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tv   Inside Politics With John King  CNN  November 9, 2021 9:00am-10:00am PST

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yours, your employees' and even your customers'. so you can stay ahead. get started with a great offer and ask how you can add comcast business securityedge. plus for a limited time, ask how to get a $500 prepaid card when you upgrade. call today. hello and welcome to "inside politics." i'm john king in washington. thank you for sharing your day with us. the january 6th committee sharpens its focus. six new subpoenas all for close donald trump associates and why what merrick garland does next could make or break the january 6th investigation. plus, anger and extremism in plain sight. republicans who voted for president biden's infrastructure plan face disgusting threats and
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a republican member of congress posts a video in which his cartoon character kills a liberal colleague and then, yes, targets the president of the united states and winter is coming and with it sticker shock. the pandemic travel rebound collides with pandemic inflation. up first for us though the january 6th committee and its turn to donald trump's inner most circle. six former trump advisers now targeted but new committee subpoena blgsz. the list includes trump associates involved in oval office meetings about how to keep trump in power as well as two trump associates who are in steve bannon's hotel bunker the day before the insurrection. the subpoenas are an important new marker and make clear trump and his closest al us are cen -- allies are central to the committee investigation. bannon ignored his subpoena and now the biden justice department has still not decided whether it will enforce the contempt charge. let's get straight up to cnn's ryan noble up on capitol hill. that's the key point. will the other trump allies defy
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the committee? >> that's right, john. you have to think that they are already at the first stage of not engaging with the committee, that the committee was forced to take the step of issuing a subpoena because we know that the committee has ride to reach out to number rouse people associated with the former president to get them to voluntarily cooperate with their investigation. it's only when they take it to that subpoena stage that they feel that they are not getting the cooperation that they are looking for. and this particular group of subpoenas tells us a lot about what the january 6th committee is looking into. it's not just what happened here on the actual day of january 6th. it's about the events leading up to it, and in particular the former president's effort to peddle the big lie about the election results. this group of people, jason miller, his former campaign spokesman, bill stepien, the former campaign manager, michael flynn, the former national security adviser, these were all among a group of people that were out pushing the big lie throughout the country firing people up which led many of them
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will come here to washington on january 6th, participate in that stop the steal rally which, of course, was the prolewd to the january 6 insurrection, but to your broader point, john. will any of these people cooperate. so far the committee has had a very difficult time getting anyone close to president trump to actually talk to them to provide the information they are looking for. the fact that they issued this criminal contempt referral of steve bannon is so important because if the doj refuses to prosecute that, it does -- it shows that the subpoena power is not all that powerful, and it will make it that much more difficult for them to get these people to cooperate down the road. john? >> important crossroads for the committee in the search for the truth and accountability. ryan nobles, appreciate you kicking this off. with me in studio enhenderson, phil mattingly and cnn's paul race, reed. you see the six names that ripe just put up there and you see why. angela mcinclude being mid-level
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aide in the trump campaign, why would the committee want to listen to her. this is a phone call she made to a michigan lawmaker, when this wasn't just about the insurrection, it's about was there a bigger trump plot. how deep did it go to overturn the election results. listen? >> my name is angela mccullum. i'm calling from trump campaign headquarters in washington, d.c. you do have the power to reclaim your authority and send a slate of electors that will send president trump and vice president pefnlts we want to know when there's a resolution in the house to appoint electors for trump, the president wants to know if they can count on your support. >> why talk to the former national security adviser, michael flynn. he was in an oval meeting in december where they reportedly discussed seizing election machines because they had a coke mamie idea of foreign influence. >> he can take military capabilities and place them in
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those states and basically re-run an election in each of these states. these people out there talking about martial law, something we've neverin. martial law has been instituted 64 times. >> if you're building a case, you want to take the before, the during and the after and that's what they are trying to do here. what was the mindset of all the trump officials, not just the former president in what became the horrible insurrection day? >> mid-level staffers all the way up to top advisers. now it is not likely that flynn is going to come in and voluntarily cooperate with this investigation and tell them everything that he knows. so at this point a lot of this really does depend on the attorney general and whether he proceeds with an indictment against steve bannon, because steve bannon completely, of course, defied this committee, and unless they take some action against him, there's no way you're going to get people like mike flynn, like miss mccullum
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or any of these witnesses to come in and cooperate at all. >> the attorney general and democrats say we need the investigation, history needs the truth and we need your help. the question was put to the attorney general yesterday and here's your almost non-answer. >> can you provide the status of the referral for mr. bannon, where you are on that? >> no. this is -- this is a criminal matter. it's an ongoing examination of the referral, and as you know the justice department doesn't comment on those. we evaluate these in the normal way we do, facts and the law and applying the principles of prosecution. >> in other words, phil mattingly, wait. sorry, be patient. i know you want this decision but you're going to have to wait. >> it might be for some people to watch an attorney general respond like that to that question unless you've followed the justice department for pretty much the entirety of the justice department with the exception of the four years prior. >> right. >> look.
