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tv   CNN Newsroom With Ana Cabrera  CNN  October 22, 2021 10:00am-11:00am PDT

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tis! yes to clean and fresh ingredients! and yes to living life to the flavor-fullest. panera. live your yes. now $1 delivery. hello and hanks for joining us. i'm ana cabrera in new york. we begin with the deadly shooting involving alec baldwin. the actor seen here overcome with emotion after police say he fired a prop gun thursday while filming his new movie killing the cinematographer and critically injuring the director. the woman killed, helena hutchins, was 42 years old and had been named a rights star by american cinematographer mag zone. earlier this week, hutchins posted this video of herself from the western movie set riding on horseback here. now alec baldwin talking about this just a short time ago
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posting on twist they are are no words to convey my shock and sadness regarding the tragic accident that took the life of helena hutchins, a wife, mother and deeply admired colleague of ours. i'm fully cooperating with the police investigation to address how this tragedy occurred, and i am in touch with her husband offering my support to him and his family. my heart is broken for her husband, their son and all who knew and loved helena. cnn's stephanie elam joins us now. stephanie, this is just so tragic for everyone involved. what more do we know about how this happened? >> yeah. there's no way to get around that part of it, ana. what we do know is according to the santa fe county sheriff's department is that they got the call just before 2:00 p.m. that there was a shooting on the movie set. they responded to two people shot. we know that hutchins was airlifted to the university of new mexico hospital where she was pronounced dead. we know that director joel souza was taken to a regional hospital
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by ambulance. still no official word on how he is doing at this point. it's still not clear though how anyone, especially the director of photography and the director could be in the line of this gunfire. that's part of the questions that people have out there, and then just many people wondering why there needs to be these kinds of props that can be so dangerous on set. obviously this is not the first time that we've seen something like this happen, so many people are saying there's computer technology now, there's ways to get around this where you don't actually have to have this danger on set and you've seen so many productions from "titanic" on down, part of this production "russ," this western filming in new mexico, 1880s western and she posted how much she adored watching helena work and posting this picture of her to remember
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her, so many people taking to twit earth to remember, to instagram, to remember helena, and the amazing work that show was doing and the path that she was already trailblazing at such a young age. still, so many questions on how this could have happened and also why it could happen and how to make sure it never happens again. ana. >> no doubt about it. any update on the condition of the director who was injured? >> no. we're still waiting to get an official word on his condition. you can take maybe perhaps a little bit of hope because he was taken by ambulance to a regional hospital so hopefully he's doing better. he's 48 years old but still no word on that, and also noting that in the -- the fact that he's worked with alec baldwin before before alec did not reference him in the tweets that you read. hopefully he's recovering and doing okay. >> thank you for your reporting, stephanie elam. we'll check back with you and joining us by phone is a state and federally licensed weapons
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expert and has more than 25 years of experience in the entertainment industry as an on-set weapons arm oher, and he's worked with alec baldwin before. mike, thank you for jumping on with us. based on your expertise, how could this have possibly happened. >> that's an excellent question. i don't know. you know, i know people are saying why are we using such dangerous weapons? they are not dangerous if they are handled professionally by people who know what they are doing. i mean, we've been using guns in films since the early rao 20s, so -- >> how should a scene like this involving a prop gun be handled? what kind of safety precautions are supposed to be in place when scenes involving weapons are filmed? >> first, you need a professional arm oher on the film who does this all the time like myself or my crew. you know, we supply the weapons as well as the blanks, and there is never any live ammo on a film
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set ever, and i'm hearing that that's possibly what fired out of that gun, but the guns are never pointed at an actor or actress, a crew merges an animal or anything on set, and it's -- it's a very safe process usually, so having heard this happen was really amazing and having heard it was alec baldwin was even more amazing. i've worked with mr. baldwin. he's very profession a.m. he's very safe, very courteous, so i can't imagine what he's going through right now, but things like this don't happen on movie sets usually. i think there's maybe been a couple of instances over the many, many years that films have been in production since the '20s that something like this has happened. >> when you talk about this unknown, right, we don't know if it was a live round that was fired. >> we don't know. >> nothing definitive there, but could something other than a live round been fired out and seriously hurt or obviously killed somebody?
