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tv   Inside Politics With John King  CNN  October 12, 2021 9:00am-10:00am PDT

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foreign governments. kate. >> thanks so much for your reporting. really appreciate it. much more to come on that very clearly. thanks so much for being with us at this hour. i'm kate balduan. "inside politics" with john king begins right now. ♪ hello and well to "inside politics." i'm john king in washington. thanks for sharing your day with us. envelope coach jon gruden resigns after using homophobic and racist and misogynistic language. the reporter who broke the story joins us, and speaker pelosi tells house democrats scale back your bold policy goals and accept a leaner biden agenda. it's a bow to political reality but risks a progressive revolt, and full drama obama. democrats are worried about the virginia governor's race and the former president answers the
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call to help, but we begin in texas today with the political confrontation that has a giant public health impact. new executive order from governor greg abbott bans any and all businesses in the state from mandating the covid vaccine. republican governor says this. the covid-19 vaccine is safe, effective and our best defense against the virus, but should remain voluntary and never forced. this is a full about-face for governor abbott. weeks ago he said government should not tell private business what to do, but important but he's up for re-election next yore and he's thinking about a national run in 2024. this new order now puts him in sync with the anti-mandate right and put him in direct conflict with president biden. cnn's ed lavandera kicks us off from dallas. ed, a big move by the governor. >> reporter: indeed, and he's once again taking it from both sides here as democrats accusing him of making a politically motivated decision that is going to cost people their lives here
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in this state, and also he has been taking a great deal of criticism from the extreme right wing of the republican party here in texas who have been railing against vaccine mandates. so the governor once again kind of stuck in the middle of all of this politically, and it's clear to a lot of people here in texas that the political motivations behind is the suspicion that's driving governor greg abbott in the situation. he's facing two primary opponents who have been railing against vaccine mandates, and that's why many people are saying that the decisions that we've seen the governor make over the last few weeks is largely based in the political reality that he finds himself in. just look at the list of the bans that the governor here has issued over the last few weeks. obviously banning private employers from vaccine mandates, a ban on government vaccine mandates as well as passport requirements, and also affecting school districts, and what is interesting in all of this,
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john, if you look at the political fight that the governor was involved in with school districts across the state over mask mandates as the school year got under way, you saw many school districts who simply ignored the executive order. there have been lawsuits back and forth, but many organizations chose to ignore it. john? >> ed lavandera, very important story. we'll continue to track it in texas. let's bring in for public health context the former baltimore city health commissioner. governor wen, governor abbott says we're texas, don't mandate things and we'll get to the flip-flop in the political conversation later. if you look at the trends map right now in the country, texas one of the states trending down. most states are. you see states that have increasing, red and orange, more northern states where it's getting colder. if you look at coronavirus cases we went back to the end of the march when the delta variant first took root in the united states and you see up here. texas, yes, is ahead of california and new york when it comes to cases.
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the governor might argue not by so much, but texas is ahead, more cases than new york and california. look at hospitalizations. texas significantly ahead of california and new york. if you look at, again, hospitalizations through the delta surge, if you will, and in deaths texas is actually in the middle, new york reporting more deaths, so let's come -- let's come back -- dr. wen at that point there, if you're the governor of texas, can is this justifiable, we're texas, we're the west. we ride it out. it's not that much worse than anybody else, or is this in your view the wrong way to go? >> this is -- this flies in the face of public health guidance and is really not the right thing to be doing in the middle of a pandemic. at this point we know what works when it comes to keeping people safe. we know people who are vaccinated are at least five times likely to be infected with covid compared to people who run vaccinated and so if you are an employee and you're being asked to come back into work, you
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would feel a lot safer if everybody around you is also known to be vaccinated, so i truly don't understand why any governor would be saying we are prohibiting businesses from doing their part to keep their workers and their customers safe. these are businesses that are listening to the requests of their employees saying i don't want to get covid. i don't want to get coronavirus and bring it back to my family. the best way for me to be safe is yes, to be vaccinated myself but also to be surrounded by other people who are vaccinated and so i really hope that the governor of texas and other governors do the right thing, and even if they don't do the right thing, at least don't stand in the way of businesses who are trying to protect their workers. >> you just made a key point there about the back and forth, the conflict between the governor in this case, maybe businesses that want a mandate, seen that conflict between governors and mayors and other local officials who want it differently. i was playing devil's advocate. it's even more telling.
