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tv   CNN Newsroom With Ana Cabrera  CNN  October 12, 2021 10:00am-11:00am PDT

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$500 fine for cursing. >> no [ bleep ] way. >> [ bleep ]. >> oh, that's kind of nice. >> really? >> [ bleep ]. >> no. [ bleep ]. >> this is new jersey. >> jersey voters like those in virginia go to the polls in just three weeks. we'll be counting them. thanks for joining us on "inside politics." ana cabrera picks things up right now. >> hello. i'm ana cabreraia in new york. kyrie benched. that's the new breaking message from the brooklyn nets on their search-time all-star shooting guard kyrie irving. the team is saying irving will not play or practice with the team until he is eligible to be a full participant, and in new york city that means he can't play at an indoor sporting venue until he's had at least one
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covid vaccine shot. let's talk about this with cnn legal analyst and dr. paul offit. >> it's ultimately going to be up to him. >> we'll work on getting that thought back in just a moment, but i want to bring in dr. paul offit along with dr. jennifer rogers. first your reaction to the nets drawing this kind of hard line. >> i think it's the right thing for the nets to do. what is most amazing about this story is how committed some people are to not getting a vaccine. i mean, because he's unwilling to get a covid vaccine, he's -- he's going to lose millions of dollars. you know, he's not being asked to get a heart transplant, just being asked to get two dose of of an mrna advantages own or j&j's one-dose vaccine. some teammates will say really, that's his personal choice but it's not a personal choice. it's a choice he's making for all of them and for anybody with whom he comes in contact.
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it's remarkable. >> jennifer irving, irving has digging in hard. it was the city's rule that made it ineligible to play during home games but this just took it to a different level with the team saying he can't even practice. >> that's right, ana, but, you know, these kinds of vaccine requirements have about upheld by courts again and again for decades now with all sorts of different vaccines, you know, so he can do whatever he wants. he can sue, you know. he can take whatever remedy he feels he's entitled to but he's in the going to win in court so his choices are either sit out and lose the money or get the vaccine. >> however, it's -- it's this local law that prevents irving from playing at home games, but it doesn't apply to members of visiting teams. there are exemptions for out-of-town teams, so does that make it more messy legally, jennifer? >> i don't think so. i mean, employers are allowed to
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put these kinds of requirements on their employees, and the contract between the nets and irving is complicated, you know. they have a lot of rights to change the compensation and to bench him like they have done depending on what he does. it's all kind of spelled out in the collective bargaining agreement and his contract so, you know, i haven't seen those documents so i can't say for sure they are on strong legal ground but, of course, they have very good lawyers, so i suspect not only is the requirement going to be on strong legal ground but my guess is that their actual contracts are with them as well. they have a lot of legal leeway to do those sorts of things if they violate those contracts and that would fall under these provisions. >> dr. offit, do you think it's necessary to go that far? >> i think if you're saying it's important to be vaccinated not only for yourself but for everybody whom you come in condition tact with yourself,
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yes, mean it. if you say you're going to have a mandate mean it and bring it to its -- in this case it's sort of the logical end. it just is remarkable to me that -- i could understand it that if he was like the first person to get a vaccine, i could understand that, but he's not. we have hundreds and hundreds of millions of doses out there. these vaccines stand on a tremendous safety and efficacy platform. even very, very, very rare side effects have been picked up because it's been in so many people yet still he persists. there's an old line if people don't use reason or lodge take reach a certain conclusion, reason or logic won't talk them out of it, and i think that's where he is right now. there's just no talking him out of it. data are not going to talk him out of it. >> we know there's still tens of millions of people here in the u.s. who haven't gotten that first dose of vaccine no matter how much the information has been put in front of him so how do you break through with someone like a kyrie irving? >> you compel them to do it. that's -- that's the only way to
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do it is that you have to mandate it sadly. can you do everything that you have done at this point. the vaccine is available and it's free. it's clearly safe and effective. influencers have tried to make a difference, but when it comes right down to it in this country, there's 60 million to 65 million people who said i don't want to get a vaccine. i'm going to continue to be fertile ground for this virus to spread and cause harm and mutate and create variants that may become more resistant to the vaccine and what do you do when you say that? you can't stand back and let it happench it's not fair or right for the society so you mandate it. it's not like mandates are new. we've had mandates in schools since the 1970s. mandates are not a new phenomenon for vaccines. >> jennifer, there are some vaccine exemptions though, religious and med camp we know the nba already denied one of its big star andrew wiggins a request request for a religious exemption and he went on to get vaccinated. what does someone have to prove for one of these legitimate exemptions to apply to them? >> that's an interesting question and, you know, if kyrie
