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tv   CNN Newsroom With Fredricka Whitfield  CNN  November 7, 2021 11:00am-12:00pm PST

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hello, thank you so much for joining us this sunday. i'm fredericka whitfield. we begin with new developments in that horrifying crush at a houston concert that left eight people dead. houston's police chief says a criminal investigation into this tragedy is now under way. the astro world music festival was limited to 50,000 people when the chaos up folded on friday. investigators want to determine if proper crowd control measures
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were in place as rapper travis scott started to perform. fans surged to get closer to the stage, compressed in this massive crowd with no way to escape. many people began to panic, and witnesses say several started passing out. one concert goer called it a death trap. >> there was a kid in the crowd. people were getting trampled. they were losing their balance and tripping over the people on the floor and people were just dying left and right. it heated up about 15 minutes after travis came on stage and it progressively got worse. they were shoefg shoving. the barricades couldn't accommodate all the people that were there. it was too small. it was a death trap basically. >> the harris county medical examiner now says they need help identifying one of the eight people who was killed. in addition to the deaths, more than 300 others were hurt. 25 of them taken to hospitals. homicide and narcotics
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investigators are now joining into the investigation to figure out what happened. in fact, one security officer says he was pricked by someone at the show and then needed to be revived with narcam. even the rapper travis scott is speaking out more about this tragedy. what is he saying? >> reporter: he's speaking out on video for the first time. he says that he is devastated. that he didn't know exactly what was going on than he stopped the show once he realized the severity of it. take a listen. >> any time i can make out, you know, anything that's going on. you know, i stopped the show and helped them get the help they need. i could never imagine the severity of the situation. >> if you look closely behind me, you'll see that a memorial
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has been set up, and it's been growing. we've seen people stop by to drop off flowers and candles. eight people died here between the ages 14 of 14 and it 27. the first victim was franco pettino, 21 years old. he was identified by the university of dayton. the university says he was a senior from naperville, illinois, and that he was a mechanical engineering major. we're also learning from the harris county institute of forensic sciences, that's the name of the medical examiner here in harris county. they are asking for the public's help in identifying the eighth individual. this is the unknown individual that we learned about yesterday from authorities. now we have a description according to the harris county institute of forensic sciences, a man in his early 20s, over 6 feet tall, weighing 428 pounds.
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short black or dark brown hair. this is a criminal investigation that involves the narcotics division here of the houston police department. there's so many questions that are still unanswered an and the officials here have vowed of a thorough investigation. fred. >> it's terrible and incredibly sad. >> rosa flores, thanks so much. >> a federal appeals court has temporarily blocked the biden administration's new vaccine mandate. those new vaccine rules apply to private businesses with 100 or more employees. certain health care workers and federal contractors. they are set to take effect january 4th. the appeals court says there is cause to believe there are great statutory and constitutional issues with the mandate. cnn's arlette saenz joins us from the white house. what is the white house saying?
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>> reporter: the white house is confident that ultimately the vaccine rule for the larger employers will hold up in court. they are certainly preparing for possibly a long legal battle ahead. now this ruling from the fifth circuit court appeals does not appear to have any immediate impact. this rule is not set to go into effect until january 4th, though there are some other elements of the rule that will go into effect earlier, december 5th is when the larger companies will be required to provide paid time off in order for their employees to receive vaccinations and also require masks in the workplace for unvaccinated workers. the top legal officer at downof labor said yesterday that they believe that they have the emergency authority to institute such a vaccine requirement for these businesses, and the white house chief of staff ron klain this morning expressed confidence that it will hold up in court. take a listen. >> i'm quite confident that when this finally gets fully
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adjudicated, not just a temporary organized the validity of this requirement will be upheld. it's common sense, chuck. if osha can tell people to wear a hard hat on the job. >> right. >> to be careful around chemicals, it can put in place simple measures to keep our workers safe. >> this ruling has really been swift. the administration had announced the vaccine rule on thursday, and it was just yesterday that the court issued that order, and also at least 27 states so far have sued the biden administration to try to put a stop to this. it's certainly just the first legal step in what's expected to be a long legal road ahead. fred? >> all right. arlette saenz from the white house, thank you so much for that. let's bring in an emergency medicine physician. good to see you, doctor. the mandate covers millions of health care workers at facilities participating in medicare and medicaid. what are your views on further delaying this kind of mandate? >> i think further delays are
