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tv   The Lead With Jake Tapper  CNN  October 26, 2021 2:00pm-3:00pm PDT

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welcome to "the lead." i'm jake tapper. a key fda panel just voted to recommend pfizer's vaccine for kids 5 to 11. what happens next? and what might this mean for the pandemic? plus, flash flooding and water rescues as a nor'easter slams the east coast of the united states. the danger zone is ahead. and leading this hour, the clock is ticking before president biden leaves for his foreign trip and democrats are hoping to get some movement on two major pieces of the president's agenda before air force one takes off. a source says despite four to five issues unresolved, democratic leaders hope to have a framework of a deal by tomorrow. kaitlan collins is at the white house where biden looked to work out some of those issues with a group of key house democrats. >> reporter: democrats desperately searching for a compromise. >> anxious time here on capitol
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hill. >> reporter: lawmakers huddling with senior white house staff amid pressure to cut a deal to reshape the social safety net and fight climate change. >> when you unite, it doesn't necessarily mean that you're unanimous. >> reporter: but there are still critical disputes among democrats over the size and scope of the plan. >> we will not let the perfect be the enemy of the good. >> senator joe manchin still advocating for a $1.5 trillion price tag as other democrats try to nudge him higher. >> i think in good faith you have to keep all options open or you're not being fair with the other side. i think 1.5 was more than fair. >> reporter: manchin has pushed back on key climate provisions and efforts to significantly expand medicare, which senator bernie sanders said today is a nonstarter. >> serious reconciliation bill must include expanding medicare to cover dental, hearing aids and eye glasses. >> reporter: democrats are also stig trying to come to an agreement on how to pay for the plan proposing a billionaires
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tax that would target the wealth of the richest americans. >> it would help get at capital gains which are an extraordinarily large part of the incomes of the wealthiest individuals. >> reporter: as more priorities are being slashed or scaled back, progressive members have become increasingly unhappy as the white house argues this is the only option. >> these are all components of what the president ran on and what he promised. and they all would make a heavy -- have a huge impact on people's lives across the country. do you want to be a part of that or be a part of nothing. those are the alternatives. >> reporter: progressives are still pushing for the social spending package to move in tandem with the hard infrastructure bill. >> it's important that we keep the pieces moving together. that's what's critical here. >> reporter: but moderates say it's time to vote. >> we've got to vote on the bipartisan infrastructure bill this week. there's no reason to hold it up any more. >> reporter: the white house already lowering expectations if a deal isn't reached by the time biden departs for an
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international climate conference this week. >> i think you've got a sophisticated set of world leaders who understand politics in their own country and understand american democracy. >> reporter: now democratic leaders are hoping to get an agreement on a framework by the end of the day tomorrow. that would just be hours away from president biden's departure for europe, which is currently scheduled for thursday morning. but they still have about four to five issues they have not come to an agreement on. that's medicare, medicaid, paid family leave, of course which has gone from 12 weeks to four weeks, immigration and taxes and how they're going to pay for all of it. >> kaitlan collins, thanks. let's bring in congresswoman veronica escobar of texas, a deputy weapon with the congressional progressive caucus. so you were among house democrats who met with president biden and vice president harris today at the white house. after hearing from him and speaker pelosi earlier today, what's your read on where negotiations stand? is an agreement on this larger build back better act, is it
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still likely by the end of the week? >> jake, thanks so much for having me on. and my view is we are moving toward a win. and it will be an incredible win for american families. it will help the economy work for everyone, not just a handful of folks. and it will ensure that we continue down a trajectory where there's more equity. where are we on it? the pieces are still moving. and one thing that i think is really important to note, it took the bipartisan infrastructure framework process a few months. and i know that we're all eager. i'm as eager as anyone else to get to a deal. do i think it will happen this week? we've got to see the actual legislative piece or the language. we need to see the details. and until we see those details there really is not a deal yes, but those conversations are ongoing and i am feeling optimistic. >> so after meeting with your
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progressive caucus chair, pramila jayapal this afternoon, house speaker nancy pelosi said that a framework agreement on the build back better spending package should be enough for congress to vote for the bipartisan infrastructure bill. democratic congresswoman cori bush of missouri responded saying, it's not enough for me, and there are more of us. is there possibly going to be a rebellion of progressives so the infrastructure bill will not pass before biden goes to glasgow? >> here's the thing, jake. we have to have details. and we don't have an agreement yet. we don't have those details yet. what we do still have are dozens of members, not just progressive caucus problems. i've spoken with folks outside of the progressive caucus who want to see those two bills move in tandem. if we reach an agreement, then i think we should announce that. and we should come together in the rose garden or in front of the white house or wherever to
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announce that so that the president has those details with him as he heads to cop26. but until that point we are still negotiating and there are still dozens of members who want to see both of those bills move in tandem. >> there's this argument that if biden is not able to go to glasgow with this bipartisan infrastructure bill, that you're willing to vote for but you just want to vote for it in tandem with the build back better act. and i understand the idea of leverage and all. but if biden can't go there, the white house or allies of it, say that weakens the hands of the united states to push other countries to address climate change. i know climate change is an issue you care a great deal about. is it possible that progressives in demanding that these two bills be voted on at the same time, actually harm biden's ability to push other countries to commit to meaningful climate change efforts?
