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tv   New Day With John Berman and Brianna Keilar  CNN  October 22, 2021 2:59am-4:01am PDT

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♪ good morning to viewers here in the united states and all around the world. it is friday, october 22nd. i'm john berman with brianna keilar. a new eruption overnight from president joe biden in a cnn
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townhall. a free-flowing stream of revelations about what's going on behind the scenes as the white house and democrats move closer to a deal on a spending plan that could change the lives of seniors, kids, and working parents. after 100 hours of negotiations, he predicted there will be a deal. although four or five issues remain unresolved. and he specified exactly what the holdups are with senators sinema and manchin, where he is willing to compromise, and where he is not. >> another big takeaway was president biden's evolving position on the filibuster. he said he is open to altering it to address voting rights and other things, he said, but he also is concerned he'll lose votes on his domestic agenda if he pushes the filibuster issue right now. jeremy diamond is live at the white house with all the highlights from the big night in baltimore. we did get a look at the inside workings of these negotiations,
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jeremy. >> reporter: we certainly did. president biden is open to fundamentally altering the filibuster to get a negotiation done but first getting the reconciliation bill. the president pulling back the curtain on the closed-door negotiations, making clear what is and isn't going to be in the bill and the two senators are driving many of the cuts. . >> i do think i'll get a deal. >> reporter: president biden telling voters he's confident the marathon to pass his domestic agenda is nearing an ep end. after months of negotiations and infighting between democrats. >> look, i was a senator for 370 years. and i was never -- i was relatively good at putting together deals. >> reporter: but today, biden facing a different dynamic. >> when you're in the united states senate and you're approximate president of the united states and you have 50
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democrats, every one is a president. every single one. so you have to work things out. >> reporter: one of the key senators clearly on the president's mind. >> mr. manchin is opposed to that. joe is not a bad guy. he's a friend. and he's always at the end of the day come around and voting. mr. manchin and one other person indicated they will not stop free community college. >> reporter: the president name-checking senator joe manchin as well as senator kyrsten sinema throughout the night. >> first of all, she's smart as the devil, number one. number two, she's very supportive of the environmental agenda in my legislation. where she's not supportive is she said she will not raise a single penny in taxes on the corporate side and/or on wealthy people, period. >> reporter: the two moderate democrats stalling the effort to get biden's bill through the senate and forcing hard choices. >> we're down to four or five
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issues, which i'm not going to negotiate on national television, as you might guess. >> reporter: the president is willing to slim down or eliminate some sections of his plan, removing free college, parental leave from 12 to 4 weeks and extending the child tax credit for just one more year. biden also saying it will be tough to expand medicare to cover dental, vision and hearing. . >> it's a reach. the reason why it's a reach is -- it's a good idea and not that costly in relative terms. >> reporter: $800 dental vouchers for people in need. to add a work requirement for the child tax credit. >> no. here's the deal. all of these people are working anyway. >> reporter: on voting rights, the president says he's open to possibly reforming the filibuster. a senate rule requiring a 60-vote threshold to advance most legislation. . >> well, that remains to be seen
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exactly what that means whether or not we just end the filibuster straight up. >> just so i'm clear, though, you would entertain the notion of doing away with the filibuster on that one issue; is that correct? . >> and maybe more. >> reporter: biden also discussed supply change issues, climate change, policing and immigration, specifically the situation at the southern border with mexico. >> i guess i should go down. but the whole point of it is i haven't had a whole hell of a lot of time to get done. >> reporter: the president says he's hopeful the vaccine will be available for children ages 5 to 11. >> unlike past administrations, science will particudictate thi >> [ applause ]. >> no, i really mean it. >> the expectations are it will be ready in the near term, meaning weeks, not months and months. >> reporter: and president biden also reflecting on his hot mic
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reaction back when he was vice president to the passage of the affordable care act which he called a big f-ing deal. he believes this legislation is a bigger darn deal. the question, though, can he get that deal done before he leaves on his foreign trip at the end of next week. brianna. >> jeremy, thank you so much for that report. let's talk about this new with bakari sellers and john harwood. john, to you. what stood out from the townhall when it comes to specifically the negotiations around these bills? . >> well, he made explicit what has been reported and that people have suspected about the stance of senators manchin and sinema. he put it right out there. i thought that candor reflected confidence on his part that he is going to get to the finish line. and they are working out -- there were some things where he misspoke a little bit.
