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tv   CNN Newsroom Live  CNN  October 31, 2021 11:00pm-12:00am PDT

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is a way back from this and i just hope that as this chapter of american history is being written, that it doesn't end in more violence. ♪ hello and welcome to our viewers joining us here in the united states and all around the world. you are watching "cnn newsroom" and i'm rosemary church. just ahead. from one summer to another, world leaders are leaving the g20 and heading to the cop26 to confront the climate crisis. we will have a live report from scotland. australians are reuniting as international borders are re-opening after almost two years due to covid-19. we are live in sydney with details there. plus, we are learning new
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details about a halloween knife attack that left more than a dozen injured on a train in tokyo. live from cnn center, this is "cnn newsroom" with rosemary church. good to have you with us. well, world leaders will be gathering in glasgow in the hours ahead for a summit set to tackle the urgent challenges of climate change. the u.n.'s cop26 conference is kicking off just as the g20 meeting wrapped up in rome on sunday. leaders there ended their summit with an agreement on climate, but no firm pledges. several key goals included ending coal financing by year's end, and containing global warming to 1.5 degrees celsius above preindustrial levels.
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now, the pressure is on for cop26 to deliver more than just the usual empty promises on climate. the british prime minister is expected to say it's time to move from aspiration to action to limit rising temperatures, and take concrete steps to phase out coal. among the key goals for cop26, secures global net zero by mid-century, and keeping 1.5 degrees within reach. they also want countries to deliver on their promise of $100 billion a year to help developing nations fight the climate crisis. and cnn's phil black is following developments and joins us from edinburgh, scotland, good to see you, phil. so, no firm pledges came out of the g20 summit, so what concrete measures can we expect from cop26? >> reporter: it's the key question, rosemary. and we -- we can't be sure. expectations are pretty low, i
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think it's fair to say a very gloomy boris johnson, british prime minister, spent much of his time at the g20 talking about the possibility and consequences of failure at glasgow. and we are told that that g20 meeting in rome was the first time that all members of the g20, collectively, responsible for some 80% of global emissions, now accept the science which says the world has to keep global -- the average-global temperature increase to within 1.5 and 2 degrees. that's not a new idea but we're told only now do all members of that group accept that science. to describe it as limited progress, i think, it an understatement, particularly when you consider all that is at stake because the science is really clear on another point. we are out of time. these are just some of the biblical events the world has seen and experienced in 2021. extreme floods, fires, droughts, and record temperatures across the u.s. and around the world.
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proof, scientists say, we're already living in a climate crisis. >> it's here. i mean, it's upon us. people see that. people feel that. >> reporter: he led u.s. climate negotiations through the obama administration and helped forge 2015's paris agreement. that breakthrough document includes a critical promise. all countries will work to keep the global average temperature increase within 1.5 and 2 degrees celsius. >> we have got a hell of a long way to go. >> because the reality is, at the moment, we're nowhere near to being on track to keeping things below 2, let alone 1.5. >> we are not near -- we're not near being on track but we're -- but we're getting better. >> reporter: better, ultimately, isn't good enough. at the glasgow climate conference, each country will be judged on whether it's cutting emissions sufficiently to ensure that crucial 1.5-degree target is still achievable.
