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tv   New Day With John Berman and Brianna Keilar  CNN  October 29, 2021 2:59am-4:00am PDT

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close relationship. he has talked about conversations they had after his son beau died, what that meant for him, how pope francis was in the united states in 2015 actually when that happened. they talked about the moment that they had when they were seeing pope francis off at the airport in philadelphia. they talked about that. and president biden has often said those moments meant more to him than he thinks the pope can even realize what that meant to him as he was dealing with that and grieving in the aftermath of losing his son. but, chris, what's different about this visit is it does have a more formal tone to it because, of course, this is they spoke during the transition after he won the presidency and the election in november. but they have not actually met in person since then. so it's not just going to be the personal meeting between the two of them. though certainly that will be a major aspect of it. the white house says they have plans to discuss climate change, immigration, of course covid-19, and the aftermath of the pandemic as the pope has talked about the role he believes
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nations have in the wake of the pandemic and the effect that had worldwide. so it is going to be a little bit of both when they get behind closed doors. of course we will not see much of this meeting because of how they have curtailed the press coverage of this. typically you would see them going in to meet, saying their hellos and then the press will leave the room. we won't have that moment today of course, chris. >> great insights. thank you very much, caitlyn. both men were unlikely choices for leadership. now here they are. how can they help each other in this meeting, father beck? >> well, it's interesting. i think they are both facing similar object ta cals. there is this faction in the catholic church and politically
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here in the country. in a sense i see them as allies in that. pope francis has been critiqued by right-wing media. he has come back at them for the critique. we have seen great division with the recent election of the country of those who are saying the election is not even legitimate. are some saying the same thing about the papacy of francis. they have been both maligned by similar factions. and i think that gives them a certain solidarity aside from the fact that you again from a shepherd and a parishioner, a member of the flock meeting. yes, it's heads of state, but it is a pastoral visit because obviously president biden has met the pope before. it's like the fifth time he has met him. and so there is a certain connection between these two that i think we'll see carried
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out. >> right. i'm here in rome with delia gallagher and father dwyer. you want to come to the city and make a show, put a new face on america for the allies. what does it mean to start by meeting with his holiness. >> look, it is very important for the pope as well. this is happening on the eve of g20, cop 26, both international meetings discussing issues that pope francis has staged a large part of his pontifficate is. >> here's the president of the united states. he is meeting the region of the papal household. >> reporter: he will greet them. he greets also the gentleman, the papal footman.
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he says hello to them. and then they will go inside the apostolic palace. of course the pope doesn't live there anymore. he has chosen not to live there. he still greets heads of state there because that is where the papal library is. when you see the pope come to the window, that's the papal apartments. that's where president biden will go now. >> you can see the excitement on his face with his wife there. in terms of francis's message, why does it mean so much to a pope? and let's forget the irony that he is there to talk about climate and showed up with 80 gasoline powered cars. >> he has given us one another as gifts to us.
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and we have the responsibility to be stewards of that. but pope francis would see it as if someone lent you their precious ronoir and said i will be back in a little while and we use it to clean up the paint in the garage. it is ours to take care of. we believe that is theological. that comes from god. >> on a practical level, we talk about the pope, the catholic church. at a grassroots level, the catholic church has hundreds of organizations throughout the world that are on the ground. you want to talk about vaccines. you have catholic relief services, catholic charities, hospitals run by catholic personnel that are ready to implement any plans. you know, the pope can talk about these things. they can implement these things. he needs world leadership, u.s. leadership and other governments to come together and organize the plan. so that's where i think the focus is for this meeting. >> there's no question there is great significance here personally for the american
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president. but the g20, he didn't have to meet with the pope first even though he is in rome and this is obviously the seat of the vatican. it is the eternal city. why is it important for this president to meet with the pope right out of the box? >> i think it's not surprising of course. this is something that is so personal to the president. he's one of our most religious presidents openly that we have had in some time. every saturday nearly he is going to mass at 5:30 p.m. in georgetown. he talks about his religion in his presidential speeches a lot. he has quoted the pope before and talked about his message that he has said throughout the world. he brought his rosary beads during the bin laden raise when obama was in office. i don't think it's surprising he is starting his second major
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trip overseas with this visit. something you were talking about made me think about comparing the relationship this president has with this pope compared to the last president. often when you saw pope francis trying to serve as a moral counterpart when trump was in office, talking about building walls and a lot of policies he had, such a different message that the pope took throughout the world. lately you have seen the pope talking about nationalism and the president also president biden talking about that, how he has called it phony populism. and you have seen this sperwovenness when it comes to aspects like that. it shows how often they agree on these matters as well. obviously from two very different perspective from the pope and the president. obviously it will be a personal discussion that the two of them will likely have behind closed doors as well.
