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tv   New Day With John Berman and Brianna Keilar  CNN  October 12, 2021 2:59am-4:00am PDT

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good morning to our viewers here in the united states and around the world. it is tuesday, october 12th. i am brianna keilar with john berman. breaking overnight, jon gruden stepping down as head coach of the nfl's las vegas raiders hours after "the new york times" reported on homophobic, masochistic, and racist remarks that he made in emails over a seven-year period. the emails were discovered as part of a workplace misconduct investigation. in them, gruden denounces the drafting of a gay player and the tolerance of players protesting the national anthem. >> gruden, who won a super bowl nearly 20 years ago with the bucs, was in year four of a ten-year $100 million contract. overnight, he put out a statement that didn't explain what he said or apologize explicitly for the homophobic or masochistic things he wrote. what he did say was, i'm sorry. i never meant to hurt anybody. coy wire joins us now.
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coy? >> reporter: hi, john. this is days after emails from gruden dating back to 2011 surfaced that included racist comments about executive director smith. one source in the union told me at the time they were aware of more emails to come. now this. las vegas raiders head coach jon gruden resigning overnight after "the new york times" and "wall street journal" reviewed emails from gruden that used homophobic, masochistic, and racist language. gruden writing, i love the raiders and do not want to be a distraction. thank you to the players, coaches, staff, and fans of raider nation. i'm sorry. i never meant to hurt anyone. >> jon gruden was homophobic, masochistic, racially insensitive. jon gruden needed to resign. it was imperative he did resign, and i'm glad that he resigned. >> reporter: "the new york times" reviewed emails from gruden from 2011 to 2018 while he was an espn analyst, using a
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slur according to roger goodell. he denounced women as referees, the drafting of a gay player, and the players protesting the national anthem. >> all of it obviously reaches critical mass very quickly, to the point that gruden decided himself that there's no way out of this and has to resign or he was pressured to resign. this is a pattern of behavior apparently. there's a lot here. it can't be rationalized. >> reporter: last week, a "wall street journal" report revealed an email sent by gruden in 2011, where he used racist language while referring to the head of the nfl players association, smith, during a contentious lockout over the bargaining negotiations. he apologized for the email after the game on sunday. >> i'm not a racist. i can't tell you how sick i am. i apologize again to d. smith. i feel good about who i am and
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what i've done my entire life. i apologize for the insensitive re remarks. i had no, you know, racial intentions with those remarks at all. but yes they can, i'm not like that at all. i apologize. >> reporter: smith tweeted in response to the news of gruden's email, the email from jon gruden and some of the reaction to it confirms that the fight against racism, racist tropes, and intolerance is not over. this is not about an email as much as it is about a pervasive belief by some that people who look like me can be treated as less. >> we give guys these big contracts because they want to be able to lead 70 men, coaches, equipment staff, and managers. the number one goal is to win a championship. for us to be moving back and not forward in the 21st century, like i said, national football league, this hurts me. the clock is ticking, man.
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i'm sorry. >> raiders special teams coordinator will take over as the interim head coach. usually the team has tuesdays off. they're scheduled to play in denver this sunday. gruden's anti-gay and maso masochistic emails are said to be hurtful to the nfl's first openly gay rostered player. >> thank you. >> one of the "new york times" reporters who broke the story about gruden's emails joins me now. ken, thanks so much for being with us. it is notable, or it was notable to me, the statement that gruden put out last night, he didn't say, "i'm sorry i wrote masochistic, racist, homophobic things." he said, "i'm sorry. i never meant to hurt anybody." what did you take from the words he put out last night? >> well, i think in the first case where there was one single email that came out last week, he was able to explain it away
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and try to rationalize it. the number of emails that we saw were just too many, to be honest, for him to put out a statement trying to rationalize or rebut everything in them. there's a very good chance he knew most of those emails ps because the nfl forwarded them to the raiders. i'm sure the raiders shared them with him. it's just the sheer number of them and the variety of them and the topics that he took on. there's no way in a statement to go through them all. i'm not his speechwriter. i don't write his statements. i can't justify his statement, but there were just too many of them to answer. >> as you said, in a way, what he wrote, the pattern of things he wrote, it goes against everything the nfl is trying to portray and change about itself. 70% of the players are black. gruden coached the first openly dp gay player in the nfl. he works with women executives in the raiders office.
