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tv   CNN Newsroom With Alisyn Camerota and Victor Blackwell  CNN  November 5, 2021 12:00pm-1:00pm PDT

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that does nothing, 27 of them ended up in the hospital over time, and 7 of them died. the folks who received the real pill, the real antiviral pill, three of them ended up in the hospital, and none of them died. that is quite notable. there were no side effects detected, of course this is a small group of people, 775. there's going to be questions about what happens when you give it to a larger group of people, but still, there's are promising results, and pfizer says they may be applying for emergency use authorization as soon as thanksgiving or by thanksgiving. victor, alisyn. >> interesting development. elizabeth cohn, thank you. and tomorrow morning on cnn our friends from "sesame street" are back for a new town hall. join dr. sanjay gupta, erica hill, big bird and more to get answers about your questions for kids, cnn "sesame street" town hall airs tomorrow morning, 8:30
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a.m., eastern. tgsit's the top of the hour. i'm alisyn camerota. >> i'm victor blackwell. we are hearing about frustration from house democrats over new demands from moderates in the party. it's holding up the vote on the two bills that make up the president president's agenda. there are a few moderates who want a score from the congressional budget office which is an estimate on the cost and economic impact of the legislation before they move forward with those votes. >> and so that demand goes against president biden's wishes today. he urged his party to move forward with the vote saying it's needed to continue the momentum after today's jobs report, which was good, it was great. it showed a big rebound. the economy added more than 530,000 jobs in october, and unemployment dropped to 4.6%.
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hourly wages also increased by nearly 5%. cnn's phil mattingly is at the white house, we begin with manu raju, things seem to be changing by the minute, what's happening with the vote? >> democratic leadership came in today comfnfident that they cou finally get joe biden's agenda through the house, the moment that confidence is all but evaporated, they're not scrambling to come up with yet another plan to get at least part of the biden agenda through. now, the beginning of the day, they had plans to have a vote on approving the rule that is essentially a procedural vote that would govern the floor debate of the larger bill, the $1.9 trillion economic package, the sweeping expansion of the social safety net and have a vote to approve that bill after that, and then they would follow that with approval of the $1.2 trillion bipartisan infrastructure plan that has been awaiting action in the house since august. now, they have faced pushback
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from moderate democrats all day who have called for an official cost estimate from the congressional budget office of the $1.9 trillion plan. five of them are holding out. they have been meeting with the speaker, trying to get to some sort of resolution. they have not gotten any sort of resolution, and the problem for the democratic leaders is getting that so called cbo score, it would take a week, maybe two weeks or maybe even longer. that could delay things for some time. now what democrat leaders are floating to their caucus is something different. approve the rule, follow up with a vote on final passage of the infrastructure bill, and ultimately, delay the larger package, or vote on the larger package until later, potentially when that cbo score ultimately is released. so that could essentially mean pushing back final action on that larger bill up until either around thanksgiving, maybe even after thanksgiving or perhaps even later, so at the moment,
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it's unclear if that will pass muster from progressives in particular who have demanded that both of these bills move together at the same time, one progres progressive member told me he expects 20 members to push back, potentially vote against the infrastructure bill if they go down that route. there are still these discussions ongoing. at the moment, there's a meeting of the congressional black caucus, one member who emerged, bennie thompson indicated that most of the members of the black caucus would support the new leadership plan to separate these two bills, but ultimately, it matters if they have 218 votes in the house to get the infrastructure bill done and get the rule approved, and that's what leadership is scrambling on right now as they look to open up debate on that rule in just a matter of minutes we are told. we'll see how this ultimately plays out. at the moment, it seems like they're about to punt again on the larger bill, and we'll see if it ever gets out of the chamber of commerce. guys. >> manu, thank you, let's go down to the white house.
