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tv   The Lead With Jake Tapper  CNN  October 21, 2021 2:00pm-3:00pm PDT

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well. that's keeping the promise of america. >> reporter: president biden going all in with an optimistic public push for his sweeping domestic agenda. >> the core of our administration's economic vision and it is a fundamental paradigm shift for this nation. >> reporter: even as he grapples with major hurdles ahead of tonight's 90-minute cnn town hall. >> hello hello hello. it's good to be home. >> reporter: one day after a rally in his hometown of scranton, pennsylvania. >> the house has been on schedule. >> reporter: biden's top advisers and allies on capitol hill in an urgent scramble to reach agreement by week's end. >> we rounded the turn and we're almost to the stretch. >> even as sources say biden has noichd closer to closer to an greemt with one of the key hold outs senator joe manchin and with the second senator sinema
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of arizona significantly slower going. >> dear senator sinema -- >> five members of sinema's unpaid veterans advisory council resigning and one house democrat pulling from saturday night live. >> because i didn't come to congress to make friends. >> reporter: to make a not so subtle point. sinema's private opposition to tax rate increases on corporations and individuals setting off a scramble to pay for the bill. >> the bill will be fully paid for and the matter is in the hands of our chairs of the finance committee and the ways and means committee. >> reporter: white house officials now talking with congressional tax writers hoping to ease sinema's concerns. >> the position is well known. >> reporter: that position well known as it is is part of the reason white house officials were once again on capitol hill today the president's top advisers meeting with senators manchin and sinema and also the chairs of the tax writing committees trying to figure out a way to get this deal together. there is a lot of skepticism about whether something can
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actually get done by week's end but as one official here put it now is not the time to take their foot off the gas. they are going to continue to push forward from the white house and democrats on capitol hill. >> reporter: all right. cnn's philip mattingly at the white house thanks so much. here to discuss is congresswoman jayapal of washington street the chair of the caucus and integral part of these negotiations. dick durbin just told cnn he believes the proposed tax increases on the wealthiest individuals and corporate tax increase are now off the table because senator sinema opposes them and they need her vote. is this also your understanding? >> well, jake, it is good to see you. good to be back with you. i don't know that to be the case. i will say i agree with the speaker and i think this bill is going to be paid for. i will also say that we now have
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49 democrats in the senate who are ready to do those tax increases. the american people overwhelmingly support them. i would certainly hope the last senator could come along with us. but either way, we're going to get this thing paid for and get it done. >> is there an alternate way to pay for it when senator elizabeth warren was on the show yesterday, i asked her about sinema's opposition to the highest ranking taxpayers -- tax increase and the corporate tax increase and she said, well, she had the legislation that would make corporations pay at least something in taxes if they made profits that year, minimum tax for corporations. is that one of the things being discussed? what are other ways you can get kristie -- get senator sinema onboard? >> in favor of the real
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corporate profits tax that she has proposed, and there are some other ones as well senator wyden has put on the table, the ways and means committee has a list of options. i do think we will get this paid for. i think that there will be agreement around it. i do hope it can include making the wealthiest corporations and wealthiest individuals pay their fair share. i tell you, jake. i have a lot of them in my state who have called to say you know what? we are willing to pay our fair share. we're okay with this. we think it is a good thing. so i'm not sure what the problem is here because we're not talking about something unreasonable. we're actually talking about something that used to exist before the trump tax cuts and rolling back the trump tax cuts. so hopefully we can get that but if not, listen. there are lots of ways to pay for this. that is not the problem. we will get it done. >> president biden has promised the american people that the bill will be entirely paid for and will not cost anyone one penny if they make under
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$400,000 a year. are you going to be able to keep that promise even without the tax increases? >> yes, we will keep that promise. i know how strongly the president feels about this. i met with him a couple times this week. he has been fantastic on this issue. we aren't going to increase taxes on people earning under $400,000. we will find other ways to do it. it will be paid for. i hope again it is just making the wealthiest pay their fair share but we'll have to see where we get to. >> you have been meeting with senator manchin and spoke to him again yesterday i am toll. have you spoken with senator sinema at all during any of these negotiations? >> i spoke to her several weeks ago but i haven't spoken to her recently. she has been negotiating with the white house directly and that is fine. i'm always available to meet with her if she wants to. and, yes, i have had some very good conversations with senator manchin about where we can agree and where we have some differences and how we bridge those differences to get to a
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place where, you know, everyone may not get everything they want but that we will get something that will really be significant in terms of child care, universal child care, universal pre-k, home and community based care. a significant investment in climate change even though it is again not going to be everything we would have wanted in there. housing infrastructure, really important. the child tax credit. and many other things. i think this is going to be a really, really significant bill for the american people to know that government's got their back and that democracy actually works. >> your fellow progressive congressman jimmy gomez had rather harsh words about senator sinema earlier today. take a listen >> i think someone that really doesn't have a policy center. she is all over the place. i don't really know what she wants. >> is that fair criticism? is that constructive? you are trying to win her over. >> well, look.
