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tv   CNN Newsroom With Alisyn Camerota and Victor Blackwell  CNN  October 20, 2021 11:00am-12:00pm PDT

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thank you so much for being with us and wishing you the best of success with this new podcast. that's going to do it for us today. stay right there because we have much more of this breaking news story straight ahead in the cnn newsroom. the search for brian laundrie and a major break in the case right now in florida. stay with us. this is cnn breaking news. >> hello, everyone. thanks for joining us. >> we begin with the breaking news in the search for brian laundrie. he's the missing fiance of gabby petito. we now now that articles belonging to laundrie were found in a park where he frequented. cnn can confirm the medical examiner and cadaver dog are there on the scene. joining us now, randi kaye is in
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north point, florida. jean casarez as well. randi, what are you seeing there? >> we're at the creek environmental park. now, keep in mind this is where the laundrie family mustang was spotted by north port police and tagged as an abandon vehicle on september 14th and then the parents came and drove that vehicle home. so this is that very spot. i also want to note this spot just opened yesterday and today, all of a sudden, this massive search and the parents were involved. so if you just take a look here behind me, there's only one north port police car. one north port police officer inside, but we can tell you that they have found some articles according to the family attorney, as you said, that do belong to brian laundrie. chris and roberta, brian's parents, called the fbi and north port police last night and alerted them they would be coming here to this park, which is just at the entrance to the
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reserve they have been searching for weeks, to search for their son. so after a brief search, the parents and law enforcement came upon some articles off a trail that brian frequented according to the attorney. we don't know what they found, how many items were found and we're unclear if there was any sign of brian laundrie himself or his remains. there is a cadaver dog, a human remains detection dog that is here on scene for the sheriff's office. that dog is here with two spotters. they work only to find decomposing bodies. they are not here to search for anyone who might be alive. it is not a tracking dog. and we did confirm the coroner has been called to the scene. the dogs have been here before, but this is the first time from
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what we understand, that the coroner has called to the scene. >> jean, help us with the timeline and geography. isn't this the same place they've been searching for a month? >> yes, and that timeline, the large timeline is interesting. it was september 17th that brian's family went to law enforcement and they said, we can't find him. he didn't come home from the carlton reserve. sunday the is19th is when they found the remains of gabby, then on the 20th of september, that's when law enforcement and the fbi led by the fbi executed a very long, all day search warrant at the home of the laundrie family. then shortly after that is when they began the search at the carlton reserve and from the beginning, the family said this is where we believe he is and the resources that they have put into this search there and about a week and a half ago, they had the father of brian laundrie go out to the reserve to show law enforcement the trails that
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brian liked to hike on and then they, they've taken the dogs out before. this is not if first time they took a cadaver dog out. they went on those trials, but we understand that where the family, along with law enforcement, found items of brian's was on one of those trials that he liked to frequent. but we do not know what their items were. and the timeline today is interesting because it's step by step. family and law enforcement find the items then a little bit later, we hear the medical examiner has been called out. now we understand there are even more agencies there. the sarasota county emergency response team and the lee county sheriff's deposartment. so you've got a lot of law enforcement out there with one cadaver dog. >> randi kaye, jean casarez, i want to bring in mary ellen o'toole and tim gallagher. mary ellen, to you first. to now find items glbelonging t
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brian laundrie along a path, a trial that he frequented, one would imagine that this would have been searched weeks ago and what's your take now on them finding it so far into this hunt for him? >> well, the fact that they found something and they found it so quickly this morning when there has been such a major search obviously that creates a lot of questions for me and i'm sure they'll be able to resolve those questions. it could be because the environment has changed and several weeks ago, it didn't look the way it looks now because of the water. that begs a number of questions. if there was such an intense search, why were these items just found now and the critical thing is going to be what's the condition of these items? do they appear to have been out there for a long time? are they weathered? all that becomes really important. >> tim, just to put a finer point on the reporting from randi and jean, you don't call
