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tv   CNN Newsroom With Poppy Harlow and Jim Sciutto  CNN  October 19, 2021 6:00am-7:00am PDT

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does make you wonder about what happened in this particular case, and what it says more broadly about where we are. >> stand up. speak out. help your fellow citizen. it is basic. >> yeah. cnn's coverage continues right now. a very good tuesday morning to you. i'm jim sciutto. >> i'm erica hill. hours from now the january 6th committee will vote on whether to recommend criminal contempt charges against trump ally steve bannon. this is the most aggressive sign yet that anyone defying those congressional subpoenas could face some real consequences. overnight, the panel releasing a criminal contempt report on the former white house outlining its efforts to get bannon to comply with the subpoena. >> bannon so far has remained defiant, refusing to comply, while citing executive privilege, an argument that the
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biden white house flat out rejected. also, in a new lawsuit against the january 6th committee, former president trump is going to his old playbook citing executive prif levilege as he t to block documents from being turned over to investigators. according to the lawsuit, the national archives will give the records to congress on november 12th unless a court invenes before then. they're calling the lawsuit a stall tactic. whitney wild joins us now. do we expect this to pass and do we expect it along party lines? >> i would certainly expect it to pass at least through the committee. there is just no chance this isn't going to go through the committee. once it gets to the house floor, it it is still probably pretty likely to pass. the jury is still out on that. there is still a question mark because there are several stages of this. but very laikely to pass throug the house and then to the department of justice where there is another open ended question because merrick garland has prosecutorial discretion
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here. there is always a chance that the department of justice could decline to move forward on this criminal contempt charge. what they're looking for here, jim and erica, is leverage. they know the chances that steve bannon actually is put in handcuffs, actually ends up serving any jail time is remote. they're trying to throw the book at him in an effort to get him to testify. there is back and forth over the last several weeks, bannon outright just refusing to comply with this subpoena, meanwhile the committee is saying that these arguments he's making specifically this argument that his communications and his records are protected by executive privilege are basically ridiculous. they assert that he was not an employee of the white house, the executive privilege does not stretch that far, specifically they said that basically they believe the case law suggests that executive privilege does not cover communications between president trump and private citizens, specifically regarding nongovernmental work. so that's what the committee is
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arguing. bannon is arguing because there is this outstanding question about what is possiblyder execu doesn't have the authority to speak out either way. he's waiting to hear from a judge what he's allowed to say. tonight at 7:30, the committee will vote on this, it will go to the house floor. these are the concrete movements we're watching. jim and erica, again, the chances that he actually -- this actually goes to the most extreme place, which is bannon actually going to jail seem remote. but the committee put him on the early list of subpoenas because they know this could be a lengthy court battle. they wanted to get the clock ticking on that so they can get the other information going and we'll have to see as this calendar continues. erica, jim? >> exactly. whitney, thank you. also with us, jennifer rogers, former federal prosecutor and cnn legal analyst. i want to talk about that is happening with former president trump. but let's pick up right there, with steve bannon. when we look at this, part of
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what steve bannon is saying is that he wants to -- he really wants confirmation about what could be protected essentially under executive privilege. is there anything that you see that would actually fall under that umbrella? >> well, erica, the interesting thing is as we all know by now executive privilege hasn't been litigated extensively enough to know where the line should be drawn. we have a few court cases, we have some office of legal counsel opinions from doj about the parameters of executive privilege but no one really knows. he won't be able to assert executive privilege, or the former president won't be able to assert executive privilege because he's the former president and because steve bannon was not an executive employee at the time. no one really knows for sure. there may be a kernel there that a court could find a legitimate exercise of executive privilege, but no one knows for sure. >> so you have the merits here, right. making the arguments about the extent of executive privilege
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and then the straightup tactics, classic trump stuff here, play it along, push this out as far as possible. you spent a lot of time in court as a prosecutor. can they game it enough to kick the can down the road so no decision is made in time for the committee to do its work? >> well, that's part of the decision merrick garland has to make. it if a criminal contempt case is brought, that in and of itself won't force steve bannon to testify. though it could land him in jail when he refuses to do so. but that's really the question here. will a judge quickly enough for the house to act make a determination on executive privilege and have that wind its way through the court on appeals? i don't think so. there are too many layers of court review, too many possible appeals. the other interesting wrinkle here is that trump needs an injunction. those records are going over from the national archives in november. unless there is an injunction.
