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tv   CNN Newsroom With Poppy Harlow and Jim Sciutto  CNN  October 28, 2021 7:00am-8:00am PDT

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a very good thursday morning to you. i'm jim sciutto live today in rome. >> i'm erica hill in new york. at this moment, president biden is in a high-stakes meeting with house democrats on capitol hill. he's there to lay out in detail the latest framework for his social safety net package. his mission at the meeting this morning, he needs to get his full caucus on board here. of course he needs progressives especially to get on board so they can support that bipartisan infrastructure bill. and he wants them to be able to do that with just this framework, an agreement to a framework on that larger spending package. here he is arriving at the capitol a short time ago. >> mr. president, what's your message to progressives who don't trust manchin and sinema? >> have a good day.
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>> do you think you have enough of a framework to get progressives to support the infrastructure bill? >> yes. >> everybody's on board. you're on board, aren't you? >> the president joking everybody's on board, but there are still a lot of questions. you heard some from senator markey a short time ago. a lot of questions this morning as he is selling that. we'll continue to keep an eye on it. for now, we'll send it over to you in rome, jim. >> reporter: that's right. the president delayed his departure for rome to go to the hill, try to get members of his own party in board. in a matter of hours he'll arrive in italy for his first g-20 summit as commander in chief and the first time in two years the g-20 leaders have met face-to-face. but the president still an open question, does he arrive with large portions of his economic agenda in place? a big piece of that of course the climate agreement, which is crucial not just to the g-20 summit but the u.n. climate summit, which will follow immediately in scotland. we'll bring you more from rome in just a moment.
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erica? >> looking forward to that. manu raju on capitol hill this morning. cnn's john harwood is at the white house. manu, let's start with you. this meeting, the full democratic caucus in there, no phones we're told, so everybody of course wants some details. what were you hearing from lawmakers heading into the meeting? >> well, i'm hearing a little bit about both heading into the meeting and out of the meeting. i talked to a couple member wos just left who told me what joe biden has been doing for close to an hour is going through the proposal, this overall framework in which he's trying to get congress behind, explaining why he believes it's a transformational proposal, why democrats should get behind it, not just the larger plan but also the infrastructure bill, that separate $1.2 trillion bill that's been waiting action in the house for months. but proelzgressives have threatd to block it because they want the larger bill, the social safety net bill, to advance,
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pass the house at the same time as that infrastructure bill passes the house. they believe that withholding their support is leverage, supports moderates behind the larger bill. the democratic leaders are trying to convince the progressives to change their mind, and that is the challenge for joe biden, urging his caucus to get behind this saying they need to pass this today. the question is how any of these progressives will react to this. going into the meeting, they made clear they were not going to change their mind. they believe that it doesn't make sense for them to simply vote yes on that infrastructure bill, which would pump money into roads, bridges, broadband, waterways, because they say this larger deal is a general outline and needs to have detailed legislative text which could take some time to come out, and they need to have more commitments from the two moderate senators, joe manchin and kyrsten sinema, ensure they vote for that plan and send it into law. there are key concessions joe biden has had to make to get
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this bill together. he has not come through with those, so we'll see how they react when they study for of this. a major moment for the president trying to get his agenda through. his caucus is not yet in line. do they change their minds is the big question as we talk to members coming up. >> we look forward to that. you'll do your best to get that comment. john, as manu pointed out, we've heard consistently progressives need a firm commitment from man chinn and sinema. we heard from senator dick durbin a short time ago after the meeting started. he said i wish i could say yes but there's a grel oat deal of uncertainty in the caucus. he was asked if they're all on board and he couldn't say yes. how does that play into what the president is expected to say in the meeting? >> reporter: nobody can say yes to that question about manchin and sinema given how much they have indulged the veto power they have given the fact that
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democrats have zero margin for error, must hold all 50 senators. they have not subsumed their own interest to those of the democratic team, but joe biden is rolling the dice, saying this is what we've got. he's trying to convey confidence to democrats that they are going to go along. he's doing it by trying to emphasize what is in this bill. everybody has been talking about what has come out since his original request of $3.5 trillion. they've lost things like two years of free community college. they've lost paid leave from the plan. that's been a long-standing democratic priority. on the pay-for side, they lost the 11th-hour attempt to get a billionaires' tax in, lost an attempt to raise the corporate and individual marginal tax rates. on the other hand, there is a whole lot of democratic priority in this bill. you've got expanded child care subsidies, two years of universal pre-k, you've got expanded subsidies for
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obamacare, child tax credit, $500 million for climate change, housing money in addition to that. so democrats will advance their priorities in a major way if they can pass this. what the president is trying to do is say we've taken it as far as we can. i'm confident that manchin and sinema will be there. house democratic caucus, trust me, we're going to get this done. it doesn't mean they have to pass that infrastructure bill today, but the president would like to see that happen. democratic leaders are gambling they might be able to make it happen. but as manu indicated, there's still a burden of persuasion that is falling on the president, and he's doing his best right now. >> john harwood, manu raju, appreciate the reporting as always. jim? well, erica, after the president addresses the nation, an update on his domestic agenda, he'll board air force one across the atlantic to rome for his first g-20 meeting as commander in chief with a lot of crucial issues facing world leaders including climate change.
