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tv   CNN Newsroom With Poppy Harlow and Jim Sciutto  CNN  November 3, 2021 7:00am-8:00am PDT

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, good wednesday morning. top of the hour here, i'm erica hill. >> i'm jim scuitto. a big night for republicans, to quote our colleague van jones, a five alarm fire for democrats. this morning, a major potential shift in the landscape. republicans pulled out victories in states democrats saw as a litmus test for upcoming mid-terms, frankly, they had no trouble winning in new jersey. a jock for incumbent democrat governor phil murphy, while the votes coming in may be turning in his favor, neck and neck, it has been all night, it has been all morning, right now, murri
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5,000 votes ahead of his republican challenger. >> meantime, a major disappointment in virginia, a state joe biden won by ten points just last year. cnn says youngkin will defeat mcauliffe. mcauliffe just conceded that race. a number of agenda items, battle measures across the nation. winners of the night, the biggest winners, policing, education and the economy, including in minneapolis, where voters rejected a bid to replace the minneapolis police department with a city council run public safety department. >> decisively so. first, let's begin on that tight race where the incumbent phil murphy has, though in recent hours, added to his count this morning. john berman is at the magic wall. so it's inching up his margin. where are the remaining votes concentrated, what does that mean for where this is likely to
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go? . >> inching up by 67 votes. it was 61 votes all night long. you can see it growing bit by bit here. where is the remaining vote? right now 85% of the vote in. let's look at what happens when you have 87% or less of the vote in. you can see they're blue counties, democratic counties, meaning there is more votes for democrats, hudson county, new jersey city, 80% reporting in a county where phil murphy has 73% of the votes. essex, neuralgic, the biggest urban center in new jersey, phil murphy has 73% of the vote there. 72% in. as it gets closer to 100 remember r, the murphy campaign believes he will be able to stretch his vote some. are there republican votes left? not m. look at cumberland county, 79% in. you can see, it's a smaller county right now. are you dealing with tens of thousands rather than more than
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100,000 votes so not as much room for the republican to grow. one thing i want to point out. you know, he gets a one, two, 3%. this is a state that was won by joe biden by 16%. this was a big biden state, something has vangd here. i want to show you some of the prices that biden won, well, i screwed that up. you can look at overall. this is the state overall. you see in the counties, these are the counties that joe biden won then you can see there are a few counties he won phil murphy is not winning, including morris county, which is out from the counties right here. that's is county that jack ciaretti is winning. joe biden won. some flips there's phil murphy
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inches his lead up more and more. >> cnn national correspondent jason carroll is in ft. lee, new jersey. as we are looking at where we stand, those numbers ticking up in phil murphy's favor, are we hearing from either camps or are they waiting for this to play out? >> yeah, they're really waiting for this to finish out. they're still not a lot of republican votes out there. both campaigns are well aware. the race is still at this point too close to call. when you look at the lay of the happened here, especially in places like where i am in berman county, i know you heard this before, but this is one of these spots where if you look at democrats, they're really and how much murphy is really under performing here, especially when you consider how he did last time. lasted time during the gubernatorial race, he won this county by 15 points. this time around, he's only ahead by four points or so and
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already 86% is already reporting here. when you look at the campaign that ciciarretti has won, it's because of how he really went after murphy on several key points, basically going after him on mask mandates, going after him on critical race theory, property taxes. people here in new jersey pay more property taxes than yen one in the country. he is understanding he didn't have an understanding of that, murri for his part is saying, look, he ran on his progressive ideas, raising the minimum wage, both askeds stipulate basically saying they are going to wait for every vote to be counted. >> we will have to wait a little while longer than we had hoped. we will wait for every vote to be counted and that's how our democracy works. >> i wanted to come out here
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tonight and tell you that we've won. i'm here to tell you that we're win winning. >> reporter: if murphy pulls off a win, he will be the first democratic gubernatorial candidate to do it since fine 77. erica. >> thanks so much. moments ago, you should note this, terry mcauliffe conceded to republican glenn youngkin as cnn projects he lost the race, something the former president has not done from 2020. important moments in our democracy when those who lose the races acknowledge the results. >> that they are, cnn washington correspondent, all of these developments for us, from arlington, virginia, so the concessions statement went out. do we know he has spoken this morning? >> well, we are told that the two men have not spoken directly on the phone, yet they say that
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mcauliffe reached out before this concession went out. they were not able to detect. certainly notable as you say that this concession formally came out just a few minutes ago, acknowledging they came up short, congratulates glenn youngkin saying i hope virginians will wish the best for him and his family. certainly this is a big gut punch for them. we had mcauliffe yesterday acknowledging overnight, really, they overestimated youngkin, in the end if race for them shifted in the final weeks, in the final months of the campaign. glenn youngkin was able to rally supporters to get out to the polls over state and local issues, most notably resignations, that's something the governor elect last night
