 6% last week, and that's after weeks of declines, and now some schools are getting rid of mask requirements. doctor, is the country in a place where it's okay to take this step, and if not, not now, when will it be? >> well, first of all, i think it's too early to stop requiring children to wear masks. that's one of the biggest pitfalls that we've fallen on is the fact that -- that in the
10:45 am
past whenever we think that things are good we go ahead and take of the mask and the cdc says we can take them off and that's what happened in july when we prematurely stopped taking our masks. delta came along and just blew that theory out of the water. listen, this is not just the united states doing better. this is the whole world needs to do better. we've opened up travel effective yesterday and europe is seeing its highest covid percentages that it has seen almost in a year. there's a storm in the horizon, and it's coming over. yes, i think it's too soon to lift mandates for masks, especially in children at this point. when will it be safe? your guess is as good as mine but would i say hopefully a year, maybe two. >> wow. so, you know, whether it's masks or vaccines, one of the biggest challenges all along in overcoming this pandemic has been all the misinformation and it is information that's influencing people's behavior. a new kaiser family foundation poll finds 78% of americans
10:46 am
aren't sure or believe some aspect of covid-19 misinformation. this pertains to concerns about per filth, approved treatments and even whether the vaccine contains a microchip. too many people aren't sure about the science. your reaction? >> it's very sad, you know, to me, but i think this is a unique situation in the fact that america and the world is basically seeing how the scientific sausage is being made, right? usually in the past when we've had a scientific dictum it's because it's been tried for years, and now we know that this is what is the truth scientifically. here people are seeing things as they change and not because things were wrong to begin with, but because we're getting more information. that can lead to some doubt. the rest is really malarkey, if you will, that i think has some political force behind it. impetus. at the end of the day truth will prevail, and i think the best
10:47 am
way of combating misinformation is continuing to tell people the truth and eventually their own experience will show them that that indeed is what is correct. >> well, you have such a crucial role in all of this, and it's always a pleasure and a privilege to have you on the show. thank you so much, dr. jorge rodriguez. >> thank you, ana. a broken piece of plumbing creating an unfortunate re-entry for astronauts. why they had to make a long journey home wearing diapers. when you're looking for answers, it's good to have help. because the right information, at the right time, may make all the difference. at humana, we know that's especially true when you're looking for a medicare supplement insurance plan. that's why we're offering "seven things every medicare supplement
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after six months in space, it's all smiles for these four astronauts who are now safely back on earth. but the return home did have a problem. nine hours and no working toilet. cnn's kristen fisher joins us. kristen, nasa officials are making it clear, when it comes to talking about this challenge, they will not say diapers were part of this mission. >> reporter: yeah, don't use the word "diaper." the proper word is undergarment and these are essentially
10:53 am
high-grade astronaut diapers that are built into their space suits and these four astronauts were given a choice, you either hold it for nine hours on the return to earth or use one of these undergarments. and the reason this happened, the reason this toilet was out of order for the trip home is because spacex discovered an issue with another crew dragon capsule that had already returned back to earth. there was a problem with the urine collection tube. it had essentially started leaking, and so they were able to fix that one back on earth by just welding it back in place. but this crew dragon capsule had been attached to the international space station, and so they couldn't fix it back while it was in space. so, out of an abundance of caution, that's why they decided to keep this toilet out of order for the return home, but you know, keep in mind, these astronauts are essentially trained for these types of situations, and they were on board the space station for six months, and they had to deal with lots of other issues as well. they had to deal with that
10:54 am
russian module thrusters inadvertently firing and spinning the space station out of control and on the return home, you can see right there, those parachutes, only three of the four fully deployed. that fourth chute did deploy but it got stuck for about a minute. so, diapers in the grand scheme of things, ana, probably near the bottom of their list of concerns. the astronauts described it as suboptimal but that they were not too worried about it. though we'll see if those parachutes cause another delay for the next mission, crew 3, which is slated to launch tomorrow night. >> i guess it is what we would consider the creature comforts of being here on earth, on land, the toilets that we all have to use. it sounds like they had a glass half full attitude about all of that. what a unfortunate mishap for them, but back home, back safe, that's what matters most. kristin fisher. >> reporter: and all smiles. >> all smiles. exactly, what's not to love?
10:55 am
they overcame so many adversities. good to see you, my friend. and thank you all for being with us today. a reminder you can always join me on twitter, @anacabrera. i'll see you back here tomorrow at 1:00 p.m. eastern but before i go, i want to show you these live images. this is at arlington national cemetery where for the first time in nearly 100 years, members of the public are able to lay flowers at the tomb of the unknown soldier. now, this rare two-day access marks the centennial commemoration of the memorial, which honors unidentified fallen american service members. the experts at safelite autoglass came right to me... with service i could trust. right, girl? >> singers: ♪ safelite repair, safelite replace. ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪
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available now for comcast business internet customers with no line-activation fees or term contract required. see if you can save by switching today. comcast business. powering possibilities. hello, everyone, i'm victor blackwell. thank you for joining us. >> i'm alisyn camerota. we begin with the potential for even more subpoenas from the select committee investigating the january 6th insurrection. bennie thompson says he's signed at least 20 subpoenas, soon to be served. six members of former president trump's inner circle were targeted yesterday, which gives us some insight into who lawmakers want to speak to next. >> but for investigators to actually get any cooperation o


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