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>> father beck, often religion is a no-go zone in politics. if somebody says they're devout, we leave it at that. i don't. trump was using its a masquerade. he changed positions on what was moral or immoral to help himself. that has never been what biden is or was. as a time when you were mentioning earlier what orthodoxy means. i thought this is something both men wanted to be very outward. yet the vatican will keep a lot of it quiet. we will have to hear versions of it later on. what do you make of that move? . >> well, it's not unusual, chris. since coronavirus, nobody has been permitted with live feeds other than the vatican press
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corps. it is interesting they said originally we would have the live feeds. and then they just pulled it back yesterday. so there are conspiracy th theories. they didn't want him to see biden shaking hands live. i don't believe any of that. why suddenly are we allowing this. it's not american exceptionalism, is it? no. so let's do what we have always done. i don't think there is anything more to it than that. we will get a summary of what they say. we never get a transcript of what they say. there is only an interpreter in the room. and we will get high points. we won't get a lot of personal conversation revealed unless the president or pope wishes to do so, and they really do. . >> you know, i want to spend it back to you guys. just one taste how special it is here. father edward is on the beautiful set. i remember very well when they were building it.
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kaitlan's shot with the beautiful picture behind her. rome is such a special place. and for it to be the meeting place of the g20, this is a very important time and very historical and beautiful place. and it means so much for the men that are meeting now. it will be very important to see what they make of their moment, john and brianna. . >> yeah. such an important part to the president's trip to europe. thank you so much, chris, for the wonderful coverage. appreciate it. >> world leaders heading since the pandemic. what's going to be on the agenda? and can the president convince others america is still back. rupert murdoch having his media empire spread january 6th elelection lies?
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twin summits in europe. g20 in rome and cop 26 to reassert the united states international credentials as the domestic agenda back home stalls. political and national security analyst david sanger, also the white house and national security correspondent at the "new york times". david, the g20 i guess more like the g 16. not all the world leaders are going to be there, right? not participating in person anyway. and then this climate summit in scotland. what does the president need to do here? >> the president needs to show he is back in command in a way he had been at the last time we had a significant meeting with world leaders, which was june in britain. it was the g7, a much smaller group and more allies of the
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united states. that was at the peak of his power when you think back at that moment coronavirus seemed to be on the run. of course we have had a summer ahead of the delta variant. growth in the united states was around 6%. the latest numbers are closer to 2%. the afghan evacuation and the taliban takeover of the country hadn't happened yet. i think that took the presidency down a little bit because it pierced this concept that the biden folks were full of professionals, which they are, that were experienced, which they are. yet they fell into this quite messy violent disintegration of the country which cost not only american lives but the taliban is back in place.
