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tv   New Day Weekend With Christi Paul and Boris Sanchez  CNN  October 30, 2021 3:00am-4:00am PDT

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>> grateful to have you this saturday, october 30. welcome to your new day. i'm boris sanchez. >> and i'm amara walker. new details about what happened when a pro trump mob attacked the capitol on january 6 and how far the former president's legal team went in efforts to overturn election laws. now as rioters were overrunning
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the building chanting, hang mike pence. a top aid for then vice president blaming pence because he refused to block the certification. >> when that aid for mike pence described the attack as a siege in an email. writing back, quote, the siege is because you and your boss did not do what was necessary to allow this to be aired in a public way so the american people could see what happened. eastman denying that he was blaming pence for the violence. he said trump's team was right to exhaust, quote, every legal means to challenge. once again, there is not now nor has there ever been any credible prove of wide-spread election fraud. out in rome, president biden
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meeting with world leaders at the g20 summit. wolf blitzer with us. a lot of pressing issues to discuss. >> watching all of this unfold. president biden taking the world stage to address global economic and security issues even as his agenda hangs in the balance. he was hoping to come to rome with a deal in place on the climate and social spending agenda. democrats have yet to sign off on the framework. the president himself has acknowledged the credibility of the united states and presidency
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are potentially on the line. one senior official said and i'm quoting now, these leaders are really sophisticated and ambitious in the agenda. the global supply chain problems tax rate, high energy and combatting climate among other major issues. caitlyn is here with us right now. we saw the photo opportunity a little while ago some world leaders are absent including world leaders, largely because the reason these leaders have
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not met in the past two years they were joined on stage by some medical doctors and first responders of course, the p pandemic is number one for all of them. wealthy nations including the united states have not done enough to share these vaccines with the countries that do not have the framework to create their own. that will be the big question coming out of this. the climate crisis is top of mind. as you noted earlier.
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watching all of this unfold. they have the photo opportunity. the open public tension between the president and closest allies. genuine questions about the u.s. ability to lead and cop rate and meet with these steps. to be fair, that is a big step. no small thing and will have
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enormous success. all the more retractible issues on how far they will move forward. on the commitment that you believe will reduce these emissions open question. squeezing everybody's bottom line. can they move opec on that. opec has that issue. concerns about the continuing overhang to see things slow down a bit in this third quarter. the pandemic does not know
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borders. from that concern especially in the united states. i notice the saudi foreign minister is here representing in that photo op. not the crowned prince or king. i think the u.s. hoped there would be higher leve l saudis. leaders here as well the chinese president is not here. he has not left china since the start of the pandemic. he's not expected to travel
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anytime soon. that upcoming president watching the summit with putin this year. it will be virtual and will not be in person. >> i want your thoughts on this. authorities have announced that they are stepping up security precautions around the summit. according to italy's interior, more than 5,000 forces have been deployed. both pedestrians and vehicles will be prohibited. it is a serious problem. i guess they are just doing this out of an abundance of caution. they are concerned about the protest. they have a bit of an advantage of the location a bit south is quarantined from the rest of the city. you have the leaders of the
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world's most powerful countries here. checking in on the protocol. a lot of threats these countries consider quite real. >> i've been struck by that italy was hard hit and they have some of the strictest rules. over the very strict requirements for workers to be vaccinated. they have this pass to proof you have been vaccinated. we all had to be vaccinated and tested multiple times to get in here. you see people are not wearing masks in the background as you see they are now. all of the world leaders came and were wearing masks. the italian prime minister
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himself is getting tested every day just to say, hey, i am vaccinated but testing every single day. the level of precaution is high. >> all of us had to be tested and show proof of vaccination. anybody involved are taking extra precautions. they've got to be tested. as they are very nervous. encouraging as they walked around rome. eating outside and enjoying. >> we want to know if you ate outside? >> i've been in more dangerous situations than here. stand by. we'll be watching all of this unfold. >> it is rome. a beautiful city. when in rome, as they say. we are enjoying.
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>> some pasta. beautiful views behind you. thank you. we'll keep checking in with wolff and the team. a critical moment for president biden and his agenda because democratic leaders have yet to reach a deal on the bipartisan infrastructure bill. what he panted for the bill to pass when he got to europe and that didn't happen. the separate bill that framework
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put out would expand the nation's social safety yet. progressives would not support the bill when it goes to the floor for a vote unless it is voted for the same time or at least within hours of the separate bill. they also want assurances from or to democratic senators who have not said yet where they stand in the framework out of the economic bill. those two senators being joe manchin of west virginia and sinema from arizona. we don't know where senator manchin is on this. he put out a framework and said it was a positive statement.
