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tv   CNN Newsroom With Ana Cabrera  CNN  October 28, 2021 10:00am-11:00am PDT

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on child tax care but they weren't able to deliver on covering for care that went from 14 to zero to 6 and that's why biden said if they captain, someone like youngkin can come in and take that seat away. >> people like terry mcauliffe and biden keep delivering things but where's the delivery? appreciate your time on "inside politics." erica hill picks up our coverage right now. have a good day. >> good afternoon, i'm erica hill in new york in for ana cabrera. president biden, of course, on capitol hill leaving empty-hand as he makes his way to europe. his biggest agenda item frankly up in the air right now thanks to infighting within his own party. the warring democratic factions, progressives and moderates, well, they have gotten to a point, right, where there's a lot of negotiating, the social safety net package. the price tag down to about what
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it half was, some $1.75 trillion today. the key holdouts demanding the cuts. moderate senators manchin and sinema, they are still not committing. those who wanted a bill, they are not on board yet either. a short time ago the president full sales mode here before making his way to rome announced there's a framework in place that he says all democrats should get behind. >> it's a framework that will create millions of jobs, grow the economy, invest in our nation and our people. turn the climate crisis into an opportunity and put us on a path not only to compete but to win the economic competition for the 21st century against china and every other major nation in the world. it's fiscally responsible and fully paid for. 17 nobel prize winners in economics have said it will be lower the inflationary pressures on the economy. over the next ten years, it will
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not add to the deficit at all. >> this could be the biggest gamble of the biden presidency. house speaker nancy pelosi pushing for a vote on the separate infrastructure bill despite clear messages from progressives who say they will not support it without knowing more specifics, without seeing legislative texts for the social spending bill. they want to know that it will go through and, again, that guaranteed support not there right now for senate democrats. pelosi, meantime, warning her caucus not to embarrass the president as he travels to europe with america's reputation and his own credibility at stake. cnn's phil mattingly is in rome. manu raju on capitol hill. panu, i want to start with you, because some of the reaction that we're hearing coming out of the meeting of the progressive caucus, it is very clear that they are digging in today. today may not be a vote for infrastructure. they are not happy. >> yeah, they are not, and nancy
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pelosi is signaling that she's pushing ahead telling democrats at the caucus meeting they want a vote today. a number of democrats got up and gave her a round of applause and progressive members want assurances from the more moderate democrats, joe manchin and kyrsten sinema that they will get behind the larger safety net package. sinema put a statement out positive about it but didn't say whether he'll support it and manchin has refused to say whether he supports this or not. even though they have come down substantially in his direction. the reason they were reduced to the $1.75 because of manchin and sinema's concern. the reason why paid leave in particular was dropped because of joe manchin. the medicare expansion would include hearing and not dental because of joe manchin,nentless, manchin is not yet saying he'll support that and it will still take framework into actual
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legislate of desk that could take days, peoples, even months anders that why she doesn't want the process to keep dragging out, saying the infrastructure bill should move forward even thought the votes aren't there and she's prepared to keep the vote open potentially for hours to cajole members to come along and vote for this, but heading into today i was told there were up to 55 progressive democrats who are prepared to vote no because that larger bill is just not drafted and done yet, and coming out of a just now that pelosi attended briefly, democrats are not -- i asked bernie sanders if he agreed with the progressive strategy, should not have the virginia feet today because there should be assurances that all 50 senators are behind the bill. despite the pretty intense push
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by the democratic leaders by joe biden coming in and how they act the coming week nancy pelosi telling her connection do not emfwhars the president as he goes overseas, it's unclear if pelosi will have to punt yet again. >> and you're coming out with your conversation with senator sanders and if we're hearing from him hand others don't vote for infrastructure we still need to get, for example, prescription drug pricing which we know senator sanders wants in this bill this, negotiation is not over, but, phil, the president real voicing confidence that the democrats will unite behind this framework. i imagine the mood inside the white house, i mean, not real positive at this moment because the reaction is likely not what the president wanted. >> you know, erica, the danger of a high-stakes gamble is you could lose, right? it doesn't mean that this process is over or that negotiations are over.
