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tv   CNN Newsroom With Poppy Harlow and Jim Sciutto  CNN  October 14, 2021 7:00am-8:00am PDT

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good thursday morning to you. it's almost friday. i'm jim sciutto. >> i love a good friday eve. i'm erica hill. it is also decision time for the gymnastics select committee. will lawmakers pursue criminal contempt charges now that a pair of president trump's former aides are expected to refuse to appear for today's scheduled depositions? cnn has learned that both steve bannon, former defense official patel will likely defy subpoenas
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if called upon to testify. >> overnight bannon's attorney sent a letter informing the committee he will not provide testimony as he's been subpoenaed to do or documents as of now. the lawyer saying, quote, we will comply with the directions of the courts when and if they rule on these claims of both executive and attorney/client privileges. the committee is not buying that legal argument. >> the reason why some of these witnesses, people like steve bannon, who have been public about their contempt for congress, feel they can get away with it is for four years they did. steve would never be held in contempt, never prosecuted by the trump justice department. but those days are over. >> lawmakers are also pressing forward with new subpoenas. the latest is for jeffrey clark, a former donald trump doj official who was integral to helping efforts to helping then president trump overturn the 2020 election.
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whitney wild is with us in washington. whitney, patel is not appearing. he said he's engaging with the committee. what does that mean if a witness is refusing a subpoena to testify? >> reporter: that's the question we've been asking ourselves since we saw these responses they've been engaging with the comm committee. they're having conversations through counsel to the committee. however, it does not mean they are appearing for depositions, and it does not mean they are handing over documents necessarily. these are the outstanding questions at this point. we know there is apparently a growing reluck tans for these close trump allies to go through what's being asked of them through this subpoena without a lot of pushback. it's very clear they're going to make this as difficult as possible for the house select committee. however, as you point out, the house select committee is prepared to move forward with an aggressive way and that includes criminal contempt. >> we'll be watching for that.
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whitney, you have new information about some early warnings ahead of the attack on the capitol, ahead of the insurrection on january 6th. what were those warnings, and where did they go? >> reporter: specifically, it was an email sent from the field division of the fbi to a member of the secret service. it was a brief summary of another briefings given by the metropolitan police department. mpd, the local police department, told its law enforcement partners this is the intelligence we're working with. the hotels are booked. people on social media are encouraging others to come to washington, d.c., armed. further, as a reminder, law enforcement partners mpd recovered eight firearms at pro-trump rally -- related to a rally i should say in november of 2020. there were five arrests surrounding that event. they also note that was not the case in december, that it was much quieter, no firearms recovered then. the point here is that there was this briefing with law
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enforcement partners, so everybody was supposed to be on the same page. then a member of the fbi's washington field office passed that information to another law enforcement partner. the overall conclusion here based on this email we have is that they still with all this evidence did not identify a specific and credible threat. now we know that that was a severe misread of the situation, and it is one more piece of evidence to show that while law enforcement was on the same page in terms of the information they were sharing, they were very much not reading carefully. to follow that metaphor as far as it can go, the reality is they had this information and didn't take it seriously enough. >> hope they do more so next time. whitney wild, thank you. joining us to discuss, elliott williams, and former deputy assistant attorney general and political anchor for spectrum news, host of you decide podcast. elliott, i want to start with where we're at and what we just heard from adam schiff, where he
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said, you know, in terms of steve bannon, he could drag this on. he would never be held in contempt, never with prosecuted by the trump justice department, but those days are over. that's a clear message from the congressman, but i wonder, elliott, do you see signs that things are different under a biden justice department that you will see different action from attorney general merrick garland? >> quite possibly. you would normally give the witness an opportunity to at least show up. common sense dictates, and every indication we have is that steve bannon is not going to, but it benefits congress when they go too court eventually to say they called this witness in, he chose not to comply and he is acting in violation of the subpoena. they have a few options. two big ones are, one, they can go to the justice department and seek a criminal penalty. that doesn't get you the testimony. that just punishes him for breaking the law.