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in cadaver dogs and i guess you don't call in the medical examiner if you've just found belongings. >> no. that's a great point. i was on the evidence response team at the fbi. we call in cadaver dogs, you call cadaver dogs when you have something specific you need them to focus on. you don't turn a cadaver dog loose on a long trail or field. you put them in a specific area where you're expecting to find decomposing remains. >> let's go back to randi kaye who's there. and tell us more, randi, about the utilization of these dogs. what they can tell beyond just finding remains. potentially. that the investigators can use them for. >> yeah, it's really fascinating, victor. not only will they tell you if there are human remains here, but if they don't alert, their handlers say they can tell you
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there aren't any remains here. so they can rule them out as well. i spoke with someone who trained these dogs for years now and she told me that these dogs can alert and find a decomposing body that might have been here a day, a week, a month, even a year. they go back years even and find skeletal remains. if this, these human remains were possibly dragged away. if they had been here a while, if there are human remains here, if they were moved by an animal. we know there are bobcats in this reserve. there are florida panther, alligators. if those remains were removed, these dogs can smell the, any type of human tissue or blood or anything like that that would still be in the soil. so they would still be able to tell their handlers that there had been some form of human remains here as well. so it's just really an important note how these dogs work and if it's just the one dog here and
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they are as i said, specifically trained to find the decomposing body. they do not search for hucmans that are alive and will not alert on a decomposing animal. only a human. >> that is fascinating. we're watching the ariel shot of a local news chopper and it's impossible to tell what the dog -- the dog just running on the periphery of these trees. >> but they are so important and to go along with what randi is saying, i've covered so many in trials, especially in florida, and the trainer of the dogs does testify if it gets to a courtroom and cadaver dogs are speci specifically trained to smell the scent of decomposition. they don't hit on the scent of dna. they are highly specialized. they're training is extensive and they are very, very accurate.
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so to call a dog out like this, they are focused on that small area from where the belongings are and they're waiting to see if they can find a hit. >> jean, when brian's parents said go to this reserve, this is a place he could be, there were a lot of people who thought that was a distraction, a decoy. that they were trying to give him a head start to get as far as away from florida as possible. >> law enforcement must have taken them seriously because when you look at the agencies that have been involved. the dive team was out at one point. various agencies around florida have been out there and the parents have said he's nowhere else. he's got to be there. they obviously thought that was credible and that has been their focus this whole time. >> mary ellen, you're a criminal profiler, former fbi profiler, and so there were so many different scenarios that people were imagining of where was brian laundrie? was he on the run? hiding? was he a survivalist? was he going to surrender or did
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he take his own life? i don't know if you can tell from the videos you've seen and everything that's been in the public about brian, but what is your conclusion about his personality profile now? >> well, the two characteristics that really come through in a case like this is that it's a long shot between being a weekend camper, somebody that can hike a trial, and someone that's truly a person that can live off the grid and he never really was portrayed as someone who could live off the grid forever and not depend on other people. then secondly, it's very difficult to survive. especially for someone that's so young. he's 23 years of age. when he got in trouble, he went home to his mother. so this is somebody that was being searched for by every law enforcement agency certainly in florida and around the country. that's a lot of pressure on him. especially since he's not a, a
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hardened criminal. and so those two things together really suggested to me that he's not out walking the shen doe wa trail, but he's hunkered down and all that pressure and fear could have resulted in him wanting to take his own life as opposed to someone coming out to the park and just killing him in the park. that scenario doesn't make sense to me either. >> tim, what do you make of the kron ol ji of this? we're learning last night, brian's parents told them, also the fbi, that they're going out to search and they're going to this area that they think there might be something and after what they described as just a brief search, they found some articles that wlbelong to him. this has been going on for a long time. when you think of how short that window is, what are you questions for the parents? >> just like you've been hearing