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so kind of a flip side to what we saw on the trump administration where the stone walling actually served to not have things go to congress. this i think is going to end up being the opposite. a judge is not going to give him an injunction. it is not going t ining to wind through on time. i think it is pretty likely that those documents go over, rendering some of this moot in terms of what the president wants to stop getting out to congress and in the public eye. >> so you think those documents could -- that deadline november 12th as we know, as you pointed out, you can't get an injunction without basically showing that there is a reason for it. and that is not something that the former president has done to this point. >> i think that's right. there is no question that as i said these are kind of wiggly or blurry lines with respect to where executive privilege is. bannon has really shown a complete defiance, complete contempt of the subpoena. he's been unwilling to engage
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with them,. so he's in a tough spot and i just tedon't think the presiden the former president, is going to be able to demonstrate the records are subject to executive privile privilege. there is maybe a kernel there, not enough i don't think, especially without the stdiscovy that goes along with the full investigation of the merits before enjoin that action before november 12th. >> for folks at home who haven't been following this closely, how central are these documents, these records to the investigation. can you describe them and their part in this overall probe? >> well, we're all waiting for the answer to that when we hopefully see them. but they apparently are communications among and between people who were privy to the president's movements and actions leading up to january 6th. one thing that is really critical is what is the timeline of events there?
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we know the attempt ed coup was going on, the insurrectionists were attacking police officers and breaking into the capitol and the president did nothing for hours while the police needed help on the ground. so what is the timeline of events? what back and forth was going on about what should be done while that attack was happening? those are things that the national archives holds, those communications and that timeline. and that is one of the most critical pieces of information that congress and the public want to see. >> absolutely, appreciate it as always. thank you. >> thank you. in an effort to propel his sweeping domestic agenda, president biden is expected to meet with progressives and moderates in two separate meetings today. members of his own party. this as some senate democrats warn against cutting back specifically on climate proposals in the budget. >> cnn white house correspondent jeremy diamond and melanie zanona following all the angles for us. jeremy, let's begin with you. these two meetings today what more do we know about them and
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will they be passing each other in the hall in between meetings? >> reporter: yeah, well, listen, we know these are go to be some important meetings going forward as president biden seeks to bridge the divide between the two factions of the democratic party and reach an agreement on this build back better agenda. the president is going to be meeting earlier in the afternoon with the progressive members of congress at 2:00 p.m. and then at 4:30 p.m. we will see another meeting between the president and members of the house and senate who represent the more moderate faction of the republican -- of the democratic party. before any of those meetings even happen, the president is expected to meet once again earlier this morning with senator kyrsten sinema, one of the two key senate democrats, her and joe manchin, of course, who are central to reaching some kind of agreement here. the president spoke yesterday with senator joe manchin. so as you can see, there is a lot of activity and white house officials say that the increasing pace of these
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meetings is a sign that progress is happening. they feel that the pace of these talks has accelerated and they're encouraged by what is happening so far. they're also encouraged by the fact that we're starting to see not just the white house meeting with these different factions, but we're starting to see the different sides of this issue begin to meet together. yesterday we saw senator joe manchin, senator bernie sanders speaking on the steps of the capitol. we know senator manchin met with pramila jayapal, the leader of the progressive caucus. all that according to white house officials signals that progress is being made. that being said, none of the major decisions on these different policy areas have yet to be made yet. and that is also why you're go to be seeing the president ramping up his public efforts this week on wednesday he's traveling to scranton, pennsylvania, to make the case. and then on thursday he has the cnn town hall. all of those central to ramping up the public pressure to get to a deal before he leaves for his foreign trip next week. >> all right. so, climate, right? this is not just how much you spend on a particular program
