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tv   Early Start With Christine Romans and Laura Jarrett  CNN  October 21, 2021 2:00am-2:59am PDT

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it is thursday, october 21st, 5:00 a.m. here in new york. thanks for getting an early start with us. i'm christine romans. >> i'm laura jarrett. welcome to our viewers in the united states and all around the world. we begin this morning with president biden ramping up his public sales pitch today for the cornerstone of his agenda, this cradle to grave expansion of america's social safety net. his fellow democrats, meanwhile, are still hashing out what stays in the build back better plan and what must be cut to get this package passed. yesterday the president was in scranton calling for an investment in our resilience.
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>> coal built this town in this part of the country. but we have to provide other avenues for people to make the same kind of living they used to be able to make. >> the president will make his case tonight in baltimore at a cnn town hall. meantime in washington, lawmakers are grappling with the reality key priorities on the tax credit and more that had been included in the bill are likely now on the chopping block. cnn's daniela diaz live on capitol hill for us. daniela, what are democrats saying about the cuts that need to be made to this package to appease some of those moderate democrats who don't want to spend 2 or $3 trillion? >> reporter: christine, laura, i've seen so much frustration in the last two days from members who are upset as they learn the news that they're going to have to pare back the price tag of this bill. what that means is losing some of the provisions they spent the last couple weeks, last couple of months, some of these members since they were in office
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fighting for legislation on this. look, during a meeting with house progressives on tuesday night, president joe biden told them that the final bill is not expected -- is expected not to include free tuition -- tuition-free community college which is a major white house priority. and staff and members were shocked also tuesday to learn that instead of getting a larger or longer extension for the child tax credit, a major provision democrats fought for, moderates and progressive democrats to be clear, it is likely only going to be a one-year extension for the child tax credit. so a lot of frustration from members. i spoke to congressman torres of new york, and he was incredibly upset. he argued that if it is just a one-year extension and republicans take the house majority next year, it's likely that this provision that puts direct cash in families' pockets, the child tax credit, is going to be lost. he feels democrats need to work
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on the momentum they have right now since they have the majority in congress. now, another thing that's still up in the air that they're still trying to figure out is climate provisions. especially after senator joe manchin, one of the moderate democratic senators that is fighting to try to pare back this bill, because the senate needs his support on this. it was originally priced at $3.5 trillion. now trying to get it to the $1 trillion range. he has said that he won't support the clean electricity performance program which would give utility, federal grants to increase their share of electricity from clean sources, which was a major climate provision that was a democratic priority. now he's left progressives scrambling to try to figure out what kind of provisions he will support that they can include in the legislation to combat climate change. and, look, this is all a time crunch because in two weeks president joe biden -- excuse me, less than two weeks, president joe biden is expected to go to glasgow and he does not
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want to attend the united nations conference without any sort of official climate provisions he can bring to the table at that meeting. so it's really crunch time here, but moderate and progressive democrats are trying to figure out how they can get what they want in this bill. >> so, daniela, you have the manchin problem, you've also got a problem with senator kyrsten sinema. she's pushing back on how the white house wants to pay for all this. tell us about that. >> reporter: well, yet afternoon, laura, kirsten csinea threw a written much in the plans. she would not support a corporate tax hike to pay for this bill which was originally planned. democrats were pushing to find ways to have pay fors and that was one of them. there was a call yesterday with finance chairman ron wyden, house ways and means chair richard neil and top administration officials as they scrambled to figure out how they can pay for this bill now that
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kirstjen sinema has thrown a wrench in their plans. they're looking at companies buying stock buy backs, revisions to international tax provisions and potentially setting a minimum tax on international corporations. now, i do want to emphasize that kirsten sinema, a source said she is obviously not set in stone on the idea of throwing out the corporate tax hike. she could be amendable, but it really all depends on whether democrats can figure out another way to pay for this. but the bottom line is this major detail could possibly delay democrats' efforts to try to pass this bill as well as the bipartisan infrastructure bill which they're trying to do as a two-track plan to try to pass it by october 31st, which was the next imposed deadline house speaker pelosi set earlier this month. it could be a delay here as they are trying to figure this out.