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from the other guests. you start looking. what did they find? where did they find it? when? and what does it look like? you consider the source of who told to go look there. obviously, law enforcement is going to look as hard as they can and they're going to collect whatever is on the scene and evaluate that and compare it for dna purposes and potentially use that to recover a body if there's a body close to it. however, whoever provided that information, you're going to drill down on their story. they said they're going to do this. where have they been. obviously i don't have the insight into the case itself, but just knowing from my experience in the fbi, okay, they told us this. where have they been the last few days? what kind of physical evidence? what kind of video evidence can we pick up to show where they've been and take a good, hard look at their story. >> jean, we have watched gabby
11:13 am
petito's family, this has been wrenching for them. first them not knowing where she was. her being found. the manner of death being homicide. so they went on 60 minutes australia this past weekend. let's play a portion of that. >> i just, i hope that she didn't suffer and that she wasn't in any pain. >> just hoping that at that mo -- >> that she was in a place she wanted to be looking at the beautiful mountains. i think silence speaks volumes. i believe they know probably if not everything, they know most of the information. i would love to just face-to-face ask why are you doing this. just tell me the truth. just want to get him in a cell
11:14 am
for the rest of his life. >> we want vengeance and -- >> justice. >> and justice. >> just the emotion. it's so raw and it's so real. last week, the family was in wyoming and they were there to talk with law enforcement and to visit where gabby had been. we do understand they received the remains of gabby. i was at a benefit reporting on it this weekend. it was the first for the foundation in the long island community area and her parents had just gotten back that night before, saturday night, from wyoming. but the people there just support gabby. they want justice. so many of them told me we want justice and they just empathized with her. many related with her. they had been in situations similar to what we have seen on the moab video.
11:15 am
it was just a very emotional event and they're raising money for scholarships, missing people all over the country and to do some good from what happened to gabby. >> it's hard to know if what we're watching in this verve wil verve will be justice. >> may be a degree of closure, but justice in this case, we'll see if the family believes that's what's coming next. mary ellen, tim, randi kaye, we'll continue to follow the breaking news. the president is making big concessions to get his agenda across the finish line. we're going to tell you what's about being cut, what's still in the legislation and how close democrats are to a deal. >> and congresswoman liz cheney with an urgent plea to her republican colleagues, urging them to be on the right side of history when it comes to steve bannon.
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now to the negotiations in the safety net package. president biden is floating a 1.75 to $1.9 trillion price tag. >> democrats seem optimistic about a deal on a scaled back, but still sweeping plan. so with us now is kaitlyn collins who is in scranton, pennsylvania, where the president is headed next hour. also with us, lauren fox. so, lauren, here's what we believe is being scaled back or cut. okay. let's put that up. two years of free community college. paid family leave being reduced from 12 weeks that democrats had wanted, to now just four weeks.
11:21 am
the child tax credit would be suggest to means testing and only extended to one year and then the funding for home care would be reduced by $150 billion. but there's still a lot in the bill. so give us the status report of what's in it and where it stands. >> this is all part of the decisions democrats have to make when it comes to what is going to be included in a scaled back package. now they're talking about a number closer to $2 trillion and just a little below that. that is a major cut and that's what democrats are really grappling with right now and that is what the president laid out in some of these private meetings with his democratic colleagues on the hill yesterday about what was going to have to be cut. now, some of the items that are still included like you mentioned, are the child tax credit, but the issue with that is that it's been reduced to just one year. that really struck some democrats on capitol hill. we should note people who have
11:22 am
worked their entire career on this child tax credit issue is something they're going the keep fighting for. this comes with a heavy dose, everything is still a moving piece at this point. nothing is set in stone. another piece that is still, we expect to be included, is a boost to obama care subsidies to try to shore up that program, but again, it is not as long as as democrats had hope and of course, there's an effort underway to include vision as well as hearing benefits for medicare. but again, that is not the entire program that people like bernie sanders had hoped for. so this is all part of a larger discussion about how democrats scaled back this initial proposal again because moderates in the senate had argued that $3.5 trillion price tag was just far too large. these are the tough discussions that democrats are having now.