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i have been very clear i don't criticize anybody even when i might disagree with them even when i'm frustrated. but this is the frustration we have 49 senators ready to do these tax increases. we have the american people, you know, this package becomes even more popular than it already is which is very high approval rating, independents, republicans, and democrats. but it becomes even more popular when you tell people that you're just going to make the wealthiest pay their fair share. and i think with the level of wealth inequality in this country and particularly during covid more billionaires created even as people were wrapping around in food lines around the blocks, i think people just feel like come on. we elected democrats in the house, senate, and white house. why can't you make this more fair so that i, a working person, do not have to pay more than my fair share because the richest won't pay? so that is the frustration you hear from jimmy. he is on the ways and means
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committee that put together the list of tax provisions and so, you know, he is very close to that piece as well. i understand the frustration. but obviously i'm trying to be, you know, woee got to get everye to the table. we need everyone and we're working to get there. >> democratic congresswoman jayapal of washington state always good to see you. >> thanks, jake. >> be sure to tune in for cnn's town hall with president joe biden. you can see it only on cnn. moments ago the house making a decision that could theoretically send steve bannon to the pokey. what is the former president thinking? and asking for a friend republicans channelling trump as they grill the attorney general today? fireworks next. g one another.) (sfx: continued vehicle calamity.) just think, he'll be driving for real soon. every new chevy equinox comes standard
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we have breaking news in our politics lead in the last hour the u.s. house of representatives voted to approve the january 6th committee's report recommending that trump ally steve bannon be held for criminal contempt of congress for defying a subpoena from the committee investigating the insurrection. that contempt referral soon we're told today will head to the justice department with attorney general merrick garland giving the decision as to whether he will try to prosecute banon. the house vote fell largely along party lines though nine house republicans voted with all 220 democrats to pass the resolution. tell us more about these nine republicans, not an easy vote, not easy to go against your party. >> not easy at all. as you noted the vote was largely along party lines but in addition committee members, representatives liz cheney and adam kinzinger, seven other republicans also voted to find bannon in contempt including
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representatives anthony gonzalez of ohio, peter meyer of michigan, fred upton also of michigan, john katko, nancy mace, brian fitzpatrick, jamie herrera butler of washington and the brother of former vice president mike pence did not vote. she said for her this is about being consistent, enforcing subpoena power and even signaled they might use it to investigate issues currently facing the biden administration. now, this bill gives speaker pelosi the authorization to ask the justice department to prosecute bannon. we are told she will sign it and send it to the justice department, we're told delivered by clerk's staff. >> what might this mean for trump's former white house deputy chief of staff dan scavino who we are told has not cooperated yet? >> now he knows how this end if he doesn't cooperate. he is in a different position than steve bannon because he was in the administration at the time in question. so it is possible that he could
2:15 pm
potentially get some additional protection of privilege but it is not clear at this point if president biden will be willing to invoke that on his behalf. we know he still has a couple weeks though his attorney has signaled he is not ready to cooperate. he has document due the next week and the week after. he has been asked to do a deposition but at this point it is not clear if they'll come to agreement, compromise, or if he too could be found in contempt. >> thank you so much. speaking of steve bannon attorney general garland stuck to the talking points today saying when he comes to bannon he will apply the facts and the law as to whether to prosecute for contempt of congress. the smorgasboard of hearing featured republicans pressing the attorney general on this october 4th memo from his office stating the doj is worried about threats and attacks against teachers and school board members and will prosecute people even parents making those threats, quote, when appropriate.
