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tv   Anderson Cooper 360  CNN  October 28, 2021 5:00pm-6:00pm PDT

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conviction. you can watch that full exclusive interview with don lemon tonight. it's in about two hours on don lemon tonight, 10:00 eastern. thank you so much for joining us tonight. i'll see you tomorrow. ac 360 starts now. good evening, president biden is due to arrive in rome any minute. at least not yet. house democratic leaders pushing back a vote on an already senate bill. progressives refusing to support it until senate moderates sign offer on the build back belter social environmental legislation. one of those moderates joe man g manchin said it's the product of negotiations. i would hope all of us continue to deal in good faith and do what is right for the future of the american people. not a sign off but not a kiss off. just a few minutes ago, i spoke about the state of play with
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white house domestic adviser and former u.n. ambassador, susan rice. >> you were with the president on capitol hill. congresswoman saying the house progressive caucus won't have the structure bill without the build back better act. i know you talked to members of congress all day. where are we right now on some of the key stake holders? >> i was up with the the president and the house members of the democratic caucus. what was notable is how broad the support has been for the frame work that the president laid out today. the most progressive wing of our party, including congresswoman and the progressive caucus as you heard them say to the moderate wing of our party. everybody understands that what is in the build back better frame work is good for the american people. p child care made afrtable for families that are struggling paying over a quarter of their income for child care.
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can't afford it. universal precare. home care made available and accessible for our parents and loved ones and those who are disabled who can't otherwise get care. extraordinary invest ms in our environment so that our planet can fight and sustain against climate change. these are extraordinary elements of this package. housing, investments in equity. >> the support is clearly not so widespread because joe manchin doesn't like a lot of the environmental things. sorry to interrupt but chuck schumer has not said if manclin and sinema will vote on that. >> we have our knowledge from spending hours and hours over weeks and months with them and many others in the democratic caucus. we have frame work that we are confident can pass the senate as
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well as the house. we've not said that before today. we are confident that we have a frame work that can pass both houses and that is a confidence born of extensive, extensive enga engagements with those whose votes we need. >> does the white house have a firm commitment from the progressive caucus? >> what i'll say to you whether speaking about the progressive caucus, i'm not going speak for my member of congress. i'll speak on behalf of the white house and the president of the united states and my own behalf. it's not helpful or appropriate for me to characterize anybody else. >> fair enough. >> i know there's broad support for the bipartisan infrastructure frame work and the build back better package. nobody is saying they won't vote for it because of the substance. they are saying they are very supportive of the substance of the frame work from all spectrums of our party. that's the important thing.
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the procedural stuff is, want to minimize it but it will be worked out. this the sausage making that is washington politics and i'm very confident that at the end of the day, we will have a bipartisan infrastructure frame work and a build back better frame work which are going to be extraordinarily beneficial for our planet, american families, for jobs and for our people in general. >> i never expected to be in this sausage business but i find myself in the sausage business. i do have to ask, is the white house in support of both of these bills being voted on back to back? i know that's sausage making but it seems to be holding things up. >> we are in support of both of these bill. the president could not have been clearer. we wants them voted and voted as soon as possible. that's the bottom line. we will live it to figure out the appropriate sequences. we want them done as soon as possible. they are vital to our economy,
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the well being of our people and global competitiveness. >> can you say if the paid leave is no longer in this. it had been 12 weeks. it was down to four weeks. i know it was very important to you, to the president. he talked about it at the town hall last week. is that out? >> anderson, i think very sadly there were not the votes in the senate to include paid leave. the president believes deeply in the vital importance of paid leave for mother, fathers, american families. he's going to continue to fight for it as well as other provisions that did not make it into this frame work agreement. this is not the last year of the biden presidency. it's the first year of the presidency. already we've had extraordinary success with the american rescue plan and we will continue to have success as these two important pieces of legislation pass. that dupts mean we're done. >> you know from your work, do
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you worry the lack of a deal right now undermines the president's message on the global stage especially their country's russia and china who are perpetuating the idea that democracy is dysfunctional. >> they are not even showing up at the g20. i know what that says about them. we will be there. america will lead under president joe biden and we will ensure that our interest and those of our partner and allies are advanced in the context of both the g20 and the glascow climate summit. >> appreciate your time. thank you. >> thank you. >> joining us now is cnn chief political analyst gloria borger. you hear ambassador rice describing how the white house views this. does it feels like the democrats missed their moment here? >> absolutely. this was the second time president biden went to capitol hill to make the case for his package. he told democrats that it was an