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the scientific consensus says the goal is now slipping beyond reach, and the consequences will be disastrous. >> without action to curb greenhouse gas emissions, we could see temperatures go well beyond 3 degrees of warming by the end of the century. something that the earth has not experienced for 3 million years, long before humans were on the planet. it would be a very, very different world. >> reporter: u.s. leadership, through example, is vital at glasgow to boost other countries' ambitions. the biden administration's plan is bold. halve u.s. emissions by 2030. hit net-zero carbon by 2050. >> that's fantastic but it needs to demonstrate that they can deliver that. and the lack of agreement at federal level and, indeed, in many states to the outside world looks like that will be a major challenge. >> reporter: success also depends on big new commitments from china. the world's biggest polluter is responsible for more than a
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quarter of global emissions. china's long-term goal is becoming carbon neutral by 2060. >> so, it's quite important that china move much more than they have. again, there is that long-term goal is pretty good but between now and 2030, they haven't pledged really anything. >> reporter: the urgent challenge for china and many developing countries is to stop burning coal for electricity while still rapidly growing their economies, and lifting populations out of poverty. the issue is going to be a key focus at glasgow, along with finance from rich countries to help poorer countries make the change. but even before the conference opens, it's clear there are tensions over some countries' unwillingness to offer detailed, ambitious commitments. >> we're behind and we have to stop the bs that is being thrown at us by a number of countries that have not been willing to sign up to what great britain has signed up to, we've signed up to, japan, canada, the eu,
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that is, to keep 1.5 degrees alive. >> it's expected glasgow will deliver progress but will it be enough? as frequent extreme events demonstrate the growing dangers of failure, scientists assure there is now very little time left to prevent climate change on a devastating scale. so the paris agreement was considered a success. that conference resulted in the big promise of all countries working together towards that 1.5-degree goal. this time in glasgow, it's going to be harder. this is when the individual countries are supposed to be laying down the specific detail, the concrete actions and plans that you touched on, rosemary, that will help achieve that. and not just in the long-term because some countries -- a growing list of countries really -- are coming into this conference with more feel-good promises. but they are still lacking the detail, the credible path that will achieve that, like setting
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specific dates on when they will stop burning coal. ending deforestation. moving to zero emissions cars. again, from a specific date. these sorts of targets and not just in the medium to long-term, the specific need of this conference is to lock in those sorts of commitments this decade to ensure that sufficient deep cuts can happen by 2030. otherwise, the science says the rest isn't achievable. rosemary. >> yeah. phil black joining us live from edinburgh, many thanks. u.s. president joe biden will soon be headed to scotland to attend the cop26 summit. that follows his weekend in rome at the g20 where he says he was encouraged by how he was received. mr. biden said there was significant international support for the u.s., as he renews relations and turns the page from his predecessor. >> why should the world, you know, believe that when you say america's back, that really it's here to stay?
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>> because the way they reacted. you were here. they listened. everyone sought me out. they wanted to know what our views were, and we help lead what happened here. it's just very simple. >> and this comes, despite struggles back home in virginia's governor's race, biden backed democratic candidate terry mcauliffe is facing a tough election against republican glenn youngkin. and in washington, mr. biden's legislative agenda is stalling in congress. for more on this, we are joined by cnn's senior political analyst, ron brownstein. always great to have you with us. >> thanks, rosemary. >> so, president biden arrived in rome empty handed after his own party was unable to give him a win on his own domestic agenda. so, nothing to show on climate change. just promises. how well did he turn things around after that at the g20 summit despite this drawback? and did he succeed in mending fences?
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>> well, you know, first of all, i mean, joe biden at the g20 looked like he did the day he was able to announce the bipartisan infrastructure deal on the white house driveway. i mean, he never looks happier than -- than when he can be with a bunch of other elected officials finding consensus of some sort and it is elusive, both, at home and abroad. but i do think that, you know, as you say arriving without the lift that he expected from -- from congress -- um, he was able to -- to -- to accomplish some things at the g20 meeting. the global agreement on the -- on the worldwide corporate minimum tax. the rollback of some of the trump tariffs on aluminum and steel. i mean, climate remains an enormous challenge, in particular because of the recalcitrance of russia and china. but overall, i think they are pretty satisfied with what they were able to get out of this meeting in rome. >> well, yeah, and of course, you mention climate. that's next. now, president biden will attend the cop26 climate summit. but he needs his party to get behind him and pass his
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infrastructure and build back better plans. what are you expecting will happen tuesday with those votes? and how will all this impact the president's standing at the summit? >> well, first of all, i mean, the -- the climate provisions in the build back better plan really are historic. i mean, we are talking about almost one-third of the total spending devoted to carrots. they were not able to include any sticks to push utilities and other entities away from fossil fuels because of the resistance of literally one democratic senator -- joe manchin of west virginia -- was probably the only democrat in either chamber who refused to support what was called the clean electricity standard. um, but nonetheless, over $500 billion in tax incentives to encourage the transition across the board from utilities to manufacturers, from car buyers. um, and the -- and the analysis that i have seen, rosemary, from -- from energy analysts is that that is the vast majority of the carbon reduction.