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acknowledged in his victory speech. >> on day one, we're going to work. we're going to restore excellence in our schools. we're going to start with 20 charter schools and we are going to make a downpayment and close the gap on giving parents an opportunity to select where their kids go to school. friends, we're going to embrace our parents, not ignore them. >> reporter: and democrats in the nation and in the commonwealth of virginia will have a lot to pour over results. notably, the exit polls show that only 43% of virginians approved of the job of president joe biden. so certainly this bumpy first year of his presidency affecting terry mcauliffe's loss in the end. >> the polls keep showing as parents want involvement in decisions about their children's education as youngkin was noting
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there. thank you very much. the mayor race results, now several major cities. they highlight a trend of voters leaning away from progressive democrats. perhaps the most stunning in buffalo, new york, the incumbent declared victory of having a write-in campaign for the fifth term because he lost the primary. the democratic socialist candidate india walton beat brown. the county will not begin counting write-in for two weeks. we are not sure what remains on those ballots? seattle moderate bruce harrell won there. he promised to remove homeless encampments from the city. in new york, the brooklyn borough president ran on a promise to beef up and reform the nypd and called himself the
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face of the new democratic party eric adams. >> i am progressive in my policies when you go online and see my 100 steps forward for new york city, you see how progressive i am. let's be practical and progressive, not preach to people but provide services to people. >> one exception for progressives in boston, where city council michelle wu will become the first person of color and woman. joining us now republican strategist and political spectrum news, good to have you with us. jim and i talked about this, this morning, there is a wake-up calm. this is a five alarm fire. one of the things that really seems to be missing if we are looking specifically at virginia, doug, is a real focus from democrats on kitchen table issues and that worked for
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youngkin. >> absolutely. if you go back to the youngkin campaign. he started his first advertising campaign. so what does that do? one, it hits a safer republican issue, it goes to families and what they're dealing with on a daily basis it also hits on what wear dealing with all of us in covid, which is one of the things of inflation, which is only getting worse and worse. so he has been able to talk about these things, they aren't the donald trump issues, that i think a lot of people wanted him to emphasize, certainly democrats tried to tie him to donald trump. he talked about issues that affected every day americans, affected parents. it's one of the reasons he was successful. >> no question. if the economy lives on. the suburban winner, they were ziezive in 2018 as democrats picked up a lot of seats in the mid-terms, again in 2020. here they seem to be decisive for republicans particularly on issues like having a voice in their children's education.
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also on crime, it surprised me, reproductive rights were a talking point for democrats. i wonder given the supreme court's leaning now, the possibility of abortion being outlawed in many more states than texas s. that a path forward for democrats in the mid-terms in 2024? >> i'd be skeptical about that, in new jersey, we watched a lot of their ads across the river and what we saw was a lot of these ads where a woman is staring into the camera, saying the republicans scared my. it doesn't seem to have paid off for phil murphy. those tactics, exactly right, they pale in comparison to kitchen table issues that democrats really should be focusing on. i'm not sure what they will get by dragging up the corps of the donald trump presidency and run against that, because there are some people that get energized by donald trump that's a fact and the reality for those who
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don't like donald trump, he's already in the rear view mirror, elections are supposed to be about the future. real tactical mistakes democrats have to think about going into the mid-terms. >> there are things for both parties, as republicans look at for what worked to getting ciarretti close to murphy and not having a winner in that state. looking at youngkin's win in virginia, what is the major take away and do you think it can be used in other states for republicans? >> yeah, they're short. you know, glenn youngkin obviously campaigned as a different kind of republican. was he aligned with trump,? sure? was he an acco lite, we saw pocketbook issues. i can tell you i was in new jersey visiting friends and family and i was stunned at what
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i was hearing from democrats who said this will be an enthusiastic race, not just for republican areas but in homedale. i was telling people book here, look at new jersey, this is a big problem. as it points away forward, these pocketedbook issues, any time i visit my aunt in new jersey, she is 87-years-old, the first thing she does after she feeds me gum drops, she complains about her property taxes. >> no question. we should note that critical race theory is not being taught in virginia. yet it motivates voters. >> i do want to show numbers that came up about parental involvement in education decisions, because what they show is that really across the board, those who support youngkin or mccullough, they want a lot or some say in what schools teach.