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really going to be a huge problem for our workforce and keeping them healthy and also in keeping the patients healthy. so from a health care worker's standpoint this is an easy one where every worker should be getting vaccinated and what i see in this lawsuit, is first of all, it's many of the hardest hit states that are pushing back which is really a nonsensical thing, and the two things that come up over and over again is we'll have huge employment losses, but we don't see that. had mandates in effect for a while now and most people will get vaccinated when there's a mandate there. people will do the right thing when they are given a little nudge in that direction and the other thing that we see is people saying it's individual rights. we have an individual right to make that decision or not but our individual rights are predicated on protecting others and when our individual rights impinge on other's health we lose those right and we have a
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duty to protect each other and we need to do that. >> dr. gottlieb says this decision could bleed into other areas and businesses granting exemptions creates problems for others as well. are hospitals and other facilities putting others at risk in your view? >> i think this could be a huge risk and what we've seen with the exceptions is that the vast majority are not upheld. people may apply for exemptions and most are denied and most whose exemptions are denied eventually get vaccinated. it has to be under extreme medical circumstances for them to be legitimate. most of them fall by the wayside and disappear. we look at big health care systems, the vast majority of people. we're taking over 959% or more end up getting vaccinated. >> cdc data those that 70% of u.s. adults now are fully
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vaccinated against the coronavirus, so what does this mean in your view for herd immunity? haven't heard much discussion about herd immunity as of recent so what's the correlation here? >> i think what we have learned over the last eight or nine months that we've been humbled by this virus and what we thought herd immunity would need to get to that and what was true and with that 70% we also have to remember there are places where the rates are much higher and places where it's much lower and there are places where as a country it's at 70%. there's regions where we continue to see surge after surge until they get their vaccination rates higher. i don't know that anybody has a really good idea of what herd immunity is going to take or whether that's even achievable. i think that there was a time when we thought 70% was the right number and we're learning that we just don't know. we don't know and it's a moving target and instead of looking for a specific percentage to get, to we should be saying that everyone needs to get
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vaccinated. that should be our goal. let's get as high as we possibly can. >> this week pfizer's pediatric vaccine against covid was approved for use in kids ages 5 to 11, families should not wait, you say. what should happen if a family is to delay because there's a lot. there's still that wait-and-see attitude in many households. >> well, you know, we have a couple of friends where we live and we have 11-year-olds who just became eligible and, unfortunately, in spite of being very safe throughout pandemic they just contracted covid, within the last week they contracted covid and what this tells me, there's really two messages. one is don't wait. don't wait for your kid to get covid to say i wish i got the vaccine. get it as soon as you can, get them protected and both of these families have older kids who were already vaccinated. they are living in the same house, close quarters and they have not contracted covid. these vaccines are extremely good in protecting ourselves as
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well as everybody else so my message to parents is get vaccinated as soon as you can. frerkd i have an appointment this evening for my 10-year-old an an appointment tomorrow for my 6-year-old. get your kids vaccinated as soon as you can. don't be on the other side where you'll regret having missed that window. >> my kids, my young et kids, their appointment is next week so we look forward to that in our household with our kids. we've been talking about what it is like. a little painful like any shot will be, but they have come around quite a bit in. your view now, young people in these age groups that we're talking about as young as 5, how much of a game-changer is it potentially for what all of us have been experiencing in the last nearly two years now? >> it's 28 million kids in that age group 5 to 11 that are eligible for vaccines that we can now get vaccinated and this is keeping them in school and keeping them healthy and keeping them away from long covid and also getting back to some of the things that we wanted to do. my 10-year-old is already
11:12 am
talking in five weeks her and her friends are going to be fully vaccinated. we can have sleep overs again and do things again and we can have opportunities to get things back for our kids. the more we get vaccinated the more they are protected and the more they can start doing things and the more the holidays are around the corner, i can't wait that my family is protected and the family of our loved one is also protected. >> i'm looking forward to that, too. good to see you, thank you so much and stay well. >> thank you. >> all right. coming up. howard university students are camping out in protest over campus living conditions complaining about mold, flooding and rodents. i'll speak with students leading the charge straight ahead. plus, the university president. d benefits at fine hotels + resorts. someday can be any day you want. one of the many reasons you're with amex platinum.
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so, who's it going to be? tom? danny? guess it's on maggie. plan today. feel comfortable about tomorrow. massmutual. now that president biden has finally passed his $trillion dollar infrastructure bill, the focus now turns to the other half of his economic agenda.