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for many democrats. this is a life or death issue here. and some senate democrats are warning they could vote against the overall spending bill if those key climate provisions are nixed. what are you hearing? there is a lot of reporting this week, because you don't have agreement with the manchins of the world, you are have to pull it entirely out. is that why we end up? >> it is like a rubik's cube. this is the latest sticking point in the negotiations. joe manchen who we should point out represents a coal state has come out against a key part of the bill, so now negotiators are scrambling to come up with an alternative, a carbon tax or watering down the clean energy provisions. but the risk there is then you could lose lawmakers on the left. and several democratic lawmakers have said they cannot support a bill that does not have a robust climate change agenda in there. however, they are leaving it open to what that looks like. all of this is just one of
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several tension point in the democratic party now. things have been heated between joe manchin and bernie sanders who want negotiations to speed up. he placed an op-ed in a west virginia publication last week which manchin did not take kindly to. >> what we have done and we continue to do for the country and that's the -- >> he says you're holding up the biden agenda. >> no, there is 52 senators that don't agree. and two that want to work something out if possible in most rational and reasonable way. that's all. >> joe biden and democratic leaders are clearly in deal-making mode now. there is still a long way to go to bridge the gap between these competing factions in the democratic party and to build the trust. jim? erica? >> and so we wait yet again. melanie zanona, jeremy diamond, appreciate it. thank you, both. president biden will discuss his ambitious legislative agenda with our own anderson cooper in
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a cnn town hall this thursday night. be sure to tune in at 8:00 p.m. eastern. >> that will be an important moment. still ahead, a miami private school is under fire for spreading covid disinformation. why they're forcing students who get the vaccine to stay home for 30 days. plus, the gang that kidnapped 17 missionaries in haiti including children, they want $17 million for their release, a million dollars per hostage. we're going to take you live to port-au-prince. and former president trump under oath for four hours yesterday, answering questions in a lawsuit over a 2015 protest outside of trump tower. what the lawyers in the room are saying about that time. up to one million dollars. that's how much university of phoenix is committing
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big news on the vaccine front. we are expecting an announcement this week about mixing and match ing coronavirus vaccines. the new york times is reporting the fda will reportedly say vaccinated americans can get boosters that are different from their initial dose. >> the announcement comes one week after the fda vaccine advisory board voted to recommend emergency use authorization for both moderna and j&j booster shots. the agency gave authorization for the pfizer booster shots back in september. joining us now, dr. rashida beset, an emergency medicine physician. great to have you back. so i know that there will be a portion of this country who says, it is too confusing, mix and match, what does that mean? i look at this and say, it is good news, right? in that basically the fda is saying whatever vaccine you took
6:19 am
prior, any booster from another vaccine is going to help you, right? is that the way we should look at it as a bottom line? >> absolutely, jim. basically what the fda is saying is that a vaccine is a vaccine. they will all produce an antibody response so if you cannot get a booster of whatever vaccine you got initially, that should not preclude you from trying to go get yourself protected. please go get vaccinated. >> can we -- just specifically on johnson & johnson, because so many people had this question, i was talking with a friend on sunday who got j&j, she said, what am i going to do now i? if they can mix and match, if a patient comes to you and says i got j&j, am i better getting moderna or pfizer as a booster, what is your advice? >> that answer is xlecomplicate. those who got the j&j vaccine had a higher antibody response if they got a booster with the pfizer or moderna vaccine. however, having a higher
6:20 am
antibody response isn't necessarily better because being boosted with the johnson & johnson vaccine still does give you adequate protection against severe illness and death. >> okay, let's talk about vaccine mandates because those like everything else in this pandemic has been politicized. fact is, i mean, i talked to folks about this, the many companies actually welcome this, you know. telling the white house i'm glad you're doing it, right, better to have you mandate this and we can kind of hide behind that a little bit to require employees to be vaccinated. but set aside the politics for a moment. what does the data show? does the data show vaccine mandates succeed in their primary objective, to get more people vaccinated? >> vaccine mandates absolutely do get more people vaccinated and, you know what, jim, we have gone back and forth about should we require, should we not require covid vaccines and we forget that vaccine mandates are the reason why a lot of
