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tv   CNN Newsroom With Ana Cabrera  CNN  October 20, 2021 10:00am-11:00am PDT

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how we will help you get through it. renee, really great reporting, thank you. ana cabrera picks up our coverage right now. hello, i'm ana cabrera in new york. we begin with breaking news in the manhunt for brian laundrie. his family's attorney now telling cnn items belonging to laundrie have just been found at that large nature reserve investigators have been scouring for weeks right off a trail laundrie is known to frequent. we have just learned a medical examiner has now been called to that site. i want to get straight to cnn's jean casarez who is gathering more information on this. what can you tell us, jean? >> this is happening at the moment and we continue to get more information, but you're right, the sarasota medical examiner's office has been called to the scene, and this is the carlton reserve.
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this is where brian allegedly went to september 13 for a hike, never came back home. his parents have believed that that is where he may be found, and here's what we're learning from steve bertolino who is the laundrie family attorney. he's saying last night that the parents decided they were going to go out to the reserve today to search, and that they told the fbi and northport police they were going to do that, and this morning that the parents, along with law enforcement, found, quote, some articles belonging to brian. that is all we know. we don't know what they were, we don't know how significant they could be, we don't know when they would have been left by brian. but the medical examiner has been called to the scene as well as pasco county cadaver dog has been called to the scene, plus two spotters. the cadaver dog was called this morning. we don't know what time this morning at all, we don't know if
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they made a hit or what activity they have done, but this is a developing situation here, obviously significant, not only that articles of brian's were found according to the family attorney for the laundries, but also the fact the medical examiner has been called to the scene, ana. >> i want to get a few former v investigators, andrew cajon and andrew mccabe. andrew, how big a development is this to this investigation? >> ana, it could be very big. this is kind of the break that i think many, many people have been waiting for. but there is still a lot left to be determined. we don't know exactly what they've found or what nave come across, but traces of brian laundrie is not the same thing as brian laundrie. so i think there is a lot of investigation to go here, some recovery of -- forensic recovery
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of relevant evidence. if they don't find brian or his remains, it will certainly put the search for him into overdrive as it will allow them to really focus on a particular area. >> everyone stay with me. we have randi kaye who just arrived on scene where this search continues, where these articles were found. randi, what are you seeing and what more are you learning there? >> reporter: ana, we're just at the entrance to the makayachi creek. this is where the family mustang had been found and tagged as an abandoned car and the laundrie family drove that car back home. here at the entrance there is a police vehicle and some police officers here. we understand there is law enforcement on the scene inside this area. this was an area they had just
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reopened and were allowing the public back in, and then we understand from the family attorney for the laundrie family that chris and roberta laundrie had called law enforcement last night saying they were going to come back to this area now that it was open to the public and search again for their son brian, which they did with law enforcement today. from what we're told, there was a brief search and then they were able to locate some items belonging to brian laundrie. we don't know what those items are or how many of those items were found. it is quite a scene here. there is a large grouping of media. we haven't seen this much media in quite some time. we also understand the coroner has been called to the scene for sarasota county as well as a cadaver dog. i've been in touch with the pasco county sheriff's department and they did confirm there is a human detections dog, they called it, which is solely trained to detect not live humans, but solely trained to find decomposing bodies.