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so, i think the president can -- can say that the u.s. is on the brink of an unprecedented investment to try to speed this transition. um, the likelihood is that this is going to go through. but let's face it. i mean, this would have happened on thursday last week if joe manchin and kyrsten sinema would have followed the president's news conference by saying, yes, we accept this framework which, after all, was almost completely rewritten to their specifications and we will vote for the build back better bill. if they had simply done that, the house almost certainly would have passed the infrastructure bill that's been tied up within hours but they didn't. they chose not to and that remains the -- the biggest question looming over this vote on tuesday. do the progressives in the house feel that they have a clear enough commitment from manchin and sinema to support the broader economic bill before they pass both of them? >> and, ron, tuesday is also critical for another reason. the virginia governor's race will be decided. democrat terry mcauliffe currently tied with republican glenn youngkin.
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will this prove to be a referendum on biden's presidency do you think? and what would be the consequences if mcauliffe lost? >> well, there is no escaping the shadow of the president in modern-american politics. um, you know, it's not that the virginia governor's race is a guarantee of what's going to happen in november 2022 but it is pretty much a guarantee of what could happen if biden does not rebuild his approval rating. i mean, the fact that this is a neck-and-neck race, that mcauliffe is either going to lose or win narrowly in a state where democrats have done very well lately is a reminder that it is simply almost -- it is becoming almost impossible to escape the undertoe of an unpopular president. right now, biden's numbers are down. he is at 42% nationally. maybe 43 or 44% in virginia. and that, i think, is the biggest challenge, the biggest headwind facing terry mcauliffe. historically, rosemary, as you know, the president's party has not done well in off-year elections in america.
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really, since the civil war and the -- the core problem is that voters in the party holding the white house feel less urgency about voting than those who are outside -- those who are, you know, kind of locked out of the white house. and when the president is unpopular, it just compounds the problem. so, if mcauliffe can win, he will be swimming against the tide and i think the message here to democrats is going to be very clear. win or lose, that job one for them is to rebuild as much of biden's popularity as they can between now and next november because if they don't, it's going to be a long night for them. >> yeah. ron brownstein, thank you so much for talking with us. appreciate it. >> thank you. australia's prime minister says he has begun the process of trying to repair relations with france after scrapping a submarine deal worth billions of dollars. scott morrison told reporters on the sidelines at the g20 summit that he did not lie to the french president, but he admitted withholding information
11:15 pm
about the other submarine option offered to australia by the u.s. and uk before cancelling the agreement with france. earlier, french president emmanuel macron basically called mr. morrison a liar. here's what he said speaking to australian journalists on sunday. >> i think you can have disagreements. i do respect sovereign choices. but you have to respect allies and partners and it was not the case with this deal and i think it was detrimental to the reputation of your country. >> i have a lot of respect for your country. i have a lot of respect and a lot of friendship for your people. i do say when -- when we have respect, you have to be true and you have to behave in line and consistently with this value. >> you think he lied to you? >> i don't think. i know. >> the u.s. has apologized for
11:16 pm
its handling of the agreement with president joe biden saying it was clumsy and not done with much grace. mr. macron said the situation with the u.s. had been clarified, but cannot happen again. well, joe biden is without one of his key team members on his big trip abroad. just ahead, how the u.s. president is managing after a critical white house staffer tested positive for covid. plus, international travel without quarantine returns to parts of australia as long as you are fully vaccinated. we will take you live to sydney after this short break. we believe everyone deserves to live better. and just being sustainable isn't enough. our future depends on regeneration. that's why we're working to not only protect our planet, but restore, renew, and replenish it. so we can all live better tomorrow. ♪
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white house press secretary jen psaki says she has tested positive for covid-19. she didn't travel with president biden for his two overseas summits. more details now from cnn's phil mattingly. >> reporter: for white house officials, the focus of president biden's two stop two summit foreign trip has most certainly been on the policy, most certainly been on international relationships but there has been a question. why white house press secretary
11:21 pm