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that's leverage they could have. they could sue him to enforce the validity of the subpoena. they're free to take those steps. you punish him in one sense but compel him to testify in another sense. we'll have to see what happens as this plays out. >> i'm curious about where this ultimately leads, right, because beyond those support players, the question is what did the former president attempt to do and can congress prove it, right? they had eight hours of testimony from the former acting a.g. jeffrey rosen yesterday. that's key because he's one of the officials, the rare ones here, who stood up and said i'm not going to be a part of this. jeffrey clark was willing to play ball, right? and they're trying to go after him now. but does the committee have the tools to establish via testimony and documents exactly what the president tried to do here? >> i think they can get closer, jim. i don't know if they're ever going to get precisely what
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happened because this president is long experienced at delaying process so that he doesn't have to give up information until it's no longer relevant. this could be a year or two from now. on the other hand, politically, that works against donald trump's interests, because if we wants to continue to control the republican party and prepare to run for president again, when we finally do inch our way toward the truth, it could really come out at an inopportune moment for him. one way or another, the truth is going to come out or as close as we can get to it. obviously, without the help of donald trump and with the sycophants who are going to put their own careers and legal status in jeopardy in trying to defend him. we've seen this play out over and over again. in the end, we found out what happened with a lot of the other misdeeds of that administration. >> jim mentioned the subpoena for jeffrey clark, former justice department official, who was willing to play ball with
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the president, even went so far to draft this letter with evidence of voting irregularities in georgia. what does that open him up to potentially in terms of criminal charges? >> there's a few different areas of exposure for him. one, potential criminal charges, election-related crimes, fraud-related crimes, dishonest statements to other feld ral officials crimes, but also potential bar sanctions. even if you don't rise to level of charging him with a crime, the senate judiciary committee put out a report suggesting the district of columbia investigate his bar license because as a lawyer you can't make false representations for another body. they would not be frivolous charges. we'll have to wait and see. >> errol louis, forgive my skeptical eye here, we've been in investigation land here with
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trump for half a decade now, right? and many don't go anywhere. he's expert, as you say, stretching out the process and the people who work from him are following his lead on that. of the many investigations, you have gymnastics but you also have georgia, for instance, looking into possible criminal activity regarding interference in the election count there. what do you see as having the most legs as any? >> don't forget, the investigation of the trump organization. >> yeah. >> and the fact one of the top aides to donald trump was brought into court in handcuffs not that long ago. >> the former president is not named in that investigation. >> well, yeah, but, i mean, listen, certainly if we want to simply figure out whether or not donald trump personally as opposed to his administration, his presidency, his business interests and so forth, is being i guess targeted for
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accountability, yeah, it may end up any old place. he certainly is expert at throwing his aides and associates under the bus in the pursuit of escaping his own personal liability or culpability. here again, to the extent we're talking about politics, if he wants to run for president as somebody who had a whole bunch of his aides to go prison, a lot of his aides sort of clearly lying to congress, drawing out process, playing with the rule of law itself, frankly, in the free transfer of power during our elections, if he wants to take that to the people as a candkacandidate in future -- >> we'd see that if he took that to the people as a candidate because he would say it's all a lie anyway. thanks for joining us. this morning, familiar headline -- negotiations ongoing on capitol hill over two major pieces of legislation still ongoing.
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jayapal he says progressives are holding firm in their demands to not cut policies from that proposal. melanie zanona joins us. we've asked the question so many times. are we going anywhere? is the october 31st deadline getting wobbly? >> to answer the first question, no. there have been no signs of progress or breakthroughs. they haven't agreed on a top-line number yet, yet alone the policy differences. the october 31st deadline, it's looking increasingly likely they'll blow by it. even some demirs are starting to say that. look at what camilla jayapal said about that. >> we're waiting on two people to tell us what they would agree on. would we like to get it done by october 31st?
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of course. we want to get it done past both bills and get them to the president's desk. >> democrats are working with a sense of urgency but also not trying to rush critical decisions about how and where to cut. >> they know this is a circular firing squad. politically, is there panic within the party about the delay? >> absolutely, especially along the frontline democrats who are vulnerable next election. they want that bipartisan infrastructure bill to pass, which is sort of being held in limbo. but it's looking like they're talking past each other and not to each other, and i think that's where the issue is. >> melanie zanona, thanks very much. >> thank you. still to come, right now, the fda vaccine advisers are mee meeting at this very moment to discuss the data. they'll look at whether to recommend booster shots to millions of americans around moderna and j&j's vaccine. what should you be watching for? and prices are rising on just about everything from eggs
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to washing machines. what is being hit with the highest price hike? that one's easy -- gasoline. what you can expect at the pump moving forward. later this hour, tensions inside netflix, how reporting of netflix ceo ted sarandos with his defense of dave chappelle and his comedy special is causing backlash inside the company. ♪ feel stuck and need a loan? move to sofi and feel what it's like to get your money right. ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ move to a sofi personal loan.