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existential moment for his administration. he gave a speech about these two bills and then the democrats in the house said, you know what, we don't really trust those two folks in the senate to do what we really want them to do. we're going to hold off on this. it was a real moment that was missed. this is not to say they won't get it in the end. they probably will as susan rice is saying. the president made a big show of it and it flopped. >> how big a set back is it for the president? >> i think the interesting thing anderson is white house officials have been so weary of setting deadlines for the last several weeks. it was the president who told members of congress that he wanted this done before he took off for europe. specifically before he reached the glascow summit. white house officials followed
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suit and agreed with that. >> it's easy to lose track. they will try at some point sooner rather than later to get together on what they can agree on and there in this kind of
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routine. the progressives want to make sure that they don't get double crossed by the senate. they want to make sure that manchin and sinema will be with them. it's easy if senator manchin and senator sinema said we support the larger frame work as well as the infrastructure bill. i think you'd have a lot of these progressives on board. there's such a lack of trust, which is kind of astonishing actu actually between the house members and those more moderate democrats in the senate that it's hard to predict how and when this is going to happen. if the president couldn't effectively knock heads today and some people said he was a little too reticent today on the hill, but he couldn't convince them to do it today before he jetted off to europe, it's hard to see when that is exactly is going to happen.
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>> phil, you had the president going in froptnt of cameras to announce this frame work. there's still the wording of the deal which can go south in a whole bunch of different way, couldn't it? >> yeah, it's really great point. drafting of legislation always take the over in terms of timeline to use a sports betting terminology. because it takes a long time and the words matter. i'm not being flip when i say that. each line, each phrase, each section is important. this is going to take time. i think in terms of what the president did this morning, it was calculated risk. i think it's an understanding they didn't have the votes and full agreement on the frame work from the parties involved but they felt like they needed to make a push. the other thing they felt like they needed to do is rest back control of what has been very clearly the story of the last several days. what isn't in the package. all of the infighting between democrats. the president this morning set the stage for what will be the shape of the final proposal. why it matters and why he
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believes it's transformative and why democrats need to get behind it. the vast majority of democrats made clear they support the frame work. that's a net positive for the white house. they got a lot of work to do still. >> they've been talking about the cost of this package for months now and so the american public is saying, oh, my god, that's so much money. then they have been talking what got cut from this paper bag e package instead of talking about what's in it. they are trying to turn the page on that. you saw susan rice doing that. you saw joe biden doing that. they have to move on and say here is what we're doing for you. instead, we're hearing, okay, this didn't get in it. that didn't get in it. paid family leave didn't get it in. they need to tell the american public what did get it in. i think we'll be hearing a lot of that over the next week or so. >> it's bizarre for weeks this is what was talked about is the
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money. it's important but if you are for the democrats who believe in what the president wants to do, you would think they would be making a smarter effort at trying to explain what is the benefit of it as they see it. >> it's been a significant frustration on both sides of pennsylvania avenue. it was only talking about the top line number. they did it because they wanted to make the point it was transformative. it was what the president ran on. it ended up biting them over some degree of the course. focus on the details and what's in the package and focus on what democrats can deliver. they are on the verge of it but the top line discussion took the focus away from what's inside of it. what's inside pulls inolls indiy quite well across the board. >> thanks so much. next, a police officer who faced the mob at the capitol on the growing wave of
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♪ liberty, liberty, liberty, liberty ♪ ♪ ♪ only pay for what you need. ♪ liberty, liberty, liberty, liberty ♪ i want to read you something the wall street journal reporter told brian stelter. i think it's disappointing that our opinion section reports so much misinformation. another reporter tweeted this from a daily beast colleague that says noewspapers exist so powerful people can publish whatever lies they want. both are talking about the paper's decision to publish a letter by the former president full of lies about the 2020 election results in pennsylvania. now the journal did not assign
5:18 pm
any of its highly talented reporter to fact check the letter. they just printed it and that retweet gets into why. rupert murdoch is happy to enable his lies and son-in-law of his marquee properties to am amplify them. listen to testimony from a pennsylvania election official. >> i am a republican. i believe that counting votes in our democracy is a sacred responsibility. for doing my job, counting vote, i'd like to quickly ly share s of messages sent to me and my family. tell the truth or your three kid will be fatally shot, included our address, included my children's names, included a picture of our home. cops can't help you. heads on spikes, treasonist. perhaps cuts and bullets will soon arrive at, provides my
5:19 pm
address, names my children. rhino stole election. we steal lives. >> again, that's a republican official whose work might otherwise go unnoticed at best. now living in fear for himself and his family. his experience is only one of many that would not have been possible without misinformation and disinformation being pumped into the body politics by right wing media by some of the biggest and highly paid names under the rupert umbrella like tucker carlson who did this. >> we want to premiere a trailer for a documentary we have been working on for six months. it's about january 6th. we believe it answers a lot of the remaining questions from that day. our conclusion, the u.s. government has launched a flu war on terror. it's not against al qaeda. it's against american citizens. >> the promo got more specific .