jen psaki ended up dropping off the trip because of a family emergency. we didn't have much more detail on that family emergency until now. we have now learned from a statement from white house press secretary jen psaki that she has tested positive for covid-19. the reason she wasn't on that trip was because a family member had tested positive for covid-19. now, psaki, in her statement says that -- and that decision was made on wednesday with the white house medical unit and in the wake of that decision, she tested negative for covid-19 on wednesday, thursday, friday, and saturday. in the statement, she says while i have not had close contact in person with the president or senior members of the white house staff since wednesday and tested negative for four days after that last contact, i am disclosing today's positive test out of an abundance of transparency. psaki goes on to say she last saw the president on tuesday when we sat outside more than six feet apart, and wore masks. psaki says thanks to the vaccine, i ever only experienced mild symptoms which has enabled me to continue working from home. so at this -- at this point, jen psaki seems to be okay with only
11:22 pm
mild symptoms. we now have the explanation of why she is not on the trip and based on her last contact with the president being both outside and with masks and socially distanced, there isn't any sign whatsoever this will change anything about this white house trip. white house officials mostly just happy to hear white house press secretary jen psaki is doing okay. obviously, we now know why she is not on the foreign trip because of the potential for testing positive for covid-19. something we learned did happen today after four-straight days of negative tests. so white house press secretary jen psaki tests positive for covid not on the trip and that is the primary reason why. potential for that possibility for that. phil mattingly, cnn rome. after 18 months of closed borders, international travel has returned for parts of australia. and with it, emotional reunions like these just a few hours ago at sydney's airport. thousands of australians living abroad had been unable to return home due to the country's tough pandemic restrictions. but now, the states of viks
11:23 pm
toria and new south wales have ended quarantine rules for fully-vaccinated travelers. th thanks to soaring vaccination rates so let's bring in cnn's angus watson at sydney international airport. good to see you, angus. so, these emotional homecomings for so many australians who have been locked out of their own country for about 18 months. what have you witnessed at sydney's international airport? and of course, all of this happening because we are talking about 80% fully vaccinated in new south wales. just incredible numbers. >> reporter: it really was this morning, rosemary, a celebration of the end to fortress australia. this strict border policy that australia put in place in march last year to try to ride out the covid-19 pandemic. to try to shelter itself from the rest of the world but it was so tough that australians overseas were told that they can only come back in limited numbers. and then, when they do arrive home, they have to quarantine in a hotel in state-managed
11:24 pm
isolation for 14 days at that i ever their own expense. that bottleneck of the number of australians that were allowed to return home sent prices for tickets skyrocketing. we had planes coming in every week with very, very few people on them at all incredibly frus trading for the some-40,000 australians stranded overseas for the past 20 or so months. that all changed today. those restrictions were dropped and what we saw was an outpouring of emotion here in the arrivals hall in sydney airport. but people were a bit upset, as well, about how they had been treated. we spoke to one person who didn't get the chance to say good-bye to his father because of these restrictions keeping him in the u.s. away from his family. take a listen. >> really mixed emotions to be back in australia. i live in the u.s. and i am just here now for a wake to attend my father's funeral. he passed away last week.
11:25 pm
i have been trying to get back for the last couple of months to see my dad. i feel like there's been a huge human cost that's been paid for a lot of australian citizens that live in other places or travel overseas. >> now, the australian government says that this border policy has been successful. it says that it might have saved 30,000 lives by limiting the number of infections in australia with this strict border. but there you have it. people are upset about the way they have been treated and there is still strange situations going on here in australia where there's a real divide between the states that have covid-19. new south wales, the australian capital territory and victoria where as you mention vaccination rates are very high and the states that have lived without covid-19 throughout the majority of the pandemic. places like queensland and western australia. their vaccination rates are lower because they haven't had to deal with covid-19. so, in a situation where borders internally in australia are still closed and you can have
11:26 pm
people coming into sydney, as they did today. but they are not able to travel to other states in australia, rosemary. >> yeah. there have certainly been draconian lockdowns. but this is home sweet home today, of course. angus watson joining us live from sydney. many thanks. well, a man with a knife sent people running for their lives on a japanese train sunday. what we are learning about the attack that injured more than a dozen people. ♪("you are the reason" by calum scott)♪ ♪ celebrate every kiss... ♪ ...that led... ♪ this one. get 20 to 40 percent off engagement, wedding g and anniversary rings at kay.