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set to give an update on the administration's covid-19 response. the white house is touting, quote, tremendous progress in its vaccine campaign. though cases are down in large part they seyay due to mandates. and another question whether to authorize booster doses of the moderna vaccine. a new nih study says mixing and matching boosters is safe and creates a strong immune response. some options there. here to discuss primary care physician and public health specialist saju matthew. gud good to have you with us. can you give us your view on where you stand on boosters? every day there's something new about that. the data seem to be pointing to it increases immunity and immunity wanes several months after initial full vaccination.
7:19 am
in your view, should there with a coalescing of minds to say boosters are a good idea for general population? >> yeah. good morning, jim. always been a physician that believes that we need to keep protecting those that are vaccinated. we know for a fact that with time the vaccine immunity wanes. that's a given. that's not surprising. and with a lot of people in this country that are overweight, obesity is a pandemic as well, on epidemic in this country, we need to protect them, also the immuno compromise. i think the fda's ruling, giving that opening for people with co-morbid conditions, people 65 and older, health care workers like myself, it give us a chance to have that opportunity to discuss with our physicians about booster shots. while those shots are key, the most important thing is to get the 60 million, 70 million people who have not been vaccinated, we need to get them in for a shot as well.
7:20 am
>> you touched on this in the past, but in terms of the unvaccinated, when there is so much focus on the boosters, which is an important part of the conversation, but when that is dominating the conversation, what's the impact on folks who are still vaccine hesitant that that you've found? >> yeah. good morning, erica. i do worry about that quite a bit because it's almost like the unvaccinated, they want to hide behind the cover of these conversations about vaccinating the already vaccinated, boosting them, and i think what ends up happening is sometimes we lose focus on the fact that until we get the 60 million people vaccinated, we're not going to crush this virus. i give this analogy all the time at work, erica, which is you're not going to go into a war zone without wearing a vest. the vest protects your heart and lungs, even if there are gunshot wounds, i may get one to my leg, but if i can protect my heart
7:21 am
and lungs, i will survive. that is how a vaccine works. a lot of people who are anti-vaxxers or vaccine hesitant say dr. matthew, you can still get an infection if you're vaccinated. true, but these breakthrough infections are mild. we still need to focus on the unvaccinated. >> the trouble is that vest, as you describe it, has been politicized to the point where politicians say this is an issue of freedom. you don't have to wear that vest walking into the firefight, you don't have to get the vaccine in the midst of a pandemic. folks have been trying for months to convince those people. if that rock doesn't move, what do you do? where are we left? are we left with living with this going forward? with we've lost the chance to crush it? >> right. good point, jim. i'm not giving up. i know people will listen to me on tv, dr. matthew, aren't you tired of talking about the unvaccinated? i'm not because it's the unvaccinated that is going to keep pulling us behind.
7:22 am
we're the only country in the world, jim, that has free, safe, and effective vaccines and the fda is talking right now, as we have this conversation, about mixing and matching, chbwhich w also make it much easier for people to get vaccinated. we need to use this opportunity to crush this virus heading into winter, where the virus tends to misbehave, and with the holidays around the corner, i'm not going to get tired of convincing the unvaccinated that they must get vaccinated. >> and all of that starts with a conversation, right? our own dr. sanjay gupta sat down for a three-hour conversation with podcast host joe rogan, and they tackled a number of these issues of the many that stood out to us. i want you to listen to this moment, because i think it's important to get an answer on this. take a listen. >> i think you should get vaccinated and then get sick. this is why. the vaccine protects you from a
7:23 am
bad infection and then you get covid so then you get the robust immunity that's imparted from having the actual disease itself, which is far more complex and comprehensive than you're getting from the vaccine that targets one specific protein, right? >> you can make that argument. >> yeah. get vaccinated, let it wane and hang around with a bunch of dirty people. for you. >> yes. >> you had it. one shot of the vaccine. >> no. >> why not? >> because i have better immunity than i would if i was vaccinated. >> can you clear that up, dr. matthew? does someone who has had and recovered from coronavirus have better immunity than a person who's had one shot of the vaccine? >> yeah, so let me try to clarify that. kudos to dr. gupta for showing up in the lion's den. that was very brave of him. we must approach and talk to people that don't necessarily agree with us. when it comes to natural immunity, erica, this is the deal. there's no doubt that you have some protection. but the problem is we don't know
7:24 am
how long that protection lasts. studies show that the vaccine actually jump-starts the ant bodies so you get a robust response, you get a much higher antibody level, and the vaccine also protects you from a wide variety of variants. so while, you know, he is right that a natural infection will give you some natural immunity, you don't want to get this virus. even after you're vaccinated, you want to be safe because getting covid has more consequences than just dying and being hospitalized. we talk about one-third of people who have covid that have long covid, you know, and i see them at work. their heart rate goes up, they have brain fog, so we're always focusing on death, dying, and hospitalization, but there's a completely different side of patients who are suffering, who are going to be handicapped and disabled from long covid. >> dr. saju matthew, thank you.