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>> jake, here's what i know. progressives and house democrats, all of us, have been willing to compromise. all of us have come to the table. all of us have said that we will vote for the infrastructure package, but we need the details and an agreement or at least dozens of us need the details and an agreement before we can vote on infrastructure. that includes climate. i understand that there is not yet an agreement on climate. and so that question that you pose really should be posed to the two senators who are in the middle of all of this who were wanting to see changes to those provisions because we've been at the table and will remain at the table. we want the president to be successful. this is his bill. he has said, he wrote it. he gave it to the congress. it's congress' obligation to make the president successful. progressives are not standing in the way of that. there's two senators who should
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be asked about what they are willing to do in order to make sure that the president's agenda is successful. >> senator manchin is defending again why he thinks some of the climate and clean energy provisions are unnecessary. take a listen. >> i'm not going to pay taxpayer dollars and give it to a publicly traded utility, $150 billion, to do something they're going to do anyway. they say manchin scuttled the plan. i didn't scuttle the plan. i based it on reality. why would you do that? >> what's your response? >> then how do we get to our climate goals by 2030? let's work together on finding a solution that gets us there. i am far more interested in looking for ways that we accomplish what should be a unified goal, a vision that we all have for a clean planet, a planet that we can pass on to the next generation, a planet we can live on. how do we achieve those goals, senator manchin? because we're willing to work
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tog together. tell us how we get there. >> veronica escobar of texas, good to see you. coming up, public servants facing threats to their lives because of their efforts to carry out free and fair elections. plus, concerns that a new shortage could spark more inflation problems. that's ahead. [shouting and clashing] ♪ [horse neighs] ♪ ♪ ♪ some things are good to know. like where to find the cheapest gas in town, and which supermarket gives you the most bang for your buck. something else that's good to know? if you have medicare and medicaid, you may be able to get more healthcare benefits through a
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in our plik politics lead, biden administration tapped a republican secretary of state to a key election security role at the department of homeland security. her name is kim wyman and is washington state's top election official. she stood up to former president trump slamming trump's big lie rhetoric saying it undermines u.s. democracy and later criticizing that sham arizona
2:14 pm
audit as, quote, political theater. sean lingis was first to report the pick and joins us now. what does this tell us about the biden administration's efforts to secure elections? >> it tells us they're trying to go about it in a nonpartisan way. kim wynman is respected on both sides of the aisle for telling truth to power for her election security experience on the ground in washington, for nearly a decade, and thurston county. it says they're trying to get someone who understands how elections work and doesn't care about politics and wants to be able to work with both republicans and democrats to ramp up election security efforts. >> and how are other election officials reacting? >> there's been praise from a number of officials. the national association of state election directors praised the pick as nonpartisan and interested in getting the facts right on elections. i think the other positive news
2:15 pm
that's been in terms of both republican and democrat election officials have signaled that they're behind this pick. >> all right. nice. thanks so much. as trump and his mignons continue to try to undermine confidence in elections preparing to overturn another election in 2024, state and local election officials have been thrust into the national spotlight. and they and their families have been intimidated and threatened and even terrorized. >> i am a hunter, and i think you should be hunted. >> reporter: that message for arizona democratic secretary of state katie hobbs just one of several threatening vitriolic voice mails shared with cnn. >> i would like to say, katie hobbs, pain is coming. there's no place to hide. your elections were a fraud. >> reporter: nearly a year after the 2020 presidential contest, election officials accustomed to the bureau grattic and largely
2:16 pm
