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tv   Diana  CNN  October 17, 2021 5:00pm-6:00pm PDT

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i was always different. i always had this thing inside that i was going somewhere different. >> diana provided a very public model for defiance and truthfulness. >> diana was a trailblazer.
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she found her voice. i think that's why we continue to care. >> she had this courage engrained within her. >> prediana there was zilch interest in the royal family. along comes diana and boom. it all changes. >> d diana! >> she was iconic. she was box office. >> are you going to dance with the apprincess tonight? >> if she's like me to. >> it was like having a rock star join the family. >> i was a very young girl but i was a threat. >> you see this vulnerability but also, this strength. >> she was very keen to make sure william and harry understood there was a life beyond palace walls. >> she wanted to help people who were marginalized because as she said to me, i'm one of them.
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>> they were two needy people and they both needed what the other was unable to give them. >> i was a tremendous hope in me, which was slashed. >> any marriage prince charles might have made could never have been as strong as the relationship he had with camilla. >> the lies, the deceit. boy, i was troubled. >> looking back, you can see a pattern throughout her life. >> isn't it normal to feel angry and want to change the situation? >> every single story has been denied by the palace. >> it not good. >> i don't think anybody in our time has grown up in public like diana has. >> i never anticipated i'd end up in the history books. >> the unique, the complex, the extraordinary and irreplaceable diana. >> i was able to recognize an inner determination to survive.
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>> people are seeing this as a state occasion but weddings are a family thing, as well. what small personal touches will make it very much your day? >> everybody will put in touches. >> i think inviting one's friends and all people that have helped us. >> very first time i actually met lady diana spencer was in buckingham palace in the week before her wedding. >> it must be enormous putting together a guest list. >> i don't know because you have to sort of take a few people out or whatever. it's been quite difficult, my side, anyway. >> in that interview, it's really the first time the world
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heard diana speak. looking back on that, it's not only awkward but they don't seem to really know each other. d they don't necessarily know how to answer and you're thinking this is just a few days before your wedding. >> i find it really painful watching the interview because what diana actually did is go into the idea of marriage as a total innocent. >> maturity, which is enormous, i thought he was very much in love with me but it wasn't the genuine sort. >> and for diana to have a fantasy going into a fairytale wedding and it working out just great, you hit reality with a bump. >> are you going to have time for the private life, for making a home and running a home sort of thing that young married couples do?
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domestic -- >> you looking forward to making a home? >> very much so and being a good wife. >> gracious. >> i have to say that. you're sitting there. i'm sure you would hear me. [ laughter ] >> after we did the interview, there was a moment when one of the cou courteers came and said diana can we take a photo? she said not now. there was more to diana, not the marsh mellow or play doe that would be molded. running through it is a backbone, a knowledge of her own self. >> and you see this vulnerability of diana but also this strength but you have to ask the question where does this come from and you only have to just go back and look at diana's childhood to find the answer.
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♪ ♪ >> diana was born in norfolk in the east of england. >> it was at that time still with one foot in the 1950s the country supporting. >> wealthy land owners. there is a slight feeling it's one removed from the rest of the country. >> it has this enormous cashe of having royalty. it's where the queen spends every christmas with her family. it's where they relax, they go hunting and shooting and picnicking. >> and the girl being in the
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country, dreams in the bushes. >> diana had a eyquiet country life. you look at those early pictures and you see the country girl, you know, in her cheeky knits. >> she's swimming in the family swimming pool. she's on bicycles. >> it all seems to be very happy and well. but behind closed doors, it was not a happy house. >> diana's father was johnny orthup. this man would be earl spencer and diana's mother had a difficult time with johnny. >> for women of diana's mother's generation of any one of her posh friends, you're supposed to
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keep popping out male children. >> when i married my husband i discovered this word that means basically is that the first born son inherits everything within these arristocrat families. can you imagine dividing an estate into eight different parts? >> francis knew johnny needed an heir. she produced two daughters, sarah and jane. finally francis gave birth to a little boy, john. it's incredibly sad. he lived for barely hours before he died of a lung condition. there was not just the grief of losing a child but the grief of losing this child that her husband so badly wanted.