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and with australia, it was the right move, putting them in the western cap and caused grief for china the next few years, ended up insulting close american ally the french. and you will see president biden trying to sort of make that up with president macron today. but that's a damaged relationship. >> david, how much does it matter that china -- that kxi jinping is not going to be there? >> xi jinping and vladimir putin, two adversaries. i think this gives president biden some running power there. he wants to refocus american policy on dealing with china, engaging it where they can, particularly on climate issues. but not only on that, but iran,
3:17 am
north korea, economic growth but confronting it and confronting many of its crackdowns in hong kong, threatening taiwan. not having putin there, not having xi jinping frees them up to gather the tkpwraup and saying china is a growing threat and russia needs to be contained. you will notice as soon as they landed the g20's first statement was actually one about suppression of media in russia. i think it plays to his benefit that they are not there in person. >> it's very interesting. that sub deal you mentioned has happened with the back drop of this pivot to china, this focus on china. and europe is worried, right. they're worried as they watch the u.s. change its focus. what does he need to do to be
3:18 am
very clear that european nations are such important partners for america? . >> well, one thing he needs to do is get them to join the effort to go teal with china. china, while more distant from europe, is in many ways as threatening to them on control of information. he's already had some success, as had president trump in getting countries to turn away huawei equipment. not all of them have done it, but some have. that is about letting china control the networks of the nato allies and of course in latin america and africa. but i think that the biggest trick that he is going to have at this point is to sort of prove the america is back line that seemed evident to everybody in the spring. then he went through the summer in which people began to question is america really back?
3:19 am
and the term, the perfect on the, you are turning your back on someone else. he has to make it clear that the agenda for america's traditional european allies and beyond is as vigorous as the one in the pacific. and the fact of the matter is this is a world of resources. he will have to overwhelmingly move to the pacific. . >> limited resources. let's talk about the vaccine and coronavirus. what about on that front? . >> well, you know, here, the united states is in a position where we are now so awash in vaccine that i think the key is to show that he really is spearheading a move to vaccinate the rest of the world. and here the united states was a bit slow in the beginning. and i understand that politically. because no national leader could get away with not vaccinating
3:20 am
their own people first. at this moment he has to show we're not safe until everyone is safe and move not just to providing the vaccine but helping countries that don't have much infrastructure get it into arms. that will probably be the most progressive single thing he could do at the g20. at the climate talks, he's going to have to show his climate agenda survives what's happening in congress. and he's not going to be able to prove that for some time. because we have a bill we're not even sure is going to get through. of course it's half the size what we were discussing a few weeks ago. >> yeah. look, it is a chunk of money for climate change. >> it is. it's a lot. . >> it hasn't passed yet. it hasn't passed. so we are keeping our eye on it. david, wonderful to talk with you. thank you >> great to talk to you, brianna. president biden is meeting with pope francis. we'll have our coverage continuing in rome. and the new conspiracy
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fox tv branching into fantasy programming. a new series from tucker carlson traffic in the conspiracy theory around the insurrection january 6th. >> a new war on terror. >> white supremacy. >> it has happened in this country.
3:26 am
one of which may have been january 6th. >> this comes on the heels of a letter published in the wall street journal by former president trump full of false hoods and debunked claims about the election he lost. they are both owned by rupert murdoch's news empire. i have seen the tucker carlson trailer before but seeing it again takes your breath away. taking false flags. geraldo tweet build this. bullshit. . >> when you have lost geraldo. when fox's primetime host is going into rewriting of history january 6th. this is recent history. it's a very dangerous use of that power and that pulpit. it is part of a piece.
3:27 am
it is an overall we have seen donald trump with his repeated lies that the real insurrection was election day, not january 6th. they are now party to this. they are responsible for this. and while the direct responsibility may fall on tucker carlson, the larger does fall on the people who run the company. many may view this as that's not me. this is a business decision. you can say it is the height of cynicism, which is it is. you are dealing with dangerous stuff in our democracy. it is not only on murdoch to say what's too far, what's the lie, stop rationalizing this to play to a niche out of the far right. paul ryan who sraoeud. . >> who is on the board >> because it is a question of what is too far. where do you tkrau the line. if the line doesn't exist, you're complicit.
