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tv   Don Lemon Tonight  CNN  October 20, 2021 7:00pm-8:00pm PDT

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i may be wrong but on the list of grievances, if the democrats get whooped until the midterms, not making federalized voting rights and those protections the hill to die on for them. i think may come back to haunt them. thank you very much. appreciate you. the wizard of oz. check out harry's podcast margins of error. very popular but how could it not be with that? thank you for watching. "don lemon tonight" with the big star d. lemon. >> not just the hill to die on, it will be the hill they die on. it will be the hill the democratic party dies on because that's what voters want, the voters who push this president into office black and brown voters, black and latino voters, women. they want voting rights. they want access, equal access, not special access, equal access to the voting booth.
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and they are not getting that. what they're getting is the complete opposite. they're getting a party, which is the minority party in the country actually running the show. holding back the vote on voting rights. >> i agree. >> i think it will be the hill they die on. >> well, look, we don't know but i'll tell you what, it would have been the fight i would have focused on. >> yeah. >> and look, i hear the counter arguments. it's all ruby red states passing the laws. whatever. you're closing out opportunity for yourself and allowing a pattern to emerge and you had to stake your currency on something but i will ask you this, don. >> yes, sir. >> i agree with you about the urgency of this issue and yet, we don't see it reflected in the top reason poll in that race in virginia. they said economy, they said schools and education and they said covid. >> yeah. >> are we off? >> no. because that's everything that -- look. that's everything that is supposedly, right, that not supposedly, that's in those bills, that's in the
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infrastructure bill right now. that democrats are not doing a good job selling. republicans are doing a good job changing the narrative about what is in that bill and listen, i'm not saying you got to go and spend the money but if you look what is in the infrastructure bill, it is everything in the agenda you're talking about what is happening in virginia. >> right. >> it's all -- >> the battle for the democracy wasn't listed among the top. >> that is the battle for our democracy. that is the battle -- >> i'm saying it wasn't in the poll. >> yeah, if you just say something as broadly as the battle for our da mceemocracy p will go that's crazy. if you say hey, what about child care? because everyone of all different ethnicities and backgrounds and political strives, especially working class and poor people of all different ideologies, both parties, they need child care. that's what is affecting in many ways the job market. people don't want to go back to work or can't because they don't have child care.
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now, if you get someone in a ruby red state or rural state to understand that, if your messaging is on democrats, then it's a win for you. but if you're not out there selling it as thomas freed man, i'll talk about this in my open for a minute. thomas freedman was brilliant with anderson earlier. the exact right messaging. what i will say, what i have been saying is republicans and the former guy, mostly republicans in office now are going around the country and they are winning with a lie. they're able to get people on their side with a total lie and democrats can't get people motivated with the truth that will help them. the truth that will set them free. so what is going on with you? why are you so bad at politicking? why are you so bad at politics, democrats? when you have the winning message, when you have the senate and you have the congress
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and you have the white house and you can't win with a winning message, something is wrong. and it's not that the republicans are doing this and that. they're better at the messaging than you are. that's what it is. it's not the republicans' fault. it's your fault. you have yourself to blame, democrats, get it together. >> i don't disagree that the democrats need to up their game. if anything else, they're not galvanized but i'll say and we've talked about this before, we'll talk about it again, the game is set up -- first of all, it is a game is set up toed ed e eadvantage the ri because they're galvanized and will do anything to win. the left is not set up that way. pundits are always playing the victim. it's not true. democrats are inherently expansive in the thinking and they are inclusive. they got a problem, you and i
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disagree about this but the cancel kerr toculture is a mist them but they are not set up to win a war oand not organized within their ranks to get it done because let me look into the future for you. they're going to get the infrastructure bill and probably going to get a spending bill but they are trying desperately to snatch defeat out of the jaws -- >> yes. >> with this process. >> yes. >> and the republicans would have never done it this way and it reads like weakness. biden will get wins but they're not going to be as impressive because of the process and that may bleed into the midterms. >> let me say this. i don't want to linger on this. the only thing that i think -- the only victim of cancel culture and with the democrats was al franken. i think they learned their lesson. i think they have moved beyond that. but let me just say that it is, yes, it is set up for republicans. but democrats are legislating,