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>> 18 months later after the death of his precious little boy, diana was born, third girl. >> diana is growing up with feeling that she has already disappointed her parents because she wasn't the right sex. >> i didn't give my parents what they wanted. i'm not good enough. but diana was determined to prove everybody wrong.
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once francis has given birth to the son and heir, she's fulfilled her contract. she has done what she was meant to do. she began to plot an escape route for herself. johnny could be violent and she felt that she and her children would be safer out of the home. >> there were terrible arguments in the household. >> he punched my mother across the face. she was crying. >> it was september in 1967 that francis, diana's mother finally told her husband johnny that the marriage was over and she was leaving. to have your mother just gone, just left. nobody explains to you what happens that makes any sense because that's not what that
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family does. all that she knows is there goes mommy and she didn't come back. the support system for diana walked out and never really to be seen again. >> i hated the doubt. i used to hear my brother cry in his bed down at the other end of the house crying for my mother. >> she didn't understand that her mother had wanted her, had hoped to take her with her. she'd hoped to take all of her children with her. diana's own mother in a very unhappy marriage left for very good reasons, and was shunned in society. >> ruth lady diana's grandmother
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who was a terrible snob was appalled her daughter left and as a result, she gave evidence in the custody proceedings against her own daughter. she called her a bad mother. custody did go to johnny. so francis having planned to keep all four of her children and to remove them from this abusive household had lost them. >> because of what happened to diana at such a young age and watching her own mother lose her children, this fear of losing children would have played on diana until her death. ♪ ♪ >> after a succession of nannies, diana was finally packed off to a girls' boarding school called riddlesworth.
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>> good morning, everyone. >> good morning ms. winter. >> diana was brought back by the chauffeur and not by her dad or mother. i cannot imagine what it must have been like. ♪ ♪ >> desks going down, windows being shut, all the time. very poignant, very much there. >> diana wanted to be loved. she wanted wholesome family type love. when she was a little girl, she didn't have control or power. she must have felt she was always struggling to find her
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place. >> sure to begin the first team school in new hampshire, the boy born to be king. prince charles may well occupy the desk once used by his father. >> diana and charles grew up in pretty much the same world. >> yes, there is a 12-year gap between the two of them but they were both send toe boarding school at age 9. it's full on and it's hard and it's strict. who is nurturing them? who is looking after them?
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when charles was sent to boarding school, he was so home sick he was seen weeping and the only comfort he had was his teddy bear. >> teachers had no mercy for him because they're like you have the wealthiest family in the world. i'm supposed to feel sorry for you? sit down and shut up. >> i think i know him well enough to surmise it was crippling awful. >> he had a very unhappy childhood and diana was a victim of her own desperately unhappy childhood. they were two needy people and they both needed what the other was unable to give them. find a northwestern mutual advisor at
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prince charles, the future king of england becomes a college freshman. >> while diana is at school, he's in university. he's meeting people. charles enjoyed his time at the university. first little taste of independence and hadn't had much of that. though, for me, looking become at the pictures of him, he doesn't look like your typical student, does he, with his suit and tie. his bicycle turned out. >> do you have any thoughts about the lady prince of wales should marry? >> it's difficult.
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you have to remember when you marry in my position, you're going to marry somebody that perhaps one day is going to become queen and you've got to choose somebody very carefully, i think. >> part of duty is ensuring a marriage that will last, one that will produce and despair because that is what is expected of you as a member of the royal family. ♪ ♪ >> charles was a very complex man. he didn't feel entirely loved or appreciated by his parents. he felt he could never please them. he could never win their approval. >> everyone bows or courtesies to the queen. even her own children and grandchildren when they first see her during the course of a day could call her your magesty. >> this is a wall. there is a boundary.