2:16 pm
garland was asked today about everything ranging from trump to investigating sales of hunter biden's art. >> a snitch line on parents. >> reporter: the attorney general facing rapid fire from republicans about an early october memo that has morphed into a rallying cry for conservatives. >> are we, my friends, neighbors, constituents, are we domestic terrorists? >> no. >> this memo from the attorney general directs the fbi and federal prosecutors to meet with local school boards to discuss strategies to stop threats that some educators have faced when it comes to covid protocols like mask mandates and teaching of racial issues in class. republicans are portraying the directive as an order to arrest parents who criticize school boards. a false narrative garland repeatedly pushed back against >> i want to be clear that the justice department supports and defends the first amendment right of parents to complain as vociferously as they wish. no, i do not think that parents getting angry at school boards
2:17 pm
for whatever reason constitutes domestic terrorism. >> reporter: democrats voiced their frustration that the doj is still defending former president trump in at least one case where he has been sued for defamation by magazine writer e. gene carroll. >> we are defending president trump's defamation lawsuit by a woman he has defamed. >> we are not defending the defamation made by the former president. as i've said publicly several times. sometimes being the attorney general and sometimes being the judge means taking positions with respect to the law that are required by the law but which you would not take as a private citizen. >> reporter: republicans refocused the conversation on the current president and his son hunter. >> the third painting you may recognize this name is hunter biden. >> i don't recognize the painting. >> congressman ken buck of colorado spotlighting hunter biden's art work as part of his
2:18 pm
push to get the doj to appoint special counsel to look into the sale for the pieces of art for as much as $500,000 and into hunter biden's placement of a board of a ukrainian energy company for $50,000 a month. >> i am asking you now will you appoint a special counsel to investigate hunter biden? >> for the same reason i am not able to respond to questions about investigations of the former president or anyone else, i am not able to discuss any investigations pending or otherwise with respect to any citizen of the united states. >> the justice department is coming under fire from both the left and the right and sometimes on the same issue. in fact, the prosecution of january 6th defendants has been a flash point with the last asking questions about whether rioters are being punished enough republicans though asking, jake, if prosecutors are being fair. >> thanks so much. appreciate it. a look at how republicans are being forced to embrace the same
2:19 pm
voting rules. they spent the past year attacking in a critical governor's race. stay with us.
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we have more breaking news for you now just moments ago a group of cdc advisers voted to recommend booster shots for eligible adults who got the moderna vaccine or the johnson & johnson vaccine. now that decision goes to cdc director dr. rochelle walensky for the final okay. so who is eligible for these boosters? the guidelines for moderna are the same ones as for pfizer. anyone 65 or older, anyone 18 years and older who has a preexisting condition or anyone whose job puts them at higher risk for covid exposure.