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phil, what's the reaction from the white house to the demand for the cbr score vote. >> they have been similar to democratic leaders in the sense they have been scrambling throughout really the course of the last 24 hours, trying to address what those moderates, that group of five moderates is asking for here, in fact, guys, the white house economic team put together their own preliminary budget that they circulated to all house democrats last night. obviously it isn't a cbo score, but it was modeled in a way to make it as close to a cbo like score as possible, hoping that would be enough to perhaps check the box that the moderates have made clear they need checked in order to move forward. the president's top negotiators, on capitol hill throughout the morning meeting with these members, meeting with the speaker's team, trying to figure out a path forward, and i think it underscores the urgency after so many blown deadlines that today was supposed to be the day. today could have been the day, and today was the first day the president explicitly said not just pass my domestic agenda but
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pass it quote right now, and it was in those remarks that you kind of got the sense of the urgency of the moment, those were about the jobs report. 531,000 jobs added, beating analyst exits. 4.6 unemployment, down from 6%. it's a message that the white house wants to get out that the economy is not just inflation, the economy is jobs added. the economy is wages growing, and it's also an economy that would be bolstered, white house officials believe by the president's domestic jaagenda which they thought was an opportunity. if you take a listen to how the president framed the jobs numbers, you get the message. take a listen. >> job creation in the full five months of my administration is about 5.6 million new jobs, a record for any new president. that's a monthly average of 60,000 new jobs a month.
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ten times more the job creation at three months before i took office. >> so guys, obviously this is still a work in progress on capitol hill, but you have white house officials looking at this day around 8:30 a.m. when those jobs numbers came out, thinking not only could you have gotten a gang busters jobs report, but both bills through the house, and right now, that doesn't look like it's going to happen. still very open question about the agenda, guys. >> phil mattingly at the white house, manu raju on capitol hill, thank you both. a lot to discuss. let's bring in now jonathan served as senior adviser to joe manchin, and economics and political commentator, and columnist for the "washington post," jonathan, let me start with you. alisyn and i have spoken with moderates in congress for months now who have been deriding progressives, saying do not hold up the president's agenda. they should vote on the infrastructure bill. stop standing in the way of progresses. we have moderates who say we
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won't vote unless we get the score. phil outlined some of the numbers they're getting. why continue to hold up the president's agenda with this demand told. >> i don't think it is an outlandish demand, they want to find out the costs and what effect it's going to have on the economy. it does seem odd that we have had an infrastructure bill that was passed by the senate with overwhelmingly bipartisan support that has just sad sat there and then progressives just tried to rush through another bill and demand that they be done at the same time. that to me seems more ridiculous than asking how much a bill is going to cost and what effect it's going to have on the economy. >> but jonathan, isn't this the 11th hour? i mean, there was -- >> it's the 11th hour because they made it the 11th hour. >> but also president biden got the impression that it was going to happen. i mean he has been speaking with the moderates and with the progressives. so there was a feeling that
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today it was going to be able to happen. people were counting, were whipping the vote, and so it feels like something changed at the 11th hour. >> the moderates asked for a cbo score a few days ago. this is not a new thing. again, there is one bill that is passed, done, 100% of the democratic caucus in the house and senate agree on. it is an infrastructure bill that would do tremendous benefit to the economy and the country. i don't know why they won't just pass that and then continue to work on another bill that almost all democrats currently support but is enormous, and, i mean, they've said, it's transformative, shouldn't we take our time and get it right instead of getting it fast. also, these deadlines we just keep putting on ourselves only hurt ourselves, they only hurt democrats and no voters cares at all about what process and do we have a motion to commit, and what the rule is.