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what do democrats take from that? how do they message to try to claw some of that issue back from republicans? >> well, there are two take aways. one is that mcauliffe made an unfortunate gaffe saying parents shouldn't be telling schools what to teach. no parents want to hear that. that was just a mistake. but let's, what you just mentioned, jim, critical race their i have not being taught in virginia and yet the winning candidate ran on it. that's a very important statement for democrats. this is basically fare mo mongering, race baiting in a moderate guy saying you should have the right to get this critical race theory out of the schools. it wasn't there in the first place, it's clearly about something else. it's about a disfavored groups appearing to make progresses, this is politics of the kind roerpt e operating in the south for a long, long time, that's
7:16 am
something democrats should take seriously. >> good to see you this morning. this kicks off more of what we will be talking about as we get into 2022, thank you, both. >> up next kids ages, to 11, lining up for the covid-19 live. plus. >> the supreme court has a major second amendment case. how could they carry firearms in public. finally the city that has become a joke, final ly has a surprise and rise of becoming world series champions. >> >
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. all right. so you want some good news? i think we all do. >> yes, yes, i do. >> here it is in this pandemic that has changed our lives for more than a year-and-a-half, 94% of americans are now eligible for a covid vaccine because the cdc has cleared the way for 28 million children age five-to-11 to get their shots. >> i have an appointment for my 11-year-old. he is very excited. kids and parents are lining up for that vaccine. >> i got really nervous. now it's over and now we're
7:22 am
vaccinated. that's a be ig step into making the world normal again and so we all don't need to wear masks and for everyone to be safe and healthy. >> cnn correspondent rosa flores is live in houston. what are you seeing there? >> reporter: it's a very emotional day. i talked to two parents and they both broke down in tears of emotions and joy as jen her harrington tells me. this is jennifer harrington and her daughter parson. she just took the shot. she told me she feels good. i wanted to share part of your story because i thought it was so incredible. kristen was 11 months old she had a lung transplant here at texas hospital. now she is back for this shot. tell me about coming back here to get this shot. >> you know, it's a real like
7:23 am
you mentioned emotional day for us. because we have spent a lot of time in kwarn teen as a family. so today it's almost like it's a first step to hopefully get living again. we say parson got new lungs not to live under a rock and i want to stress it's so great to remind us often that we got new lungs so that she could live. so that's today, it's a first step in that which is great to get the vaccine. >> reporter: parson, tell us what you are looking forward to. >> i am looking forward to going back to school in person because i miss my friends very, very mu much. and i want to see my family. >> reporter: four u your family, some was in dallas. you mentioned a few of the things i want to do. >> yes. i want to go back to church.
