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tv   CNN Newsroom With Jim Acosta  CNN  October 30, 2021 12:00pm-1:00pm PDT

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you are live in the cnn "newsroom." president biden arrived for dinner with world leaders at the g 20 summit. there he is with the first lady. we're going to stay on top of developments out of the summit in the next several hours. stay with us for all those developments. we'll bring them to you live as they happen. in the meantime, we start with two big developments on the big lie that donald trump will not like. a new court filing exposes the
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kinds of documents he wants to keep hidden about january 6. a new k file report exposes some of the most direct comments of a then trump lawyer's intent to undermine the election. the overnight released from the national archives. for the first time detailed general nature of the records trump is suing to keep secret, including files from top administration officials, steven miller, kayleigh mcenany. among the papers are three handwritten notes about events of january 6th. kaitlin poleance has more on what he doesn't want seen by the house committee investigating january 6th. these documents i think are critical to getting to the bottom of what happened. >> truly, jim. we did not know what records had existed in the trump white house before last night in the court filing. very late at night, national
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archives puts out a list of more than 700 pages itemized, saying this is what donald trump wants to keep secret and gave details that we didn't know. there are handwritten memos or notes from chief of staff mark meadows, specifically about january 6th. there are call logs, switchboard call logs about calls from president trump to vice president mike pence leading to january 6th. these are specific things. visitor logs, call records, other memos, daily schedule. all these sorts of documents are things the house is pursuing. donald trump has gone to court to try to say you can't have access to that. a judge should give us a court order to stop being turned over to the house. we are going to see thursday a hearing in that case where donald trump will have to con vi vince a judge that all the stuff the national archives have shouldn't be able to give them
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to the house. >> i can't imagine keeping items secret. the public has a right to know what they're up to in days leading up to january 6th. seems like call logs, notes from chief of staff. that's going to the heart of this. let's talk about john eastman, the attorney advising donald trump in weeks after he lost the 2020 election, leading up to january 6th. our k file unit andrew ka sin ski uncovered audio of what he was saying before january 6th. >> it is not just documents the house wants access to, they want to know what was happening between trump and his advisers in and outside the white house and around, what they were talking about. one of the people central to this question is john eastman, this lawyer. he wrote about a proposal for mike pence not to certify the electoral college vote. here's what he was saying. >> are we to assume this is going to be a climactic battle
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to take place this week about the very question of the constitution alternate route act of 1877? >> a lot depends on the courage and spine of individuals involved. >> are you talking on the other side of the football, that would be a nice way to say a guy, vice president mike pence? >> yes. >> that was what the k file uncovered four days before. also this weekend, new reporting from "the washington post" that on january 6th itself as the capitol was being overrun, eastman was emailing a lawyer for mike pence, blaming him for the riot, saying he should have done more. >> just incredible stuff. goes to show you how integral eastman was to scheming going on behind the scenes to overturn election results. thank you for that update. appreciate it. i am joined by foreign homeland security secretary under president george w. bush,
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michael chertoff. mr. secretary, i think we just heard what is a very unsettling report from kaitlin and the k file team regarding some events leading up to january 6th. what is your read on these documents that trump is trying to keep hidden from the january 6th investigators? why would he want to block things like call records, visitor logs, and do you agree, mr. secretary, that the public has a right to know about these things? >> i do think the public has a right to know, and this is at the core of the legislative function. look at whether potential vulnerabilities in the electoral process that an authoritarian personality could try to exploit so we can have legislation to repair that. it is within congress' power and responsibility to look at this. i think the vast majority of the documents clearly ought to be turned over. might be a few there's an argument about some kind of privilege, but i think what donald trump is doing here, he
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is running the clock and trying to throw sand into the gears to let time pass and hope may well be if the house changes hands next year, that will further -- this is used in business. he runs the clock with creditors, ultimately hopes they go away or someone intervenes. >> he did it as president, too, during the russian investigation, ukraine investigation. it is always about working the clock. steve bannon seemed to know something would happen january 6th, january 5th he talked about all hell was going to break loose. trump was tweeting it would be wild on january 6th, yet there was this delayed security response of the administration, as former department of homeland security secretary, you must have thoughts on this. could the trump records that trump is trying to keep secret, could they provide insight into the delayed response that hampered things january 6?