3:28 am
. >> it seems like it's the point, right? this is the point. the hate and the anger and the lies are the point. why does rupert murdoch want to destroy america? >> the anger and the anxiety is the point from getting a repeat audience perspective. that's one of the things the facebook files has shown us. we have seen it happening over a long period of time. you need to keep them addicted to anger, anxiety, excitement. it has been literally weaponized by the ex-president and his minions and people who enable him in congress. the rise of hyper partisan media helped to lead us to that moment. and rupert mauer dock paid a driving force. >> the monster was pushed out of the box. they are more than just pushing
3:29 am
it. "the wall street journal" put out an explanation for this. i will read that. they said, we think it's news when an ex-president who may run in 2024 wrote what he did, even if, perhaps especially if, his claims are bananas. you know who knew the claims were bananas. . >> that's it. >> that's right. >> this classic move says, look, this is newsworthy and we're just pushing that forward. saying it is bananas after the fact and not saying it first. it falls on the people who run the paper. the editorial page. that is a decision they are making. they have made that decision to elevate lies on their editorial page, perhaps not the first time >> maybe it would be weird to
3:30 am
fact check a letter to the editor. but a former president to shoe horn himself into the letters to the editor. could have been a fact check. . >> it should have been a conversation. we can't publish it in op-ed. let's do it in letters to the editor. >> this is broad daylight. rupert murdoch wants it to happen. right before our very eyes. rewriting of history. this is dangerous. we know historically how dangerous this is. it is happening before our eyes. >> everyone particularly in positions of power who enables it or rationalizes it is 100% complicit. >> happening now, two of the most notable catholics are meeting inside the vatican. two of the world's most powerful people. president biden face-to-face with the pope. chris cuomo joins us live from
3:31 am
rome. the third most powerful person in the world. >> john, you guys are talking about things that are obvious and what's going to be done about it. that is a theme that will carry into what's happening here, right behind us here in vatican city. you see st. peter's basilica. the united states president made some show when he showed here. there were dozens and dozens of vehicles. interestingly, the president and first lady were in one of the first ones. their vehicles, they call them the beast, the huge cadillacs or whatever they are. a couple of them came. the president came out obviously excited. that's not the pope. that is the man who overseas all of the main buildings within the vatican. of course a lot of pomp and circumstance here. so the first lady and the president met him and then met the seniority, men in high
3:32 am
positions here. then they go inside and meet with el papa. we thought we were going to get to see this meeting. that would have been unusual because the vatican, the holy sea despite its name, you don't get to see that much. you will get reckonings from both sides. on a political level, and, yes, you have to talk about the papacy in terms of politics. they want to have a political footprint. these are men strained with their objectives. pope francis has division within his ranks. joe biden as president of the united states we are seeing playing out at home, divided. this is not a robust debate. this is a problem he has. he has to fix it because he's at the top of the party. and then what joins them both, not just being catholic, but
3:33 am
concerns about the world, about the extension of loving mercy and suffrage. that's what i think you will hear coming out of this meeting, john and brianna. the pope, the vatican, the president and the white house talking about what brought them together and the universeality helping in climate and in poverty. . >> yeah. talking about kindness, talking about charity. which, you know, it's always important. it's nice to see a focus on that. chris cuomo, stand by. we will come back to you soon. rich burr under investigation for insider trading. what the sec says his pwroerpl did seconds after speaking with the senator. this is wealth. ♪ ♪ this is worth. that takes wealth. but this is worth.
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we are breaking news. we are hearing from the armorer on the film "rust". a statement has just been released. safety is hannah's number one priority on set. ultimately, the set would never have been compromised if live ammo were not introduced. hannah has no idea where the live rounds came from. the whole production set became unsafe due to various factors, including lack of safety meetings. not the fault of hannah. so the statement comes amid allegations that gutierrez had mishandled weapons on a previous project. >> now, 20 months after being launched, an insider trader investigation involving richard burr and his brother-in-law remains open.
3:39 am
both sold stock. evan, tell us what we know so far. >> brianna, these are new documents just unsealed from the securities and exchange commission. they take us back to february of 2020 right at the beginning of the coronavirus pandemic. and this is about a week before the stock market crashed as a result of the emerging pandemic. and richard burr, we learned from these new documents, we learned that richard burr, the top senator on the senate intelligence committee sold $1.65 million in stock. again, this is february 13th. what we are also learning from these documents is that he calls, according to the sec, he calls his brother-in-law, gerald fall, who the next minute places a call to his broker. in the end, and sells $97,000
3:40 am
and $280,000 in stock. according to the sec, they're investigating whether burr sold it based on material nonpublic information. the stock act makes it illegal for senators and members of congress to sell stock based on insider information. according to the sec, that's what they're looking at. they know that obviously burr was, as you said, privy to information from classified briefings. both in the intelligence committee. this is an investigation that is still kwrpb going. according to the sec. that you are try ig to get enforcement of a subpoena to get more information about these stock trades. >> and doj also investigated this, right, evan? >> reporter: yeah. that's what's unusual.