7:24 am
and i want to go on play dates. >> reporter: you will be able to actually have play dates? >> yes, finally. >> reporter: yeah. what has life been like during the pandemic? >> so you know it's almost like we live on egg shells. because of the virus and her compromised immunostatus, it's been so, you know, when fear. , you know we stayed at home a lot, stayed away from others. if we've chosen things, we've chosen outdoors rather than indoors. we got a golf cart. we've gone on hours and hours of golf cart rides around the neighborhood, j you to pass the time and you know get fresh air. so quarantine was give for us, because we have to protect the gift that we have been given. >> thank you so much for sharing
7:25 am
your story and thank you so much. a lot of emotions here. a lot of parents are seeing light at the end of the tunnel, the sense of perhaps some normalcy for their children. . >> what an incredible story. thanks so much for introducing us to jennifer. wow, can i only imagine what that last nearly two years has been like for their family. >> no question. by the way, when you hear children being wiser than adults. we hear that every day, so many we are hearing this morning. >> such an important reminder, there are still so many families who may have questions about the covid vaccine, especially now it's been made available for five-to-11-year-olds. we're here to help you with some of those questions. cnn is so compensated to team up for our sixth town hall, for children and families, join dr. san ja gupta and me, elmo, we will be here 8:30 a.m. for the abcs of covid vaccine and if
7:26 am
you have a question, i tweeted out that. so you can find that on twitter on erica r. hill. still ahead this hour, the second and gives the right to bear arms. does it guarantee right to carry a loaded firearm if public? we will go live to the supreme court next where that question is now in debate. zblemplt
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zblemplts. the supreme court right now hearing arguments in the biggest gun rights case rather in more than a decade. so this all centres on a law in new york which acquires people e people to prove they have a need tore self protection if they want to carry a gun in public. >> it has potential implications around the country. jessica, is it too much to say this case will have an impact in gun laws in other states but whether any such laws can be passed going forward? >> reporter: yes, this will likely have big implications across the country, specifically in six other states with similar gun restrictions to the one at issue here in this new york law. this is a new york law that places spec parameters on people looking to get gun licenses to carry them outside the home. specifically those applying have to show what's called proper cause.
7:32 am
this is spec and certainly circumstances that would warrant them carrying a gun outside the home for self-defense. they are happening behind me, the judges are no cushioned on the second amendment and whether they can put in place who can carry concealed weapons outside the home. the two men say this new york restriction infringes on their aemsd and argued the second amendment text. here it is. >> a firearm outside the home is a fundamental constitutional right. it is not some extraordinary action that requires an extraordinary demonstration of need. petitioners seek nothing more thanner that fellow citizens in 43 other states enjoy. those include some of the most populous cities in the country.
7:33 am
>> so the petitioners here are arguing in that sense this new york gun law infringes on the second amendment. guys, we heard from justice amy conan barrett. she is one of the newest to watch here. both of them who pins, in these arguments, they said to look to the founder's intent when weighing these gun restrictions, not necessarily a balancing test of individual rights over government officials wanting to put these into place. this the a high stakes case the first time, the supreme court hearing a case in touching this in more than a decade. >> a lot at stake hear, thank you. still ahead arc runoff to replace a democratic darling, who is poised to take the reigns?
7:34 am
atlanta mayor keisha lands bottom. we'll get you an update next. >>
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. in atlanta, the hotly contested race to replace democratic mayor keisha lands bottom is heading to a runoff, felicia moore currently leads against more than a dozen other candidates. >> she will be one in a runoff at the end of the month, but who she will run against remains to be seen, the political reporter for the atlanta journal
7:39 am
constitution. we always love running through these things with you. where do things stand this morning? >> yeah. it's not the surprise front runner. it looks like he stralsz andre dig didn'tson. there are very few votes left to be tallied and there may not be enough. he has a huge fundraising edge and is seen as a shoe-in. no longer is that the case. >> we saw how rising crime played into the race. eric adams a moderate with a police background, himself, how did that play into the race in atlanta? >> a major factor.