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>> the response, lack of preparation and lack of resourcing, even though there was intelligence information the fbi had that there were groups planning some violent acting out. certainly nobody in the white house made it their business to see that there was extra security which would normally be what would happen. back in my day, if there was any threat like this, they would have been on the phone multiple times a day making sure we were prepared. at the very least, the white house stood by and did nothing. whether they tempted to dampen response, again, this investigation will have to find out. >> and news that john eastman, one of architects of trump scheming behind the scenes emailed mike pence's staff as the capitol was being breached apparently, according to "the washington post," blaming pence for the attack. eastman was on bannon's show
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before the attack, talking how the vice president could overturn election results. there appears to have been tremendous pressure placed on mike pence in all of this. as former cabinet secretary, what goes through your mind when you hear about all of that? >> well, not anything i observed until the trump administration. not something you would expect in an authoritarian country where you press someone to break the law. looks like eastman stepped out of his role as lawyer and was actor, attempting to publicly goad pence to do things which he is otherwise admitting were probably not legally sound. i think that's a reason he ought to be called before the committee and questioned about why and how he conducted himself. >> do you think crimes were committed?
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do you think in your view a coup attempt occurred january 6th? >> i think there was insurrection. i think it was an attempt to overturn the constitutional government and transfer of power. there are hundreds of people already being prosecuted for what they did on that day. the critical question is were they inciting, aiding, abetting or conspired with by people in the administration. that's an open question. i'm not going to prejudge the evidence, but it is critical for the committee ags well as the executive branch, the justice department, to get to the bottom of all of the leads that emanate from what happened on january 6th because this is the most serious assault on our constitutional government in the last 150 years. >> absolutely. adam adam kinzinger announced this
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week he is not running for re-election. instead of the trump wing purged from the republican party, it is republicans trying to hold trump accountable for the coup attempt being purged. what do you make of that? >> first of all, adam kinzinger has been an admirable figure, one of a small number including liz cheney. i gather there's been redistricting in illinois, may have played into his thinking in terms of whether he has a real shot at getting reelected. whether he runs for the house or some other office, it is critically important for honorable republicans to stay involved in the political process, not to simply surrender, even though now it is a gloomy outlook. >> and how confident are you, mr. secretary, that the country can uphold democratic institutions, hold democratic elections in this country in 2022 and 2024 without violence?
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>> i believe we can have the elections and conduct them properly. i think we need to be prepared for the possibility of violence and as you know, we have a couple of elections at the state next week. unlike what happened january 6th, authorities at the federal, state, local level will have to be monitoring for any intelligence of violence and be prepared to respond with adequate force to stop it. the other thing i am worried about, i am worried about efforts to overturn the electoral management process and have the legislature being given power to proceed with the electoral officials' count as the actual vote because that would overturn the fundamental principle of democracy which is people pick their leaders by voting, not by having legislature overrule the vote and pick their own choice. >> former homeland security
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secretary michael chertoff, thanks so much for your time this afternoon. we appreciate it. >> thank you, jim. >> very important comments there. turning to rome where president biden is wrapping up day one of the first g 20 summit. already secured an early win with agreement on a global minimum corporate tax. still on the agenda, thorny issues of the global supply chain slowdown, climate crisis, iran's nuclear program. phil mattingly is in rome. it has been busy, that's how it goes on these trips. is the white house happy how things played out so far? what would you say? >> i think they feel they made progress, at least administration officials we have spoken to up to this point. you know how this works better than everybody, every day everything is wonderful, everything is great, we changed the world, often the vibe from world leaders at the summits. it is what's behind the scene that's critical. the global tax has been pushed
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for for a series of months, to clinch that, get it to this point is a big win at the g 20. that will be endorsed in the communique at the end. another thing just learned from administration officials, they struck a deal with the eu on tariffs. basically tariffs put into place by donald trump, it was a point of friction between the eu and the u.s. for several years, those will be eased due to that agreement. we talked to white house officials, that's a significant, positive step coming out of this. we'll see how things move in the next couple days. a lot of bilateral meetings, big meeting on the supply chain tomorrow. one issue we heard from officials is important to the president, talking about energy, global energy supply based on what we have seen, gas prices in the united states. to see if anything comes out of that would be an important take away, if there is one. you have to wait until the end to see what's going to result overall. >> intense discussions going on there in rome. i suppose the president is