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covid cases across texas cumulatively you do not want to be red, the darker you are, harris county, for example, houston, where austin is here, travis county here, up in dallas it's not quite the same but in the places that have defied the governor the case count is actually lower, places that have said let's wear masks, let's have some restrictions. if you look, the cumulative cases tend to be lower than in the more conservative areas where they accept the governor's let's ride it out, we're texans approach. >> these are the same trends that we're seeing across the country. for example, the cdc published a study that found that school districts that have mask mandates in place are three and a half times less likely to have outbreaks compared to school districts that do not have mask mandates. we have seen this throughout the country that mask roirmts indoors really help to keep cases down and also that vaccination, the higher your vaccination rates, the less likely that you are that you'll have outbreaks throughout the community either, so at this point, again, it's so clear that
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this is a public health issue. this should not be a political issue. this really is about saving lives and looking at the number of cases and saying how can we save the lives of people who live in our area? how can we prevent the -- the further spread of this disease? i hope that's what our elected leaders are considering at the end of the day. >> i know that is your hope. obviously we have another example of a governor deciding not to listen to the public health experts. we'll watch how that plays out. dr. wen, thanks so much. political aspects. with me in studio to share their expertise, let me start with jonathan martin, didn't the conservative position be that decisions should be at the local levels, parents should make decisions and then the business community and not the government. what has happened in texas? >> well, now the conservative position is that you should tell the companies not to do what you don't want them to do when your
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governor is up for re-election. >> you should mandate what they can't mandate. >> it's very hard to follow because it's not ideological. it is this idea that there is a base that is very upset about mandates. they don't want vaccines and you have a governor who is worried about re-election who is saying i have to get out here and look like i'm ready for a fight and i'm sure he wants to fight the federal government on this. that will be in his favor. >> how much -- berourke tweeting this, 68,000 texans have died from covid on abbott's watch. more will die as he prevents employers from protecting employees. abbott is killing texans. dr. wen is making a point and we've learned over the last year plus. politics and covid are in full collision all across america. >> this is the big story of our time that unlike past national tragedies which have sort of created an effect in the country, has had an opposite
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fact, pulled apart the country's red and blue divisions, made them even worse, and that has sort of added to the -- to the tragedy itself, but we now have a public health tragedy and a civic tragedy in this country, and you can see it getting worse still every day. >> and it's within the state of texas, right, so there's going to be a very different response to this in dallas, in the suburbs of dallas than there will be in rural parts of texas, and the calculation is, at least for now, the blue parts of dallas are not big enough to overcome the red parts of the rest state. there are other states, virginia being an example, where the blue parts have gotten bigger and the red parts are shrinking, so this is the fight that we're going to see not just on covid but on every one of these cultural issues. are you fighting for red america or for blue america? >> and in the primary. abbott has a primary first. has to survive that to get to the general so that's topic "a" for him. >> so "the houston chronicle"
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set out abbott is facing his first serious primary challenges who have made covid-19 one of the biggest issues. i'm going to call the governor tacking right, tacking to where the base of the party is. there's also this if you look at his recent history, tried to position himself, the governor of florida ron desantis is i'm the anti-bidench they have some hope that trump dis-austin powers and if you look recently texas governor abbott's were banning vaccinations and the texas abortion law in the highlights there, abbott promised that the border agents not be punished by the biden straights. joe biden says yes so i say no. >> every step of the way. governor abbott has been against joe biden in every step of the way with every covid restriction. this is something that sets up, you know, possibly a legal challenge that they can take into next year's mid--term. >> we'll watch the courts and court of public opinion. up next, a high-profile
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coach resigns. the nfl culture under a harsh spotlight. his e-mails include racist, secretaries of and homophobic rants and yet he says he never intended to hurt anyone. i looked on ancestry and just started digging and found some really cool stuff... it was just a lot of fun. just to talk to my parents about it and to send it to my grandparents and be like, hey this person we're all related to look at this crazy stuff they did in arizona 100 years ago. it actually gives you a picture of their life, so you get to feel like you're walking the same path they did. ♪ ♪ at vanguard, you're more than just an investor, you're an owner with access to financial advice,
