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tv   CNN Newsroom With Pamela Brown  CNN  October 17, 2021 3:00pm-4:00pm PDT

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as many as 16 american missionaries, including several children, kidnapped in haiti. >> who is not vulnerable at this point in the country? everything is so unpredictable with the lack of security. jury selection set to begin in the racially charged trial of three men accused of killing ahmad arbury. when you're in the family unit of people who are
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vaccinated, i think you should just enjoy the holidays the best you can in the family spirit. walking arm in arm with his wife, former president bill clinton leaves a california hospital. >> i think he's lucky to leave the hospital. a 70-year-old man can easily die of sepsis. i'm pamela brown in washington. you are live in the cnn newsroom on this sunday evening. we begin this hour with a growing sense of urgency over the mass kidnapping of americans in haiti. a source tells us that the fbi and state department are working around the clock to secure their release, but admit that they don't know where they're being held at this hour. a christian ministries group in ohio confirmed that 16 missionaries from the u.s. and one canadian have been taken hostage. five of those hostages are children. the "a" group did not comment on ransom demands or negotiations. the group was captured yesterday
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after visiting an orphanage just north of the city. the impoverished country has also suffered since the assassination of its president. there are kidnappings of hundreds. >> we need to do whatever we need to on a military front or police front. i think probably everybody watching, at least one or two -- i guess kevin bacon is away -- knows somebody who has been a missionary to haiti at some point. we keep them in our prayers and the u.s. government will do everything we can to get them back. >> let's go straight to the white house and joe johns. joe, we heard congress is asking for arecords, including an
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assessment. do we know whether there are any type of ransom negotiations? >> reporter: it's just not clear because the haitian authorities are not saying anything. what we do know is that the united states government is in touch with the haitian authorities, and it is the haitian authorities who say this was a kidnapping conducted by armed gangs in the country. it's a huge problem when i was there for the earthquake back in august. it was quite clear that one of the biggest concerns for first responders and medical personnel was driving on the roads in haiti out of fear that they would be kidnapped and held for ransom. so the question, of course, is where do we go from here? it's also clear that the state department has been very concerned about this for some time. they put out an advisory back in august, just a little about a week after that big earthquake, and that advisory read, do not
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travel to haiti due to kidnapping, crime, civil unrest and covid-19. so in the short term, of course, the question is where are the missionaries? it's not clear. the answer of sorts would be to try to negotiate. the long-term answer, of course, is to help the police in haiti. it's a country where law enforcement does not have a lot of help, and especially lawlessness controls. >> that is certainly the sad reality there in haiti. joe johns, thank you for bringing us the latest from the white house. former president bill clinton has been released from a southern california hospital after a health care that started last week. he is recovering from a urinary tract infection, and after five nights of treatment, he walked out slow and steady with hillary at his side. dr. natasha chen is covering
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this. natasha, the worst is over but he still has some recovering to do? >> reporter: yes, he still has to complete an antibiotics treatment. you mentioned he was able to walk out of this hospital building this morning, but if you see the video of that moment, his wife, secretary hillary clinton, had her arm looped around his. she actually gave us a wave first to say hello. w we were stationed across the street and one of our crew on this side shouted to the president, how do you feel, and he gave a thumbs up. you can see he was walking there, but very carefully, very gin gingerly. the couple gave thumbs up and handshakes for the crew that worked there. they made a statement through the clinton spokesperson saying
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his fever and blood are localized and he will return to do a series of antibiotics. on behalf of the medical center, we were honored to have treated him and will continue to monitor his progress. yes, he stayed here for five nights. a lot of that is because of the antibiotics iv treatment he needed to receive. this could have been very serious. uts not at all uncommon for his age, 75 years old, to have urinary tract system. everybody is showing a lot of gratitude for the last five nights p. it shidowed a lot of improvement and he was able to have phone calls with vice president al gore and joe biden.