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it doesn't even mean necessarily that the infrastructure vote doesn't end up with a successful vote at some time in the future but the fact of the matter is speaker pelosi and the president agreed to bring the president to capitol hill, use pretty much all of his cach he and leverage to push forward on having the infrastructure vote and getting progressives behind a framework, not a full written piece of legislation, and at this point that simply hasn't worked. muscling them hasn't work. now the president has made very clear, as manu allude, to the stakes, saying he was not being hyperbolic when the majorities in the house, the senate and the presidency would likely be determined in terms of success over the course of the next week or so, and he also made clear that just because the framework doesn't have everything that you wanted, it has more than probably most people could have imagined. take a listen. >> i want to thank my colleagues in the congress for their leadership. we spent hours and hours and hours over months and months working on this. no one got everything they wanted, including me, but that's what compromise is.
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that's consensus, and that's what i ran on. >> and i think that's a very big overarching point here is that what he ran on was getting things done, competency was a big part of his campaign and why the white house thinks he won or a large piece of why he won and then delivering on policies, even if it's not $4 trillion, if it's in total whether you combine everything they have done this year nearing $3 trillion, $4 trillion, $5 trillion that's still significant and transformational and what isn't done is it being drafted in legislative text. white house officials knew they didn't have a full agreement locked n.did not know if the votes would be there if they pushed forward but they decided to make this decision for two reasons. one, they wanted to jump start the process and two, they knew the president is lifting here to rome lifting off in a short while meeting with leaders in rome and copenhagen in the climate conference. they want something in hand but not there yet as the president heads their way. >> especially based on what
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we're hearing from lawmakers. appreciate it. let's continue the conversation now. joining us is chief political analyst gloria borger and cnn presidential historian douglas brinkley. we just got in new reporting about congresswoman jayapal who told cnn after that meeting of the progressive caucus that she's a no if there's an infrastructure vote today, that they are going to block the virginia vote, but that the progressive caucus is planning to vote on a resolution that would outline their support for the framework of the bill that was released this morning, so she hasn't spoken to senator sanders yet. the fact that we're seeing all of this play out, look, we know it's messy. >> yeah. >> we know this is part of the process but even congresswoman debby dingell said she's never seen the sausage-making this bad. you've got senator sanders telling house progressives not to vote on infrastructure. congresswoman jayapal is a no, and i say where does this end, not just for the president but frankly for the american people? >> look. they are trying to keep their
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leverage. don't forgot. these are democrats arguing with democrats. it's not like these are democrats arguing with republicans and joe biden went up there today and effectively did what ronald reagan used to do which is to say, look, just win one for the gipper. we've got to get this done. it's not hyperbolic to say my entire presidency is on the line here, and yet -- and yet there are still problems, and, you know, this was a high-risk thing for biden to do, and it's not over. the question that i would ask is what's the alternative here for progressives? would progressives rather have nothing to take back to -- to voters in the mid-term elections, or would they rather have something to take back to voters, and i think that that's the sort of overarching theme here. the problem is that the progressives don't trust manchin and sinema. these two senators, and so they want to see it all in writing.
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they want to get done what they can get done. in the meantime biden's presidency hangs in the balance, and i -- i think the president said it himself, and so i think everybody needs to sort of take a step back and say if you're a democrat, what's the greater good here. stop talking about what got cut from the bill and start talking about what is in the bill. >> gloria, to your point though isn't that what the president did this morning? >> he did. >> didn't he go to the hill to say precisely that and look at how it's played out. to your point, i'm not sure what is next. it's interesting that jayapal is saying they will draft a letter of support for the framework. what does that get you? kicking the can down the road again? >> we'll see what that gets us. let's see what happens in a couple of hours. that is story that's moving right now. i'm not quite sure what that means. i think bernie sanders is saying to the progressives, you know,
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just don't buy anything. we need to see what is in this before you're going to vote, which is, you know, it's a legitimate point of view obviously. >> sure. >> obviously. >> but they don't trust each oh, an -- and that's what is so remarkable. after the president has gone to capitol hill tries and today he -- today he leeves for europe, and he says, look, my presidency is on the line and yet there's still this problem going on, so i don't know where it's going to wind up. >> so in terms of, douglas, in terms of the president and his presidency, he did, as gloria said and we heard from manu, he was very clear in this meeting saying he's not being hyperbolic, but the majority, right, in the senate and the house and his presidency really rests on what happens in the next few days it. he did in his speech point to all of the good things that are in this bill that could be in many ways transformational, but i wonder was that enough? >> i don't think it's enough.
