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tv   New Day Weekend With Christi Paul and Boris Sanchez  CNN  October 16, 2021 5:00am-6:00am PDT

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they've made big improvements on containment of those lamp fires. now, in the eastern half of the country, we're also dealing with strong winds but for a different reason. the cold weather is bringing severe winds to new york, philadelphia, albany, new york. damaging winds, boris and christi, are going to be the biggest concerns especially this afternoon and evening. >> we appreciate you watching all of that for us, allison chinchar, thank you so much. good morning. and welcome to your "new day." i'm boris sanchez. >> and i'm christi paul. we're following a developing story out of texas. police say three officers have been shot in an ambush-style attack. what we're learning as this unfolded. plus, more covid booster shots are on the horizon, following the fda recommendations. one eligible for a booster right away. and the gunman in the
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parkland school shooting now plans to plead guilty in that. we're joined live by one parkland father and get his reaction. and one bitter battle raging on as the police union squares off against the mayor on vaccine mandates. we're joined live by the one leader urging everyone to take a breath, even as the war of words heats up. thank you so much for waking up with us, this saturday, august 16th. another hour, christi. another hour in the books. >> uh-huh. i know. just a couple more to go for this saturday. listen, we are following developments out of texas this morning, too, right, boris? >> yeah, authorities say that one deputy was killed and two others wounded this morning outside of a houston sports bar. >> police officials say the
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constable deputies w quote, ambushed and shot from behind, by a suspect with a rifle while working a police-related job this morning. cnn's jean casarez has the latest. jean, what do we know about the suspect here? >> reporter: well, we know that somebody is in custody. they're not sureful it's a witness or someone of interest that they believe is associated with this. here's what they know, this is a very critical moment right now because we are learning that one of the deputies shot in the back is currently in surgery right now. another one, shot in the foot, is headed to surgery any minute. and we also know that one of the deputies has passed away. now, this all happened. it was a police-related activity that they were focused on in the early morning hours of this morning. and they noted that there was a disturbance outside. and so, they went out and they tried to contain it, disburse it, even detain people.
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all of a sudden, they were ambushed and they were shot. and that's how this all happened. i want you to listen to the constable from the houston police department mark herman who spoke earlier this morning. >> i just left the hospital here, i've got one deputy that is shot in the back in surgery. we've got a deputy shot in the foot, and he's fixing to go into surgery. and i left my third deputy who is deceased there in the hospital. probably one of the toughest things i've done in my career. >> reporter: now, obviously, whoever did this is someone that is armed and dangerous. they believe that the person responsible is in their early 20s. police have said they do have somebody in custody now. they're not sure what role that person played, even a witness is something that can help them. but they're asking anyone in the houston area that has any information at all to go to the police department. and christi and boris, we will
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think good thoughts for those officers in surgery right now. >> yeah. prayers to them and their families. we'll keep you updated with the latest news, jean casarez, thank you so much. >> thank you, jean. that shooting in houston comes just hours before president biden is paying tribute to fallen police officers. he's scheduled to speak at the national police officers memorial service at half-staff in honor of law enforcement officers today, officers who died in the line of duty. and a proclamation that the president praised the courage and dedication of officers who protect and serve their communities every day. we'll keep you posted on what's happened there in houston as well. listen, the fda advisory committee recommended all adults who received a single johnson & johnson vaccine should get a second dose at least two months after their first shot. >> yeah. the fda still has to decide to grant emergency use authorization, following the
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cdc's recommendation on who's eligible for the doses. >> yeah, a new study by the department of veteran affairs on vaccine effectiveness there's cause for concern. researchers found j&j vaccine protection against covid-19 drastically fell from 88% in march to a mere 3% by august. the study has yet to be peer-reviewed yet, we want to point out. about 15 million americans have received the j&j vaccine, according to the cdc. and 91% of them got their shots more than two months ago. >> cnn's nick watt has more on this and the cdc's recommendation, as, of course, we're heading into the holiday season. >> reporter: well, boris, christi, those fda advisers gave their thumbs up for a second shot of johnson & johnson, at least a couple months after the first. now, of course, the cdc still needs to sign off on that. now, in general, the numbers in this pandemic are going in the right direction.