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joining me now cnn chief white house correspondent kaitlan col collins, who's also in rome with me and nic robertson, our international editor. the president making a last-ditch effort for large portions of his domestic agenda. how will the performance there, his delivery there, affect his impact here, affect the success of his meetings here in rome for g-20 and later in scotland for the climate summit? >> reporter: i think one of the biggest reasons the president wants to get this done is obviously because he is not only going to be with world leaders in rome but also when he goes to that major climate summit to talk about climate change. he wants to be able to say, look how the u.s. is committing, here are the measures we'll take including this $550 billion he has and his framework he unveiled to house democrats saying this is the example we are setting and we want other
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countries to follow in the united states' lead. that argument is harder to make if there is no agreement on this framework by then. so the white house had been banking on that, which is why you're seeing the president leave several hours later than he was expected to as they were trying to hammer out this last-minute negotiation on this deal and try to get that agreement manu was talking about that of course requires those progressives to get on board and trust that senator manchin and senator sinema and more moderate members will agree to what the framework is right now. so that's really the biggest component of this when it comes to the president wanting to secure this before he boards the plane. it is something that democratic leaders clearly want for president as well. you saw him walking in with chuck schumer, with nancy pelosi as he was talking into this meeting, showing really a kind of show of force going into that. >> will he hand in rome empty-handed? nic, it's not been a good few months for the president including on the international stage, a summary withdrawal from
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afghanistan, which upsettle a lies, an open disagreement with france over the nuclear agreement with australia. because president biden arrive here a diminished u.s. president? >> yes, very simple answer. and yes, to have better support from within his own party, with the democrats and the financial bill would bring him here with something in hand to speak about, about climate, big commitments. that would lead the world. yes, that would help. but the diminishment misses, and that is that the world sees the united states and president biden as following sort of the more isolationist policies of president trump that they wanted him to fix are not getting -- and this is a precedent with a huge amount of foreign policy experience, not sort of delivering the foreign policy stage that they would want. that chaos in afghanistan, this rift with macron, meeting with macron here. macron has spoke within the australian prime minister scott morrison and said he needs to
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see tangible action if there will be proper cooperation in the indo-pacific region. president biden has a lot of buildback to do from the past few months. but the bigger reality, of course, and you see it in washington, too, is that the international community, the united states' allies, are beginning to see even beyond this president that there's a potential for another republican coming back, and they see the difficulties that even a domestic president has. >> perhaps a return of trump. let's listen in. this is president biden emerging from the meeting on capitol hill. it didn't seem that the president said much as questions were shouted to him there. discuss for a moment the difficulty of the timing, right. he wants to get the framework before he hops on air force one. but he has this deadline. he has to be here for the g-20. he's meeting the pope tomorrow before that meeting.