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it's interesting to watch the shoe get on the other foot to some degree and you hear democrats on capitol hill that are frustrated, that things haven't moved forward and this is a very objection move and play for the justice department to move forward on this, and the fact that it hasn't happened within two weeks i think is from us straight, and you've heard members talk about that publicly, a lot of same members who would very angry in the last administration put any time of weight on former president trump's justice department, but i think this is the reality and paula would know better than me, but this is the reality of this justice department under this attorney general which is both very cautious not to look anything like the last administration, but also wants to make clear if they are going to move forward with this, they want to make sure that everything is in a row to make abundantly clear it's not political in any way, shape or form. that may frustrate people on capitol hill. the mandate is not political, as least in the attorney general's view. >> the importance in any investigation, something so important on such an historic day of getting people under oath and getting documents before the
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committee because now you already see people changing their store i and shifting with public opinion and cya. john eastman is one of the president's attorneys that the committee wants to talk to. he wrote the memo and was the one essentially pushing the vice president saying you have this power. the power doesn't exist but eastman was pushing the president to say, nope, we won't take the electors from arizona or georgia. we won't take the electors from pennsylvania. eastman telling this "the national review." someone in the legal time. i just don't recall. by a phone conversation and i go back in my phone records and i have so many calls. i can't tell you, you know, which call it was so anybody who thinks that's a available strategy is crazy, so he's running away from his own advice which might be the smart thing to do in the terms of public conversation, but that's why the committee need to get him under oath with all of his documents to figure out how he built this cockamamy legal argument and who else was involved. >> that's completely right, and they really want to know who directed him and told him to do
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those things and, phil, to your point, really what the committee wants to do is try and see what the doj says. you know, jeffrey clark, a former doj official under the trump administration, he did go and meet with committee staff last week, but he didn't tell them anything, and, you know, when you ask chairman bennie thompson what's the next step to bring him forward. they haven't said if they are going to try to hold him contempt simply because they just don't have the answer yet about whether the doj will make their that happens. >> and you see throughout the four years of the trump presidency that people are out of position and doing things for which they were not qualified. sometimes it's just not funny. jonathan karl has a book coming out and says when white house counsel cipollone told pence terrorism didn't have the power to overturn the election they drafted their own analysis directly contradicting cipollone and every other person in the
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person. this is a trump political aide, not an accomplished attorney. >> right. >> we want to help the president, and so anybody loyal to trump was trying to make the case despite their knowledge or lack thereof. >> and the important thing to remember is this didn't happen to democrats or republicans you. it happened to the country. there was a very concerted effort to overturn a free and fair and multi-racial election that happened in 2020, and any time -- i sit there and listened to flynn that was months ago that he said that and it's still frightening and chilling that people at the highest levels of government were planning this scheme that in some ways when it was going on it seemed sort of cockamamy, seemed sort of hit or miss but when you uncover things which this committee is trying to do, there was a concerted effort, and one of the issues i think democrats had is they have got this power now. obviously some of their powers are being defied, but this power isn't going to last long going
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into 2022 and if congress changes hands. >> if you're trying to build a case, urgency, time, efficiency matter. >> and just how much have they uncovered? i know they told us, we've talked to over 150 people. that's supposed to be very impressive. who have they talked to and what very learned? and i talked to so many people in the trump trace who could be lying, not a crime to lie to journalists, people are surprised they haven't been talking to them because they were with the president during this critical time period. they have issued the subpoenas but will they hear from these people? right now a big question on how much they have gotten and can get and all eyes, of course, on the attorney general and as some noted some criticized him for not moving fast enough and the attorney general installed on friday. >> it's where they get in the end. everybody will wait for the decision to see whether or not they cooperate. angry threats against members of congress. hear the disturbing voice mail to a republican congressman after he voted for roads and
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bridges and a sitting republican congressman sends out a video in which he kills a colleague and then targets the president of the united states.