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having intense discussions of his own with folks back home or staff is. we are learning that the house can vote on the two key biden agenda bills on tuesday. phil, i am not putting you on the spot, ask you if that's going to happen and bills will pass tuesday. i won't do that. it is late in rome. the president wanted to get to rome with one of those bills passed, that didn't happen. is the new timeline going to give him a boost, does it give the team a boost, do they feel a sense of optimism? >> look, i think the interesting element of what we saw transpire last week, end of last week when they miss another deadline, when the president went to capitol hill and the speaker made clear they wanted a vote and they didn't get one because they wanted it before they came on the trip, even though that was absolutely not how either leader wanted things to end, they certainly made progress. this, decision to push hard to have something done by tuesday
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underscores the progress. that's something i heard from senior administration officials in the course of the last 48 hours, setting a $1.75 trillion top line, having a framework, knowing elements gets them up to the cusp of agreement. certainly officials feel they're moving in the right direction at a cruelty moment. >> all right. phil mattingly, in the great city of rome. thanks so much. appreciate it. coming up, he is not on the ballot, both top candidates in the virginia governor's race talking about one guy, donald trump, as they make final pitches. we'll explain why next. you're live in the cnn "newsroom." together in one place. slack. where the future works.
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high thryv! ow. get a free demo at crunch time in virginia. the campaign getting national attention, the race for governor remains in a dead heat with time running out. with terry mccauliffe and glenn youngkin tap dancing when it
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comes to the one man overshadowing the contest, former president donald trump. we begin with arlette saenz in portsmouth, virginia, where mccauliffe is campaigning. interesting comments from terry mccauliffe, he is changing strategies when it comes to trump. what's going on? tell us about it. >> reporter: jim, for months, terry mccauliffe and democrats tried to tie former president donald trump to candidate glenn youngkin. mccauliffe today was speaking to reporters, again saying he believes that trump is unpopular with virginians, and also saying the race is not about the former president. take a listen. >> you know, it's just killing trump that he's not here obviously. he's in the race, obviously he's endorsed youngkin seven different times. i think trump is trying to play
12:21 pm
whichever happens, trump claims credit no matter what happens. trump is very unpopular in the state, everybody knows it. that's probably why youngkin doesn't want him. >> would it help your campaign, i know you said you would pay for his jet fuel to get here. would it help your campaign? >> i would love to have him come in, but dan, this isn't about trump. >> reporter: one big question for democrats after former president trump left office is what campaigning and turnout would be like in the post trump era as the former president was such a motivating factor for many democrats in previous elections. after the election tuesday, democrats might get an answer to that question. in a short while, terry mccauliffe is set to campaign in portsmouth, virginia, joined by senator tim kaine and jim clyburn, something mccauliffe has been doing in the closing days of the election is leaning
12:22 pm
into some of the national figures to come and campaign with him on the ground. now, the mccauliffe campaign hopes that early voter turnout will lean their direction, and to that point there's been over a million virginians that had their early votes cast heading into the tight election tuesday. >> all right. anita, you're following the youngkin campaign. a lot of republicans would be thrilled to be on stage with trump, not so much in virginia. and it sounds like youngkin won't even get on the phone with him publicly. what's happening? >> reporter: no, jim, he has no plans to participate with the former president in that telerally monday. he has long distanced himself from trump but engaged trump supporters. youngkin supporters are telling me they're perfectly fine with that strategy. ones that described youngkin to me as an independent guy. that was his perception of youngkin, not sort of the far
12:23 pm
right figure that democrats have tried to portray youngkin as. so ultimately his supporters here are telling me they just want a republican to win in this state, something that hasn't happened for a dozen years, and if it takes youngkin to do that, even if he is not tying himself to trump, they are comfortable with that. take a listen to my colleague dana bash earlier today, she caught up with youngkin. >> former president is doing a telerally monday. will you attend, do you welcome him to virginia? >> well, so i haven't been involved in that, teams are talking. >> you would like to have him? >> i will answer in a second. i have been out campaigning, i am not going to be engaged in the teletown hall. we have more people helping us, this is about unity. >> so supporters are telling me they are energized on routine republican issues like lowering taxes and that they want to see
12:24 pm
new leadership in the state. jim? >> yeah, youngkin doesn't sound into the idea of trump campaigning in virginia to say the least. arlette, thanks so much for the reports. we appreciate it. coming up, the big lie is alive in well in tucker carlson's world. how he is trying to whitewash the dangerous implications next. you're live in the cnn "newsroom."