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the $1.75 trillion social spending and climate bill. the administration had hoped to pass the legislation together, but the timeline for the larger bill slipped last week after moderates in the house demanded more information on the bill's costs. >> we received a slew of data this past week from the treasury department and from the white house and some early congressional budget office analysis. we're expecting to receive more in the next seven to ten days. we expect it all to match up to what was presented and we'll move forward. >> the co-founder of climate power and former white house chief of staff. so good to see you, mr. podesta. >> how are you? >> great. >> after so many missteps by the biden administration over the past few months, the afghanistan withdrawal, growing crisis at the border and some would say a pretty bad election day for democrats on tuesday, how big of
11:18 am
a win do you see this passing of the infrastructure bill? >> look, it was a great day for the president. he's been working hard to bring this bipartisan bill on infrastructure home to get it passed in both the house and the senate. it will create literally millions of jobs. it's a very significant investment, the biggest investment in infrastructure since president eisenhower created the interstate highway system but there's still more work to do as you noted in your intro. this bill has spent some money, particularly some money on climate resilience, but the big investments that the president has promised to reduce emissions, what he talked about when he went to glasgow earlier in the week, really remain in that other bill, just the build back better bill, so he's got more work to do. it looks like there's an open path now in the house with the moderate members saying they will vote for the bill once they
11:19 am
are satisfied that the scoring adds up, but there's still -- still needs to pass the senate. >> do you feel like the white house has been a little tepid about, you know, exuding a real victory lap because this only meets them halfway with the goal, with the president's agenda. they have yet to pass that second and larger part of biden's agenda, but you say there's some real optimism among moderates finally getting on board, but what is the strategy that you're seeing here from the white house? >> well, you know, they clearly tried -- they had some holdouts. this has always been a -- both pieces of legislation garnered the support of 259 democrats and there have been 11 howled quotes, and there have spent months trying to get them back under the temp. i think in the house that's finally been successful. they have signed a pledge that they would vote for this bill
11:20 am
and i believe they did that knowingly and they will go forward with that, but, again, these are huge investments on the climate side and also to try to make everyday life a little bit better for americans through the provision of child care, of reducing child poverty through the child tax credit and lowering the cost of prescription drugs so there's a lot in that second bill, and, you know, we've been advocating for it because of the climate provisions. there's strong investments in clean energy and clean buildings and electric vehicles. it's really what's needed to meet president biden's pledge to reduce u.s. emissions by 50% to 52% which 2030. if the united states is not in the lead in this, if that fails, our credibility is low and the whole world will begin to roll back so there's a lot riding on this.
11:21 am
like i said, the house seems clear. the senate still has some work to do. >> yeah. a lot riding on this as you say particularly about the climate provisions that is in this second -- this big spending bill. in fact, former president obama is helping to promote the u.s. commitment to addressing what is a global problem of climate change. how important is it that the former president is photographs, you know, kind of a secret weapon so to speak among the arsenal for this white house. particularly as you say, credibility is on the line. >> you know, he's headed to glasgow i think really with a global message. i think it will be very important to the united states, but i think he speaks to people across the globe and particularly young people. you saw the protests out in glasgow yesterday, and -- and president obama has enormous credibility across the globe. people saw him act when he was president. i was his counsellor work on
11:22 am
climate change during that period of time, but i think that he's going with another message which is even with donald trump who tried to reverse everything obama did on climate, the people in america hung in there. states, cities, the private sector, individual americans kept trying to tackle the climate change challenge and indeed the united states kept on track and kept lowering emissions even with a person in the form of donald trump in the white house, so i think he'll have a lot to say to the world. he'll meet with young people and with business leaders, and i think that, again, in a time when politicians don't have a lot of credibility, he's one politician who i think one people count on to bring hope, to bring change in an american environment but also in the global environment. >> former president obama very passionate about it as you are
11:23 am
you and clearly so is the sitting president biden right now. in the protests that you made reference to, a lot of young people are fired up about it from glasgow to london and paris, sydney, amsterdam, even seoul, but, you know, while you see people around the world jumping up and down and screaming and saying something more needs to be done. do you feel like that passion isn't being demonstrated in the u.s. like it is on other shores and lands. >> well, clearly in the u.s. it's sort of become a partisan issue. this is the reason -- the reason that this is hard is because we've got to get the votes of every democrat in the congress, but i think that the -- that these provisions, the investments that president biden hat proposed are enormously popular across the board and it's really the politicians that are a lagging indicator on the republican side. 80% support the provisions on clean buildings and clean
11:24 am
energy. they want to see a better healthy environment. this will lower the cost of energy which is also important at this point in time for people who are worried about inflation. it's a winner with the american police, and i think that, you know, the -- the political system needs to react to that and act now. it's really critical as even now while we're seeing what's going on in glasgow across the globe, we've got to just step it up or we're going to be in a world of hurt come, you know, a decade or two from now. >> john podesta, pleasure to have you. thank you so much. >> thank you. >> still ahead. more fallout for green bay packer aaron rodgers who just lost a major sponsorship deal over his controversial advantages own comments. details on that straight ahead.