11:23 am
there was a discussion yesterday that they wanted to f a framework and top line number finalized by the end of this week. it's still a huge, outstanding question, however, whether or not they're going to be able to come and finish that proposal in the next 48 hours. it is a critical 48 hours up here on capitol hill. >> let's take that to kaitlyn in the president's hometown of scranton, pa. he's there to sell the policy, but how much work does he have to do to get buy in from either faction on the price tag? >>. >> well that's the tough spot the president is going to be in because he's coming here to sell a bill that is not finished yet. that is what he's been doing for the last several days. the white house is trying to step that up by having the president come here today. he's doing the cnn town hall tomorrow because they're seeing polling that people feel like they don't see the difference these bills would make in their lives. that's what democrats have been fighting for and over on capitol hill. so they're trying to change
11:24 am
that. but the issue with it is that they don't know exactly what's going to be in here. one example is the two free years of community college. that had been a big priority of president biden, when he was on the road selling what this proposal could look like. that is something he's told democrats in the meetings yesterday is likely not going to be included in this. so that is the balance and the struggle for the white house, but yes, they do still have a lot of those major democratic priorities that they do still believe will be in here, including the medicare expansion, universal pre-k, several other top priorities they have, but they have to watch how they sell this bill given of course they're not totally sure what is going to be in it. we should note the timeline here of course, they are hoping to have a framework by the end of the week. they want to have a solid framework before the president leaves on a foreign trip next
11:25 am
week. >> thank you. so president biden will discuss his ambitious legislation agenda and take questions from the american people during this cnn town hall with anderson cooper. it airs tomorrow night at 8:00 p.m. eastern. there was a key vote in the house to pave the way for the full house to vote tomorrow on whether to recommend charging steve bannon with criminal contempt. you know the ex-chief strategist to former president trump is refusing to even show up to respond to a subpoena. this is from the house committee investigating the january 6th attack. >> so in a hearing today, congresswoman liz cheney, one of just two republicans on the panel, urged her gop colleagues to put country over party and vote to refer the charge against bannon. >> let me address my republican colleagues specifically. i've heard from a number of my colleagues in the last several days who say they quote just
11:26 am
don't want this target on their back. they're just trying to keep their heads down. they don't want to anger kevin mccarthy, the minority leader, who has been especially active in attempting to block the investigation of the events of january 6th. despite the fact that he clearly called for such a commission the week after the attack. i ask each one of you to step back from the brink. i urge you to do what you know is right. to think of the long arc of history. we are told that it bends towards justice. but it does so only because of the actions of men and women in positions of public trust. >> what a remarkable moment there on so many levels. ryan nobles is on capitol hill. so, ryan, what's going to happen tomorrow? and what happens after the full house votes on this? >> yeah, well what happens
11:27 am
tomorrow is that after this was voted on the rules committee today, we should say along partisan lines, 9-4, liz cheney's plea to her republican colleagues falling on deaf ears, it will go to the full house tomorrow. in the rule they passed out today is the way this debate is going to be played out. there's going to be time set aside for cheney to make her arguments. also time for thompson to make his arguments, but there's also time for an opponent of the bill because this doesn't specifically fall along republican and democrat lines with cheney and kinsinger serving. she made it clear it was time for her republican colleagues to step up and recognize the issues and fallout from the january 6th attacks and particularly the role that the former president
11:28 am
trump played. >> the people who attacked this building told us, continue to tell us on video, on social media, and now before the federal courts, exactly what motivated them. they believed what donald trump said. that the election was stolen and that they needed to take action. and i think it's critically important for us to recognize and understand how the language that the president, president trump continues to use to this day sparked what we saw happen on the 6th. >> and even though this vote passed in the select and rules committee today, it's expected to go along partisan lines tomorrow. in fact, republican leadership in a meeting today telling their members that they should vote no on the criminal contempt referral of bannon tomorrow so we'll have to see if there are any republicans that break away from the desires of their leadership and their party and