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voters want an elected official. >> technical term. >> john, to you. there's a large part of the party that believes they need to get it done, and get it done quickly, and the moderates are costing them politically by potentially dragging this out. that's also the view from the white house. >> yes, and that's the view of the overwhelming elements of the democratic caucus. what they're experiencing and have at times, the majority, any single senator can be the king in terms of determining whether this passes or not. and any group of four house members can do the same thing, and that's exactly what they're doing. there's no question that the people who have held up this bill, both of these bills in both the house and the senate are those moderate outliers. both would have been done had these negotiations proceeded and what we're actually seeing play
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out is the reason why president biden, nancy pelosi, the house speaker, chuck schumer, the senate majority leader have all wanted to get this build back better bill done at the same time because they're concerned they could never get to yes with som some of these members, and we're seeing how difficult it is right now. >> the day started out in a promising way for president biden. he came out to tout these new jobs numbers, which were higher than analysts expected. the unemployment rate went down, and so where do you feel we are at this hour? >> well, yes, i like your analogy that democrats seem to be snatching defeat from the jaws of victory. the day did start out strong. the jobs report was better than expected. the revisions to previous months were positive, so things were not as bad in the last couple of months as we had initially thought. they were broad-based jobs games
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through many sectors of the economy. there was a lot to celebration, and you heard biden come out and try to, you know, elevate that good news but still be mindful of the fact that there was more work to be done both in terms of what americans care about. they care about things beyond jobs. they care about what's happening with prices and inflation has still been quite high in recently months, and of course biden made the case that his agenda is the way to make further progress, both on inflation and a number of other metrics that americans care about. today it feels like we're back where we were, this afternoon, it feels like we're back at this stalemate, and the democratic party just kind of can't get it together to, you know, to take the win on either piece of legislation that biden has forwarded. it's frustrating, i'm sure, for both the president and many of his followers. >> john, thank you.
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i want to go back to manu raju on capitol hill. you've got new developments. what's going on? >> yeah, the speaker is making clear they're going to move forward with their strategy to essentially separate these two bills. they're going to move forward with voltes that are going to happen tonight on a rule that would advance towards that larger $1.9 trillion bill, and then a final passage vote of the bipartisan infrastructure bill that has been awaiting action in the house for months. the question is when will they have a vote on the larger expansion of the social safety plan. they have not said, but all signs are indicating that they are almost certainly going to punt on that until a later date, amid demands by moderate democrats, they have a full accounting by the congressional budget office. the question here is whether they're going to have the votes ultimately to do this for such a long time, they have linked all of these issues together because of the demands by progressives,
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that the infrastructure bill and the social safety net expansion moved together at the same time. i'm hearing progressive push back, one member estimated about 20 members could scuttle and derail. certainly the infrastructure plan, assuming there are enough republican votes to offset the deflections, nonetheless, it's a gamble of sorts, at least let's try to get legislation through. nancy pelosi put out a letter to her caucus saying they want to make progress so they're pushing ahead on that. it looks like they're separating out the two bills and making a decision here, urging the caucus and fall in line, at least behind part of it. we'll see if it backfires, they have been trying for weeks to get this done. months, struggling and failing. but can they get it done here in a matter of hours. we'll see, guys. >> manu raju, thank you for bringing us the very latest from capitol hill. now to this, the trump justice official who pushed election fraud claims he
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12:20 pm
unless a court rules that his conversations with former president trump were not privileged. >> clark, you'll remember, was one of the doj officials who pushed the former president's bogus election fraud claims. he also draft add proposal for the justice department to announce investigations into the 2020 vote tally in georgia. cnn legal analyst jennifer rogers joins us now, a former federal prosecutor. that's interesting. he's basically saying the executive privilege argument. is that what happened today with jeffrey clark, and why is he so significant? >> he's significant, alisyn, because he was the one inside pushing for false information, pushing to tell georgia that they didn't have to certify and really trying to orchestrate a coup on the part of the justice department to help donald trump steal the president and remain in power. it sounds like he's experting executive privilege. the former president trump
12:21 pm
decided not to exert executive privilege. it does sound like that is what clark is claiming. he can't be claiming attorney/client privilege, he as part of doj is not the president's lawyer for the purposes. it sounds like he's purposing the executive privilege claim. many others have been pushing and trying to not testify with the committee. >> and of course, jeffrey clark is the person who drafted that letter that he wanted doj to send to the georgia state legislature to delay the certification of the vote and we've learned that the criminal probe that's happening down there, led by the d.a. willis, that every kind of incremental additional letter that comes from trump attorneys, statement that's made is part of this larger investigation. how do those subsequent actions play into that investigation, jennifer? >> well, it depends what the d.a. is considering charging, you know, if she is looking at a conspiracy, then the conspiracy
12:22 pm
continues until someone is caught or someone leaves the conspiracy. even after the election is over, even after joe biden takes office, that conspiracy can continue, if it hasn't been dissolved in some fashion legally. she can move all of that in if she's charging a conspiracy or racketeering enterprise, anything that involves more than an incident that happens on one day. she's probably looking at a broader charge than that. >> now we need to talk about rudy giuliani. cnn has obtained this video taped deposition. okay, so he was under oath, this is the anatomy of a conspiracy theory, okay, this is how it all gets planted, the disinformation because under oath, he admits he really had no idea what he was talking about. this is about the dominion voting systems. you'll remember when that was a big issue they were trying to push that there was some sort of conspiracy and that they had
12:23 pm
changed votes. here is rudy giuliani in his own words. >> we had a report that the heads of dominion and smartmatic, somewhere in the mid-tweens, you know, 2013, '14, whatever, went down to venezuela for a get to know me with maduro so they could demonstrate to maduro the kind of fixing they did for chavez. >> you say the heads of dominion and smartmatic. >> yes, that's what i was told before the press conference. i was told about it. sometimes i go and look myself online when stuff comes up. this time, i didn't have time to do it. it's not my job in a fast moving case to go out and investigate every piece of evidence that's given to me.