uncontroversial task of elections are stip grapple with hateful messages and in some cases even death threats. >> these are things like i see -- i'm watching you sleep. i know where you live. posting my address. telling me repeatedly how they're going to kill me. so, yes, this is not policy disagreements. >> reporter: most of the threats aimed at jena griswald, the colorado secretary of state, were posted online to her personal and public social media accounts or sent via email. when it comes to female officials, the attacks are particularly vial. i'm really jonesing to see your purple face after you've been hanged one email says. another says the dog is going to be wondering where you went and your husband will have to tell it that you were hung for treason. >> i think it is partially gendered. democratic women secretaries of state are getting the brunt of it, but it's not exclusively to democrats or women. >> good morning, everyone. >> reporter: in georgia, brad
2:17 pm
raffensberger faced threats as well after standing up to president trump's baseless claims of fraud. among those most disturbing were those addressed to his family. >> sending your wife sexualized texts and all that insulting garbage and then breaking into your daughter-in-law's, you know, townhouse and leaving the lights on and you know that they were there and then driving by our house. and so those kind of things are stuff that you notice. you do look over your shoulder. and that was all just ginned up all by lies. and all by people that were stirring the pot. >> reporter: across the u.s., and across political parties, election officials continue to be falsely accused of mishandling and rigging the 2020 election. there are fears it will increase into next year. >> some republicans have doubts about the midterms and spout conspiracies as a central plank of their campaigns. >> local election officials are going to leave. and then that opens the door to adding more political actors,
2:18 pm
less professional, more political actors into the election space which again is incredibly dangerous. >> reporter: a report in 2021 from the brennan center for justice found roughly 1 in 6 election workers received threats of violence. while almost 1 in 3 said they feel unsafe because of their job. earlier this year, the justice department and the fbi formed a task force to address the rise in threats against election officials. but griswald tells cnn she has yet to see action. >> the fbi says they are not monitoring the threats. i don't believe at this point the doj has prosecuted any of the threats. so the response has not been sufficient. >> now john keller, the justice department official who is overseeing this task force tells cnn these are the kinds of threats used to be dealt with on a state or local level. this is changing rapidly in response to the surge in threats nationwide since last election cycle. the justice department is supplementing efforts with national coordination, training and intelligence. >> sara murray, thank you.
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a critical step in the fight against covid. the u.s. food and drug administration's advisory committee voted in favor of recommending emergency use authorization for the pfizer vaccine for kids ages 5 to 11. the drugmaker says its vaccine is 90% effective against any symptomatic covid for that age group. now the vaccine might be available to some 28 million children in just weeks.
2:24 pm
joining me, the director for the center for child health behavior and development at seattle children's hospital. also the editor in chief of jama, the "journal of the american medical association pediatrics." the white house already talking about their rollout plan to get kids 5 to 11 vaccinated once it's fully approved and they're planning to lean into individual pediatricians as opposed to cvs. is that the best way to get lots of kids vaccinated at once? >> well, i think so. i think pediatricians are a key part to this. but i would like to see it done through schools with the support of pediatricians in their offices. and i say that because, a, schools are conveniently located for families, but more importantly, it creates kind of a, if you will, a social contagion effect. people are more likely to get the vaccine if they see other people or know other people stthat
2:25 pm
have gotten it. it could be great to do it through schools so families would see other people, their children's playmates, their neighbors getting the vaccine and increased likelihood that they'll get it. right now what we've seen in the older children is only 50% of eligible children have gotten vaccinated. of course, about 70% of eligible adults have. we need to get those numbers up. >> that's the question, though. given that only about half of kids age 12 to 15 years old are now fully vaccinated even though that's been okay for months, millions more remain unprotected. are you worried not enough kids ages 5 to 11 are going to get vaccinated to make a meaningful difference? because of parental resistance? >> yeah, i think one way of framing this for parents is thinking about other childhood vaccines, okay? the most -- one of the most recent ones is the chicken pox ones. the truth is fewer children died of chicken pox each year than have died of covid.