11:29 am
of course, the former president, donald trump. >> ryan nobles on capitol hill. thank you. let's bring in a former federal prosecutor. good to see you. i want to start with something we heard from congresswoman cheney during this vote in which she cited something that steve bannon said on the eve of the insurrection. they can decide if this was hyperbole or a forecast, but this was what was on his podcast on january 5th. let's listen. >> all hell is going to break loose tomorrow. just understand this. all hell is going to break loose tomorrow. it's not going happen like you think it's going to happen, okay? it's going to be quite extraordinarily different and all i can say is strap in. the war room, a posse, you have made this happen and tomorrow, it's game day. so strap in. >> i mean, now considering what we watched on the 6th, that sounds like the man was telling you what he knows is going to
11:30 am
happen. >> yes, he knows something. >> as a prosecutor, what do you hear there and how far does it get you in building a case or narrative? >> it's very powerful evidence. the sort of thing that is going to potentially move a jury. i think the other interesting thing here is it might provide a reason for bannon to ultimately take the fifth. in other words, you know, they want to see his testimony. the smarter legal move for bannon would have said, well, i'm going to take the fifth. that may not be good from a pr perspective, but it's a way of getting out of testifying and something like that suggests there might actually be a legitimate basis to do so because he may have some liability there. >> but doesn't it sound like to your ears that he knew something? that he was aware of something? congresswoman cheney said something remarkable last night that you know, president trump, she believes from what she now knows, was personally involved in the planning of january 6th. she said because bannon is stone
11:31 am
walling, it leads you to that conclusion, but when you hear him say it can be very different than what you think so strap in, isn't that somebody who knows something? >> that's exactly right. that's why i'm saying he should take the fifth because he has liability for what happened afterwards. what i see here is somebody who's motivated to not testify and explains why he's taking such a hard line, but he's doing it in a very foolish way. frankly, a lawyer, criminal defense lawyer, would likely be advising him take the fifth. you've got a reason to do so because you may have criminal liability for what happened afterwards. so i can understand why he doesn't want to talk about it. >> so the judge who will hear the former president trump's challenge to the house subpoena for records is judge tonya chutkin. she has been critical of the insurrectionists, has presided over some of those cases. what do we need to know about
11:32 am
her? >> that's what we litigators call a bad draw if you're on the trump team. i think she's something, given that she takes this seriously, frankly, it shouldn't be a partisan issue. it should just be something all americans take seriously, an attack on our capitol. i think it gives her an insenttive to move this forward quickly. what i saw, an aggressive, hail mary that was built into this and she could prevent that from happening. >> one more question about wha happens next with steve bannon. so the house is going to vote. if the house votes to move forward with these criminal charges, who decides whether to prosecute him and why wouldn't they decide to prosecute him given he's being held in contempt? >> well, the united states attorney for the district of columbia would be the first person who makes that decision, but obviously there would be some consultation with the higher ups in the justice
11:33 am
department like attorney general garland, deputy attorney general and so forth. why wouldn't they? because it can be a risky prosecution. bannon would, you know, has been taking a very legally foolish strategy this far. basically giving a middle finger to the committee. if he got a lawyer, that person would say he's going to take the fifth, he has liability, he has reasons not to be showing up at the committee then you know, potentially you have a different trial on your hands. >> okay. thank you. great to see you. >> thank you. so the white house is releasing a plan to rollout covid vaccines for children aged 5 years and up. what all parents need to know. >> and we're learning that items of interest were found in connection with the search for brian laundrie. we've got the latest on the breaks news ahead.