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>> she's gjust negotiating on te corporate tax rate, 21% was below what companies were asking for. they were asking for 25%, so maybe that could move. we'll have to see. >> don't have much time. thank you so much, daniela. nice to see you. tonight a cnn exclusive, joe biden takes questions from the american people. anderson cooper mod rates. cnn town hall with joe biden begins tonight at 8:00. and this morning a potential breakthrough in the hunt for brian laundrie. investigators announce wednesday they found what appear to be human remains. authorities had been searching for him for weeks since his fiancee gabby petito was found dead in wyoming last month. last night chris cuomo spoke about this new discovery with the laundrie family attorney. >> do they believe it is their son? >> chris, it's not about belief. as you said at the on set, the the probability is strong that it is brian's remains. we're going to wait until forensic results come in and
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verify that. >> but here's what we don't know. how did the remains get there in the first place? >> yeah, what role did laundrie's parents play in the apparent discovery of their son's remains? they made their first visit to the park since its reopening yesterday and seemed to provide significant assistance with the discovery. >> it's nothing short of bizarre. what i saw were the two parents picking up evidence, wandering through the brush, not supervised that i could see. at least not in sight of the video that i saw. and they were picking up what seemed to be evidence and putting it in a bag. >> absolutely no evidence of him found in the preserve for the past month covered by hundreds of searchers, diligently looking, and absolutely nothing found until today when the parents announce that they're going to go look for their son in the preserve, and voila, they suddenly find backpacks and a dry bag and low and behold,
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human remains. >> cnn's randi kaye has more on the story from north port, florida. >> reporter: good morning, christine and laura. here is what we are learning from the fbi. they say they have found what appear to be human remains here at the carlton reserve along with a backpack and a notebook belonging to brian laundrie. we also have new information on where this discovery was made. a spokesman for the north port police department said it was all found in a 2 to 3 mile walk from the carlton reserve from this entrance here. >> these items were found in an area that up until recently had been under water. our evidence response team is on scene using all available forensic resources to process the area. it's likely the team will be on scene for several days. >> reporter: now, remember, on september 14th the laundrie family car, a mustang, was tagged by north port police as an abandoned vehicle at this entrance. so if indeed these remains are
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brian laundrie's, perhaps he is the one who drove that car here, and then took a fairly long walk 2 or 3 miles apparently, into the reserve. we also are told that the laundrie parents, chris and roberta laundrie, were in the reserve when the remains were found. the laundrie family attorney would not comment to cnn about those remains. also a source close to the investigation is telling me that in terms of the condition of the remains, they seem to have been there for awhile. that's a quote. also that based on the condition of the remains, it may take some time to officially identify them and it is going to be a very thorough and painstaking process. back to you. >> a lot of questions there. randi, thank you. it is important to note as we have the gabby petito case is one of many, sadly, the fbi says there were nearly 90,000 active missing person cases at the end of 2020. one person who went missing this year, for example, was jelani
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day. the 25-year-old in illinois grad student's body was identified nearly a month after his disappearance was reported back in august. his mother joins "new day" in the 8:00 hour. all right. to washington now, the full house much representatives is expected to vote today to hold a trump ally steve bannon in criminal contempt of congress. bannon has refused to cooperate with the committee investigating the january 6th insurrection at the capitol. congresswoman liz cheney, one of two republicans on the panel, she urged her gop colleagues to defy party leaders and vote to hold bannon in contempt. >> i ask each one of you to step back from the brink. i urge you to do what you know is right, to think of the long arc of history. we are told that it bends towards justice, but it does so only because of the actions of men and women in positions of public trust. >> but cheney's plea to her gop colleagues didn't work. lawmakers voted along party
2:11 am
lines during a house rules committee meeting on that contempt citation yesterday. but now it goes to a full vote in the democratic-controlled house, and assuming that goes against bannon, the case then moves to the u.s. attorney's office in washington, d.c. that u.s. attorney is required by law to put the issue to a grand jury. a spokesman for the u.s. attorney said this week that if the house, in fact, certifies that contempt citation, it will evaluate the matter on the facts and the law. the thing to note here, christina, this is going to take a really long time. they want bannon because they think he has something of interest. remember, contempt is about punishment. it is not about getting the person to testify. >> interesting. two new covid boosters on the verge of rolling out nationwide. what you need to know about covid boosters next. i don't just play someone brainy on tv - i'm an actual neuroscientist.