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irving is going for one of those exemptions he could try with the team and then ultimately at commissioner level, but typically you would have to prove a good faith reason to get it that is based in religion or something moral. you know, you can't say i'm against it because of political reasons or because i don't trust it. you knows, those historically at least have not been good enough. it has to be based in some sort of religious or moral belief system and that will have to be backed up. you know, you can't just say that. you'll have to find some sort of religious authority figure to write a letter or somehow communicate that this is in fact a good faith belief of yours and people have been trying those all over the country with mixed success depending on whether they are sincere or whether they can be backed up with documentation so we'll see if he tries that. we could end up with a dispute in the commissioner's office at some point. >> right now here in new york city, people 12 and older beyond the court are required to show
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proof of at least one dose of the covid vaccine for these following activities, indoor dining, indoor fitness and indoor entertainment and certain meeting spaces, and it's that last one that applies to professional sports arenas and indoor stadiums. dr. offit, how effective are these rules, and how long do you think we'll be in a state of needing requirements like this? >> well, certainly in some situations mandates have been very effective and other situations no. i think in terms of how long we're going to need to have these mandates in play, i think it's when we get to about 90% population immunity. right now we have 55% of this country that is -- that is fully vaccinated. you have probably another 100 million people who have been naturally infected who are also now protected against serious illness. those are not two separate groups, they are overlapping but you're probably at 75% population i munlt now. we need to get to 90%, vaccinate another 30 million, 35 million
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at least to see a clear decline in the spread of the virus so we can put this pandemic behind us. it's all in our hands to do this. look at countries like portugal, a smaller country, about 10 million people. they are at 85% vaccination rates and they have had a dramatic decline in the instances of hospitalizations and deaths. we can do that. we're just choosing mott to. >> it's interesting to see where the mandates play out and where that brings us to a country when it comes to the elusive herd immunity so far. we know united airlines implemented an airline. they say they have more than 99% of their workforce vaccinated. tyson food is another one that went from 50% of their workforce vaccinated before their mandate to now 90%, so there is some proof there that the vaccine requirements have been effective. thank you so much both for the discussion. we have other bombshell news. this time out of the nfl. las vegas raiders head coach john giroud enresigning abruptly
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amidst scandal. cnn's omar jimenez has more on the stunning downfall of one of the league's biggest personalities. >> reporter: las vegas raiders head coach jon gruden resigned overnight after the "new york times" and "wall street journal" reviewed e-mails from gruden that used homophobic, misogynistic and racist language. the e-mails were reviewed spaining the time from 2011 to 2018 when he was an espn analyst when he used a homophobic slur referring to roger goodell. they further said he denounced the use of women as referees, the drafting of the gay players and the tolerance of players protesting during the playing of the national anthem. a league source confirmed to cnn the accuracy of the requests times'" reporting. >> this is a pattern of retrograde notions, not confined to race, not confined to sexual orientation, all of that is in there, retrograde notions about
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the nature of football. all of it obviously reaches critical mass very quickly to the point where either gruden decided himself that there's no way out of this and has to resign or he was pressured to resign. this is a pattern of behavior apparently. there's a lot here, and it can't be raeshlized. >> he was homophobic, misogynistic and racially inceptiontive. he needed to resign and it's imperative that he resigned and i'm glad he resigned. >> gruden said i love the raiders and do not want to be a distraction. thank you to all the players, coaches, staff and fans of raider nation. i'm sorry. i never meant to hurt anyone. last week a "wall street journal" report revealed an email sent by gruden in 2011 where he used racist language while referring to demaries smith, the head of the nfl players association, during a contentious lockout over the collective bargaining negotiations. fwruden apologized for the email after the raiders game on sunday.