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(music) at aetna we're kicking medicare into high gear with affordable benefits you want. like rewards for select healthy activities and a silversneakers fitness membership. medicare annual enrollment ends december 7th call today to learn more. one of the nfl's highest profile coaches is unemployed today, resigning last will night after it was revealed he sent racist, homophobic and misogynist e-mailsch the "new york times" to tailed the messages, the e-mails coach jon gruden sent over seven years, made comments about a female referee and opposed those who supported for racial injustice and even shared naked photos of an nfl cheerleader. he sent these to an nfl
9:16 am
executive when gruden was working at espn and remarkably he says he didn't mean to hurt anyone. one of the "new york times" reporters who broke this story last night. thanks for your time and your fabulous reporting. let's start with jon gruden and what this says about him. the rams should not draft a gay player. i'm not going to use the term he used. it's offense you have. eric reid, the player who started the kneeling during the national anthem should be fired. the league should not try to reduce concussions and take safety steps. topless photos. equal opportunity neanderthal is the way i describe it when i read your story last night. what was at play here? >> well, he wasn't working for the nfl, but he was a two-time nfl coach and, of course, now he's a coach or was a coach a third time, so, you know, in a lot of ways he is indicative of the kind of elite circles of the nfl where coaches and front
9:17 am
office executives cycle through the -- the network and broadcast partners of the nfl and kind of keep getting new jobs in the same circles, it's kind of an old boys network and the people on the email chains were part of it. some of them were sponsors as well, nfl sponsors so it's kind of a clubby world that you don't often get to peel back the curtain and see and here you've got the unvarnished view how comfortable people who nobody is watching. >> that's a critical point. this is ryan russell, an nfl veteran who came out as bisexual in 2019 after he stopped playing football. this is your take to his point. >> jon gruden wasn't sending those e-mails to himself. there were other people that knew about it. there were other people involved across the league, and this went unchecked for years, so, no, resigning to me is not accountability. it's not enough. >> so what now? gruden has lost his job, but these were e-mails sent to a
9:18 am
washington redskins executive and others. this was part uncovered only because of the investigation into the toxic culture in the now washington football team organization. will the nfl take this seriously and decide we need to bring in outside voices maybe and look at the entire league, or will they hope gruden resigned and in a couple of weeks we hope this goes away and the clubby offensive culture persists? >> well, it's pretty deep-rooted, and the league has tried in various cases, for example, addressing domestic violence and sexual abuse to fight at least the perception that they are not doing enough or maybe nothing, and this is a big struggle for the league, not just now but dating back to ray rice and the former baltimore ravens running back, the bullying scandal the year before that. this is a perennial problem for the league that it is seen as kind of a toxic bro culture that is sort of out of step with where america is headed these
9:19 am
days, and it's something that they are going to continue to have to fight and the fact that it was going on in sort of some of the highest circles of the league is disturbing. >> and so -- i guess where would the outside pressure have to come, from or is it necessary, do you believe, where you have a league structure where roger goodell is one of the people that jon gruden went after in these e-mails, you would think he's waking up today saying i want to do something about this and then you have the billionaire owners who like to protect their money and don't like to blow up the culture too much because there's dimes and dollars at stake here. how do they work that out when it comes to what comes next? >> dimes and dollars are very important to the owners and the owners know that 30% to 40% of the fans in the nfl are women. moms have a very critical role in allowing sons to play football which is part of the future health of the nfl, and so they have -- they have something they have to address if they want to continue persuading women to follow the game and make it more, if you will, fan
9:20 am
friendly or palettable, so, yes, roger goodell will have to redouble his efforts. how far he gets with it, i don't know. it's, you know -- football is a traditional culture, and it's a big league with many teams and many coaches and many players. he can't fix everything. he can start with the nfl itself as an organization and then pressure the teams to follow suit. after that it -- it -- it's a very complicated and complex problem. >> it is, but when you have such graphic detailed reporting like you have today, at least it sounds the alarm. we'll see what happens from it. thanks for your time and the good reporting from you and your colleague. thank so much. >> thank you. up next, a new warning from speaker pelosi about the future of president biden's agenda.