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>> well, i don't know what range the gun was at, how far the -- how far away the gun was from the young lady that was killed. it is very hard to get killed by a blank, at least a professional movie blank. the blanks that we use are just a crimped casing so the only thing in them is powder which is what simulates the flash and a western the smoke from guns so the worst people ever got is a powder burn which would be irritating but certainly not going to kill you, so very many questions on this. >> yeah. what are your biggest questions that you have right now? >> my biggest question is who was in charge of the guns on this set? no one seems to have that answer which i find very puzzling, you know. whenever we work on a film, we are the department in charge of the weapons. the weapons are always with us. they do not leave our possession until they are handed to an actor or actress on the set. when that happens, we tell the
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actor if it's a hot gun, meaning if it's loaded with blanks or gold gun meaning it's unloaded. we never put blanks in the gun until they are actually ready to film the shot. the rehearsals are done with a cold gun, the empty, and we also set up the shot with the director of photography and the director so the actor has a mark meaning a place to fire at that he or she knows would be safe to fire the gun in that direction, so -- >> okay. so many unanswered questions here, but who was in charge of these guns? who supplied these guns? who supplied the blanks, if there was a blank and -- >> and what was done with the gun prior to alex baldwin handling it? >> right, right, exactly. there's so many questions. was something lodged in that gun like what happened on the brandon lee, you know, tragedy. >> right? >> the one from 1993. >> we don't know that. >> we always supply our guns so
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we know their safety aspects and they are always clear and everything else. many shows rent guns from different places. >> okay. >> well, that's really interesting to learn. mining, appreciate your expertise and providing that context and per spifblgt on this tragedy for all of us. appreciate it. i want to bring in our cnn legal analyst jennifer rogers now. so many questions here about possible liability. jennifer, we've heard from are a spokesman from the production who called this an accident. no charges have been filed at this point, but could charges come? >> this theory, ana, they could. so this happened in new mexico. new mexico covers criminally negligent homicide with its involuntary manslaughter statute and that requires that someone caused the death either in the course of an unlawful action or an action that is reckless, willful or wanton and without due caution and circumspection. i wanted to get that language right so only if alec baldwin
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acted within the confines of that statute would they be possibly criminally liable and there's a lot that we don't know. we don't know any of the circumstances really other than the bare bones that have been released so if mr. baldwin was handed the gun, had nothing do with its prep ray, you know, pointed it where he was supposed to point it and pulled the trigger, i can't see how he possibly could be charged within the confines of this statute that. still leaves the arm oher as your prior guest was talking about, so there are a lot of questions around how that gun was handled, how it was maintained, cleaned, inspected, loaded, what it was loaded with, so there's a possibility of criminal charges there i would think for that person but, of course, it all depends on what the investigation reveals and we here at this point that that ongoing. >> mike tristano said this isn't the first time that something like this happened on a film set, brandon lyrics the son of bruce lyrics was shot and killed
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while shooting "the crow" and no criminal charges were filed but lee's mother settled a case and we're told this baldwin was the person who discharged the firearm but is it he orrers who are more responsible? >> certainly on the civil side i would think he's less vulnerable than other. the civil negligence standard is much lower than the criminal negligent standard so when you talk about civil negligence, in other words, filing a lawsuit to get damages, you're talking about whether someone violated a duty of care. did they act as a reasonable person or not, and so you think about how this gun was handled all the way from the arm oher to the producers, to the director, you know. what was going on on that film set that allowed this had a top. there's definitely going to be civil liability there somewhere. there's a term in the law, this latin term which essentially
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says that you can infer negligence by what happened. if you have someone that was killed by a gun that was supposed to have blanks in it, there's going to be negligence somewhere, so i fully expect there to be civil lawsuits filed here for what happened. >> does alec baldwin have to be careful about what he says publicly about what happened, or should he be, you know, very transparent? >> that's certainly going to be between him and his lawyer. any time you're in the crosshairs of criminal investigators you definitely need to be careful, but as i explained unless there are facts that come out that are different, from you know, what folks at this point are ray sumg happened, he likely is not in any criminal jeopardy. yes, he could still be sued, but, you know, on balance if he let rally was handed this gun and had no knowledge of any problem with it or live ammunition or anything like that, then he probably will want to err on the side of transparency. there's a major tragedy here. someone is dead and another
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person is injured, and it sounds like he's not the primary person responsible so, you know, i hope that we hear whether it's from mr. baldwin or elsewhere some more details about whatted had a here so in part like what happened after brandon lee was killed the industry can re-evaluate their protocols and take additional safety measures to ensure this didn't happen again. >> jennifer rogers, real appreciate your expertise. thank you. also breaking right now. optimism from democratic leaders after president biden pitched his mavis spending plan in our cnn town half. speaker pelosi now saying she is hopeful for a vote on key bills next week. are senators manchin and sinema finally on board? >> plus, he was booted from the january 6th select committee for trying to overturn the 2020 election, so why is republican congressman jim banks signing letters as the ranking member of that committee? sorry? limu, you're an animal!