6:21 am
americans in this country don't know what it is like to suffer from polio and to be paralyzed. it is a reason why a lot of children don't have to run around with calamine lotion on taking oatmeal baths because they don't have to suffer from chicken pox. >> i want to get your take on, cnn has new reporting that the cdc is actually working with some school districts and they're looking at what is called a test to stay program. if someone is exposed to the virus, to a positive case, they can test instead of quarantine. what is your take on that approach? >> so the cdc has released recommendations for people vaccinated and have said that you can wait about three to five days after exposure before getting tested. especially if you don't have symptoms. however, for people who are not vaccinated, they may not start to show any symptoms within the first couple of days, so if you're taking a test, the test may be negative, though they may
6:22 am
end up being sick. i'm not really sure about that test to stay program. >> sad fact, in this, you now have some and frankly just say it out loud, republican politicians not just attacking the vaccine man ddate for covid but other vaccines, which are demanded. your kid has to get like six vaccines to help polio from coming back and so on. we are headed towards that kind of new reality here, where we might see you know, the resurgence of some of these other diseases and infections because of politicizing vaccines, which decades of science have shown work? >> we have seen prior to covid there have been instances of small outbreaks of diseases that typically we don't see often. for example, there was a measles outbreak in the northwest a few years ago, in a small population of those who are unvaccinated.
6:23 am
so it is true. if you choose not to get vaccines, your child and your community can be exposed to things we don't see very often. i don't understand the point of regressing. >> i don't either. you have to read the history books, right? these were really deeply dangerous deadly horrible diseases. thanks so much. >> thank you. well, a private school in miami that has become a hotbed of anti-vaxx conspiracy theories is once again making damaging headlines. >> the centner school is requiring any students who get vaccinated to stay home for 30 days. the same school actually threatened to send vaccinated teachers home for the rest of the year. cnn's leyla santiago joining us live from miami. i am floored by this. also because the reason that they're giving is seasonally not based in science. >> reporter: right.
6:24 am
these are false claims. remember, erica and jim, i stood here, right here in april and told you about how this private school was asking teachers to hold off on getting vaccinated and they were listing up a whole bunch of false claims that was supposedly backing their reason for encouraging this. and here we are again today. this time for what you mentioned, erica, they're asking parents that if they are to get their students vaccinated, to keep them home for 30 days. now, they sent a letter home to parents and i want to read you a part of that. it was a letter obtained by wsvn, our affiliate, it says if you are considering the vaccine for your centner academy students, we ask that you hold off until the summer when there will be time for the potential transmission or shedding on to others to decrease. jim, erica, i know i don't have to tell you, but for the record, that is not true. that is false. there are no credible reports
6:25 am
out there that indicate that the covid-19 vaccine in any way supports transmission of covid-19. the school maintained that all they want is more information, more studies and that's something that i have been hearing from them for the last six months. listen to my exchange with the ceo and co-founder in april. >> let's get more information. let's learn more about this. that's all i want. more information. >> have you looked at the fda, the cdc, the world health organization. they do say that this is effective. >> it is an experiment right now. >> reporter: the leaders of the school maintain that this is still experimental and in fact they said they're basing their decision based off of anecdotal reports. i should mention, if you check in with the medical community here, they will tell you that information, credible,
6:26 am
scientific-based information is out there. and it says that the covid-19 vaccine is not only safe, but also effective in preventing the spread of transmission of covid-19. >> the information that they seem to be unable to find is readily available. it is something we all used for months in our own reporting in our own research. i mean, just leaves me scratching my head, especially because as you pointed out, if we have to say it again, when you get a shot of the vaccine, it is not like a flu shot where you get a little bit of the virus from last year. there is no covid in that shot. it is remarkable and it is quite frankly sad. >> damaging. deadly. list the terms, right? all those things, yeah. >> but it makes you wonder too, kids who are going to that school, are these things that their parents believe to begin with? and that they're not seeking out the information as well. appreciate it as always.