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the kiss from one cheek to the other, a cold kiss, there isn't a lot of warmth. despite their surface differences, young diana and young charles are actually pretty united. the desire to feel safe, the desire to control your environment, the desire to be in a solid structure all of that goes back to imperfect parents, unmaternal mothers, distant fathers and the feeling of being an unwanted child. ♪ ♪ >> in 1975 diana's grandfather dies and her father becomes the earl. they had to move to north hampton, the family seat.
5:26 pm
>> that's a truly great house. it has 13,000 acres of wood land and park land. it has 90 rooms. >> having been on the honorable diana spencer, she was the lady diana spencer. she skipped along the corridors shouting i am now lady diana. >> she was someone to be reckoned with. the spencers go back an awful long way. they were rich enough back in the 1600s to lend money to the monarchy. >> another ticket in t in the b >> another ticket in t say right, i'm now officially part of this aristocrat world. i'm one of you. i have the title and my father has the house.
5:27 pm
and then diana was sent to another school called west heath. it was a safe and a cozy environment for diana. it is where her two older sisters sarah and jane had gone to school. ♪ ♪ >> here in the ballet class so somewhere she could shine. if you enjoy dancing, you can be lost in yourself. >> great leaps and bounds. >> diana. left it to her dancing. >> every day. >> it was quite formidable. >> yes, it was amazing. her legs. all of her. >> part of diana's attractiveness at school was
5:28 pm
that she was athletic. she was gorgeous. she had a lot of vitality. so she may not have got taught marks on her exam papers but she got taught marks on the playing field. other girls really like her. she wins best legs competition. she was able to get along with her friends. all she wanted was security, and a feeling of being validated and appreciated and that's something she thought constant in her life. >> diana you have to remember lived on a diet of romantic novels. she read but she didn't read anything of much substance. she had this romantic notion in her head she would read her dashing prince like all the stories she read. >> she had like a school girl's crush own prince charles. i think she had a picture of him in her bedroom. >> at 15, diana was already
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while diana is still at school, charles who is 12 years older is in the navy. his nickname is action man. interpret that how you want and he's having a lot of fun. >> all young princes seem to go into military service and i think it's a hugely liberating time for them. they're there with the boys and lads together and womanizing together. >> how did you find it? >> charming. total enchantment. >> when you're the most sought after man in the land you have your pick of your beauties. why don't you take advantage of
5:34 pm
it? he certainly did. women were fleeing themselves at him. >> we wanted to grab it so we're looking. like his money. >> if you were younger, would you consider him in that as a sex symbol? >> i suppose so. it would be lovely. >> unveiled girl friends. sabrina and then anna wallace, old hopes with a match of a suitable foreign princess. even princess was considered a candidate. >> diana is having a good time at boarding school. she's safely tucked away and then the life of prince charles actually begins to over lap with that of diana in the most extraordinary way. she receives news charles is dating her older sister sarah.
5:35 pm
this is the moment that diana realizes she's not that far away from the royal family. at school, first day back, they haven't seen each other for weeks and there was a lot of chatter before class. diana, tell me about the holidays. did you see charles and sarah? what happened? let me know all. any young girl would have loved to have been his girlfriend, even more importantly, his wife. in november 1977, diana's eldest sister sarah invited the prince of wales for a shoot. >> diana insists on going home. i don't think she wanted to steal charles from her sister but i think she wanted to start rubbing shoulders with the absolute top level of english society at the time. and that's the royals. >> the night before, there was a dinner and that was the first
5:36 pm
time that she and charles noticeably met one another. >> my sister was all over him. i kept out the way. >> i suspect that when she met prince charles that weekend, she fell for him. she went back to west heath to her school and nurtured dreams about him in a way any teenage girl nurtures dreams about a pop star. >> sarah's relationship came to a grinding halt in the interview with the press she says she had no interest at all in marrying prince charles and not only
5:37 pm
that, but he was merely one of thousands of boyfriends. just giving an interview to the press was completely unacceptable to the royal family. you never do that. i think he was extremely aware that every woman he went out with, he had to be able to trust them. >> charles is quite tortured about the future. everyone is looking at him waiting for him to get married, to continue the royal family. he knows he has to choose england's queen.