7:25 am
>> thank you. still ahead this hour, as president biden tries to right the ship on supply chain issues, americans are facing rising prices on a bunch of stuff, children's shoes to gasoline. gas prices are next. virtually 100%. helping to prevent gum disease and bad breath. never settle for 25%. always go for 100. bring out the bold™ alberto and i don't fit into those other family plans. that's why we love visible. they do things differently. yeah, it's wireless with unlimited data and if you join a group it's as low as $25/mo. all powered by verizon. 5g included. woo! just get together and save! we look goooood! what's everyone's handle? visible. unlimited data, as low as $25/mo all-in. powered by verizon, 5g included. wireless that gets better with friends.
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u.s. business leaders to take more steps to address the global supply chain crisis. it affects all of us. >> the president announcing a partnership with u.s. ports, retailers and freight movers, the port of los angeles and walmart, ups, and fedex, will be operating around the clock to clear out that backlog. john harwood joins us now. john, the president using this as an opportunity, this announcement, to push his infrastructure and spending bills, which are currently stalled in congress. but, look, we need some action now with the supply chain. >> reporter: that's right. the president also needs action now on his legislative jen. agenda. white house leaders trying to push legislators on capitol hill to get a deal by the end of this week, at least a framework for a deal, no sign that's going to happen. but that's his long-term answer to the economic stresses that americans face. it includes some investment in ports, a significant investment in ports in that infrastructure
7:31 am
bill, but of course that's not going to help in the short term. in the intermediate term, what the president is trying to do is smooth out kinks in the supply chain by getting ports operating 24/7, by getting truck transmission of those goods to market and to factories accelerated, expanding the number of trucker and drivers' licenses, maybe dropping the age of ability from truckers from 21 to 18 if they can resolve safety concerns across the government, semiconductors, as well, trying to ease those kinks because those are fueling inflation, which is an increasing problem for americans, a problem for the president's political standing. one fascinating thing that is moving in the background, guys, is that more significant and immediate than anything the president can do on the supply chain front, that can have a marginal impact, would be if he lifts those tariffs on chinese goods that president trump imposed. the challenge, though, is that
7:32 am
those tariffs were instituted by president trump as a punishment against china. president biden has said standing up to china is a major line of his foreign policy. how do you weigh those two things, trying to cut costs to american consumers and american manufacturers by lifting tariffs, or is that a favor to china? that's a balancing test that's been -- so far been resolved in favor of being tough with china. good change if the pressure keeps mounting on inflation. >> folks can't get christmas trees. john harwood, thanks very much. that worsening supply chain crisis means american consumers are paying p ho ing more for a bunch of things ranging from used cars to children's shoes. perhaps most noticeably, every day at the gas pump. >> on average americans are paying $16 more every time they fill up the tank. that's $16 more than what they were paying last year at this time. cnn business and politics
7:33 am
correspondent vanessa takes a closer look at how long this could last. >> reporter: from coast to coast there's a consensus. what do you think of the price you're seeing at the pump? >> it's getting pretty high. >> the gas is bad. prices are really high. >> reporter: the price of gasper gallon the highest in seven years, topping $4 in some states. the price of crude oil, the largest driver of gas prices, wentz negative last year and now over $80 a barrel this week and could only get worse. >> we haven't peaked this year yet. we're seeing the highest price of the year right now. >> we're not at the peak. what does that mean for you? >> well, that means i might travel closer to home. >> reporter: gary christianson stopping for gas in new jersey while on a road trip to maine. >> this is another 50 cents higher than what i paid for in virginia.
