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tv   New Day With John Berman and Brianna Keilar  CNN  October 18, 2021 2:59am-4:00am PDT

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good morning to our viewers here in the united states and around the world. it is monday, october 18th, and i am brianna keilar with john berman. we have new details this morning about the 17 missionaries abducted in haiti. 16 americans, 5 children. a source inside haitian security
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forces tell people a gang is believed to be behind the kidnapping here. they stopped the missionarmissi vehicle after they stopped in support awe prince. >> haitian officials are communicating with the state department. kidnappings are spiraling out of control, 300% since skrul. >> let's bring in jacqueline charles, haiti correspondent for the "miami herald" for us now. first just tell us what happened here and that we know about this gang alleged to have kidnapped this group. >> well, this gang is known for destroying businesses and for kidnappings. not just the regular kind. they go after gus loads or car
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loads and ransom the whole group. this is a new trend we have seen the last coup of months. they have wreaked havoc in the eastern edge of port-au-prince which connects haiti to the anyone can republic. . >> we know the fbi is involved here as well as the state department. what can you tell us? >> yes. because we are talking about american citizens, they contacted the embassy, which then contacted the fbi. they arrived yesterday in country. basically, their role is to assist in the negotiating process. the fbi does not go in sand release people. they do not pay ran some. the gang will eventually ask for a ransom amount. >> so the kidnappings, these kinds of kidnappings have dramatically increased, 300% over the course of 2021.
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how do they normally resolve? >> they normally resolve with people paying ransom amounts. in a few instances the haitian national police have gone in and freed people. but these people have not been moved into the kidnapping layer. they are kept in cells deep into the slums. and where they operate, it is a large plain. it is hard to get access to them even if you know where they are located >> can you tell us about the group these missionaries are involved in? i know it's based in ohio. >> yes. this is the second time in months the tmennonite community. in june a number of them died in a plane crash. they had to fly because they could not go by road because of
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gang violence on the southern edge of port-au-prince. they actually live in haiti. they provide a number of services in that country for the population. >> jacqueline, thank you so much. we know you are tracking this very closely. we will follow the developments along with you. >> thank you. we have important new developments facing lawmakers on capitol hill this morning both in terms of the biden agenda and the investigation of the january 6th insurrection. cnn's sunlen serfaty joins me now. how far joe manchin is willing to go when it comes to the biden spending plan. >> that's absolutely right, john. there are still big questions at the start of this week as the house and senate gets back to work today facing this pivotal week as they time to broker an agreement. time is certainly running short. their authorities gain agreement on the national social spending plan. but before this self-imposed
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deadline they have of october 31st. and of course getting an agreement on that plan would unlock and unleash the other massive priorities for democrats, the infrastructure bill going forward. so that is what democrats are facing this week. and there still of course are the same issues over the price tag. and how long will these programs be included for. we have manchin and sinema still not signing on to that floated plan by the biden white house, $1.9 trillion to $2.2 trillion. they have not indicated, john, to democrats whether they are okay with that price tag in the end. so patience up here wearing thin. and time for the democrats's deadline is incredibly short. yeah. reports that joe manchin wants all the climate provisions practically removed and to scale back in serious ways the child tax credit, which is popular among some democratic
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constituents. meanwhile, the house committee investigating the capitol insurrection will vote tomorrow whether to hold steve bannon in contempt. what do we know about other aides? >> reporter: steve bannon, former trump aide, has not cooperated with the committee. he defied his congressional subpoena. they will be holding a business meeting tomorrow night to vote to hold him in contempt. that is expected to pass. it will then be pushed to the house for a full vote and then potentially referred to the u.s. attorney here in d.c. potentially setting off a long and pro tracted court battle, jail time or fine. depositions and documents from mark meadows, dan scavino, kash patel. . >> we are about to see something we haven't seep in decades. certainly bears watching.