2:26 pm
way fewer died but we developed a vaccine for chicken pox and in many cases, in many schools we mandate it. why? because children even though they don't die, they get sick with chicken pox. they miss school because of chicken pox. their parents miss work because their children have chicken pox and some unvaccinated elderly adults who are susceptible to chicken pox get it and die. so that's a good example of why immunizing children even for diseases that aren't severe for them make a difference. and the truth is the side effect profile of the varisella vaccine is way worse than from the mrna covid vaccine for children. so i think we have gotten -- we've politicized this vaccine too much. we don't put it in the context of other vaccines that we readily accept for our children for less compelling reasons, frankly. >> do you think schools, once the vaccine is -- has been okayed, not just under emergency use authorization but regular authorization, do you think schools should mandate the covid
2:27 pm
vaccine the way that states mandate it in different -- every state has different mandates. but states mandate chicken pox vaccine, mumps, measles, rubella, et cetera, et cetera? >> once it's fda approved there's no reason for it to be treated differently than any other vaccine. here's the interesting thing. the states with the highest immunization rates for other vaccines for children have -- are states that have mandates for school entry and virtually no exceptions. so alabama and mississippi have fantastic vaccination rates for their children. and they have the worst vaccination rates for covid for adults and for children. this vaccine needs to be treated the same way. and once it's fda approved, which means that it has the full confidence of our expert scientists in the federal government, we should treat it the way we treat all other vaccines. let's talk about colin powell for a minute, okay? an american hero. a proud republican. an immigrant who was twice
2:28 pm
vaccinated. elderly cancer patient with parkinson's disease. he had multiple risk factors, including being immuno suppressed. he got covid, in spite of having done everything he could have to protect himself from it. we don't know how he got it, but it's entirely possible that there was a child somewhere in the vector of spread that got the disease to him. we have to do everything we can to break the cycle of transmission. not just because of the death we prevent today. equally important preventing the evolution of new migrants, which -- mutations which some day may prove to be -- which may prove to circumvent the vaccine we have and we'll be back to square zero. >> appreciate your time today. one week from today a key race that could give us a clue about what the midterm elections in 2022 might look like. we'll discuss next.
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a source tells me there are growing concerns in washington about a possible natural gas shortage this year that could send prices through the roof as temperatures plunge. and natural gas shortage could milw make inflation even worse. prices are already up for groceries, gas for cars, furniture and more. now the agriculture department estimates meat, poultry and fish could rise 5.5%. let's bring in matt egan. how severe might a natural gas shortage get and how quickly? >> we're really at the mercy of mother nature here. it if it's an extremely cold winter, americans will be forced to crank up the heat. the risk is if it's very cold, we could see natural gas prices really spike. some analysts think they could double from current levels. i want to show you how much natural gas prices are already up, though. they're already up 130% this year alone. and the federal government is forecasting that u.s. households that use natural gas for heating are going to spend an average of
2:34 pm
$746 on heating this winter. that's 30% more than last year. we've seen natural gas prices spike even more in europe, in asia. factories have had to shut down because they can't pay the gas bill. the good news is that analysts i talked to don't think we'll run out of gas here. that's because the united states is the largest gas producer on the planet. but even if we don't run out it doesn't mean americans won't be facing sticker shock. seven-year highs for gasoline prices. home heating costs on the rise. all of this is adding to the cost of living for everyday americans, jake. >> can the biden administration do anything to prevent this? >> you know, there are no easy fixes here. no magic wand. unfortunately, no strategic reserve of natural gas. there's no opec to call to beg to produce more. in many ways the united states is the saudi arabia of the natural gas world. if you ask the energy industry, they would say, well, the white
2:35 pm
house could cut environmental regulation and maybe that would help. and it could but maybe for next winter. it's not going to happen because president biden ran on an aggressive climate agenda. listen, jake, no one said the energy transition would be easy. topping our politics lead -- president biden heads to arlington, virginia, in a few hours to stump for democrat terry mcauliffe as the neck and neck governor's race enters its final week. glen youngkin's campaign releases a new add targeting mcauliffe on engs. laura murphy had this story about a book her child brought home from school. >> and my son showed me his reading assignment, my heart sunk. it was some of the most explicit material you can imagine. they passed bills requiring schools to notify parents when explicit content was assigned. but then governor terry mcauliffe vetoed it, twice. he doesn't think parents should