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i mean, we can always say democracy is messy, but the biden administration has seemed up able to really lead the democratic party. you know, jimmy carter once said the democratic party is an albatross around my neck. they divided into two, the scoop jackson conservatives, the moderates versus the ted kennedy liberals, and democrats have had failed years before. i mean, bill clinton in 1993 prioritized what becomes affordable health care under obama, but it was a bust, 1993. what was the result for bill clinton? newt gingrich and the contract of america for 1994. so i think for the democrats right now they -- they are thinking more in terms of obama and obamacare that it took while, it took longer, but eventually it got done and you got it right, but biden keeps putting these markers, like on everything he does, you know, by july 4th, this many people will be vaccinated and then they are not, you know. this is going to happen in
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afghanistan and then it doesn't. a mandate, you know, for vaccinations, but are you really going to release, you know -- let a third of the police force of chicago go? so he seems to have a muddled message, obama. what's important for him now wheel's up. he's going to europe. he would like to say a framework for a deal is in place and then he'll be meeting the pope. when you meet pope francis. that's a historic moment. biden is the second catholic president and they will be able to talk about climate change and hopefully the optics of this trip. yet biden meeting with anybody, any french leadership is problematic due to the recent nuclear submarine deal that cut france out of the picture between the united states, australia and great britain, so it's a time fraught for problems with joe biden, and we've got the virginia gubernatorial race coming up on tuesday. >> yeah. we've got virginia and new jersey on tuesday. there is -- you know, as we know
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it and we've been talk, there is so much riding on this. real quickly, gloria, before i let you go. the fact that former president obama is putting out a statement about this and he's basically saying, look, this could be transformational. this is a real big deal. there's a lot in that bill. >> right. >> he's also in that statement saying suck it up. get on board. >> right. >> who is that for, do you think? is that for progressives? >> i think it is. >> for disgruntled voters. >> i think he's talking to progressives, you know, because the progressives are the ones right now who believe that manchin and sinema have been driving this train, and they are upset about it, and -- and so is bernie sanders upset about it, but in the end this is a little bit larger than just them. it's about the presidency. it's about the democrats provinging that they can have a governing majority. we know all the margins are slim and all the rest of it, but they have to prove that they can govern here because the alternative to this bill is
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nothing, nothing, and they have to be able to say, okay. we didn't get everything in this bill, but we're going to come become and it and try to do it that way but i think what obama is saying is you have to help out joe biden here. have you to let him prove that he can lead. >> nothing is a tough thing to run on in 2022. >> exactly. >> gloria borger and douglas brinkley, always good to talk with both of you. thank you. as gloria noted, this is developing really by the minute at this point. we are going to stay on this very closely throughout the day. we will in just a short time be speaking with a key moderate in these negotiations who has been negotiating with the white house. what is his message to progressives right now, and a little something that was left out that he may want in the bill. what could that mean? plus, no one has been ruled out. that's the word when it comes to potential criminal charges following that shooting on the set of the movie "rust." the assistant director admitting he didn't check the gun before
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no one is clear. that's the message from santa fe sheriff concerning criminal charges surrounding the deadly shooting on the set of the alec baldwin movie "rust" in new mexico. the investigation is now centered on how a live round ended up in that gun, and it's also focused on two people at this point, the assistant director david halls and the armorer hannah gutierrez. cnn's josh catch bell joins us live from santa fe. she also spoke with the district attorney and she's the person who would decide if anyone faces charges. what is she telling you? >> erica i spoke to the d.a. and said this very much remains an active investigation. she also described that bringing
10:21 am
criminal charges is a high -- a tall order here in the state of new mexico. she says they are continuing to gather evidence. at this point in her words there appears to be civil negligence here, but they are working to determine whether they will actually be bringing criminal charges and also gave us new information about the key factor that she will be using in determining whether charges will be brought. take a listen. >> i was sort of taught is you treat a firearm like a live snake, and -- and so it's -- it's a terrible tragedy. we don't know how those live rounds got there, and i think that that will probably end up being kind of the linchpin for whether a decision is made about charges. >> i mean, do you feel any pressure on you to actually charge someone here? >> i know that there's pressure out there. i do not feel that pressure. i will not make my decision based on that pressure. the decision will be based on the law and the evidence, period. >> now today we're also learning new information about the scope
10:22 am
of the sheriff's department's investigation. that narrowing, too, the two people that handled that firearm and handed it to alec baldwin, that according to the sheriff speaking to the "today" show, those two staff members, the assistant director dave halls as well as the armorer, hannah gutierrez, the people of the investigation as officials try to make the decision how the live rounds got into the firearm that took the life of halyna hutchins. >> thanks for joining us. joining us is former federal prosecutor laura coats. there's focus on the assistant armorer, no one is clear. there's a chance that alec baldwin could face liability as a producer on the film. you know, after listening to the d.a. there, what is your sense based on what we know? do you see criminal charges potentially coming and if know for whom? >> well, she's absolutely right about two things and this is a
