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tv   Early Start With Christine Romans and Laura Jarrett  CNN  October 22, 2021 2:00am-2:59am PDT

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♪ a major revelation from president biden at cnn's town hall. what it means for voting rights and negotiations for his domestic agenda. and breaking overnight, one person is dead, another hurt after a prop gun was fired on a movie set by actor alec baldwin. a tragedy there in numerator invest. it is friday, october 22nd. happy friday. 5:00 a.m. in new york. thanks for getting an early start with us. i'm christine romans. >> i'm laura jarrett. welcome to our viewers in the united states and around the
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world. a lot to get to this morning. we begin with a major development on cnn's town hall with president biden last night. his strongest statement yet. the president signalled he would be supportive of the senate scrapping the filibuster. remember that's the rule that requires 60 votes to integrate most legislation. >> are you saying once you get this current agenda passed on spending and social programs that you would be open to fundamentally altering the filibuster if we're doing away with -- or doing away with it? >> well, that remains to be seen exactly what that means in terms of fundamentally, whether or not we end the filibuster straight up. there are certain things that are just sacred rights. one is a sacred obligation that we never are going to renege on a debt. we're the only nation in the world. we have never, ever reneged on a single debt. >> but when it comes to voting rights -- >> voting rights particularly is
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consequential. >> just so i'm clear, you would entertain the notion of doing away with the filibuster on that one issue, am i correct? >> and maybe more. >> and maybe other issues? >> so some progressives have been pushing the president to do more on voting rights for months now. the problem, of course, is his economic agenda, 4 trillion in traditional infrastructure what he calls the care economy could be at risk if he pushes moderate democrats to change the filibuster. cnn's jeremy diamond live for us this morning. hi, jeremy, in washington. gutting the filibuster would have major ramifications for washington and the country. but it's not up to him. >> reporter: it's not up to him. but certainly if he pushed for it, we would have perhaps a very different conversation. but one thing that the president made clear yesterday in the same breath as he was saying that he is open to fundamentally altering the filibuster, perhaps even scrapping it all together for issues like voting rights, the debt limit, and maybe even more, the president also making clear that the current dynamics
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in congress and his current priorities don't allow that conversation to move forward. or at least he won't allow himself to have that conversation for those very reasons. the president making clear that if he were to move forward to try and scrap the filibuster to pass voting rights legislation, for example, that he would lose, he said, at least three votes in the senate. we know at least two of those votes are senator joe manchin and senator kirsten sinema, both of whom are opposed to altering the filibuster. right now the president has decided that he wants to spend his political capital trying to get those senators on board with this reconciliation package. and, look, it's interesting because the white house walked back a couple of things the president said last night, including this idea of using the national guard to address some of these supply chain issues. but they didn't walk this back and that is certainly telling in this moment. look, voting rights issues have failed now three times because of the filibuster in the senate. the president voiced those
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frustrations when it happened most recently this week. we will see how much he's willing to actually move that forward once he gets his legislative agenda that he's currently working on passed in the senate if indeed he can. >> so, jeremy, the president also went into some new specifics, some new details about the negotiations for his plan to reshape the american economy, really the negotiations on build back better specifically. what stood out to you there? >> reporter: there was a lot of news. there was a lot of news even just in those first 20 minutes of that town hall. we heard the president really pull back the curtain on some of these negotiations, making clear what is still in and what appears to be out. one of those things that's out, the free two years of tuition-free community college. that we had seen through some reporting. the president also making clear that expanding dental, vision and hearing through medicare would be a, quote, reach, but he did say that he's looking to do something like an $800 voucher for medicare recipients for dental coverage. the president also making clear