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we built the recycling system from the ground up, helping san francisco become the first city in the country to have a universal recycling and composting program for residents and businesses. but it all starts with you. let's keep making a differene together. in tucker carl's most dangerous yet, he has a brand
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new series promising to tell the truth he says about january 6th. it appears to be nothing but a war on the truth. we want to play the preview clip, we feel it is necessary to see how dangerous it is promising to be. >> the domestic war on terrorists here is coming after half of the country. >> the helicopters left afghanistan and are here at home. >> sticking them in guantanamo for american citizens, leaving them there to rot. >> we are dealing with an insurgency. >> terrorism from white supremacy is the most lethal
12:30 pm
threat. >> they have a new enemy in a new war on terror. >> white supremacists. >> may have been doing a lot of work there. this is how tucker carlson responded to backlash from all sides of the political spectrum. >> by the way, apparently someone on another channel decided to fact check the documentary, the documentary hasn't aired yet. but they hate it already. all the more reason to watch it. they're lying as you'll find out monday. >> joining us now, cnn chief media correspondent brian stelter. almost painful to get the words out in this segment, it is painful to watch what he is
12:31 pm
doing. tell us about the reaction so far. what are you picking up on? >> some members of congress, republican members, liz cheney, adam kinzinger spoke out when they saw the trailer. tucker carlson is laughing at the fact checking going on, it is narrative checking. look at the crazed images, kinzinger saying anyone working at fox should speak out. geraldo rivera did speak out, nobody else at fox. overnight, an interesting thing happened. fox news spokespeople tried to clarify to reporters that this is not for the television network, the documentary series is not for tv, it is for streaming. it will be streaming online if you have a subscription to watch. i guess fox is trying to distance itself from tucker, we are not airing this crazy stuff, it is only on the internet. but actually, they're doing something else, trying to get people to sign up, pay, recruit new subscribers to the streaming service by promoting tucker's
12:32 pm
images. look at the images. guantanamo, heavy weaponry. decades ago richard who have steter wrote about the paranoid style of american politics, you see it today with tucker carlson. imagine a group of americans, half the country attacked by the government, there's a new war on terror. that's the paranoid style in american politics today. >> no question about it. i'm going to talk about it more in the 4:00 hour. i think it is important you're here going through some of this. one of the chief questions in this is how does the media dealing with the lies. if fox viewers are watching this on fox nation, are those viewers, streaming viewers going to hear fact checking, hear folks like us say this is not
12:33 pm
what it is cracked up to be. >> we are in two different media realities. at some point you have to hope whether you're a cnn or fox fan, you have to ask are the images on the screen reflecting your reality when you step outside your living room, when you go outside, do you feel like there's a war on terror? do you feel you're about to be hauled away to gitmo, like the black helicopters are coming for you? at some point you have to hope the average viewer looks out at reality and asks if what they're seeing on the tv comports that reality. hopefully that's the ultimate fact check, jim. >> i think the worst part of this would be to not fact check it, not attempt to debunk it, to let it lie. that's always been the conundrum in dealing with the trump era. why are you putting this on tv, talking about his tweets. if we don't debunk it, we are doing more disservice. let me ask you about bill maher last night, he had an
12:34 pm
interesting moment, you may have tweeted this out with former white house press secretary shawn spicer who was asked if trump won or lost the election and spicer answered the question in the only way spicer can. let's watch. >> did trump win or lose the election? >> i don't know. >> there you go. because the world does. >> what do you think, brian? >> look, you and i knew shawn spicer before he joined the white house. remember shawn spicer, reality based republican party press secretary? he knew the truth. he knew the truth about trump. he told reporters what trump really was. >> he did. he has a low rated show, wants to haul in audience and sell a book. that's the spicer you knew at the white house, but i want you to remember it wasn't always this way.