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president biden on stage and peeling back the curtain on the private talks and political infighting that have bogged down his economic package. in a cnn presidential town hall he abandoned the administration's reticence on details like what obstacles remain, where is he willing to compromise and what about his party's key holdouts, moderate senators joe manchin and kyrsten sinema? >> and first of all she's smart as the devil, number one. number two, she's very supportive of the environmental agenda in my legislation, very supportive. she's supportive of almost all the things that i mentioned relating to everything from a family care to -- to all those issues. where she's not supportive is she says she will not raise a single penny in taxes on the
10:18 am
corporate side andor on wealthy people period. >> cnn's lauren fox is in d.c. and phil mattingly is at the white house. phil, the president's approval ratings have been sinking. he really needed to reassure americans and bolster their confidence in him. does the white house feel he achieved that? >> i think we need talk to officials, and they felt that the president set out with a couple of gomes, one to lay out what the parameters that the negotiations are going on, all the work that we did getting the details, should have waited for the town hall to lay them all out but make it clear where the president is making concessions in order to get the vote they are still making significant investments doing the types of things that democrats have wanted to do for years if not decades despite the concessions and i think the president felt like he was able to do that, but it was made very clear that there's still a lot of work to dom and that's what you're seeing right now behind the scenes. the president had breakfast with
10:19 am
speaker nancy pelosi this morning. senate majority leader chuck schumer participated via zoom as they tried to map out the road forward, a road forward with a very compressed timeline trying to get the $1.2 trillion infrastructure bill and the climate proposal through the house by the end of next week. it's going to be a lift. everybody acknowledges that, but it underscores at this moment in time, the shift and pivot that we've seen from the president over the course of the last couple of days they are making very clear that they want to keep their foot on the gas. >> top congressional democrats have predicted a deal in hand by week's end next week but week's end is the original goal. today is friday and after a breakfast meeting house speaker nancy pelosi sounded optimistic. how close are they in. >> it doesn't seem like we'll have a deal in hand tonight. now they have talked about some kind of framework or top line number that they had hoped to coalesce aron, but there are still a number of outstanding
10:20 am
issues, one of which is simply how to pay for this bill. even if you can agree on how much democrats are going to spend on several programs, you still have to find a way to come up with the funding for it, and the president made it clear last night that sinema is not there on key democratic pay-fors to finance this proposal. he also made it clear that there are some ongoing conversations that are happening around how much you can actually expand medicare. bernie sanders, the chairman of the budget committee, has wanted to include vision, hearing and dental. it sounded last night from the president like that wasn't going to happen in full, so how much do they have to scale back? these conversations are also ongoing on climate with west virginia senator joe manchin so a lot of moving pieces here and the negotiations are happening. they are trying very hard, but it doesn't look luke we're going to see a framework revealed in the next few hours. >> you guys have been the best in the biz. you've been out front on all of this reporting. keep it up, lauren fox and phil
10:21 am
mattingly, thanks so much for all your hard work. stay in washington. follow the money. the advice that fueled the watergate investigation is now driving the congressional probe of the january 6th capitol attack. the house select committee is zeroing in on the financing behind events and people associated with the riot. that includes the stop the steal rallies that preceded it. cnn's law enforcement correspondent whitney wild is joining us from washington. whitney, what are you learning? >> reporter: this could be one of the most available avenues for investigation, ana, because the money trail is something concrete and tangible that the committee can use as evidence throughout their evidence, particularly if they have questions about whether or not this money flow was proper, so, again, veryit call place for them to begin evidence and as evidence of that we know that the committee has basically broken up into five teams. one of the teams dedicated solei to investigating the financing, and we've also learned there was
10:22 am