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republicans have an anger problem and an extremism problem and a leadership problem. in a moment something that would get anyone at this table, and i suspect just about everybody watching fired immediately. a sitting member of congress posting a video in which he kills a colleague. first though a glimpse at another very scary snapshot of republican politics today. the michigan gop congressman fred upton is among the republicans who voted in favor of the bipartisan infrastructure bill last week. the reaction included this voice mail, and i need to warn you.
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what you're about to hear is belligerent and it is very profane. >> i hope you [ bleep ] die. i hope your [ bleep ] dies. i hope everybody in your [ bleep ] dies. you piece of treep treep. you traitor! >> our panel is back with us. you could write that off to one angry perhaps person in need of help out there, but we live now nine months after the january 6th insurrection, ten months after the insurrection and knowing that anger is out there and it is very real. >> it's very real. i think the thing that i can't get my head around in this moment in time it's an infrastructure bill, right? >> right. >> i'm not saying there's ever a reason that would justify a voice mail like that but in terms of the issues that fire people up that drive the phone calls to congressional offices over the 15 years that i covered capitol hill, infrastructure was not like in the top 500. this is a bipartisan bill. it's a bipartisan issue. republicans and democrats have tried and mostly failed for the
9:18 am
better part of the last decade to figure out a path ford on infrastructure, and if it's infrastructure, roads and bridges and roads and bridges and broadband, it brings what is coming forward. >> how many times did donald trump try to pass an infrastructure bill? how many times did donald trump say it was important to pass an infrastructure bill? the country needed big, grand from a from and joe biden is president and joe biden got it done so donald trump says the rinos in the house and senate gave them a victory. forgive me, trump supporters will be mad at me but that's part of the problem. when you say this is a test for me you incite the people out there. >> i don't think it's a part of the problem. i think it's the entirety of the problem. this is donald trump's republican party when that man
9:19 am
talked about being a traitor, not being a traitor to the country. talking about being a traitor to donald trump's and donald trump's wishes and donald trump's cause so, you know, you can't imagine this happening under a bush administration. you can easily imagine this happening with trump as the leader of the party, his personality. his viciousness and his crazy n.e.t. has entirely infected this party and we saw that visited on all of us on january 6th and this is part of the phone call and god hips all in terms of what could happen next. >> republicans did not deal with this during the trump campaign starting in 2015 when he started to say things like i'd punch him or drag him out of here, when people stood up at his rallies, they have not dealt it during the trump presidency or not dealt with it since the attack on the capitol on insurrection day and they don't do it within their own family. we'll show you a screen shot. this is paul ghostary, republican congressman of arizona who thinks it's funny. you see the face of alexandria
9:20 am
ocasio-cortez and see the face of paul gosar. this is a doctored animated video in which if we hit play and we won't do do it, he wields a sword and kills her and then turns to the image of president biden and it looks like the heroic gosar is turning to confront president biden. if i did that, if you did that, if you did that, if you did that you would be fired on the spot. kevin mccar thick the leader of the house has done what? crickets. >> yeah. >> nothing, no comment or condemnation anything simply because he knows that if he were to say anything against this very pro-trump wing of the party, you'll likely get a phone call from trump and not to mention on infrastructure, you know, a lot of republicans don't want to attack the 13. the nrcc isn't going to do it. the rsc, the republicans within the conference don't want to do it, but who is listening to trump? who is reading those statements?