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in the summer of 1979, diana came into money when she reached 18 and with it, she bought herself a nice flat in london in the royal part of chelsea and invited school friends to come and join her there. >> nice hanging out in the flat with girls. i love that.
5:42 pm
>> diana had a girl squad of posh friends and they lived in and played in what we call the tiara triangle. basically, the poshest parts of london. diana's youthful life is a circuit. it's a marriage market, and the young ladies have to put themselves in the way of eligible young men at a range of venues. polo matches, friends weddings and parties, weekends away. shooting and hunting. >> in the aristocrat world, aristocrats only hang out with aristocrats. the women would play at having a job. not a career like i'm going to become a lawyer or doctor. it was no, i'll be a nanny or
5:43 pm
nursery schoolteacher. >> when diana came to me as a shy 18-year-old babysitter, she had very little world experience, none at all and she was just wonderful with patrick. she sat on the floor with him and was totally focused on him. she worked at a nursery school the days she was not working with me. one of her strongest characteristics was she was very tactile. she wanted to hug people, reach out and touch them. that basic warm trusting loving, caring personality was always there. ♪ ♪ >> diana had this idea that she was cut out destined, if you'd like to be different. to be something a little bit
5:44 pm
special. >> she becomes clear in her goals. diana would use the kind of soft power, very feminine power. she realized despite not having overt drive, overt ambition, she had something else. >> in the '80s, still around aristocrat society and within the royal family, as a woman you still wanted to be perceived as unblemished, as virgin, as, you know, not having a lot of gossip around you. >> there had been so many wonderful young women in charles' life at that point but it was expected of charles to marry someone that came from a certain social strata that checked all the boxes. yes, she was expected to be a virgin. >> in july 1980, diana's life
5:45 pm
begins to change dramatically. >> charles had been playing polo in sussex. >> diana receives this invitation and she immediately packs her bags and goes. >> and charles was told she was jolly, which meant she was a lot of fun. she'd make him laugh. she was cute. >> this was her opportunity at this house party when they were flown together, i think she sees that chance with both hands. >> diana looks in the mirror and says to herself, remember you're a spencer. >> there was a barbecue on the night of the polo and charles and diana were sitting together on a hay bail and diana started
5:46 pm
to talk about lord baton who died the year before and to tell charles how sorry she felt for him. lord baton was prince charles' father's uncle. so he was a great uncle. his death was devastating for prince charles. he's lost the one person in his life who was a real father figure to him, who would give him advice and whom he would actually listen to. and charles was so moved by this young woman, her empathy, her caringness. >> and for diana, charles was sort of prince charming. she saw a sensitivity in him that chimed with her. >> she feels like a human being.
5:47 pm
she's listening. he writes poetry. he tells her. he plays the cello. nobody wants to know that. she cares about him, as a person. >> having initially thought of diana as his girlfriend's little sister, he looked at her with new eyes and that was the beginning of their relationship. >> she was young. she was beautiful. she was aristocrat, titled, she checked air will the of boxes for a future king. they were chaperoned when they went to the races they did the routine things in his royal life in a very stayed and proper way. >> charles is pretty old school in the royal family, you go along with protocol.