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following a positive covid test, quarterback aaron rodgers will not be suiting up as his green bay packers take on the kansas city chiefs later on today, and now rodgers is also getting benched by wisconsin-based health care organization previa health. this after his controversial comments about covid vaccines during a radio show last week. >> if you've gotten covid and recovered from it, that that's the best boosted immunity you can have. >> i consulted with a now good
11:30 am
friend of mine joe rogen after he got covid and i've been doing a lot of the stuff that he recommended in his podcasts and, you know, on the phone to me, and i'm going to have the best immunity possible now. >> cnn's nick watt is following this for us. nick, what happens now? >> well, we sit and watch aaron rodgers take some more hits for what he did, and if you don't remember back in august, he said i've been immunized. he then caught covid and tested positive this week and then after that he said, well, i didn't take a vaccine, i took a homeopathic treatment. previa had no choice. they are in the business of vaccines, not homeopathic and this is statement they put out.
11:31 am
previa health remains deeply committed to protecting its patient, staff and providers and community against the covid-19 pandemic including encouraging owl eligible populations to become vaccinated that. company has a vaccine mandate for its employees so you can't really have a spokesperson who is then not vaccinated. now, "saturday night live" also took a swipe at rodgers last night. watch this. >> our first guest is an american brave enough to stand up and say sky you, science. i know joe rogen. please welcome nfl mvp aaron rodgers. did you ever lie about being vaccinated? >> i never lied. i took all my teammates into a huddle, got all their faces three inches away from my wet mouth and told them trust me. i'm more or less immunized, go team. >> there probably was no huddle, by the way.
11:32 am
that's comingic effect. his team kicks off in less than two hours from now. rodgers, they have won seven in a row with him on the field. he is not on the field. they have jordan love, the backup making his first nfl start. how will they do? well, we'll see. we know they are a great team with rodgers there. without him who knows. they have got the seahawks next weekend. by nfl protocol he can be back with the team next saturday. will that be enough time for him to then start again the seahawks? no whose. love may play really well and bump him. >> the team, i'm sure, they will be rising to the occasion because that's what a team does, right? >> yeah. >> nick watt, thank you so much. all right. don't miss a brand-new episode of the cnn original series "diana." here's a preview. >> he's a very flamboyant figure, and this relationship exposed that diana is very
11:33 am
different from the royal family. >> diana had stepped out of the comfort of royal family life and now she was being welcomed and ushered into the al fayad life which was sort of a celebrity version of royalty. >> he was showering her with lavish gifts and filling her apartment with roses so she was bedazzled by him and he was taking her everywhere. >> deadi whisked diana away for twomore luxury holidays and his, you know, uber yacht. >> i remember sardinia, corsica, even at one point pulling into mallorca. it was just a crazy time. >> this was a relationship going at rocket speed. >> well, this looks like another great episode. this new episode of "diana" airing tonight at 9:00 p.m.
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♪ ♪ there are beautiful ideas that remain in the dark. but with our new multi-cloud experience, you have the flexibility you need to unveil them to the world. ♪ >> in iraq an assassination attempt today against the country's prime minister. iraqi military saying an explosive-laden drone targeted his residence in dogged, and moments ago president biden condemned the attack saying those who carried out the attack
11:39 am
once identified need to be held responsible. >> reporter: it was one of the most brazen attacks to ever target iraq's leadership, a drone laden with explosives striking the residence of the prime minister in baghdad's fortified green zone according to iraq's military. he escaped what officials have described as a failed assassination attempt that injured members of his security detail. shortly after that the prime minister appeared calm and composed in a televised address reassuring the nation and calling for restraint. >> narrator: the cowardly missiles and drones do not build our country nor our future and we're looking to rebuild our homeland by respecting the states and institutions and establishing a better future for all iraqis. i invite everyone to a calm and constructive dialogue for the sake of iraq and the future of iraq. long live iraq. long live iraq. >> reporter: no one has claimed responsibility for the attack.