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joining me again in the fight against covid-19, 57% of americans are now fully vaccinated. but we're heading into winter and cold and flu season. dr. fauci says we could still do better. >> we're going in the right direction. the problem is, as you all know, we still have approximately 66 million people who are eligible to be vaccinated that are not vaccinated. the degree to which we continue to come down in that slope will depend on how well we do about getting more people vaccinated. >> joining me now is dr. ken kim. he was on the biden advisory board. dr. kim, thanks for joining us tonight. >> you believe covid is here to stay, and we just need to start
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li living. i think we'll have to learn to live with it. our businesses need to open, our restaurants need to be open, our schools need to open. we need to see our families. i think that we need to be practical, we need to be really comb combining ideas. in our own personal bubble, we often don't mask, but when we go to work, depending on the work situation and depending on the number of people that's exagg exaggeratedly. then we go to large eventually.
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here in california, if gu to a rammed game, you need to be vaccinated and you need a mask. if you go to a game in texas, you do not need to be vaccinated and you do not need to be in texas. wily vl tried to figure it out over time so we can adjust and continue to live a normal life. if someone in their class. we still skpleemplt be need to
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also ghin with targetedly. >> i want to talk. dr. fauci thinks there was promising evidence for that. that's what we said. this is from 40 to 60. there is a real benefit to getting the booster shot. what we'll do in the united states is from the fda if they improve any modifications, my understanding is you're not 100% vak ant.
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>> lights talk about both vaccines separately. the ef hospitalization or death hamplzly. when moderna aly preventing fusht early. that's a drug to prevent illness. and the johnson & johnson drug isly a little bit less, 67 percent prevention with the
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efficacy. those who received the johnson & johnson vaccine, i strongly suggest a booster or something else. the data so far shows that those who got a second dose after two months really had aly many. it will actually went to 67% for those who got the vaccine. the reason why i'm waiting is it all boils down to risk assessment person. i feel comfortable with the current vaccine i received in september, at this time.
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>> i want to say for our viewers who may be watching, you can get antibody testing at a grocery store. it's a blood prick that can be easier to get. dr. kim-kim, thank you so much for coming on and changing your analysisly. z >> could she get charged for having nude photos? >> she's watched her own captain's freedom? challenges. and a few surprises.
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comedian john stewart talking about donald trump's big lie and how it's shaking up our democracy. the ones i spoke with are not so relentless about the attacks. >> i think it's disturbing for anyone watching american politics the last several years who is being affected by our own
3:19 pm
president who is talking down democracy. he's talking about democracy being stress-tested by someone millions of people had elected. >> what we have by the founding fathers is a permanent thing. but it's breakable. if we don't have rules and we don't have consequences for people who go outside those rules, if we don't have a system that the vast majority of americans believe is honest and committed to their well-being, then a new political system will arise and i don't think we'll like it. and so the key about this is it's our fault. >> if elected officials and election officials believe the big lie and they're willing to do something to counter what they see as the big lie, such as changing the rules or ignoring the rules, then we're in serious trouble in this country. >> you see in countries like
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hungary and poland and venezuela, they're no longer really democratic, though they still purport to hold elections, and yet the governments have been governed by autocrats these days. it's only by thinking it can't happen here that it could. >> that's scary things to think about. d democracy is fragile, for instance, in brazil where they are already counting against the election. in poland we see the erosion of rights and the concentration of its courts. and we've seen journalists jailed in turkey. joining us now is jay tamokaron,
3:21 pm
aul author of "the seven steps from democracy to dictatorship." and also richard hasen, author of "election meltdown." jay, you think ah uthoritariani cannot happen here. why do you say that? >> no democracy is immune to fas fascism. and no party can just dismiss it. this is not just the united states, including great britain, we are seeing the same thing. there are global patterns to this slide to fascism orauthori.