12:24 pm
otherwise you're never going to write a story, never going to come to a conclusion. >> exhibit a, jennifer, he heard a rumor about something that happened in 2013, he didn't have time to look it up, so he just had to spread the disinformation. >> it's really incredible, you know, i would have thought that giuliani would have enough savvy left to at least, i don't know, cover it somehow. i mean, he really just admitted to lying and falsifying and creating these conspiracy theories. he really really hurt himself and his defense of his lawsuit in this deposition. i just don't know what he's thinking of. it's professional misconduct, an embarrassment and he's going to lose this case, i think. >> one more for you, jennifer, it's been a little more than two weeks since the house voted to refer steve bannon to doj for a criminal referral there. would you have expected some action, some public response from the attorney general by
12:25 pm
now? >> i would, actually. listen, they certainly need a few days to look at the facts, to dig into the law tork, to med confer, and decide what to do. we don't need more than a few days to do that. i thought from the beginning that mayor garland was reluctant to do anything around former president trump or any of his close eyes. i think he's reluctant to do this, but it's setting in his lap, and he has to act on it. there's no reason it's taking this long. >> jennifer rogers, thank you so much. thanks. >> and tonight, join jake tapper for a new cnn special report. trumping democracy, an american coup, it's tonight at 9:00 here on cnn. witnesses describe kyle rittenhouse's demeanor the night he fatally shot two men in kenosha, wisconsin. we have the latest from his trial ahead.
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now to the kyle rittenhouse trial in wisconsin. we are hearing witnesses describe rittenhouse's behavior and demeanor on the night of those deadly shootings. some called him frazzled, also in shock after the first shooting. cnn has also learned that a second juror has now been dismissed after experiencing what have been described as mild -- some mild discomfort from pregnancy. >> one juror was released yesterday after telling a deputy a joke about the police shooting of jacob blake.
12:31 pm
rittenhouse is accused of killing two men and wounding another during protests that followed the shooting of jacob blake last year. let's begin to cnn's shimon prokupecz in wyoming, what happened -- wisconsin, what happened in court today. >> reporter: the prosecutors brought another witness who was with kyle rittenhouse on the day of the shooting, an armed individual who was part of his power military kind of group that came into kenosha. key here, why prosecutors brought him in was that they needed him to describe the demeanor of joseph rosenbaum, of course the man who was shot and killed by kyle rittenhouse, and so he came in to describe that while joseph rosenbaum himself was belligerent, at one point calling him a babbling idiot, he didn't feel threatened by rosenbaum. this is a key part of the case because the defense is trying to argue that he was threatening kyle rittenhouse, and that is why kyle ultimately used his
12:32 pm
weapon to shoot and kill him. this is a self-defense case. the other thing that has been really interesting is in listening to this individual, jason lakowski describe some of the tactics, some of the things they were thinking about as they came to kenosha. take a listen. >> just to make sure nobody would come and harm the property that we were supposed to protect. >> and how exactly, what methods were you going to use to accomplish that goal? >> shouting. >> anything else? >> i was trained, shout, shove, show, shoot. >> what does that mean? >> you shout, you shove, you show your firearm, and you shoot. >> reporter: and of course alisyn, and victor, he's talking about military tactics, what has been striking in sitting in the courthouse and listening to some of the testimony from some of the groups that came in here, two individuals now have testified here telling the jurors about how they came to this community, you know, almost
12:33 pm
seemingly like it's normal to come to communities, armed with heavy weaponry, military gear, in all in an effort to protect the community. it's as if all of this is very normal, and it's sort of brushed over, discussed in front of the jury. obviously the focus is on what happened here with kyle rittenhouse. it's really striking to see some of this testimony, and how normal it was for some of these people to come into this neighborhood with their own weapons to try and defend the community. >> such a great point, shimon. who sent them, who trained them, he says he was trained to do this. he's not trained to do crowd control. >> the property that we were charged to protect. >> by whom? who asked you to protect this. >> shimon prokupecz, thank you very much for all of that reporting. we're watching capitol hill. i'm going to speak with a member of the white house economic team about today's jobs report and what it all means.