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today the cdc is expected to sign off on moderna and johnson & johnson covid booster shots. the fda has already authorized half dose of moderna's vaccine for people vaccinated at least six months ago and who are over 65 or at high risk. it also okayed booster shots, j&j, for anyone who got that vaccine at least two months ago. assuming the cdc gives the thumbs up today, moderna and j&j boosters could be available in days. the fda also okayed mixing and matching any of the three authorized vaccines as a booster. so, as grandparents and parents get boosters, first shots for kids may soon be on the way. finally, all that's left is fda emergency authorization for chi children 5 to 11 years old. they are scheduled to meet next week to consider pfizer's request on this. if the agency gives it, 28 million kids will become immediately eligible for the shot. and even though kids are less likely on average to become
2:17 am
seriously ill, dr. anthony fauci says they should still get vaccinated. >> children are not completely exempt from the difficulties of getting infected. in fact, if you go to pediatric hospitals throughout the country, you see that many of the beds are filled with children who have serious illness. >> the biden administration says it's prepared to hit the ground running here, equipping 25,000 pediatric and primary care offices. hundreds of community health centers and rural health clinics and tens of thousands of pharmacies to administer the shots. all right. cargo congestion, price spikes, truck driver shortages, moody's analytics warns supply chain stress is only getting worse and could slow down the economy. for small business owners just getting the basic for halloween has been a struggle. >> didn't receive nearly what we should have so they wouldn't get it until november. that doesn't help me.
2:18 am
we're into christmas by then. >> a record number of shipping containers holding everything from toys to parts for factories are all stuck on ships off the coast of los angeles. president biden directed the ports of los angeles and long beach to move to a 24/7 schedule, but the port of l.a. is operating from 8:00 a.m. to 3:00 a.m., not doing 24/7, because frankly they're not using those other hours. there aren't trucks to get the stuff off ships and moved anyway. on wednesday governor gavin newsom issued an order to find land for container storage and freight routes for trucks so they can lift weight limits on the road. here's transportation secretary pete buttigieg. >> it's not that we're moving fewer goods through the system. we're moving fewer goods than ever. that can't keep up with demand being even higher than that. as you correctly point out, there is a lot more to this than just what goes on at the ports. those 24/7 ops will make a
2:19 am
difference. that might have to do with the availability of trucks either inland or moving those containers. >> he talked there about the demand. americans are buying more, a lot more. out of stock products online surged 172% from pre-pandemic levels. that is according to a new report from adobe analytics. despite struggling to get items, adobe still expects online holiday sales to hit $207 billion from november 1st to the end of the year. we are buying, buying, buying more stuff. services have been crimped, right, because of the pandemic. that spending has switched to buying stuff and all of that just complicates the supply chain problems. >> sounds like you better get your kids' halloween costumes in local shots. don't get it online. >> you should do your holiday shopping now. serious, i'm all about that. >> get it, hide the presents. still ahead for you for the third time this year, senate republicans block a national voting rights bill.
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welcome back. pressure is mounting on the president to do something about voting rights.