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then you have cop-26 in scotland. is that pressure point proving an obstacle that perhaps he didn't have enough time to get the deal across the finish line before traveling to europe? >> reporter: and the white house had an interesting answer about that yesterday when they were asked why didn't we see this kind of movement and moment in the weeks before, knowing that this trip was coming up, knowing for months this is something that the president wanted to see done? why is it happening so last minute? they talked about the effectiveness of time lines like this one that it has on lawmakers. and of course there is the other time line when it comes to the transportation bill expiring on october 31st. that isn't something that you've heard democrats talk about as well. i think that's a factor into this. of course delaying this trip by several hours. you can't really keep the pope waiting. having the president come out and talk about what this is going to look like, which he is going to do at the white house in a few minutes. he didn't say much leaving capitol hill, but he is going to be talking about this at the white house. we'll likely hear the argument
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he made behind closed doors to democrats publicly before he does board the plane. that's just the big question here, what they're going to say and how they're going to respond and whether or not they're going to get on board with this idea. >> nic, there is a lot on the agenda, climate and scotland but the supply chain issues, continuing effects of the pandemic which weighed on u.s. economic xwgrowth in the latest quarter. what is success for president biden and the g-20 summit? >> success would be able to show they're following through on commitments they made at the last g-20, which was to make sure that the world stayed together in lock step, that developing nations were going to be able to get the same access to covid vaccines, to diagnostics, to all of these things. and the reality is the rollout hasn't been as fast in developing nations. we in the united states and the united kingdom and europe are
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talking about booster vaccines, whereas many citizens of african nations and other country offense the world have not got that. >> stay there one moment. back to capitol hill as lawmakers emerge from the meeting with the president. let's listen in and hear what they're saying. >> mr. president, are you going to have a bill in hand? what did you tell the democratic senators? what did you tell the democrats? >> one more try there to see if the president would give an update. did he get the commitments he was looking for on capitol hill from, mind you, members of his own party as they try to push these economic priorities across the finish line? do we know at this point where things stand? because it seems to change every few minutes. the white house this morning
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believed they had a deal. then you started to hear public comments from lawmakers that, no, they're not ready. i spoke to senator ed markey a few minutes ago, and he said, hey, we can wait, don't have to do it before g-20. what's the reality? >> reporter: it seems we're getting movement because we are hearing from democrats saying the house speaker nancy pelosi has asked for a vote on the infrastructure bill today. of course that would mean that these progressives who previously have said they would not vote for that infrastructure bill, which has passed the senate, they would not vote for it unless they saw a vote in the senate on the bigger package or at least a more concrete agre agreement. we even heard from progressives this morning saying they'd like to see the legislative text here, which of course we know the white house says they don't have yet. >> this is news. pelosi saying possible scheduling of a vote today. manu raju is on capitol hill. manu, you know better than me, nancy pelosi an expert vote counter. can we assume she would not hold
7:15 am
a vote if she did not believe she had the votes? >> reporter: well, we don't know if they'll have the vote. even though she wants the vote today, she's said that in the past about moving forward on the infrastructure bill, only to pull back and not move forward. it's unclear. i'm told in this meeting biden himself did not say that the vote should be today. he left that for pelosi to make that announcement, if she wants to have that vote today. he made theargued why this is necessary. he also didn't say that joe manchin and kyrsten sinema are endorsing this framework yet. he said they are, quote, within inches. that is according to a congressman i just spoke to leaving this room. they're within inches of getting behind this plan. so it's unclear exactly whether that's going to persuade progressives who i was told up to 55 progressives were threatening to vote against the bill, that infrastructure bill
7:16 am