7:34 am
>> reporter: he says it's only gotten more expensive as he makes his way north. do you remember a time in history when gas prices were this high? >> i remember jimmy carter. jimmy carter, you were waiting even/odd days trying to gets gas. >> reporter: that was in the 1970s when an arab oil embargo and conflict in iran led to a shortage in oil, doubling the price of gas from under 50 cents a gallon to over $1 in a few short years. in 2008, global demand for gas and supply chain concerns sent prices to a record. in 2014, more global unrest in the middle east sparked another gas shortage, sending prices sky-high. >> we're in a very different pl place. there's plenty of gasoline, plenty of product. we just can't get to it. >> reporter: that's because opec, the biggest oil-producing nations, aren't increasing the
7:35 am
amount of oil they release into the global economy, so as demand rebounds in the u.s., americans are paying about $16 more to fill up their tanks than a year ago. >> getting kind of ridiculous because people are trying to get back to work and now all of a sudden i have to pay more for gas just to get to work. >> reporter: california leads the way with the highest gas in the country. with rates in washington, d.c., kentucky, and indiana up as high as 17 cents a gallon in just the last week. the pain at the pump is very real. >> it's like do you want to eat steak or fill up your tank? >> reporter: and that simple decision for buying food or spending more money on gas is what has prompted president biden to make addressing these higher gas prices a priority. but the president doesn't have much power. he can only release more from our nation's oil reserves, but the administration says they're not going to be doing that.
7:36 am
and jim and erica, really now, we're at the mercy of the market, so americans are just going to have to ride this wave out until prices drop again. jim, erica? >> vanessa your kev itch, thank you oop oom. democrats bring out the big guns for two upcoming campaign rallies. why democrats are calling in for barack obama to step in and help. and a lot happening today. here's what to watch. >> tech: when you get a chip in your windshield... trust safelite. this couple was headed to the farmers market... when they got a chip. they drove to safelite for a same-day repair. and with their insurance, it was no cost to them. >> woman: really? >> tech: that's service the way you need it. >> singers: ♪ safelite repair, safelite replace. ♪
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a couple weeks from now former president barack obama expected to hit the campaign trail for democrats ahead of key november elections. he's expected to visit virginia on october 23rd,cauliff for governor and new jersey for governor phil murphy's re-election bid. >> francesca chambers, white house correspondent, good to see you this morning. look, there's a lotz being made of the fact that it is former president obama who is being heralded and being put out there to help drum up the vote. it is not president joe biden.
7:42 am
>> well, it's still possible that president joe biden will return to virginia. the white house has indicated that's still possible. and terry mcauliffe expects joe biden to come back. but it is significant that former president obama will be heading to both of these states. there is a close race in virginia, about three points in the latest polling. in new jersey, however, the much wider spread the last time we saw, polling nearly in the double digits ahead for the democrats. >> how much of this is about biden's low approval ratings as opposed to about democratic strategy targeting in particular voters of color? earlier this year, for instance, vice president kamala harris was in virginia to campaign for mcauliffe as part of a democratic strategy to target areas where black and hispanic voters were concentrated. >> reporter: and that's still expected to be case if the vice president goes back. and you look at the areas where president obama will be campaigning.
7:43 am
he's going to richmond. that's an area where democrats believe they need to turn out black voters in order to be victorious in this election. another area you were mentioning before, vice president harris went, was the hampton roads area near the norfolk area in virginia. that's another area they see as important. they also need to turn out democrats in northern virginia, washington, d.c., and that would be an easy place for either the vice president or president joe biden to head back to. >> there's going to be a lot of focus on what happens in these races, but specifically on what happens in virginia and what it could say about 2022 and beyond. how well placed is that laser focus? >> reporter: it's a testing ground for the message that the white house could use in 2022 for some of these close races that they expect to see how that messaging works out in virginia. you mentioned before, president joe biden's polling numbers, that's absolutely something on the mind of democrats
7:44 am
considering that in addition to democratic voters of course they would want independents to turn out, but, again, they see this is a turnout election and need the core base of democrats to turn out to win. >> bill bellwether for democrats. thanks so much. >> thanks. still ahead, there are some netflix employees planning a walkout, this in the wake of dave chappelle's new comedy special that criticized the trans community. hear how the ceo of netflix is defending him. is now a good time for a flare-up?