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>> all i can say is i'm not a racist. i don't -- i can't tell you how sick i am. i apologized again to dee smith, but i feel good about who i am and what i've done my entire life and i apologize for the insensitive remarks. i had no, you know -- i had no racial intentions with those remarks at all, but, yes, they can. i'm -- i'm -- i'm not like that at all, but i apologize. >> smith tweeted in response to news of gruden's email the email from jon gruden and some of the reactions to it confirms that the fight against racist, racist tropes and intolerance is not over. this is not about an email as much as it is about a pervasive belief by some that people who look like me can be treated as less. >> my civil rights were taken -- were kind of messed with in high school over the color of my skin, and now being able to play 14 years in the national
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football league, to have something like this of a leader. we give these guys the big contracts because they want to be able to lead, coaches, equipment staff and managers to the number one goal and that's to win a championship, and for us to be moving back and not forward in the 21st century, like i said, the national football league, this hurts me. the schlock tick, man. i'm sorry. >> you were saying that the vice president of the -- rather the director of the nfl players association, a black man, has lips the size of micheline tires. you can't plead ignorance. you're too grown. this is why there needs to be more minority in positions of power, more minorities in positions of power because there was just ignorance laced throughout that email. >> let's bring in jamele hill, a contributing writer with "the
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atlantic." i have to wonder how long has the nfl known about these e-mails? how long have the raiders known, and what if they haven't been made public? >> well, i think the question we should be asking is not really the existence of the e-mails but what is the culture in the nfl period? and this culture has existed since the very inception of the nfl. understand, that this was once a league that didn't even allow black players to play. this was once a league where there were no black coaches or black people in leadership. still hasn't been a majority black nfl owner, and we see what those e-mails expose and we see why. as long as you have people like jon gruden, not just about him, but all the people he was e-mailing and people realizing he was emailing back and forth with someone who was the president or the general manager of an nfl team so if this is the pervasive attitude and the group think in the nfl, black people don't have a chance of being in leadership in the nfl at all because this is not just about jon gruden, this is about the
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entire reflection and what this league really represents when it's behind closed doors. >> well, it's not just allegations of racist e-mails. it's misogyny. it's, you know, homophobic e-mails that were part of the interactions online, and -- and meantime gruden was coaching the nfl's first openly gay active player, carl nasiff, and cnn spoke with openly bisexual veteran ryan russell this morning. i want to highlight what he said. >> jon gruden wasn't sending those e-mails to himself. there were other people that knew about it. there were other people involved across the league, and this went unchecked for years. so, no, resigning to me is not accountability. it's not enough. it's something reactive and really kind of minimal in the -- in the very least at that the
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league can do. >> so he touched on what you touched on regarding the culture and just this acceptance internally of this kind of dialogue, but what about accountability? what else should happen. >> well, i mean, here's the thing. i don't know if a league that has this deep of a problem when it comes to racism, sexism, misogyny, homophobia if they can correct themselves because the still -- still, the ownership groups look what they look like. you still have probably a lot of people, i think it's a safe assumption to say that there are a lot of jon grudens in the nfl and i guess -- i just don't have the confidence that this league can really put itself in self-check because this is the same league that wants people to buy that they are invested in attacking this issue because they have end racism in end zones, because they have committed to social justice work. they have tried to sort of pay their way out of dealing with these very substantive
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difficulty issues. this is america as well, and -- and what we have seen is what every black person knows, what every, you know, every gay person, every member of the lbgtq community knows, is that behind closed doors this is what we're facing on the other side of the table when we go in for job interviews, when we're considered for positions. i mean, in the last three or four head coaching cycles we've seen a number of very qualified black coaches passed over, over and over again but there's always room -- seems to be room at table for people like jon gruden and as long as that's the case and long as they remain committed as they seem to be to having this kind of culture in the nfl it's going to be hard to get widespread substantive change across the league. it's going to be very difficult because given the number of jon grudens in this league, i just don't know if that's a realistic task that they are going to suddenly weed out this entire culture that has been just a part of the nfl as much as a
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leather football for a number of years. >> before you go i want to pivot real quick and get your breaking news, your thoughts on kyrie irving, your thoughts on the nets benching him over his vaccination status. >> i don't think the nets had any other choice. you can't have a part-time player. kyrie irving, he's scheduled to make $30 million this year and he's made it clear, you know, there's a lot of people when it comes to vaccinations saying you have a choice. you should have personal choice. okay. kyrie irving has chosen not to be vaccinated. the nets then had to make a choice as well. their choice is we can't have a player in and out. we can't be disrupting everyone's schedules based off the fact that you can't practice. we can't pursue a championship legitimately if we know you're not going to be available. availability is everything in sports and kyrie irving has made the personal choice not to be available and the nets have made the personal choice or the team choice, the organizational choice to move on. >> do you think it will make him
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change his mind? will he choose differently so that he can be participate? >> you know, i have to be honest. i don't want to misrepresent our relationship but i know kyrie irving a little bit. i don't know that he's going to back down off of this. i'm sure the nets have tried a lot of things, probably things that we don't even know about. i've sure they have tried to get him to talk to medical personnel. around the league itself looking at his peers, his team is vaccinated so whatever information he needed to change his mind is already there, so i think he's just chosen to make this stance, and it seems like at this point he'll willing to see this all the way through even if it means him losing a great deal of money and potentially his nba career. >> appreciate your time as always. thanks so much for your perspective. pour fuel on the fire. the police in michigan slamming former president trump for calling on supporters to protest the 2020 election results in the state capitol today.