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there is one on the scene here in addition to two spotters, ana. >> randi, stand by. that information about the cadaver dog and a medical examiner being called to the scene, does that tell you laundrie is dead? >> well, it tells me that there is more to it than just articles from brian laundrie that were found, because the fbi would normally just dispatch an evidence response team, which is the fbi forensic evidence at the scene. it definitely ups the concern that they found some type of human remains, but the fbi would normally respond. they probably already responded, but the fact the medical examiner is there and a cadaver dog, not a tracking dog, but a cadaver dog which are two
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different skill sets for canines, has been brought in means they have some reason to believe, obviously, there is a cadaver there. with a medical examiner in addition to an evidence response team tells me there may be some human biological remains found that indicate a cadaver could be nearby. >> again, the specific wording we're getting from the family attorney is that they found, quote, some articles belonging to laundrie. we don't know exactly what this is. andrew, how are investigators looking at these items, do you think? >> well, i think it's important, ana, that investigators consider every possibility, right? you still don't want to be kind of just drawn in one direction because it seems like the obvious lead or it's kind of the hottest thing on your plate. it's really curious to me that these developments have only taken place in the immediate aftermath of the family coming out to this area for the first time since the search is going
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on. clearly they have stumbled across some sort of articles or evidence that they think k indicates the presence of brian laundrie. i agree with bobby that their request for the medical examiner kind of ups the ante on whether or not they've actually found some human remains. but again, if they had a lot of human remains, they probably would not be calling the cadaver dog out. that's like what the cadaver dog comes out to find. so they've got a lot of work left to do, and i'm sure they'll be kind of stepping back and looking at the broader picture of not just what they found but how they found it. the sequence of events that led to the somewhat, you know, unsuspected discovery of this evidence after all this time. it raises a lot of questions. >> i have to bring in criminologist jordan because we learned the parents were involved. his parents chris and roberta
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laundrie had informed law enforcement last night that they intended to go to the park this morning, to search the area for brian. after a quote, unquote, brief search of a trail he frequented, these articles were found. casey, what do you make of the parents' involvement here? >> i think it seems a little bit too much of a coincidence, so i'm just going to say out loud what most people are probably thinking. isn't it interesting that hundreds of searchers went through this preserve for more than a month and then the family, which has not cooperated very much at all, suddenly contacts police and say, we plan to go out and look for him. and the police say, sure, we'll join you, let's do this as a joint effort. and very quickly they find traces of brian. i don't know that there's a body. i'm going to go exactly with what they say which is articles that belong to him, and it makes you wonder whether or not those articles may have been planted
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as contraindicators with a family that wants police to believe brian is no longer with us and give up the search entirely. i'm very fascinated that cadaver dogs are being brought to the scene. this is a result of letting things slip through the cracks earlier. they could really be compensating and covering all their bases. to me the biggest question mark is how the family was with them and how the family led them to that trail. it seems almost too good to be true. >> let's go back to the scene and randi kaye. i understand you're getting information from the cadaver dogs. >> reporter: i can tell you this is not the first time a cadaver dog has been called to the scene. they've been here several times before, even as soon as last week. these cadaver dogs, from what i understand from the sheriff's office, is that they are brought in to find a decomposing body
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and also rule out the fact that there could be a decomposing body. if they don't alert, they can also rule that out so they can be brought in for either reason. but in terms of what they can do, after i spoke with someone who trains these types of dogs, she told me that if there is somebody who died here today, yesterday, five days ago, a month ago, a year ago, these dogs can alert on that. they are very sensitive to a decomposing odor and there really is no time limit for them. time is certainly on their side and on their handler's side, even if the body is fully decomposed or possibly has been removed by one of the animals that's in this reserve area. we have bobcats, we have panthers, you name it, alligators, these dogs can alert on what might have seeped through the soil even into that area. they have very good noses to do
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this sort of work, ana. >> thank you for that. bo bobby, as randi pointed out earlier, they had closed off this part fortunof the park. they thought they had checked everything because they just reopened this part of the park, and now, boom, you find these articles that are belonging to bobby -- i mean to brian laundrie, apparently? do you think, bobby, investigators are looking into brian's parents at this point? >> i think you would have to. i think casey was right on the money with that. all of a sudden the parents call law enforcement and say, we're going out there tomorrow morning. law enforcement says, we'll meet you and go with you, and then they lead them kind of -- it happened kind of quickly, they lead them right to a spot where apparently they find something of value or you wouldn't have had all this. remember, the father went out there a couple weeks ago, very reluctantly, and met law enforcement and then he went home again. now the parents decide to go out