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again, i've been saying this as if it's 2020. it's not 2020. 2020 is a long time ago and not coming back so maybe democrats are more expansive. that's read the room. that's over. democrats need to win now and the only reason i'm saying that is because our democracy is on the line. we're at the brink. and if democrats don't win, the only party that's operating in reality right now, the only party that's operating in truth, the only party that wants to keep the democracy, if they don't win, what does that mean for the -- >> if you deal in truth in a game that people no longer observe with any value on the truth because they've been so disappointed, they've been lied to so much -- >> you can't look at it as a game. you got to be urgent. you got to be out there every single night, if rallies are the thing that needs to be done, go do it. whoever it is. whether the president -- >> can't get anybody to go. >> okay. it doesn't matter. it doesn't matter, chris. if you -- okay. listen. it doesn't matter --
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>> take it easy. >> it doesn't matter how many people show up at a rally. not really. >> you want to see pictures of nobody at a rally -- >> listen to me. >> go ahead. >> if you have the bully pulpit and the president of the united states says i am having -- i am going to speak to the nation tonight or i am going to go to wherever and speak to that group, you don't think every news organization around the country is going to carry that live? >> news? live? probably not. >> you don't think we're going to cover it? if you stop holding vents at 2:00 in the afternoon when people are at work or in traffic, and start holding them when people are actually at home and watching and paying attention, then maybe -- you may be able to change the narrative. >> i don't disagree that would be a smart -- >> because -- but that's why we always say it is the bully pu pulpit, the biggest pulpit when you have the white house and the
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leader of the senate, when you are the leader of the house -- you're the speaker. when you speak, we listen. when you say i'm going to have a press conference, i'm inviting the media to do this, i'm going to actually go into the press room with jen psaki and show up there sometimes and surprise people and guess what? i'm going to pull the nation in with my narrative. i'm going to get their attention. i'm going to make sure i have their attention. i'm going to tell them what is in the bill. i'm going to tell them what i'm selling that is going to help them and everybody in red america and everybody in blue america and all americans. i'm not going to sit back and expect the news media to do it for me because it's not our job to sell the narrative. it's our job to discuss what you are doing and yes, part of what's in it but it's not our job to sell your agenda for you. they are not selling their agenda. and the only reason that i'm so enthusiastic about this is because our democracy is on the
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line and i don't want america to lose its democracy. i don't want america to be a country of minority rule and i don't want america to be a place where black and brown people like me whose ancestors fought and died for the right to vote are restricted from going to the voting booth. that is the most unamerican thing to do. so i had this platform that i have now and i'm speaking very passionate about it. democrats get your butts in gear and get passionate about saving this damn country. you're not doing it. you're weak. you're weak. that's it. good night. thank you and good night. >> you can take a deep breath for a second. >> yeah, yeah, look, my producer says he's doing a town hall tomorrow. i get that. i had one with him. he's doing a town hall tomorrow. >> a town hall is not what you're talking about. >> exactly. >> the question is whether or not that's who biden is and wants to be. i don't think this is a novel idea. the second thing is not only is it the media's job -- >> not at all. >> the media plays to the game. >> yeah. >> the media likes controversy,
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likes ups and likes downs. the media is making it like oh, i wonder if they'll get it done. the democrats will get it done. they will get a spending bill done in all likelihood. the only question is how much? we play -- >> most presidents don't give a crap about how much. that's a washington talk and that's media talk. >> what is? >> most americans don't care if it's 1.5 -- >> i agree. i don't price tag politics. i think it hurts the democrats because if you tell me this is what you get for your kids and get for pharmaceuticals and get for the elderly, i'm listening. you got me. these are my needs. you tell me price tags. i get sticker shock. i don't like hearing about big price tags from government but tell you what, want to hear a prediction? >> yeah. >> in the midterms if the republicans regain control, i want to wager that one of the first things they do is get rid of the filibuster. [ laughter ] >> they will get rid of the --