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we are following reports of
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a knife attack in japan where at least 17 people are hurt after a man tried to stab people on a tokyo train. police say a suspect is in custody, and he told investigators he wanted to kill people. let's go now to blake essig who joins us live outside the train station near where this happened. so, blake, what more are you learning about this horrifying tokyo train attack? >> yeah, you know, rosemary, horrifying is the perfect way to describe what happened around 8:00 p.m. on sunday night local time as large amounts of people were streaming into the city center to celebrate halloween. but that train never made it. instead, it stopped here after a chaotic and horrific scene broke out onboard involving a deadly weapon. >> reporter: this was no halloween prank. as commuters in japan headed for tokyo's city center on sunday,
11:31 pm
some ended up running for their lives. this video shows streams of panicked people trying to escape a train car where witnesses say a man who might have been dressed up as the comic book character the joker or possibly a different character was attacking passengers. observers say the suspect was waving a long knife. and according to japan's public broadcaster, nhk, set fire to the train after spraying lighter fluid across the seats. at least 17 people were injured, including one man who police say is in serious condition after being stabbed in the chest. shortly after the attack began, train operators say the train made an emergency stop. video here shows frightened passengers scrambling out of the train's windows, and onto a platform to try to get to safety. police say they have arrested a 24-year-old man on suspicion of attempted murder. they say the suspect dropped his knife when they approached him
11:32 pm
and told investigators that he, quote, wanted to kill people and be given the death penalty. the reason, rosemary, that train was filled, you know, late night on a sunday is because it's halloween unlike in the united states where halloween is typically geared towards children. here, in japan, halloween is more for the adults. people dress up in costume and go to city centers like shibuya or the shibuya crossing, which is the direction in which this train was traveling when this incident took place. now, while violent crime is rare in japan, this is the second attack on a train since august involving a man and a knife. now, during the attack a few months ago, ten people were stabbed with the suspect confessing to police at the time that he just wanted to kill women who looked happy. of course, the situation last night could have potentially been much worse if a gun was involved. but in japan, gun violence is almost nonexistent. in fact, the number of annual deaths resulting from guns
11:33 pm
hasn't reached triple digits since the year 2000 with the number often in the single digits. and the reason, according to gun control advocates, is because firearm regulations are extremely restrictive under japan's 1958 firearm and sword law. most guns here, rosemary, are illegal in the country. >> thanks for bringing us up to date on that very disturbing attack. blake essig joining us live from tokyo. appreciate it. well, several people are injured after two trains collided sunday night in england. officers have been responding to the crash at the fisherton tunnel near salsbury station. police and rail investigators have declared it a major incident, but there are no critical injuries we know of and no one was killed. britain's transport secretary tweeted his thoughts to those affected and says an investigation is underway. well, coming up. the gates are closed at one of china's most popular amusement parks, at least for now.
11:34 pm
we will tell you what triggered this sudden closure after the break. hey hun hey, get your own vapors relax with vicks vapobath or with vicks vaposhower. take a sooing vicks vapo moment wherever you chose.
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welcome back, everyone. well, covid concerns have temporarily shuttered a major amusement park in china. shanghai disneyland announced sunday the park will be closed for at least the next few days after reports someone with a confirmed case of covid-19 visited. now, this video from sunday shows medical workers and police officers inside the park. officials say guests were required to take a covid test before they left. and cnn's steven jiang joins us now live from beijing with the latest on this. good to see you, steven. so, china does take its lockdowns very seriously, even if it means closing a business of this scale due to just one
11:38 pm
confirmed infection. so, what is the latest on this? >> well, rosemary, the latest is the shanghai authorities have said now they have tested some-34,000 people who were inside the park at the time of their closure. and all the results have come back negative. but of course, all those people along with thousands more who have visited the park last weekend are now required to self-isolate for two days and going through more rounds of testing in the next two weeks. now, the story itself is is really not surprising given china is now the only major country in the world that sticks to this zero-covid policy. and with the reemergence of new local cases in recent weeks, we have seen officials around the country adopt very harsh measures, some of which we had only previously seen in the height of the pandemic last year. including, closing down or locking down entire cities with millions of residents. and more recently, stopping high-speed trains midway through their journeys when close contacts of one confirmed case
11:39 pm
were found to be onboard. but the disney story, of course, is going viral because of the extraordinary setting. just imagine the large team of people in hazmat suit not even in costume descending on a park on the night when people were celebrating halloween. and then, of course, there is this image of spectacular fireworks exploding into the night sky above the iconic disney castle with thousands of people down below being tested for covid. so now, of course, state media are spinning this episode as another illustration of the efficiency and the effectiveness of the chinese covid policy with disney's fireworks probably providing a spectacular backdrop. but of course, rosemary, this is only but the latest reminder how things are going to be greatly tightened, especially in terms of travel restrictions as we fast approach several major events in this country. not just the winter olympics several months down the road but a major communist party leadership meeting here being held here in beijing starting in just a week. rosemary.