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on their own, law enforcement meets them out there, and lo and bl behold, they find something of value to generate all this additional activity. i would say the parents, you know, i think you would have to start looking at how the parents knew to go to this location, why they did it now, why they didn't do this a month ago. there is a lot of questions to be answered. >> andrew, we just got word that additional first responders have now arrived on the scene. so it feels like this is building, and they must have hit something big. is that how you would interpret it? >> yeah. i mean, you know, the fact there are additional first responders coming out is pretty much -- it's to be expected. any time you have a major development in a big case like this, you tend to get an overresponse from people on the ground. i wouldn't index too much on that. i still think the request for the cadaver dog and the request for the medical examiner are
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pretty significant. they're in some ways contradictory, like the medical examiner, as i said earlier, you would call when you had something you thought were human remains, where the dogs are really for finding where remains might be located. but, again, as the other guests have mentioned, it's clear they found something. it's not clear as to whether that thing has been there all along or those articles or that evidence might have something to do with the parents' new presence at the reserve. i think it's also worth pointing out that the place where the activity seems to be loebcated right now is well known to the searchers. that's where the car was found, they've been over this ground many, many times, so there is a lot of questions to answer here not just as to what they found, but why didn't they find it all the other times they've been out there? >> bobby, there is still no suspect, specifically, in gabby petito's death after all of
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these weeks turning into soon to be months. what do you make of that? >> i'm sorry, no what? >> no suspect in her death at this point. >> look, i think we have a suspect. the authorities may not term it so, but the rest of us have come to the conclusion that brian is a suspect or person of interest even though the authorities can't legally make that determination. we know why they don't. but certainly the last known person to be seen with the person that ends up being the victim of a homicide is going to be a natural suspect. i think that brian, and naturally to the rest of us, to now us civilians can be termed a suspect even if the authorities have not, simply because of the fact that they had a degenerating relationship that could have resulted in violence. people saw them fighting. she had texted her mother that the relationship was not in a good place and that there was increasing anxiety. then his behavior the first two
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weeks in september of just lo leaving her and showing up and not talking to her parents about her disappearance at all for two weeks, i think all of that contributes to most of us in the civilian world now, believing that brian laundrie is a suspect in this case. >> my thanks to all of you, bobby chicone, andrew, jean casarez. they have found items belonging to brian laundrie where they've been searching for weeks. they've brought in a cadaver dog and medical examiner. breaking right now, the final stretch. democrats and republicans seeming closer than ever before in reaching a deal on the biden agenda. but there are significant cuts to the initial proposal. we'll have those details just ahead. plus, new today, we are
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getting our first look at how the government is planning to roll out vaccines for younger kids. the white house just revealing the process will be different than it is for adults. details on that ahead. and the gunman who shot and killed 17 people at a high school in parkland, florida pleads guilty today. he also apologized in court. the father of 14-year-old victim gina mentalta, is there. t givess to the nasdaq-100 innovations, like real time cgi. okay... yeah... oh. don't worry i got it! become an agent of innovation with invesco qqq
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of law enforcement personnel have now been called to the scene. we're continuing to gather more information. we will take you back to that story as soon as we have new developments. meantime out of washington, dialing down the dysfunction on capitol hill. finally after weeks of a paralyzing standoff within the party, democrats may be within days of a deal on the booiden agenda. progressives, moderates and republicans are inching closer to a deal. the first cost, you'll remember, $3.5 trillion. that cost a dealbreaker for senator manchin. he wanted 1.5 trillion. now the cost has moved from 1.75 trillion to 1.9 trillion. there is movement on middle ground, but is it enough to win support from the republican party? >> the number is starting to
10:22 am
shrink in part because of that price tag issue you talked about, the fact that moderate democrats were talking about $3.5 trillion was just too much meant the democrats had to make some tough decisions about what to keep in this bill and what to leave out. we're getting some early details about what the president told members when he had those private meetings yesterday. one of the items that we expect to be out of this package now is free community college. that had been something the white house had been touting, but it's an expensive provision and something we expect not to have been included. we also expect key medical provision has been pulled out of this proposal because of problems from joe manchin of west virginia, a coal-producing state. we now know there are items expected to be included, although they have changed slightly. one is the expanded child tax
10:23 am
