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tv   CNN Newsroom With Ana Cabrera  CNN  November 2, 2021 10:00am-11:00am PDT

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that's fascinating to do. anything else quickly? >> 20 second. >> can't beat socialism in buffalo. >> is there blue cheese with the wing, that's the question? >> it's tough to be mayor. tough questions from people like this. i got a ranch in the air right there. thanks for spending your time on "inside politics." stay with us i'll be here all night counting votes. don't go anywhere. ana cabrera picks up our coverage right now. >> hello and thanks for being with us. i'm ana cabrera in new york, and it is election day in america. voters are heading to the polls in cities and states nationwide. the off-year election seen as an early referendum on joe biden's presidency and on the democratically held congress. right now all eyes are on virginia. the president biden won the commonwealth by ten points a year ago, but the battle for governor is a tossup right now between biden-style democrat terry mcauliffe and gop outsider
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glenn youngkin who has tapped into the trump movement without actually embracing the man himself. it is the first major race of the post-trump post-insurrection landscape, and the outcome could tell us a lot about what's on the horizon for the mid-terms. cnn's sara murray is live in richmond for us. sara, this race may come down to turnout. what are we hearing from the candidates and what are you seeing on the ground? >> reporter: absolutely, ana. you know, we heard from election officials here in virginia just a short time ago that things are running relatively smoothly at in-person voting got under way early this morning and the last 24 hours or so really crucial for these candidates to make their final mode i was -- their final pitch to the canned sglats i'll be happy to take some questions. >> you showed a lot of optimism. how have you been able to keep then to optimistic when you've taken some shots from the other
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side? >> i've felt a great surge of momentum for the last six to eight weeks and the best schools and best jobs and safe communities, this is what people are worried about. >> now youngkin is there talking about the sort of kitchen table issues. he's tried to make this a local race but did acknowledge all eyes are on virginia. the nation is watching, and for terry mcafl his argument to voters is do not get complacent. show up, turn out, make sure you cast your ballot. ana, as you pointed out, there's, you know, a bigger national landscape at play. people are looking to this race to see whether voters will have soured on democrats in the past year and they are also looking to glenn youngkin to see if he's writing a road map for other republicans to see how you can run as a republican and not fully wrap your arms around trump and perhaps still unseat a democrat. we'll wait. the voters will have the final word today, ana. >> just a matter of hours is when the polls will close. let's bring in cnn political commentator and former
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republican congressman charlie didn't and david chalian. what kind of litmus test this election? >> i think we'll overread the results, no doubt, but there are national implications here. both psychologically for both parties but also to give us a sense of where people are a year into biden's presidency. you noted, of course, that biden won virginia a year ago by ten points. you know, this is a moment that we're going to see the great pendulum in american politics to the, and one of the things we'll watch for is how significantly does it swing? we know the history in virginia going back four decades is that the party that didn't win the white house tends to win -- does win that gubernatorial race the year after except for one example which was terry mcauliffe himself in 2013, but we're going to look and see what does the biden political environment look like? that's up thing and then, of course, we're going to see, and
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this will have national implications as well for republicans, is sort of how do you navigate trump, and is trump still a potent force? we know it is inside the republican party? is it still a motivating force for democrats? >> i'm looking at the results from 2017 when a democrat ran in virginia, ralph northum who won by almost nine points and biden by almost ten points up against trump and yet trump is playing a role in this election. congressman, trump has fully thrown his support behind youngkin. youngkin has been careful not to fully embrace trump. he doesn't say his name. he didn't participate in trump's telereal last night. clearly he's not too worried about the trump base. >> yeah. i think youngkin has actually played the trump situation fairly well. he's stiff arming donald trump right now. he doesn't want donald trump anywhere near the state of virginia but young yip, he has all the momentum and energy.