10:23 am
tragedy and should not cave to pressure. it must be the actual evidence but saying, that erica, the evidence seems to be pointing towards extraordinary negligence. if it's a criminal peru, you're talking not only about nefarious conduct of someone intentionally or putting the live ammunition and rounds into a gun there are also ways to charge for even accidents, and nobody wants that to come about because, of course, if things are truly accidents as new mexico will tell you, they do have answer accusable homicide statute that says if somebody has been involved in an otherwise lawful activity and they have acted reasonably, they should not be convicted of a crime. however, that word reasonably, erica, is why this is such an important case to look at, because when it comes to civil liability, you're talking about a duty of care. what was owed to the people on the set. although it's a movie set, erica, it still is a workplace, and so you have a duty of care that's owed the people who are
10:24 am
at that workplace and if there is some deviation from that standard of care and it's not reasonable, then there can be civil liability. >> there have been questions, there have been questions raised about safety on the set. one of the actors actually spoke with tmz. here's one of the things that he said about what he saw and experienced. take a listen. >> as a new actor, you know, i don't want to cause trouble. i don't want to, you know make an issue about things. i just want to do as well as i can and -- and get the footage that they want, so i -- i held my tongue for a lot of it, but some of the other actors who had worked on you a lot more sets than i have aspirins pal characters, they were double and triple-checking our weapons after the armorer gave them to us, whether they were cold or
10:25 am
hot. >> that's a separate interview. i mean, would you imagine that investigators will be talking to everyone that they can who was involved in this production, but statements like that, how does tim pact the investigation? how does tim pact public perception? >> well, it has a huge impact because it talks about notice, erica. was there some notice that there should have been safety protocols in place that should have been followed? if there are safety protocols that are part of industry standards that are normally followed, if there's a deviation from either checking to ensure that it was in fact a cold gun, meaning there's no live ammunition in the actual round, if it's a matter of double check and planning for error, planning for human error and trying to correct, it those are all things that you have to look at when you're talking about who is to blame, and accidents, of course, in our court of public opinion, we think about, oh, accidents, we have to sort of look the other way. no, not in the law. a lot of times civil liability is about deterring anything like
10:26 am
this from hamming again and it involves trying to look at what was the industry standard? what should have been done? who were the crew members that owed that duty of care to the people who were injured, and one woman killed, and ultimately who was responsible for making sure that they implement and execute those safety protocols? now, in the law, jurors, if that were to go to trial, i there are well aware you can have what's called comparative negligence, erica, where it's not one person left holding the bag but people who had a hand in the lublt. that's ultimately the direction this is going but the traj i was overwhelming. if there was notice and they knew to do better. >> laura coats, always good to have you with us. thank you. . >> thank you. progressives aggressively pushing back on plans to vote on the bipartisan infrastructure deal today. without a vote on president biden's social spending plan, now it appears speaker pelosi is
10:27 am
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back now to our breaking news out of capitol hill. house progressives still pushing back on holding a vote on the bipartisan infrastructure bill without assurances that the social spending package will get through. one in fact saying hell no. another said she feels bamboozled by cuts to the social spending bill. senator bernie sanders we're learning fighting to include provisions on drug pricing which are currently out and saying there shouldn't be an infrastructure bill yet because of that. joining us now, democratic congressman from new jersey josh gottheimer, also the chair of the problem solvers caucus. my colleague jim sciutto was joking with you on tuesday morning that you're always the most optimistic guy. were you optimistic on tuesday morning you said to jim we've got to get a vote on this in terms of infrastructure this week. your progressive colleagues are saying we're not voting for it. what do you say to them? >> well, you know, i'm listen, i'm with the president on this and he came to our caucus this morning and expects to us vote on this as he heads to europe here, and when he lands he wants us to have voted on this
10:33 am
package. i mean, you're talking about a bill that was supported with 69 votes in the senate back in early august to fix our roads, our bridges, our water, broadband, help us fight climate change, right. this is a historic once in a century package, and he asks us to support it, the speaker has asked us to back t.obviously right now the white house and our leadership is working the votes and at the same time, you know, we put out a framework for the other package which is also really important. as you know, that includes child care and helping us fight climate change and reinstating the state and local tax deduction and universal pre-k, so much good for the country and bottom line we need to get this done. this is a competitiveness point of view, this is about competitiveness versus complacency and i think he's spot on there. >> do you think he was missing something this morning, specifically to progressives, even before going into the meeting from the progressive caucus, we heard from congresswoman jayapal said the two things we're getting is any new information from the president.