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the house speaker nancy pelosi acknowledging today that democrats need to make some very tough decisions and to make them pretty quickly, and she acknowledged on the house side democrats will not get the $3.5 trillion big boyden spending package that they wanted. she says democrats have to make tough choices. that means what about free pre-k, free community college, elder care, child care, something has to give. what should it be? reporters tried but -- >> what would be the first to go
9:26 am
to get the price of the package down? >> you must be kidding. that's in negotiation. that's not something that i would be announcing here, and i don't even know what that would be. what would be the first to go. that would probably be in timing, the timing would be reduced in any cases to make the costs lower. >> it's an interesting challenge. she's not going to negotiate in public, but she's sending clear messages to party progressives in the house, sorry, trim your sails scl let's be really clear. we're not changing manchin's mind or sinema's mind. you can try to a race them. you can, you know, try to find any way possible to move them on a whole bunch of issues, it's not happening. so here we go. we get to a number, we get to these priorities or we get nothing. >> and so then you have to pick. do you do a big climate plan and throw pre-k out or do a smaller plan and fudge it all in? she won't speak publicly, she's
9:27 am
pretty clear to her members. this is what she said last night to the cleese. overwhelmingly the guidance i'm receiving from the members to do fewer things well so that we can still have a transformative impact on families in the workplace. it's the overwhelmingly part. it's the liberals in the caucus wanted $6 trillion or more, they are louder on television. she's trying to say overwhelmingly, you're outnumbered. >> you're outnumbered. and you have to remember that democrats on the front line have to run on these policies next year, right, and so part of the calculus with this administration has been, you know, finding policies that are dinner table politics, tangible wins that they can take and that people can relate that and that's a lesson from the obama years and if they focus on fewer things that are more enduring and more lasting, that's something that they can take into next year. >> hopefully. >> there's two things happening now in the house with democrats. one is you have an overt very aggressive and in some ways polarizing effort by a group of
9:28 am
about ten democrats to force -- to force the bipartisan bill to come up. that's got the attention and overwhelmly you've got democrats facing tough re-elections next year, places like, i don't know, des moines, iowa, or places like richmond, virginia or suburban philadelphia where you have democrats in the first or second term who are not as loud or vocal but being very emfattic with the speaker behind the scenes. we need victories and success and we need to bargain and get both of these bills done and soon. >> and keeps complimenting the president. one of the questions is will the president get more involved so it's not so messy? politico has great problem, they have a goldilocks problem, too big, too small, progressives feel it's too small and if they fail to pass anything there's no path. that's the issue. you've got to get this done and at what point doing the president try to get everybody
9:29 am
in a room and say let's do it? >> that's part what have biden has done in his time in the senate. he has not been -- he's not super ideological, right? like he's willing to make compromises. he's from that old school let's compromise and get something done. the problem is that the sausage-making is very messy, but you've got come out with a sausage at the end, right? like you need some sausage. you talked about the porridge. >> they need some sausage to serve. and even if it's not $3.5 trillion, if it's $1.5 trillion, i know this is a new day but that's a lot of money. >> senators talk to everybody until everybody is exhausted there. might have to be a different approach from the president. we'll see. coming up for us, obama hitting the trail for terry mcauliffe. how worried are virginia democrats that they could lose what lately has been a reliable state? y mutual. they customize my car insurance, so i only pay for what i need. how about a throwback? ♪ liberty, liberty, liberty, liberty ♪ only pay for what you need.
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add barack obama to the urgent late democratic push in the virginia governor's race. the democratic candidate terry mcauliffe announced today that the former president will campaign with him on october 23rd. obama joining a growing list of high-profile democrats heading to the commonwealth with an eye on motivating turnout. the first lady will go there on friday and stacey abrams is due in virginia on sunday. panelists with me, on the one hand, ho-hum, a big race,
9:35 am
democratic candidate so you call in your big names. that's what you do. >> right. >> on the other hand, if you talk to democrats or republicans, they say the democrats have a motivation problem and they need all hands on deck and they need it now. >> they have a very big motivation problem. part of it is, look, democrats have been really successful in virginia for these last few years, and there's an assumption i think from many in the state that it's a blue state. it's going to be fine. >> yes. >> the driving factor in 2017, in 2018 and in 2020, of course, was the person who is no longer in the white house and that was donald trump. with him gone it is hard to re-engage what we call the negative partisanship, the anger there, and terry mcauliffe and democrats attempt to turn glen youngkin, the republican, into donald trump has not been very successful because glen youngkin is not an easy person to caricature as this trump knockoff. >> running more as your old-school businessman, i'm not a politician.