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>> of course they will. of course they will. >> you know why? because everybody in their ranks wants -- will want them to. >> get rid of the filibuster and guess what? they want to win. yo u you have people in washington right now -- >> on the left? >> yes. >> you think if mitch mcconnell were in control of the senate he would have e are republican sen saying i don't know, i want to work with the other side. >> that's different now. they would find a way to find why it's different and get rid of the filibuster and say when democrats were in power, they wanted to get rid of the filibuster and we're no power, it's not okay. >> they will do it. >> i have different feelings about the filibuster but put them to the side. it will be a wakeup call to voters all over this country that you better get out and vote or your side will have no say. >> no, none. >> if you're not in the majority, you're dead and in
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this oppositional system, now you'll have no power because the only currency right now is opposition and the idea that well, then maybe they'll start to work together. why? >> never going to happen. >> there is no advantage in that. >> it ain't going to happen. >> but look, everybody thinks that -- well not everybody. it's not -- this is not the same. as i always say, this is not 2020 anymore. like, you know, i just keep saying 2020 because it was last year and why joe biden was elected in 2020. people had all these ideas. okay. that's fine. that's well and good. and you should have some expectations for that. of course you should. but you also have to realize again where we are. and that you have people who many people who believe around this country that joe biden is not the duly elected president of the united states. that there was, that there was wide spread voter fraud, which there wasn't. this is the most secure election in our nation's history but they believe it and why? because the republicans have
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held onto the narrative and kept repeating it and know it is their only way of winning elections now and in the near future because they are not selling anything to the american people that the american people want to buy. so what do they have to do? they have to win on a lie and it has to be minority rule and jerrjgary bander districts in the way that benefit them. they have to change voting rules around the country that makes it harder for black and brown people and minorities of different stripes to vote. that's what they have to do. guess what? >> and poor. white poor working poor. >> guess what? if the white working poor and minorities got together, they would be unstoppable and instead, they're allowing themselves to be co-opted by politicians whose only mission is to hang on to power because i say poor whites and minorities have more in common than they have that separation. >> hourly wage workers saw their economic interest are the same. there is no question that color, color carries additional burdens
7:14 pm
in society. that would be the biggest block in the world. >> think about this. listen. i'm not advocating for anything. why wouldn't -- democrats want $15 an hour. okay, fine. however you feel about that. but if you're an hourly worker, why wouldn't you want more money? regardless if you're republican or democrat, why wouldn't you want a living wage to be able to take care of your family? that's not what their politicians say. they want $15, the minimum wage will drive us out of business and blah, blah, blah, blah. that's what republicans are saying. so far that is liberal socialism. it's a living wage is not socialism. having -- being able to take care of your children and have child care for your children -- >> i don't care what it is. go ask somebody if they're making $10 an hour if they want to make $15. >> they will tell you what? >> not only do i want to, i have to. i'm starving. >> yes. that's going to be interesting to see what the president says tomorrow night and i know anderson is the finalist
7:15 pm
journalist among us and he is going to hold the president's feet to the fire with all of these issues. that will happen tomorrow night at 8:00 p.m. this town hall moderated by anderson cooper right here on cnn. >> coop is the man but the job is for the president. can he connect with that aurd yens and camera and the audience at large that he knows what he's doing and has the passion and sense of purpose that carries their interest forward. >> yes. >> we'll see. >> so here is the deal. i'm going to do something completely different because i have spent my first block of the show talking to you and i always love to talk to you. i get very passionate about this because i've been sitting back and it's frustrating for people for my own mother to call me and say what are the democrats doing? what is going on? when i see someone on the street, i watch every night but what are the democrats doing? they don't say can you believe those crazy republicans? they already know about the rallies and qanon and the people who -- they know all of that. they've heard enough of it.