12:35 pm
>> it is so depressing. i feel bad for him but i am not supposed to feel bad. his stint as press secretary, delivering one of the biggest lies about trump's inauguration crowd size, he still can't tell people the truth. it is very sad. let me ask you about something else. this is also highly depressing. not an uplifting segment. they're getting backlash for publishing this letter full of lies about the election, the big lie. i guess trump is so diminished as a public figure that he is sending random letters to the editor now, is that what he is doing? i don't know. >> yes, he is. >> but "the wall street journal" just published this garbage? >> much to the disappointment of the reporters saying why do we have no standards, only on the opinion side of the house. news side has standards, opinion side does not. that's been a source of real frustration. to their credit, they ran
12:36 pm
letters following up, responding to trump. let me show you one of them. let's end on a different note instead of depressing note. a reader says what trump fails to understand claims of election fraud undermine our democracy, are seditious and turned off thinking republicans and independent voters. i will never vote for him again, even if he manages to get nominated in 2024, he can't win a general election. you hear from other readers of the journal trying to push back on claims, on the bull that trump was spreading and that gives me a little bit of hope. >> absolutely. maybe next time if you get an email in the inbox, letter from the editor, hit delete. brian, thanks so much. appreciate it. make sure to watch reliable sources, a great program with terrific insights into the media industry and politics, tomorrow at 11:00 a.m. eastern here on
12:37 pm
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that blends in. prove that things don't have to be the way that they've always been. the world's been waiting for what you do. the supreme court is siding with science to block a vaccine mandate for certain health care workers in the state of maine. the court's move is the latest
12:42 pm
instance where the justices have turned away requests to halt a vaccine mandate. this is not the first time. this is very interesting. >> right. so the court has signed off on mandates, they allowed one for indiana university, new york school teachers, and allowed this for maine on friday. what was different here is there was a strong dissent from three of the conservatives on the court, basically to tell you a little about the main mae manda required health care employees to be vaccinated, there was exception if you had medical objection, no exception for religious exception. a handful of workers said we object to the way the vaccines were developed because of distant links to fetal cell lines, even though the vatican signed off on it, they had religious objections. they went to the supreme court, asked to block it and lost. justice neil gorsuch joined by alito, thomas, three of the
12:43 pm
strongest conservatives on the court said look, you allowed a mandate for one reason, an exemption for one reason but not for religion and that's wrong. here's what they said. many other states adopted religious exemptions, maine charted a different course. their health care workers served on the frontlines of a pandemic for the last 18 months are now being hired and their practices shut erred for adhering to constitutionally protected religious beliefs. their plight is worthy of our attention. that was only three of the conservatives in dissent there. that could really gain steam because there's reason to believe justice cavanaugh an and barrett if more challenges come may begin to agree with that line of thinking and timing is critical. not only are we seeing more mandates put into effect as this goes on, we're seeing more legal challenges. so the court, three justices
12:44 pm
sent up a flare. if you're going to have mandates, make sure there's a religious exemption. we'll see if it gathers steam in the coming weeks and months as it plays out. >> you have a busy calendar ahead. we'll let you move to the next case. thanks so much. important case. here with me, senior legal analyst elie honig. what are they saying about policing the local mandates. they appear to be allowing them despite objections from hard line conservatives on the court. >> jim, we are seeing some real consistency as she noted. this is the third time the supreme court declined to interfere with or put an emergency halt on state or local vaccine mandate. indiana university and new york city schools being the other ones. this is long-standing supreme court precedent. it goes back over 100 years where the supreme court said generally speaking states are going to have broad authority to impose vaccine mandates and
12:45 pm