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but still, new guidance from the cdc for the upcoming holiday season, probably news you didn't want to the hear. apparently, outdoor gatherings are still best. indoors, still wear a mask. but top of the list, just get vaccinated. now, some good news for the u.s. tourist sector, from november 8th, all double-vaccinated foreigners will be allowed into this country. and while the arguments continue over vaccine mandates here in the u.s., the news from italy, from friday, every worker is going to have what they call a green pass which is proof of vaccination. or proof, or proof of recent recovery from covid-19. guys back to you. >> nick watt, thank you so much. let's bring in former health and human services secretary donna shalala, she filled that role in the clinton administration and
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recently served in congress in the 27th district. good morning, thank you for sharing part of your weekend with us. let's get to the fda advisers this week. and part of their discussion involving openly questioning whether authorizing boosters for too many people, potentially giving the idea that vaccines are not protecting especially if you have a booster. and especially when you take public messaging in consideration, how should the biden administration approach boosters? >> well, first of all, thanks for having me. with defendantconsistent messagf the problems we've had through the pandemic is we've gotten mixed messages. but this is complicated because we have three different vaccines. each have different properties. the j&j, for example, most people have known you had to have a second vaccine. and frankly, only two vaccines
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have ever been one dose. yellow fever and the flu vaccine. so two doses, i think, is going to be required for the j&j vaccine. so, i'm not surprised by that. boosters sort of finish the job. and the administration will explain very carefully who absolutely should get boosters immediately. and eventually, i think everybody is going to get a booster shot, because we just don't have the data on how long this lasts. we do know a little bit. so, i think we should get comfortable with the idea of boosters. look, little kids don't get one shot, when they get measles and mumps and all of the other shots that we recommend. often, they have to come back three or four times for a wide variety of shots. so, we shouldn't be surprised about this. we should explain is it calmly
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and clearly. >> so, i want to ask you about something that's happening in florida, because the state's health department this week fined leon county $3.5 million for its vaccine requirement. for government employees. the county administrator standing behind that policy. i'm curious what you make of that situation. how local leaders can keep people safe, when it comes at a price of literally millions of dollars. >> you know, this is a very sad situation, republicans ought -- used to leave it to local government officials to make decisions. state governors who are republicans used to stick with that. local officials, every public official, has a responsibility to protect their workers and protect the people in their community. these local officials are making science-based decisions to protect people's lives and their families. and it's really tragic.
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i think it's criminally negligent to fine that set of leaders in that community. all they're trying to do is protect people's lives and to protect the people they interact with. i'm particularly upset by our governor's position on mandating masks in schools. if a governor has any responsibility, it's to protect the future. and the children are our future. and it's really unconscionable that he would put the children in our community at risk. >> i also want to ask about the fda commissioner or the lack of an fda commissioner, cnn learned this week that the white house is vetting a former fda commissioner rob tailif to lead
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the agency again. the white house has been struggling for months, not only to find somebody with qualifications, but somebody that could be confirmed by the senate. i'm spoken to doctors and health experts who say that having an acting commissioner doesn't really impede progress on the pandemic. and i'm wondering how critical you think it is to find someone to fill that role in official capacity without the acting title? >> i think it's absolutely critical. i think i have everyone confirmed by march 1st, no actings. it's absolutely critical, particularly for these scientific agencies. i mean, you cannot leave the fda uncovered. the acting person is competent. but you need a confirmed fda commissioner. the person they're looking at is quite qualified, but, you know, we're 100 deep for the kind of person that can lead the fda. and it needs to be a priority.
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and, obviously, there's some energy going into that appointment now. >> and i very quickly want to ask you, because you served in bill clinton's administration, and obviously, the former president was hosphospitalized week with a serious infection. i wonder if you've heard from the clinton family about how he's doing? >> i have. not directly from the president himself. but my understanding is that he's improving. every day. and they expect him to be released soon. i don't know whether he was released last night. but they're going to keep him there because of his age and his pre-existing conditions, frankly, until they're absolutely sure that he can leave. but it looks like he's improving. apparently, he was in very good humor. >> as to be expected. former secretary donna shalala, thank you so much for the time. >> you're welcome.