2:24 am
on wednesday senate republicans blocked yet another democratic attempt to pass a bill strengthening voting rights, so without 60 votes where does the fight go from here? let's bring in jessica hoosman. remind viewers here who might have lost track somewhere along the way. what exactly with this federal bill had actually done to shore up voting rights? >> so, this bill is very similar to previous iterations of democrats voting rights plan such as the for the people act. slightly watered down. it would have done things like assure, you know, that the election day was a national holiday. it left out some of the ethics provisions of the for the people act, but a lot of the major voting rights themes you remember from that bill would still have been in here. it would have just taken out a few of the more restrictive federal measures that made joe manchin a little bit nervous. >> jessica, you say democrats
2:25 am
messed this one up. they put too little thought into converting republicans to their cause. how so? >> for the month that we were discussing the for the people act, the major points of contention were joe manchin, kyrsten sinema. we paid very little attention to republicans at all. even though there were only 50 democrats in the senate and they were always going to need to either do filibuster reform or convert republicans to their cause, and they just didn't. and so they may have had unilateral democratic support, but that is not enough to get this bill passed. and they've known that from the beginning and so it's not clear to me why they put up a bill that they knew no republican was going to support. simply the reality of their political position, and they're going to have to take that into consideration if they actually want to get anything on voting rights done during the biden administration. >> but it's hard to know what a bill would look like that would get republican support. i think that's the concern, that it's hard to imagine to get any republicans to come to their
2:26 am
side on this. part of it is that this is just fundamentally about power, right? as all this is happening in washington, texas just passed these new congressional maps that are going to bolster gop strong holds the for probably the next decade. i wonder in your mind, we've been talking about a national voting rights bill. doesn't this also suggest some of the work has to be done on the state level? >> absolutely. i think it absolutely does. and i think it's another miscalculation that democrats have made, which is that you have the federal government actually plays a really small role in the voting in the united states. and i think that they have been focused too much on what the federal government can do rather than how the federal government can support states in having more expansive policies. for example, they gave mono mon at all to election to support crumbling election infrastructure. if the federal government
2:27 am
reevaluated and started to issue additional funding to the states so we could provide better experience for voters, then maybe the federal government could be more impactful. >> all right. jessica huseman, thank you for getting up with us this morning. >> thanks, jessica. >> thank you. still ahead, two teams, one win away. we are on the verge of a world series match up. your late night highlights coming up. >> hit well, and this one is up and out! ♪ ...that led... ♪ this one. get 20 to 40 percent off engagement, wedding and anniversary rings at kay.
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this is early start. i'm christine romans. >> i'm laura jarrett. at 31 minutes past the hour, it's time for our top stories to keep an eye on today. president biden is ramping up his public sales pitch for the build back better agenda, expanding america's social safety net. but proposed cuts draw support from democratic moderates, prompting concern from lawmakers who worked for years on key progressive priorities. the president will be right here tonight at 8:00 for a cnn town
2:32 am
hall. attorney general merrick garland testifies before the house judiciary committee today. they are wrestling with several contentious issues including enforcement of the january 6 committee's subpoenas, voting rights, and texas new abortion law. seating a jury city proving to be a trial against three white men who killed black jogger ahmaud arbery in georgia. he was shot after the men chased him down in their pickup truck. the judge asked 19 potential jurors if they wanted to serve on the case. none raised their hands. the nfl agreed to stop using race as a factor in dementia testing. it excluded black players in concussion claims. retired black players can now be reevaluated for concussion awards. smoke from wildfires may prove more harmful to people in the eastern u.s. than the west. a study shows about 75% of visits to the e.r. for asthma cases and deaths in recent years
2:33 am
occurred east of the rockies. today the team from nyu langone health will discuss a historic transplant. for the first time ever, a pig kidney has been transplanted into a human and not immediately rejected. researchers say the transplant alternative could help thousands in need of new organs every year. >> that is incredible. president biden is hoping to use the cnn town hall tonight to help push his ambitious domestic agenda across the finish line. a public push is intensifying for reworked vision to expand the social safety net. >> now, the final plan will be whittled down substantially from the 3 1/2 trillion dollar the president initially supported this summer, but it still contains major investments in education and health care and the environment. cnn's phil mattingly has more from the white house. >> reporter: christine and laura, much of president biden's focus over the course of the last 10, 11 days has been work on the dual pronged agenda. however, it is clear there is a public component here.