credit will only be for about a year. we should make it clear to people back home that lawmakers who care very deeply about these provisions are fighting very hard behind the scene to make sure their issue is prebotected and one of them is the child tax credit. there is also a reduction in paid family leave from 12 weeks to 4 weeks. these are still a couple items that lawmakers are still trying to cobble together. it's important to remind people after weeks of fighting between democrats, it looks like they're really trying to close this deal in the next couple days. >> to outline what has been reduced, it sound like free community college is something that has been let go altogether. candidate joe biden, when he was on the campaign trail, that was something he talked a lot about. is the president okay with eliminating that? >> reporter: i think to some degree it's the reality of the situation. whether you're talking about the scale of the overall proposal
10:24 am
being significantly reduced, and when you have to work within a different scope than perhaps you first laid out, certain things will fall out or be reduced in terms of funding or duration or fall out entirely. i think when it comes to the tuition of community college, certainly the president talked about this a lot during the campaign, it was a central plank in his initial plan, but you also have to think about consistencies in capitol hill. if you're trying to wrangle 50 votes in the house and 50 votes in the senate, what could impact the child tax credit or the affordable care act, expanding medicare, expanding medicaid, those are high priorities when you talk to democrats on capitol hill, so those are issues the president has maintained a focus on. this is still a fluid target right now. most notably, the president has not gotten the explicit signoff from those two moderate senators
10:25 am
that have been stand-up to this point. in the past few weeks it has been pretty unclear what was happening behind the scenes. there was a significant amount of work going on behind the scene to see try to narrow the differences, to try to get to a finish line or at least a temporary compromised proposal. some things aren't going to make it in. but a significant number of them are, and i think that's what the white house is focused on at this time, ana. >> phil, lauren, thank you. we have some more breaking news right now, first on cnn. california governor gavin newsom just issued an executive order to address the supply chain bottleneck at california's shipping ports. i want to get straight to cnn reporter vanessa cavich. what's in the executive order? >> reporter: this executive order goes to the weakest link at the ports on the ground. here's what's in it. it directs the state to find
10:26 am
state, local and private land where they could get those k containers out of the ports. there is a truck that can't move as they would like, so they want to get those containers into a temporary storage facility. number two, temporarily lifting weight restrictions on trucks. there is currently weight restrictions on trucks in the state of california. they want to lift those so potentially trucks can move more cargo. and number three, using existing funding for education and training for port workers and other workers along the supply chain to try to help with this worker shortage. so, ana, these three key points in this executive order are coming on the heels of the federal government directing the ports in california to move to 24/7 operation. so now state and federal both addressing this mess of a supply chain, and the goal here is to really get those goods moving once again and get the goods into the hands of the consumer
10:27 am
ahead of this critical holiday season. ana? >> vanessa cavich, thank you. congressman thomas is with us right now. congressman, this issue affects all americans, but do you think this action by governor newsom will have the desired impact of the supply chain bottleneck in your state? >> i think everything will help. the supply chain disruption is more than just one piece, it's a combination of things not only in california but around the world. so everybody is working hard to make sure we straighten this out and we're making progress. >> i spoke with the commerce secretary yesterday who stressed just how important it was to get the president's economic and infrastructure bills passed to help with the labor shortage that's exacerbating this supply chain issue. you and a group of others met with the president yesterday. how close are you all to a deal? >> i feel pretty good after the meeting yesterday. i think we're narrowing it down.
10:28 am
we've gone through this period of negotiation, and that's what you do with major pieces of legislation. you work back and forth, and you figure out where the common ground is, where you can land on the policy that will get the votes that are necessary. as you know, we're working with a very, very narrow margin both in the house and in the senate, so it's taking a little bit of time, it's an important bill. what is going to be in this bill is incredibly important for the people of our country, for working families and for children, for our environment, and for our future. >> lauren fox just outlined some of what's in, what's out. i know you care deeply about the climate crisis. congressman joe manchin, a fellow moderate, has staunchly pushed back. he's been against the $150 for power plants to use cleaner burning fuels to cut greenhouse
10:29 am
gas emissions. if he's a no on that, can you get to a yes on the final packet? >> there's not a carbon tax provision in the bill, nor has there been. what is in the bill is my green act, which is using the tax code to move us into renewable energy. and that is incredibly important. it is the main piece of president biden's climate change agenda. and this is a bill that's passed the house. it's the biggest climate change bill that's ever passed the united states house of representatives, and i'm confident that that will be in the final bill, it will pass, it will be signed into law, and that will tee us up to meet the goals that president biden has established, the goals that he wants to reach in regard to moving towards renewable energy and in regard to building our work force, growing jobs.