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well, the january 6th committee has some questions for people involved in the capitol siege. and now a capitol police officer has to answer obstruction charges that have been filed against him. that's ahead. plus, manuel oliver lost his son jochen in the marjory stoneman douglas killing. can you imagine 24 hours without heartburn? i've always dreamed of seeing the world. but i'm not chasing my dream anymore. i made a financial plan to live it every day. ♪ ♪ find a northwestern mutual advisor at people with moderate to severe psoriasis, or psoriatic arthritis, are rethinking the choices they make like the splash they create
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5:18 am
and there are the victims. cruz's defense team had previously offered a guilty plea without the possibility of prac parole. we should say that prosecutors rejected that. they are saying they are seeking the death penalty. manuel oliver is with us now. he just his 17-year-old son joaq joa joaquin oliver better known as joaq. i know this doesn't get any easier. i am wondering what your gut reaction is to the announcement that nikolas cruz is going to plead guilty? >> well, thank you for having me here. there was a lot of confusion yesterday, waiting for what was going to be the final decision. and the pleading guilty for whatever that happened yesterday has nothing to do at any level
5:19 am
with what happened to joaquin. i've been in a few interviews, they always talk about the two cases like it was kind of the same thing. but it's not. pleading guilty for what happened yesterday. but i guess we need to wait until next week to see what happens. this person is criminal, a killer. he's a monster. i was not allowed to call him like that if i was in trial. but now i can. because there's a chance that is not going to be any trial. and still, we can have the death penalty. so, so for me, it's good, it's good that we can move forward. and probably move things a little faster and get this chapter out of the way. >> do you hope to be in the courtroom on wednesday? >> no. i don't hope. and i don't -- i won't. i won't be there. i don't think there's anything for me to add or take by being
5:20 am
there. we got a lot of things going on. we got with joaquin and all the kids who follow what we do to save lives. and to be honest, it's only on my way. patricia and myself, we need to get on with our lives. this is part of the process. the process is not over. some people think this is good because now it's going to be a relief. it won't. it won't be a relief. there's nothing that will bring our loved ones back, not any deal, not any amount of money, any plead guilty will make us feel any better. >> what kind of conversations do you have with parents who know exactly what you're going through? because there are 17 of them. but other than that i mean, there are people around the country that know as well.
5:21 am
but your situation is very specific in that school shooting. what do you talk about? and what do all of you collectively want? do you want the same thing? >> that's a great question. and i got a text yesterday from brian. brian lost his daughter rita. and we were talking about what was going on and how he felt. how we feel. and fred guttenberg was in that conversation, too. it's funny that you're saying it's more than 17. it's way more than 17. we are fathers that lost our sons. it's no difference. the fact that this is parkland, and kids came out very loud after parkland, and we made a statement four years ago, it hasn't helped. since joaquin was shot, more than 140,000 people have been shot, has gone by.
5:22 am
hundreds of school shootings have happened, and we have done nothing. so, back to my initial answer, we need to get rid of this segment of the problem. that it really doesn't matter. i don't care about these monster killer that ended the life of 17 innocent, beautiful people. so, again, hopefully, all of this delay of four years, are you kidding me. how many cases have been solved already in these four years. so, finally, we might see the end of the story. >> manuel, do you ever think about what your son would want? >> i always think about what my son will want. my son wanted exactly what his mother patricia and his dad manuel have done. fight back. gun violence, prevent it from happening on all levels. this is not only about keeping the schools safe.
5:23 am
or keeping the night spots safe or the concert venues safe. this is happening right now while i'm talking to you. and it's going to take a while. and i promise you, i don't see the solution, at least i will be part of the beginning point, that solution. >> we have a feeling we will be seeing you again on that mission you're on. manuel oliver, thank you for taking the time to talk to us. we wish you and -- really, all the parents everywhere, everything that you can heal. >> thank you. >> thank you. >> thank you very much. there is a tense war of words in the city of chicago right now as the city's mayor faces off against its police union over vaccine mandates. the mayor threatening to pull officers off the streets if they don't report their vaccination status. we'll talk live to one local leader urging both sides to take a deep breath and bring the rhetoric down.