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it is on his side. when you really look at what's happened here, you know, it just seems to me that the democrats, you know, misplayed this. they nationalized this election. they are trying make it about trump, but truthfully this -- this mid-term election and this odd-year election is really much more about the party in power. that would be joe biden and the democrats, and that's their challenge, and this gaffe of mcauliffe on the parents in the schools and children, it's just a unicorn issue. it's motivated the gop base. it's also persuade independents and it's cracked into democratic constituencies, so, you know, youngkin is on offense, an mcauliffe is on defense and that's where it is. we will see what happens, and by the way, i should also point out, i talk to pollsters regularly, and they tell me that youngkin is meeting all his benchmarks in the northern virginia suburbs, in the richmond and the norfolk markets so that bodes very well for youngkin as far as i can tell. >> when you look at the strategy that's taken place there in
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virginia, david, mcauliffe has tried hard to tie youngkin to trump. his message has been anti-trump and making that his focus i wonder did he lose sight of specific issues that a lot of voters care about? >> aprila, i think it's a great question and one that the voters will answer for us today because we're going to learn in the exit polls what virginia voters say is their top issue. what was their driving force? what other factors were there in their thinking in casting their ballot, and so it is clear that terry mcauliffe, you are right has just relied heavily on this trump, anti-trump message to try to motor voight and generate enthusiasm among democrats, but you also see he's not entirely sold on that mess am and he's had 11 different messages on the air and his messages have been much more multi-facetted. when you were playing glen
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youngun when hi was talking. it was the same today as it was in june and that consistency on messaging throughout is usually an advantage. i agree with charlie in terms of momentum on the ground but is the math there for a republican in 2021 to actually win virginia, or has it become so democratic just in its dna that that is what pulls mcauliffe across the finish line? we'll take a look tonight. >> perhaps what has made this race more competitive is not what's happening in virginia but what's happening in washington right now with this bick logjam, you know, when it comes to democrats trying to pass the biden agenda. how much has the democratic infighting, congressman, didn't, in conk, do you think, drag an mcauliffe. >> he said it himself that the inability to deliver a product
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is a problem. he said the democrats are going to look back on this male you're to pass the bipartisan infrastructure bill as a huge misthank. they could have passed that nugget with 80 republican votes, could go have celebrated it, get things done but instead the leadership caved to the progressive wing of the party that tied the two bills together, build back better and the infrastructure bill and they don't have either right now so i can't understand why they wouldn't take a win. mcauliffe was begging them to do something. he wants washington to do something, anything to help him and now we're beyond, that show i think it is hurting mcauliffe, and mcauliffe said it himself. >> let's turn the corner and talk more about that it. we keep hearing a vote this week, a vote this weesh, a vote this week. i mean, the house democratic leadership is going two the emotions like they want to get a vote on both bills this week getting the bills prepared. we know just from this morning's
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reporting outside of the democratic caucus on capitol hill there are outstanding issues democrats are trying to negotiate in terms of what gets into the final bill that goes to the house floor, specifically dealing with immigration and prescription drug prices, and so democrats are still in a bit of a negotiation and hammering out final details phase. if that drags on a little bit longer, it's hard to see a vote coming this week, but that's clearly their stated goal. they would love to deliver both of these bills out of house, not shortly after president biden gets back to the states. >> well, i'm sure republicans would be very happy to -- to keep this process dragged out and to continue to obstruct. how much does the republican political future depend on what happens with these two major bills that democrats are trying to pass because there's a lot that's popular here, congressin? could it be a political game changer? >> i think democrats and republicans will be able to celebrate the infrastructure
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bill. i would arc the big back better is not as popular as they believe. their election in 2020 was not about going big, it was more about consistency and dealing with covid like an adult. the scale of the proposals has been too big. yes, people want expanded child care or pre-school or pre-k, but they want a things. they are looking at $6 trillion in covid spending and an afghanistan fiasco, inflationary pressure, supply chain shortages, mayhem at the border. it's -- it's really a devil's brew here, so i don't think this -- this bill, this build back better is going to provide much benefit to them. you know, it didn't do the republicans good to pass tax reform in 2017. they didn't get rewarded for it. i don't expect democrats to be rewarded for this bill. >> thanks to you both. thank you. our special live coverage of election night in america begins at 6:00 eastern tonight.
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we've got david among all of our other experts and analysts, so stay with cnn for that. in just a matter of hours, parents could finally have the green light to vaccinate their young children as young as 5. what you need to know ahead of cdc's big decision? plus, right now opening statements are under way in the trial of kyle rittenhouse. he was 17 when he went to a wisconsin protest last year and he killed to you people, he injured another. how his lawyers and prosecutors are laying out their cases. stay with us.