9:21 am
it is that pro-trump wing of the party, and they are the ones who are calling and probably going to really pressure mccarthy and others in leadership to strip those 13 from their committee assignments. >> again. this is reprehensible. this is -- his staff is saying everybody just needs to calm down. like it's some kind of a joke t.won't be a joke any time. a republican member of congress sending a video when he kills the colleague and turns on the president. not a joke any time. after january 6th you who think that anybody who takes an oath to the united states constitution should be careful about what they are inciting out there in america right now but it's also not -- gosar has raised money from white nationalists. republican house members trying to carry guns on to the floor of the house because they are mad about the magnatometors and marjorie taylor greene having a problem by stopping members of congress in the hall yelling at them. something that would get us all
9:22 am
fired ketch mccarthy won't stand up and deal with it. why? >> because he wants to be speaker. it's that reason. >> power. >> you might make donny mad. >> for the same reason 24 hours after january 6th he won't disown president trump and everybody who pushed the insurrection at the snuks and it's the reality of this moment for house republican leadership and it's reality in the house republican conference. you're out there every day. you're seeing it. it's unbelievable to me that a group that has no legislative juice, has no committee juice, has no power in the sense of what used to matter in congress because of social media, because of antics and memes and gifts and the garbage that paul gosar put up, all of a sudden they matter. they raise money, all of a sudden they matter and drive outcomes.
9:23 am
nottous comes related to votes or committee work. outcomes related to this is a game. red verse blue. let's see who we can kind of hold up and attack. >> red versus blue, policy versus policy. that's all fair. we need a debate about big issues. this is alexandria ocasio-cortez, the democratic congresswoman's response. she was on her way to the climate summit in glasgow. while i was en route a deeply creepy member who i work with shared a fantasy of him killing me and he'll face no consequences because the gop cheers him on. fact check, true. at least up to this point. >> and possibly not from twitter either because he sort of gets a pass because he's an elektd official. if i'm aoc i'm afraid. this is sort of obsessive and stalkerish behavior mixed with toxic masculinity and she's been on the other end of a lot of this kind of vile actions, and i'm sure she's nervous about it. >> one thing to remember is republicans right now are in the minority. this is still a small group of the conference, and they are
9:24 am
really impacting how leadership deals with them. because of redifficulty ding which is already showing that a lot of districts will only become more partisan this group could grow so imagine even if mccarthy is majority leader they will continually probably pressure him to condemn others in the conference, an that is going to be probably really messy for him as speaker to deal with. >> one quick point. paul gosar has been in the conference and he was the kook that nobody paid attention to under speaker john ryan or john boehner. he was the guy. everybody knew he was crazy and it didn't matter, and the difference now is those types of people in the conference matter, and those types of people to your point are a small group but they are a vocal group and a group that gets a ton of attention. you can not push them aside because you're in the majority. they are now moving and growing and that is going to be more of the center of the conference if they are in the majority in 2023 than anybody thinks at this point in time, so that calculation of we'll just deal with it because we're just trying to keep everybody
9:25 am
together to win. it's not just going to go away because you're spoes. >> you're absolutely right. ketch mccarthy will say i don't do that stuff and he might not do that stuff but by not cracking down on it you allow it, you embolden it and it spreads. >> which is the story of donald trump, right? they didn't do anything in terms of really trying to tamp down on a lot of things that we saw from donald trump, and it spread. it metastasized and it's grown and it could come back in 2024. >> and the inner voice of the one has now become a lot of outer voices of the many. that's what the republicans have to deal with and the country has to deal with sadly. the biden road show to highlight the infrastructure project coming soon right where you live. what's in the bill and how it might benefit you? we'll break it down next.