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always good to see. thanks so much. >> more positive signs in the covid fight in the u.s. cases and hospitalizations are both declining. but cases are spiking again in the uk where they are seeing an average of over 42,000 new cases a day. that has former fda chief scott gottlieb raising concerns about a delta variant. yes, you heard it right. what is this? >> reporter: brianna, just as the cases in the hospitalization numbers are going down, the last thing we want to hear is there is a new variant, or a variant of a variant. it is a variant of the delta variant. but really there isn't reason to be alarmed right now for several reasons. number one, it is in such tiny numbers. number two, we don't know if it's anymore dangerous than the delta variant we already have. no reason to think it causes
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more severe disease or that it spreads faster. the alarm that needs to be sounded and what dr. gottlieb is trying to do, is to say we need to keep careful watch on the variants so we don't have another surge like we had last summer with delta. let's look at one of dr. gottlieb's tweets. he wrote, this is not a cause for immediate concern but a reminder we need robust systems to identify, characterize new sraeurpts. this needs to be a coordinated, global priority for covid same as similar international efforts have become standard practice in influenza. there are lots of reasons why cases could be rising in the uk, including rules they have, their mask rules have become much more lax. brianna. .
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>> we also of course will want to know which are breakthrough cases so people have more protection because they are vaccinated as well. elizabeth, thank you. >> the author of the steele dossier on russia speaking out for the first time. a fascinating, twisting, bizarre interview. why he is confident the russians have dirt on donald trump. >> the former president questions answers today under oath. the first time he has done this in about five years. how do you get the truth from someone known to lie? ugly, ugly, ugly on the field. this is the end of the tennessee/ole miss game. bottles, trash, a golf ball thrown onto the field. what's behind all of this awful behavior?
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later today, former president trump is expected to sit for a video deposition in a 2015 lawsuit alleging assault. a group of demonstrators say then candidate trump's security guard roughed him up outside of trump tower. tell us more about this. >> reporter: good morning, brianna. so today a judge has ordered the former president to sit for a deposition in just a few hours from now. right behind me in trump tower. which is also the scene where this alleged assault took place. a group of men were demonstrating against then president trump's anti rhetoric. they filed this lawsuit, which has been going through the court. in 2019, a judge in new york
3:14 am
said trump's testimony in this case was in dispensable. his actual deposition was put off because he was still in august. this will be the first time in five years since the former the is questioned under oath. he previously said this about incident he had no knowledge of it and delegated all of security to its chief operating officer. the lawyer today for the plaintiffs will have an opportunity to question the former president under oath about his knowledge, their security protocols. because they are suing for punitive damages, it is possible this president will ask the former president about his net worth and finances. this isn't the only deposition that will have to do in the next few weeks. a judge in another case has also ordered the former president to sit for a deposition by december 23rd. that's a defamation lawsuit brought by a former contestant on "th"the apprentice"."
3:15 am
areva martin is out with the new book out next week "awakening." ladies, leadership, and the lies we've been told. he has to answer questions under oath. he has been president of the united states for four of those years. this is an incredible shift in the power dynamic. not so much the specifics of this case. but if you're the other lawyer, how do you approach the former president? >> first of all, you know the president doesn't want to be there. he has a propensity for not telling the truth. and he is very combative. this is going to be videotaped. so your strategy may be to rile the president up to get him to become confrontational. to get him to refuse to answer questions all with the goal in mind of showing this videotape during this trial as an effort to gain points during this trial. one thing i think is important
3:16 am
that was brought up in the tape, punitive damages are at steak. so what former president trump knew, whether he incited, encouraged these men to take the actions that they took is going to be a big point of this deposition. you want to get him angry? >> you want to get him angry, talk about what he knew, and then to talk about the finances. he has been incredibly secretive about his finances. >> vanessa bryant is suing los angeles county for emotional distress, dealing with the dissemination of the photos of the accident scene of the helicopter crash. l.a. county is asking that she receive a psychiatric evaluation. . >> that's not unusual in a case when your psychological health has been put at issue in this case. i think what is going to be problematic for the judge is getting to that psychiatric evaluation so article in the case. we don't know if there have been
3:17 am
other forms of discovery, like written discovery questions, depositions and other ways that the county can get at what her emotional damages here. are they caused by dissemination of the photos or is it caused by the horrific accident that caused the death of her husband and daughter. that's what the county is going to try to get at. clearly a big step on the part of the county and it may be one of those things that cause the party to come together and start talking about a possible resolution. i can imagine she does not want to sit through a six or eight-hour exam. it is an invasive procedure. >> i want to ask you about the book out next tuesday. so eight days until the big release. i know it's big. "awakening." one of the things you focus on
3:18 am
the disproportionate impact covid has had on women. >> it has impacted everyone across the world and particularly in the united states. but women in particular suffered disproportionately. so many women had to quit their jobs, become school teachers for their kids. and a lot of the women are not going back to work. in order to go back to work, they want circumstances to be different. many women are concentrated in low-paying jobs, health care services, hospitality. they are demanding higher wages, more opportunities for promotions. they said, look, we have proven being out working we can be productive. they want companies to acknowledge the contributions they make to the workplace. and i hope this book opens up conversations about how women can break down some of the barriers that have prevented them from achieving some of the highest jobs in corporate,
3:19 am
government and so many other entities. >> we are owed more. eight days. i know you're so excited for the book to come out. >> absolutely. a brand-new interview with jon stewart. he said it's a mistake to focus on trump. why one critic calls him inarticulate and a minimizer. the author of the russian dossier about the salacious things in that report. >> do you believe that tape still exists in. >> we have his answer ahead.