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♪ ♪ there are beautiful ideas that remain in the dark. but with our new multi-cloud experience, you have the flexibility you need to unveil them to the world. ♪ right now a key meeting is under way to determine if and when children under 12 can get a
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covid shot. the fda did its part and now it's up to the cdc. in just a few hours vaccine advisers will vote on whether to recommend pfizer's covid vaccine for kids ages 5 to 11. it's expected to pass easily. after that we rate for the cdc director to sign off, and assuming that happens shots for younger kids could start this week. last week nearly 101,000 infections in children were reported here in the u.s. that is nearly a quarter of all new cases last week. i want to bring in dr. peter hotez, director of the center for vaccine development at texas children's hospital. doctor, thanks so much for being here. given your expertise, is there anything about this vaccine for 5 to 11-year-olds, that age group specifically, that gives you pass not really, ana, it's been pretty well vetted through the adolescent age group and has done really well.
10:17 am
90% effective in clinical trials of the younger kids 5 to 11. and we need this, ana. look what's happening. 83,000 covid hospitalizations, devastating for children and a fivefold rise in hospitalizations among kids this summer. this is all because of the delta variant that's been pummeling our schools. we've had thousands of school closures as a consequence and one thing nobody is talking about is the long covid symptoms. we have some data publishing that 14% of kids have long covid symptoms lasting more than 15 months after infection so you put all of that together and. >> parents who may be afraid for longer term side effects who are saying this is kind of a new vaccine that we've heard about
10:18 am
mio carditis, a potential side effect though rare. it's still possible and i don't want to harp on that issue but what do we know about mio carditis in kids after advantages nation. >> first of all, it's important to stress that mio car diet sis far more common because of covid-19 by a factor of at least five or tenfold and not just myocarditis. other heart symptoms and signs including thrombobottic events as well so covid-19 is a bad actor in kids number one, number two and, yes, mio carditis does occur in young male adults ages 16 to 25, the numbers are about 1 in 10,000. . we don't know that number yet in
10:19 am
the 5011-year-olds but the amount of mrna in the vaccine in young kids 5 to 11 is a lot less. doesn't mean there's going to be a lower rate of mio carditis but put all those things together it's all about the fact of what happens if your child gets covid-19. >> should parents be on the lookout for anything related to that potential side effect? >> it's extremely rare. we're talking about 1 in 10,000. the real numbers are one for 10,000. is in 10,000 among younger adults. if it does happen it will happen for up to a week after usual lit second vaccination and it could present was a shortness of pretty or chest pain or heart palpitations but i think it's important to keep in mind this is still an exceedingly rare event and the big problem is that we're hospitalizing so many kids right now from covid.
10:20 am
>> absolutely. >> so it will be a great thing obviously to have this vaccine available for that population. there's like 28 million more people who will be eligible once the green light is given for the 5 to 11-year-old age group. doctor, thanks so much for being there for us. >> thank you. >> life is in important. life is more important than property. that quote from prosecutors just moments ago as they deliver opening statements in the homicide trial of kyle rittenhouse. he's the teen who went to a wisconsin protest last year and shot three people killing two. the defense now laying out their case. details next. got a couple of bogeys on your six, limu. they need customized car insurance from liberty mutual so they only pay for what they need. what do you say we see what this bird can do? woooooooooooooo... we are not getting you a helicopter.
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. we're back with some breaking news. opening statements are under way in the homicide trial of 18-year-old kyle rittenhouse who faces multiple charges after killing two people and wounding a third with an ar-15-style weapon at a protest last year in kenosha, wisconsin. that shold the shooting of jacob blake, a man shot in the back.