6:27 am
thank you. still to come, new details about where the kidnapped americans are being held in haiti. also, the ransom a local gang is now demanding for their release. we're live in port-au-prince. and we're moments away from the opening bell on wall street. stocks are rallying as major companies continue to report strong new earnings. the jump signifies more businesses are able to work through ongoiing supply chain challenges and generate solid profits. inflation remains a concern for investors. sales are down from last quarter, but we're hoping things will pick k up by q3. yeah... uhhh... doug? [children laughing] sorry about that.'s uhh... you alright? ing]
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this morning the united states is condemning an overnight north korean missile test, calling on the country to, quote, refrain from any further destabilizing acts. >> south korean officials say the ballistic missile appears to have been launched from a submarine, that's key, fired from near the port city of sinpo in the sea east of the korean peninsula. cnn international correspondent will ripley is in taipei, taiwan, this morning. so, will, key question here whether the missile was fired from a submarine. that's an expansion of north korean capabilities, greatly expands their ability to attack potentially around the world. what do we know? >> reporter: absolutely, because, remember, jim, it was 2019 when they sort of claimed they had a submarine launch ballistic missile. but it turns out it was launched
6:33 am
from an underwater platform. this time around, we haven't gotten any official confirmation. that usually comes about 24 hours after the rest of the world finds out about the launch. but south korea believes it was at least one missile. japan is saying two ballistic missiles. if they were fired from north korea's submarines, they're antiquated, they're loud, pretty easy to detect, not like the united states or the uk fleet or perhaps in the coming years the australian nuclear submarines that they'll get under aukus, if they can launch ballistic missiles from their submarines and creep up to enemy shores and fire, that is a game changer. that's a bit of a cliche. we had a lot of game changers in terms of weapons testing in this region. there was the hypersonic missile test that north korea claimed a matter of weeks ago, a missile that can travel five times the speed of sound. only china and russia deployed that technology that we know of so far. you have japan moving missiles to their islands close to taiwan
6:34 am
and the japanese prime minister talking about enemy strike -- enemy-based strike capability for japan. that's huge. japan is a pacifist country. if they're talking about being able to strike enemy bases, that's also a game changer. we're seeing militarization in this part of the world at a pretty alarming pace. and a lot of room for miscalculation. >> no question. and potential flashpoints not just on the korean peninsula, right, but with taiwan and china worries about a chinese invasion. will ripley, good to have you there. be safe. look forward to hearing more. another story this morning, the haitian gang that kidnapped 17 american and canadian missionaries is demanding a ransom of $17 million. $1 million for each hostage, this in exchange for the safe release. >> haitian officials say they are in contact with the kidnappers, that they know where the hostages are being held. among those captains, five children, the youngest an
6:35 am
8-month-old baby. cnn international correspondent matt rivers is in port-au-prince this morning. so, matt, what is the latest on this situation? >> yeah, that information coming from a conversation i had with the justice minister here in haiti, just within the last hour or so, that ransom demand first coming in, according to the justice minister from a phone call the kidnappers made to christian aid ministries. their representatives on the ground here, that's who the missionaries were working for. that phone call coming in at 4:53 p.m. on saturday, a few hours after the 17 missionaries were abducted. there have been several calls since then according to the justice minister back and forth between the ministry group as well as the kidnappers. in terms of where these hostages are being held at this point, we're told they're being held in an -- outside of the neighborhood that the gang controls. it is a suburb east of
6:36 am
port-au-prince, the neighborhood that the gang essentially runs. there is no police presence there. but we're told the hostages are being held outside of that neighborhood. this is a gang that regularly is involved in kidnappings and the justice minister telling us that they have several places around the city where they usually keep their hostages and it is believed that these hostages are also there. and we're also told that the kidnappers have been warned by officials what will happen to them if any harm comes to the hostages, but so far they haven't been swayed by those demands. we're told the hostages are safe at this point and the kidnappers appear calm. >> safe and the kidnappers appear calm. matt, appreciate the updates. thank you. there is new details this morning about a series of investigations launched to review the chaotic u.s. withdraw from afghanistan. cnn obtained a letter it lawmakers from the state department's acting inspector general. that letter details specifically what the watchdog is looking