10:34 am
she said she didn't hear anything knew because it was the framework she already knew about and no firm support from senators manchin and sinema. >> i certainly don't think that's true. senator sinema has put out statements making it colleagues, at least to me, and i don't speak for either one of them, that they support it and the president represents he backs it and he has assurances from him. >> senator sinema didn't specifically say -- it was a very positive statement. i'll agree but she didn't say specifically unless there's a new statement that came out in the last 34 minutes that i missed, she didn't say i'm on board with this framework, i'm a definite yes, progressives you should feel comfortable i'm here. >> based on the conversations we're here and said let's get it done that seemed pretty clear to me but the bottom line is this. the president came to speak to us today and say for the country, for our competitiveness, for, you know, our competitiveness with china and fight against climate change, for child care, for fixing our infrastructure and get 2:00 million people to work every year for the next decade, hard working men and women of labor we need to get this donep
10:35 am
and i couldn't agree more with the president which is why i think we should work all day and get a vote on this as the speaker said to us today and that she will have a vote on this, so i'm hoping that all my colleagues come together and do the right thing and get this done for the country. the country needs this win. >> based on your conversations with your colleagues, so congresswoman jayapal coming out of that meeting saying they would put together a resolution, right, about the framework. do you think that is enough? if there were a resolution that could be voted on, is that enough to get the votes for infrastructure, to get that to pass? what's the juggling snapping. >> i haven't seen obviously what she's said so it's hard for me to comment on it. all i know is today we should be investigate as the president asked us to on the bipartisan infrastructure bill which has been sitting here waiting for action since early aurgts and he came to new jersey this week where we're trying to get the gateway tunnel to replace the existing 113-year-old crumbling train tunnel between new york and new jersey to get this new tunnel built. you're talking about getting lead out of drinking water, out
10:36 am
of our kid' drinking water and fixing our wrijs in jersey. a third of the bridges are considered unsafe, third worst roads in the country. this is affecting our economy and competitiveness and that's what the president is talking about today no. reason to hold this up. again, we have -- the president has assurances that he feels good about the framework he presented. i think he laid out a great case today and now it's time for us to get behind him for the good of the country and back this. i can't speak what some of my colleagues and why they want to obstruct this. but bottom line the president asked to us deliver and i think we should. >> really quickly before i let you go. senator sanders is holding out a little bit here because he as you know wants something in this bill about prescription drug pricing. any wiggle room to get that back in? >> based on what i'm aware of there's things about prescription drugs to get the costs down. i mean, if they are going to
10:37 am
obstruct this and block it, that's up to them. i stand with the president and leadership who says let's get the vote today and get this done for the country, the great bipartisan bill and get the win as the president lands in europe. i don't know why they want to stop and block the president in our country from getting the win as the president goes overseas. i can't speak for them. i'm hoping they change their mind about that and get the assurances that they need, but the bottom line is it's time for us to deliver for the country and get this done. >> congressman, always good to have you with us. >> appreciate it. take care. the group investigating the january 6th riots growing frustrated with former white house chief of staff mark meadows so could they force his cooperation? that's next. he's got gloria, and 10 grand-babies, to prove it. but his back made weekend rides tough, so ted called on the card that's even tougher. and the medicare coverage trusted by more doctors.