10:30 am
>> what makes you confident that the green act, those climate provisions you just outlined, will be in the final bill given joe manchin's, you know, very public criticism of those climate provisions and his pushback that he's made very clear would not garner his support if it were included? >> senator manchin hasn't said anything at all about the green act. his issue with other provisions that were in the bill. i feel confident we'll get this bill. >> another area that has been scaled back, paid family leave. it went from 12 weeks to 4 weeks. it's worth noting that federal workers like members of congress receive 12 weeks of paid leave, but there is no requirement right now in the private sector or the state or local government. in fact, in the year 2021, the united states is the only industrialized country in the world that doesn't offer a national paid parental leave
10:31 am
program. you can't read the country's names beal put up here on the graphic, but when you look at this long list, it's just incredible, the visual here of how we stack up. the u.s. is all the way at the bottom with zero weeks. a s astonia is at the top with eight weeks of paid parental leave. isn't it time we did more? >> it's an improvement over what we have now and it's a statement of our values that we recognize this as important public policy, and if we don't get the number of weeks that we want that some of us, myself included, are pushing for, to begin the process, to establish a set of weeks will allow us to grow that in the out years. >> congressman mike thompson, thank you so much for being with us. i appreciate your time. >> thank you. my pleasure, thank you. >> and a reminder we're going to
10:32 am
hear from president biden himself tomorrow on all of this in an exclusive. joe biden is going to take questions from the american people. anderson cooper moderates. the town hall begins tomorrow night on cnn at 8:00 p.m. eastern. we continue to follow breaking news out of florida and this nature reserve where investigators now, we are told, have found articles belonging to brian laundrie. they've called in cadaver dogs and a medical examiner on scene and more personnel just arrived. we're staying on top of all the twists and turns in this story. stay with us. you're watching cnn. . crepe corrector lotion... only from gold bond. - [announcer] welcome to intelligent indoor grilling with the ninja foodi smart xl grill. just pick your protein, select your doneness, and let the grill monitor your food. it also turns into an air fryer. bring outdoor grilling flavors indoors
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welcome back. we are keeping an eye on the florida natural reserve where we have learned that articles belonging to brian laundrie have been discovered. authorities are now converging in this area with cadaver dogs, a medical examiner and a much bigger team to continue their
10:38 am
search in sarasota county, florida. more on that when we get more information. in the meantime, it was the deadliest school shooting in history, today the gunman pleaded guilty of 17 counts of first-degree murder and 17 counts of attempted murder. he also a pologized to the victims' families. >> i'm very sorry for what i did and i have to live with it every day. if i were to get a second chance, i would do everything in my power to help others. i'm doing this for you. i don't care if you believe me. i love you, and i don't know you don't believe me, but i have to live with this every day. it brings me nightmares, and i can't live with myself sometimes, but i push through because i know that's what you would want me to do. >> prosecutors said they will seek the death penalty for the gunman.
10:39 am
the trial starts on january 4. the father of gina montalto was killed in the shooting more than three and a half years ago. he is also president of stand up for justice. i can't even imagine what went thr through your mind and how you got through the hearing today. >> it's ridiculous. if he wanted to apologize, he shouldn't have murdered gina and 16 other people that day. we saw a cold and calculating killer admit to murdering my beautiful daughter gina and 16 others. also he admit to attempting to kill another 17 people. he's clearly a very dangerous man. >> changing his plea to guilty?