6:37 am
into, including the afghanistan special immigrant visa program, you heard a lot about that recently, how afghan refugees are processed and resettled in the u.s., and also what the emergency plan was, what was in place in terms of evacuating kabul's embassy. >> a lot of this is the pace, right. it is just moving really slowly. thousands of people left behind. i've talked to folks in that category. the state department also just announced its top envoy to afghanistan, now stepping down. ambassador zaud led talks with the taliban to reach the original may 2021 deadline. he was expected to leave his post in may. he agreed to stay longer than originally planned. he said now was the right time to resign as the u.s. enters a new phase in afghan policy. >> just ahead, the supreme court agrees to review the texas
6:38 am
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the supreme court has now agreed to fast track a request from texas abortion rights activists and providers to consider perhaps rule on that state's restrictive abortion law. >> so that law just remind you effectively bans abortions after
6:43 am
six weeks there. there is no exception for rape or incest, and private citizens can sue anyone who helps facilitate an abortion. when will they take this up and what can we realistically expect? >> keep in mind, the law right now is in effect and a federal appeals court is set to hear arguments in december. the department of justice has come to the supreme court with two requests. first of all, it wants to block it now so abortion continue while the appeals play out, but in some ways it is asking a much bigger ask. it is asking the supreme court to step in now, take the case now, decide the constitutionality of this law, once and for all, this term. and it is hard to read the tea leaves about what the justices are going to do here. keep in mind, the public opinion of the court is at an all time low. and this law so bitterly divided the justices before. there were five conservatives
6:44 am
who were -- who were willing to allow it to go into effect. they didn't rule on whether or not it was constitutional, but said we can entertain other sorts of requests here. but then you had the liberals, the four -- the three liberals, plus chief justice john roberts who said the law is unconstitutional. so now the supreme court is back in the spotlight at a time when public opinion rating is at an all time low. and less than a third of the country, fewer than a third of the country wants the court to overturn roe v. wade. they're going to have to decide in the next few days how to proceed here, on one hand as early as friday, maybe the supreme court would block the law allow abortions to go into effect while the appeals process plays out. but it is hard to tell what their next step is going to be here. and one more thing to keep in mind, the department of justice when it went back to the supreme court said, look, things changed
6:45 am
on the ground. this law has been allowed to go into effect and has almost nullified roe v. wade in the state of texas. those are all things the justices are going to take under consideration as they once again mull this law. >> interesting to see, many people watching intently. appreciate it as always. thank you. >> thank you. former president trump spent more than four hours under oath on monday. the sworn deposition on video is part of a lawsuit brought by a group which claims they were assaulted by security during a 2015 rally outside of trump tower. >> kara scannell joins us from new york. it sounds like it was something of a heated exchange at times during the deposition. >> yeah, jim, that's right. we heard from the lawyers who have questioned trump during that four and a half hours yesterday at trump tower. and while they said they couldn't get into the specifics of any of his answers, one of the attorneys was on "new day" this morning, let's listen to
6:46 am
what he said. >> he was very much like the donald trump we have seen in the press, you know. he was at times going on ad-libbing about things. but many times being evasive and being combative. >> and he also went on to say that trump complained at times about having to sit there and answer questions. we will all get to see eventually what this back and forth was, and how combative it was because this is testimony that will be played before a jury. then it will become part of the public record. it may also just be entered into the court filings as many of these other previous depositions have. so it will be a matter of time. the next hearing in this case in the bronx will be on monday. and it is expected then the judge will set a trial date. jim, erica? >> interesting that it would be played before a jury. that's notable. thank you so much. coming up next, america's largest port is experiencing a
6:47 am
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a record 200,000 shipping containers remain gridlocked off the coast of los angeles this morning as pandemic disruptions plague the global supply chain. it's important, how stuff gets to you. >> absolutely, as we're all learning day by day. it coincides with growing demand for things like toys just as the holiday shopping season begins. as we're being told we need to start shopping earlier.