10:26 am
blake was left paralyzed. it also came just three months after the murder of george floyd in minnesota. aren't i rous traveled to kenosha on the second night of the protests and gather at at car dealer ship. he shot and killed are rosenbaum and then shot anthony huber. defense lawyers argued both kilts were self-defense. prosecutors characterize aren't i house as a vigilante who showed up to the protest with an ar-15-style weapon intending to take the law into his own hands and before the shooting he encountered police officers who offered him some water and after the shooting he tried to surrender with police with his hands up and they later passed him by. he later surrendered at a police
10:27 am
station. adrianne broaddus is covering this for us. how are lawyers laying out their row spective cases. let's start with the prosecution who we heard from first this morning. they are saying this is not a case of self-defense because they are saying under wisconsin law it's illegal for anyone under the age of 18 to purchase a gun. they are saying it's not a case of self-defense and pointing out who they will bring to the stand over the next two weeks. also essentially saying kyle rittenhouse showed up for a fight. but contrast the defense is saying just the opposite. some of them are going to bring the same witnesses to the stand. we will hear likely different stories from those witnesses. the defense saying this was a case of self-defense painting
10:28 am
the picture of who kyle rittenhouse was, telling us that he has ties to kenosha, also early in the defense's opening statements saying that rittenhouse was a lifeguard, painting the picture of someone who was in kenosha to help protect property and offering his services to business owners. listen in to some of those opening statements and we'll begin with the prosecution. >> sunday night and monday night were two of the roughest nights our community has ever seen. we are well aware of the damage. fortunately in the entire sequence of events this was all property damage and one of the things we all agreed on yesterday is life is more important than property. >> mr. binger makes a big thing out of kyle rittenhouse is the
10:29 am
only person who shot somebody that evening. true. mr. rittenhouse was the only person who was chased by joseph rosenbaum that evening. >> so boat sides highlighting when they belief the evidence will show. the prosecution very textbook, presenting a linear case in its opening arguments and the defense showing pictures. >> let's bring in our legal analyst laura coats and one thing that has stood out from the opening statement is we'll directly hear from rittenhouse in this trial. he'll testify in his own defense, what do you make of that? >> it should come as no price.
10:30 am
he had a very big yund gel of support. there was a bit of a flashpoint of protecting this defendant. he was allowed to back by police officers to turn himself in later on. it game at an infliction point. supposed looters and arsonists and the discussion of the type of weapon and i suspect he'll try to capitalize on his previous popularity. he better be prepared to come with a very strong defense about self-defense. not allowed simply by trying to protect somebody else's property to engage in lethal force. it's a notion of kill or be killed. we learned a lot during the derek chauvin trial.
10:31 am
self-defense is to be used if you believe that the amount of force that you need to use will repel the force against you. there's an indication that that was a comment rat amount of force. lethal force against two men and wounded and if he's going to take the stand we better be able to explain why lethal force was necessary and there's no allegation he was the owner of property, that he was asked to protect the property or that property was damaged by any of the three victims. the way this is all unfolding it's a little surprise that the jury was seated in one day for such a high profile-trial and the judge didn't allow a jury questionnaire. how can they be sure that this is a fair and impartial jury, especially as you say given the emotions around this situation. >> that's the million dollar
10:32 am
question here, and normally in cases, if it's not a high-profile case, not a high publicity case you can pick jurors relatively quickly because you don't have to try to weed out those who may know so much about the case it a they have no ability to be impartial. here is a very different story but the goal is never to find the so-called ostrich in the sand. it's not to find somebody that knows nothing about the case. the judge did not have a juror questionnaire, to a form letter to weed out people. said it was a case-by-case, person-by-person and the idea of whether you've done your job to weed out any potential biasses is still a question pending before the supreme court in a very high-profile case, that involving the boston bomber, and in that case his death penalty sentence was actually thrown out because they found the judge did not do an adequate enough job of trying to make sure that biasses
10:33 am
did not come into the jury pool. that's before the supreme court and it's yet to be resolved, but it will be instructive here, ana, because with high-profile cases in particular people want to ensure there's a cross-section of the community and there are impartial jurors and that the judge has essentially complied with the so-called court or industry standard, so to speak, about trying to make sure that someone is not just trying to throw out a reason to not be in jury -- not be a juror but they want to perform the civic duty, but trying to figure out who truly can be impartial and who cannot, and i would note finally there are people that were excused from the jury because they could not demonstrate even a hint of impartiality. >> well, it will be interesting to see where this goes, just to put a button on that whole conversation, and i think what makes that particularly noteworthy was the fact that we've been covering the ahmaud arbery trial in georgia in which there were 1,000 plus people who were summoned showing up for
10:34 am
jury duty and it's now the third week of the selection process for the jury there and here we have less than 24 hours, 179 jurors who are present to begin with, potential jurors, and that was whittled down to who is 20 for this jury pool. thanks, laura coats. appreciate your expertise and good to sigh. arizona republicans are hoping the fourth time is the charm because the state is launching yet another probe into the 2020 election. up next i'll talk to a former election official who says that this is one big stunt, and he was just questioned by investigators with the ag's office.