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that there would be no corporate tax increase in this bill, and that's because of opposition from senator sinema. it was one of several moments where we heard the president being very, very clear that senator joe manchin and senator kirsten sinema are the ones standing in the way of some of these proposals he wants to get in and forcing some of these hard choices. but we also heard the president talk about the value of compromise. listen. >> look, it's all about compromise, you know. it's compromise become a dirty word. bipartisanship and compromise still has to be possible. >> bottom line, do you think you will get a deal? >> i do think i'll get a deal. look, when you're in the united states senate and you're president of the united states and you have 50 democrats, every one is a president. [ laughter ] every single one. >> reporter: and the president getting some laughs there, but that is indeed the reality right now that president biden is
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facing in congress. and, look, president talking about bipartisanship and compromise. right now that compromise is happening entirely within the democratic party, and we will see whether or not the president can get to a deal. in just six days, the president leaves washington. he's heading abroad for the g20 summit as well as this cop-26 climate summit. the president has stressed in recent days to lawmakers the need to have a deal before he goes to that climate summit because he wants to be able to use those climate provisions to get other countries around the world to ramp up their commitments to tackling climate change. the president looking for a framework on an agreement as soon as today. right now that seems very hard to accomplish. we will see whether or not the president's town hall was able to ratchet up some of that pressure and the president can get a deal before he leaves on that. >> how do you pay for that deal? that corporate tax rate, that was a cornerstone of this whole thing, investing in working people, paid for by companies who have -- whose share into the
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treasury has been declining for 50 years. that seemed like a slam dunk not too long ago. now the president -- >> notable that he had only nice things to say about senators sinema and manchin there. >> reporter: he needs them. he needs them. >> can't do without them. >> 50 presidents, all of them are presidents. thanks. nice to citi you, jeremy. breaking overnight, police say a prop gun fired by actor alec baldwin killed one person and injured another on a movie set in new mexico. you're looking at photos of the alk torah peering to show him distraught after this incident. this appears to be an accident on the set of the movie "rust." a cinematographer helena hutchins. the director was hurt. no charges. film production has been shutdown. >> not that many details. more to come for sure on that. and still ahead for you, will the justice department prosecute steve bannon for defying a snp wubpoena?
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the fate of steve bannon now in the hands of the department of justice. the full house has voted to hold the trump ally in criminal contempt for defying a congressional subpoena. >> bannon refused to provide documents or show up about the january 6 insurrection. claiming executive privilege even though he left the white house years earlier. >> and the january 6 committee had reason to talk to bannon. remember bannon said this on his podcast the day before the riot. >> all hell is going to break loose tomorrow. just understand this, all hell is going to break loose tomorrow. it's not gonna happen like you
2:13 am
think it's gonna happen, okay. it's going to be quite extraordinarily different, and all i can say is strap in. >> "strap in." bannon and others were holed up in that war room at the willard hotel the day before the cappitl siege plotting to overturn the election and according to the book "peril" they called pence off the ski slopes in colorado and get him back to washington immediately. >> only nine republicans voted in favor of contempt charges against bannon. among them liz cheney who suggested this week beannon's role went farther than the public knows and criticized colleagues for protecting him. >> there are people in this chamber right now who were evacuated with me and with the rest of us on that day during that attack. people who now seem to have forgotten the danger of the moment, the assault on the constitution, the assault on our congress. >> here to break it all down
2:14 am