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he said kyrsten sinema is not willing to take a penny from wealthy individuals or corporations. as we understand it, that's not correct. she doesn't want the tax rates to go up on those people. but there are other ways of getting money from those sources. i do think it reflects his confidence that he's getting close to the finish line. he seemed very relaxed. he was smiling through much of it. he was in command of a lot of the policy detail. and i think this is a president who he wanted to counter the impression that he is beleaguered and down in the polls. he is down in the polls. but paint a picture of somebody who is about to get something significant done. >> he went through a lot of these line items to tell us what was in, what was out. . >> paid leave, community college. >> community college out. . >> that's right. . >> clean electricity in. climate change is so important when it comes to liberals on
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this bill. where do things stand? did he tip his hand on this? >> the clean energy performance program itself is not going to be in the bill. but he made the point that you can take the money that he was going to spend on that program and apply it to other climate uses. there are various tax incentives that they are planning to use to encourage electric vehicles, for example. other ways to get carbon emissions down. it is important for democrats to succeed on that. they are trying to figure out a way joe manchin can live with it. he was explicit in talking about manchin. he was voting him saying, yes, i get coal is going away but i don't want to accelerate before the people in west virginia are ready for the change. that was a bit of candor about where things are headed and how joe manchin looks at that situation. >> as a reporter who is used to
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trying to get blood from a stone. it's remarkable when he said i will just tell you everything that's going on behind the scenes. on the filibuster, where he really did make some news last night, he said he would argue to change the filibuster on voting rights and other things. he made news there, too. a, telling us where he is, and b, why he is not pushing harder right now because he doesn't want to get in the way of other domestic agenda items. >> it was refreshing and slightly disappointing, if you can be at both plates at this t time. we have to see something happen. individuals who voted for joe biden simply for the justice issues. whether or not it's criminal justice reform, voting rights, climate change. we voted to actually have something done on these issues. and to this point we have a majority in the house, senate,
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and white house and nothing has happened. so there is frustration building it. it will play out in 2022. this president has to get something done sooner rather than later. the real question lies with sinema and manchin. hopefully it built public pressure saying, look, we voted for joe biden to be president of the united states. we didn't vote for president sinema or president manchin. >> it is important people know this. when it comes to the filibuster, it is not up to joe biden at all. it is up to president sinema and president manchin. how important is it to many democrats that biden get in the fight for real? . >> there's no question. for far too long, joe biden, if you're listening this morning, and i know you are, you have to weigh into this fight. the fact that kamala harris is
3:10 am
vice president of the united states and kamala harris is charged with passing voting rights and the president, up until last night, was silent on the issue of the filibuster shows the disconnect. we have to slim -- i want to eliminate the filibuster. the 44th president of the united states called it a relic of a racist past. if we can't get rid of it, we at least have to narrow it. the civil rights issue of our time is voting rights. without narrowing the filibuster, we will never pass it. . >> he is saying not now, john, but maybe in the future. i just wonder if that is enough for bakari and others who are looking and saying that really isn't anything we can take away. . >> look, there's really no alternative to it. when you're president of the united states, you have to prioritize and sequence the things you want to do. joe biden could not change the filibuster right now if he wanted to. but what he wants to do, as he
3:11 am
said, is try the get his program passed and trying to get rid of it right now would prevent getting his economic program passed. and once that's done, they are trying to build a case for filibuster reform. and part of that case is the failure of the voting rights bill, for example, that was attempted to be put on the floor this week that was joe manchin's bill. if you try to get joe manchin's vote for filibuster reform, it might be helpful for you to demonstrate to joe manchin that republicans aren't going to play ball with you on voting rights. that is part of the building process to get that vote. democrats understand -- joe manchin understands if you don't raise the debt limit, you will damage the united states economy and global economy for no good reason. if republicans insist on filibustering a debt limiten