7:45 am
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new overnight, the ceo of netflix is holding firm in his defense of dave chappelle's comedy special "the closer," this despite jokes about the trans community that have caused a major backlash, "variety" reporting that ted sarandos sent staff a letter monday saying, "while some employees disagree, we have a strong belief that content onskeen doesn't directly translate to real-world harm. adults can watch violence, abuse, or enjoy shocking stand-up comedy without it causing harm to others." >> brian seltzer joins us. what does netflix say? >> well, nothing publicly, and that's striking. netflix is trying to defend the special internally, trying to
7:50 am
tell employees it stands by the content, it wants a diversity of content on the platform. netflix is not saying anything publicly. this new email from ted sarandos was sent out internally on monday but didn't leak to the press until overnight, so we're learning about it this morning. but netflix is trying to i think in some ways have it both ways here, trying to stand up for free expression and say we're going to provide lots of content and some people aren't going to like it and that's the deal with netflix, however, they are not issuing statements and expressing this in public view. they're trying to tamp down employee uproar, blooper say thg the biggest uproar of employees in the company's history. as you mentioned, a walkout is planned for next week. >> go ahead, jim. sorry. >> i'm curious how extensive it is with employees within net politics. >> that's unknown. the company has tens of thousands people, one of the biggest entertainment companies in the world. one employee groups that
7:51 am
supp supporters trans employees, tara field saying, "you can't by carbon jauch sets for bigotry. you cannot trash our community one moment and then claim when we don't say thank you for the scraps you give us." tara field was suspended on monday because she allegedly attended -- tried to crash a virtual leadership meeting, but then her suspension was turned around back and forth, and it seems like things are back to normal. what you see here is at least hundreds of staffers speaking out and complaining to company management, and company management essentially saying we want to provide lots of different kinds of programming to lots of different kinds of people. what ted sarandos is doing is making a statement that will matter in the future even if he's only saying it to employees. it's that the kind of stand-up comedy that might offend lots of people but might be enjoyed by lots of others is something which will continue to be
7:52 am
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7:57 am
new details this morning in the trial against rudy giuliani's ukraine-born associate. a federal prosecutor telling jurors on wednesday that a, quote, russian tycoon wired a million dollars to him to infiltrate american elections. >> illegal. federal prosecutors call it a blatant conspiracy to violate law banning foreign donations to u.s. campaigns. kara scannell joins us now. do we know who knew about this? >> reporter: well, jim, this is question here that's under way in the trial in its second day. this is almost two years to the day that he was arrested at washington airport on a one-way ticket out of the country. yesterday prosecutors had their opening statements and they leaned in on this foreign donor allegation. parnas has been charged with six counts, a straw donor scheme, false statements to the federal
7:58 am
election commission about the donation, then the foreign donor scheme about $1 million that prosecutors say they've gotten from a russian tycoon. the way that the prosecutor said this to the jury, this is assistant u.s. attorney aileen foedar, she said these crimes were blatant, these mens shoveled thousands of thousands of dollars to politicians, latching about how they were breaking the law along the way. that is what secret foreign money infiltrating in american elections looks like. they were hitting hard this notion of russian money coming into the u.s. elections. parnas's co-defendant has denied these were foreign donations. he's alleged that parnas and his business partner stole this money outright and used it to pay credit card debt. we are in the second day of this trial, five witnesses have testified, and right now an fbi agent is on the stand telling jurors about different text messages they'd exchanged, including the forwarding of a photo with parnas' business partner alongside former
7:59 am
president donald trump. yesterday also heard testimony from a nevada politician, wes duncan. he testified he had met parnas at a rally in nevada where he was running for attorney general, he solicited donations from parnas, but when they learned there was something questionable about a $10,000 donation, he returned the money. he said foreign donations are illegal. we are expecting to hear from another nevada politician, a republican candidate for the u.s. senate, adam blacksal. he is expected to take the stand later today. jim, erica? >> we'll be watching. it's day two. how long is this expected to last? >> this is moving at a pretty quick clip. we're already -- they did four witnesses yesterday. the cross-examination on a lot of these witnesses has been very brief. prosecutors expect to get through four or five witnesses today including possibly parnas' personal assistant. this woman had helped parnas
8:00 am
fill out some of these forms and communications, which is another serious charge in this case. prosecutors say they may rest by the end of next week. >> moving quickly. kara scannell, thank you. thanks for joining us today. tomorrow we promise it's friday. i'm jim sciutto. >> i'm erica hill. "at this hour" with kate bolduan starts right now. i'm kate bolduan. here is what we're watching at this hour. booster recommendations. fda advisers meeting now to consider booster shots for million who is got moderna and johnson & johnson covid vaccines. deadline day. house panel investigating the insurrection prepares for criminal charges if former trump aides don't comply with subpoenas. will any of them show up? and on strike, thousands of john deere workers walk off the job after contract talks fail. the breaking details on that coming up.


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