with us is former federal prosecutor michael zelden. nice to see you. it heads to court. the legal battle begins. will the acting u.s. attorney in washington, d.c. put this to a grand jury? >> i think it should be put to a grand jury. bannon has no defense to not showing up. the notion of executive privilege or no valid legislative purpose, that which they are standing on, is frivolous as it applies to him because he was neither a government employee, nor was he submitting to the president candid advice. so i think this is a case where the defense is frivolous. the power of congress is being tested in a very fundamental way. and an indictment is warranted. >> he may have been giving him candid advice. it may not have been about government business or legitimate government business as opposed to overturning a legitimate election. >> well, that's true. but also he has to have been an
2:15 am
employee of the government. >> yeah. at that town hall last night, the president walked back his comments about anyone who defies a subpoena should be prosecuted, saying he should have chosen his words more wisely. why the change in position do you think by the president? >> well, because he came in saying that the justice department was going to be independent of white house pressure. and so he should have said this should be a prosecution if in their independent point of view the justice department feels that the facts and law warrant it. he just said it in a shorthand form, and so they're walking it back because it appears to be a conflict from his initial position when coming to the office of the president that he would stay clear of interfering with justice department decision making. >> and you noticed that the attorney general spokesperson pushed back on it very hard right away, basically saying, butt out, mr. president. >> right. >> in some ways, michael, and we've talked about this before, this bannon situation is really a litmus test for congress and what kind of precedent would it set for the justice department
2:16 am
if they don't prosecute this case, given as you point all the weaknesses in bannon's case? >> well, that's right. merrick garland in his opening statement said this was an intolerable assault on the capitol, the capitol police, and the transfer of power, of fundamental premise of our democracy. so given that, given that bannon was not an employee, therefore, there is no executive privilege, therefore, and because there is a valid legislative purpose here -- remember, after 9/11 it passed the usa patriot act after january 6th. they're most likely looking at other legislative corrections. so everything here indicates an indictment is warranted because congress must assert its power under these circumstances. >> all right. we'll see how quickly the acting u.s. attorney acts and how much we hear out of him. michael zelden, former federal prosecutor, nice to see you. >> thanks. >> thank you. planned testimony in the
2:17 am
first trial of the capitol riot defendant could highlight the per it including official mike pence faced during the insurrection. vice president had to be whisked away as rioters chanted, "hang mike pence" outside the capitol. the justice department plans to call a secret service official to testify who pleaded not guilty. how long gas prices stay high? it's something everybody hates. how long will this supply chain tangled bottleneck last? what the president said on cnn about all of this next. ♪ you pour your heart into everything you do, which is a lot. so take care of that heart with lipton. because sippin' on unsweetened lipton can help support a healthy heart.
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at cnn's town hall, the president of the united states with this forecast for pain at the pump. >> my guess is you'll start to see gas prices come down as we get by and going into the winter -- i mean, excuse me, into next year, in 2022. i don't see anything is going to happen in the meantime that's going to significantly reduce gas prices. >> several factors driving prices higher, for one, opec is gradually increasing output despite calls from the white house to do more. national average is up 7 cents in the week. you can see how it compared last week. last year it was shutdown. gas prices are rising because we're using it so much more. we're driving so much more. the economy is growing so quickly. the same time, the u.s. supply chain is still a tangled mess. containers are sitting in ports of long beach and los angeles. there aren't enough truck drivers to move the goods. biden said he is considering
2:23 am
deploying the national guard to help ease the stress on the privately controlled supply chain, but a white house official quickly walked that back. the president's comments highlight just how serious the crisis is. there is no quick fix. the bipartisan infrastructure bill could help prepare the supply chain for the next problem. that bill calls for federal investment in each step of the network. former president trump using a wall street financing gimmick to take a new media company public and access millions of dollars. he wants to bank roll his so-called free speech social network which is already banned users from criticizing it. cnn's matt egan explains. >> reporter: christine and laura, former president trump is planning the tierney of big tech. the company is known as trump media and technology group and it's going public through what's known as a spac or special purpose acquisition company.