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yet republican leaders continue to stand by trump as he launches new attacks on democracy plus, it could give investigators new and crucial information on the killing of gabby petito. officials set to release her autopsy results this afternoon. stay with us. ♪ ♪ there are beautiful ideas that remain in the dark. but with our new multi-cloud experience, you have the flexibility you need to unveil them to the world. ♪ dad are you sure you're up to host? yeah! we want to keep it the way it always was, right?
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medicare from blue cross blue shield. by your side, no matter what. that's the benefit of blue. find your local blue cross and blue shield plan at just moments from now we expect to hear more details about how gabby petito died. her death has already been ruled a homicide, but today the coroner in teton county wyoming will reveal the official cause of death and offer more details on his findings. all this while the month-long search for petito's fiance brian laundrie stretches on with few new clues. bobby chacon joins us now, a
10:24 am
retired phone agent and former leader of an fbi dive team. bone, we mentioned the medical examiner already ruled the manner of death a homicide, but today we're going to learn a lot more. what will you be watching for? >> sure. well, the big thing, ana, will be the cause of death. the manner of death homicide mean she died from injuries inflicted by another person, that's the personch the cause of death will be blunt force trauma, strangulation, you know, something like that. so we'll be looking for the cause of death, and then further than that we'll be looking for how much detail we have on the cause of death. so, for example, if the cause of death is blunt force trauma can we tell or can the medical examiner tell what type of instrument was used to cause that blunt force, so you're not only looking for the cause of death today but the detail with which they can tell what caused those injuries that caused her death. >> and so could anything we learn today change the investigation? >> it -- not really change, but it will -- it did definitely
10:25 am
much further the investigation, so do we know what type of instrument we use sometimes by the position of the body or the position of the injuries? you can tell whether the person, the killer may have used their left hand or right hand. there's a lot you can glean from the determinations by the medical examiner so it definitely furthers the investigation. >> happened how does that bring you closer to who the killer was? >> well, that's the key, so now the team of investigators and prosecutors who were working with the grand jury have to tie those particular details, and the information coming from the medical examiner, right, to a specific person, and that's the challenge of the investigation because while all this was great information, it tells us a lot about what happened, we as investigators and as prosecutors still have to tie that information to a specific person, so like i said earlier, if they can say more likely than not the person was left-handed who used this instrument based on the angle of the injuries and thins like that, then you start to be able to narrow it down,
10:26 am
narrow your pool of people that you can tie this information to, this specific person. it all depends on the detail that was able to be gleaned from the examinations during the autopsy. now we have the extra added dev sid in this case of a body that was out in the elements, maybe animals could have gotten to it, maybe the weather could have degraded, it so we're going to really -- we're really interested to see how much detail they can tell us as to the cause of death. >> because right now brian laundrie, the fiance who is still missing, has not been charged in her death specifically. he faces charges for making cash withdrawals using her, you know, credit card, debit card but not specifically charged in her death. why is that, do you think? is it simply that they don't have the evidence, or is it because he's missing and it's not in their best interest to charge him until they, you know, have a beat on him? what is that all about? >> well, it could be your half
10:27 am
point, but more likely they are building the case against him and the autopsy, when you have basically only two people present at a crime and one of them is deceased, really, you have to build it through your physical and your forensic evidence, and so, you know, people should remember anything that happened after the death is not necessarily relevant to the murder charge, and so all of his running and his parents not talking or talking and all of this other behavior. you know, while it's indicative of possible guilt it doesn't relate to guilt in front of a jury so they have to be building the case on the actual details, so that's the difficulty here, and as much as people -- people all around the country did it, he still has to be proven guilty. the burden is still on the government. brian laundrie and his attorney do not have to prove why he didn't come forward and talk to the police, why he ran. he doesn't have to prove anything. the complete burden of proof is on the government to prove beyond a reasonable doubt that he is the person that caused this death and that's a pretty big burden and it's going to be a challenge in this case.