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increase which they backed away from a couple of weeks ago, that is part of building the case for manchin and sinema. it's not within, as john berman was saying a few minutes ago, it is not within joe biden's power to summon the votes right now. but he's hoping you can build that over a series of events. and it's also a little bit better time for joe biden in the 2022 midterm elections on voting rights as you are ready to have an election. that is maybe part of building the pressure on two holdout senators. >> bakari, one more point where things start. president biden, again, told us everything about where kyrsten sinema is. she does not want to raise corporate taxes. that changes substantially how they will pay for this $2 trillion deal. joe biden campaigned on raising corporate taxes not just for revenue but for fairness
3:13 am
purposes. . >> i still think that what joe biden attempted to articulate, although it was unclear, is what kyrsten sinema stands for. i love how john harwood explained it a little earlier, not for raising taxes but -- or raising the tax rate but there are other ways to get around that. but nobody know what kyrsten sinema is standing for, what she wants. she's been very close to the vest to say the least, about what she wants in this process. the fact remains, though, whether or not it's voting rights, whether or not it's build back better, whether or not it's infrastructure, they have to pass something. and i think that's one of the biggest things. from what i gathered last night, infrastructure is in a bow. that's done, ready to go. but you have this reconciliation bill where there are literally people, democrats in this
3:14 am
country, against free community college. we are negotiating against ourselves. there was once a saying when republicans get in power, then they fall apart. they don't know how to lead. we saw that with the alternative to the affordable care act. now democrats are in power and we are tripping over ourselves. i have never seen anything like it. it is the most frustrating political process i have ever seen. the fact is we are against things that we promised. >> on taiwan, harwood, he was asked what taiwan would do. and staffers are pulling their hair out. . >> he reiterated the commitment to defend taiwan. but that situation is getting increasingly dicey. both economically and
3:15 am
militarily, is to stand up to china. it is quite apparent that xi jinping wants to stand up to the united states. and where that situation in taiwan goes with the sort of intimidation moves that the chinese leadership is engineering, we don't know. but joe biden upped the ante by saying we're not going anywhere. we're going to defend taiwan. . >> china is responding saying this is sending the wrong signals. it has been the policy and some of this seemed to move to strategic clarity, which has not really been where the u.s. is. . >> exactly. it hasn't been the kind of commitment that the united states has made, say, under nato article v where we say an attack on one member is an attack on all. that has been designed to keep a little distance. but joe biden was not willing to concede that the united states
3:16 am
would not step in. and that is, as i said, consistent with a whole series of postures that the then station has taken designed to show that the organizing principal for joe biden's foreign policy is, you know, this whole frame of democracy versus authoritarian countries. he's thinking china in that frame >> john harwood, bakari sellers, great to see you in person. so handsome in person. . >> i thought so as well. . >> me or you? a serious story breaking overnight. alec baldwin in a deadly shooting on the set of his film. a prop gun in the middle of this tragedy. a brand-new interview with brian laundrie's parents after officials confirmed laundrie's remains were those found at a florida reserve. what they said about the day their son disappeared.
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breaking overnight, a deadly mishap on the set of alec baldwin's movie "rust" in nickname. a prop gun fired by baldwin during filming killed the cinema to matographer. stephanie elam is tracking this from los angeles. tell us what we know here, steph. >> reporter: we don't know a lot, brianna, other than this is an awful tragedy. according to the santa fe county sheriff's office, they received a call around 1:50 p.m. local time yesterday about a shooting on the set of "rust," a western, 1880s time lean for the movie being filmed in new mexico on the bonanza creek ranch. they did respond to two individuals being shot. the director of photography, helena hutchins. she was 42 years old, taken to
3:22 am
the hospital via helicopter where she was pronounced dead. we know the director of the film, joel souza, was shot. he was taken to a regional medical center. we don't know more on his condition at this time. the police department, the sheriff's department saying this investigation remains open right now. as they are interviewing people, talking to witnesses as to what happened. no charges are filed at this time. according to the "new york times", some reporting statement from the production company behind "rust" said in part, the entire cast and crew has been absolutely devastated by today's tragedy. we send our deepest condolences to halyna's family. they are going to provide counseling to everyone who was there. this prop firearm could have
3:23 am
discharged in the way it did. we do know alec baldwin, who is also a producer on the film, was behind this prop that fired this way. . >> all right. stephanie, thank you for the latest on that. and coming up, we have more on our breaking news, what is the protocol for this use of prop guns on set. how could a gun with blanks end up killing someone? republicans on edge or over the edge. marjorie taylor greene goes after liz cheney right on the house floor. the details ahead. >> tech: when you get a chip in your windshield...