2:24 pm
for johnson & johnson booster shots it is different. they're recommended for anyone 18 years and older who got a j&j shot more than two months ago. these booster shots could be available theoretically as soon as this weekend. now to our politics lead president biden will join virginia democratic candidate for governor terry mcauliffe for a campaign stop next week in the d.c. suburb of arlington. the governor's race is getting too close for comfort for democrats. a new monmouth poll shows republican candidate for governor glen youngkin has seized the momentum and is improving his numbers so much he is now neck and neck with mcauliffe the final few weeks of campaigning before election day are crucial in every race but they're especially crucial in this race because early voting began in mid september as cnn's jeff zelle anyreports that means already 35 election days if virginia so far. >> reporter: every day is election day for more than a month now that's been true in virginia, which is why debby
2:25 pm
weber is greeting voters outside the county election office. >> hi there. how are you? >> reporter: and fielding questions about early voting. she is a gop volunteer and is getting an earful from many fellow republicans. >> they question the -- are these dominion voting machines? and as far as i know, no, they're not. okay? but that doesn't lessen the concern they have that voting machines in general can be tampered with. >> reporter: that concern is unfounded, yet this is the irony in the nail biting virginia governor's race. as republicans are scrambling to urge their supporters to take advantage of early voting. after casting as perfections on it for the last year. democrat terry mcauliffe and republican dplen youngkin have already cast their ballots early. >> we did it. >> along with more than half a million virginians and counting. it is a critical part of both campaign strategies despite deep skepticism alive and well in the
2:26 pm
gop. >> they used covid in order to cheat with all of these ballots and early voting and late voting. >> reporter: fueled by former president trump who is still spinning conspiracy theories that come alive in conversations with virginia republicans like collin hayes. >> there is no reason to do mass early voting. i think that would be a lot of the democrat run states have taken advantage of the pandemic to expand it into their favor. >> reporter: he met youngkin at a rally this week and plans to vote for him on the traditional election day november 2nd. there is no such skepticism from democrats. top party officials tell cnn mcauliffe's best chance to win is by banking such a sizable early share of votes that youngkin can't catch up. >> those that have not voted make me a promise you'll vote this week. we got to get early vote. >> reporter: tonight vice president harris is joining mcauliffe at a campaign rally to encourage democrats to vote early a message to be amplified in the days ahead with visits from president biden and former president obama. the youngkin campaign has been
2:27 pm
aggressively promoting early voting trying to keep democrats from building an insurmountable margin. >> early voting is really important. >> reporter: is there any hesitancy you think -- >> i don't think it is a hesitancy. i don't think it is skepticism. i think there are a lot of people who like going on election day and voting. >> reporter: outside the early voting center weber says she and other volunteers have been instructed to turn any suspicions about election security into part of their sales pitch. >> the early voting is encouraged. vote early. they're making voting easy and cheating hard. that was the design from the republican perspective. >> reporter: now both sides believe there will be record turnout in this race surpassing the 2.6 million people who voted in 2017. jake, that is driven largely by the early vote. it is why the vice president is on her way here for a rally tonight and as you said
2:28 pm
president biden coming tuesday. the white house keeping a very close eye on this race on november 2nd as a harbinger of things to come for next year's midterm election. >> all right. let's discuss with my panel. as jeff reported the republican party, voters seem to have existential questions about early voting, the reliability of voting machines. do you think that could actually hurt the republican candidate glen youngkin? >> i think so and the continuing effects of the big lie and the continued lie we hear from former president trump and his allies when it comes to elections in voting. it can. because what we are hearing from republicans is that they are not as confident particularly when it comes to voting by mail and voting early. the question is whether republican hess tans will be offset by democrats' frustrations with their elected officials. >> one democratic leader told
2:29 pm
politico, quote, i think we are on track to be a blue state for years and years because the growth here in virginia makes it inevitable. until then we have a lot of suburban voters who are very swingy and decide these elections up and down the ticket. we will win if folks turn out but everyone should be very worried. take a look at this. this is all the surrogates that the democrats are bringing in. at least a couple presidents, first lady, second husband. vp klobuchar. mayor, stacey abrams, current governor. that's a lot of heavy hitters. >> they're bringing in the big guns. i mean, 2018 speaks to exactly what that lawmaker was saying which is that two districts were won by tight margins especially spanberger's so turnout in a district like hers is going to be key for democrats because again i remember going there in
2:30 pm
2018 and they were independent swing voters who were deciding they were tired of donald trump and they were going to move toward democrats and some of that was based on gun control and some based on immigration. right now they, a lot of voters are frustrated because they're waiting for some action from biden and also still dealing with the ramifications of the panned which is clearly what is impacting the numbers as well as mcauliffe. >> you can't deny it is an all star panel of democrats. their names are not on the ticket. it is terry mcauliffe who is on the ticket and he is not doing well. there is no momentum behind him. to be honest the democratic party doesn't have a lot of momentum given their inability to get things done in washington. on the flip side, glen youngkin does have momentum and they run a really smart campaign in terms of not peaking too soon and slow and steady wins the race. they've gone from five points behind, four points behind and now a virtual dead heat. the key to his success is he has been encouraging early voting.