2:24 am
essentially, it's a shell company that has a blank check, and he can use that money to merge with private companies and bring them public. spacs are all the rage on wall street with athletes, including shaquille o'neal and alex rodriguez along with politicians like former house speaker paul ryan, all of them get involved. it's gotten to the point that the sec recently warned investors not to invest in a spac simply because a celebrity is involved. in this case, trump is teaming up with digital world corporation, a nasdaq listed shell company. wall street gave the trump deal a standing ovation on thursday. digital world shares more than quadrupled finishing the day 357% higher. that the' despite the fact the latest security filings don't indicate how much revenue, if any, the new trump company generates. it's likely to be minimal because the social media company hasn't even launched yet. for trump, going public via spac will give him the money that he needs to build this social media
2:25 am
platform without the scrutiny of a traditional ipo. it's worth noting, trump's companies have a history of filing for bankruptcy. filing for chapter 11 four times throughout his career. this is also not trump's first foray with wall street. in his previous ipo trump raised $140 million in 1995 from public investors for trump hotels and casino resorts. but, christine and laura, the company posted loss every every day and it was bankrupt. >> matt, thank you for that. weekend note programming for you. as princess diana's popularity reached new heights, her private life became more difficult. in a new episode diana appears sunday night at 9:00 only on cnn. that's why we set out to help make it easier for everyone to move forward financially. see how we can make a difference for you at pnc bank. ♪ ♪
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all right. good morning, this is early start. i'm christine romans. >> i'm laura jarrett. about 30 minutes past the hour here. time for top stories to keep our eye on. president biden said he would support the filibuster, the rule that effectively requires 60 votes to pass most bills, but not right now. during last night's cnn town hall, the president said he needs the votes of several senators who oppose ending the filibuster to get his economic agenda over the finish line. we'll have more on all of that in just a moment. in new mexico, a deadly
2:31 am
accidental shooting involving actor alec baldwin on the set of the film "rust." police say cinematographer helena hutchins died when filming. the director johel sussa was also injured. a hypersonic weapon, the latest rocket test failed thursday in code kkodiak, alask. it can travel five times the speed of sound. they built them to compete with china and russia. 350 americans remain in afghanistan, nearly half want to leave according to two cnn sources. it is four times the estimate after the u.s. troop withdrawal. state of emergency has been declared in benton harbor, michigan. a large break in a 9-year-old water main has drawn attention to the high levels of lead there. water service was shut off to the entire town. michigan's governor asking legislature for $11.4 million to
2:32 am
replace the entire pipe system. a warmer and dryer winter expected across the south and west. government forecasters say that may worsen drought conditions in california. the cost of home heating oil is expected to rise more than 40% this winter. gun violence in the united states surging during this pandemic. penn state researchers study daily police reports and gun-related injuries and deaths in all 50 states and washington, d.c. during the 13-month period. they found a 30% increase in gun violence over the previous year. so many headlines from cnn's town hall with president biden last night from his legislative agenda to the filibuster and so much more. in case you missed it, here's 90 minutes boiled down to two. >> bottom line, do you think you will get a deal? >> i do think i'll get a deal. >> you are also proposing for the first time ever, federal paid parental leave. at one point you talked about 12 weeks, now there's reports it's down to maybe four weeks. >> it is down to four weeks.
2:33 am
the reason it's down to four weeks, i can't get 12 weeks. >> one of the other things democrats are looking to do is to expand medicare to include dental, vision, and hearing. will all three of those still be covered? >> that's a reach, but here's the thing. mr. manchin is opposed to that. >> there's a lot of democrats in the house and senate who are confused about where senator sinema actually stands on things. >> first of all, she's smart as a did he evil, number one. number two, she's supportive of the environmental agenda in my legislation. where she's not supportive, she said she will not raise a single penny in taxes on the corporate side and/or on wealthy people. period. you're a president of the united states and you have 50 democrats. every one is a president. >> when will the vaccines for young children be ready? and how accessible will they be? >> the expectations are they'll
2:34 am