7:16 pm
those people have been over indexed in coverage. i don't want to hear it. i get it. what they want to know is democrats, what's up? what's up? i don't get it. that's what they say to a person. i don't get it. i don't know. i can't tell you. i'm not a politician but i hear you and i'll convey it on the television. >> you've done it very well. make your witness. i love you d. >> i'll go to break and then i'll come back and give my take. >> we know this much about the show, your a guest is phenomenal. >> i love you buddy. see you soon. this is "don lemon tonight." other side of the break i'll be right back. can be transformational. daddy! for the best audio entertainment and storytelling. audible.
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and we are back. i got to talked to you about what we're seeing in the nation's capitol. not just a showdown between the january 6th committee and a guy that used to work for the former president. this is much bigger than steve bannon that we're talking about. him defying the subpoena. this is about preserving our democracy. this is about an attempted coup. a full house vote is set for tomorrow and the vast majority of republicans are expected to vote no on holding someone in contempt for defying the committee's subpoena. think about that.
7:21 pm
defying the government and they are going to vote no on someone doing that. people who are in the capitol whose lives were in danger that day playing see no evil, refusing to see the truth. but there are luckily some republicans very few with courage. i'm talking about liz cheney. remember, she lost her leadership position in the gop for standing up to the former president and his big lie and now, she's standing up to her own party. she's doing it once again. >> let me address my republican colleagues specifically. i've heard from a number of my colleagues in the last several days who say they quote just don't want this target on their back. they're just trying to keep their heads down. they don't want to anger kevin mccarthy, the minority leader who has been especially activity in attempting to block the investigation of events of january 6th despite the fact
7:22 pm
that he clearly called for such a commission the week after the attack. i ask each one of you to step back from the brink. i urge you to do what you know is right, to think of the long ark of history. we're told that it bends towards justice. but it does so only because of the actions of men and women in positions of public trust. >> so she is demanding that they do the right thing and they used to know exactly what that was. but what are we getting from the democrats? i just talked to chris about that. i want you to sit down and pay attention because i want you to hear from someone who is going to explain to you exactly what i'm talking about. what are you getting from the democrats? a party that doesn't have a winning message but can't understand why they are losing. this is thomas freed man, he was on with anderson tonight. pay close attention.
7:23 pm
>> country not right. our country is not right. but given that, what is even more depressing to me is we have one party who as we advance into the 21st century, we have so many things to think about and their candidate, their main position is a big lie that donald trump won the last election. there is no diagnosis of the world, global trends, needs of education, needs of corporations, they are running on a big lie. against them is a party running on a big idea. a big idea. but they have not sold that idea effectively. the democratic party given where the republicans are right now, anderson, should be wiping the floor, wiping the floor with them and yet, we're watching the virginia election coming up and wondering if terry mcelcculloug will sweep by.
7:24 pm
we have to ask a couple questions. one, how did this party get so crazy, this republican party but what is going on with the demo democrats they aren't just sweeping the floor with a big idea against the big lie. >> no lies detected. he's absolutely right. the democrats have a big idea and the gop has the big lie. so why can't democrats make their case to the american people? and there is more. >> i think that the party has gone too far to the left for this country that is still center right and center left. think about it. you know, last year, we all watched george floyd killed by police in my hometown of minneapolis. and after that, millions of americans basically woke up and said, you know, i've been hearing this from
7:25 pm
african-americans, now i get it. now i get it. they were really open for a both end solution, both better policing and more policing in neighborhoods that are really suffering from terrible gun violence. and what did the progressives offer first, defund the police. police and civil rights movement. now we've got a similar thing with the economy. we got people don't want democrat socialists to hear we're helping people that are hurting. we must help them. they want to hear that you don't have a safety net. you have launching pad joe biden. you have a launching pad plan that is infrastructure, hard infrastructure and human infrastructure and both our companies to realize their full
7:26 pm
potential. not some give away and 3.5 to three to 2.7 to wherever it is now. this is exciting poorly sold it. democrats should be asking how the hell could we be losing when we have a big plan and they only have a big lie. >> the truth, if you're sitting here watching saying don lemon, it's the truth. and you need to hear it. you need to pay attention to what's happening around the country. and quite frankly, yes, democrats need to do a better job of not only selling to the american people what they're trying to do but actually getting things done.