2:36 pm
have a say. he said that. he shut us out. >> what murphy and youngkin don't tell you is that her son was a high school senior and the book that she wanted banned was tony morrison's novel "beloved." cnn's eva mccann joins us. why does youngkin deploy this ad now and how does the mcauliffe campaign respond? >> youngkin is deploying this now because it's clear the campaign believes they've landed on a message that they think is working. i am at these youngkin rallies. it's largely parents and grandparents ticked off with their local school boards, angry about mask mandates, angry about the potential for vaccine mandates. don't like how the history of racism and the way the impact of racism is taught in virginia public schools. and by saying parents matter, he's able to, under an umbrella, get at all of those issues. and so that is why they continue
2:37 pm
to use this strategy. now in terms of this episode, "beloved," an important book in american history -- >> yeah. >> is based on a true story, right. tells the history of slavery in our country. it depicts a mother who kills her daughter so that she can shield her from the brutality of slavery. it's an uncomfortable reality but it's what happened in this country. and so mcauliffe saying that this is illustrative of a racist dog whistle, but the youngkin campaign pushing back on that saying it's not about this book in particular, it's about this overarching message that parents should have input. >> well, right, okay. let's broaden this out. i mean, yes, of course, parents should have input and this is an issue where glen youngkin has found traction. at the same time this ad specifically is about the book "beloved." i want to gettior reaction to a tweet from our league laura
2:38 pm
coates. i find it odd that anyone could think it's possible to treat the truth about slavery and leave out the barbaric, misogynistic, racist and cruel parts. that's sliskt amnesia. this issue, writ large, seems to be winning -- a winning issue for youngkin. >> it's an umbrella. that there are a lot of different ways that people can be frustrated with their local schools. so a problem republicans have faced in recent years is, how do you have a message that can unify your base? and with a message that focuses on education writ large, you can have something that's firing up your base that republican voters in virginia are really upset about but that also suburban parents might be frustrated with, too. again, whether it's around covid, curriculum or something else. but the other thing that we can't forget is that education is not the enl issue in this
2:39 pm
race. it's the one that's got the most heat around it but the economy say big factor. youngkin made a piece of his campaign about getting rid of the grocery tax. whether it's the rising cost of living, that is taking the wind out of democrats' sails in terms of the national environment. that's why youngkin is doing better than expected. >> maria, democrats are worried about this race. glen youngkin has overperformed and terry mcauliffe, we haven't seen the results yet, but in terms of his performance on the stump, has disappointed a lot of his colleagues. >> the only way to win races is if you run scared. they should be scared, worried and they are worried. i'm nervous. i am cautiously very nervously optimistic that i think mcauliffe will eke out a win, but it's either glen youngkin has peaked at the right time or he didn't peak early enough and terry mcauliffe will eke out a win. but i think all of these issues that you talked about, i think
2:40 pm
are critical. with this ad, though, youngkin completely misses the mark because it has given the opportunity for the mcauliffe campaign to talk about some of the extremist policies that the mcauliffe campaign has been wanting to tie youngkin to from the beginning, calling him a trump candidate in moderates clothing. gives him the opening and opportunity to talk about book banning which, you know, if you want to look at what the overall messaging is for voters in virginia, i think that is something that will excite the base, but i don't think it's something that will excite, you know, moderate women, suburban mothers. >> that's the question, olivia. if you are, let's say, a pta parent and see this ad you think, i don't like terry mcauliffe's position on this. but then you find out, oh, wait, they're talking about tony morrison's "beloved"? that seems a bit much. >> one of the really important things we talked about in this was what eva said. it's built on existing resentment about the way school
2:41 pm
boards have handled masks and virtual learning and in-person learning. how they've managed the pandemic. that store of resentment is basically a powder keg and something like this is the spark or that's what youngkin's campaign hopes it is. i don't know how much the fact-checking is going to sway individual voters. you've seen youngkin also say when the fbi pays attention to parents making threats of violence to school board members, that's somehow stalking all parents so i don't know that the fact-checking will be there. but the resentment has been there for months and months. youngkin has tapped into that. democrats should be worried, but the history of gubernatorials in virginia favors youngkin. >> sure. >> that's right. >> the party that doesn't hold the white house usually loses this. so democrats eke out a 1 percentage pont win they'll do a dance.