5:24 am
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♪ officials in chicago say the city's police force is fully staffed this weekend, despite a disagreement between the city's mayor and the president of the police officers union. up to half of chicago's rank and file officers could be placed on unpaid leave, over a city requirement that they disclose their vaccination status.
5:29 am
mayor lori lightfoot has accused the police union president of telling officers to ignore the deadline to report their status. listen. >> what we've seen from the fraternal order of police, particularly leadership is a lot of misinformation, a lot of half truths and frankly flat out lies in order to induce an insur insurrection. and we're not having that. >> last night, john catanzara was notified to stop engaging and noted that never engaged in a work stoppage. joining us brian hopkins, a chicago city alderman. brian, we're happy to have you. you say the vaccine should stand by, but you say an incentive
5:30 am
should be applied to get officers to comply. what kind of incentives do you think might make a difference here? >> well, that's clearly a point of negotiation. this has taken the form of a classic labor dispute now, with lawyers from the union and lawyers from the city, facing off in court on friday. it did give us time to return to the bargaining table so we can talk about things like incentives to add a carrot to the stick that we've been wielding over all of our municipalle em employees for th months now. this mandate was three months. we have time to prepare for it. and the deadline as status as city of chicago as an employee was midnight last night. we don't know quite yet but have a lead within 24 hours what the noncompliance rate is. the 50% that the fop mentioned in the opening segment is not
5:31 am
accurate. i believe it's around 30%. but that's still a significant number of police officers that so far have not, for whatever reason, gotten vaccinated. if we can provide some incentive and get that figure down to more manageable numbers, say 15%, we're all better off for that. >> brian, some of your colleagues are saying that they believe everyone should be vaccinated. but they as think the mayor needs to back down from the mandate, in the interest of public safety. they don't think the city can afford to lose 30% or 50% of its officers. what's your response to that argument? >> well, that's a valid argument. right now, actually, we're down probably about 10%. from what would normally be our fully staff levels. that has nothing to do with vaccination. and everything to do with the difficulty in recruiting and training police officers in what really is an anti-police environment, you know, nationwide. so, we're leaning in against that right now. and we have a crime epidemic in
5:32 am
chicago. you know, we're seeing an increase in armed robberies, carjacking, daytime shoot-outs in residential areas and downtown streets. the citizenship is intense. to have that and the mayor of the city engaged in this very bitter personal fight in public is really upsetting everyone. it's unconscionable to have that happen right now. and to have police officers threatening to stay home, in some type of labor action. you know, we just -- we can't have that. we can't have that, at a time when we need police officers to stand up and uphold their oath to protect and serve society, now more than ever. >> and there's something that strikes me about the policy. it's actually more lenient than a lot of other mandates like the one president biden announced for federal workers. there's an option for officers to remain unvaccinated.
5:33 am
but to just go through a process of testing. so it's actually like a testing mandate. and the opt-out is to just get vaccinated. why do you think this issue has caused so many problems, if they can just get tests and avoid the vaccine if they don't want it? >> well, that's a great question. in my opinion, there's absolutely no logic or rationality to the police union drawing such a hard line against getting vaccinated. the president of the police union himself has been vaccinated. his predecessor who was a man i knew well and was a good police officer and a good family man, he tragically died on tuesday of covid. and he was unvaccinated. so for people to pick this fight and to say, i refuse to get vaccinated when the evidence is overwhelming that it's the right thing to do for public safety reasons, as well as personal reasons, it literally defies logic in every sense of the word. and i agree with secretary
5:34 am
shalala's remarks on the previous segment where she said it's inevitable. that we're going to get to the point where not just vaccines, but boosters are mandatory. they're mandatory parts of life. that is clearly in the future of our society. and some of us are kicking and screaming on the way there. but we'll have to get there. we literally have no choice, you know, as this virus continues to mutate and evolve. it's not going anywhere. we're all going to have to come to terms with the fact that vaccine requirements will be a part of public life, you know, for the unforeseeable future going forward. >> this is tragic that this argument over what is so obvious that vaccines work and that they help can lead to so many issues and now potentially more crime and violence in a city that does not need it. alderman brian hopkins, thank you so much for your time. >> thank you, boris. >> of course. a us capitol police officer is facing charges now in a case tied to january 6th.