11:40 am
iraq says it's investigating. the government vowing to bring those responsible to justice and blaming, quote, criminal armed groups, a determine they have used in the past to describe iran wrap-backed militias. the powerful groups have threatened a u.s. group in the past. the attack comes after weeks of rising tensions following the october 10th elections. parties representing iranian-backed militias emerged as the biggest losers of that vote lose many of the seats they once held in palmer. they have refused to accept the results of an election they have described for fraud leapt, and for week their supporters have staged a protest in baghdad that turned violent on friday when protesters clashed with security forces as they tried to storm the green zone. militia leaders accused the government of targeting peaceful protesters and vowed revenge following the death of a
11:41 am
demonstrator. >> the iraqi government for the most part has failed to hold the heavily armed iranian-backed groups accountable for crimes they committed in the past. the government tried to avoid an escalation and confrontation with these groups, but that may no longer be an option with iraq's constitution and democracy now at stake. >> thanks so much for that report, and we'll be right back. [uplifting music playing]
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at a delightfully different price. get your free quote at across the country companies have about hit hard by the lane
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is that righton and with the holidays right around the corner some businesses are trying to sweeten the deal for staff willing to, would. american airlines announced in an internal memo it offers to have a longtime pay boost for flight attendants and the airline says it will offer a 150% premium for qualifying trips. crew members with no absences between mid-november and early january will be eligible for twice that amount. the announcement comes after an operational meltdown during halloween weekend forcing thousand of flights to be cancelled because of staffing shortages. the latest numbers from the commerce department put annual inflation at its highest in 30 years, and that means bigger numbers at the cash register for all kinds of shoppers throughout the country. that's especially hard on families with lots of mouth to feed. cnn sat down with one such family in texas. >> let's go tackle this.
11:47 am
>> reporter: what does inflation mean for american families? this is the story of the stotler's weekly shop. >> good to see you. >> reporter: good to see you. we have two biolonely call kid and my wife and i had a heart for adoption so we adopted a sibling group of three and then two and one and then we have a family living in a foster situation. >> reporter: seems like money isn't going as far as it used to. >> let see what we can do. i think probably in june it was about a dollar is worth about a dollar and now it's worth about 70 cents. now we're moving on to dairy which is right there. we started seeing everything going up. grocery prices went up, a gallon of milk was $1.99. now it's 2.79, when you buy 12 gallons a week times four weeks, that's a lot of money. that's what i'm talking about. thanks. >> reporter: again, this is what they buy every week. >> if you want to get any of these that are $1 president 79,
11:48 am
you can pick five boxes worth. >> reporter: grocery shopping means tough choices right now. >> we're not buying the most healthy stuff because those prices have gone way up and sometimes we can't afford the really good things that would be healthier also. >> of f. chang's is like the elite. >> reporter: elite or quality. >> both. >> that's what we're saying so where are the family-size meals. >> reporter: they kept a close eye on their budget and they shop deals. this is to autopsies, how much is that, 24? get that up. krista loves a coup op. >> buy this and get rotel and chips free is what it's supposed to be. >> reporter: these days the family grocery list and the money they carefully plan to spend sometimes don't match. >> we're at $90 already and we've got a basket and a half left. god is good and always provide so less see where we'll go. >> reporter: the math at the grocery store worked out. i don't need this.
11:49 am
we're going to take that off and then we'll add these items. awesome guys. y'all did great, and then they had in the rest of the week's shopping. that gets delivered. >> the walmart stuff game. >> the grand total. $310. how much would you have spent back in march maybe to do the same thing? >> probably we would have only spent probably $150, $200, something like that in march because it was quite a bit less. >> the family is feeling the inflation screen to the tune of an extra $100 a week, they say, and that's just for groceries this. family may be larger than many. >> let go through the line by birthday. whoever has october birthdays gets to go first. >> reporter: but they live the same middle class life as their neighbors. the kweeds is getting tighter, and that means that middle class life could be changing. if the prices keep rising the way they have been rights through the next six months, what's going to happen to, you know, life in this house? >> if it continues, we're just
11:50 am
going to have to get more creative and maybe pick up an extra job if we have to, you know. doing food delivery or, you know, something like that to help make up the difference. >> you can go down to beeps and rice and still sustain pretty economically. we don't want to have to do that. you want to be able to enjoy what you're purchasing, but there's another level you can get to just to make sure you make it through. >> all right. evan, thanks so much for bringing that perspective. so in san diego this weekend the u.s. navy christians a ship named for gay rights activist harvey milk, the "uss harvey milk" is a replenisher oiler that refuels aircraft carriers at sea. the ship is one in a class named after georgia congressman and civil rights icon representative john lewis. milk served in the navy as a diving officer during the korean war when gay service members were not allowed to openly
11:51 am
allowed to acknowledge their sexuality. he was later forced to resign from service. still ahead, new details on that deadly crowd surge at a houston music festival that left eight people dead. we're live in houston straight ahead. stay with us. gentle constipation relief in minutes. little fleet. big relief. try it. feel it. feel that fleet feeling.