2:42 pm
>> in some ways it's almost great for democrats. the polls have shown this close race. >> i think that's right. n. cal >> in california you had the gavin newsom recall. democrats got the warning in just enough time. don't be complacent. almost as if for democrats in virginia, they've gotten that message. but did they get it in enough time time. >> you go to these youngkin rallies. i can see how an activated base who represent their local school boards would be engaged by the youngkin campaign. he's speaking right to them about the umbrella concerns. is that enough, though, is it enough voters? i don't know if these rallies are in northern virginia where i think it's fair to say the race will be won or lost. terry mcauliffe has to overperform there. >> that's where a lot of the votes will come from. that's the big question, jake. it's not clear. it's not clear if this parents matter push is really going to resonate with a large enough --
2:43 pm
large amount of virginians. it's clearly resonating with the base, but the big test is, is he going to peel off? is he going to be able to peel off some of those voters that voted for president biden? >> there's this other issue and we don't have to get into the details of it, but having to do with the sexual assault in a loudoun county school. a horrible incident but i was reading about it because a judge just issued an order against one of the kids involved here. i was reading about it and thinking this is very local and then thinking, it's very local and so is the governor's race. so is the governor's race that can actually -- a parent can identify with something that happens in a local school. maybe even more so than an education initiative. >> and that's right. and again, i think that is why the mcauliffe campaign should be worried because of this. youngkin has certainly hit a nerve but to your point, is it going -- is this something that is going to activate different voters, or are they the people that would have normally voted for youngkin anyway?
2:44 pm
i think the economy is also very critical. when terry mcauliffe was at a rally with latino voters, he focused really locally and forcefully on the economy, which i think was a smart thing. he talked about how he wants to raise the minimum wage to $15 an hour. youngkin does not want to do that. we just passed latina payday, latina equal payday. in 23 months, a latina makes the aim amount of money as her counterpart that's a white male. those are the kinds of issues that resonate with the kind of voters that mcauliffe needs to get out if he's going to eke out a win. >> and then the social issues because youngkin did an interview with the associated press where he said his faith does not support same-sex marriage but as governor, you know, he would obviously uphold the law. and the lgbtq groups are out there saying youngkin doesn't support same-sex marriage which has been the law of the land. he doesn't emotionally support
2:45 pm
it but doesn't want to get rid of it. >> sure, you've seen the mcauliffe campaign go after youngkin on abortion. there are these traditional hot-button social issues on the left. the abortion issue supercharged now because what's happening at the supreme court, what's happening in texas and elsewhere. but i also want to go -- the one data point i want after this election is what proportion of voters blamed biden/mcauliffe for inflation? because really there are very few, issues that hit home more than, i filled up my car today and it was $50 more than when i filled it up last year. never mind the pandemic froze us all into place. headlines about thanksgiving being maybe the most expensive thanksgiving of all time. what proportion of voters are saying this is a global phenomenon. i saw that piece that said fuel sout of control in france and britain and how many are like, no, this is about the biden economy. >> that's not lost on mcauliffe at all. he has continually implored democrats in congress to get
2:46 pm
their act together. he wanted to be able to run on democratic accomplishments, some policy victories and he hasn't been able to. and he's expressed that frustration time and time again. >> i guarantee you that tonight when joe biden is there with terry mcauliffe, they'll bring up all of these economic kitchen table issues, but they are also going to bring up this issue of tying trump to glen youngkin, calling him a sleeper candidate, right, if he gets elected. >> trump in khakis they called him. >> and the fact that today, right, there was the trial of the people that committed all of those, you know, the murder and the march in charlottesville. i bet you they'll tie those two together. let's not forget that joe biden started his campaign talking about charlottesville and the soul of america. >> thanks to all of you. welcome to you. good to have you here. a major storm slamming the northeast sparking extreme winds, flash flooding, even water rescues. that's next.