5:35 am
prosecutors say michael a. riley obstructed justice when he told a rioter to remove posts on social media showing they were in the capitol that day. riley's arrest is notable in more than the 600 insurrection cases because this makes him the first police officer on duty on capitol hill, charged with attempting to help a rioter. cnn's caitlin paland joins us. tell us what you know. >> we have not seen this related to the capitol riot. this is a charge against a u.s. capitol police officer michael riley, a 24-year veteran of the police force who was on duty on january 6th. he wasn't assigned to the capitol building himself but he was listening on the radio to colleagues under siege by the rioters and had been responding
5:36 am
to a bomb threat on capitol hill that day. and the following day he reached out, allegedly, according to his indictment to another person he had been in contact with who he had seen post selfies. and he wrote to that person in a direct message. i'm a police officer who agrees with your political stance. take down the part about being in the building, they are currently investigating and everyone who is in the building is going to be charged. just looking out. that's according to the indictment. and riley was talking to a person who ultimately ended up just being another one of those people charged for going into the build. this man he was talking to on facebook jacob hiles was charged with a crime on january 19th. he has pleaded guilty since then. and spoke stto the fbi. riley then, after this man he was in touch with was arrested deleted his facebook messages. that's an accusations in the
5:37 am
indictment. now, he's facing two obstruction charges. now, we have seen throughout this investigation that rioters that have claimed they had been helped by police. or that the police were sympathetic to them. but this case specifically shows you how seriously the justice department is investigating this, following things on social media. following even what the minor names of rioters were doing and being willing to charge criminality. >> caitlin pollantz. a school official in an uproar about what can be taught in class. why she asked teachers to bring in books on opposing views on the holocaust. plus, tomorrow night's episode of "this is life with lisa ling." here's a quick preview.
5:38 am
>> whether we're old or young, we can probably remember a time in our lives when something we thought was true was exposed as a lie. >> peace will be necessary for final success. we will do this because our own security is at stake. >> let me just say this, i have never obstructed justice. >> we did not, repeat, did not trade weapons or anything else for hostages. >> the erosion of trust took its toll. by the end of the 20th century, studies showed that over 50% of americans believed in at least one conspiracy theory. >> a fascinating episode of "this is life with lisa ling." it's on 10:00 p.m. right here on cnn.
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well, a texas school district is apologizing this morning after an administrator set off a firestorm telling teachers to balance books about the holocaust with books that include opposing views. unreal. it happened after a training session for teachers confused over a new state law. correspondent brian todd has the details. >> reporter: a dustup in texas over the teaching of the holocaust history in schools. the superintendent of the carroll independent school district in northern texas has apologized for comments made by an administrator at a recent
5:44 am
teachers training session. school administrator gina petty was taped telling teachers if they have books about the holocaust in their classroom libraries they should also have books that have, quote, opposing views of the holocaust. >> make sure if you have a book on a holocaust that you have one that has -- >> how do you -- >> believe me, that will come up. >> reporter: the audio, secretly recorded by a staff member, first reported by nbc news and obtained by cnn caused an uproar in social media and concern among groups that monitor hate and extremism. >> idea that opposing views of the holocaust would in some way sound legitimate to anybody is a sign of the time perhaps. it's anti-semitism. it's holocaust denial. and it's the things that animates extremists. there are no two sides to this issue. there are no two sides to the
5:45 am
holocaust. >> reporter: in appologized the school superintendent said, quote, the comments made were in no way to convey that the holocaust was anything less than a terrible event in history. we recognize that there are not two sides. the law by greg abbott which took place on september 1, the law says a teacher cannot discuss the widely debated controversial issue of public affairs and the teacher can explore issues. diverse and without giving deference to that perspective. >> we are in the middle of a political mess. and you are in the middle of a political mess. no one knows how to navigate these waters. >> reporter: this comes at a time when some politicians are
5:46 am