11:40 pm
>> all right. appreciate that. stephen jiang bringing us the latest live from beijing. south korea is relaxing some coronavirus pandemic restrictions, as so-called living with covid measures begin to go into effect. curfews are lifted for all businesses, as of monday, except for dance clubs and karaoke bars. and private gatherings of up to ten people are allowed in greater seoul, regardless of vaccination status. the government plans to continue easing rules in phases with an evaluation period in between. and thailand is now welcoming fully-vaccinated tourists from dozens of countries considered low risk for the coronavirus. and they won't be required to quarantine. bangkok and phuket have welcomed the first visitors with the rest of the country to follow. and this should give a much-needed boost to thailand's vital tourism industry which has taken a massive hit during the pandemic. and thank you so much for joining us here on "cnn
11:41 pm
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i believe we will pass my build back better plan. and i believe we will pass the infrastructure bill. combined, they have $900 billion in climate resistance and dealing with climate resilience and it's the largest investment in the history of the world that's ever occurred and it's going to pass. >> u.s. president joe biden sounding confident there about his major economic proposals in congress. he got a boost on sunday when most house progressives sign signalled they are likely to back the infrastructure and social safety net bills when they come up for a vote.
11:46 pm
cnn's suzanne malveaux is in washington with more on when that might happen. >> reporter: well, democratic lawmakers are moving forward and getting the biden agenda moving forward towards a vote. there is a potential snag here, if you will. the goal was and the announcement was made that this vote on both of these bills could happen as early as tuesday. that, being a vote on the $1.2 trillion bipartisan infrastructure bill, as well as the $1.75 trillion economic package that they would go together. well now, we are hearing -- my colleague daniella diaz, quoting here, house democratic leadership aide, a potential delay here. saying we have made extensive progress on prescription drugs and other key initiatives which were not included in the text posted to rules on thursday. at this point, we will need additional time to craft language, and get final agreement with all parties involved.
11:47 pm
this language was supposed to go to the rules committee on monday. that is now being pushed back, which also means that this -- this vote will also be pushed back. and so, we will see how this all unfolds. there are three criteria that have to happen. first, the progressive democrats are looking for reassurances from those moderate senators that, yes, they are onboard, that they will vote for the language, the text of this much bigger bill, the social spending bill. they are asking for explicit language, a written statement. senator bernie sanders saying that over the weekend. secondly, they want both of these bills to be voted in tandem. that is back on the plate here. that was not the case on thursday when house speaker nancy pelosi called for the vote for the infrastructure bill. now, they say they will do that together. check that box. and of course, the most difficult thing for progressive democrats, to let go of some of those policy priority initiatives that were apart of
11:48 pm
the negotiations and a part of that bill. part of that is going to be regarding family and medical paid leave. whether or not that survives. and also, whether or not medicare will be able to negotiate with drug companies about lowering drug prices. listen to senator bernie sanders. >> i worked yesterday, we are working today, we are going to work tomorrow to strengthen that bill. it is outrageous that we continue to pay the highest prices in the world for prescription drugs and that one out of four americans cannot afford the prescriptions that their doctors write. that is not acceptable. >> biden administration officials are trying to get the progressive democrats to realize that some of those priorities will have to be let go in this bill. they are suggesting smaller legislation. just pieces of it later on down the road. perhaps, something that some republicans can get onboard with, as well. we heard from the secretary of energy, jennifer granholm,
11:49 pm
saying that the administration would support such moves. suzanne malveaux, cnn at the capitol. all eyes are on the u.s. supreme court in the coming hours. justices will hear arguments in two challenges to the nation's most restrictive abortion law. the law took effect in september after the supreme court and a federal appeals court failed to intervene. the law bans abortions from when a fetal heartbeat is detected, usually about six weeks. that's before many women even know they're pregnant. the law also allows private citizens to bring civil lawsuits against anyone who assists a pregnant person seeking an abortion in violation of that law. for more on this, we are joined by jessica. she is a professor of law at loyola law school and joins me live from los angeles. always great to have you with us. >> good to be here. >> so, a big day ahead at the
11:50 pm