be ready in the near term, meaning, weeks, not months and months. >> are you saying once you get this current agenda passed on spending and social programs, that you would be open to fundamentally altering the filibuster if we're doing away -- or doing away with it? >> well, that remains to be seen exactly what that means in terms of fundamentally, whether or not we end the filibuster straight up. >> when it comes to voting rights, so i'm clear, though, you would entertain the notion of doing away with the filibuster on that one issue, is that correct? >> and maybe more. >> and maybe other issues? [ applause ] >> all right. obviously a lot to digest there from last night's cnn town hall. so let's bring cnn politics senior writer zack wolf. zack, good morning. nice to see you. >> good morning. >> let's start with his filibuster sort of breaking news game changer. it seems to me that he's doing
2:35 am
two things here. he wants to sort of have a nod to the progressives who have been banging down his door about voting rights, and so he's talking about the filibuster in that context. but then he says maybe more. what did you make of that? >> reporter: you know, i thought that was really interesting. can we take a second to look at how he was sort of prowling around the stage? i think what we saw right there was him thinking in real-time. he must either know something that he's not letting on about how far he'll go on this, or he's really trying to choose his words carefully, because at the end of the day, he captain wave a magic wannd. he has to convince two people, joe manchin and kirsten sinema. if you're trying to think about how to convince somebody to do something, it's very hard to do. >> that's the thing. >> reporter: i think we're seeing that process kind of play out in real-time. i don't know what exactly it
2:36 am
means the other things, maybe the debt ceiling. but he has to figure out a way to apply such pressure on those two people without completely turning them off to make them change their minds, and publicly do it. so that's interesting and that's what we're seeing. >> but the reality of it is he needs their help, not only on his agenda, on the economy. he would need their help if they actually wanted to change the filibuster. >> right. >> he can't change the filibuster on his own. it's up to the senate and the senate would need 50 votes. >> reporter: right. it's a matter of senate rules. >> right. >> reporter: he actually has no power there whatsoever. it's all a pressure campaign on his part. and up until recently, he didn't think the filibuster should be changed. he's not on the same page as a lot of progressives who just want to get away or get rid of the filibuster. so he's kind of in an interesting, interesting spot here. it's ultimately going to come down to what is achievable as opposed to what people want. >> we also, i think he was really frank about sort of the
2:37 am
horse trading going on in the build back better agenda. what stood out to you? to me that corporate tax issue, you know, this was always you were going to pay for it, tax the rich, raise corporate taxes a little bit, but not as high as they were before the tax cuts in 2017. invest in working families. that whole construct is up in the air now. >> reporter: right, and apparently dead. i mean, if you can't raise tax rates -- and it's a little bit unclear to me as with so much what senator sinema actually opposes. >> right. >> reporter: what her line in the sand is. i think there's a lot to this that we don't know. can they set a minimum rate for corporations? and that would raise enough money. would that not be raising taxes, even though -- tax rates, even though it would raise money? there is like a washington shell game going on here where you need to find money, but you can't raise tax rates. and it's not an undoable thing, but it will certainly be a
2:38 am
confusing thing i think to understand. it was also interesting to me how in the weeds he was on some of this stuff, specifically like they're talking about, you know, enrollment time for a lot of people right now in the fall as they get ready for their health insurance. they're doing enrollment for all of medicare right now. are they going to extend, you know, hearing or vision? and these are very important things that affect millions of people's lives. but it's three people around the conference room table deciding what's going to happen. >> those are really popular provisions, by the way. republicans and democrats, those are very popular provisions, those medicare provisions that now seem to be held up, again, by a couple of people who don't like that spending. >> and you notice that people are asking the president what's not going to be in the bill. people are paying attention to the things that are getting cut. obviously there's a ton of things in the bill that are widely popular and the people -- people are paying attention to what's being cut here. zack, i also want to ask you
2:39 am
about an interesting question in the context of the national shortage of labor right now. he was encouraging people to go back to work, back into the office. and he said this about mental health. list englund. -- listen. >> how many people do you know, and maybe some in this audience, whoa because of what you've been through, a loss of a husband, wife, brother, mother, father, son, whatever, or you've had something that's really impacted you with covid that you really find yourself just down? i mean, just down? and so there's a lot of people who are just down. they're not sure how to get back in the game. all the things that matter to people, that go into things they look forward to. so a lot of it has to do with us getting back on our feet and getting back on our feet in terms of our attitudes about what the future looks like for us. w >> what do you say to someone who is down? a lot of people watching tonight who are. >> there's plenty of help.