we're not getting involved. the supreme court has been consistent in that holding over the last several months. as said, we will likely see more and more of the complaints and cases making it to the court. thus far, they have been fairly consistent. >> i want to ask you about the fatal shooting on "rust" involving actor alec baldwin. we understand there's footage of baldwin may be released later this afternoon, keep you posted on that. the sheriff said there was complacency on the set, complacency. is that the same as criminal negligence do you think? >> it was an interesting word choice there by the sheriff. complacency is not a legal term. it can be, it is not necessarily, but can be the same as criminal negligence which is what you need to charge somebody with involuntary manslaughter. here's an example. complacency means laziness, sloppiness. say you ran a daycare, exposed
12:46 pm
outlets with sparks coming out, didn't do anything, a kid got hurt. that would be complacency and also criminal negligence. the point is prosecutors have to identify a specific act that somebody took on the set or specific failure. it is not enough to say well, the set itself was lazily. >> one of the key factual determinations on this investigation, would you say? >> as we get more information, facts are coming into focus. important moment this week when lawyers for the armorer said she didn't know how a live round got in the gun. that didn't help her. that begs the question, did she inspect the gun? if she didn't even inspect it, based on experts we heard through the week, that's their job to make sure the guns are
12:47 pm
properly handled and are not loaded with live ammo. if she did inspect the gun, did she just miss that live round? either way she's got a real problem when it comes to negligence. it will be up to the prosecutor to decide if it crosses into criminal negligence. >> we'll see how the case develops. thank you. coming up, an update on queen elizabeth's health, that's up next. live in the cnn "newsroom." el viento pega en mi cara. ♪ si acelero no me paran el viento pega en mi cara ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪
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the global climate summit about to begin in scotland won't have a notable guest in
12:52 pm
attendance. britain's queen elizabeth. doctors are ordering her to rest for two weeks and said no official visits. details about her condition are being closely guarded. a quick program note. the series diana explores the breakdown of a royal marriage. tune in tomorrow night at 9:00. here at cnn, we're proud to salute our heroes every day. people who have committed their lives to making the world a better and safer place. last week, we announced the top ten cnn heroes of 2021. >> i'm anderson cooper. this year, we celebrate a milestone. the 50th anniversary of cnn heroes. for a decade and a half, we've had the honor of introducing you to extraordinary, every day people who are changing the world. and at a time when we need kindness and courage more than ever, we're thrilled to announce this year's top ten.
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from philadelphia, pediatric surgeon, dr. stanford. saw covid-19 ravaging communities of color so she brought testing to more than 75,000 people. david flange is building understanding and confidence using his journey with adhd to help kids thrive. in new york city, hector guadeloupe uses fitness training to help inkars nated men and women to build careers. from colombia, jennifer brings eco-friendly energy, safe woate and sanitation to struggling colombians living in remote areas. linda dowdy of pittsburgh, maine, monitors 25000 miles of coastline bringing healthcare to marine animals.
12:54 pm
from indonesia, a restaurant owner has sent tons of plastic for recycling and provided to do fo to families during the pandemic. and michelle fernandez has turned her sbreef grief into support for widows. patricia gordon walked away from her beverly hills private practice to save women from around the world dying of preventable cervical cancer. shirley brings dignity and respect to thousands of homeless people every week. rain or shine. and in nigeria, zena educates orphan children, providing support to more than 2,000 boys and girls a year. congratulations to the top ten cnn heroes of 2021. now it's time for you to choose
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you are live in the cnn newsroom. president biden on the world stage at his first g-20 summit. as day one wraps up in rome, he already has some key wins on a global minimum tax and easing the trump tariffs that europeans were so upset about. but the remaining issues of the world's largest economies promise to be much more challenging. coronavirus, climate crisis. supply chain slowdowns. further complicating thing, biden was hoping to be riding momentum in rome with at least one of his two key agenda items. that did not happen. democrats in congress did not reach an agreement on the compromise on the


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