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controversial figure christopher steele, behind the
3:24 am
russian dossier is speaking out. in an interview with abc news, he is defending his work and speaking about claims of that secret tape which were never proven. here's a portion. . >> most of the world first heard your name about five years ago. you have stayed silent up until now. why speak out now? . >> i think there are several reasons. i think the first and most important is that the problems we identified back in 2016 haven't gone away and arguably have actually got worse. and i thought it was important to come and set the record straight. >> one of your main collectors spoke to the inspector germ and said it was word of mouth and hearsay. conversations with friends over beers. it was just talk. >> the confidential source will often try to down play and
3:25 am
underestimate what they have said and done. and i think that's probably what happened here >> he's afraid? . >> i think anybody that's named in this context, particularly if they're russian, has he ever reason to be afraid. >> so you stand by the dossier? >> i stand by the work we did, the sources that we had, and the professionalism which we applied to it. >> and today do you still believe that that tape exists? >> i think it probably does, but i wouldn't put 100% certainty on it. >> how do you explain if the tape does indeed exist it hasn't been released. >> it hasn't needed to be released. >> what? >> i think the russians felt they got good value out of president trump when he was president of the united states. >> john avlon, appropriately dressed and s.e. cup as well. i feel i need to just say it.
3:26 am
i said it. it's done. christopher steele says, yeah, i think it probably still exists. really? even after all of this, after the fbi investigated, even after it hasn't turned up all this time. >> he is happening his happen on some of the most salacious details that is the most discredited. that calls me to question his reliability. a lot of the information has been verified. amount hasn't. but i think the fact that some of the most salacious details like said tape occupied a lot of attention diminished the entire episode's credibility. i don't like doubling down on some of the aspects. it seems to me a mistake. the issue of camp mat is a separate one. >> my question is why. i think george stephanopoulos asked why are you coming out,
3:27 am
why do you want to talk about this again? i don't really understand. he said because i want to set the record straight. he's done no such thing that i have seen. he still can't prove some of these more salacious allegations. he is even saying i wouldn't bet 100% certainty on it. a lot of this has been discredited. and i think it sent people on a wild goose chase. when it didn't end with donald trump talking to russians and the sort of smoking gun, they got to discredit the whole thing. is this going to do this again? >> and the important thin, it wasn't a finished work product. this was an incomplete work product. doubling down probably doesn't help clarify matters. >> on that issue of doubling down, there is another example that came up with george and it's about the information that
3:28 am
steele put out that michael cohen, former president's fixer, former attorney, they ended on bad terms. but michael cohen at some point went to prague on on a secret mission to interact with the russians on behalf of donald trump. watch this exchange. >> one big claim in the dossier the fbi, according to the inspector general's report, is not true, the claim that michael cohen had a meeting with reductions in prague. do you accept that finding that it didn't happen? . >> no-no, i don't. >> michael cohen completely turned on donald trump. he has gone to jail. it defies logic if he did this he wouldn't say so now. >> i wouldn't agree with that. >> why? >> it is self-incriminate to go a great degree. >> since he's gone to prison, since he told on president trump, he has told every single story. why not admit to this? >> it is demeaning and scary.