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things are moving fast on capitol hill. minutes after we got this plan from speaker pelosi, a new suggestion from the chair of progressives on capitol hill that could shift the time line. let's go to manu raju. manu, what do we know? >> reporter: we know that it's looking not for good for the democratic leaders. they may have to be forced to punt yet again on their efforts to advance the biden agenda, because the two wings of their party are at odds over the strategy, something we have seen time and time again. now, nancy pelosi had indicated that she wants to move forward with a plan to essentially separate the two bills, larger 1.9 expansion of the social safety net and the $1.2 trillion
12:39 pm
plan. they wanted to move those together today but they had to push back to moderates to demand the larger plan get a full cost analysis, and then pelosi came back and suggested, okay, separate these two out. we'll deal with the larger bill later. now let's pass the infrastructure plan. progressives just put out a statement saying they will just not go along with it. this is what the congressional progressive kaucaucus said, the chairwoman, pramila jayapal, they want to wait for a cbo score, we would agree to give them that time after which point we can vote on both bills together. so translation, that means they would have to essentially punt on this issue up until later in november. maybe around thanksgiving. maybe even after thanksgiving to deal with this. so as we're seeing time and again, the leadership pushing ahead, trying to force their members to fall in line. their members are pushing back, and now as a result, the leadership is unclear of any way forward on moving forward with this plan, and they may have to
12:40 pm
decide to wait until much later before anything gets to the president's desk. >> another self-imposed deadline, we'll see where this goes, manu raju on capitol hill, thank you. well, president biden started the day on a high note with a jobs report that exceeded economist's predictions in economy. sorry, in october, the u.s. added 531,000 jobs, and president biden touted that as a win. >> a sign that we're on the right track. this did not happen by accident or just because. we laid the foundation with this recovery with my american rescue plan that congress passed in the beginning of my term. it put money in working families pockets. it gave families a tax cut each month. it helped keep small businesses going in the dark days earlier this year. >> with us now is jared bernstein, a member of the white house council of economic advisers, jared, great to see
12:41 pm
you. let's start there. 531,000 new jobs, a significant improvement over september, higher than analysts had predicted. how do you explain it? what are those jobs? >> well, interestingly, those jobs were created in sectors across the economy. 72% of industries in the private sector added jobs in october. and you know, one of the things we have tried to do, alisyn, is never over focus on one month, we get these high frequency numbers. we like to take averages smooth out the bishps and bops. since the president got here, job creation has proceeded at a pace of 620 jobs month, 5.6 million jobs in cumulative since he's gotten here. that's a historical record. here's another near historical record, the unemployment rate fell to 4.6%.