u.s. supreme court as abortion providers backed by the biden administration prepare for arguments in their challenge to a near-total ban on the procedure in texas. and now, they have an ally in a how is this likely to play out do you think? >> how is this likely to play out obviously is the big question. but it's so interesting that obviously a right-wing group has now joined with basically the department of justice anti- -- excuse me abortion providers and said we need to do something here because of how texas setup its law. let's think about this for a minute. normally a state passes a law and they enforce it. so if you want to stop enforcement you or a group of people go to federal court and you say this clearly violates the constitution. as texas' law does clearly
11:51 pm
violate the constitution as clearly understood. this federal court says okay you're right, they can't implement the law. this is different because in this case texas decided private individuals would actually be the ones to sue and enforce the law. they outsource this. and so the question for the supreme court is really who can sue to stop this law and who can be sued? it maybe doesn't sound as sexy as is this law constitutional, but it's incredibly important because if we allow texas to do something like this then we'll see potentially blue states, democratic states doing the same thing. and that's why this gun rights group is like, no, no, no, we need to weigh in here. >> exactly right. and let's look deeper into that because how dangerous a precedent could this be if it stands? >> it could totally upend our understanding of how we enforce laws, who can be sued when we're
11:52 pm
trying to stop unconstitutional laws. and it would really take power away from federal courts. and that's why the new solicitor-general, she's been on the job for i think about 9 to 10 hours. now she's going to be the one arguing this on behalf of the department of justice. the opening line of her brief says supreme court basically don't do this to yourself. don't take this power away from yourself. it has to be the department of justice can sue a state who passes a law like this. and so it's so consequential because otherwise we've essentially allowed states to just take the power of federal judicial review away from us, and we shouldn't see that power. >> many thanks to jessica levinson joining us and explaining all that to us. appreciate it. >> thank you. and major test for democrats in the post-trump era. terry mccallf and glen youngkin
11:53 pm
are blitzing virginia. the outcome could provide valuable insight about voter sentiment ahead of next year's mid-term elections when control of congress hangs in the balance. cnn's arlet saenz has more. >> reporter: democrat terry mc mccullf making his case directly to the state president biden won by 10 points years ago. now he's in an incredibly tight race with his gop opponent. he touted his record as he served as a former governor here in the state pointing to the jobs he created while he serves as governor. but he also slammed his gop opponent glen youngkin calling him clueless and dangerous for the commonwealth.
11:54 pm
mcauliffe has been consistently linking youngkin to president trump. >> he's trying to get himself off the map. he wants to win here tuesday and wednesday donald trump announces he's running in 2024. are we going to allow that to go on here? >> reporter: one thing mcauliffe is hoping for is that by invoking the former president's name talking about his possible presidential ambitions that that will serve as a motivating factor for democrats independents here in virginia heading into tuesday night. mcauliffe campaigned here in the county. this is an area of virginia where democrats have been making gains in recent years though it still remains an incredibly competitive district. on monday mcauliffe will be hitting some of virginia's biggest cities, heading to roanoke, virginia beach, richmond and ending the day in northern virginia as he's hoping to energize and drive out those
11:55 pm
republican voters to the polls on tuesday. >> it has been a rough weekend for travelers flying american airlines as they canceled more than 800 flights sunday. the airline has now canceled more than 1,500 flights since friday. a perfect storm of bad weather and staffing shortages is to blame. the company says most passengers were being rebooked on flights the same day and that travelers should see considerable improvement beginning monday. baseball's world series is headed for a game six. the houston astros battled from behind in game five to beat the atlanta braves 9-5 sunday night. it was a wild slugfest. the astros came back from a four-run deficit in the first inning, denying atlanta a chance to clench the title in front of their fans. the braves still hold a 3-2 series lead. they'll now return to houston
11:56 pm
for game six tuesday night. and before we go, rock and roll superstar john bon jovi has tested positive for covid. he had been scheduled to perform in miami but had to pull out at the last minute after his rapid test turned out positive. the 59-year-old is fully vaccinated. a representative telling "variety" he's doing well. and thank you so much for joining us this hour. i'm rosemary church. i'll be back with more news after a short break. do stick around.
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