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tv   CNN Newsroom Live  CNN  October 16, 2021 1:00am-2:01am PDT

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a warm welcome to our viewers here in the united states and around the world. i'm paula newton. police in the uk call the killing of a lawmaker an act of terrorism. in the united states a capitol police officer faces charges in connection with the insurrection and protests over one of the strictest vaccine
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mandates anywhere in the world and why some say it is a form of discrimination. we begin in the uk where police are calling the fatal stabbing of a member of parliament an act of terrorism. the suspect has links to terrorism. the second member of parliament to be murdered in five years. police quickly arrested a 25-year-old man believed to be a british national of somali
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heritage. >> the police say this was a terror incident. the murder so gruesome. this must be so much for the community to take in. >> absolutely. the outpouring of shock and grief has been great. we've seen people coming to leave flowers and expressing sadness at the loss experienced. they are waking up to this terrible news that this incident is being treated as a terrorist incident being taken over by the counter terrorism policing unit and they have said the early evidence is that this attack could be linked to islamic
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extremism. they don't suspect any other individuals were involved. they are not looking for any other suspect. they have arrested the 25-year-old british national and are appealing for any evidence that the public can provide including cctv footage and dash cam footage. you can see the nation's media is all here. this is an incident that has captured the incident and created shock waves and people are distressed by this. a few meters behind us is the church where sir david was stabbed. it is a shock that in this small seaside town something like this could happen. >> gruesome to think he was brutally stabbed and even though
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first sresponders were there quickly, they were not able to save him. i want to point something out, after joe cox's murder that was murdered in 2016. her husband tweeted, my thoughts and love are with david's family but also saying how the pain has come back and remembering how much the public gave us after the loss of joe and i hope we can do the same here. he also tweeted that this is an attack on democracy itself. >> that's right. that's the concern we are hearing from the statements. not just tributes to him and grief but what does this mean for the policy. in talking about jo cox in 2016,
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you mentioned this was not the first to be killed this way. in 2010, another mp was killed in meeting with voters in a similar circumstance although he survived. there is a concern about how things can continue. it is not just the violent events, the out course of the mood and events that are parts of an mp's daily life. it is a core part of their job which is meeting the people that they represent intimately, one on one spending time and listening to them. a key dynamic and core pillar of how democracy works in this country. even before the death of david
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amos, there was concerns about prioritizing accessibility is perhaps out of date and unsafe. we are hearing promises to address this and it does seem a tipping point has been reached. in the event that that happens, it will ultimately be viewed as a diminishing british democracy. >> your right to point out about everything going on online. we've heard about abuse and threats they get on a consistent basis. >> thank you to you both. the murder of jo cox we were talking about shocked the uk days before the brexit referendum and it drove for calls for more protection around lawmakers. here is what a colleague of sir
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david and cox said on friday. >> i do know of people who stood down in the election because the threats against them were more than they could take, and quite rightly. i know of others who decided not to stand. frankly, this is why this matters so much. the murder of jo and david are not just an attack against them, a horrific attack against them, their family and friends, it is a fundamental right to choose who they wish to represent them. what we have seen is the ability to communicate rage more easily than it has been. before, you would have to pick
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up a pen, write a letter, get a stamp. it took so long do it and people calmed down before they fed it. now we know we can move much more quickly than that with an email. they are finding ways in which we remember that our words have actions and it doesn't matter how important or unimportant we think we are. the reality is that he we are part of what shapes nearer and it is very much up to us as individuals. wherever you live to conduct yourself as you like, your democracy to operate. we can all poison the well or we can all save it. >> some perspective on this, i'll bring in the professor of security studies at kings college. good to see you again. i wish it were under
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circu circumstances. the police very quickly uncovered this as a possible terror incident. >> they discovered the name of the suspect in a prior investigation. they probably came across him or he was reported in the so-called prevent scheme, preventing radicalization of the government. what they are doing now is going through all of his possessions, especially through his laptop and mobil phone to see who else he is connected to to make sure that this was an act on his own or whether he was receiving instructions from other people or there were other people involved in preparing this act of terror or something else. that's what they are busy with right now. >> so far, they are searching
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these two addresses, they are saying they don't believe they are looking for another suspect. the uk's history of battling against terrorism has been deep. you mentioned prevent strategy, the uk's counterterrorism strategy, you've even said as comprehensive as that can be, it can only go so far. >> we've seen a shift over the past 15 years, as you know, paula. in 2005, the terrorist attacks in london, seven seven. that was a coordinated attack with groups that were organized. that wasn't so easy. that doesn't happen anymore. what we are seeing now are these
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lone attackers that are part of jihad extremists they are hovering around. there are plenty of them. it is not clear to what extent they are ready to act. the police have several thousands of people like that. you always have the risk of one of them basically doing something on their own in a place like essex where you have not a lot of police on the ground. it is a different dynamic than 15 or 20 years ago. >> absolutely. the threat and posture keeps changing. you've given your expert opinion in the united states about what should be done. i can tell you this story is resonating beyond the borders of the uk so many looking at their own security because they see