today, because that larger economic package is not moving at the same time. i'm also told bernie sanders backs the house progressives' position on this. did joe biden change any mind is unclear, but he talked for some time. it's unclear if he answered any questionsallayed any concerns. he wants the cowboys to get behind something he believes is essential for the party and the country. >> we'll see if the vote is a hope or reality. manu raju, thanks very much. nic robertson in rome, kaitlan collins. much more to report in the coming hour preparing for the g-20 in rome. erica, back to you. just ahead, the focus of the investigation into cinematographer halyna hutchins' death. it's now narrowed down to two "rust" crew members, who officials are looking at today and what could prompt criminal charges. that's how much university of phoenix is committing
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we are not getting you a helicopter. looks like we're walking, kid. only pay for what you need. ♪ liberty. liberty. liberty. liberty. ♪ new this morning, the sheriff in santa fe, new mexico, says the investigation into that deadly shooting on the set of the alec baldwin movie "rust" is now focused on two people, the film's assistant director, dave halls, and the armorer on set, hanna gutierrez. he notes while the investigation is focused on those two, no one is cleared here, including baldwin himself. meantime, the d.a. telling cnn
7:22 am
in the investigation they're really focusing in on how that bullet got into the gun. >> it's a terrible tragedy. we don't know how those live rounds got there. i think that will probably end up being kind of the linchpin for whether a decision is made about charges. >> joining me now, entertainment industry attorney richard charley. it's good to have you with us this morning. when we look at what we do know, the a.d. according to the affidavit said he should have checked the firearm but didn't, couldn't remember whether the armorer had spun the drum, which of course raises questions about potential criminal liability. this is how the d.a. described what the standard is for culpability in new mexico. take a listen. >> our standard for involuntary manslaughter, our lowest level of homicide, whether it's intentional or unintentional, is a willful disregard for the safety of others. and that key word is "willful."
7:23 am
so that almost equates to a reckless standard, which is higher than negligence. >> does that, you think, open dave halls up to criminal liability? >> let me start by say ig've been doing this many, many years, and our hearts and thoughts and prayers go out to the families involved here, the hutchins family particularly and also mr. souza. this is a terrible event. the film industry is close-knit. they rely on each other all the time. this was an awful thing to happen. let me talk about criminal liability versus civil liability in what the d.a. said. we know out on that set what happened. the sheriff made it clear yesterday, they know what happened. what they don't know, and the d.a. used the term "how," but what they don't know is why it happened. and so when the d.a. talks about
7:24 am
things like callous disregard and things of that nature, that's what this investigation is going to focus on. callous disregard would be something like auto racing in a residential area 110 miles an hour when you go out of control and kill an innocent bystander. callous disregard might be considered leaving a child in a locked car on a hot day. those are examples of criminal callous disregard. nobody intends anybody to get hurt, but they are not exhibiting any regard for human life, and that's callous disregard. so in focusing on the why here, that's what the d.a. is going to be doing, that's what the sheriffs are going to be doing, and they will eventually come to a conclusion, why did this happen, and once they do that, they'll be able to target the people who are potentially liable for criminal prosecution. >> in terms of the situation on the set, we know there were concerns raised about safety
7:25 am
issues, and then i also found interesting some of what we heard from one of the actors who described what he was witnessing and what he saw from veteran actors. take a listen. >> as a new actor, no, i don't want to cause trouble, i don't want to, you know, make an issue about things. i just want to do as well as i can and get the footage that they want. so i held my tongue for a lot of it. but some of the other actors who had worked on a lot more sets than i have as principal characters, they were double and triple checking our weapons after the armorer gave them to us, whether they were cold or hot. >> so it's my understanding just based on everything i've learned in the last several days that for an actor to be double or triple checking a firearm that
7:26 am
was handled to them that would have presumably already been checked, that is not the way things should play out. >> well, keep in mind that there are industry-wide safety guidelines. the number-one guideline says blanks can kill. and so the other guideline that kind of umbrellas everything is that safety on a set is everyone's concern. it's not just the armorer's concern, it's not just the first a.d.'s concern, it is everyone's concern. nobody wants to see one of their colleagues get hurt, whether it's in a stunt, whether it's a pyrotechnic, whether it's simply swimming in a swimming pool. nobody wants to see anybody get hurt. we all have to be vigilant. we all have to keep our eyes open. if we see something wrong, held up your hand and bring it to the attention of the right people. i don't know necessarily whether that was done on this particular set, but that's certainly the standard in the industry.