2:31 pm
they have early campaign models. he needs to get 34% of the early voting numbers. he's already at around 40. so they are looking at early voting numbers are strong. and the good thing he is doing is speaking to the people of virginia about what they care about. jobs, pocketbook issues, public safety, and education. terry mcauliffe who is campaigning against donald trump who is not on the ticket and cleaning up comments he said about public education and parents should not be involved in those decisions >> i know you are eager to get in here. i want you to take a look at this new ad from the mcauliffe campaign which does get to what the mcauliffe campaign's basic message is. take a look. >> virginia, you have a lot of responsibility this year. not only are you choosing your next governor but you're also making a statement about what direction we're headed in as a country. >> i'm glad you showed that. that is exactly right. even though it is terry mcauliffe on the ballot there is no question donald trump should
2:32 pm
also be on the ballot. look, glen youngkin ran when he first started in the primary, he coddled himself so tightly, embraced donald trump, and now is trying to have it both ways. when he started running on conservative media he said, up and down, that donald trump represented so many of the reasons as to why he is running for governor. i love it when terry mcauliffe is tying youngkin to donald trump every chance he gets because there is no question that if glen youngkin wins it is going to be a place where donald trump is going to say, look what happens when you tie yourself to me. and that is going to put our democracy in peril. >> that is not the case. what glen youngkin campaigned on was the policies of donald trump and certainly not the persona. if you want to talk about what kind of candidate glen youngkin is he is more of a ronald reagan in terms of tone and tenor. he is certainly not the temperament of donald trump. and that is why he is doing so well. he has also been out in the suburbs where the swinging people are and speaking with women and speaking with people
2:33 pm
that were disaffected by donald trump and he is making tremendous inroads. that is why he is doing so well. and the education that is such a bad issue for terry mcauliffe is one glen youngkin has been very strong on and making sure parents have ib put in their education and making sure safety in the schools is imperative. and terry mcauliffe has really lost a lot of ground on education. >> i want to give you the final word on this. >> education is absolutely a key issue. and the fact is that donald trump is, along with glen youngkin, focused on trying to take away money and funding from public schools. terry mcauliffe talks about a $2 billion investment in public schools. when you look at the growth of the demographics in virginia that is what they care about. let's also take a look at the mask mandates. if you look at all the polls that is almost number one, a
2:34 pm
huge, huge issue for virginians. that is not a place where glen young king is i think doing very well. >> i bet there are a lot of viewers we have in virginia who right now wish you two were the candidates. that is what i think. this is the debate, right? the debate is whether or not young king is doing better with some of these local issues and whether terry mcauliffe's basic idea, pitch, this isn't just glen young king, this is donald trump and the direction of the country on the ballot and whether or not these suburban voters who do swing back and forth which argument they'll find more compelling >> i think the race has been nationalized in the way they are talking about covid-19 vaccine mandates and mask mandates and critical race theory. things that are not necessarily taught in schools but it is one of those things that pushes people's buttons and gets them riled up and what young king is hoping is it gets them to vote for him. so they are not necessarily
2:35 pm
based in the reality of what is going on in schools but right now what gets people active and activated. >> one big story in virginia is about trump because of the fact that young kin needs trump's base and those loyal republican voters to vote for him. you've seen young king say on one hand that biden won the election but then just this month also said that there needed to be an audit of the dominion voting machines. that is the wink and the nod to the republican voters who even though youngkin is not saying he wants trump to go campaign for him at the same time trump advisers are going to virginia, former advisers who at a rally pledged aleanilegiance to a fla they said was carried on january 6th. >> which youngkin distanced himself from. >> yes. he called it weird. >> i think this final ad is so important because i actually do
2:36 pm
believe that nothing less than our democracy is on the line because if youngkin wins it is not bode well for voters. >> and the ad that mcauliffe had to do in his words to see that parents should not be involved in their children's education he had to do an ad to correct that. the fact he is doing that shows that he realizes education is a bad spot for him and he is not in a good position. coming up rsvp no. vladimir putin skipping key upcoming global events, raising eyebrows. stay with us. ♪girl, i don't know, i don't know,♪ ♪i don't know why i can't get enough of your love babe♪ ♪oh no, babe girl, if i could only make you see♪ ♪and make you understand♪ get a dozen double crunch shrimp for $1 with any steak entrée. only at applebee's. now that's eatin' good in the neighborhood.