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back now to the breaking news we've been following in the search for brian laundrie. articles belongs to him were found today at the nature preserve where he was known to hike, according to the family's attorney. cnn can only confirm the sarasota county medical examiner and a cadaver dog are on the scene. randi kaye is live in north port, florida. do we know what items for found?
11:39 am
>> we don't. we just know they were found off a trial that laundrie frequented. his mother and father alerting the fbi and north port police they wanted to come here and search this morning. law enforcement was with the laundrie parents when these articles were found according to the family attorney, but again, we don't know what they were and we don't know where exactly they were found other than it was just off a trail. this is an area that apparently brian laundrie would frequent. he would come here and hike and camp at the environmental park. his father was here with law enforcement not long ago searching for him and i should note the park here just opened yesterday to the public once again and then all of a sudden, the parents where are here searching and found these items. law enforcement has been searching here since september 17th looking for brian laundrie. his parents were the only source
11:40 am
of information sending law enforcement here to search for him and they were not able to find any articles of any evidence that he was here except for the laundrie family mustang had been parked in this area and tagged as an abandoned car on september 14th. we also know there's a cadaver dog that was brought here. that is a human remains detection dog which only detects human remains. not a living human being. and we also know that the coroner was called in here. now the dog has been here before, but the coroner has not and we can tell you that the fbi evidence response team is here processing the scene and we did reach out to the family attorney for the laundries asking about the fact the coroner was on scene and he had no comment. back to you. >> randi kaye there for us. we just got from the fbi that they have confirmed that items of interest were found at the
11:41 am
carlto carlton reserve this morning and the park is now closed. they won't be offering further details. now to the fight in the pandemic. the fda could issue an emergency use authorization for moderna and johnson & johnson booster shots as soon as this afternoon. >> the white house is making plans to green light a covid vaccine for children aged 5 to 11 as soon as those are approved and cnn's alexandria field has more! to . >> today, the white house rolling out a plan to get shots in arms of those as young as 5. >> if we can get the overwhelming majority of those 28 million children vaccinated, i think that would play a major role in diminishing the spread of infection and immunity. >> and there's a likely new plan, a source tells cnn, to recommend booster shots for people as young as 40 for those who received moderna and pfizer. >> you saw some people in their
11:42 am
late 50s and 40s who got very, very sick and ended up dying. so we want to protect that population. a booster can be helpful. >> for those who haven't had so much as a first shot, major cities begin to crack down. new york's mayor announcing that all city employees including firefighters and police, must be vaccinated by the end of the month. >> city employees not yet vaccinated. we think about 46,000. that's a lot of people. the mandates work. every mayor in america, every governor, every ceo of a company should do the same thing. >> the latest plea on behalf of the public good coming amid new reminders of how personal it is. >> i'm going to share a secret i've never spoken. i have multiple sclerosis. >> jon king making a powerful appeal of his open.
11:43 am
>> we are getting to the point where the population of denver will be wiped out by covid. let's put our politics aside and c debate these on facts. the world is round. trump lost. vaccines work. >> neil cavuto who also has ms, tested positive for covid-19. he said had i not been vaccinate d, this would be a far more dire situation. i hope anyone and everyone gets that message loud and clear. >> don't believe that i'm retiring. >> the pressure now mounting on public figures. hall of famer charles barkley sounding off on kyrie irving. >> you get vaccinated for your family, first. you get vaccinated for your teammates, second. things like that. i really am proud of the nets for putting their foot down. >> and tennis star, novak djokovic putting his bid in doubt by refusing to reveal his
11:44 am
vaccine status. australia's immigration minister says he won't be allowed into the country to defend his australian open title without proof of vaccination. >> and authorization for the boosters is expected today. then the committee will meet tomorrow to discuss. but i think a lot of the conversation will be about these vaccines for young children not yet green lighted, but it's going to be on parents minds. we're hearing from the white house that the federal government is going to launch a very robust education campaign to build trust among parents who might be on the fence still. >> yeah, a lot of them still are. thank you. so republicans are tightening their grip in texas by redrawing the congressional map and this is a huge blow to the influence of voters of color there. >> there's a lot going on today. here's what else to watch.