10:28 am
>> and it's been almost a month now that he disappeared. there are estimates that the search for brian laundrie has cost at least $1 million, a lot of it going to the search for the carlton nature reserve which is twice the size of manhattan, a huge area. as what point does cost and overall limitations with resources start to factor into those search efforts? >> yeah, well, luckily, as a street level investigator i never had to face that but the police chiefs and the police who run the fbi offices and the agencies have to at sam point, it's a very, very difficult decision. have you to call off a search even though you want to go further and the investigators at the street level want to go further. you are right. there's a matter of limited resources and there's other cases to dedicate those resources to and how you balance those and make those judgment calls is a job for the executives in those agencies and sometimes it's an unfortunate
10:29 am
situation where you do have to call off the search or you have to redirect resources to other areas. >> the announcement is set to happen within the next hour or so. it will hopefully give us more information and lead the search in a direct that's productive. thanks so much. former president trump can't quit the big lie calling on protesters to protest the election results, this time in the state of michigan, and republican leaders aren't doing anything about it. sorry? limu, you're an animal! only pay for what you need. ♪ liberty. liberty. liberty. liberty. ♪ i've always focused on my career. but when we found out our son had autism, his future became my focus. lavender baths always calmed him. so we turned bath time into a business.
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a member of the committee investigating the january 6th insurrection is promising quick action on criminal contempt charges for ignoring the committee's subpoenas. congressman adam schiff says the panel is engaging with attorneys for former white house chief of staff mark meadows and former trump adviser ckash patel and steve bannon remains defiant and house minority whip steve
10:35 am
scalise is still refusing to say whether the election was stolen, it wasn't, and the longest serving republican iowa senator chuck grassley just this weekend appeared alongside trump at a rally in des moines. let's bring in former gop congressman charlie den. congressman, good to see you. why do you think the republican leaders are getting closer to truffle right now especially when we have this new poll showing less than half, just 44% of republicans, want trump to run again in 2024 and about a third of republicans, 32% say they would not like for trump to remain a national political figure. >> well, ana, i think the reason why is because it's fear, fear, fear. they are afraid that trump will sick the base against them. they are fearful that trump will sabotage their mid-term prospects. remember what donald trump did in the georgia runoffs, how he went down and bad-mouthed the republican governor and secretary of state, basically told voters that the election
10:36 am
was rigged and depressed republican turnout in those runoffs costing senate republicans the majority. i think house republicans are worried that trump will try to sabotage their mid-term prospects if they don't, you know, remain on bended knee before him. >> but is that a concern over the primaries in those election races? >> yes. >> or is it the broader election, because, again, can we put up the -- the graphic here that shows the polling. it's less than half of republican voters who want trump to have a major role in the party and i'm paraphrasing there, like i said. i laid out the specifics, but when you look at that, he doesn't have the majority of republicans with him according to this poll when it comes to the future of the gop. >> no question, ana. the reality for many republicans is they need trump in a primary but they also realize he's an obstacle and disaster in many of the districts in the general election. they need him in a primary but realize what a bodanker he can be and running in the more
10:37 am
competitive areas. they are in the no-man's-land. they can't win with him or without him. that seems to be -- that seems to be their calculation. i think it's a miscalculation. i think they need to, you know, distance themselves quickly from former president trump because elections are about the future, not about the past, but donald trump, of course, wants to play a very destructive role within the party and certainly within the primary. donald trump realizes he has leverage and he's using it and that's how he's able to keep so many of these member acquiescent and cowed to his wishes. >> not just about the future of the party, it's really about the future of the country and america's democracy. congressman adam schiff asks what happens if trump allies regains power and one person in particular takes the speaker's gavel? take a listen. >> what happens if kevin mccarthy becomes speaker? >> a disaster because he'll do anything that donald trump tells him and we can in the have someone with absolutely no
10:38 am
reference for the truth, no willingness to uphold his oath in that position in line to the presidency. >> schiff went on to say mccarthy was essentially be a insurrectionist in a suit and tie. what do you make of that? >> well, i -- i think right now house republicans are focused on getting back the majority. now should they get the majority, what are they going to do with it is the question, and i don't think anything is guaranteed that -- that you know, kevin mccarthy becomes the speaker or anybody else. you have to remember -- >> you don't think that's guaranteed? >> no, i don't, because i -- i remember what happened after john boehner stepped down. many of the members -- several of the members frankly from the freedom caucus wing of the party, they undermined mccarthy and prevented his elevation to speaker. paul ryan had to step in. now i'm not saying the same thing will happen again, but depending on how large that majority is, if there's a very substantial majority, then i think kevin mccarthy's chances of becoming speaker are much greater but if the majority is