9:36 am
if you look at the polling, it's a close race, 48-44 in, a poll from a couple weeks ago, in a state, again, trending blue. you mentioned trump is no longer around. this is terry mcauliffe on tv saying, yes, he is, please, believe me. >> this is donald trump's comeback, and people need to wake up, and i know we have elections every year in virginia and people get tired, but this is very important, fanned we don't vote for me, i can tell you women should understand that abortions will be outlawed in virginia. we will have the texas law here, and think of this, doctors, i mean, they are going to go try to put doctors in jail. women's lives will be put at risk. >> you can see what's popping in their polling data because he pivots straight from this is trump's comeback to abortion restrictions. clearly those are the two issues they believe can galvanize democratic voters in virginia. this is a state where a democrat should win, and this is basically his race to lose, but he could lose it in part because it's a very different state in a
9:37 am
non-presidential year. the turnout is different, and the sort of nature of the state's voters are very different. i was with governor mcauliffe this morning in alexandria across the river here. made a little bit of news saying president biden himself is also coming to the commonwealth. look for that to be after obama, probably end of october as well uncertain competitive race, and if democrats cannot rouse their base it's going to slip away from them. >> mcauliffe had to clean it up sunday here on "state of the union" on cnn. he spoke the truth and then had to almost apologize. he said the president is dragging me down right now. president biden's numbers are down. we'll talk more about that later but the fact that the president is coming it's smart, yes, in the sense they haven't done much here in washington, the president's numbers are slumping, but if you try to hide from that, then you further discourage democratic turnout. >> even with obama coming to virginia, i mean, he can't go there and not mention his number
9:38 am
former two, especially with the party struggling to pass the president's agenda. this is something that is a chance for him to both, you know, galvanize democratic voters but also, you know, stump for president biden. >> we're going to see terry in the raburn building here, trying to bring together moderates and democrats to get a bill done by halloween. build back better is going to be the mcauliffe mantra here all month. >> the democrats' dilemma, the slumping poll numbers of the president making the democratic party future bleak. ♪ ♪ find a northwestern mutual advisor at
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you can make the case that the maps look pretty good if you're a democrat. look, joe biden is president. he won by a pretty convincing margin over donald trump. that's one way to look at it. after the presidential election you had the two senate seats in georgia. it's a 50-50 senate and switch maps, democrats also control the house. it's not as big of a margin that they would like but they are the majority party in the house but democrats look okay, right? well, there are giant warning sinchs for the party right now and in reports that look over the long term. the president's polling slump right now is the party's glaring worry. look at the approval rating and the trend line. the approval rating way up and the approval rating down which hurts the president's party heading into the mid-term elections so the president's
9:44 am
approval rating number one, if that stays anywhere like that, come back and look at this map, forgot about it. the house majority is goon if the president's polling numbers look like that a year from now and the senate outlook, the president's look at the approval rating now and look at this map. yes, republicans have more seats to defend but if you go through the states, with the president's polling slump and this terrain for next year, republicans feel confident, they feel confident about 2022, and if you look at the long-term trends, listen to david axelrod who worked for both of the obama campaigns saying the long-term trends for the democrats not good. >> the structure of our democratic system is biased against democrats because democrats cluster around metropolitan areas, and the rural states are becoming more and more red. we're becoming more polarized by education and class, and all of this is working against
9:45 am
democrats. >> the panel is back with me. let's start with the immediate, and then we'll move into the long term because the immediate actually fuels the long term, if you will. if you look at the president's approval rating right now. this is what drives mid-term elections and 53% disapproval, not a good sign for the democrats. now, a lot of time. not a lot of time between now and the virginia's governor race or the new jersey governor race. >> sorry terry. >> the democrats believe do things. just talking about the agenda. do things is the best way to try to move those numbers, right? >> well, but the most important number is returning people's lives to a sense of normal. >> totally. >> that it doesn't matter -- whether that is passing this agenda. for some people that's what normal was. that's what they assumed life was going to be when this man was elected president. for some it was we weren't going to have the covid problems anymore. that hasn't happened. for others it's the economy is going to kind of get up and running. that's not happening. there's nothing that feels like we are back to a pre-covid