7:40 am
public polls showed that crime is the number one factor. it's a part of an effort to divorce the city, essentially split the city. residents of a neighborhood. ed to split it because of the rise in crime pledged to fight crime to make that impossible for him to do, they say crime is the number one issue, the number two and number three issue is race. that's how important it was. >> there is so much focus on looking at results about what they may say heading into 2022. you tweeted what we saw in atlanta and how that could impact senate in georgia coming up. is that already a discussion? it is. not only in atlanta but the
7:41 am
gubernatorial race, the center for politics out of uva switched the senate race from to a tossup. there are very different races, it shows a path that even governor kevin could use for re-election if he focuses on the cultural issues like critical race theory and anti-legal immigration policies, like some of the same issues you saw glenn youngkin take up. >> there is a lot of focus in many states on voting laws, right? including georgia where voting laws were passed after 2020. did we see that play out in this election in anyway in terms of affecting turnout or disadvantaging some groups over others? >> yeah, this was the first major test for georgia's restrictive voting laws. because it was a low turnout con contest, we saw scatter ed repot
7:42 am
of issuings, but for the most part. it was marine glitches. there were shorter lines. they went very smoothly. >> that's great to hear. thank you so much for joining us this morning. >> thank you for having me. still ahead this hour, president biden is now back in d.c. things not the way he left them. how the white house hopes to get democrats back on track. what it means for biden's agenda coming up. >> >
7:43 am
. well as we wait on the house, now the official time for the vote on a bipartisan infrastructure bill, senate democrats have struck a deal on lowering prescription drug prices. official details yet to be released. another nugget, though, chuck schumer has a deal to negotiate medicare high price medications who impose a tax penalty and also cap out of pocket spending for seniors and people with disabilities who are on medicare part d's drug plan. >> here with us to discuss is cnn correspondent john harwood. tell us where this puts this in the hole long and sometimes frustratedated process, is that going to happen this week? the results last night, did they upset anything? where do we stand? >> what we are hearing today from the white house from
7:44 am
progressives and from moderates on the hill is that they want to move forward on the legislation. part of the frustration, the main frustrations they felt were with the pandemic, continuing to disrupt normal life. continuing to mess with the economy, voters thought that was going to change this year. it hasn't changed nearly as much as they thought. one of the things they were frustrated as well in the view of democrats is the extended infighting to date among democrats, not seeming to be able to move forward and act. so democrats this morning are move siding the need to act. the prescription drug you were describing is one of the most popular...president biden originally laid out. if fact if they have the consent of senator sinema, that should be a step forward in terms of
7:45 am
making the legislation more appealing to americans. in that question are other demands going to be made? nancy pelosi put out a letter to colleagues saying she was going to seek to add that four weeks of paid leave to the bill being considered by the house rules in the today. paid leave is one of the things that went overboard. so are they going to be able to hold those votes together as the legislation shifts a little bit at the last minute. i think the white house, generally speaking, is confident it l. that's a question mark. >> it is critical to keep those votes together. democrats pretty clear this morning. they're not happy 'what they're seeing in the election results. speaker pelosi, says, this doesn't impact thing. i wonder, could this have an impact, whether it is to light a fire under democrats to come together to get things done or
7:46 am
raise some concerns specifically among moderates? >> well, the democratic leaders want to get something done right away. they believe that was the message sent by voters in virginia and new jersey, disfafgs and not getting anything done. but they have to resolve concerns among the moderates, joe manchin told me he had four main concerns, immigration, taxes, climate change and also other social programs that are contained in this bill. he thinks ultimately he can get behind the bill. but they need to get to that point where they can get him on board to get anything to the senate. reportedly in this letter nancy pelosi just sent to her caucus, she said there was option from one senator referring to until certainly joe manchin,
7:47 am
suggesting perhaps the bill may have to be changed after the house were to pass this bill if they have the votes to do just that. in talking to democrats this morning, including the they don't believe they should pair back the bill. they believe they should deliver. >> i think terry mcauliffe has been saying for weeks his state was tied to the progress for negotiations here on capitol hill and there is a clear message to my party and all those that support it to get the job done. >> reporter: what was done last night? >> failure to deliver. congress has to deliver. window is closing. we need to get it top. and as one who will be running for re-election in 2022 i need results that i can show the american people that congress can deliver. >> reporter: the problem is that the parliamentary procedures
7:48 am
could delay them even further in acting right away. they still have to of course get the votes to get it out of the house. they have to go through a formal process to make sure it passes and maets muster with the strict senate budget rules. also there are some concerns and demands from house moderates that the full bill was $1.75 trillion bill gets the full cost estimate for the non-partisan budget office. erica, that is a process that could take some time and datic leaders have to heed to that demand. with three votes to lose in the house, nancy pelosi may have no choice. even though there is a call to get something done right away. they are running into the same division over the policy, the timing and the strategy on when exactly this can get done. >> so john, it's one thing to get something done. it's another thing to get the right things done. i wonder if last night's election showed that democrats' priorities are not aligned with most voter's priorities,
7:49 am
they're, for instance, more interested about what are you doing about inflation or rising crime? is the president convinced they got that right? >> well, the question is what can the president do about inflation? the legislative priorities are not at odds with what the president actually into evidence to do. the most important thing in the immediate sense right now in 2022 is to put the pandemic in the rear view mirror and when you do that, you get the economy closer back to normal. and you moderate inflation. they're on a separate track pursuing an increasingly aggressive vaccination campaign that involves mandates instead of just the encouragement that they offered earlier in the year. the pivotal change for the president. he got it good in the beginning.