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yours, your employees' and even your customers'. so you can stay ahead. get started with a great offer and ask how you can add comcast business securityedge. plus for a limited time, ask how to get a $500 prepaid card when you upgrade. call today. police investigating a deadly shooting involving alec baldwin on a movie set in nicnew mexico are trying to figure out how a prop gun could have killed someone. daniel oates and former aurora,
3:28 am
colorado police chief. talk to us about gun safety and a difference with a gun with bullets and a gun that might have blanks. . >> well, there's a general proposition in our business, in policing, that you treat every gun as if it's dangerous and it's loaded all the time. my understanding of these problem weapons, and there are various kinds, they all contain a charge, a powder that creates the noise and the explosive, the visual blast. usually some kind of wire that explodes out of the weapon. even at close range they can be dangerous. this would not be the first time. . >> in 1984, it was the pressure close to the barrel to his hand
3:29 am
that caused the injury. brandon lee. in that case it was a gun with blanks but something was in the barrel that discharged. is that what happened here? . >> it could be. in policing, there is so much emphasis on training and treating a weapon as if it's always dangerous. you know, in the course of my career, i've seen very, very experienced police officers have an accidental charge under stress. they put their finger on the trigger when they shouldn't have. they're not conscious of where they are, where their hand is under the circumstances of stress that they're in. and, you know, those are experienced veterans who handle guns all the time. with an actor, you know, i don't know the circumstances. but with an actor, doesn't get that kind of training. doesn't think the weapon is as dangerous as it might be. >> one way of asking it is, should one ever consider a gun
3:30 am
with blanks, if that's what it is, to just be blanks? >> no. every gun -- in police training, and i would assume in hollywood, every gun should be treated as it's loaded all the time and that it's dangerous all the time. that's the best possible way to proceed to avoid accidents. but clearly even prop guns are dangerous at a close range and they have an explosive charge that can result in, you know, real harm to someone. >> daniel oates, there is still a lot to learn about this. who knew about what the device itself. thank you for helping us understand some of the issues at play. . >> okay. thanks, john. >> so this morning, all eyes on attorney general merrick garland. will he charge steve bannon. a 10-year-old black girl arrested and kept in handcuffs
3:31 am
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much needed rain and snow bringing drought relief to the west coast as east coast braces for falling temperatures. right no to cnn meteorologist chad myers. . >> this is like watching a western, the pond rosa when it finally rains.
3:36 am
it has been 200 days since these places have seen any rain at all. and now finally they are going to see a lot. even flash flood watches in effect for the areas out west. they need the rain. it's been months since any rain or snow has fallen out here in the west. we will take it where we can get it. more rain over the weekend. a bigger storm on saturday could put down 2 to 4 inches of rain. it could cause flash flooding. the areas that have burned it is like seering a steak. you don't want the juice to come out when you put it on the grill, so you get it really hot. the same thing happened to the ground, the same reason why the juice doesn't come out of your steak is the same reason water doesn't go in the ground. as you mentioned, too, the chance for cooler weather out into the northeast. cooler than normal for a very big change. maybe leaf watching this weekend for you if they're not already
3:37 am
gone, john. >> is that a new york strip or a filet. . >> kansas city strip because it has the bone in. . >> chad myers, thank you very much. >> you bet. aclu is demanding reform after a 10-year-old african-american girl was arrested at a hawaii school after a drawing she made left another child's parent upset. they said she was handcuffed in front of her classmates and questioned by police without her mother present. the school has so far not responded to our request for a statement at this time. but let's talk now with tamron taylor, the mother of the 10-year-old who was arrested and the taylor family attorney. tamara, thank you for being with us this morning. can you just tell us about your daughter's arrest and what preceded it. >> well, thank you. well, the day started out like any other normal day. we definitely did not expect for
3:38 am
it to end as it did. but we woke up, prepared for school, prepared for work. i dropped her off to school. i went to work. eventually i received a call from the elementary explaining that the children were having a dispute, a drawing, and the possibility of police being called. and i said, no, don't do that. i'm on my way. but when i arrived at the school, the police were already there. it was hard to navigate the situation because the very first greeting to me from one of the officers was, sometimes some parents just take things out of proportion. from there we were led into a room i'm assuming to discuss the situation. however, what happened previous to lead up to where we were at that moment was never explained to me. so i really didn't know what was going on at that point in time. i did ask for the whereabouts of
3:39 am
my daughter. and at that time, too, you know, i tried my best to express my discomfort with not knowing what's going on as well. i wanted to exit, one, to call my mother, my family, my backbone to have support for myself and my daughter and her father because he needed to know what was happening at this point. . >> were you told she was handcuffed? tell us about her being handcuffed. >> well, i was placed into a room. i was not allowed to leave at all. i was basically in that room pacing back and forth just waiting for something. and when the door was finally opened and i was escorted outside, my daughter -- i could see the cop car driving off. she was already in the car. so i really, truly have no whereabouts for that extended time that she was in handcuffs.