10:40 am
do you feel, though, now he's taken responsibility? >> no, there's no responsibility. this is all just a little bit of theater and it allows the defense to be able to focus on attempting to save his life in the penalty phase of the trial. >> and it's a jury that will ultimately decide his sentence. we mentioned that's supposed to begin in january. he said in court today that he believes you and the other victims and family members should decide whether he lives or receives the death penalty. what's your thinking on that today? >> i'll say that as a society, we should want to see people who commit these heinous acts of mass shootings prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law. we need to find a way to discourage people from wanting to copy these horrific acts. we need to deprive these mass murderers of the notoriety they seek, and he with a-- we need t
10:41 am
remember the victims for the wonderful and vibrant people that they were. i think he deserves as much of a chance as he gave my daughter and everyone else on february 14 of 2018. >> let's put the focus on the victims. i want to put up gina's picture begin on our screen as we hold your family and all the others in our hearts today. what do you want everyone to know about your beautiful daughter. can you share a favorite memory, a story or something that maybe makes you smile when you think of gina? >> i'll just say gina was a fantastic daughter and wonderful big sister. she had a smile that lit up a room. she was kindhearted and always looked to help others. she was often the first one to walk across the playground and introduce herself to new kids or new kids in the area. she also volunteered for many
10:42 am
things, at our local church, she volunteered also in a group for kids with differing abilities. she was a girl scout and just a bright light in this world and the world is truly poorer for her not being here moving forward. in order to help continue her light shining we did start the gina montalto memorial foundation, and through that we help others achieve their goals. we give out scholarships, we give out grants to things gina would have supported, and it's the best we can do to help keep gina's light shining and help others. >> we like the work you're continuing to do and we continue to honor you and your family. our hatearts go out how and the
10:43 am
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that's why doctors recommend tylenol®. it won't raise blood pressure the way that advil® aleve® or motrin® sometimes can. for trusted relief, trust tylenol®. we're back with our breaking news out of florida and the search for brian laundrie following the murder of gabby petito. these are aerials of this giant nature reserve where we have
10:48 am
learned just today articles belonging to brian laundrie were found inside this nature reserve, we're told near a trail that he had frequented. this is according to the family attorney, and now multiple first responders have arrived on scene. we're told they brought a mobile unit, they're setting up a tent as well, and we're continuing to gather more information on this developing story. but it's a very busy news day so i want to bring you up to speed on another story that could impact your family. today the white house revealing its new details of a plan to roll out covid-19 vaccines for 5 to 11-year-olds just as soon as they're authorized, which could come in the next couple weeks. 20 million pfizer doses are ready for the smallest sleeves to roll up. that's enough doses for all kids in this anyone group. here's what else we know. packaging is being modified with the smaller dose side and they
10:49 am
will be shipped with smaller needles included to doctors' offices. to ensure convenience, some school districts and hospitals will also set up vaccination sites. last week 131,000 covid cases were reported among children. that's more than 25% of the week's total. joining us now is dr. leana wen, author of "lifeline: a doctor's search in public health." what does this tell you about the preparation going into this and the urgency at this point? >> i really want to commend the biden white house for being so proactive. they're not skipping steps. they're clearly saying we need to wait for the fda and the cdc to weigh in on the science, but there also shouldn't be a delay when it comes to the operations. it takes time to get the doses literally to state health departments, to get them to pediatricians' offices where
10:50 am
many parents are used to going with their kids. also they are not used to giving doses or vaccines to younger children, and so preparing them and giving parents a plan where they will go once the vaccines are authorized. that's all really important, moderna boosters starting at age 40. so a much younger group. you've been working in clinic and getting a lot of questions on boosters, i know. do you agree with this move? is it time for healthy 40-year-olds to get a boost? >> yes, i've been saying this for weeks because the data have been very clear coming out of israel and other places that immunity to symptomatic disease wanes over time and is six-month mark seems like a reasonable time. it looks like the pfizer and moderna are a three-dose
10:51 am
vaccine. i think very soon, everyone is going to be recommended to get that additional dose. right now, people over the age of 18 who got a pfizer vaccine who are at risk, for example in high risk occupational settings or medical condition, can get a third pfizer dose. we're just waiting for the final recommendation for moderna and johnson & johnson. >> and what about the mix and match debate? what is the most effective protection? >> i don't think we know, but i really hope the cdc and fda will allow for a mixed match approach for two reasons. one is convenience and accessibility. if you are doing a mass vaccination drive, you don't want to have three different brands of the vaccine. you want to give people the first vaccine they have access to and there really is no reason for people to be switching a vaccine except out of convenience. if they got pfizer or moderna. on the other hand, for people who got the johnson & johnson vaccine like me, i'm one of the
10:52 am
15 million people in this category. especially for younger women, there's an association for this rare but serious blood clotting disorder and giving younger women to get one of the mrna vaccines is really important. that's what i have chosen to do. >> thank you so much for sharing that with us. it's good to have you with us. thank you. and let's take you back to florida now and you can see these ariels. there's a strong law enforcement going on on a trail where we're told brian laundrie frequented. now, they have discovered articles they believe belonged to brian laundrie. they've called in cadaver dogs to the scene. they discovered these articles from the laundrie family attorney and we are in touch with authorities. much more on this story straight ahead live in the cnn newsroom.