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breaking news into cnn. the biden white house announcing help is on the way for u.s. ports facing sac fly chain problems. specifics of the plan include more flexibility for federal grants, funding, a pop-up project at savannah's port and other grants for construction and modernization. the white house it is touting this as laying the foundation for the infrastructure bill the president is expected to sign into law any day now. the president heads to baltimore tomorrow to kick off a cross-country administration road show to highlight the new infrastructure law. $1 trillion is a lot of money and the projects on the drawing board should create a ton of jobs. let's take a closer look at
9:31 am
what's in the plan. a trillion in spending includes $550 billion in brand new infrastructure projects, everything from roads and bridge, upgrade of the electric grid, widening broadband and electric vehicle support, environmental cleanup, public transport, airports and ports, a lot of money out from your neighborhoods that we all know could use some help. why is this necessary? zero american airports rank on the top 25 list of global airports and 10% of homes lack safe drinking matter and 25 million of our children breathe polluted air on the way to school and that's why president biden says this infrastructure bill is so critical. another way to look at it. our infrastructure is just terrible. c-minus, "d" for roads and transit. d-plus for avecation. "c" for bridges and c-minus for drinking water. those are not passing grades when it comes to keeping our communities safe.
9:32 am
head lyons, usually you pass a big bill like this out in local america. this is pennsylvania, trillion dollar infrastructure bill. pennsylvania drivers avoid a tax hike and a tunnel they need and in nevada and alaska as well. infrastructure money coming to support jobs and that's why this was a bipartisan bill. the politics are now suddenly complicated but when it comes to the house these 13 republicans voted yes. they voted for a bipartisan infrastructure bill. 19 republicans voted for it in the senate as well. again, we talked a little bit about it before. we'll get to it again in a movement suddenly it's bad that they want to bring roads and bridges to their districts. somebody not apologizing, the senate republican leader mitch mcconnell back home who says this is great. >> i was delighted that the house finally found a way to pass the infrastructure bill last week, and this will be the first time i've come up here in a quarter of a century when i thought maybe there was a way
9:33 am
forward on the bridge. kentucky, at least in parts of there are going to get $4.6 billion and assistance for hard infrastructure. >> the panel is back with me now. i want to talk about the potential good for the country and perhaps political good for the biden administration in a minute, with you let's focus there. mitch mcconnell back home. this is great. we have old roads and bridges that need help and congress finally got its act together and did something about it. that's what you expect the conversation to be. 13 house republicans. the freedom caucus members, the angry conservatives were saying we should strip these people of the committee assignments. the votes include representative don young, a senior member from alaska, very powerful member among house republicans. done bacon of nebraska, not exactly a flaming liberal. republicans who made, yes, several of the lawmakers voted to impeach donald trump and some of the anger comes from that but newly elected star on fox news
9:34 am
from new york state there and what is it that the republicans can't say go home and be happy? cut the ribbons. >> that's exactly what house leadership was hoping for. they didn't want any focus on the intra-party frustrations. were they upset that the 13 ended up voting with democrats, sure, but no one is saying, at least in the conference, that this should be as big of a deal, but, again, going back to the conversation that we had. of course, a number of those freedom caucus members are going to make this possibly a problem for those 13. mark meadows actually was talking to steve bannon a couple of hours ago on his own show saying that -- that those 13 should be stripped of their committee so that kind of momentum isn't going to go away. >> again, if you listen to the trump supporting echo chamber in right wing media for four years, donald trump wanted a big infrastructure bill, for four years. for four years. consistency should matter, but tune into fox news and this is
9:35 am
horrible. >> no one the dim-witd anti-trump menace adam kinzinger ended up supporting t.john katko is particularly odious, but could we expect from a grandstanding blow hard who voted to impeach trump. at least 3 of the 13 washout congressmen have announced their retirement. get out sgloor congress couldn't give biden what he wanted. >> listen, i'm sure laura ingraham is rich and famous doesn't have to worry about lack of broadband in her neighborhood but i imagine a lot of fox viewers, cnn viewers, msnbc viewers, this is going to matter. we drive on roads and we drive across bridges, this is something that for decades as you pointed out has been something that bipartisan folks wanted to happen but couldn't happen because of the pay-fors and all sorts of arguments that just made it not happen in d.c.