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there's no place like wayfair. not once, not twice but three times vote tallies in maricopa county arizona confirmed president biden won will in 2020. despite all this, the big lie won't die. a former maricopa county elections official now says the state's attorney general's office is launching a new probe that seeks to discredit the republican-driven cyber ninja audit which found biden in fact gained more votes while trump lost votes. to shed more light on this latest move, former maricopa
10:40 am
county recorder adrianne fontes joining us now and also a 2022 candidate for arizona's secretary of state. thank you so much for being here. i understand two special agents with state a.g. mark burn very much's office recently interviewed you about the 2020 vote. what do you think they are up to? >> well, first of all, thanks for having me, ana, and it's just a sad moment in our history when a prosecutor will send two badged officers to chase down and bolster a big lie. that's all this is. mark burn ve mark bernovich is desperate to get donald trump's election. this needs to stop. the 2020 election was one of the best in history, certainly in maricopa county. the election i was mostly in charge of had the most scrutinized results in american
10:41 am
history. this thing has to stop and sending agents isn't going to stop or change anything. the people who did their job did a great job across the political spectrum. >> again, arizona republicans were the ones who insisted on that sham audit in the first place that ultimately didn't produce the results that republicans were presumably looking for, so by just amplifying this longer, dragging this out. i don't understand. what is the point? >> well the point specifically here is mark burnovich is desperate. not too long ago a primary opponent launched a vicious attack in advertisements. he's abusing the offers of arizona attorney general for his political gain. won't be the first time he's done it and probably won't be the last time, unfortunately, but at the end of the day what this is about is about big lie disparaging the thousands of
10:42 am
americans who ran a great 2020 election in maricopa county. again, one of the most highly scrutinized elections, if not the most scrutinized in american history and we passed every test with flying colors. i was the county recorder here. i designed the system with my team. i worked with a 4-1 republican board of supervisors to run that election and the cyber ninjas nor any other legitimate audit or exam of this have found anything substantively or anything wrong with our election. we're very proud that have work, and that's one of the legacies that i take into this 2022 race for secretary of state. unfortunately, mark burnovich can't do the same for his 2022 run for u.s. senate where i think he's just abusing his office to try to get points with donald trump. >> and you're right. he's running for senate. he's the current a.g. of arizona. cnn reached out to the a.g.'s office there about this probe and they said they won't comment on an ongoing investigation. i guess the bigger question then
10:43 am
is this, even if it is a stunt, is it having an impact on arizona voters in terms of how they view the integrity of elections in arizona? >> i don't think so. you know, the transcript will show how ill informed and unprepared the agents were who came in to talk to me. i mean, at one point during the interview they complimented me on my knowledge of the system which is kind of funny because, you know, we designed the system while i was in office. i helped dish was the architect of it for all intents and purposes, and -- and their lack of understanding really betrays a general lack of understanding of the specifics and really why it is that some people still cling to this lie, but the reality is for the rest of arizona's voters they are sick and tired of this. they understand that joe biden won the election fair and square. maricopa county's voters know that they have a solid system built on a legacy of bipartisanship. in fact, one of the biggest
10:44 am
proponents of ballot-by-mail investigate which is a very, very popular way for folks to vote here was my predecessor in office, a republican who held the office for a very long time. we've done elections well in arizona and maricopa county for a long time. i hope the new recorder continues that legacy, i think he also, and reasonable-mined arizonans know that this is a stunt. this is going to hopefully go away soon and the sooner the better. >> thank you very much for joining us. >> thanks for having me. >> coming up, a cnn special report. afghan parents say they are being forced to sell their daughters just to survive. taking steps forward. whatever the pace. and whatever the size. that's why we set out to help make it easier for everyone to move forward financially. see how we can make a difference for you at pnc bank. ♪ ♪ you don't become a runner, who breaks eight world records...