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he did not outright endorse this framework. the thing is they want to pass these two bills at the sam e time. that will expire december 3. that is the new day that this will expire. the debt ceiling and funding for the government will run out. these are three major issues
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leaders will have to address when they come back and have to work on this through the next few weeks. talking the debt ceiling and funds running out. let's talk more about this. cnn commentary and anchor, arol lewis. regarding where things stand right now. we know president biden is taking a big gamble. staking his party on these two bills. was that a mistake and will he reveil? >> a good point. the president announced the stakes. i don't know that he raised the stakes. hinging on whether or not they could get something done with this session. why they've been locked with
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such gridlock. the president put it out there. we should be clear that progress is going to go forward. they are now sort of drafting text and put shape to this project. once the text is there, it will be very hard to make those changes. saying they'll all either succeed or fail from there. >> had that caucus meeting and said, look, the world wants to know w e can function on the
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other hand, it would function the vast wealth. that's not something world leaders can match. the issues that have kept the world they don't have the endless wealth the united states has to throw another $500 billion at a problem we have to work o n together.
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curious what president biden will say as a part of his major address. >> parents are one step closer to getting their kids vaccinated after the fda grants emergency use approval. we'll tell you about how soon shots can go into arms. legal issues start to get sorted out on the accidental shooting on the movie set of rust. no one is cleared yet. not even alec baldwin. more ahead. economy and health are two
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some good news to share with you. fda has granted emergency use authorization for the pfizer vaccine for kids 5 to 11 years old. if the cdc green lights the vaccine, kids could still get shots as early as wednesday. parents encouraged to use safety precautions as they trick or treat. >> finally time for costumes and candy. of course with covid-19 still lingering, masks have a double meaning. the urge to get out and enjoy the spooky tradition widely canceled or scaled down last year should come with precautions.
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>> you'll notice the cluster of kids in front of front doors, there is some risk for viral transmission. i recommend masking outdoors. >> even though kids are less likely to have complications than adults. friday, fda issued emergency use authorization for children 5 to 11. welcome news for many. >> this is the great day for the health and well-being of
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children. the major concern is for future fertility. there is no evidence to suggest an issue on future fertility. >> before kids ages 5 to 11 can get shots, the advisory must permit use. and signing off will help hesitant parents be reassured on the vaccine for their kids. >> let's reduce myth circulating. i think that's the best we can do. coming up, new details about the january 6 riot. what an attorney for former president trump told mike pence's team as the vice
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president was hiding from a violent mob threatening to execute him. >> an tonight, diana focused on a tell-all book. the accusations and the breakdown of a royal marriage. right here on cnn. the last day of vacation is still vacation. with guaranteed 4pm checkout at fine hotels + resorts properties. one of the many reasons you're with amex platinum.
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new details emerging about the january 6 insurrection and how the former president's team tried pressure mike pence to throw out the election. an attorney for donald trump was emailing mike pence's team while under guard in the capitol that day hiding from a violent mob. eastman apparently blaming pence for the violence. some rioters are chanting, hang mike pence from the capitol.
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eastman claimed that pence's refusal to block the election caused the attack and pushed pence to act even after the riot ended. eastman confirmed the content of the e-mails but denies he was blaming mike pence. bringing in legal analyst showing new extent of the pressure put on former vice president mike pence. what do you make of these details? >> i make that this is completely irresponsible and beyond unfortunate. there are people in special positions of authority. like a doctor during a covid-19 pandemic. you rely on what people say. you want to know. is it safe to take, should i be
3:31 am
doing it? drawing that analogy to law, you are at the highest levels of government. it is quite shocking. the person at the time in charge buying into it and believing it. the shot you were showing there as it related to what it really amounted to. because of these theories, you have people who believe this. you have an insurrection. we need to do better. the bar has a responsibility as it did in giuliani's case and
3:32 am
make consequences for it. >> the chief council, top lawyer have been corresponding and he wrote an opinion article never published but the washington post obtained a draft. saying eastman, quote, displayed a shocking lack of awareness of how those political implications were playing out in real time. with those rioters outside determined to execute the former vice president. does this lead to any legal exposure? >> i think they should. i say it because what you say
3:33 am
matters. when you have a special responsibility. you need to make sure what you say has some basis of support. lawyers make arguments every day. it is our responsibility to push the envelop. we can't peddle things that have no basis or merit or substance in fact. when you do things like that. i think the bar, right, where you get your license needs to look into it. i know the employers have, mr. eastman have looked to evaluate if he's fit to serve in the capacity he serves in. and like i noted with rudy giuliani need to look at them and if it means license revokation, so be it. what you say matters.