3:29 am
and he might be afraid of the consequences. >> do you think it hurts your credibility that you won't accept the findings of the fbi in this particular case? >> i'm prepared to accept that not everything in the dossier is 100% accurate. i have yet to be convinced that that is one of them. just to put a fine point on it. michael cohen weighs in. you know you're in territory here. he said i eager await his next secret dossier, which proves the existence of bigfoot, the loch ness monster and that elvis is still alive. . >> i don't know that any of those are untrue. listen, you know michael cohen. i know michael cohen. he's a lot of things. he is not an international man of mystery. he's no the a spy. if he said he never went on a trip, i'm sure we could prove otherwise if he in fact, did. >> or he would be offering it rather loudly. >> well, he would. the fbi looked into this and found no evidence that he actually went on this trip.
3:30 am
he's not bond, right? >> or austin powers. >> or austin powers. >> this is a case of steele realizing, never give in. nephew admit to being wrong about anything. >> that may work for donald trump in donald trump's mind. it should not work for anyone who says they're in an intelligence business. own up to it. it adds to your credibility. >> do you think he is in worse territory? . >> ain't looking better, unfortunately. . >> i want to ask about senator bill cassidy who did an interview with "axios" published last night about being the front-runner for the 2024 nomination, donald trump. watch. >> if he runs, he wins the nomination. >> we don't know that. . >> president trump is the first president to lose the house, the
3:31 am
senate and the presidency in four years. elections are about winning. >> that's super interesting. you think if he ran he could lose the nomination? >> well, if you want to win the presidency, and hopefully that's what voters are thinking about, i think he might. . >> it's clear you ain't voting for him? >> i'm not. >> who is going to beat him in a primary if he runs? . >> who is running? the rnc is putting up no alternatives. they are fully behind trump. i have not heard they are definitely getting in. in fact, they're doing the opposite. they are saying if trump runs, they won't. you need a ron desantis -- i don't want ron desantis. but nikki haley or someone coming out to say there could be plausible candidates to trump. >> cassidy is talking about there is an opening for someone who has the stones to stand up to donald trump and tell the
3:32 am
truth. he may have been able to intimidate everyone thinking about running because they think they can try an late and question over trump voters. but to say he was disastrous from the perspective of winning and there is an opening and the polls show that. unless someone stands up and starts speaking the truth, it is not going to materialize. >> and the time is now. you need that much time before 2024 -- >> he thinks he is that pepper. . >> he is not. breaking news. >> christie thinks that by himself in a room alone right now. jon stewart thinks we should have that conversation. hear a fascinating discussion with jackie he had yesterday incident to play some of it right now. >> i think it's a mistake to focus it all on this one individual and not to focus it more on, you know, the idea that
3:33 am
power is its own reward. whether it be in the financial industry or government. power doesn't seed itself. unless we can figure out a better way to balance that power for workers and voteers and different groups, we'll be vulnerable. i think our focus unhealthily on this one individual comes at the price of systems and dynamics that have been in place long before this cat ever learned how to surf those waves. >> so media critic jay rosen put out a tweet. people should watch the whole thing the. it is interesting. but he said to me he sounds lost. surprisingly in articulate, no clear pov, dismissive of the
3:34 am
politics, and a minimizer. >> his lack of ability to focus on the camera was a visual issue not intellectual issue. what he is trying to say this, our fixation on donald trump, we could have another trump by another name. in that, he's right. there are structural issues that need to be fixed that allow donald trump to capture the republican party. >> sure. >> whether it's open primaries, rank choice voting, redistricting, all those things would help. those things are necessary. to ignore those is just to not deal with the underlying problem. >> i don't think they're mutually exclusive. one comes before the other. if you want to address the systemic failures that he is right for seeding trump, you have to get rid of the biggest barrier to doing that, the immediate threat that donald trump holds an immense amount of power and sway with the
3:35 am
republican party, could grab power again and again dismantling democracy some more. and unless you deal with that -- >> it's like a buffet of some kind. >> it's all the things. you have to address that to get to where jon stewart wants us to be. until then, democrats remain distracted by trump. instead of spending all their capital on these issues, they have to deal with donald trump. republicans are saying none of these issues are real. they are made up by democrats. racism is fake. trump is the problem. and, i mean, i think he is describing a world that he wants to live in. this is the world we do live in. fox us on trump. then, and only then, can we start dealing with these other problems. . >> he seemed to diminish 9 severity of the effort to overturn the result ths of the
3:36 am
election. jake asked terrific questions. jake said, am i being naive, or has shame gone away in politics? have all the norms that govern politics disappeared? and jon stewart said, yes, you are being naive. and i don't think so. i think stewart is being naive in this case. >> and there is -- in the shameless olympics, nobody is in the particular arena as donald trump. and to diminish anything resembling the january 6th attack and then sur recollection, which i don't believe that jon stewart was doing exactly, is a huge mistake. just because you're cynical about the underlying structures doesn't mean you can't say that is a new low that threatens the republic and must be covered unflinchingly. i don't think he is trying to normalize it in any way. but to say don't pay attention to that is to ignore the seering
3:37 am
violence that was visited in our system with an aim to overturn the election. >> we cannot afford not to pay attention singularly to this threat staring us in the face right now unless you want all of this repeated. he wasn't done. he didn't finish the job. and i think he would like to. . >> he wants to. >> what do you call a failed coup? practice. >> right. >> thank you both very much. so top democrats rallying behind virginia gubernatorial candidate terry mcauliffe. vice president harris recorded a video to be played in churches. what is the significance of that? plus, a missing woman found dead in the back of a police van. so what happened here? the latest explanation from police and other questions ahead. it's sleep number's fall sale on the sleep number 360 smart bed. it helps keep you effortlessly comfortable by sensing your movements and automatically responding to both of you. and, it's temperature balancing to help you stay comfortable all night. it even tracks your circadian rhythm, so you know when you're at your best.