7:27 am
the other thing in this particular case that i find interesting, and people haven't talked about it, at least in the coverage i've seen, is use of the term "cold gun." generally speaking when you're talking about a cold set versus a hot set, a cold set is a set where nothing is really hooked up, there's no explosions that are hooked on to any sort of live energy source. a hot set is a case where somebody says it's a hot set, and whatever you do you're told by those words, don't go into this set, because for whatever reason we don't want you going in there, it's dangerous or it's part of continuity, et cetera. >> right. and that's the concern if you're told cold gun. you think it's safe and you don't have to worry about it. unfortunately, we are out of time. but really appreciate your expertise. thank you for joining us. >> thank you. >> so many questions ahead. appreciate you walking us through some of those. still to come, we will have more from rome as president
7:28 am
biden makes his way there for an historic trip. the looming challenges, though, that demand his attention before steps foot on air force one. more on that just ahead. new patients, get ststarted wita comprehensive exam and full set of x-rays with no obligation. and if you don't have insurance, it's free. plus, get 20% off your treatment plan. enjoy flexible payment options and savings when it matters most. we're here to make your smile shine bright so you can start the new year feelin' alright. call 1-800-aspendental 7 days a week or book today at
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broad domestic legislative agenda. i'm told by a member who was in the room that many members started to chant "vote, vote, vote" following the president's sales pitch. we'll see if they get their wish. speaker pelosi will hold a press conference. we'll bring that to you live to see if there are any announcements or hard plan for a vote. that's still an open question. in just hours, the president will then leave washington to fly to rome for his first g-20 summit as commander in chief, a broad agenda for world leaders, u.s. allies, among them climate change and the supply chain cries is. will president biden come here with his legislative agenda approved or an agreement to move toward on it or arrive empty handled? it matters. the president has told lawmakers it might damage his credibility to come here without that plan in place. joining me now is former defense
7:34 am
secretary william cohen and longtime member of both the house, also served in the senate. good to have you on with us this morning. >> great to see you, jim. you're in one of my favorite cities. >> it's great city. i will grant you that. you know the importance of the president's domestic agenda as he comes here to this key international summit. the president has said as much to lawmakers. he needs these plans in place not only to have a climate change plan because that's top of the agenda at g-20 and next week in scotland, but also to show that the u.s. democratic system can work. that's crucial to his success and to america's pitch in effect to the world. how much would the president be diminished as he arrives here in rome without an agreement in place? >> well, i think it's not only the president who would be an diminished. i think united states would be diminished. everyone knows in the g-20 and elsewhere knows president has
7:35 am
said america is back. well, america nemay be back as r as he is concerned but if the congress is not with him, that means our government is basically dysfunctional. that will undercut not only president biden but america's leadership throughout the world because it's certainly not going to come from russia, china, or any other country. it has to come from the united states. if the president doesn't have the backing of congress, it sends a signal that joe biden may be back but america is not back. >> i've spoken to a number of diplomats in the last couple weeks and u.s. and european allies have expressed that point, concern among your lean leaders about u.s. leadership going forward. and this follows the hopes they had following the trump presidency that joe biden would bring america back to alliances, back to a position of leadership on issues such as climate change. i wonder, though, where does that stand given that the u.s. foreign policy really is on
7:36 am
something of a pendulum swing? you have obama putting the u.s. in the paris climate accords, trump takes them out, biden puts them back in, the next president may take them out again. do u.s. allies look and wonder what does america's word mean today? >> oh, i think they do. the one thing that most countries want is predictability, continuity. change is contributing to the volatility, and when you have volatility people can't plan, they can't invest, they're not sure whether or not there's going to be an economic recovery or a recession. and what they are saying, the europeans, as well as i say people in this country, is a line out of jerry maguire -- show me the money. in this case, they're saying show me the money and show me some action because without action it's just words. that's what joe biden has to persuade the congress first and