5:20 pm
>> it's coming after. >> half of the country. >> they began the fight a new enemy in a new war or terror. not al qaeda, white supremacy. >> false lives have happened in this country. >> one of which may have been january 6th. >> it's called patriot purge. we're proud of it. >> part of the trailer we did not show included a shoot from
5:21 pm
one of the organizers of the so called stop the steal rally which formed the backbone of the plob that attacked the capitol. a speech writer for the former president who cnn k files attended a conference frequented by white nationalists. this isn't about tucker carlson, it's about the empire he works for that continues to pump poison into the media eco system. poison that has been violent and deadly consequences. capital police officer died in the wake of what he went through. this is what that misinformation got another officer named michael. >> i was dragged from line of officers and into the crowd. i heard someone scream, i got one. they began the beat me with their fists and with what felt like hard metal objects.
5:22 pm
an attacker lunged for me and attempted to remove my firearm. i heard get his gun and kill him with his own gun. >> in a moment, another officer, harry joining us. you'll hear from a canner patient who is getting debt threats from all over the country after asking florida surgeon general to wear a plasing in her office. he refused and is being praised for it nationwide on fox news and other right wing media. she's getting out of state death threats and it's hard not to equity the dots because how would anyone outside of florida know she existed. why would something as simple as wearing a mask to be gracious and protect others be controversial enough to threaten to kill over if fox and others weren't stoking the anger. rupert chooses to enable this. he profits off it.
5:23 pm
he does very well. harry joining us. he is here in his personal capacity. not speaking for the capitol police and with us the carl cameron. officer du fnn appreciate you f being with us. he puts his life on the line and your fellow officers and has done so for years. what goes through your mind when you hear a major media platform that a lot of people take their cues from is producing what they are calling a documentary about conspiracy theories surrounding the take on the capitol? >> thanks for having me. if that isn't fear mongering, i don't know what is. that little clip right there. it just makes me angry wachtchi it again. it made me angry that it's very
5:24 pm
irresponsible for that to be released. he has such a huge following, such a huge people that believe, amount of people that believe the things he says and it's very irresponsible to release something like that because it's not accurate. it's somebody's opinion but it's not facts. >> carl, to hear in that promo someone talking about the january 6th could have been a false flag operation, that's the stuff of you suggest be the stuff of the zaniest of people. the most crazed people online. the idea that fox seems to be putting out a program under the tucker carlson banner, if they are alleging it as a false flag operation, that's pretty extraordinary. >> there's a whole bunch of extraordinary madness involved in this. not least of which is that they are fighting against the country's government. they are fighting against facts.
5:25 pm
they are fighting against their neighbors. it really doesn't make any sense. tucker's trailer is meant to incite. it's meant to make people angry. it's intended and it's just a trailer. apparently this will be a streaming series. it's already been decided long time ago people would say you can never walk into a movie theater and scream fire if there isn't one. there's a simple reason for that. you could cause a riot and people could get hurt and it's disturbing the peace. there are limits on quote free speech. that's one of them. sometimes when you disturb the piece it can become a misdemeanor and sometimes it can end up being felonious. we already had some of folk who is crashed the capitol on january 6th, plead guilty. >> it's interesting because i don't know tucker carlson at
5:26 pm
all. he was in the wilderness for a while trying to find his way on dancing with the stars. i read an article about him giving a speech and getting booed in front of a conservative audience because he talked about wanting to create a conservative news organization that based on facts like the new york times. clearly, he was in the wilderness and now has found what pays very well and he, most people i know who know him say what he saying is unrecognizable to the person that he once was. >> he was a colleague of mine. frankly, the most significant conversation we ever had together is where to get the cheapest nicorette gum. he was a host. he was an opinion guy. that's not what news journalists do. it's really frightening.