2:34 am
white house officials aware they need to sell this proposal not just to democrats on capitol hill, but the public as well. the president as he went through a lengthy speech in his hometown of scranton where he was born about personal anecdotes there. a lot of delving into the details of the bill. also some optimism. tike a listen. >> this had been declared dead on arrival from the moment i introduced it. but i think they're going to surprise them. people are beginning to figure out what's at stake. >> reporter: we are starting to get a sense of the details of the final package could look like. and it includes scaling back key elements of the child tax credit, one of the central components of this proposal. they wanted it for ten years. it will be one year. it would drop out entirely tuition-free community college. also drop out a cornerstone piece of the climate part of the package. a clean energy standard which senator joe manchin made clear he's opposed to. backfilling that to some degree, $300 billion in tax incentives
2:35 am
and credits on the credit side of thing. lawmakers pushing on that front. whether it's medicare expansion, medicaid expansion, subsidies for the child care act. home care. yet every single one of those pieces would be in the final proposal. and that's what the white house and democrats want to focus on as they push forward towards the final deal. clear momentum that simply hasn't been the case for the last -- better part of the last several weeks now exist. democratic leaders still pressing to close the deal on at least the framework, guys, by the end of this week. >> phil, thanks for that. what makes the final bill, what doesn't, this affects you at home. it is not washington politics. it's your kitchen table economics. time for three questions in three minutes. covering health policy and the economy, tammy, let's discuss what expects to stay in there. most of it. the expansion of medicare. if that stays, how does that affect americans and their wallets? >> well, the expansion of
2:36 am
medicare benefits to hearing, vision and dental is one of three components in health care that the democrats want to do. and it's a very popular one. 790% of people in a recent kaiser family foundation poll said that they think it's a top or an important priority. but it is also very expensive. a previous version of this bill pegged it at $358 billion. but, now, people think medicare covers everything. it doesn't. and actually you have 43% of people who have trouble seeing have not gotten an eye exam. and 75% of people with trouble hearing, you know, haven't had it addressed. and 70% of people who have difficulty eating because of their teeth have not gone to a dentist. this is according to a 2018 commonwealth survey. and it's also very expensive. so hearing out of pocket can cost $914 on average.
2:37 am
dental, $874. and vision, $230. so expanding these benefits would greatly help senior citizens, but they are very expensive. >> yeah, and it's universally popular, historically has been. something else popular is universal pre-k. that seems to be one of the things that's hopefully going to stay in the bill if progressives have their way. how significant would this be for not only young families with young ones. isn't this part of what is's go to get people back to work in office? >> yes, it's huge. child care is a major problem in this country. having universal pre-k for 3 ask 4 year olds would go a long way. so it's both, it's both helping them in terms of preparing children better for school, which is a key goal, you know, would help their education, help them prepare for kindergarten. but it would also be a major savings for family because as we all know, child care is
2:38 am
extremely expensive and it costs thousands of dollars for families. so having them in a public universal pre-k program would be greatly beneficial. and, yes, help many women and families and dads go back to work. >> one of the talking points i found striking, though, is the idea that people are paying more for child care than they are for their rent or their mortgage in some cases. >> it's incredibly important. conservative >> congress mists said every dollar spent before the age of 5 on pre-k is an investment. it's not spending. it should be considered an investment. let's talk about the child dax tax credit. this has been incredibly important for poor families and lifting families out of poverty. help us understand what's happening here. maybe it could be extended, but senator joe manchin wants it means tested. doesn't means testing it actually take away exactly who it was meant to help and the poverty was meant to aleve? >> yes, exactly.