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2:41 pm
decisions? it may be his way of distracting attention from worsening problems inside russia. >> reporter: he has refused to attend the global climate conference, cut communication with nato. he is accused of strangling europe's natural gas supplies and of snubbing the g 20 summit. is vladimir putin a russian bear lashing out? or a wiley arctic fox spreading the blame? skyrocketing european gas prices are up over 500% this year. putin says that is not russia's fault. and it is easily fixed if europe allowed gas to flow to germany down russia's new pipeline. >> translator: of course if we could increase deliveries through this route, this would substantially ease tension on the european energy markets. roip the europeans have been slow to adopt the pipeline fearing dependence on russian gas. russia closed its diplomatic mission to nato on monday
2:42 pm
officially in response to nato's expulsion of eight of its diplomats whom nato accused of spying earlier this month. but putin is also reacting to tension in the black sea and nato muscling into alliances in eastern europe which he sees as russia's back garden. >> we did not come to the suburbs of washington or new york to conduct drills. they came to us and conducted them at our borders. how should we react to this? >> reporter: russian troops illegally occupy territory in neighboring georgia and ukraine. >> the united states will continue to provide assistance to enhance maritime capacities not only of the ukraine but also georgia, romania, and bulgaria. we have long understood the importance of cooperation and unity among allies and partners to deter russian aggression. >> not perhaps an incentive for putin to play nice at the g 20
2:43 pm
and the global climate summits. >> this is a positive message to those who are inviting him. if he decides he would rather have a video conference with a certain group of people, that also tells you something. >> reporter: raising tensions abroad may be a useful way for putin to distract attention from the critical covid crisis at home with death tolls breaking records daily. putin has ordered all russians off work for a week at the end of the month and moscow will face tight restrictions on movements next week. russia's vaccination program still has not reached about two-thirds of the russian population. that it seems is the fault of russians. >> unfortunately, we see the dangerous consequences of the low level of vaccination in our country. >> reporter: as winter approaches and russia suffers international isolation, many russians may begin to tire of their leader's snarls.
2:44 pm
>> reporter: jake it is quite difficult to assess in this country how russians are really feeling because the domestic press has been increasingly muz ld. we are very aware of the crackdowns seen in the past. now legislation recently introduced implemented to designate an awful lot of local media as foreign agents drastically restrict their abilities and they're self-identifying in some cases as traitors. it is having a very substantial effect on the local media here. so as the criticisms get louder internationally they are more muz ld in places like moscow. >> we have breaking news for you on the hunt for brian laundrie. what did the fbi announce just moments ago? stay with us.