6:52 am
this impact is massive and it has a ripple effect, vanessa. >> absolutely. we're not just talking about shipping delays anymore. we're talking about cargo not even arriving in time for this hom day shopping season. so we visited with one toy maker who says that kids should not expect to get everything off their wish list this holiday season. >> reporter: in this small new jersey office, a herculean attempt is under way. it's the unofficial logistics center to work desperately to get toys to the u.s. in time for this holiday season. >> just giving you an update on the container situation at the moment. >> reporter: the president is manning the operation. had you ever worked in logistics before? >> not directly. >> reporter: why did you have to get directly involved into logistics? >> because of the supply chain challenges we are facing. >> reporter: cargo vessels,
6:53 am
order numbers and arrival dates all tracked with precision. >> pretty much the first thing in the morning is really checking the backlog in the warehouse. >> reporter: boxes of toys at the well-known factory is stuck in warehouses in china waiting for a ride. >> we still have about 25, 30 containers which are just missing, which will not be here. >> reporter: that's 30% of their holiday product, just one of many companies dealing with a supply chain night mare. work congestion, containers shipped in may are just arriving to the u.s. warehouse in atlanta, five months behind schedule. >> we have seen such a surge in the last 90 days. >> reporter: angela higgs runs the freight forwarding company for the company, tasked with seching the toys and getting them to retailers as quickly as possible. >> it's been one delay after another, and we of course have been pushing and pushing and
6:54 am
pushing, but these delays are inevitable right now. >> reporter: with nearly u.s. port in a backlog, the warehouse is using all of them, piecing together a working supply chain. >> we're going everywhere we can. otherwise these goods will not get to the stores and i'm not going to have anyone missing out on their toys this season. >> reporter: to try to help with that, president biden announced two major ports in california move to operate 24/7. but the problem moves from the sea to the land. does that help you guys? >> no, it doesn't help. it just doesn't alleviate the problem which then we have once the containers are off the boat. there are not enough trucks or freight trains to move the containers on land. >> reporter: the truck driver and truck shortage is really the weakest link in this entire supply chain. if there aren't trucks to get the cargo from the port, then the ports get backed up. jim and erica, there's a growing
6:55 am
consensus amongst officials that this supply chain mess will go well into 2020, so the advice remains buy early, don't expect to get everything you're looking for, and expect higher prices this holiday season. guys? >> european officials last week said extejd it into next year. vanessa yurkevich, thanks very much. the january 6th investigation is coming to a head, congress cracking down on trump allies who are defying subpoenas, and the biden white house has rejected former president trump's efforts to keep documents secret. [suitcase closing] [gusts of wind] [ding]
6:56 am
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top of the hour here on a tuesday morning. good morning. i'm erica hill. >> i'm shjim sciutto. the house committee veging the january 6th insurrection is looking to hold steve bannon in contempt of congress. >> the panel is going to vote. house investigators overnight released a criminal contempt report saying, quote, there is no reasonable argument that mr. bannon's communication with the president on january 6th are the type of matters on which privilege can be asserted. >> this comes as former president trump is trying to use the executive privilege defense in a new lawsuit against the january 6th panel in order to block the national archives from releasing documents related. whitney wild joins us now. listen, congress is moving forward here to hold bannon accountable for defying the


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