2:39 am
so the child tax credit, the expansion that the democrats enacted in march, is one of the cornerstones for the party's push to reduce child poverty in the country. and the enhancement of the credit alone is expected to cut child poverty nearly in half this year. what it would do is -- what it has been doing this year is it's raised the credit amount to $3600 for parents with children up to age 6, and $3,000 for each child ages 6 through 17. it's also provided a monthly payment from july through december of either $250 or $300 per child depending on their age. but what's most important for -- in terms of poverty is that it becomes fully refundable. in previous years it was only partially refundable. and 26 million children either did not receive the full credit
2:40 am
or received only a partial credit. so this has been very, very important. the progressives, of course, want to extend it permanently, but in the original bill it looked like it would be for four years. but now it looks like it may only be for one or two years. but the original bill also would have extended the full refundability permanently and, you know, we'll see what happens with that. again, it's an expensive measure. and what joe manchin is probably talking about with means testing, we don't really know because he hasn't provided details, is previously it required that families had some earnings. you had to at least earn $2,500 to get even a partial credit. but now that it's fully refundable, that no longer exists. and it looks like joe manchin might want to bring that back, but experts say that, again, that means millions of children would be cut out. >> tammy, glad you are all in the details. we really appreciate you laying
2:41 am
it all out for us. really important context. thank you, tammy. >> thank you. >> well, the fate of president biden's infrastructure agenda is being closely watched everywhere, particularly in virginia. the scene of a hotly contested race for governor. today democrat terry mcauliffe will join to vote early. he is enlisting the heavy hitters to get out the vote and help him get over the finish line. vice president kamala harris will campaign. former president barack obama joins mcauliffe this weekend. >> we'll be right back. i'm linda, your quickbooks live bookkeeper. let's do this linda! sounds good! a live expert bookkeeper who understands your business. felipe, i've categorized last month's hair gel expenses. steve, i just closed your books. great, how are we looking? profits are up! on to next month. on to next month, linda! get your books done for you by trusted experts. intuit quickbooks live bookkeeping.
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u.s. troops in syria targeted by a deliberate and coordinated attack using drones. it happened wednesday at a u.s. airbase near the border with jordan. u.s. central command says there were no injuries, but a battle damage assessment is ongoing. the region has seen heavy fighting in recent years between u.s. forces and isis.
2:46 am
no one has claimed responsibility for wednesday's attack. it's been five days since 16 americans and one canadian were kidnapped by a violent gang in haiti. still no word about their conditions as a $17 million ransom demand remains on the table. the same gang that took the missionaries has a history of abductions including a french priest. cnn's matt rivers spoke to him. he reports from port-au-prince, haiti. >> reporter: looking into the suburb where the abduction of 17 missionaries has stunned many around the world, but in haiti, the event is not so shocking. gang-related kidnappings here carried out by gangs including 400 mawozo are brutally common. something french priest knows firsthand. we met him in a church compound in port-au-prince where he told us the same day a gang took him and others back in april. he says, we had to go through here to go to a work event.
2:47 am
on the way there we were intercepted by young men withing guns. the gang forced our driver to follow them. that's when i knew we were being kidnapped. i kept calm. they were taken to a rural area and forced to sleep outside on cardboard under a tree. then they were moved to one abandoned house, then another, in difficult conditions to say the least. he says it was like a dark hole, like a prison cell the last place we were in, with no windows. at the beginning they were giving us food once a day, but by the end they stopped feeding us. they forced us to go hungry, he said, believing it was a negotiation tactic. a source in haiti security forces tells us that he believes the 17 missionaries could be going through a very similar situation right now somewhere several miles down that road. maybe even more difficult by the fact that five of them are children. with the youngest being just 8 months old. it remains impossible to know how long the 17 missionaries will remain captive inside
2:48 am
whatever location the gang has placed them. for father brionne, it was nearly three weeks in total. he said the kidnappers play with time. they test the nerves of their victims, especially when they are negotiating. the victims can't lose faith. they need to keep their hopes up. in our case, our faith was our best ally. matt rivers, cnn, port-au-prince, haiti. >> all right, matt, thank you for that report. beware of bad onions, red white or yellow onions transported from mexico have been trace today a salmonella outbreak. more than 700 hospitalized. the cdc says if you don't know where your onions came from, throw them out. a 4-year-old kentucky boy is being called a superhero after he slipped and fell off a cliff and miraculously survived. the boy was hiking with his parents in the daniel boon national forest when he fell more than 70 feet. he struck several ledges, yet somehow emerged from the ordeal
2:49 am
with only scrapes and bruises. amazing. >> lucky little boy. and terrified and relieved parents. let's get a check on cnn business. looking at markets around the world, asian shares have closed mixed here and europe has opened slightly lower. more trouble forever grand, the chinese real estate giant, has called off nearly $3 billion deal worsening its cash crunch as another payment deadline looms. on wall street, stock index futures this thursday morning look like they are narrowly mixed. stocks closed mixed wednesday. the dow closed up 152 points. the s&p 500 closed higher, below a record high. investors have a lot going on here. the latest fed beige book report shows supply chain chaos and uncertainty around the delta variant all slowing economic growth. your next point of ice cream is going to cost more. unilever said it is hiking prizes on ben & jerry's. price are moving higher, more pain at the pump for drivers.