5:27 pm
frankly, it's betrayal to the audience. it's a betrayal to the public and some of what is espoused or meant to espouse just in that trailer suggests that there's more violence to come. that's a big, big rock around the author's neck if that trailer and this upcoming thing actually does that. there are clearly huge divided in this country. the media shouldn't be putting more gas on the fire. >> officer dunn, again, i can't get over january 6th people carrying flags saying back the blue, using those flags whether it was those flags or other american flags or other poles as weapons against police officers on that day. seems like what tucker carlson is trying to do is they're claiming it's all foepny, a false flag operation that i
5:28 pm
don't know if the police were supposedly all in on this false flag operation, it's just sort of stunning this is what a big network that a lot of people listen to and believe is now that's what they are preaching now. >> things are very polarized and everything is divided. the people on january 6th, they were there. they felt like they were right. they were emboldened and the things that network and things like that trailer that emboldens them and that is what makes people more dangerous when they feel they are right. it's scary when somebody with that much power over that many people has -- they think they are right. like i say, those people from january 6th, they thought they were in right. they don't think they were wrong. you can tell that by all the not guilty pleas that's going
5:29 pm
along -- they thought they were right. they had to get that from somewhere. they were emboldened. it's disheartening when it's based on a lie. >> i want to pick up this conversation. we got to take a short break. we'll have more new reporting on the former president's white house chief of staff mark meadows weeks ago and was still dragging his feet. we'll be right back. machine those who tried me felt more energy in just two weeks! ( sighs wearily ) here, i'll take that! ( excited yell ) woo-hoo! ensure max protein. with thirty grams of protein, one-gram of sugar, and nutrients to support immune health! ( abbot sonic ) before treating your chronic migraine, 15 or more headache days a month each lasting 4 hours or more, you're not the only one with questions about botox®. botox® prevents headaches in adults with chronic migraine before they even start, with about 10 minutes of treatment once every 3 months. so, ask your doctor if botox® is right for you, and if a sample is available. effects of botox® may spread hours to weeks after injection causing serious symptoms.
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. before we continue our conversation with the capitol police harry dunn, here in his personal capacity. multiple sources are telling that members of the house collect committee are losing patience to getting mark meadows to testify. he was subpoenaed more than a month ago. members are growing frustrated but committee chairman says they are not yet at the point of going to court. officer dunn, when you hear those with knowledge about what happened on january 6th, he was a member of congress. the idea they are not cooperating with a bipartisan investigation after -- these are the people who capitol police officers protect. >> yeah, i just, i don't want to get too much into it but a lot of people have a lot of different opinions, including people that have been issue pea f
5:34 pm
subpoenaed. now you have the opportunity to tell your story. tell the truth. if what happened or what the public and the media saying didn't happen, now it's your turn to tell what did happen. tell what you know. that's all i got about that. >> carl, as a jourjist, i endlessly debate what role i'm playing in how we cover things and what tone i am sending out and when i make mistakes i try very quickly, i think, to correct them and i feel terrible about them. do you worry about where things are going in the media landscape but in our country? >> yes. the combination of a no holds barred cable news and then social media we're in trouble. people are going to deeper and
5:35 pm
deeper silos and hiding away and this is not how a democracy works. this is not how a country functions. it's not good for business. it's not good for corporations. it's not good for small businesses. it's not good for state after state after state that's struggling with countless problems. it makes no sense. those who are propagating it recognize in in cases, i think so many of the members of congress, republicans who are sort of following along with trump and an awful lot of folks around the country, they know that what's happening is wrong. they just don't know how to get out of it and particularly for politicians who often make their living getting elected, it's hard to decide they're going to have a career change in the middle of it and get booted if they were to switch sides in this type of tenure. neighbor to neighbor, city to
5:36 pm
city, there is a tremendous amount of anger and an out rageous amount of lying on the right. it's getting perpetuated from all over the world. it's not just the united states. we do have foreign add veversaro is is loving what's going on with our country's lack of unity. the united states ain't and those who continue to lie about our election processes and try to undermine the government, i mean it used to be peel could call that sedition or treason and at some point the justice department will start taking names and there are some people who are going to be paying some big prices. the laws are the laws. >> i really both you have
5:37 pm
tonight. thank you so much. >> thank you. breaking news ahead, a criminal complaint filed against andrew cuomo. details of that, ahead. machine you could email an urgent question to lisa in marketing. and a follow up. and a “did you see my email?” text. orrrr... you could see her status in slack. and give lisa a break while you find someone online who can help. slack. where the future works. hi. so you're the scientist here. does my aveeno® daily moisturizer really make my dry skin healthier in one day? it's true jen. this prebiotic oat formula moisturizes to help prevent dry skin. impressive. aveeno® healthy. it's our nature.™ new daily moisture for face.