11:45 am
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indeed instant match instantly delivers quality candidates matching your job description. visit their new congressional map. now, this helps republicans already in office and it cuts the number of majority hispanic districts. >> the democrats call this a
11:50 am
disservice to the people of texas. texas is interesting because it has become more demographically diverse, yet somehow this map does not reflect that. how does this work? so how does this work? >> this is the first time in a half century because of that 2013 supreme court decision that gutted part of the voting rights act. now, look, these maps were approved by the republican controlled legislature on monday night, and here's the thing about texas. because of the explosive population growth over the past ten years, it was given two new congressional seats, the most of any state in the nation. 95% of texas's population growth over the past ten years has been from people of color. but both of those two new districts have at least 60% of white residents making up the eligible voters. advocates say that that's just the tip of the trouble here.
11:51 am
there are now fewer districts that have a majority hispanic or black population in them instead of the eight majority hispanic districts, there are now seven and there are zero districts in texas at this point with these new maps that will have a black majority of residents who were eligible voters. on the flip side, there are now 23 instead of 22 that have a white majority of eligible voters. republicans say they adopted a color blind strategy when they were doing these maps. democrats say that they protested to this. they talked about the disparity in this and where those problems were. civil rights groups have already filed one lawsuit to this. there will likely be more lawsuits filed once the governor signs these maps into law. former attorney general eric holder who is the chair of national redistricting committee issued a statement saying texas republicans have proven time after time that they don't want
11:52 am
to risk fair elections. they know they are out of touch with the majority in the lone star state, and instead of adjusting their policies and politics for their constituents, they're trying to manipulate the structures of our democracy to artificially hold on to power. victor, alisyn, democrats in texas, voting rights and fair math advocates have all pointed out that federal legislation, including the watered down version that's being considered today would prevent a map like this from going into effect because it would not meet a federal standard set by that. >> that's really important context. dianne gallagher, thank you. netflix employees walk out in protest of the dave chappelle's latest special and the ceo standing by chappelle says he screwed up. a live update ahead.
11:53 am
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right now, hundreds of netflix employees are staging a walkout in protest of the company's decision to stream dave chappelle's latest special, which according to critics contains transphobic remarks. he screwed up in his handling of the fallout. he stands by the decision to continue to stream the special. >> cnn's josh campbell joins us from los angeles and that protest. how big is the proetest right now, and what else did the ceo say. >> we're seeing several employees and also supporters of the transgender community coming here at this netflix complex, demonstrating against the way this company has handled this whole controversy. as you mentioned, the center here, the focus is on this dave
11:57 am
chappelle special which so many of the critics here say is transphobic. now, the ceo of the company himself receiving a lot of controversy, a lot of criticism from his own employees after a statement that he put out right after this, i'll read you a part of it, with the closer, we understand the concern is not offensive content, but titles which can increase real world harm, while some employees disagree, we have a strong belief that content on scream does not mean real world harm. we talked to some of the demonstrators here who said not only did the dave chappelle show and the manner in which this company has handles this, it puts transgender people at risk. take a listen to what they told us. >> it's really harmful when someone spreads misinformation about our kids and saying something like gender is real in
11:58 am
a a a a statement. >> this is not only about people's feelings getting hurt or political correctness, this is about the threats of violence that people in the trans community face every single day. >> reporter: now, i apologize it's very loud here. there's a lot going on here at this demonstration. again, even though the ceo said they screwed up, he would handle the situation differently. one of the main focuses is that this company has not yet taken down this show from its platform and at least what we're hearing from officials at the company, no plans to do so. >> josh campbell for us in l.a. thank you so much, let's push forward on the breaking news out of florida. the fbi says items of interest were found in connection with the search for brian laundrie. new details at the top of the hour.
11:59 am
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