2:50 am
average price $3.36 a gallon. >> maybe that will incentivize me to give up ice cream. the defending world series champions on the brink of elimination. hey, andy, with the bleacher report. >> something special about the atlanta braves team. they lost ronald acuna, jr. didn't look like they were going to make the postseason. the braves traded for an entirely new outfield before the deadline. now a game away from the world series. one of the guys they brought in, eddie rosario came up big in game 4 against the dodgers. got the scoring started to the left. a chance to hit for the cycle. needed a double. hit another home run. braves win big 9-2. they can punch their trip to the world series. game five second inning, rafael devers, big chunk goes flying
2:51 am
into the sand. look at the one-handed grab by this fan. this is pretty great work. unfortunately for red sox fans, that's not all they had to cheer about all night long. pitching between innings, meditating in the dugout. it was working. framber gave up one run and three hits in eight innings of work. astros win 9-1 to take a 3-2 series lead. they can advance to their third world series in five years with a win in game six tomorrow night. the nba, the knicks open their season with a thriller against the celtics. knicks up 4 with nine seconds left. jaylen brown hits a 3. hit a career-high 46 in the game. the knicks made two free throws. marcus smart hits it at the buzzer to send the game into overtime. the game went into double overtime. evan, a strong knicks game. 32 points gave the knicks the lead. they would hold on 138-134.
2:52 am
spike lee loving it court side. college football, the undefeated season for carolina coming to an end at the hands of appalachian state. kicker taylor connected on 24 yard field goal as time expired to beat carolina 30-27. fans were pretty happy. you see them rushing the field to celebrate. appalachian state against a ranked opponent against michigan in 2007. former washington state coach plans to take action after failing to comply with the state's covid vaccine mandate. the attorney tells cnn his client's dismissal was unjust and unlawful and came after his request for a religious exemption was denied. in july he posted on social media that he elected not to receive a covid-19 vaccine for reasons that are private. the director said the statement, quote, our priority has been and will continue to be the health
2:53 am
and well-being of the young men on our team. and, laura, rolovich was the highest paid in the state, $3.2 million. he had a contract that ran through 2025. >> are they going to have to pay that out? >> no, he was dismissed for cause because he was no longer able to fulfill his duties as head football coach. we'll see where that lawsuit goes. >> yep. all right. thanks, andy, appreciate it. finally this morning former president bill clinton is recovering at home from an infection that kept him hospitalized for five days in california. the 75-year-old clinton released a statement thanking the medical team that treated him. >> i'm on the road to recovery, but i want to say everyone out there, take time to listen to your bodies and care for yourselves. we all have work to do. i'm doing my best tosh around to keep doing it as i can. >> clinton says he's glad to be
2:54 am
back home and thankful for the outpouring of support during his hospital stay. do not ignore symptoms. that is the lesson. >> listen to your body. all right. a lawyer for the family of brian laundrie tells cnn the probability is strong remains found in a florida nature reserve belong to him. and president biden going all-in with his public pitch for infrastructure, including a cnn town hall tonight. thanks so much for joining us. i'm laura jarrett. >> and i'm christine romans. "new day" has all that next. unlike ordinary memory supplements, neuriva plus fuels six key indicators of brain performance. more brain performance? yes, please! neuriva. think bigger.
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♪ good morning to our viewers here in the united states and all around the world. i'm john berman with brianna keilar. it is thursday, october 201st. we have major developments overnight in the death for gabby petito and the search for brian laundrie. it all played out here on cnn. a lawyer for the family of brian laundrie tells cnn the probability is strong that remains found in a florida nature reserve belong to him, belong to laundrie. that statement part of a long series of claims that raise all kinds of new questions even as one chapter of this investigation might be coming to a close. now, gabby pit


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