putting strange and often inaccurate spins on watershed events. in may, a republican congressman from georgia said this about the january 6th attack on the capitol. >> you know, if you didn't know the tv footage was a video from january 6th, you would actually think it was a normal tourist visit. >> it is all of one piece. it is all rooted in this messaging that says, your america, the america of kind of white skchristian 1950s americas being taken away from you. and we have to use extraordinary means, whether it's limiting what's said in the classroom or storming the capitol to prevent that. >> reporter: cnn has reached out to gina petty that texas school administrator who will made the remarks about holocaust books for any comment on the story. we have not gotten a response, brian todd, cnn, washington. >> thanks. we have an ambitious new mission by nasa to tell you about, exploring ancient
5:47 am
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an update for you on a serious accident. four people suffering minor injuries after an amtrak train hit a car hauler truck friday evening. officials say the train was traveling from texas and collided with the truck, right outside of oklahoma city. the driver of the tractor trailer and his dog are shaken up, but luckily, everyone is alive. the remaining train service was cancelled. and customers were helped with alternative transportation. the cause of the accident is still being investigated. this morning, the first nasa mission that will fly by eight ancient asteroids success ffull launched on its ambitious journey. >> liftoff, sending lucy to
5:52 am
uncover the solar system. >> lucy will launch on a 12-year mission to explore the remnants of the solar system. so far, the only sightings have been artist renderings or animations. as we focused on relationships, we all did a lot of resetting. and it may be particularly hard for those ever you single or dating. mandy hill wrote "don't believe the swipe." she's single and had a revelation posting this on instagram. being alone and enjoying your own company is better than being surrounded by the wrong people. >> how did you learn to be alone? because some people are really uncomfortable with it? >> leading into the pandemic was probably one of the most social times of my life. we had just come off the holidays and all of a sudden, it was silence.
5:53 am
and hopefully i ended up being grateful to spend that amount of time with myself to learn, okay, here's what's it really important to me. here's what i want out of life. here's what i like about myself, here's what i need to change. it was hard to focus on relationships that were important. for me, the number one relationship we tend to neglect is with ourselves. >> the book is so smart "don't believe the swipe." during covid, all we had was the swipe. how did you determine what to believe or not to believe? >> i think it really brought into perspective who is really down with you and who's not. like who should be in the inner circle and who should not. i think part of don't believe the swipe, the book itself, is all about, you know, simplifying the process of dating. breaking it down to a place where it's not scary, it's not intimidating. you don't have to be overwhelmed. you don't have to be on five
5:54 am
dating apps talking to 12 people at once. >> did it change the way you date? >> oh, for sure, simplifying, here's what i want to do, i want to cultivate one or two meaningful connections instead of tender and i want to focus on one or two connections and focus on those before i swipe and go on to the next. >> do most of them want to find genuine connections? >> i think that's a great question because i think that has shifted. i think if you would have asked me that a year and a half, two years ago, i'd say a lot of people are looking for the right things and now people are genuinely realizing, hey, life is short and precious. i think they realize, i want to find something real for myself.
5:55 am
the number one thing is being honest to yourself. not to just the people in your life, but what's going on inside your life as well. sitting down and writing a mission statement. okay, if i was in an elevator and i was pitching myself, and i had 30 seconds to tell somebody what i'm all about, what would that look like, what would i say about myself? i think single people in general are sort of dismissed in a lot of ways. online, in culture, in church. there's all of these different areas of life where single people -- why should i listen to what you're saying? why should i take your advice, you're single? it's like, okay, well, i still have a dream. just the way single people are looked at in general, i think i'm helping us evolving. >> she's an incredible writer. check it out. "smerconish" is up next for you. >> yeah, don't go anywhere. we're going to be back in an
5:56 am
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the art of the steal. i'm michael smerconish in philadelphia. democrats are worried about the prospect of donald trump running again and stealing the 2024 election. no wonder, we've recently learned a number of things about the 2020 cycle that suggests it was more afoot than just those who broke into the capitol building on january 6th, the day that congress was to certify the electoral college. that violence cannot be viewed in a vacuum. disabuse yourself of any idea that the word "insurrectio


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