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the extremism every day in their social media feeds. what p can you try to do to quell this am if i indication? >> you are right. and this has been reported all over western europe. social media has led to a polarization to a discord between people and politicians. if you can't have politicians speak in a normal way to people anymore. social media has not helped. we have seen people leave politics. the chances to protect politics better on the ground which is sad. you want them to interact and to
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have police there impeding that. it is unfortunate but it seems to be necessary. >> peter, so good to have your perspective on this. appreciate it. we want to go back now to leon sea. we see boris johnson there. members of the community are so shocked by this crime. the details are so gruesome. this was a man, an mp in his office taking open office hours and he was brutally stabbed several times. despite the fact that first responders arrived, they were unable to save him. you see boris johnson there called the mp, sir david amos
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one of the nicest, kindest people he had known. a member of boris johnson's conservative party. boris johnson really reflecting a lot of the shock over what happened and now the sobering reality of this death and murder and the investigation to follow. we remind you, as you see there, the officers paying respect with flowers. those investigators now saying this was an incident of terror, which widens the scope of investigation. we still believe police are searching two addresses in london. we'll continue to stay up on the story and see if boris johnson has more to say after this visit. we return to the united states where the u.s. house is embroiled over legal dprontation
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o over subpoenas. an indictment has been laid against one of their own. we have the details. >> reporter: a capitol police officer is being charged with obstruction of justice. accused of warning someone who participated to pull down their pictures of the insurrection from social media. michael a. riley, a 25-year-old veteran of the force is accused of sending private facebook messages to jacob and wrote pictures of the day and wrote, feeling cute, might start a revelation later. an officer who, quote, agrees with your political stance. take part about being in the
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building. they are currently investigating and everyone in the building is going to be charged. the chief responding quickly and placing riley on leave. obstruction of justice is a very serious allegation. the department was notified several weeks ago, upon his arrest, officer was placed on leave. new video merges from that day that shows metropolitan officer michael being pulled from inside the capitol out into a mob by a rioter. then a rioter puts a tazer on the back of his neck. he later had a heart attack and is still dealing with this. >> the chair said he will do
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whatever they can to hold the people responsible. meeting to place charges against bannon who said he is following trump directives not to testify. on thursday and friday, the committee has scheduled depositions of three different people who planned and executed the event. making it clear, no one, including the former president is above the reach of their investigation. >> i will say this at this point, nobody is off limits to a subpoena from this committee. >> they are hoping their aggressive stance with bannon will send a message to other potential witnesses that they are not messing around. >> we have the power to get to these answers and we are dang determined to do that. >> as for that capitol police
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officer charged, his attorney sending cnn a statement saying that he plans to fight the charges. he's also getting some support from his police union. the chair putting out a statement saying there shouldn't be a rush to judgement against riley and that he is innocent until proven guilty. reporting from capitol hill. >> joe biden says those who refused subpoenas should be prosecuted. >> i hope the committee goes after them and holds them accountable. >> do you think they should be prosecuted? >> i do, yes. >> to be clear, those comments are the strongestiest from the white house. still ahead, the u.s. cdc says masks and vaccines are a
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so for the millions of people in the united states that got the johnson&johnson, a boost dose might soon be available. those people unvaccinated, those numbers don't lie. we have the latest news from los angeles. >> we have 19 out of 19 unanimous yes votes. fda advisors just agreed with johnson&johnson, a second dose of their vaccine is a good idea. >> it will increase efficacy against severe disease, and the breadth of the immune response against the variant. >> and they say they should get that at least two months after the first. a va study found in march, a
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vaccine protection was high. in august, there was erosion. look at johnson and johnson. it fell to just three. >> i think it is better than as a two-dose vaccine. more people are getting a booster everyday than getting a first shot. unvaccinated adults are 19 times more likely to be hospitalized and 11 times more likely to die. >> i urge everyone eligible for a vaccine to get them. >> proving testing or be vaccinated. >> even the ones that are like myself believe a forced mandate is absolutely wrong. >> what we've seen from others is a lot of misinformation, half
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truths and flat out lies in order to produce an insurrection and we are not having that. >> finally, november 8, fully vaccinated foreigners can enter the country. >> probably news you didn't want to hear, the cdc updated guidelines from the holiday season. outdoor gatherings still best. inside, wear a mask. top of their list, just get vaccinated. >> we've heard about the police in chicago. chicago isn't alone. it is a problem across the united states. a new report says covid has killed more police officers in the last two years than anything
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else. >> this was horrible. this did not have to happen. >> with the police force 18 years. >> his wife pleaded to get the vaccine. he remained skeptical. >> i feel like mike did not get vaccinated because he didn't have all the facts. there was a lot of information moving around, moving parts. when that happens, rumors, misinformation, science leaves the picture and it just becomes chatter. it attacked his lungs and made them look like baby swiss cheese. >> across the country, she lost
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her husband to getting covid on the job. he wanted to be first in line to get covid but never had the chance. >> now i'm raising two small girls without their dad. if he had had that choice to get that extra protection. he would have done it. >> she shared the final heartbreaking messages on facebook hoping plead with officers to get the shot. >> if you are serious about your commitment to protect the community and personal commitments to your family, that should be enough. >> the number one killer of law enforcement officers over the last two years taking over 470 lives according to officer memorial page.