7:27 pm
gone from 3.5 to 2 p.5. most people don't care. they want their lives improved. and if their lives don't improve under the ruling party, why should they continue to vote for you? think about this. because even the people, most people know what's -- most republicans know except for the whatever. you know, some of the fringe people. here is a question, how can trump and the republicans get their voters to believe and act on a completely false narrative? and democrats can't even get them to act on the truth to save the republic. republican leadership officially telling their party to vote against holding steve bannon in
7:28 pm
contempt. what are they trying to hide? my next guest has a few ideas for you. ts of opportunities. >> so, what are you waiting for? >> apply now... >> ...and make a difference. >> singers: ♪ safelite repair, safelite replace. ♪ >> man, i love that song! at heinz, every ketchup starts with our same tomatoes. but not every tomato ends in the same kind of heinz ketchup. because a bit of magic unfolds when there's a ketchup for everyone. ♪
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7:33 pm
you've been doing. thank you for that and thank you for appearing this evening. >> that's generous, don. thank you. glad to be here. >> >> we've heard what bannon before january 6th said that all hell would break loose on january 6th but based on the reporting for your book, you found bannon's connection to january 6th that is deeper than that and he was an insider. how involved was he, bob? >> he was talking to trump in december we have a conversation in our book, december 30th, 2020 kill the biden presidency in the crib and make january 6th a reckoning. there was a focus and intensity on january 6th even in late december in these conversations between bannon and trump and you start to see inside the white house a push to make the sixth the date to try to push the election into the house ofon an january 5th whenon is steps from the white house with other trump advisors.
7:34 pm
>> liz cheney is one of the only republicans standing up now. zeroing in on the trump bannon connection and this war room at the willard hotel that you speak of. she says the fact trump is seeking executive privilege is suggesting there is something to hide there. what do we know about trump's direct contact with bannon and that war room group that you talk about? >> we know he meets with vice president pence on the knight of the fifth and then what that does not go well for trump, he calls in and talks to giuliani and bannon and says according to the reporting in the book pence was very arrogant and pence wasn't moving and so they come up with another plan, issue a statement saying that pence actually agrees with trump's position on the election and they do that to the anger and furry of pence's advisors. they issue a statement late on the 5th but it does not put into motion what they want from pence. this is what is happening before
7:35 pm
the insurrection. >> you also report in the wake of the insurrection that mark milley, the chairman of the joint chief of staff invoked bannon in trying to understand the or igins of january 6th. steve bannon's vision coming to life, bring it down, blow it up, burn it and emerge with power. so milley didn't have any doubt what the motivation was and who was responsible? >> he did not. as a reporter you try to look at the facts straight on. bannon publicly declared he wants to deconstruct the ad minut -- administrative state and driven by nationalism. this is at the core of who he is and he's worked with trump even though he left the white house in 2017 and this or bit of peope on the right that talked to trump and advised and guided him bannon near the top of the list but he's part of this orbit that really influenced trump at the end ahead of january 6th and so
7:36 pm
important as a reporter and likely for the committee to understand those dynamics. >> we love having you. appreciate it. >> thank you. he risked his life to defend the capitol and there he is, i'm talking about officer michael fanone reacts to republicans trying to stop the january 6th committee from doing their job. he's next live. new patients, get started with a comprehensive exam and full set of x-rays with no obligation. and if you don't have insurance, it's free. plus, get 20% off your treatment plan. enjoy flexible payment options and savings when it matters most. we're here to make your smile shine bright so you can start the new year feelin' alright. call 1-800-aspendental 7 days a week or book today at (vo) how do you know when you've found your team? whether you're winning, or just doing your best. when you're on the lanes, they're right behind you. reunite with your team. go bowling.