3:40 am
i wish i had a better answer for you. . >> that's okay. look, i know there are details outside here. mateo, you all have said this drawing was offensive and not to say that any drawing would warrant a 10-year-old being arrested. but what was on this drawing? >> so, look, ultimately, it doesn't matter if there was a drawing. we don't want to characterize it both to protect the privacy of ms. taylor's daughter and the other kids that were involved. a number of kids were involved in making this drawing. >> she didn't want to turn over the drawing. do you think she was singled out because she was black? were there other children who were black involved in this? are you saying they were not? . >> they were not black. in fact, we do know that schools
3:41 am
di disproportionately pick out students who are black. it is hard to to believe they were not treat thad way because of their race. she was really the only student who was investigated, dispolicemened, interrogated and arrested. and she was the only black student. >> was the drawing threatening? >> they were 10-year-old kids. ms. taylor's daughter had been bullied. she made a drawing with a bunch of other kids. . >> i want to ask this of ms. taylor. ms. taylor, it sounds like this may have been a threatening drawing. at the same time, your daughter is a 10-year-old. your daughter is a 10-year-old girl. and probably without any means, i would imagine to carry out any
3:42 am
threat. and i wonder what the school told you. because there is a big leap between a drawing, even if it is threatening, and being carted away by the police, right? >> yes. i do understand where you're coming from. however, the drawing was not the motivation for my daughter's arrest. so i think that's what we're losing focus of when it comes to the traug. that is just a secondary part of the situation. it is not really what led up to the actual arrest of my daughter. and with that being said, too, that is the section, the response of the hpd and doe of the in the situation of why my daughter was arrested. >> this is a complex situation. there are very important questions here. we know they still have to be
3:43 am
answered. ms. taylor, i really appreciate you being with us. mateo, you as well. . >> thank you for having us. a republican congressman writes a letter saying he is the ranking member of the january 6th committee. he is not. we will talk about the chaos in congress ahead. plus, three cdc approved booster shots available in the u.s. how should you decide which one to get? dr. anthony fauci answers all your questions next. (phone beep) ♪ (upbeat music) ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ (music quieter) ♪ (phone clicks) ♪ ♪
3:44 am
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should police officers, emergency responders be mandated to get vaccines and, if not, should they be stay at home or let go? . >> yes and yes. >> president biden expressing his support for vaccine mandates for police officers and emergency responders during cnn's townhall last night. joining me now, dr. anthony fauci, chief covid adviser to the president. dr. fauci, always great to see you. listen, many of these emts, police officers, medical workers
3:48 am
is have been on the front leans. how do you feel about the fact that some of them could lose their jobs over vaccines? . >> well, no one is comfortable about a person losing their job, john, that's for sure. but one of the facts that i think people need to understand that more police officers have died from covid-19 disease than from gunshots and violence in their jobs. so it really is a considerable risk for people, particularly people like police officers who put themselves out every day on the front line in public. so it's understandable mandates are not comfortable things. you don't want to be telling people what to do. but sometime the good of society has to trump individual feelings about what you can and cannot do. >> a lot of news about booster shots the last 24 hours. pfizer released data, it hasn't been peer reviewed, over a third dose of their vaccine and found it to be 95.6 effective against
3:49 am
symptomatic disease. 105 people took the placebo got covid. only 5 who took the booster got covid. that's pretty effective. i'm not in a high-risk group. i'm not over 65. why wouldn't i want to get a booster that that is effective? . >> i believe what will happen as we get more and more data from our own cohorts and israel who is about a month ahead of us in vaccines and boosters, the age limit. the boosters are recommended if it's mrna, people 65 and older or 18 to 64 either who have an underlying condition or occupation or place where they live that put them at high risk. i would be rather confident that as we get further and tphurbgt the next weeks to month, the age limit is going to be lowered. and you might soon fall into the age category where you can get
3:50 am
eligible for a booster. i would not be surprised if that's the case within a reasonable period of time. . >> how much evidence are you seeing of waning immunity of people with two doses right now? . >> there is no question about that, john, that that occurs. israel, which is about a month ahead of us in the timetable of it, is seeing substantial waning of immunity over several months, first against infection. and then in some age groups, severe disease. which is why we are giving boosters and why israel, for example, is much, much more proactive in giving boosters to people. >> which one should i get? it's tempting to get moderna, for instance, a different booster. is there a sense of which might be more effective? . >> well, it's generally recommended that you get the booster that is the original regimen that you got in the first place.