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. breaking news, a criminal complaint alleging forcible touching, a sex crime has opinion filed against andrew
5:41 pm
cuomo. cnn national correspondent joins us. what else do we know about this complaint and how it was filed? >> this is a misdemeanor complaint filed in albany city court and as you said, allegations forcible touching by former governor andrew cuomo of an incident that happened on december 7th, 2020 saying in the complaint the governor placed his hand under the blouse of the victim and touched her sin intimately. remember this is now coming a few months after that scathing attorney general report that accused the governor of sexual harassment of 11 women and soon after that we learned of one of those accusers, a former aid going to the albany county
5:42 pm
sheriff's department and filing allegations of groping and an investigation was open. that is extremely unusual when talking about an instance that is involving the former governor of new york. sent a release out saying they have no knowledge of this happening. >> has the former governor responded? >> his personal attorney released a statement to cnn staying, again, governor cuomo has never assaulted anyone and also saying, accusing that sheriff who filed there complaint of motives that are quote pat lently improper. the governor now has to make an appearance and that is set for
5:43 pm
november 17th, anderson. >> what happens next? he makes an appearance in court but whose the appearance in front of if the district attorney's office isn't involved? >> yeah, a very important thing has to happen before andrew cuomo appears in court. the prosecutor needs to review this case first. one of the lesser known features is police officers can and do file initial criminal charges without first talking to a prosecutor. ultimately the prosecutor is the gate keeper. the prosecutor has to review that charge, decide whether it's appropriate and the prosecutor wants to move forward. decide whether different charges are warranted or in some cases dismiss the case but usually when it plays out that way, what is so unusual here is it's because there's a timing issue. police officer makes a traffic stop, doesn't have time or the abilities to call up a prosecutor. here they had all the time in the world and this is the former
5:44 pm
governor. it's fairly inexplicable while the sheriff would have filed the charges would you tell us talking to the da. it puts the da in a really difficult position. >> does someone who had charges filed against them by a sheriff, do they get arrested? do they have to go through booking? >> it can go either wait. there will have to be arrests, processing, mugshot. you can put that off. it appears in this case that's been put off until the court appearance on november 17th. the question is will the da act. what will the da do and will the da make that decision before november 17th? >> it's up to the district attorney as to whether or not these charges will move forward? >> absolutely. a police officer cannot plmove forward with charges if the district attorney is not on board. if the district attorney disagrees, the move is to dismiss it. this does happen quite frequently. not in cases with this high a profile pu that's the way this
5:45 pm
works procedurally. >> appreciate it. florida state senator battling cancer is fighting a flu battle. she is the one receiving death threats. she'll join us, next. machine ption drugs. ♪ wow! ♪ ♪ uh-huh. ♪ $0 copays on primary care visits. ♪ wow! ♪ ♪ uh-huh. ♪ and with unitedhealthcare, you get access to medicare advantage's largest provider network. ♪ wow! ♪ ♪ uh-huh. ♪ most plans even have a $0 premium. so go ahead. take advantage now. ♪ wow! ♪ (upbeat pop music throughout)
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. earlier we talked about darngs of spreading misinformation whether it's the election or covid-19. lies can have serious consequences. our next guest is an example of some of those consequences. florida state senator is fighting breast cancer. her treatment makes her immunocompromised. she has a strict masking policy for her office. that did not stop the state's new surgeon general, a doctor, dr. joseph from walking into her office unmasked last week. the senator says she asked
5:50 pm
several times to put on mask but he refused and she asked him to leave. he tried to explain his behavior on twitter because that's where people would explain bad behavior or attempt to saying in part, it's important to me to communicate clearly and effectively with people. i can't do that when people are masked. the senator is now receiving death threats from across the country. senator, i appreciate you being with us. i'm sorry it's under these circumstances. how are you doing? you started radiation yesterday. i'm sure this is the last thing you needed on your plate. >> thank you for having me, anderson. yes, i did start it yesterday. i get a day off in between.