7:37 am
then his colleagues in the g-20. >> beyond delays at home in getting his agenda across the finish line, you have very public disagreements between the u.s. and its allies in recent weeks over the swiftness of the afghan withdrawal, great disappointment there, an open feud really with france over u.s. nuclear submarine deal with australia. what constitutes success for joe biden during this g-20 visit? what does he need to come away from here to make some progress in repairing that damage? >> well, joe biden has done something that very few, if any of other presidents have done, saying i made a mistake. i think a mistake obviously was made in the withdrawal from afghanistan and how it was carried out, not the fact that we withdrew but how it was carried out. i think a mistake was made in terms of how we handled the french. as someone told me, the french will always love you, they just
7:38 am
won't trust you. part of that means that joe biden has to go out of his way to talk to each of the individual members of the g-20 to be sure and nato to regain that trust that we mean what we say and that we're in this together. if they don't have trust and just words, then, again, the world suffers because the united states has to be the leader of the free world. >> one world leader who will not be here in person, joining virtually, is xi jinping of china. in addition to the u.s. and china needing to work together on issues such as climate change, there are deep concerns about growing tensions between the two countries, particularly over the fate of taiwan. in a remarkable moment today where the taiwanese president speaking to my colleague, will rippley, acknowledged in a public statement today for the first time that u.s. forces, a small contingent, but u.s. forces nonetheless are on the ground in taiwan. i wonder from your view, having watched that relationship for so long, is that presence material
7:39 am
in terms of deterring a potential chinese invasion? >> i'm not familiar with the mission of the troops that are there. i assume they're there for training. the taiwanese need to be able to defend themselves against an assault by the mainland. but i think we have to be careful here that's a red line for the chinese in terms of whether we're providing the kind of assistance that would constitute a changing of the balance as far as they're concerned. that's a red line that we should not be willing to cross. to i think we have to be careful. we say we have a one-china policy. we have a taiwan relations pact, but we have to make sure we're not sending the signal that we are suborning any sort of autonomy or independence for the taiwanese because that will certainly cause the chinese to take action. and i think that would be not sad, tragic, for the taiwanese and the consequences for china and the united states. >> we've seen some of the public
7:40 am
comments, reactions to that news today from chinese officials. william cohen, thanks for joining us this morning. >> nice to be with you. thanks for inviting me. much more to come from rome and washington in the next hour. erica, back to you. >> speaking of more to come from washington, jim, we should be hearing from speaker pelosi in just moments addressing members of the press after that key meeting this morning, president biden coming to capitol hill to meet with democrats. so what is their new message? this as progressive leader pramila jayapal just weighed in. her thoughts on what the president had to say, that's ahead. l24 collagen peptide new vitamin c and the iconic red jar can't top this skin shopop now at
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less than an hour away on president biden's speech after wrapping a meeting with house democrats on the revised version of the economic spending bill. speaker nancy pelosi said she wants a vote on the bipartisan infrastructure bill today. here's what we just heard from progressive leader congresswoman pramila jayapal about that meeting and what it means. take a listen. >> the president made a compelling stage for both bills. he said he wants both bills to pass. he asked for votes on both bills. he went in to some detail on the framework. i would say nothing different than what i knew before.
7:46 am
and i thought he was, you know, really impressive with his knowledge of all the pieces of the bills. he did not ask for a vote on the bill today. the speaker did. he did not. he said he wants votes on both bills and said what we do on these two bills is going to be determinative for how the world sees us, which i -- >> progressives then -- >> we're going to meet, but i can tell you that, you know, we have had a position of needing to see the legislative text and voting on both bills and we'll see where people are. but i think a lot of people are still in that place. >> you don't think your caucus is ready to vote on it this week? >> let me have our caucus meeting first and then i'll let you know. >> cnn political director david shallian joining me.