2:47 pm
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internationally new york city and new jersey under a state of emergency as a powerful october nor'easter slams s muchf the east coast. the intensifying storm bringing extreme wind to the region, a region recoveric from hurricane ida. rescue workers are rescued more than a dozen people trapped by the floodwaters among life-threatening flash flooding. tornadoes have sliced through parts of missouri and illinois. out west, california is grappling with the aftermath of another extreme weather hazard,
2:52 pm
an historic bomb cyclone. tom seder is track all of this for us. tom, 35 million americans in the northeast under flood watch from the storm right now. what should we expect? >> well, the pressure is dropping, jake, so it means the storm is getting stronger. it's really just organizing. you mentioned the term bomb cyclone. that's when the pressure dropped rapidly in a 24-hour period. when these series of storms have moved to the west coast, they were bombing out, the lowest pressure ever recorded off washington state. now on the east coast. first nor'easter of the year. the area of pressure on the border of pennsylvania and new york, this spawned over a dozen tornadoes. if there's any good news, we have a dry slot over new york city to newark, pigging up 3 to 4 inches of rainfall, but a surge across long island, all the way up to upstate new york. therefore, the training of rain, the showers and storms moving through the area dropping rain. you'll see this is where we're having the flash flood warnings
2:53 pm
making their way to the northwest as the rain moves through. numerous water rescues. but because the storm is streng strengthening, the winds are going to get stronger and broaden outward. you can see where some of the heavier rainfall has been. we'll start with central park, almost 3 inches of rainfall. but brooklyn is over 4 inches. then almost 4 1/2, parts of new jersey. this is just the beginning. because the storm is strengthening, it has a lot of moisture to work with, it's not rare to have a nor'easter in the month of october. if dyou recall superstorm sandy remember the perfect storm with george clooney, based on a true october event. wind warnings for long island, connecticut, and cape cod. we have seen the winds pick up, as we mentioned yesterday with you, over 40, even 50, 60-mile-per-hour winds. some gusts could get up to hurricane strength. that would be near cape cod, nantucket, and points to the north. coastal areas of maine. power outages, not many yet. about 10,000.
2:54 pm
power companies are forecasting could be over 100,000. the storm strengthens more overnight tonight, and then we'll watch a severe weather threat in the midwest this evening from the next storm that is plowing in from the west coast. tornadoes, parts of texas in toward oklahoma this even. a lot of leaves on the strtrees. could have severe power outages. >> up next, an effort to expunge the record of a black woman who refused to give up her seat on a bus. i'm not talking about rosa parks. stay with us. sterious figure reminds her that she has the farmers home policy perk, guaranteed replacement cost. and that her home will be rebuilt, regardless of her limits or if the cost of materials has gone up. (woman) that's really something. (burke) get a whole lot of something with farmers policy perks. wait, i didn't ruin the ending, did i? (woman) yeah, y-you did. ♪ we are farmers. bum-pa-dum, bum-bum-bum-bum ♪ to run a growing business, is to be on a journey.
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this halloween, xfinity rewards is offering up some spooky-good perks. like the chance to win a universal parks & resorts trip to hollywood or orlando to attend halloween horror nights. or xfinity rewards members, get the inside scoop on halloween kills. just say "watch with" into your voice remote for an exclusive live stream with jamie lee curtis. a q&a with me! join for free on the xfinity app. our thanks your rewards. in our buried lead, stories we think are not getting enough
2:59 pm
attention, a civil rights pioneer's fight to have an unjust conviction expunged. she was arrested in 1955 for refusing to give up her seat on a bus to a white person in month gemry, alabama. i'm not talking about rosa parks. this woman's name is claudette. her act of disobodeiance when she was 15 years old against racist segregation laws partly inspired parks to take her more famous action nine months later. speaking outside the courtroom where she filed her request this afternoon, colvin remembered that fateful day. >> my mindset was on freedom. and my mindset was on the heroes, the women, especially the women, sojourner truth and harriet tubman. so i was not going to move that day. >> all right. >> i told them that history had me glued to the seat. >> colvin's attorneys say she's
3:00 pm
seeking the expungement because of a planned move out of state. give her the expungement, for god's sake. follow me on facebook, instagram, twitter and the tiktok. our coverage continues right now with one mr. wolf blitzer right next door in "the situation room." thank you for watching. i'll see you tomorrow. happening now, president biden is racing to break a stalemate, and advance his agenda as new splits within his own party threaten to derail a long-sought spending deal. we're taking you inside the fever pitch negotiations with time running out. also tonight, the january 6th select committee sets its sights on more trump administration insiders seeking interviews with two former homeland security officials. this as we're learning that at least five trump era white house staffers have indeed been coopat