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since the start of the pandemic, more than four times as many officers have died from covid as from gun fire. despite being the first groups having access to the vaccine. >> the right to be vaccinated is an individual right. i firmly believe in that and encourage people do that. >> across the oous, some officers are resisting. in miami, and in san francisco, at least 120 officers will be off the street for a failure to comply. the national police union is encouraging vaccinations but is not in favor of a mandate.
1:29 am
>> the police union is telling officers. watching the battles rage, she hopes this can be a lesson to other officers. >> do you think mike dying has helped other officers? >> yes. to this day, i still get letters and calls and copies of people's vaccination cards in the mailbox that i don't know. >> you hear the idea of other officers and their families, you can understand the amount of impact. the two cars behind me belong to some of the unit that belonged to mike's unit. this hit his department as well but she doesn't want to see mandates forcing officers.
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she believes if people can talk and encourage officers but less about mandates forcing them to make decisions. reporting from florida. to new zealand now. it is holding a super saturday event to get people vaccinated. the goal is to vaccinate one in 12 residents in a single day. taking part in the vaxathon to build that support. right now, just over 53% of new zealand's population are vaccinated. in italy, the covid-19 vaccine green pass is needed for all workers. italians think a government mandate like this has no place in health care.
1:31 am
we have the latest from rome. >> italy has become the first western democracy to issue a health pass on covid. starting friday, everyone who pulls a paycheck have to show a green pass to show they are fully vaccinated or have a recent covid test before they go to work. if they don't have it, they can be fined. and employers who don't demand it can face fines. up to 80% of the public are vaccinated. some people have taken to the streets to protest. gathering here in rome to make their voices heard. reporting for cnn, rome. just ahead for us, while the u.s. president is optimistic about his expansive spending package, he is also suggesting some programs may have to be dropped if it is to be passed.
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joe biden acknowledging he's not going to get everything he wanted in his $3 trillion spending plan. recognizing the importance of increased child care. he suggested free community college might have to be cut from the plan. the president's build back better agenda has hit a brick wall as moderate democrats disagree with progressives.
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>> reporter: president biden hitting the road and the playground. >> too many folks in washington still don't realize it isn't enough to invest in our physical inif structure, we have to invest in our people. >> the currently frozen multitrillion package. >> both bills are not about left versus right or moderate versus progressives. >> biden pressing the urgency of the moment. >> these views are about competitiveness and come place -- come place sis. >> two senators remain on the fence. >> my number has been 1.5.
1:37 am
>> insisting on a vote on the bipartisan $1.2 trillion proposal first. a starter for house progressives. man chin's concerns from the paid leave and community college and expanded medicare. biden has spoken to both this week and talks remain ongoing as they fix two critical dates consuming democrats. the october 31 expire operation of transportation and the november 2 virginia senate race. >> hope the house will get that to president biden asap. with biden increasingly concerned.
1:38 am
>> we'll get both done. i'm confident. the surn wesooner we can get th the better. >> fishing from behind the scenes. basically closing out the proposal to reach those agreements at one point made very clear. time is not limited. now is the time for decisions to be made. reporting for cnn at the white house. an isis affiliate says it is behind friday's mass murder. a warning some of what you are going to see is disturbing and
1:39 am
graphic. joot carnage you see here that killed 32 people. the second week in a row isis h condition claims responsibility for a bombing. the u.s. attorney general is calling for action and that the perpetrators must be brought to justice. >> one of the final 5:0acts was botched drone attack. now the united states is in talks with one of the employers that was killed. >> the defense department held its first virtual meeting with possibility compensation payments with the employer of one of 10 civilians killed.