5:51 pm
i go in tomorrow. hopefully it will be okay. yeah, it's been a lot. i certainly was not expecting national publicity, but i couldn't let this opportunity to expose the surgeon general go. it's too important for the top public health official to be treating me this way, the way he treats covid in general, everything is very cavalier, vaccines, masks and obviously the way he treated me, refusing to wear a mask, even when i told him i have a serious medical condition shows his temperament. >> is he an actual real doctor? pretty much every doctor i know can communicate through a mask. doctors communicate in hospitals all the time through masks, tens of thousands of them, nurses as well and lab technicians and a lot of very hard working people, they wear masks all day long and they communicate with each other just fine. >> it's absolutely true. and all of us have been
5:52 pm
imagining for the last few years and it's pretty much a slap in the face to those of us struggling all of this time. he is a real doctor. he has an excellent pedigree but he just chooses to in my mind believe in anti-science and to not be looking out for the best interest of floridians by flouting mask mapndates and he said students in school should not be quarantined even if they're exposed to covid-19. >> i get somebody trying to boost his public profile. he gets this high-profile job because he can tell the governor this is the kind of person he is. but just on a personal one-to-one basis, you hope doctors are decent human beings, although a lot of them have lousy bedside manners. you would hope on a personal basis someone would be a decent human being if anybody says would you please meet on a mask,
5:53 pm
we're meeting in my office and this is what i like in my office. i get trying to raise his profile and be a household name and go on a speaking circuit one day when there are such things again but it just seems kind of pathetic to me. >> i agree with you. and that was really what made me so upset and why you knew i had to to tell the story. nobody would have known if he wore a massk in my office. our governor today came out and defended him -- >> of course. >> didn't say one word about high cancer and, by the way, his wife also has breast cancer, didn't even mention my name. he couldn't even call me the senator. he just said "they" and he was talking about how the surgeon general offered other options, which is going outside or in the hallway instead of wearing a
5:54 pm
simple piece of fabric over your mouth. the senators have to confirm him. >> you've been receiving death threats. do you think it's part and parcel of the larger problem of just, a, a lack of common decency? people are now so in their corners that there's -- of course the governor would come out and defend this guy because that's what all people do now. nobody says they're sorry and nobody, you know, takes a step back and tries to walk in someone else's shoes it seems. >> it's been really sad to see. i have gotten tons of support from across the country for sure. but getting, you know, death threats, some anti-semitic in nature, has been really troubling people are just very, very nasty and we trolled my facebook to find pictures of me without a mask and thought that proved something. they're just trying so hard do
5:55 pm
this kind of what aboutism and a gotcha moment for me and now i fell like i'm being watched everywhere i go and they're ryi trying to catch me and i've been very strict in my own office to have a mask policy. and nobody else has ever said no to my request. i do think there's a lack of common decency that's going on. i had to turn off twitter notifications because it just became so nasty. >> yeah. i did that a long time ago. and i'm frankly much happier for it. state senator tina polsky, i wish the best. i hope your chemotherapy goes great. i wish you the best. >> thank you very much. >> an apparent case of air rage that sent a flight attendant to the hospital. [yodeling] yo-de-le-he... (man 2) hey, no. uh-uh, don't do that. (man 1) we should go even higher! (man 2) yeah, let's do it.
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6:00 pm
new york city to santa ana, california. according to a source the passenger went to the back of the plane and punched the flight attendant twice in the face and broke her nose. the ceo cass it a display of one of the worst behaviors he's ever seen. i turn it over to chris cuomo. >> i am chris cuomo. we're here for the g20 to discuss world crisis. president biden is on the big stage hoping to show a new face to allies to are desperate for answers and also a little bit to save face. his democrats continue to delay historic legislation. as you see, air force i just landed, and we're going to take you through the latest reason why there's no deal yet. but don't forget biden's high-stakes meeting here with the pope. there's a big controversy swirling around both of thes