9:36 am
what will be interesting is whether or not any of these republicans who voted against it actually try to take credit for this in the end because we've seen that in some instances, they vote against it but when it comes to their neighborhoods and all of these -- you know, this money will come to their neighborhoods, let's see if they try to take credit for it. >> flint, michigan is an embarrassment, democrat or republican. a power grid that goes down in good weather is an embarrassment. the president believes this could be part of a building block for him starting as he goes on the road and his team goes on the roaded. >> no question. one, people will see it. people will see when projects are being built. when mitch mcconnell talks about the spence bridge, that's been something they have been trying to fix, a very, very problematic bridge for years on end. that's mitch mcconnell the appropriator and the legislator and he understands what his constituents need and the value of bringing things back to his constituent. i can't wait for the press releases that don't go out to
9:37 am
the national press but the local press from all of those republicans that are all of a sudden getting grant money for roads or bridges or water distells. if you think you're going to take away don young, this is something that mults pal administrations have tried to do and fail. this is something that delivers on two campaign promises from the president. it is bipartisan in a very major way, particularly in the senate and it's infrastructure. it's delivering which is what a lot of democrats have been very worried is not what they have been doing over the course of the last several months. this is that. it's not everything. obviously there's easy still a long way to go on the second piece. >> and it's jobs, right? >> jobs for the working class americans that the republican party rioux to claim it's so dedicated to and the voice off so the idea that they are out there teague this the a bad
9:38 am
idea. >> when the president does things are smart we'll be with him. when he spends too much we'll be against him. that's an argument you can sell to some voters, oh, we want guy biden what trump wanted. i spoke to congressman tom reed who says if i get invited to the signing ceremony i'm going to go. there is a chance, still at least in his point of view, the ability to come together and just applaud that we were able to cross the isle and just work in a bipartisan manner, but, of course, that is just a slimming point of view in the republican conference. >> you put it that way. we can't have american moments, but everything has to be a "d" or an "r" issue. gas prices going up as people are hitting the road again. is there anything that the president can done about it? ibel
9:39 am
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9:44 am
let's bring in business reporter matt egan. you see rising prices everywhere. some senators say president biden doing is about it. can he? >> well, john, the reality is presidents have vast powers, but they don't get to control the price of gasoline. president biden does not have a magic wand to make $3 $2 gas and trust me if he did he would use it because the high gas prices are exactly what the american people don't want to see. there's a long history of voters punishing whoever is in the white house for high gas prices, fair or not, and now president biden is under pressure from lawmakers in his own party, senators elizabeth warren, sherrod brown and others put out a left calling on biden to use all of his available tools to lower gas prices. they floated two specific options. one is banning oil exports. now, the industry experts that i talked, to they say that would actually be counterproductive because oil is a globally traded commodity, and if you cut off u.s. barrels from the rest of
9:45 am
the world, global prices would go higher and that means gas prices at the pump would also go higher, not lower. the other idea that was floated here was tapping the strategic petroleum reserve which is the nation's emergency stockpile of oil, and we could see action on that very soon. it's not going to get to the underlying problem. one thing to look for is will.tap the spr but also get other countries to do the same. that could be used as a bargaining tool to get opec to act. >> and as we watch that play out. not just gas. just rising gas prices you would grin and bear it but americans are seeing inflation everywhere. >> that's right. the cost of living is way up. but some metrics is at a 30-year high. meat up more than 12% over the last year, home heating up 30%. gas 42%. these price spikes hit low-income families the hardest. for months we heard from officials and experts in washington and on wall street that inflation was just going to be a temporary problem, but there's a growing realization
9:46 am
that high prices are probably going to be sticking around. goldman sachs put out this report this week warning that inflation is probably going to get worse before it gets better. john, that is not what everyday americans want to hear and it's not what they want to hear in the white house either. >> politicians don't like that part of our continuing covid fog if you will. matt egan, thanks for that. latest numbers as younger children are added to the vaccine rollout and the covid conspiracy challenge. a new study finds a big percentage of americans believe at least one myth.