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♪ cadillac is going electric. if you want to be bold, you have to go off-script. experience the all-electric cadillac lyriq. more breaking news out of washington, this time involving the january 6th investigation. cnn has learned members of the select house committee are from us trade with the pace of talks with former white house chief of staff mark meadows. some even considering whether more aggressive steps are needed to force his cooperation. cnn's ryan nobles is following this for us. ryan, what more are we learning about not only the frustration but what could come out of that frustration? >> reporter: yeah. erica esit's been more than a
10:43 am
month since mark meadows was subpoenaed by the january 6th select committee, and we're told that the talks between meadow's i attorneys and the attorneys for the select commit restuck in neutral. that they aren't finding progress finding a way for meadows to cooperate with the committee to not only submit documents they are looking for but also sitting down with a deposition for the commit and as a result committee is exploring what options is might take in order to compel that testimony, an, of course, we've already seen the committee move quickly as it relates to other trump associates including steve bannon who they have already referred a criminal contempt charge to the department of justice because of his lack of cooperation. now, meadows is a different case. her, of course, was working in the white house on january 6th so there may be executive privilege complications that are different than bannon's, but meadows is also at least engaged with the committee. he's had conversations with them, but as we've said, it's now been more than a month and no real progress has been made. so the committee is trying to figure out exactly what steps
10:44 am
they need to take and many committee members are not ruling out a criminal contempt referral of meadows as well. now, this is not to say that is going to happen any time soon. they have yet to set another deadline for meadows to respond to that subpoena. they said that they were granting him a short postponement from the original subpoena deadline. once that second deadline is set, erica, that's when there will be real movement in terms of the next steps in terms of getting meadows to comply with the committee's request. erica? >> and we'll be looking for that. ryan, appreciate it. also happening on capitol hill, several big oil executives in the hot seat facing tough questions from lawmakers about the climate crisis and potential misinformation as to whether their industry is to blame. ahead of today's showdown, democrats saying they hope to hold fossil fuel companies, quote, accountable. cnn's renee marsh is following the hearing and joins us now. a little heated in there at
10:45 am
moments? >> just a little. good to see you, eric a. you know, at this point what they really are looking for, and they meaning the democratic law enforcement, is they are looking for some admissions from the oil and gas companies. they want them to admit that they had some sort of involvement in the seem of climate denial and misinformation, and they also want commitments that they will cut financial ties with these outside trade groups who are also spreading this sort of climate misinformation. take a listen to representative ro khanna who essentially set the tone for the hearing today. >> spare us the spin today, really. we have no interest in t.spin doesn't work under oath. in 1994, the ceos of the seven largest tobacco companies appeared right here before our committee. they, too, faced a choice. they choice to lie under oath
10:46 am
denying that nicotine was addictive. as i'm sure you realized, that didn't turn out too well for them. don't think of yourselves as the ceo. think of yourselves as human beings. >> so all of the companies acknowledge climate change. they all said that they support policies that would curb emissions, but they -- and they all also denied spreading any misinformation, but they were all asked if they would commit to an audit to essentially confirm that they are not funding any groups that are spreading climate misinformation, and they all declined that commitment. erica? >> that is an interesting nugget right there. good to see you. thank you yeah. a former nhl player breaking his silence saying the chicago blackhawks prioritized winning over him, ignoring his allegations of sexual assault by a team coach. that revelation is next.