a very experienced financial litigator who will continue to investigate the money trail here, and what we're learning, ana, from sources is that based on sources who are familiar with the interviews of people who have come in voluntarily to speak with the committee as well as records reviewed by cnn, both of those sources of information are telling us that the committee has asked direct questions about financing and further is asking for direct documents to reflect financing. for example, any documents that reflect financing for accommodations, travel, fund-raising for the commit, a host -- a host of xhngs records, ana. again, experts saying this could be one of the most valuable investigations. and one member is under fire
10:23 am
forecast claiming to be on that commit and that congress member is jim banks. he's not on the committee because pelosi gave him the boot for trying to overturn the the 2020 election. that did not stop him from penting himself as the ranking republican of the select committee in letters to government agencies in an apparent effort to gain insight into the actual committee's work. republican congresswoman liz cheney is on the committee and called out banks on the house floor and submitted some of the letters for the record, and here's one of them. you can see there signed jim banks, ranking member. here's what a spokesperson for banks is saying about all of this. the letter clearly states that rep banks was refused the opportunity to fulfill his duties, a bizarre democratic narrative meant to distract from the actual contents of rep banks' letter. there are two republicans on the
10:24 am
committee. liz chain and adam kinzinger. bill crystal joins us and director of defending democracy together. bill, your reaction to this revelation that banks was sending form al letters to government agencies claiming to be the rank member of the january 6th committee. >> you know what strikes mow, ana, is that banks wanted copies of everything being submitted from the executive branch agencies to the committee. why? i mean, they are not on the commit. they don't like the committee. they have attack the committee. what does he care about what the different departments say about what happened that day and what happened with the white house. i think they are worried. they are worried about what's going to come out and not what's going to come out so much about third parties, some second tier person said this or to some other person. there was money spent on this. they are worried about the president's personal knowledge and involvement in what was happening on january 6th. what happened that morning and
10:25 am
what happened the day before about what was going to happen, what he and his closest advisers knew and said on those days. that's what strikes me. >> he is defending this saying mccarthy appointed him, but speaker pelosi rejected him from serving but ultimately he deserves to see the information saying, quote, the minority party in congress retains the same rights to information that is provided to the majority party, and for those reasons i ask that you provide me any information that is submitted to the select committee. that was part of this letter. bill, there are republicans on this commit, as we pointed out so what do you make that have defense, and what do you think congressman banks is really trying do? is he trying to undermine their work? >> sure, but they are doing to do that anyway. again, it comes back to me to -- if the information is worthless, if no one did anything wrong. if there were just some people who foolishly perhaps and perhaps illegally came into the capitol building but had no connection to trump, no
10:26 am
connection to the chief of staff at the whouls, no culpability on part of congressman banks' colleagues who might have been in touch with these people, nothing to see here, why do they so much want to see the documents. if you were working on an investigation and then were kicked off the committee doing the investigation you'd say okay, i'm going ignore it, it's wasting time, and the fact this is going on is it tells me they know there's more direct involvement by president trump than we know yet and liz cheney said that the other day, a version of that, and she's pretty careful about what she says so i think there may be more here than we know. >> and she becomes a growing target ail among the republican lawmakers. a lobbyist close to kevinmore
10:27 am
car think and consultants that they have to pick liz cheney are and one of the firms said they can no lodger work with her. bill, the grand ole party. >> they do not want liz chain toe win her primary in wyoming and they don't want her to be back in congress and say things that they were not able. she's in a tiny minority in her party. there were nine votes on her side, 202 i think the other way, and instead they want her to lose. they really about their roles. >> bill kristol, good to have you with us. appreciate your perspective. brand new, the cdc says it's okay to mix covid-19 boosters. how should you pick your next shot?