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more than a year after the 2020 election and donald trump
11:56 am
is still proudly talking about his efforts to upend georgia's election results, and all the while investigators looking into whether he committed a crime are quietly taking notes. here's cnn's sara murray. >> reporter: as donald trump fired off a september letter demanding georgia's secretary of state brad raffensperger decertify the election. >> most corrupt election in the history our country. >> reporter: bonnie willis took notice. >> what i told you that the trump investigation is ongoing. >> the fulton county district attorney told staffers she want that had letter, the original copy, according to a person familiar. while trump continues to bello about 2020 and inserts himself into peach state politics, his public rants are providing new fodder to investigators as they examine whether trump's election meddling efforts were criminal. at a recent campaign stop with georgia candidate, trump took the stage before an adoring
11:57 am
crowd. >> literally wanted to call a special election, and i think the governor is the only one that can call it, right. >> reporter: and he offered more insight with interactions with another potentially relevant witness around the 2020 election, georgia governor brian kemp. >> these young guys would come back, sir, we spoke to governor kemp and won't do anything on election. >> reporter: they went to trump's own words. >> brian, listen, you have an election integrity problem in georgia are. i hope you can call this out and call a special election. >> reporter: kemp in a call last december with trump refused. >> let me tell you, this guy is a disaster. >> reporter: newly published letter from trump and other factors are helping to provide a road map for willis' special investigation. raffensperger making it clear he felt trump was threatening him
11:58 am
where trump accused his office of covering up corrupt ballots. >> that's a criminal offense, and, you know, you can't let that happen. that's -- that's a big risk to you and to ryan, your lawyer. that's a big risk. >> reporter: now president trump is using what he believes is the power of his position to threaten ryan and mow with prosecution if we don't do what he tells us to do raffensperger writes. >> i heard that he could have some kind of pressure to bear from outside forces to make our lives miserable. >> reporter: what is it to them if they try to ruin brad raffensperger life? >> doesn't care that. person was in their way. >> reporter: he's happy to appear before a grand jury if he's summoned. >> i'll be there to give my vision of my opinion or my comments of what i saw. >> the 2022 mid terms could offer new headaches for investigators and witnesses alike. >> i think the prosecutor's job is not to be political, but i don't think you can divorce yourself from political reality,
11:59 am
and we all know what the calendar is. >> reporter: rafns pittsburgher is facing a primary challenge from congressman jody hise who rightfully believes trump won the state of georgia. >> no one understand the lack of election integrity like the people of georgia. >> reporter: and kemp has been silent on trump's efforts to upend the election as he signed in a new gop voting law as he tried to shore up his standings with the gop base. >> thank you so much for that report. all right. hello again, everyone. thanks so much for joining me this is up. i'm fredericka whitfield. happening right now. authorities are launching a criminal investigation after eight people were killed at a houston concert. the chaos unfolded at the astro world music festival on friday. fans rushed the stand as rapper travis scott started to perform. compressed in the massive crowd with no way to escape. many people began to panic and
12:00 pm
witnesses say several started passing out. in addition to the eight deaths more than 300 others were hurt and 25 taken to hospitals. homicide and narcotics investigators are joining the investigation to figure out what happened. cnn's rosa flores is in houston for us. what are investigators locking at as part of this criminal probe now, rosa in. >> fred, as you mentioned, it involves both narcotics and the homicide divisions of hpd. now we learned about that yesterday when the houston police chief mentioned that there was a secure officer who reported that he got pricked on the neck. he was treated with narcan and revived and that other individuals at this location were also treated with narcan and revived and so that escalated the situation and the investigation in this case because of that mr. account from a security officer. now other points of the investigation involve crowd control, what was done, how many


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