2:40 am
look, being down, having some problem in terms of needing some advice, if you have a broken spirit, it's no different than a broken arm. you shouldn't be ashamed of it. you should seek the help. there's a lot of people who can help. [ applause ] >> i mean, talk about biden being biden, right. this is sort of what he does best, which is talk to you like a human being, not just as a president. but as "the comfort"er in chief. he is sort of speaking to the collective trauma that we have all sort of been through and lived through, but maybe don't address every day. >> reporter: that's right. you know, i think a lot of people have struggled to understand why the, quote-unquote, great resignation is going on, why there is a labor shortage. there is clearly something going on out there in our society that is changing. and at this moment i think it's really interesting that we have a president who is, like, mr. retail politics. he wants to look you in the eyes
2:41 am
and make a personal connection with you. he views people as people and not as data. and i think that we see that come through a lot in answers like that. >> the broken spirit, i mean, when you think about all these people trying to get back into the labor market, so many things happening, i think that's a really interesting way, the broken spirit of the labor market in. zack wolf, senior politics writer, have a great weekend. the cornerstone of that build back better, investing in workers paid for in part by higher corporate taxes. the president in the town hall acknowledging roadblocks in his own party. >> no, i don't think we're going to be able to get the vote. >> don't think we're going to be able to get the vote. biden planned to tax the rich and big companies to pay for his sweeping economic and climate agenda. senator kirstjen sinema's opposition to the tax rate left the white house scrambling for ways to pay for it. >> context here, context here. for decades, working people have
2:42 am
shouldered more of the burden of funding the government. meanwhile, companies' share has been declining. this is the effective corporate tax rate. this is -- taxes is a share of earnings. it has been falling for 50 years. at the same time, public spending on infrastructure has been at a bare minimum for years, hardly enough to keep up with maintenance, let alone build out investments that make the u.s. more competitive. and breaking overnight, a deadly accidental shooting involving a prop gun fired by actor alec baldwin. it happened thursday afternoon in new mexico during the filming of baldwin's new movie "rust." photos of baldwin you can see there after the shooting show the actor looking distraught outside the santa fe county sheriff's office. police say the cinematographer on this movie, helena hutchins was killed. details remain fuzzy. investigators haven't said what type of projectile was fired, whether it was a blank or what went wrong. no charges have been filed.
2:43 am
the film's director joel sussa is hospitalized. production on this movie has been shutdown for now. tragedy has struck before on the set at the hands of a prop gun in 1993. brandon lee, son of the martial arts icon was shot at the age of 28. the film crow, an improperly smith and wesson was fired. he died from a prop-inflicted gunshot. he was just 24 years old. we'll be right back. so you have diabetes, here are some easy rules... no sugar. no pizza. no foods you love. stressed? no stress.
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now get a covid booster shot, any booster shot. overnight the cdc director cleared booster shots of the moderna and johnson & johnson vaccines. those who got the moderna shot,
2:48 am
at least six months ago, can receive a booster if you're 65 and older, or in an at-risk group. people who received j&j can get a booster if they were vaccinated two or more months ago. >> the cdc also endorsed the mix and matcha approach, allowing people to choose whichever vaccine they like for their booster shot. and even if you received your flu shot recently, health experts now say there is no need to wait to get your covid booster now. next up, vaccines for kids. the fda's vaccines advisers are scheduled to meet tuesday to vote on emergency use authorization for pfizer's vaccine for kids 5 to 11 years ole. the leader of the haitian gang that kidnapped 17 u.s. and canadian missionaries threatens to kill the hots tajs if he doesn't get the ransom he's demanding. joe johns joins us from port-au-prince. hi. >> reporter: good morning, so, this is wilson joseph, the leader of 400 mawazo, the group now holding those hostages.