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♪ i see trees of green ♪ ♪ red roses too ♪ ♪ i see them bloom for me and you ♪ (music)
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♪ so i think to myself ♪ ♪ oh what a wonderful world ♪ so far too many republicans are trying to bury the insurrection but there is a new hbo documentary called "four hours at the capitol" showing how horrific january 6th was. >> i've been a police officer for two decades. a mob grabbed him. he was having difficulty breathing. you don't have to take my word for it. watch my body camera footage. started getting tased at the base of my skull. kill him with his gun.
7:41 pm
pure chaos. traumatic brain injury. take all their weapons. i still haven't made sense of it. >> so joining me now is the hero you saw in that clip, d.c. metropolitan police officer michael fanone. hey, mike, how are you doing? >> good, man, how are you? >> doing well. listen, you risked your life on january 6th defending the capitol and all the lawmakers and dozens of those lawmakers are trying to stop the select committee from doing its job. they appear to be okay with key witnesses defying those subpoenas that. how does that make you feel? >> i mean, it's -- i don't know. i guess -- in my experience since january 6th has been that everybody, everybody wants the truth and everybody wants accountability until they're the ones being held accountable and
7:42 pm
the truth is no longer politicly advantageous but it's disappointing to say the least. >> what do you mean by that? >> i mean, you know, i think that -- well, accountability for me for january 6th, again, i look at that day on two different levels. i look at it on a micro level and i see, you know, political rhetoric, potential over actions by our elected leaders that resulted in the events of january 6th. i also see the failures of law enforcement, leadership, i see gross negligence on their part when it comes to the preparedness, preparation for that day, which resulted in
7:43 pm
hundreds of officers or more than 100 officers injuries including mine. i don't see -- >> you don't think the departments were repaired. you don't think law enforcement was prepared? >> one of the most striking things for the documentary for me is watching the beginning of the breach of the capitol and seeing how few u.s. capitol police officers were positioned on the outer perimeter. and how none of those officers were equipped with the proper protective gear. to me, that signifies gross negligence on the part of their leadership. and as far as i know, the only person who has lost their job or resigned as a result of the activities of january 6th was their former chief. i think that's unacceptable. >> so you are -- you're very
7:44 pm
outspoken about this. listen, i know there are many people who especially on the right, lawmakers you try to hold to account, they don't like you. right? they -- but are you -- how are you received in your own department or among the ranks of police officers? y are you loved? what? >> i mean, i think it's kind of a mixed bag. listen, police departments are a microcosm of society. i said before when i've spoken to you that there is no indoctrine nation to becoming a police officer. we're susceptible to the decisiveness that the rest of america experienced. you know, there are police officers who, you know, whose political affiliations or political believes place them in contrast to some of the things that i've said publicly and i'm fine with that except when it prevents them from fulfilling
7:45 pm
their oath. you know, then i've got a problem. you know, if you can't set aside your political ideology and fulfill your oath to the constitution of the united states, i mean, there is a big problem there and i think that unfortunately, we have an issue when it comes to officers being able to set aside their political ideology or their, you know -- their alignment with a singular person that being the former president above their oath to the constitution and to the communities which they're sworn to protect. >> i've got to ask you about this since you mentioned that. i want to get your take on capitol police officer michael raleigh charged with allegedly
7:46 pm
attempting to help a rioter and according to the indictment, raleigh told a contact online to remove facebook selfies and videos about being in the capitol building that day and you told me that what this officer did is worse than what the rioters who assaulted you did. why did you say that? why do you believe that, mike? >> listen, if those allegations are true, there is a part of me that believes that. a part of me believes that those actions are worse than the actions of those individuals who physically assaulted me on january 6th. you know, when police officers abuse their authority, it degrades or erodes the credibility that we have with the communities that were charged with protecting.