7:50 am
the pandemic seemed to be on the w way. the resurgence of the pandemic in late summer, exacerbated the discontent of the public, so the question is, what can you do about that now? if they can get their legislative agenda pass ltd.. the democrats can go to voters and say here are the specific things we did for you want more important than any of those things is increasing to inch up the vaccination rate, get the pandemic under control. we had a slowdown in the third quarter because of the pandemic. we get economists to predict because it's proceeding, growth will pick up in the fourth quarter in 2022. democrats have to make sure that happens. >> it's good to talk to you both this morning. we are looking at a close watch on that incredibly tight new
7:51 am
jersey governor's race. numbered phil murphy is holding a strong lead. john berman is standing by with an update on those votes, where they're still being counted. where do we is thatened? >> so phil murphy's lead just shrunk ever so slightly. he is ahead. so new votes reported from a county where jack ciarretti leads. let me still e tell you exactly how many votes are there. jack ciarrelli clocked in with 4,251 new votes. phil murphy 2,1 naw. that's about 52% and about 47%. so you can see that was able to shrink the lead ever so slightly. the story overall in new jersey, though, so people now, is a little different. if you look, there is 85% of the
7:52 am
vote counted so far. where is the remaining vote? largely, we think, in areas that are still leaning democratic. places like hudson county, where jersey city is, 80% so far, phil murphy is way up. he pointed essex county. big urban center. 72% reporting. phil murphy has a big lead there. joe biden won new jersey. substantially by 16 points. i want to show people where this margin has shrunk, you can see jack ciarrelli has 60% of the votes there. well, donald trump won that. there has been about a 9 to 10-point shift in all the republican counties from trump upward to ciarrelli. he is doing better than trump in these trump counties. guys. >> jb, appreciate on the update.
7:53 am
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. it has been 26 areas since atlanta claimed a world series championship. after the braves defeated the houston astros 7-0. 26 years, that's exactly as old as i am. >> it's amazing to have those two together. happy entirethday, after claiming the title in 1995, cnn andy shols is joining us live from minute maid park. i'm not sure he slept at all last night. atlanta winning on houston's
7:59 am
turf, probably didn't go over as well as it did. >> reporter: that's for sure, i feel bad for houston fans here. i will come back to the stadium in the wee hours of the morning. i still saw braves fans soaking in this championship. their first since 1995. this really was one of the greatest runs in baseball history. the braves didn't have a winning record until august 6th. they lost their best player in baseball to injury in july. but they didn't give up. they traded for four outfielders. those outfielders, boy, did they come through big time in this post season. one of them, he led you've with the first home run. game six. a three-run shot in the third inning actually left minute maid park. that set the tone for the night. more than enough for starter max
8:00 am
reed. a dominant performance for the braves. they set out to take the series in six games. if you were a kid growing up in atlanta, a teenager, all you knew was sports misery. the braves changing that. >> andy shols, thank you so much. thank you so much to all of you for joining us today. i'm jim scuitto. >> i'm erica hill. stay tuned. kate baldwin picks up our coverage next. [ music playing ] hello, everyone, i'm chris baldwin. we begin with breaking news, democrats are reeling after a rough election night sending a warning to the party ahead of next year's mid-terms. the party is still too close to call. we are watching it because the numbers do continue to cha


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