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democrats are pulling out all the tops in the v governor race. stacy abe y abrams, first lady biden. a video message will air during morning services. >> virginians, you deserve a leader who has a vision of what is possible and the experience to realize that vision. terry mcauliffe is that leader. >> she is a lightning rod, it seemsings all the time. but to or this as well. . >> yes. good morning, brianna. this election is the first year virginians will be able to vote on sunday. the mcauliffe campaign is taking advantage of that with the souls to the polls event. they are block part party style
3:43 am
events after church near polling locations to drive voter turnout. now, this video of vice president harris was distributed to 300 churches. and i'm told that they either aired on sunday or will air upcoming sundays before election day november 2nd. mcauliffe has been barn storming black churches across the state, recognition of how critical this constituency is. black virginians make up 20% of the population. this video not without criticism. we have seen concerns on churches getting involved in politics and should they be able to do so and maintain their exemption on income tax. it's not necessarily an endorsement of any particular candidate. >> black senate candidates have been crushing these fund-raising
3:44 am
expectations. can you tell us about the numbers we're seeing. >> yeah. it's been truly incredible on both sides of the aisle. raphael warnock has raised 9.5 million in the last quarter. herschel walker has raised an impressive $3.8 million as well. tim scott in south carolina hauled in 8.4 million. and val demings raised 3.8 million against marco rubio. sit fueling a lot of this enthusiasm. this is where the energy in the democratic party is coming from. that's how i explain the fund-raising there. i spoke to a professor out on the campaign trail yesterday at the stacey abrams event with terry mcauliffe. she talked about how she was excited to be part of a party that feels it is championing diversity and inclusive. by that logic, it doesn't
3:45 am
surprise me that they are crushing fund-raising expectations. this is where the enthusiasm is in the democratic party right now. and black women in many ways have delivered so resoundingly for the party that it makes sense that donors are seeing black women are worth this type of investment. they can be the backbone but they have to be supported when running for elected office. . >> these numbers are incredible. we will see what continues to half. eva, thank you so much. . >> thank you. coming up, new details about the gang that officials believe is responsible for kidnapping 17 missionaries in haiti this weekend. bottles, golf balls and who knows what thrown at the field at the end of a huge game. what led to this and what does it say about what's wrong with people right now. they'll even pair you with an expert bookkeeper like me, who knows your business.s.