9:46 am
normal in whatever that normal meant for you in 2020 when you thought, that you know, for -- for many who voted for joe biden and thought that's what you are going to get. until that starts getting better. passing a piece of legislation that nobody is talking about, nobody feels invested in right now in terms of regular voters won't move those numbers. >> this was the biden calling card during the campaign. i will not be trump. we will deal with the pandemic responsibly. we'll deal with the economy quickly. if you look again back to the president's approval rating, this is about when delta came to the united states and it started to grow and grow and then you had the hospitalizations and there's the cross, the cross line there hand now the president finds himself here. this is -- this is just tied to covid period. >> it's tied to covid, but it's also tied to, you know, some of the struggles he's seen on the afghanistan withdrawal. >> yes. >> the struggle with the congressional gridlock. this is about credibility and about competency and that's a question that is back in the
9:47 am
national debate about joe biden. >> the paradox of biden's campaign is he ran on two very different things. one healing the country, and we're stilling waiting for normalcy and a really comprehensive and expansive policy agenda that placated the left that was never a big fan of his, and obviously he's trying to get the latter done. hasn't done it yet, and that's creating challenges, but it's the former that's creating i think bigger problems with independent voters. >> with independent voters. >> amy had a big column on as well, they want life to be back to normal. thought it would be that way and delta hits and they say joe, what happened, man, what happened? >> and i think the frustration on the left is more than just about is he going to pass this big expansive social program? >> right. >> it's the things that we talked about forever, daca. why is there not a solution to that, policing? we spent so much of 2020 focused ain that issue. >> total. >> nothing has happened. those -- at least when i'm talking to voters, listening to
9:48 am
them in focus groups those are the things that come up more so than i'm bummed that we don't have an infrastructure from a package. >> voting rights not going to happen. >> not going to happen. >> police reform, not going to happen and if you look at the other, the bipartisan infrastructure plan, maybe, probably, but we don't know yet. will they have a reconciliation package? democrats say they will figure it out but they are still fighting. >> and loy the of this you have to remember when biden was at the inauguration he said it was, you know, thank you or when we won the -- the presidency, he said it was the black vote. you got me here. i'm going to fight for you now, but the question is what has he delivered so part of this if you want to get black voters, those people who have been reliable for the democratic party, the backbone of the democratic party, what have you done for black voters lately? that's what they are asking. >> and, look, it's incredibly complicated because of the shifts, the demographic shifts in the country, the growth of the democratic party in the
9:49 am
suburbs. the democrats are the party of the coast, huge on both coasts but in the middle of america, ezra klein in the "new york times" wrote about it based on the democratic data analyst, democrats need to internalize that they are not liked and do not understand the voters he needs to win over. swing voters in these state, the midwestern industrial states are not liberals, not woke, do not see the world in the way that the people who staff and donate to the democratic campaigns do. it is an issue when you are a bigger family that you have, a, more disagreements, but it's more complicated for the urban democrats to talk to you. you wrote about this, in a different context, i'll show you the map, separate report about the democratic problems in factory states, industrial states. this report looked at ten states, including upstate new york. you think of new york city where democrats have a huge problem because they are losing touch with essentially voters who work with their hands. >> yeah. you can look at these communities that were historically big manufacturing communities, strong presence of organized labor, and both of those things have collapsed the
9:50 am
last 20 years. organized labor is gone because a lot of the factories are gonance and so i think what's left in the wake there is a real opening for republicans to make a move on cultural issues, and you don't have the kind of organizing power that organized labor brings to those communities anymore and i think that's where somebody like trump can come in and prove very, very powerful. that said, it's not even just an american problem. this is happening all over the west. >> right. >> de-industrialization is hurting center left parties around the world, not just here. >> if you come back to this map. >> yeah. >> come back to the map, just look at it. if you took pennsylvania, michigan, wisconsin. >> ball game. >> minnesota. >> those were state, illinois is different. i'm not going to put that on there because it's so democratic right now but the other states are in play. they have been in play for republicans. trump won some of them. minnesota is close. if you look at a longer term where we are in so or 15 years, the democrats need to figure this out. >> and especially if biden loses suburbanites who were with him because he wasn't trump last time and he doesn't have the