9:47 am
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biden covid team making a big push this week to accelerate the vaccine rollout among younger children ages 5 to 11: vaccine for that age group available for a few days. more than 361, just shy of 362 doses at ministered so far, less than 1% of the eligible population, 28 million children in that age group. why is it important to get them vaccines? the american academy of pediatrics tells us more than 10e7,000 covid cases among children reported last week, up 6% from the prior week and the 13th consecutive week cases among children over 100,000. that's one reason to get the kids vaccinated. our dr. sanjay gupta has another. >> children are really the demographic where numbers have continued to go up, and that's the concern. they are increasingly a source of transmission and increasingly a source of new cases in this
9:52 am
country. >> let's bring in to share her expertise the former baltimoresy health commissioner dr. wen. grate fill for your time. add your voice. why is it so important for this age group to get vaccinated and as you can see the plateau, our case count had come down a bit and we're plateaued in the mid-70,000 new infections a day. >> well, 70,000 new daily infections is really high, and we know that children is the group that by and large are not being vaccinated. they are really susceptible to getting ill. unfortunately, we know that children can become very sick and a minority of children, still some children can get hospitalized and die. also, there are so many kids that have put off their activities, extra curricular activities, sports, even going to school and seeing friend, so getting vaccinated allows our kids to regain so much normalcy that they have been missing and i think we need to be lifting up the stories of the early adopters, the kids who have gotten the vaccine.
9:53 am
the parents that made this decision because i think those stories will help to convince other parents who are currently in the wait and see category to go ahead and do this because it protects their kids but also allows the entire family to get back to pre-pandemic life. >> my 10-year-old got his friday night, played baseball saturday. he's doing great as we go forward. one. things, dr. wen, you've helped us fight in recent months is this. misinformation. it matters now especially as parents make a difficult decision. may have legitimate questions about whether to get a young kid vaccinated. kaiser family foundation said 78% of u.s. adults, nearly 8 in 10 americans are unsure or believe some of the covid falsehoods like if you get your kid a vaccine they will have fertility issues. like how? help me fight this. >> miss information is a public health crisis in and of itself because it's preventing people from doing what's best for themselves and their families. i think we need to acknowledge all of our roles in this because in public health we talk about the credible messenger, that the
9:54 am
messenger is often more important than the message itself. well, to someone in our lives, we are the most trusted messenger. it might be a cousin. it might be a childhood friend, might be a colleague, and i think it's important what when we hear things like this infertility myth or people who are concerned about things that just aren't true, that we're compassionate, that we meet them where they are and also talk to them, answer their questions and recognize that we are trusted to someone and can make a difference in that person's life. >> as always, grateful for your very important insights and your warrior campaign against disinformation. we'll talk for sure. up next, congresswoman liz cheney likes to show up early. she's in new hampshire today. [sigh] ♪ dramatic music ♪
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9:59 am this whole journey has been such a huge gift for our family. ♪ tom our political radar, vice president xlala harris is in paris meeting with american an french scientists working on covid-19 preparedness around the world. the white house hopes the vp's trip will help repair u.s.-france relationships or the dustup over the submarine deal with australia. liz cheney on a trip today to new hampshire. delivering a big speech at the st. anselm institute of politics. an early stop at st. a's is part of the potential can date's playbook. a big decision with big impact on who will control the united states senate. governor chris sununu will not run against new hampshire
10:00 am
democrat in new hampshire's mid terms. instead he plans to run for a fourth term as governor. appreciate your time today on "inside politics." hope to see you back this time tomorrow. don't go anywhere. ana cabrera picks up our coverage right now. have a great day. hello and thanks for being here. i'm aprila cabrera in new york. it was a death trap. those words as new heartbreaking details from inside this deadly astroworld crowd surge are still coming to light. a 9-year-old right now is fighting for his life. we're learning his dad passed out with the boy on his shoulders. also, a man dying while he was trying to save his fiance. his family is now demanding justice and sharing their pain. >> his smile used to light up the room, man.


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