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of americans. the cdc recommending what the fda authorized. that means for johnson & johnson anyone at least two months past their first shot shut get a boost. for moderna half a dose is recommended at least six months after the second shot for people 65 years and older or at least 18 and at high risk of severe disease or exposure to infection. now, morrina's age guidance is the same as pfizer but dr. fauci thinks those age limits will drop soon. >> i would be rather confident that as we get further and further over the next weeks to months that the age limit of it is going to be lowered, and you might soon fall into the age category where you can get eligible for a booster. >> with us now is dr. math two, primary care physician and doctor, good to see you. when do you think younger, healthy americans should be
10:34 am
eligible for boosters? >> well, hopefully soon, ana. i think that if we keep listening to the dialogs amongst the scientists there's definitely a concern, that yes, if you're fully vaccinated there could still be a risk of breakthrough infections though most them are mild, but i think it is important that we protect as many people as possible. not just the elderly, not just people in nursing holes, so i definitely have always been one to stand behind protecting the fully vaccinated while at the same time encouraging people to get the first shot. >> the fda and cdc are saying mix and matching booster dosage is very. would you remember that a basht get a booster different than what he actually got. i posted a picture at my doctor's office. if you got moderna and it's been
10:35 am
six months, go ahead and get moderna. if you've had pfizer and it's been six month, get pfizer. there's not much benefit for interchanging pfizer or moderna so stick with that vaccine. now here's what i consider the biggest deal. if you're a j&j vaccine recipient, ana, i think the booster shot should be an mrna, and the reason for that resimple. we see a much higher protection in terms of antibody levels and for women younger than age 50 there is a small but fatal risk of that blood clot, so for j&j vaccine recipients, talk to your dock tomorrow i would highly recommend one of the two mrna vaccines as your booster shot. >> that's good information. the vaccines for kids under 12 are currently under review and just today some good news it seems like. pfizer says its advantagesan is more than 90% effective against symptomatic covid-19 in that 5 to 11-year-old age group, so what does that mean for beating
10:36 am
this pandemic once that group, that age group is authorized to get a vaccine? >> you know, as we add more and more people to that eligible population of getting vaccinated like the 5 to 11-year age group, that's 22 million in the u.s. that's a huge group of kid. if the parents allow these kids to get vaccinated we can absolutely cut down on the transmission. if you have any recitationed, and let's not forgot, anna, gets may have res voird but may be a bad outcome but they can transmit the virus and infect people at school and at home as well. >> doctor, thanks for joining us. happy friday. >> thank, aina. up next the attorney for brian laundrie's parents say his
10:37 am
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10:42 am
been found. his death means that questions only he may have been able to answer could forever remain a mystery. back with us now is former federal prosecutor jennifer rogers. jennifer, now that it is confirmed laundrie is dead, what's likely happening behind the scenes right now? is this case closed? >> reporter: well, there's a few different things happening, ana. first of all, there's gabby petito's murder. i don't know whether or not the authorities are convinced that brian laundrie killed her. if they are, then that matter is closed. there's brian laundrie's death. again, we don't know enough to know whether his death was deemed to be by suicide or by some sort of natural causes having to do with exposure or an encounter with an animal, but if not, if they think another person is involved there's that aspect and then there's the notion of the parents and whether there was any indication if the parents when they were searching for laundrie and evidence about petito's murder, whether they lied to authorities or had any tampering with evidence or hiding evidence, so i think they are probably
10:43 am
looking certainly at that aspect of the case now. >> and the laundrie family attorney was asked about the potential for charges. let's listen to what he told nbc news. >> there has been some speculation out there, and, again, i understand you don't like to talk about speculation, that maybe some type of deal was cut, that they promised to cooperate with investigators to get some type of i municipality. any truth to that? >> i can tell you no. there's no truth to that. what i can tell you is that conversations were had several weeks ago with the fbi with respect to certain charges. when questioned and when communications were had between myself and the fbi, i think it was realized that charges were not appropriate. >> jennifer, what's your reaction to that? >> well, it's interesting. i think the lawyer was cautious and properly so. you know, in my experience when authorities go to speak to people in the position of laundrie's parents, laundrie is
10:44 am