10:39 am
fairly slim it won't take much, it will only take a few to prevent him from ascending. nothing is a lock and the bigger question for republicans going forward is what do you do with the power once you have it? biden will still be president and they will have to make accommodations with joe biden should they recapture the majority and if they are acquiescent to donald trump i think we could see, you know, some gridlock like we haven't seen in a long time. >> we've seen massive gridlock. trump is still spouting dangerous lies about the election. as we speak protesters are gathering at the michigan state capitol calling for a forensic audit of the 020 results in that state. officials even had to take additional security measures after trump issued a statement calling on supporters to attend this protest and that police lieutenant in charge of security said trump is just pouring fuel on the fire. do you agree with that? >> i do. look, donald trump is a threat
10:40 am
to the constitutional order and he's a threat to the continuity of our institutions and our democratic way of life, democrat with a small "d." this is -- we've seen this. i mean, if the insurrection wasn't enough on january 6th, you know, we -- this -- this is just further proof that donald trump is on this wrecking ball mission to destroy institutions. he has very little reference for democracy itself is what this republic is. >> and poem in your party don't seem to be believe that. people in positions of party currently in your party -- trump is out of office. >> yes. >> and people who have the power right now are going right along with him. >> this is the grand miscalculation. this miscalculation has been oh, if we simply bide our time, we'll outlast trump. if we're quiet somehow this will work. silence has never worked with donald trump. silence has empowered him because there's not been a counternarrative to trump from within the party from leader. yes, liz cheney and adam
10:41 am
kinzinger and others are standing up, but they need to be reinforced by many members, elected officials, who can change that narrative. like you said, there are a third of republicans who don't want any part of donald trump. over half of republicans don't want him to run again. i mean, there's fertile ground here for strong voices to lead, but they need to be supported, and they are not, and that is the tragedy of this because these members all know that donald trump is not good for the party nor good for the country and that he's a threat to the order. >> you've got to wonder what's going to be the wake-up call? what's going to be the slap in the face of one of these people. >> yeah. >> and for some members or former members of your party, they don't think it's going to happen unless republicans are voted out of office. you have people who were -- former members of the trump administration, former new jersey governor who are now publicly calling on republicans like yourself to vote for democrats in the mid-term. will you join them? >> no. look, there are -- i think we
10:42 am
have to exercise judgment. i am all for empowering the center of the political spectrum, so senator right pragmatic republicans are a good thing and senator left democrats i think are also a good thing, but i think it would be unwise just to simply poll straight democratic because the -- the far left is ascendant within the democratic party right now. we just saw that recently with many of the reconciliation negotiations how the moderates are pushed aside on the infrastructure bill in recent days. i mean, i think that's a little too much of a scattershot approach. i think we have to be smarter and support canned dwhits are going -- republican candidates, you know, who are going to support the rule of law, and if you feel that they are not doing that, well, then do what you have to do. i supported joe biden in the last presidential election because i thought he was -- he was a legitimate alternative to donald trump. i didn't think we could take four more years of donald trump and this -- this never-ending chaos, but i think the
10:43 am
congressionals we have to be a bit more discriminating. >> former congressman charlie depth, thanks for talking with us. thanks for joining us. >> thank you, ana. more breaking news. texas-based southwest and american airlines both vowing to keep their vaccine mandates for workers in place despite governor greg abbott's new ban on vaccine mandates. details just ahead. ♪darling, i, i can't get enough of your love babe♪ ♪girl, i don't know, i don't know,♪ ♪i don't know why i can't get enough of your love babe♪
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we're back with breaking news. two major texas-based airlines southwest and american say they will continue implementing their employee vaccine mandates despite a new executive order from governor greg abbott which forbids any company in that state from doing so. cnn's matt egan has reporting on this. so what are the companies saying, matt? >> yeah. ana. this is a really big deal because just yesterday texas governor greg abbott signed this executive order banning all state entities, including private companies from enforcing vaccine mandates, and now you have both american and southwest airlines, two of the best-known brands, based in texas come out saying they are going to continue to push ahead with vaccine mandates. they found that the biden administration's order supercedes the one coming out of texas, and, you know, i think