3:51 am
but for one way or the other, and there may be different circumstances for people, availability or just different personal choices, you can, as we say, mix and match. and those are the data that were discussed and were acted upon yesterday. in general it just makes sense to go with what your original regimen was. >> if you have in you to worry about in the united states. forgive me, sexual% increase in cases, 15% in hospitalizations and 11% increase in deaths in the uk. faults there are 80% vaccinated right now. why do you think we are seeing that increase? . >> well, that's a very interesting question, john. i spoke with my british colleagues several days ago trying to find out what that is all about. it's at least partially explained by the fact that they don't vaccinate their children, the younger children. what they are seeing is spread
3:52 am
among children. at least 50% is without symptoms. but children are spreading it to members of the family. they are seeing people gettingen tpebgted. right now they are reexamining what their policy is going to be about vaccinating children. . >> are we going to end up where the uk is? >> i would hope not. we are doing pretty well with vaccine. as i mentioned several times, john, there are about 65 or so million people who are eligible to be vaccinated who have not yet gotten vaccinated. if we vaccinate the overwhelming majority of those people together with the vaccination of the younger children, which is just now been shown to be effective and safe, i don't believe we will see a surge. it will be up to us. it's how well we do about getting vaccinated. . >> talking about kids, ages 5 to 11, that's something that will
3:53 am
be considered very soon and perhaps given emergency authorization resoon. how concerned are you that parents will stand in the way of children getting these vaccines? . >> well, i hope not. we want to outreach. the family pediatrician, who most have a good deal of confidence in. we're trying to get people to realize it is for the benefit of the children as well as the entire family unit to get the child vaccinated. the vaccines in question are highly effective and safe. that's the reason why we are reaching out to them and making the vaccine readily available in children's hospitals and community centers. . >> always a pleasure to speak to you. thanks for waking up.
3:54 am
. >> thank you very much. good to be with you. >> much more on our breaking news. alec baldwin accidentally shooting and killing a cinematographer on the set of his new film. new details about the last time brian laundrie's parents saw him alive. and queen elizabeth forced to spend the night in the hospital. we are outside windsor castle. ie liberty mutual. they customize my car insurance, so i only pay for what i need. how about a throwback? you got it. ♪ liberty, liberty - liberty, liberty ♪ uh, i'll settle for something i can dance to. ♪ liberty, liberty, liberty, liberty ♪ ♪ ♪ only pay for what you need. ♪ liberty, liberty, liberty, liberty ♪ are you one of the millions of americans who experience occasional bloating, gas or abdominal discomfort? taking align every day can help.
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where does the stress go when you're driving a lincoln? maybe it winds up somewhere over the bermuda triangle. you might have your own theory. but maybe it's better to just let it go. an interview with the lawyer for brian laundrie's parents after police confirmed the remains found in a park wednesday were indeed his. nick valencia is live for us in north port, florida, with more. nick. >> reporter: good morning, brianna. after more than a month, the manhunt for brian laundrie is officially over. the fbi field office in denver verifying what was long
3:59 am
speculated that the partial remains found earlier this week were indeed that of brian laundrie. they used dental records to make that positive i.d. so it would appear a portion of laundrie's skull was found. they have zeroed in on his parents who refused to make any public statements about this. the family attorney addressed that earlier. . >> the reason you haven't heard from the laundries is because i told them not to talk to anybody. this is the job and the role of the defense attorney. you tell your client do not talk to law enforcement, period, end of story. . >> did your clients know their son, brian laundrie, was going to disappear when he left the house that day? >> no, they did not. what i can tell you is brian was very upset when he left. and chris conveyed to me several times that, you know, he wished he didn't let him go, but he couldn't stop him.
4:00 am
>> any conjecture that they helped him get away are simply not true. those are likely not to be any comfort to gabby petito's family. their attorney released a statement saying gabby's family is not doing any interviews or making a statement at this time. they are grieving the loss of their beautiful daughter. they will make a statement at the appropriate time and when they are emotionally ready. here at the carlton reserve, there is no sign of police presence. it appears the investigation has wrapped up. there are still so many questions, including how brian laundrie died, and if there's anything in the notebook that could bring further closure to this case. >> nick valencia live from florida. thanks. developing, buckingham palace announced queen elizabeth spent a night in the hospital after a planned trip in northern ireland. max foster joins us from
4:01 am


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