7:47 am
the speaker would like a vote today. based on that reading, what we just heard from the congresswoman, we heard from senator dick durbin a short time ago about support from senate democrats for this potential plan. that weighs heavily on whether or not you'll see house democrats voting in terms of the infrastructure bill. how does it look to you at this hour? >> i thought what was most pertinent we just heard from congresswoman jayapal was when she said i didn't learn anything that i didn't know before. that would argue that it's hard to imagine her position would change if she already was in the position of not voting to proceed with the bipartisan infrastructure deal, well, she didn't learn anything new to move her from that position. we'll hear from the speaker and the president shortly. he went up to capitol hill it seems with the message of with all the white house did this morning by releasing this framework as sort of negotiations have come to a close. this is now what it's going to
7:48 am
be. is there enough trust between house progressives and the senate moderates to actually move ahead and start voting on the infrastructure legislation and then of course build back better. right now it sounds like we're still in the same place, which is that progressives perhaps have enough votes to say no, we want to see that legislative text. >> remarkable, too, looking at this. i have to wonder, there was a lot of pressure weeks ago for the president to be more involved. we saw the involvement ramp up in the last week or so especially, making his way to capitol hill this morning. that is no -- that is not a small thing for the president to walk up there and say, here's what i need everybody to do, i need you to get in line. but i think there are legitimate questions about whether that could have been done sooner. congresswoman dingle said this morning she had never seen the sausage making be this messy and certainly not this messy publicly. that's taken a toll. >> yeah, especially because the
7:49 am
sausage make we're seeing is all intraparty, not actually trying to get republicans and democrats together on something here. i think the first time biden went to the hill at the end of september, that initial arbitrary deadline they put on this, he found out real fast from house democrats they were nowhere near ready to move forward. there's then been this month-long process of getting manchin and sinema on board and these constant negotiations and how far he can go. we saw last week at the cnn town hall him beginning to sort of put specifics out there for everyone to understand where this was headed. and today formal ly unveiling framework saying we're at the end of the line here, this is what it is. i'm not sure that could have happened sooner because when biden went to the hill a month ago his caucus, his democrats were just not in line. there was nothing he seemed to be able to do to get them in line. today he once again leaves the hill without some unity in the whole party and victory and
7:50 am
we've crossed the finish line here. that's not what they're saying just yet. >> do you think he misread the room, and by the room i mean his own party? >> no. i think this is a man who worked on capitol hill for 36 years as a senator who knows how to ploddingly move legislation forward as best he can. >> emphasis on ploddingly. always good to talk with you. thank you. facebook is considering a name change in the midst of a damning lead in the company's role in spreading misinformation. hmm.
7:51 am
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in just few hours, mark zuckerberg may unveil a new name for the company, this of course as he faces a growing crisis over those leaked internal documents. cnn has also learned facebook sent out a legal hold notice to employees, so that tells them not to delete any internal documents or emails. they acknowledged in quarterly s.e.c. filings that it is facing government investigations. brian seltzer joins me now. a rebrand. when facing these questions about how to do business, what's going on, let's get a new name seems like a solid plan. >> it's not going to change anything, right. potato or poe-tah-toe, it doesn't matter if the produce is rotten and it is. mark zuckerberg is trying to look to the future, presenting
7:56 am
his future of the metaverse, think zoom in a way that's immersive where you want to spend time on the web cam and wear the fancy goggles. he is trying to talk about the future. if he comes up with a new product people want to use, that may take pressure off facebook. but a name change won't cut it. >> probably not going to. may invite more conversation about the company, but what do i know? this has been getting a lot of attention this morning, letter from president trump to "the wall street journal" editor which blames facebook for the loss of election, facebook conspiracies about the 2020 election and it is generating a lot of pushback from reporters at the paper. >> that's right. i'm getting messages from reporters frustrated by this. "the journal" has done pioneering reporting about facebook misinformation, yet the opinion pages are running misinformation from the former president. a reporter said it's
7:57 am
disappointing we are publishing information we try to debunk. there's tension between the news side and the opinion side. the opinion side is powerful, and what trump is doing is reaching tens of millions of people throughout the various platforms he has, even not being on facebook and twitter. it is striking as you cover the democrats talking about the budget, while the leaders of one party are trying to pass laws to help families, the leaders of the other party are engaging in election denialism, what trump is doing, and riot denialism, what fox pushed out with tucker carlson overnight. a stunning difference between the two partparties. >> and incredibly sad. brian, thank you. thanks to all of you for joining us today. for jim sciutto in rome, myself here in new york, thanks for being with us. join us tomorrow for special live coverage of president biden's visit from rome. "at this hour" with kate bolduan
7:58 am
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