7:47 pm
and if we don't have the trust of the community, it's impossible for us to do our job effectively. but when you abuse that trust not only with the communities that you're charged with protecting but you also abuse and violate the trust of your fellow officers, i think that that is, you know, far worse. >> yeah. mike, thank you. we'll have you back to discuss this and we'll see what happens with the committee and if they get some accountability, if they're able to get steve bannon and other witnesses to actually appear. thank you michael fanone. >> thank you. >> all right. we'll be right back. family not getting clean? get charmin ultra strong. go get 'em. it just cleans better. with a diamond weave texture, your family can use less while still getting clean.
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the freedom to vote act. to protect our ability to have our say on the issues that matter most. so, let's pass the freedom to vote act and protect all our voices.
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major announcement in the search for brian laundrie saying they found what i a pearse to be human remains and personal items belonging to laundrie. let's discuss with the former fbi director for the criminal investigation division. good evening. today's announcements two minutes long. they said that they found remains by brian's belongings, but didn't confirm that it was him. the laundrie family attorney telling chris earlier tonight that the family's pretty sure it is laundrie. so what can these remains tell investigators about his final days, if it is, indeed, him? >> yeah, the fbi tipped their hand a bit when they said that the notebook and the knapsack or backpack were his. they want to complete this homicide investigation. they want to identify the body, obviously, and confirm that it is, in fact, brian laundrie.
7:53 pm
but they also want to see if there is some helpful friorensi evidence, a hair or fiber from the shirt that gabby petito was found in for example at the crime scene. there might be mud or dirt from the crime scene in his boots. there is all kinds of evidence they could use to complete the picture here along with all of the other evidence they have collected thus far. there is a lot to do. they are also following up, i'm sure, on whether the parents aided and abetted this homicide. >> brian, the attorney for brian's parents, was on with chris tonight. listen to this. >> it is my understanding that they were followed closely by the two law enforcement personnel and when i say closely, certainly within eye shot, and as they went further in at some point chris locates what's called a dry bag. they looked at the contents of the bag. at that time law enforcement officers showed him a picture on the phone of a backpack that law
7:54 pm
enforcement had located also nearby and also some distance off the trail. at that point the laundries were notified that there was also remains near the backpack and they were asked to leave the preserve. >> so what do you think about that? >> don, i think it's nothing short of bizarre. what i saw were the two parents picking up evidence, wandering through the brush, not supervised that i could see, at least not in sightf of the vide that i saw, and they were picking up what seemed to be evidence and putting it in a bag. that is way out of protocol for law enforcement when they are gathering evidence. these two people, the parents of the suspect, picking up and bagging evidence at a potential relevant crime scene. >> doesn't that taint the potential -- potential to taint the evidence?
7:55 pm
what? right? >> absolutely. absolutely. i mean, evidence has to be gathered the correct way to preserve whatever hairs and fibers or dna or whatever trace evidence is on that piece of evidence, it has to be collected and it has -- properly, and it has to be stored properly in the proper container. to just pick it it up and drop it in a dry bag, unsupervised, on their own, it seems very bizarre to me. >> yeah. it is. listen, chris, our chris asked him about the, you know, maybe the parents, the possibilities of planting it. he said, you know, in nice terms, it's hogwash. you know, he didn't believe that it was. but it's just -- i think you're right. it's bizarre to see the family out there helping with the search and evidence. i don't know. this whole case is strange. chris, we'll see you soon. thank you so much. >> thanks. president biden in his hometown trying to sell his vision to build up the country. what survived, what's getting
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call for your free publisher kit today! agenda in scranton, pennsylvania. what's in it and what's out? and he can get his message across. can he? with voting rights under assault across member senate republicans moving to block the freedom to vote act. and a major development in the search for brian laundrie. investigators discovering what appears to be remains in a florida nature reserve alkds a backpack and notebook belonging to him. straight to the big news here. senior political analyst kirsten powers and charlie dent join me. kirsten, i think i saw charlie, you know, it's been -- we see each other all the time. there is a whole lot of programs
8:01 pm
like, you know, let'lo


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