1:40 am
initially the u.s. department defended the strike calling it a righteous strike. about three weeks after, the commander came out and said it was a tragic mistake. the u.s. and pentagon believed they were taking out an eminent tlelt of isis-condition. they said it was in fact 10 civilians including seven children killed in that strike. the founder of nei where the man worked talking to the under secretary of defense of policy. d dr. kahl noted that 9 strike was a tragic mistake. in terms of where this goes from here, this was a preliminary step of what could be a long process. no other u.s. troops speak
1:41 am
directly to the family but also the desire of the family to relocate to the united states is not purely a defense department question but a state department question and already a difficult process in a process moving forward now. reporting for cnn in the pentagon. stay with us. we'll be right back with more news. so, i started listening to audible about two years ago. a friend of mine recommended a book to me, and i got hooked really fast. and then it kind of just became a lifestyle after that. i've found new authors. i've found new interests. i've found all of these wonderful things. audible has all the entertainment you love. text listen10 to 500500 to get thirty days free. i like thrillers, true crime podcasts, news podcasts... science fiction, space dramas... a lot of classics. i listen almost exclusively to the audible originals. i also think it's pretty special that they get audiobooks that aren't released anywhere else.
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go to any gas station here and you will hear a common complaint. the prices are just too high. motorists are suffering through this facing a degree of sticker shock at a time of the year when gas prices typically cool off a bit. u.s. crude at $82 per barrel. a seven-year high. prices are up 30% and according to the motoring association triple a, the national average gas price climbed to $3.30 on friday. up more than a dollar this time
1:45 am
last year. drivers in the united states, misery likes company because many people around the world are feeling the pinch. not only the cars but natural gas prices. a senior research fellow. i appreciate you joining us. getting you to weigh in on the great debate. are these price hike s temporary.
1:46 am
has already led to the spike in prices. what would expected in the demand of cold weather. in china, the prices have been very high. we have around the world, a number of constraints. that has been seven or eight different countries and taken the supply off the market. >> you hear from analysts again and again that we do have enough
1:47 am
resources. that production is down quite a bit compared to last year or a couple of years ago and exports from russia have not gained back to 2019 levels the russian production of record levels. i don't think that is the case and they are short supply for their own market. the next few months, we are at the mercy of the weather. last winter was a bit cold. particularly in the northern europe and asia. if we get a cold winter like last winter or worse, and prices could spike, on the other hand with a mildish winter like a couple of years before, then we could see prices come off quite
1:48 am
a bit. i think the market is waiting a little bit to see what the situation is like. >> again, we are at the mercy of the weather here. it has been interesting to see how much repercussions are fuelling. appreciate your in sights on this. >> thank you. ahead for us, chinese astronauts are orbiting the earth again. we'll have news on the crew and their ambitious goals straight ahead.
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three chinese astronauts have docked after launching a few hours before. part of the chinese aggressive space race with the united states. >> 90-year-old star trek actor william shatner becomes the oldest man to reach such heights amid much fanfare in the u.s.
1:53 am
>> thousands of miles away, china's move shows steps forward. >> access to the launch center in china. carrying three chinese astronauts to the country's soon to be completed space station. called the heavenly palace an alternative to the international space station. the 15 country iss has already been occupied for 20 years. the u.s. passed a law to keep the chinese from accessing. raising the question. >> if we had brought china in would they have felt as compelled to develop as quickly as they have. >> the character in gravity saved by a chinese space station
1:54 am
on her way back to earth. >> telling us it is one of her favorite films. she is one of three on this mission. taking part in cave training from astronauts from five countries in 2016. >> i hope one day i can fly with other international astronauts in space and welcome them to visit china's space station. >> western astronauts have have to study up first. state media reports european astronauts are already taking language courses so they can visit the space station. despite a late start, china is catching up. returning samples from the moon and like the u.s. put a rover on mars within the last year. it has big plans for commercial
1:55 am
and deep space exploration including to build a base on the moon with russia and send humans to mars in 2030s. from launching billionaires to exploration, the u.s. is leading. the long history of success putting 12 men on the moon. the more pressing challenge, prioritizing the millions needed to hold on to that lead. some believe that might fuel more innovation. >> if you are somebody who wants to see humans land on mars, geopolitical competition is probably not the worst thing in the world. >> captain kirk is helping to capture moving forward. china's three astronauts now embarking on the six-month mission to secure their footing
1:56 am
out of this world. reporting from the launch center, china. party goers are on their feet dancing their hearts out in amsterdam. you hear it there. clubs and bars are reopening after the government lifted covid restrictions. one huge event, amsterdam's dance music festival runs. business owners are celebrating. >> we've been closed for 20 months. we were the first to close and the last business to open up again. that's hard. it is good to see how resilient this business is and how many people are eagle to dance and feel connected through music. >> finally some relief there for
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♪ live from cnn headquarters in atlanta, warm welcome to all of you watching here in the united states and around the world, i'm paula newton and this is "cnn newsroom." police now say a murder of member of british parliament was an act of terror. the u.s. is on the verge of approvals yet more covid booster shots. and in chicago, a battle over politicians and police over


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