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the things like insurrections that really impair and affect our democracy. >> i like what you say there, what you say matters. an historic meeting between the two most powerful catholics in the world. what president biden and the pope spoke about during their meeting. the exposed dentin to help repair sensitive teeth. life is just too short to miss out on simple things like drinking that cold cup of water or having a sip of hot coffee. i have the science to prove it, i can see that it works and i feel confident recommending it to my patients. i'm really excited to recommend new sensodyne repair and protect with deep repair. ♪ (peaceful music) ♪ ♪ ♪ (battle sounds from phone) ♪ ♪
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facebook has changed its company names to meta-as it shifts its focus to the metaverse. but as they face scrutiny. >> critics say this is putting lipstick on a pig. overcoming a series of scandals and night meerz. we have more. >> the corporate event that seemed to have the vibe of a budget scifi flick. interdeucing the metaverse. >> together, we can finally put people at the sent of our technology and be presence with each other. >> an emersive way to connect online for personal and business. zuckerberg is all in rebranding
3:40 am
to metafrom the greek word beyond. >> your devices won't be the f focal point anymore. >> he's trying to take control of what he thinks will be the big next wave of technology. the question is whether the world accepts that inside of all of the controversies and crises will want to put their trust in facebook. >> despite the fallout, the strategy of plowing ahead has worked. >> our mission remains the same. >> in rebranding zuckerberg has nothing more to say about how it becomes a safer space for teens
3:41 am
and young people. >> some would say this isn't a time to focus on the future. there are important issues to work on in the present. >> former facebook employees provided evidence that facebook was aware of its role spread on its platforms. zuckerberg said the documents released were cherry picked to present a misleading narrative. francis haugen says she's concerned the same problems will resurface. >> doubling down on the metaverse and hiring 10,000 engineers in europe to work on it. i think it is very short term in thinking. >> what is not short term is the insidious effects of the platforms worldwide.
3:42 am
regulators have failed to create and enforce those online that can disperse the information and hate as zuckerberg has added a new challenge and more invasive metaverse. >> thank you, paula for that report. atlanta braves one step closer to winning the world series. pitchers are dominant. first, we salute every day people. this week, we announce the top 10 cnn heroes of 2021.
3:43 am
we've had the honor of honoring people to you. the top 10 heroes. the pediatric doctor brought testing and vaccinations to more than 75,000 people. >> from san francisco, building understanding and confidence using his journey with adhd and dyslexia to help kids thrive. >> and using fitness training to help others get sustaining jobs and build careers. >> from columbia, bringing eco-friendly energy, safe water and sanitation to struggling columbians. >> linda monitors miles of
3:44 am
coastline providing care to thousands of marine animals. >> exchanging plastic waste for rise. sent tons for recycling and providing food for families. >> in semi valley, california, turning her grief for support for the widowed. >> turning from her private practice to help women around the world from dying from preventable cervical cancer. >> and bringing dignity to thousands of homeless people. >> in nigeria. educating orphaned children about violent extremist conflict providing support for more than
3:45 am
2,000 boys and girls. >> congratulations to the top 10 cnn heroes. who inspires you the most. who should be named cnn hero of the year? go to to vote and watch the tribute as we announce the hero of the year and celebrate all of this year's honorees live december 12. >> go to cnn to vote for who inspires you the most and join anderson cooper and special guest kelly ripa as they host live on sunday, december 12. we'll be right back. at humana we believe your healthcare should evolve with you and part of that evolution means choosing the right medicare plan for you. humana can help. with original medicare
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while president biden is struggling to unite his agenda back home including a wide range of issues. during his 90 minute sit down. the president called the visit wonderful and shared one key exchange wit h reporters.
3:51 am
paul eelie is joining us now. the senior fellow for georgetown university. thank you for joining us. many speculated if abortion would come up during the president's visit with pope francis. the president said it did not. he did say he supports that he continue to receive communion. >> i think while meeting president biden as head of state treated it in a way as a pastoral call. a member of the catholic church coming to him in a kind of
3:52 am
fraternity and possibly reaching out to him in a difficult moment. it has been characterized in the president, in italy as francis's blessing of president biden. that cap turz the spirit of the encounter. >> really an important moment for the president of the united states. only the second catholic president of the u.s. we saw the two men joking. the two have a warm relationship. they've met before. what does it mean that two most powerful catholics in the world share such a deep connection. >> one of the things pope francis has said as pope is that religion is personal. he's taken this religion that is
3:53 am
quite global and made it personal. whether greeting a person with l lepry si or meeting with world leaders. the way they are able to greet each other says a lot about how fra francis sees this and the church. >> pope francis is not going to scotland. you wrote, it is a confounding
3:54 am
decision the basis of the second document and what we owe each other for the common good. he's not been verified as the environmental pope. the immense car iz mau he has and his office has. his chance to go to glass co-as one world leader and put his weight in. >> that is significant. the fact that he's not there is a real loss. >> why do you think he decided not to go? >> when the announcement was made, reasons were made in the
3:55 am
press. covid is a reason of gathering there. everything from the fact that it was not going to be a pastoral trip and he would have time to deal with the people from scotland. aliity alia shut down a few days. those were the reasons given. i think if they wanted to get it done, they could have gotten it done. i'm confounded that they didn't. thank you so much for joining us. to our viewers, we'll be right back with our continuing coverage from here in rome. we'll be right back.
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a q&a with me! join for free on the xfinity app. our thanks your rewards. >> good morning. boris sanchez. the big story we are following. president biden meeting with leaders at the g20 summit in


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