9:51 am
galvanized support in the black community because he hasn't delivered or because there was actually some marginal drift of black men away from the party, then they are in dire straits. >> the long-term data looks bleak. one way to turn it around is to have gains in the short term, pass your agenda and get the win. looking at the senate battleground map, pennsylvania, ohio, wisconsin, you know, the democrats -- can democrats perform in places like that in this environment now? >> here's the good news for democrats. this is not the 2018 map where they were defending so many red states or the 2014 map or the 2010 map. those were all lots of red that they had to defend. they have to defend a lot of purple states. i think the bigger challenge for democrats is nevada, new hampshire, right. those are the places, georgia, arizona, holding on to those states, that still gets you -- you got your 50, you held on, can you get one more by picking up a wisconsin, a pennsylvania? but, yes, we are going to look for signs in pennsylvania and
9:52 am
there's -- there's a good chance you might see in this battle for those battleground states two extremes of the conversation we've had, up really, really left blue, one really, really trumpy red in a swing state. >> and you touched on this earlier. one of the ways to change minds or win voters in these places is to come to them and say we did these things. we did these things and they are tangible in your life. vote for us. >> right, and so one area that they have, you know, pointed to as a legislative win is the child tax credit, right, but there was a politico morning consult poll out this week that said 40% of independent women gave democrats credit and only 30% gave joe biden credit for -- for that and only 24% of independent women think that it should be made permanent. this is something that was supposed to be, you know, as long as they end up extending, something that they were supposed to take into next year as a win and they are already having a messaging problem with that so there is a disconnect
9:53 am
between their policy and the group that it's intended to benefit. >> and i think it's more than just a messaging problem. the thing is people are getting more money and they are spending it. it's not going as far because of the inflationary pressures and also you're not -- these child care centers are closing or they have laid off so many staff that you can get your tax credit and there's nowhere to spend it. >> it's -- it's more than complicated. >> right. >> more than complicated. >> still ahead for us, yes, cursing as a campaign issue in new jersey. plus, donald trump apparently close to a deal to sell one of his most controversial hotel properties. if you have this... consider adding this. an aarp medicare supplement insurance plan from unitedhealthcare. medicare supplement plans help by paying some of what medicare doesn't... and let you see any doctor. any specialist.
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topping our political radar today, two republicans floating an alliance withp democrats to defeat candidates who pedal trump's big lie. >> it's time that our elected officials, they took an oath to that, not to a party and, unfortunately, donald trump has created what i would call a -- it's just a cult. >> what we're focusing on, the governor and i and our organization renew america movement is those tip cases, the key races around the country where we think moderate unifying democrats if elected will keep the balance of power in the hands of current congressional leaders. >> democratic congressman adam schiff taking direct aim at republican colleagues supporting bigot lie. schiff calls them insurrectionists in suits and
9:59 am
ties. >> what worried me the most about that day why insurrectionists in suits and ties, even after the bloody insurrection, after all the shattered glass and death of that death, were back on the house floor trying to overturn the election. >> is ketch mccarthy an insurrectionist in a suit and tie? >> absolutely. >> the trump organization reportedly close to selling its marquee hotel not far from the white house. the trump is in talks to sell the hotel to a miami-based investment firm. the price tag $370 million. "the wall street journal" was first to report this development. you might report a recent house committee report raised ethics questions about hotel business during the trump presidency. that report also said trump lied about big hotel profits and actually lost millions. this is a fun story. democrats in new jersey making a big bet on cursing. a new party ad attacks the republican candidate for governor. as a up to council member back in 1994 he voted in favor of a
10:00 am
$500 fine for cursing. >> no [ bleep ] way. >> [ bleep ]. >> oh, that's kind of nice. >> really? >> [ bleep ]. >> no. [ bleep ]. >> this is new jersey. >> jersey voters like those in virginia go to the polls in just three weeks. we'll be counting them. thanks for joining us on "inside politics." ana cabrera picks things up right now. >> hello. i'm ana cabreraia in new york. kyrie benched. that's the new breaking message from the brooklyn nets on their search-time all-star shooting guard kyrie irving. the team is saying irving will not play or practice with the team until he is eligible to be a full participant, and in new york city that means he can't play at an indoor sporting venue until he's had at leas


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