12:42 pm
we haven't had a year that unemployment has fallen this quickly since 1950. this is a job market that is welcoming to entrants, offering people good, better quality jobs with rising pay, and it won't surprise you that i agree with the president that the rescue plan shots in arms, checks in pockets was instrumental in getting us to where we are. >> okay. so that's all of the good news, as you point out. the bad news is that a lot of americans don't feel all of that because of inflation. so let's just look at where gas prices are right now compared to last year. they're up, i'll pull this up. last year they were $2.12 per gallon. last month, $3.20 per gallon, now $3.42 per gallon. our own financial guru, christine romans put together this cost of a thanksgiving dinner and, how much more expensive it will be this year than last year. potatoes are up, mixed vegetables up, apple pie is way up. what is the administration's plan to deal with inflation? >> it is really important to get
12:43 pm
under the hood of inflation and try to understand what's behind the numbers you were just citing, and it's not just our view. this is that of the federal reserve, and every other forecaster, two critically important facts. one is that this inflation is the result of pandemic oriented supply chain constraints. we know that supply chains are snarled and we know that that's boosting prices, two, and this is equally important, all of these same forecasts predict that as those supply chains become unsnarled, inflation also will normalize. now, as that happens, we are confident that the job market will continue to perform much like it did in october. so what you see there, continuing job opportunities, strong wage growth, and normalizing inflation as supply chains come unstuck. that is, by far, the most common forecast you'll find out there, and again, it's very much a function of the pandemic, and it's one of the reasons why the
12:44 pm
president's vaccination program has been so critical to get the economy not just to where we are, but to get to where we need to be. >> as you would predict, republican kevin mccarthy, looked at the positive jobs report through a political lens, but he points out something -- >> shocking. >> well, i mean, but he makes a point that i think that some moderate democrats might also fasten on to, which is the economy is humming, the jobs report is so good, why would you need the build back better, $1.75 trillion spending. let me just have him make his point, and then you can respond. >> that's great for america. well, to the biden's i don't know, they have been utilizing their poor job numbers to say why they need build back better. if this was the case today, why would you need the bill. >> jared, do you worry that some moderates like say senator joe
12:45 pm
manchin will fasten on that and say no rush for build back better. >> not at all, the president has consistently been in contact with senator manchin, and he shares many of the same goals. first of all, let me say, it's nice to hear representative mccarthy. mccarthy recognized that the biden boom is working for the american people. you don't get that across the aisle praise from republicans. that's good. we have had a very strong jobs recovery, as i said, but we also have a country where affordable child and elder care is uniquely unavailable to people who want to get into the labor market. it's hard to find another advanced economy that hasn't worked that out. this president is not okay with that. and neither are so many of his constituents in the congress. we want to make sure that working parents have the help that they need. we need to make sure prescription drugs are affordable.
12:46 pm
we need to make sure that people have the housing options that they currently lack, that we're fi finally pushing back on climate change. two things can be true at the same time, in fact, they are. there's more work to do, but this president has set a really solid foundation with the labor market recovery. >> is the moderate's demand in the house for a cbo score for the build back better bill taking some of the wind out of the sails of president biden's good news today? >> no, i mean, the president has continued to work the phones and be in constant touch with democratic leadership as well as the other members of his party around both of these bills. i want to say this about the score, yesterday, we got numbers from the joint committee on taxation, they're the ones who calculate the revenues, and they confirmed, along with work from our u.s. treasury that this bill is not just fully paid for, it is more than fully paid for. >> why isn't that good enough for the moderates in the house?
12:47 pm
>> let me finish, that's the progressive tax increases, nobody under 400,000 gets a tax bump, the progressive tax bumps in this bill more than pay for the reconciliation plan. and that has been confirmed by the official scorekeeper on the revenue side, along with our own u.s. treasury. >> why isn't that good enough for the moderates in the house? >> i can't speak for the moderates, and you know, precisely what they're waiting for. some of this news is breaking as i'm talking to you. i haven't gotten a readout from it yet. what i can tell you is what the president has said all along, as this plan will not add to the deficit, and we are getting official scores confirming that he's correct about that. >> jared bernstein, we really appreciate your time. thank you so much for being on. >> great talking to you. >> you too. more than half of the states all led by gop attorneys general say that they will fight the biden administration's vaccine mandate in court. we'll tell you what that will look like ahead.