5:48 pm
>> charles used to bring me out and say would you like to come for a walk? would you like to come for barbecue? i said yes, please. i thought it was all wonderful. >> january 1981 diana is invited to princess margaret's 50th birthday party at the ritz. if you get invited to that, you're in the family. that was her stamp of approval. >> can you imagine what diana is thinking, the future king is interested in me. we're meeting up at these super posh society parties. i'm being scene. i'm on his arm. and diana was still a virgin and i have to say, at this time, by the 1980s, there were very few aristocrat virgins around. it was the fairytale come true . >> diana came into work bright
5:49 pm
and early monday morning. said she had something important to tell me. when you go out to work this morning, you will see our reporters and photographers at the end of the news. they're actually out there for me. and i said good heavens, diana, what have you done? she said i spent last weekend with prince andrew, and she said no, actually, it was prince charles. ♪ ♪ [typing] ♪ ♪ [typing] ♪ ♪ [typing] ♪ ♪
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diana! >> you can't over state the role of the media in diana's royal life. she was a tantalizing target. >> from 1980, '81 she was thrown in the deep end. >> it must be quite a strain with all of us. >> it is, actually. >> you seem to be doing very well. >> i'm still around. >> diana was straight out of central casting. she was young and blonde and
5:54 pm
gorgeous and intriguing. >> she was iconic. she sold newspapers. she was box office. >> then it all started to build up. the press were being unbearable. following my every move. >> some reporters rented the room opposite her flat to look into her bedroom. they climbed drainpipes. they pretended to be deliver men. every time she left the building, she was followed. if she got into a car, they followed her on motorbikes and cars. life became intolerable for her. >> diana! >> so is lady diana spencer, a 19-year-old kind ergarten teachr really the one? >> where have you came from?
5:55 pm
>> australian. >> bloody. >> the hand some prince won't let the story tellers, the press, have their happily ever ending, not yet. >> at this point, charles' father wrote to his son and said look, you have to make your mind up about diana. you must ask her to marry you or let her go because you're going to damage her reputation. charles misinterpreted his father's worlds and thought it was an instruction to marry. >> given that charles' relationship to his own father was frosty and distant, it's very bad luck that charles thinks that what his father is saying is you better marry this lady quick. >> they had only met each other on 13 occasions before they got engaged and on one of those
5:56 pm
occasions, there had been other people with them, it wasn't getting to know somebody in a real way that couples normally do. there was very little intimacy . >> for diana, everything that happened with charles was hero m hero romantic fantasy how people behave. she didn't know how people behave when they're in love and in a funny way, charles was as far removed away from the real world as diana was. >> anyway, so he said will you marry me. he was deadly serious so i said yes. i said i love you so much. i said, and so he ran upstairs,
5:57 pm
da, da, da. >> when diana says yes at windsor castle, she must have been feeling that i have made it. i'm the ultimate, right? on the other hand, frooiightene confused, bewildbewildered. what did i just say yes to? ♪ ♪ >> 11:00 a.m. buckingham palace, the beginning of a day to remember for prince charles, lady diana and other people, too. the long awaited much written about engagement had happened. >> now you're about to marry the prince of wails and one day you would in all likelihood be qu
5:58 pm
queen. it's a tremendous change of someone of 19 to make all of a sudden, the transition. >> it is but i've had thinking over the last six months. he's there with me. >> you'll find to sum up how you feel today? >> difficult to put into words, isn't it really? delighted and happy. i'm amazed that she's been brave enough to take me on. >> and i suppose in love. >> of course. >> whatever in love means. >> yes. >> what is your interpretation? >> two very happy people. >> absolutely. >> congratulations. >> thank you. >> as a viewer, this was the most gasly moment. they asked about love or his feelings, in public, which is
5:59 pm
completely and utterly alien to him. this was a man who had grown up in intermizing everything in a very untactile family. he did not want to answer the ques question. >> questions diana was asking herself, what do i need to be for him? does the royal family need for me and want from me? what do i want from me, as well? >> i felt it and i knew it. here is the stuff of rich fairytales are made.
6:00 pm
>> behind the scenes, a whole different story playing out. >> it kept roaring its head. >> she wanted to show camilla she was the prize. >> diana was taken and put into a gilded cage. >> diana was going downhill. >> what your heart wants isn't the same as what the system wants for you. >> will you honor and keep him in sickness and health so long as you both shall live ? ♪ ♪ there was always in the background this haunting shadow, this black cloud and that's wh


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