3:41 am
the justice department was investigating this alongside the sec. and that investigation, the justice department investigation closed just days before the change of administration. so just before joe biden takes office. and, you know, from covering theses types of investigations, it's unusual. usually you have both the sec and the justice department wrap up their investigations at the same time. it's not clear why this case is still ongoing. we know, brianna, there is a hearing friday. again, the sec is trying the get enforcement of their subpoena on gerald. they say he's been dodging that subpoena. i should mention that burr and his side have said that he traded stocks based on public information not anything that he circumstantial evidence from his position in congress. >> evan, thank you so much for that report. coming up, former new york governor andrew cuomo accused of
3:42 am
sexual misconduct in a complaint. plus, happening now, president biden and pope francis talking about an array of issues as the president hangs in the balance. the meeting going on as we speak. we have live coverage from rome. the last day of vacation is still vacation. with guaranteed 4pm checkout at fine hotels + resorts properties. one of the many reasons you're with amex platinum.
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new this morning, former new york governor cuomo facing a criminal complaint for forcibly touching a woman's breast at the governor's mansion last year. this is coming after he resigned from his post after multiple women accused him of sexual harassment. mj lee is joining us with this. >> this criminal complaint alleging a sex crime filed
3:47 am
against the new york governor. it details an incident that allegedly took place in december 2020 inside the governor's mansion. he forcibly placed his hand under the victim's blouse and touched her breast, according to the complaint. the victim's name was redacted. it was filed by at bean sheriff's office yesterday. interestingly, the d.a.'s office saying it was surprised to see the filing, this lack of coordination seems noteworthy given that it is up to the d.a. to decide whether to pursue this charge. as you will all remember, multiple women accused cuomo of sexual harassment. it led to his resignation. he has repeatedly denied the charges. his lawyer said cuomo has never assaulted anyone. and the lawyer questioned the albany sheriffs motives.
3:48 am
he has been summoned to appear in court november 17th. that's a date that we are looking out for. . >> all right. we'll be watching that. mj, thank you so much for the latest. joining us now senior legal analyst and former assistant u.s. attorney for the southern district of new york, elie honig. >> so the charge is forcible touching. that means when a person touches another person without content either for the touchers sexual gratification or to degrade or humiliate the other person. arguably both could apply. this is a misdemeanor. they are the less serious crimes. but within the world of misdemeanors, it is an a-level misdemeanor. the maximum penalty is one year in prison. but also, because it's a class a misdemeanor, the former governor is entitled to a jury trial here. that's where this could, could end up. >> all right.
3:49 am
it's very unusual how this went down, that it happened through the sheriff's office, through the police, not the d.a. a statement from the d.a. is worth reading because it shows you how unusual they think it is. like the rest of the public, we were surprised to learn a criminal complaint was filed in albany city court by the albany county sheriff's office against andrew cuomo. . >> this is really an unusual situation. an often overlooked feature of our criminal justice system, sheriffs have the authority to start a criminal case on their own. and that's what happened here. most of the time we like to think they sit town and consult with prosecutors. you should do that if you have time. when police start on their own, they don't have time, something is happening on an emergency basis. here they had all the time in the world to meet with the prosecutor. b, everybody knows this is a high-profile case. it looks like the sheriff's office went out on their own without consulting with the d.a. that put the d.a. in a difficult
3:50 am
position. this case only proceeds if the d.a. signs off on it. >> we were just talking about richard burr and the sec investigation in possible insider training. what is the difference between sec investigation and criminal investigation, which the doj dropped before. could this once again cause that to reopen? >> sec is civil. nobody goes to jail off an sec case. the penalty is going to be financial. of course a criminal case, much bigger stakes, hyper burden of proof. but this is important. the fact that they closed down the investigation of richard burr does not mean it can't come back to life. there is nothing magical about closing an investigation. i would call up the office manager, take away the files and the boxes. but if i found new information, i would call back up, get the hand cart and bring them right back up. so that can happen.