2:45 pm
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breaking news just moments ago the fbi announced that after comparing dental records they have confirmed that the human remains found in the florida nature park are indeed those of brian laundrie. let's get straight to sarasota county, florida. what else does the >> well, jake, let me send you straight to the tweet from the fbi that confirms this. it says on october 21st, 2021, a comparison of dental records confirm that had the human remains at the team memorial reserve in the myakkahatchee environmental park are those of brian laundrie. so a very big question answered in just the last ten minutes in
2:50 pm
terms of who did these human remains belong to. we now know that they are of brian laundrie. we have also learned that not too long ago, police visited the home of brian laundrie's parents. so we're waiting to get more information on exactly what sort of exchange they had. but this came just before the fbi tweeted out the new information that those human remains that were found yesterday belong to brian laundrie. still a lot of questions here, jake. we know the remains belong to him, but we don't know how he died and we also have a lot of questions about the belongings that police say they found near where those skeletal remains where are found. which by the way, i just spoke to north port police, one of the assisting agencies. they tell me it was about a 40-minute walk from where we are now and that they not only found a backpack, which we learned yesterday from the fbi as well
2:51 pm
as a notebook, but that they also found clothing that belonged to brian laundrie that was consistent with what he was wearing when he was last seen. so a very major development as to knowing now that it was brian laundrie's remains that were found here near the carlton reserve or in the carlton reserve. that 25,000 acre area where teams have spent weeks searching for him. >> all right. sad end to a horrible story. thanks so much. in our earth matters series, stabilizing the facts of climate change are a growing threat to national security. that is the stark warning in a series of new reports from the u.s. intelligence community on the challenges that the climate crisis poses to global stability. among the challenges outlined in the reports is the critical role climate change is playing in creating refugees and driving migration worldwide and at the u.s. southern border. let's get more with chief climate correspondent, bill
2:52 pm
weir. you've been traveling the world covering climate change for cnn for years. what do you say to this new assessment from the intelligence community? >> well, it really, what's striking is there's not all that new here. back in 1990, 31 years ago, the naval war college started using the term climate change as a multiplier. the first president bush had it in his national security. there have been reports from noah, the pentagon, everyone in federal government. this is more urgent because we have a lot more specifics to put on those multiple threats. what happens when 80 million people who depend on the nile delta for food and water lose that? and head for europe? what happens when the himalayan glaciers melt giving less water to pakistan and india. what happens when migrants surge
2:53 pm
north after droughts or hurricanes? we know the naval base in norfolk has to be moved now as a result of rising seas, but of course, the gap between the warnings and action in congress is stark. >> the hoemt security and defense department both released separate reports outlining the threat posed by the climate crisis. yet as you know, there doesn't seem to be a matching urgency from elected officials to do anything, with some exceptions of course. >> of course. you know, biden's build back better plan is the most ambitious sort of climate package in there. it will cost about $350 billion a year. the most effective analysts say would be incentivizing power companies to get off of coal and gas and get to clean sources of energy. solar and wind. the joe manchins of the world say that's too expensive. it's interesting that this week, they gave the pentagon $10 billion more than they asked for and twice as much as what that
2:54 pm
build back better plan would cost. so at least you know, the pentagon is getting the money they're going to need to fight these multiple threats. >> future generations are not going to judge these decades kindly. the biden administration says, bill, that current policies and pledges are insufficient to meet the goals laid out in the landmark 2015 paris climate agreement. what's the effect of that? >> well, to put that in perspective of the almost 200 countries that signed on to paris, only one of them is actually on target to meet their promise and that is the gambia. the tiny country in africa. nobody is really doing the prac practical work, the hard work, of decarbonizing their economies in the world. the united states has put more planet cooking pollution in the air than any other country so should take the lead. in charleston, they're planning
2:55 pm
a billion dollar sea wall here. they're completely rezoning how and where to build in this city because the reality -- >> we just lost bill, but thanks from south carolina for that report. we're just two hours away from cnn's town hall with president biden. your questions at this critical moment coming up. we believe es to live better. and just being sustainable isn't enough. our future depends on regeneration. that's why we're working to not only protect our planet, but restore, renew, and replenish it. so we can all live better tomorrow. ♪ are you ready to meet the new class of subway's eat fresh refresh™? the new baja steak & jack, new all-american club™, the new italian b.m.t.®, new turkey cali fresh... and new...trevor lawrence? man, you're not a sandwich! order in the app now to save big.
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happening now, president biden is about to face tough questions at a critical moment for his presidency. we're counting down to cnn's exclusive town hall and i'll ask a key democrat about a new sticking point in urgent negotiations on the biden agenda. also tonight, the full house of
3:00 pm
representatives just voted to hold steve bannon in contempt of congress for refusing to cooperate with the selection investigation. the justice department to decide whether to prosecute the trump loyals. i'll speak with a prominent member of the january 6 committee, congressman adam schiff, and we'll talk about what happens next. and breaking news just coming in. the fbi has just confirmed the human remains found in a florida nature reserve do belong to brian laundrie. the missing fiance of gabby petito. welcome to our viewers here in the united states and around the world. i'm wolf blitzer and you're in "the situation room." we begin with president biden and the enormous challenges he currently faces as he prepares to take the stage for cnn's exclusive town hall less than two hours from now. our chief white house corresponden