2:49 am
he did make the threat that if he did not get what he wants, the hostages will be killed. he made that threat on a video at a funeral of members of his gang that he said had been killed by police forces here in haiti. also important to report that this gang apparently has provided authorities with proof that the hostages are still alive. as you know, earlier this week that group demanded $17 million, 1 million for every man, woman and child they were holding. important also to say that typically in the kidnappings here in haiti, and there have been hundreds of them over the last couple years, what you do find is an outlandish sum of ransom will be demanded and that number eventually will be negotiated down. and one other thing i think to say here from haiti before we leave you is that the police
2:50 am
chief here in haiti has abruptly resigned. it was abrupt, but not necessarily unexpected because the prime minister here was under pressure to get rid of him due to the problems with security and kidnappings. back to you. >> a country with a kidnapping economy, shows you what a dire situation it is there. thank you so much, joe johns for us in port-au-prince. laura? >> okay. the queen this morning, queen elizabeth is back at windsor castle and resting after spending wednesday night at the hospital. a spokesman for the 95-year-old monarch underwent preliminary investigations. those are his words, not sure exactly what that means, but she remains in good spirits, we're told. the queen abruptly canceled a trip to northern ireland this week and has been seen recently with a cane. she's done 16 public engagements this month and is expected to attend the major climate conference in scotland later this month. let's get a check on cnn business. looking at markets around the
2:51 am
world, this friday edition, it ended the week in asia mixed. europe has opened higher here. on wall street, stock index futures at this hour are also nearly mixed here. it was a mixed day for investors after some positive news in the labor market. dow barely moved. dow is up 21% this year. the nasdaq also closed higher. first-time jobless claims fell to their lowest level since march last year. 290,000 americans filing for benefits. a red hot september for real estate. sales rose 7% last month. the median sales price up 13%. this is, get this, 115 straight months, that's 9 1/2 years of year over year price increases in the american housing market. the tight inventory of homes has begun to improve. in august then worsened again in september. at the same time demand is still strong. that's what's pushing prices higher. all right. the dodgers keep their world series dream alive with a historic performance from chris taylor.
2:52 am
andy scholes has this morning's "bleacher report." hey, andy. >> if you want to be the champ, you have to beat the champ. the dodgers not going down without a fight against the braves. braves up 3-1 against the dodgers in the alcs. they won three in a row after that. all-star chris taylor trying to lead another comeback. he hit a postseason record high three home runs in game five. first player ever to have a three home run game when facing elimination. he calls it surreal. dodgers win big, 11-2 to send the series back to atlanta tomorrow night. in the meantime, the astros can punch their ticket to the world series with a win tonight against the red sox in game 6 of the alcs. all right. to the nfl, they banged up browns hosting the broncos. what a night for third string running back johnson. he ran for 146 yards and a touchdown in cleveland's 17-14 win. not bad for a guy who is working
2:53 am
on a fishing boat after not getting drafted three years ago. he made an impression in the alliance of american football league and found his way to the browns. the performance, even impressing lebron james. he tweeted, the earnest johnson on one tonight. love to see it. all right. congress, meanwhile, wants to know more before the nfl's investigation into the washington football team. members of the house committee on oversight and reform sent a letter thursday to nfl commissioner roger goodell requesting that the league provide them with documents and information regarding the washington football team hostile workplace culture and the nfl's handling of the matter. an nfl spokesperson told cnn the league has received that letter and looks forward to speaking with congress soon. all right. finally, warriors star steph curry putting on a show last night in the warriors home opener against the clippers. two-time mvp could not miss. scored 25 points in a perfect first quarter. curry hit his first in shot would finish with 45 points for the game. he nailed a three-pointer with
2:54 am
under a minute remaining to give golden state the lead. warriors hold on to win that one 115-113. guys, curry said he was trash in the team's win over the lakers in the opener because he missed 16 shots. well, he made 16 shots last night, so i guess he was the opposite of trash. >> curry, of course he made it. thank you, andy, appreciate it. all right. at a cnn town hall last night, president biden making big news says he's willing to do away with the filibuster for voting rights. at some point. but he acknowledges it could affect his domestic agenda. >> and this developing story overnight, a prop gun fired by alec baldwin killed one person, injured another in a movie set. we're following all those details for you this morning. thanks for joining us. have a great weekend, everybody. i'm christine romans. >> i'm laura jarrett. "new day" is next. but whatever work becomes... the servicenow platform will make it just, flow. whether it's finding ways to help you serve your customers,
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♪ good morning to viewers here in the united states and all around the world. it is friday, october 22nd. i'm john berman with brianna keilar. a new eruption overnight from president joe biden in a cnn townhall


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