10:49 am
that this could give political cover for more businesses to do the same here and go ahead with the vaccine mandates. i suspect that we're going to see some of them do just that because, you know, they are worried. companies are worried about keeping their employees and their customers safe from covid, and they want to move past this pandemic which obviously is not good for business. ana, all this shows how companies are increasingly being caught in the middle of this unfortunate political battle over vaccines. >> but it also shows that companies are now more and more starting to embrace these vaccine requirements. i mentioned earlier, you know, united has had a lot of success with their vaccine mandate with employees. 19.something percentage of employees now with the vaccine. let me ask you about gas prices, paying at the pump right now. prices up $1 or so over this to imlast year. why are we paying so much? >> you know, ana, i think more than possibly any other product,
10:50 am
americans pay attention to the cost of gasoline. i mean, we see it every time we drive by the gas station. we feel it whenever we fill up, so that's why it is so important that we've seen the regular price of gasoline go up to $3.27 a a year ago. it's almost double the lows of april 2020 and some people in states including illinois, in washington state, california, of course, they're paying more than $3.50 a gallon. u.s. oil prices have gone up and closed above $80 a barrel for the first time since 2014 and demand has returned, people are driving and flying and commuting but supply has not recovered nearly as quickly so that's why we're seeing all of this energy price sticker shock right now. >> matt egan, good to see you. thank you. >> thank you. netflix is standing behind comedian dave chappelle despite the uproar over his transphobic jokes in a new comedy special. what they're saying next. conveng
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chappelle as the comic and his new special, "the closer," faced criticism of being transphobic. cnn's chloe is following this for us. his new special includes several minutes of jokes about trans people but netflix says his special does not cross the line on hate. >> reporter: hi, ana, thank you for having me. and listen, dave chappelle's new special, which debuted last week, is causing a lot of controversy, like you said. many people not happy with it. take a listen to a clip from the special. >> canceled j.k. rowling, my god, j.k. rowling wrote all the "harry potter" books by herself. she sold so many books, the bible worries about her. and they canceled her because she said in an interview, and this is not exactly what she said, but effecttually, she said that jerngender was a fact and the trans community got mad as [ bleep ] and they started
10:57 am
calling her a terf and so i looked it up. it stands for transexclusionary radical feminist. i'm team terf. i agree. i agree, man. gender is a fact. >> all right, so, let me explain here, so, we have glaad, who's come out and released a statement condemning the special. you have celebrities and members of the lgbtq community coming out and saying that they're not okay with this comedy that dave chappelle is doing. and then you have netflix, which has not taken a stance publicly, but an email, ana, has been leaked from ceo ted serandos and we have part of that for you, saying, we don't allow titles on netflix that are designed to incite hate or violence. and we don't believe "the closer" crosses that line. so if you think about it, though, there are members of the netflix company who have come out and posted on social media that they do not support this
10:58 am
special and that they identify as queer and trans and that this really offends them. so as of now, netflix not saying anything publicly but we know behind the scenes, they're standing by dave chappelle. >> thank you. and thank you all for joining us. we're back tomorrow at 1:00 eastern, follow me on twitter, @anacabrera. the news continues next with alisyn and visht. gas in town, and which supermarket gives you the most bang for your buck. something else that's good to know? if you have medicare and medicaid, you may be able to get more healthcare benefits through a humana medicare advantage plan. call the number on your screen now and speak to a licensed humana sales agent to see if you qualify. learn about plans that could give you more healthcare benefits than you have today. depending on the plan you choose, you could have your doctor, hospital, and prescription drug coverage in one convenient plan. from humana, a company with 60 years of experience in the healthcare
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a licensed humana sales agent will walk you through your options, answer any questions you have and, if you're eligible, help you enroll over the phone. call today and we'll also send this free guide. humana, a more human way to healthcare. -- captions by vitac -- hello, and thank you for joining us, i'm victor black well. >> and i'm alisyn camerota. we begin with showdowns over vaccine mandates, the brooklyn nets benching their star player, kyrie irving. he will not disclose his vaccine status. he says he wants to, quote, keep that stuff private. and in texas, republican governor greg abbott issuing a new, sweeping state law that bans vaccine mandates. >> so this order applies to all companies doing business in that


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