12:48 pm
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12:51 pm
biden administration's vaccine mandate for private businesses that employ 100 or more workers. >> more than two dozen states led by republican attorneys general have filed suit or are threatening to sue. cnn national correspondent athena jones is here with more on the backlash. tell us about these cases. >> which probably shouldn't be very surprising that there is resistance to these mandates. we've seen resistance to covid-related mandates throughout the pandemic. we knew this rule was coming but didn't know the deadline. the biden administration announcing by january 4th, anyone who works at a private business, any private business that has 100 workers or more will have to require their workers be vaccinated or if they are not vaccinated they have to show a weekly negative covid test and wear a mask. so you don't have to be vaccinated but at least show a negative covid tex. 84 million workers this affects. two-thirds of the u.s. workforce. more than two dozen states, 26 we expect that number could
12:52 pm
grow. now challenging this rule in court. if these companies don't comply, they face a fine of up to $14,000 per violation. it could be very expensive. that fine can go higher if it's seen as a willful violation. so the companies are thumbing their noses at this role. that's why states -- almost all of them led by republican governors. louisiana is one state that isn't but these states are coming and challenging this mandate in court. and this is one of several parts to this vaccine requirement rule. you may remember the federal government is also going to require health care workers who work at facilities that receive medicaid and medicare funding and also federal contractors are subject to this rule. so there's going to be a series of lawsuits. also already several lawsuits have been filed based on the federal contractor rule. this is the latest round of lawsuits looking just at this private employer's role. we don't think this is going to end. the white house believes they're on firm legal footing but we'll see if the courts agree. >> not a surprise considering
12:53 pm
what we've heard leading up to this point and the implementation in january. athena jones, thank you. a cnn hero spreading kindness and self-confidence on l.a.'s skid row. >> what i am going to do is do your hair. i am going to give you a hug. i am going to encourage you and speak life into you. that's what i can do. >> meet this incredible cnn hero, next. ally. it was a easy decision -- clearchoice. [ awada ] the health of our teeth plays a significant role in our overall health. chantell was suffering, and we had to put an end to that. the absolute best way to do that was through dental implants. [ chantell ] clearchoice dental implants changed everything. my digestive health is much better now. i feel more energetic. the person that i've always been has shown up to the party again. at pnc bank, we believe in the power of taking steps forward. moving ahead. whatever the pace. and whatever the size.
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last week we announced the top ten cnn heroes of 2021. one of whom will be named the cnn hero of the year. >> as you vote for the next few weeks we'll be reintroducing each of our top ten. this week we reintroduce you to shirley reins. >> it is just being seen, being touched, being cared for. >> you want a face mask? >> it plants a little self-esteem in them so they feel like, okay, maybe no one knows i'm homeless because i have a fresh cut. >> good to see you. happy saturday.
12:59 pm
>> i address them as kings and queens because that is who they are. we want to make them feel beautiful. >> what you want, hair? haircut? hair? okay. >> when they say they're broken, i am, too. they're like, how did you get fixed? i'm not. i take prozac, 20 milligrams every day. what the heck? i ain't fixed, child. i ain't fixed at all. i'm not going to lie to you and tell you things are going to be better now but i am going to feed you. i am going to do your hair. what i am going to do is give you a hug. encourage you and speak life into you. and that's what i can do. >> give her a hand! >> i love that. i love it. go to to vote for your cnn hero. >> my makeup is on point. >> i'm not fixed but i will feed you. >> atlanta on cloud nine. that video of the championship parade today in the city celebrating the atlanta braves world series victory over the houston astros.
1:00 pm
>> you must be a huge fan coming from atlanta, i'm guessing. >> i am. >> somebody who lived in georgia for nine years, i am just celebrating with all of the braves fans there. >> vicariously. so the braves were underdogs all season as i can tell you. but they kept barreling through obstacles to bring home the trophy for the first time. >> congratulations. "the lead" with jake tapper starts right now. >> i am running out of ways to say is this really happening today? "the lead" starts right now. house democrats say they really want to vote on biden's agenda this time. i mean really, but progressives rejecting the latest plan. we'll bring you all the action. it could be another tool against covid-19. pfizer says its new pill is 89% effective against hospitalization and death for those who are infected. plus, an emotional day in court. ahmaud arbery's mother sobs as new


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