3:22 pm
my point is when writing the book, it didn't happen in turkey because turkey is a crazy country. it will happen to all of us unless we start acting together. >> so what does democracy collapsing look like? i know you use the word "slide" because it's not like you wake up one day and you're no longer living in a democracy, right? what does it look like? what does the process look like and what is the end result? >> there are many people who think fm fascism is a historica concept but it's a political tool as well. it doesn't step fully formed into the government, it just creeps into the system. they first mobilize and normalize ignorance. they ask for respect, and when you respect them, you give to
3:23 pm
each in conventional politics and the first thing they do is elbow all of the other opponents out of the system and they make ruthlessness. they turn shamelessness into a cultural and political identity that they defend. so fascism or authoritarianism doesn't just happen on the political level, it also goes as a moral corruption in the country. it really intrudes into a system. what we have to do, we want to do something, is to recognize the signs soon enough so it doesn't turn into a fully formed authoritarian regime. >> richard, do you see that happening in the u.s.? >> i certainly think we face this kind of danger. if you go back and look at the years when president trump was in office, there were attacks on
3:24 pm
the press, the evidenciary party, the judiciary, all the parts of power that provide a counterweight to the power of the presidency. so i think it's no accident that donald trump was able to succeed as he was in this moment because social media gave him direct access to be able to denigrate these other institutions. that denigration has continued since he left office where you have, according to polls and majority of republicans who believe the false statement that the last election was stolen. and if you believe the last election was stolen, you might be willing to do something to try to steal it back the next time around. i think we're in a very precarious position in the united states right now. >> let's talk about what the latest polls show. a cnn poll last month found that 52% of americans were not confident that u.s. elections
3:25 pm
reflect the will of the people. that is a stunning number. jay, would you expect sit sdplenz of a country like the united sta -- citizens of a country like the united states to have a confidence that low? >> the entire institutions in the united states, the entire democracy, all the democracy forces had to come together. this tells us a lot of what state is american democracy. we shouldn't be arrogant -- too confident about our democracies because these institutions are made of people and people can be deceived, or people can be too weak to protect the inst
3:26 pm
institutions. >> right, and we have seen politicians push out lies for people to be on their side. arizona flight, a frontrunner for the republican nomination for governor is now known for delusional conspiracies. really, look at her twitter account. if people like her win public office and refuse to sfirt a ri -- refuse to cite a rightful winner, then what, richard? >> most importantly the pressure was on the republicans who stood up to trump who were not willing to manipulate the rules to put them in power even though he was the election loser. a lot of them are being replaced, or in danger of being replaced, or right now under pressure to try to buckle under
3:27 pm
pressure the next time. so i think we really have to think about what we can do now to both strengthen our laws and institutions so that the people without integrity, if they are the ones counting the balance of the ballots next time, it will be in rule with law and not in line with what any political leader might want. >> this is a fascinating discussion, eye-opening as well. jay, ece temelkuran, and richard hasen, thank you as well. we're going to explain why justice breyer thinks less transparency is a good thing .
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the biden administration's blue ribbon commission evaluating the supreme court isn't due to submit its final report until next month. but the group has offered an early peek, and it seems no one of any political persuasion is happy. among the early findings that there are good reasons for imposing term limits on justices and that the court should offer more transparency on how it chooses and rules on cases. just days before the draft report was released, cnn supreme court at list joan bis cupic sa down with justice breyer. what does justice breyer say about them?
3:33 pm
>> he generally is against any kind of major change in the court. we talked on wednesday right before the preliminary report was released, so he was speaking more generally. he hadn't read everything yet. but he says he doesn't like the idea of immediate term limits, he doesn't like the idea of expanding the court beyond its nine, and what he says is that the supreme court has long been controversial. he voted against the recent decision that allowed texas to put in its abortion ban after a pregnancy has hit six weeks, really controversial, but he wasn't going to complain about that during the interview. he was going to say since the 1800s, the court has been controversial, it will always be controversial, and everyone should think long and hard about any kind of major changes. when i spoke to him, i brought up transparency, because as you know, pam, critics of the court have said that a lot of what it
3:34 pm
does hbehind the scenes, not on cases that are argued and briefs, like in the texas case, there are just a lot of opaque rules that favor -- they favor the trump administration during that era, they can favor elite lawyers in the supreme court bar who have wealthy clients, and that's been an issue that the commission had looked at. so when i talked to him, i asked generally about transparency. we're going to look at what he said now, and i want you to list and know that we're sitting at the supreme court in georgetown law school where they have the replica of the real thing. it's going to look like the real thing. here's what he said about transparency. >> fratransparency is usually a word that means something good. but i would say it's important not to have the transparency. and the reason not to have the