10:47 am
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emergency planning for kids. we can't predict when an emergency will happen. so that's why it's important to make a plan with your parents. here are a few tips to stay safe. know how to get in touch with your family. write down phone numbers for your parents, siblings and neighbors. pick a place to meet your family if you are not together and can't go home. remind your parents to pack an emergency supply kit. making a plan might feel like homework, but it will help you and your family stay safe during an emergency. in a show of strength and courage, former chicago
10:52 am
blackhawks player kyle beach is coming forward publicly for the first time, speaking about an alleged sexual assault he suffered at the hands of a former coach in 2010. we now know beach is the player filed against the nhl earlier this year and he was part of an investigation saying senior staff and management did, quote, nothing, when the team's video coach sexually assaulted him and harassed him. beach spoke about why he decided to come forward. >> i've been a survivor, i am a survivor, and i know i'm not alone. i know i'm not the only one, male or female. and i buried this for ten years, 11 years, and it's destroyed me from the inside out. and i want everybody to know in
10:53 am
the sports world and in the world, that you're not alone. >> in response, the blackhawks issuing a statement which reads, in part, we would like to acknowledge and commend kyle beach's courage in coming forward. no playoff game or championship is more important than protecting our players from predatory behavior. aldrich maintained the sexual encounter with beach was consensual. when given the choice in 2010 resign or face investigation, he resigned. former correspondent with tsn had that exclusive interview with kyle beach. rick, it's gooded to have you with us. this is such a decision for kyle beach to come forward, speak publicly about this. it also, i think, is really raising questions about people. i know remember anything like this happening in the nhl, happening in hockey. when you knew that he was ready to speak about this, what did he
10:54 am
say? >> well, you know, it's interesting. this has happened before in hockey. in the late 1990s a player named sheldon kennedy accused his former junior hockey coach of sexual abuse. at the time, no one believed him. it wasn't until he got a conviction and graham james was put into jail that people promise never again and this would be dealt with and sports would be made to be a safer space. i don't know what lessons have been learned but there's still work to do. for kyle beach, he had been living with this for 11 years. we didn't know on tuesday what the investigation report was going to show and, again, the blackhawks hired an independent law firm to look into these allegations. that report -- i was concerned there wasn't going to be a lot of detail there. i was surprised. i was speechless, actually, about how transparent the team actually was on tuesday.
10:55 am
after that report came out, i contacted kyle's lawyer and i just said, i think this is the right time. you know, let's see if he'll come forward and be public and allow us to identify him. and he agreed to do that. as you just saw, we did the interview yesterday. >> you know, when i heard him say this destroyed me from inside, i mean, that just sits with you. it took such a toll on him, understandably, personally and professionally. he's still playing hockey, not in the nhl, in germany, i believe. the gm resigned on tuesday, i believe. the senior director of hockey is also out. later today the commissioner of the nhl set to meet with the team's former head coach, who is still working in the league, coaching another team, which i think for a lot of people raises this red flag. how does that happen? how is he still in that kind of position? >> great question, how does that happen? let's remember, we're talking about kyle living in this shame and pain for so many years. it's not just kyle. this is something that affects
10:56 am
entire families. his marriage broke up. he wound up turning to illegal substances and alcohol. and also after the blackhawks allowed this coach to leave the team quietly on his own terms, that coach, aldrich, went to a high school program in michigan and worked as a volunteer coach on the high school team when he was there he sexually abused a 16-year-old high school player and was convicted of sexual assault in that case. if the blackhawks had done the right thing and reported this, how many people after that fact would have been saved and how many families would have been saved from having to go through this pain? >> it's such an important question. look, really appreciate you taking the time to join us today, rick. you know, so much appreciation, for kyle beach for deciding to speak up, but what a horrific position for him to be in from the very beginning and for the last decade, have to deal with, you know, perhaps a lack of
10:57 am
support he needed. i hope he can find some strength in that. rick, thanks again. >> thank you. thanks to all of you for joining us. i will see you back here tomorrow. as you have noticed, there's no shortage of news today. it continues next with alisyn and victor. crepe corrector lotion... only from gold bond. ♪ your new pharmacy is here. to help you compare prices, and save on your medication. amazon prime members get select meds as low as $1 a month. who knew it could be this easy? your new pharmacy is amazon pharmacy. ♪ i like it, i love it, i want some more of it♪ ♪i try so hard, i can't rise above it♪ ♪don't know what it is 'bout that little gal's lovin'♪ ♪but i like it, i love it♪ applebee's. now that's eatin' good in the neighborhood.
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so, you're recalibrating and reconnecting
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to the environment. seeing yourself as an artist - legitimate and genuine - can be transformational. daddy! for the best audio entertainment and storytelling. audible. this is cnn breaking news. >> hello, everyone. i'm alisyn camerota. welcome to "newsroom." >> i'm victor blackwell. any moment, house speaker nancy pelosi will speak to reporters on this crucial day for democrats. this morning president biden tried to rally his party to save his domestic agenda. the president is now headed to europe. he visited capitol hill to push a framework for his social safety net package. the president laid out the stakes and they are high. he told house democrats that his presidency and democrats' control of congress will be


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