3:51 am
>> but it would take affirmative decision from an attorney general that doesn't seem to like to court political controversy. >> merrick garland would have to come in and reverse the decision made by the prior administration. the key, the only way to justify it is going to be if they come up with significant new information that they didn't know before. . >> elie honig, thank you for helping us understand this. . >> so facebook just got a face lift. >> to reflect who we are and what we hope to build, i am proud to announce that starting today our company is now meta. . >> all right. this actually happened. this was a real thing. >> that's real. >> what does it even mean? why is it happening? and how will the rebranding work. >> president biden is meeting with pope francis in rome. we'll have our live coverage ahead.
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the packers hold on to beat the cardinals, leaving the nfl with no unbeaten deals. i fell asleep with my ipad watching this game and woke up to find out it was a crazy finish. >> i couldn't fall asleep, john. about three hours of sleep. defensive coordinator, top three receivers out due to covid and injury issues. most impressive win of the season. how about 31-year-old long trusted randall cobb. rodgers's face, this is the face of a legend.
3:57 am
blasted. hanging tough. touchdown. touchdown, baby. awesome game. down to the wire. cardinal down three with a chance to win. murray's pass is intercepted in the end zone. douglas wasn't even on the packers's roster until 22 days ago. signed from, the cardinals. 7th in a row. 24-21. murray can't believe it. a.j. green never even turned for the ball. only remaining undefeated team in the league goes down. john, world series shifts to atlanta for tonight's game 3. first pitch just after 8:00 eastern. rain in the forecast. nothing going to dampen the spirits of these fans. first since 1999. it will be a good one against the astros. hope you have fun there. thanks so much. >> you got it. it's a name changer, but will it be a game changer. . >> i am proud to announce that starting today our company is now meta.
3:58 am
our mission remains the same. still about bringing people together. >> or is it just a lame changer. that is ceo mark zuckerberg announcing his company is changing corporate name to meta. of course this comes after this huge wave of negative press about failures for hate speech and misinformation. zuckerberg says his company is refocusing on the metaverse. christine romans is here to explain. >> it feels a lot like look over here, folks. facebook papers? what facebook papers. mark zuckerberg wants you to look over to the virtual future, rebrand from facebook, a name synonymous with an algorithm that spreads disinformation and anger and threatens democracy for meta, metaverse. they imagine the next iteration of the facebook experience. zuckerberg calls it a set of -- you can see it there. a set of virtual spaces.
3:59 am
what? imagine your avatar going to a concert with your best friend who is there in person. that is one of the potential virtual spaces. if he thought that product announcement would distract from facebook's real world image problem, well, he is already living in augmented reality. he said facebook is just one of the company's products. it doesn't encompass everything we do. google did this, changing the name to alphabet. but he said it is like philip morris change to go altria. the company will be known as meta platforms inc. they were unsparing in the mocking of the facebook chief for this move. month you about beta not meta. >> berman was up watching a game.
4:00 am
and i was up watching twitter go crazy. >> donie had some funny tweets. >> there is no joke that that can be made that wasn't made better on twitter. >> do you draw a laser on the criticism? >> if the goal and distraction was ridicule. if he would prefer ridicule on the focus of other things, maybe it worked. i'm not sure. >> i think it compounds the problem. . >> in general, a lot of people who cover the companies found it tone deaf. when you are on two continents, potential real regulation to your business, it seems sort of out of the virtual blue. >> how about you deal with your problem by addressing your problem. just a thought. i don't know. >> throwing that out there. >> i'm just throwing it out there. christine romans, thanks so much. "new day" continues right now.


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