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now to afghanistan and the harsh reality of the humanitarian crisis engulfing that country. desperate families say they're being forced to sell their young daughters in order to survive. in this exclusive report, cnn witnesses the tragic fate of these helpless little girls. parents gave us full access and permission to talk to the
10:50 am
children and show their faces because they say they cannot change the practice themselves. >> this is a really difficult story to watch but we think it is important the world knows what is happening in afghanistan right now. in our exclusive report, cnn witnesses the tragic fate facing these helpless little girls. it is important to note that parents gave us full access and permission to speak to the children and show their faces because they say they cannot change the practice themselves. in this arid, desolate landscape, not a scrap of vegetation in sight, a place for the internally displaced. among its residents, a nine-year-old. her dress, squeals of laughter and childhood games aruse to the
10:51 am
horrors in this environment. pawana's family moved here four years ago after her father lost his job. humanitarian aid getting $3 a day providing basic staples to survive. since the taliban takeover two and a half months ago, any money or assistance dried up. and with eight mouths to feed, pawana's father is doing the unthinkable. i have no work, no money, no food, i have to sell my daughter, he says. i have no other choice. pawana who goes to school and dreams of being a teacher applies makeup, a favorite past time for little girls. she knows she's preparing for what awaits her. my father sold me because we don't have bread, rice, flour. he sold me to an old man.
10:52 am
the man that claims he is 55 years old comes to collect her. he bought her for 200,000 afghanis, over 2,000 u.s. dollars. covered up, pawana whimpers as her mother holds her. this is your bride, please take care of her, says pawana's father. of course i will take care of her, replies the man. his large hands grab her small frame. pawana tries to pull away. as he carries her only bag of belongings, she again resists. digging her heels into the dirt but it is futile. the fate of this small, helpless child has been sealed.
10:53 am
child marriage is nothing new in poor rural parts of afghanistan, but human rights activists are reporting increasing cases because of the economic and humanitarian crisis engulfing the country. >> these are devastating decisions that no parent should ever have to make, and it speaks to what an extraordinary breakdown is happening in afghanistan right now. >> for months, the u.n. warned of a catastrophe, as afghanistan, a war ravaged, aid dependent country descends into a brutal winter. billions in central bank assets were frozen after the taliban swept to power in august. banks are running out of money, wages haven't been paid for months, and food prices soar. according to the u.n., more than half the population doesn't know where the next meal is coming from, and more than 3 million children under the age of five face acute malnutrition in the coming months. >> people of afghanistan need a
10:54 am
life line. >> while a billion has been pledged by u.n. donors to help the afghan people, less than half the funds have been received as the international community holds off recognizing the taliban government. >> people of afghanistan will be dying of hunger in the next couple of months and not just a few. this is just making people more and more vulnerable. and we cannot accept that. >> sentiments shared by the taliban. >> we are asking aid agencies to come back to afghanistan and help these poor people, otherwise the crisis will worsen. >> for this family in neighboring province, they're trying to sell two twaurs. a nine-year-old and four-year-old for a thousand u.s. dollars. do you know why they're selling you, the journalist asked. because we are a poor family and don't have any food to eat, she says. are you scared, he asks.
10:55 am
yes, i am. another family in gore province borrowed money from a 70-year-old neighbor. now he is demanding it back but they have nothing to give, except their 10-year-old daughter. my daughter doesn't want to go and is crying all the time. i am show ashamed, he says. terrified, she threatens to take her life. if they push me to marry the old man, i will kill myself. i don't want to leave my parents. days later, she discovers the sale has been finalized. another afghan child sold into a life of misery. >> it is gut wrenching knowing what the young girls will be subjected to. just an update on the 10-year-old, the last girl that threatened to take her life, she will be handed over to the 70-year-old man that bought her
10:56 am
in the coming days. now, if lack of aid is not urgently addressed, the u.n. projects by middle of next year 97% of afghans will be living below the poverty line, meaning even more girls end up like these. >> my god. just horrific. anna cohen, thank you. the news continues after this. mm-mmm. no insurance. no. when employees can't enter and manage their own benefits enrollment information, it can be a real pain. not even— nope! with paycom, employees enter and manage their own hr data in a single, easy-to-use software. visit and schedule a demo today.
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hello, i am victor blackwell. thank you for joining us. >> i'mal sin camerota. the race for governor in virginia, for democrats, it could be a bellwether for the 2022 midterms, for republicans, it is a potential play book how to campaign around donald trump. >> republican glenn youngkin ran


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