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finally yasso! a ridiculously creamy, crunchy, chocolatey dipped ice cream experience with 25% less calories because it's made with greek yogurt. so, thanks for everything ice cream, but we'll take it from here. yasso audaciously delicious
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we're getting fresh images of the dogs that have been brought in with law enforcement to search the area. we're hearing from the laundrie family attorney that articles belonging to brian laundrie were found at this nature reserve off a trail he frequented. the same one where authorities have been searching for weeks in the hunt for laundrie, who remains missing several weeks after the remains of gabby petito were discovered in wyoming. so we are continuing to monitor these images and all the latest developments in florida and we
10:57 am
will bring you new information as soon as we learn any additional info. let me just do a complete 180 right now. because this story and this woman deserves attention. what can i say except what beyonce said, we run the world. one particular woman today is again rising above and beyond and i'm lucky to call her a colleague. cnn's chief international correspondent, clarissa ward travels to some of the most volatile corners of the world telling the stories of every day people as they grapple with some of the greatest power struggles of our time. journalist, author, mom, and now podcast host. her new podcast debuts today and she's joining us now. we are so excited for you. tell us more about your new podcast. what's it all about? >> first of all, thank you for such a gracious introduction. i'm literally sitting here
10:58 am
grinning. thank you for that. this podcast is really all about extraordinary acts of courage from ordinary people. that's something that's fascinated and inspired me for years as a journalist, but we live in a world now where autocracies are on the rise. for the first time now since 2001, there are more than democracies, which is troubling, but it's also given rise to this mushrooming of these grass roots resistance movements. so we wanted to go around the world looking at these movements. looking at these ordinary people carrying out these extraordinary acts of courage and try to understand better where that courage comes from. whether it's on the streets of afghanistan, women protesting for their rights. whether it's in syria, russia, myanmar, nicaragua. we went to many different places to tell this story of these people. these unsung heroes. >> we were also gripped by your
10:59 am
latest reporting in afghanistan and the taliban takeover. so much concern for women obviously in that country. their education, their livelihoods. what's the latest? >> it's a pretty bleak picture. especially for women and women in city centers who had seen huge improvements in their lives in the last two decades. girls above 6th grade in kabul can't go to school anymore. the taliban says it's not permanent, but nothing they've done so far has given anyone to believe that. there is a deep seated fear, looking at an economic crisis, a security crisis, a political crisis, that things are looking very bleak. >> you always do such important work and it's amazing that you do it all, especially being a mom of two young kids. i don't know how you do it. i think efverybody else has tha thought. >> imperfectly. >> imperfectly perfect is how i
11:00 am
see you. thank you so much for being with us and wishing you the best of success with this new podcast. that's going to do it for us today. stay right there because we have much more of this breaking news story straight ahead in the cnn newsroom. the search for brian laundrie and a major break in the case right now in florida. stay with us. this is cnn breaking news. >> hello, everyone. thanks for joining us. >> we begin with the breaking news in the search for brian laundrie. he's the missing fiance of gabby petito. we now now that articles belonging to laundrie were found in a park where he frequented. cnn can confirm the medical examiner and cadaver dog are there on the scene. joining us now, randi kaye i


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