3:35 pm
transparency is it is very important for people to say what they think at that conference, not to make some argument that they think is better than the other person's argument or that they think will, whatever, it might be popular or whatever. it is very important for people to say what they really think about these cases, and that's what happened. >> today you have liberal democrats saying to you that you should step down so president biden can appoint a successor. what strikes you about the continued legislations that liberals have had over the years about how you should act or not act? >> everybody likes an argument. why did i watch the baseball game last night? people like to think of things like these versus these. but it's not your job to take sides. it's your job to be there for everybody and to resolve things under the law, which takes time, it takes thought, these things aren't usually resolved, and so,
3:36 pm
of course, people will always want someone who will really decide the way i, says the average individual, want it decided. whether that's a conservative thing or a liberal thing, it's hardly surprising. the amazing thing to me -- i've been a judge for almost 40 years -- and when you put on that black robe, you understand whatever the appointment's process, however politically involved it was, once you put on the robe of a judge, you're a judge. and that means you're a judge for every person. >> when i asked him about all the democrats who are pressuring him to leave, he invoked harry truman and said, if you can't stand the heat, get out of the kitchen. i think the bottom line is right now stephen breyer can stand the
3:37 pm
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over leaked photos. vanessa bryant is reportedly asking for tens of millions of dollars in damages for emotional distress after pictures of the helicopter crash that killed her husband, daughter and seven others were allegedly shared improperly. cnn legal analyst joey jackson joins me now. hey, joey, nice to see you. is this surprising to you that they're pushing for a psych evaluation given the stakes? >> it really is, pamela. good evening to you, good to be with you. this is what lawyers do. just to reset what's happening here, as we know, there was also a wrongful death action that ms. bryant filed along with the others in the helicopter with her husband that day. that's related to the helicopter company. that's relevant to what i'm about to say. the separate lawsuit, the one of which we speak, that had to do with the photos, in addition to what the fire department took,
3:43 pm
they apparently distributed them that was against protocol and policies, and quite frankly, against humanity. nobody should be distributing that as if it's material you could laugh about or talk about, even. she was concerned, ms. bryant and others, so filed a lawsuit saying, i am emotionally distressed by this, and by the way, you violated my privacy and other causes of action. so what l.a. county said was since you're raising your mental health as an issue in the case, we believe we have a right, as lawyers in the county, to send you to a mental evaluation, and with that mental evaluation before an independent medical examiner, since you, ms. bryant, put your health at issue, we should really be able to evaluate that. i, though, to the core of the question, don't think it's an appropriate ask to make. the basis of that is those are
3:44 pm
jury questions. the lawyer is saying for the county, how do we know your mental stress is associated with your husband's death in a helicopter and not necessarily the leaked photos? i think that's splitting too many hairs, but if a jury can make a determination that if someone dies in that way and there are people with a protocol. the last point i'll make now is that how would a psychiatrist or another mental health professional say you were 80% stressed as a result of the helicopter crash, and you're 20% stressed as a result of the leaked photos. you can't split hairs like that. again, i get that's what lawyers do, but i don't think it's appropriate in this particular case. >> that's what i was going to ask you, how do you determine it was the crash or the pictures? there will be a bond hearing in
3:45 pm
sk st south carolina this week of distressed moisurdaugh. he is facing crisis at all corners. this is just stunning, including the unsolved murder of hid s wi and son back in june, and larte he was shot and he admitted he was trying to get his son to be able to collect insurance payments. >> originally murdaugh claimed he was on the side of the road and a stranger came and tried to kill him. that unraveled. then he said, okay, i have
3:46 pm
someone who i'm trying to have help kill me. and then in 2018, his wife dies. he tells the children he will get all kinds of money for her wrongful death. gets all the money, 4 million, had told his son that it was 1/2 million. you've already been determined to be sitting in connection with another case. now you're really robbing and defending clients. look, when you're an attorney, you have those issues, where you keep money in escrow. the client's trust is all you can trust. there may be other things he was involved in, but it will open all those cans of worms, and i
3:47 pm
think he has a lot to answer to to the court moving forward. >> joey jackson, thanks for breaking it down for us. we appreciate it. we do know cnn has reached out for comment after the affidavits. his attorney released a statement saying he intends, quote, to fully cooperate with this investigation as he has with the investigation into the murder of his wife and son. well, the qanon rabbit hole may have been dug out recently, but conspiracy theories have run deep in the u.s. for decades. that is the focus of tonight's "this is life with lisa ling." lisa joins me in a moment with a preview. we'll be right back. little fleet. big relief. try it. feel it. feel that fleet feeling.