missing. he's a person of interest in a murder. they want to find him and want to find evidence so it would not be at all unusual so i would expect authorities to say to the laundries, listen, i have to warn you, if you lie to us, you could be charged with a crime. if you hide evidence or tamper with evidence, you could be charged with a crime so don't do that, and that's different from saying we know you did something. you did something wrong, and we'll give you immunity if you come clean. so maybe all the lawyer is saying is that that kind of standard warning was given. i wouldn't be at all surprised at that, but we just don't know enough yet, and there are a lot of questions around the timeline here so we'll have to see how that develops. >> the family attorney also said the family has discussed the possibility laundrie killed himself, but when asked whether brian told his parents about what happened to gabby though, he said he couldn't comment, so kind of getting into what you are saying. if at any point laundrie maybe confessed to his parents that he was responsible for petito's
10:45 am
death than they didn't report that to police, that would be a crime? >> it would not. you know, no one has the obligation to speak to police or authorities. you have a fifth amendment right not to incriminate yourself. there's no reason you need to incriminate someone else either, but if you do choose to talk you have to tell the truth so they could be sitting there and if the police asked them that question, they can say, you know, no comment, we don't want to say but you can't lie so that's really where that line is drawn. you know, they are in a difficult position with these loyalties to their son, of course, and, you know, also i'm sure they -- they have, you know, some loyalty to gabby petito and are sad about what happened to her, you know, so they probably took their lawyer's advice. any criminal lawyer in that circumstance will tell you just to be quiet. >> jennifer rogers, thank you so much. you've been such a great resource today on both stories, the alec baldwin story and this one as well. really appreciate it. >> thanks, ana. up next, officials say not a single passenger tried to
10:46 am
intervene or even help when a woman was assaulted on a train last week. how? we're going to talk about the so-called bystander effect next. r at (birds chirping) ♪ (upbeat music) ♪ (phone beep) ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ (music quieter) ♪ (phone clicks) ♪ ♪ some things are good to know. like where to find the cheapest gas in town, and which supermarket gives you the most
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a woman reportedly raped on a philadelphia train earlier this month. and now cnn has learning the passengers who witnessed but failed to intervened will not be prosecuted. the details are troubling. here is what happened. victim was harassed for about half an hour and she tried to push the suspect away as he starts touching her. throughout this time the victim is obviously trugling with trying to keep him off her. according to police, eventually raped here which lasted for six minutes before a transit police officer pulled the suspect off the victim. joining us now is dr. packer an the coauthor of the power of us,
10:52 am
dominic, you just co-wrote a piece titled what motivated bystanders to inveen. you research human behavior and why wouldn't someone intervene, especially when there could be strength in numbers? >> right. i mean these are extremely distressing and disturbing situations. which happened with surprising frequency. where we hear of the stories about someone in real need of help and people not offering assistance. starting in about the 1950s they became interested in hypothesis with the bystander effect which is the more people who are around, the less likely it is that anyone will step forward to help. and there is a couple of reasons for this. one has to do with a situation that is an emergency. it is not always clear what going on. and people look to each other to figure out, is this an emergency. should i intervene. should we help?
10:53 am
and if they see that other people aren't doing that, they themselves might come to the conclusion, i guess it is not a probe. in addition, with more people being around, they might assume that somebody else will step forward. someone else will take care of it and this is known as the diffusion responsibility. >> it is so disturbing to think that is how we behave as human and that is our human nature. but in this case not only did wits not intervene, they didn't even alert authorities. does that surprise you? >> that does surprise me. i think it is shocking. again, you could infer the same sort of psychology. someone could assume somebody else has done it but it is not a problem. but this is somewhat shocking that no one called the authorities in this case. >> police say two people may have actually videotaped this assault using their cell phones. what do you make of that? >> well i find that horrendous.
10:54 am
if it ends up being confirmed certainly, i think it is again hard to wrap your head around how this could be what plausible or potential explanation is that people do sometimes think that by recording an event they are in fact helping in a way. their there could be times when having a record of something is useful. i obviously don't know whether that would apply in this case. and first things first, if somebody is in need of help, you should offer them help either directly or by calling the authorities. before choosing to then record it perhaps for later criminal charges. >> and hopefully now they're asking witnesses to come forward. hopefully any kind of recording will be useful in prosecuting this case. dominic packer, i appreciate your time from lehigh university. i think i messed that up on the front end. appreciate it. >> thank you, ana. >> we have some breaking news now. the supreme court has scheduled oral arguments on texas's
10:55 am
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