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ugly behavior in tennessee after a home loss to rival ole miss. fans showered the sidelines and part of the field with bottles and other debris after a controversial call in the final minute sealed the win for ole miss. the coach was seen getting hit with a golf ball. he said it was not the only thing thrown at him. >> there's some number of bottles with brown stuff in them. so i'm not sure. probably not moon shine. i don't think they would waste the moon shine on me. i think that's one of the most passionate fan bases in america. you have 100,000 of them together. when things don't go their way, all that energy is going, and they got upset. >> bad behavior isn't only hitting the sports world. countless examples of people acting out has been captured and
3:51 am
shown many times like this man taped to a seat after an outburst on an airplane. what exactly is causing it? let's discuss with psychiatrist and psycho analyst dr. gail saltz. thank you so much for talking about this phenomenon we're seeing. do you think there is more of this going on? is it a factor of social media? or is this actually real, this phenomenon? >> i think it's both. social media has been around a long time. what we've seen is many more incidents occurring. and more incidents are occurring. particularly in the last year or two. i think we're seeing people having rising anger, which is a natural emotional response to the kinds of things that people have been dealing with for the past two years. chronic high levels of stress. many have endured trauma having to do with the pandemic. we have seen this rise, this
3:52 am
pandemic, mental health issues. high levels of anxiety, high levels of depression. and those things cause for high levels of anger and impulsivity. so the ability to control your behavior when you're feeling tremendously angry. >> in many case we know alcohol plays a factor. i suspect that does not surprise you? >> not at all. alcohol is a disinhibitor. it is not something you would never in your wildest dreams do but you are disinhinting do what i would north telling everybody to do, take a beat. take a moment and think, is this how i would want to be treated? it's impaired if you're disin hib itted.
3:53 am
if places that serve alcohol or make it available could not do so, that might help at least some people, for example, in an airplane where you're in a closed tight space and you can't escape. look, when you have anxiety, right, it triggers your flight or fight response. that is what we call it literally in medicine. and that's what's happening. people are feeling so overwhelmingly angry and anxious like there is something dangerous going on. instead of turning around and leaving the situation, they're fighting. so anyplace that is contained, like a sporting event, a plane, alcohol is not a good mix >> take yourself out of the situation to the best of your ability. dr. saltz, thank you so much. >> my pleasure. the trial for the white men accused of killing ahmaud arbery is beginning today. we have a preview of what we can expect. three texas deputies ambush outside a nightclub, killing
3:54 am
one, leaving two wounded. the fiancee of one of the injured officers joins us ahead. >> tech: when you get a chip in your windshield... trust safelite. this couple was headed to the farmers market... when they got a chip. they drove to safelite for a same-day repair. and with their insurance, it was no cost to them. >> woman: really? >> tech: that's service the way you need it. >> singers: ♪ safelite repair, safelite replace. ♪ serena: it's my 3:10 no-exit-in-sight migraine medicine. it's ubrelvy. for anytime, anywhere migraine strikes, without worrying if it's too late, or where i am. one dose can quickly stop my migraine in its tracks within two hours. unlike older medicines, ubrelvy is a pill that directly blocks cgrp protein, believed to be a cause of migraine. do not take with strong cyp3a4 inhibitors. most common side effects were nausea and tiredness.
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serena: ask about ubrelvy. the anytime, anywhere migraine medicine.
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this morning a startling statistic. female doctors experience a much higher rate of in fertility than other women. in fact, it's double. being on the front lines of the covid fight can complicate an already challenging situation. cnn's elizabeth cohen is back with us. it is a struggle, elizabeth. >> it really can be, john. covid-19 has impacted so many things the past two years, including doctors who are desperately trying to get pregnant. dr. christina loves her job working at the emergency room at the university of colorado hospital. the training that got her here was arduous and not very family friendly.
3:59 am
. >> at medical school you're doing rotations that are long hours of the day. i didn't meet my partner until later on in life. we were both focusing on our education and careers at the time. but obviously still very much wanting to have a family. >> reporter: she got married at 34 and tried to have a baby for a year but couldn't. since female physicians are training during their prime reproductive years it is not an uncommon problem. in the u.s., in fertility affects 1 in 8 women. for female doctors, it's 1 in 4. the doctor's situation got worse because of covid-19. she was scheduled to do an in vitro procedure but it was canceled because of the pandemic. finally, eight months later she was allowed to start ivf. but then --. >> we did our pretransfer covid test which came back positive the day before transfer.
4:00 am
so i was heartbroken. i probably was absolutely devastated with what was going on. >> covid has made a tough situation even worse, it sounds like. >> definitely. this was a number of weeks i had been doing daily injections and going to daily doctors appointments that were thrown to the way side because i now was sick. . >> the doctor recovered from covid-19 and finally got pregnant through ivf. her twins are due in december. but other women are not as lucky. dr. patel, high-risk obstetrician, didn't meet her husband until she is 37. she has undergone ivf while caring for women with covid-19. >> it could affect my treatments in terms of in fertility. >> she has had to attend the procedures by herself without her husband. >> he was no


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