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conspiracy theories have deep roots in american history, but the internet and social media have pushed conspiracy thinking into the mainstream. tonight's all-new episode of "this is life with lisa ling" takes a closer look. >> whether we're old or young, we can probably remember a time in our lives when something we thought was true was exposed as a lie. >> peace will be necessary for our final success. we will do this because our own security is at stake. >> let me just say this. i have never obstructed justice. >> we did not, repeat, did not trade weapons or anything else for hostages. >> the erosion of trust took its toll. by the end of the 20th century,
3:53 pm
studies showed that over 50% of americans believed in at least one conspiracy theory. >> "this is life" host lisa ling joins me now. lisa, i am so signififascinateds topic and i'm so glad you'll be taking a deeper dive into this later on. you spoke to one qanon conspiracy theory believer. take us into his thinking. how does he view what's happening in our country right now? >> pamela, look. this actually is so complex. and as you just showed in the clip, there has been an erosion of trust that has been historical, right? and so, when the pandemic began in this country, this was a scary time for all of us. and i think most of us, you know, we were in lockdown, and we started going down these rabbit holes. and simultaneously, you have the former president who was disavowing mainstream media.
3:54 pm
and so people needed to seek out information, right? they needed some kind of source to seek out, and so often, they would go to social media or places like youtube. and once you input into places like youtube, right, or other social media, and let's say you enter something that is conspiratorial in nature, your feed automatically populates with more of that information. and then it just continues and continues. and so, it's not hard to understand how people have become victim to conspiracy theories, because once you've disavowed mainstream media and mainstream thinking, then you become open to whatever else is out there. >> so, what is the end game with all of this? >> well, it's an interesting question. who is benefiting from all of this? and i don't know that people who espouse conspiracy theories or believe conspiracy theories quite understand this, but there are people who are benefiting
3:55 pm
financially, exponentially, and those are social media companies. you know, the longer you stay on these platforms, on these services, they -- that's the way they make money. and so, up until very recently, until people started to become deplatformed, until the company started deplatforming people, conspiracy theories were running amok. and we'll have to see if the platform will work. i talked to someone who followed qanon just today who feature in our show and they say they're lying low right now. they haven't gone away, but because so many of them have been deplatformed, they are having to go under ground to communicate with each other. >> lisa, before i let you go, i have to tell you about our guest producer's daughter, alexa, who tells us that you are her idol. she has been hooked on your show from the start. i think we have a picture to show. apparently, she was so emotional
3:56 pm
when you gave the commencement speech at her all-girls school in 2018, that people thought there was something wrong with her. so i am sure that she is -- hopefully she's watching right now. we know she's going to be watching your show later on. and i know i'm going to be watching, as well. isn't that nice to know, though, the kind of impact you're having on people. >> thank you so much. >> lisa ling, thank you. >> that means so much to me. thank you, pamela. thank you for sharing that. >> an all-new episode of "this is life with lisa ling" airs tonight at 107:00 only on cnn. we'll be right back. so you can enjoy more of...this. this is the planning effect. ♪darling, i, i can't get enough of your love babe♪ ♪girl, i don't know, i don't know,♪ ♪i don't know why i can't get enough of your love babe♪ ♪oh no, babe girl, if i could only make you see♪
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or become life-threatening. serious or life-threatening side effects can occur,... including allergic reactions, lactic acid buildup, and liver problems. if you have a rash and other symptoms of an allergic reaction,... stop dovato and get medical help right away. tell your doctor if you have kidney or liver problems,... or if you are, may be, or plan to be pregnant. dovato may harm your unborn baby. use effective birth control while on dovato. do not breastfeed while taking dovato. most common side effects are headache, nausea, diarrhea, trouble sleeping, tiredness, and anxiety. so much goes into who i am and hope to be. ask your doctor if treating hiv with dovato is right for you. >> tech: when you get a chip in your windshield... trust safelite. this couple was headed to the farmers market... when they got a chip. they drove to safelite for a same-day repair. and with their insurance, it was no cost to them. >> woman: really? >> tech: that's service the way you need it. >> singers: ♪ safelite repair, safelite replace. ♪
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. as many as 16 american missionaries, including several children, kidnapped in haiti. >> who is not vulnerable at this point in the country. everything is so unpredictable with the lack of security. >> jury selection set to begin in the racially charged trial of three men accused of killing ahmaud arbery. >> i think this is one of those cases where it's going to be won or lost in jury selection. >> the more people we ge


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