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this has got to be such a problem for the nfl. >> well, take a step back. 30% to 40% of nfl fans are women. women, particularly mothers, are influential in the homes, in allowing sons and daughters to play football. they're trying to attract women to the nfl to broaden the fan base and to improve the, ultimately, finances of the league and the future of the league. so this goes against a lot of what the nfl is trying to do from a business perspective as well. obviously, this is only one coach, but he's symbolic. he is a powerful coach. he's at a popular team. this isn't the kind of image the nfl is at all interested in. >> you said it is just one coach. this came out, interestingly and oddly, as part of a patterns and practices investigation into the washington football team, of which gruden was never associated. his brother coached there, and his friend was the general manager there. are there more emails out there that might implicate others now
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in the league in an adverse way? >> well, the nfl said that they reviewed 650,000 emails. the jon gruden emails were only a small slice of it. the only reason he was included in any of them was that he was in communication with bruce allen, the president of the club. bruce allen used his team email account for all of these exchanges. so, in some ways, jon gruden would not have been imp klicate in any of this if bruce allen had been using, say, a gmail account or something else. 650,000 emails, there's a good chance there's more out there. because with that volume of correspondence, there may be other things that will be unearthed. >> i don't know if you had a chance to see randy moss there in our piece or hear randy moss overnight, his reaction to all of this. you know, that's a hall of fame wide receiver football player. he was getting really emotional about what this, i think, signifies for the players in
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this league. what's your sense of how this will impact them? >> well, you know, the nfl has tried over and over to step forward, and this is obviously a step back. it is an unvarnished look at how people speak behind doors, how they feel comfortable using -- what language they feel comfortable using. so, sure, the league has tried hard to address issues like domestic violence, sexual abuse, bullying, obviously race relations, and a whole variety of fronts. this is one of those unvarnished, i hate to satey it honest looks at how people in power speak. >> this is going to turn into a cancel culture argument in some places. jon gruden canceled for something he said. but i think as you know here, this isn't just a something he said. there's a lot in here, right, as
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someone who has gone through all of them. >> yeah. i can't speak to cancel culture. i mean, the emails are what they are. they're not a single email. they're not a single topic. let's face it, you know, he's criticizing the nfl. the commissioner of the nfl, the policies allowing women on the sidelines, for instance, the treatment of players who protest during the national anthem. this fwgoes to the heart of the nfl's policies. if you or i at a workplace publicly or not publicly criticized or undermined the goals of your organization, there would be questions asked. yes, this happened several years ago, but he is now in power again as a coach and a very influential coach. his credibility with his players and the credibility of the raiders organization are going to be called into question repeatedly if he had stayed at his job. >> yeah. imagine being carl nassib,
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showing up to a coach who used homophobic language in emails. i think more will come out in the following days. ken, thank you for being with us. >> sure. thanks very much. the governor of texas has banned private companies from enforcing vaccine mandates. is that even legal? and what about the state's other vaccine requirements, you know, for kids who go to school? plus, florida teachers are quitting their jobs in record numbers. we're going to ask one teacher about what is driving them out of the classroom. and a wisconsin mother is suing her school district after her 7-year-old son contracted covid. does she have a case? discover card i just got my cashback match is this for real? yup! we match all the cash back new card members earn at the end of their first year automatically woo! i got my mo-ney! it's hard to contain yourself isnsn't it? uh- huh! well let it go! woooo! get a dollar for dollar mamatch at the end of your first year. only from discover.
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developing overnight, texas governor abbott, who likes to brag about texas being a pro-business state, he signed an executive order severely limiting the freedom of businesses to make their own
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choices. abbott banned any entity, including private businesses, from enforcing vaccine requirements on workers. cnn "early start" co-anchor and attorney laura jarrett joins us now. is this legal? can he do this? >> legally, this is really suspect and likely to get thrown out. here's why. remember, abbott already tried this with schools, right? he tried to say schools cannot mandate the vaccine for at least covid-19. other vaccines are fine. somehow, covid is different. this is different because it is going after private businesses, and it directly conflicts with president biden's mandate for both federal workers and, remember, businesses that have 100 or more employees. that's what was animating this. american airlines, southwest airlines, they're both h headquartered in texas. they instituted mandates because of the president's order. abbott is saying you can't do that. there is the supremacy claus of the united states constitution which poses a problem for the governor. when federal law and state law conflict, federal law trumps.
3:16 am
he is in big trouble. >> of course, as you told me before, there is a major supreme court case on the record allowing vaccine requirements. that's out there too. what is driving this then? >> i think it's politics. he is playing politics with public held. we've seen him do it with schools. also, remember, he has a primary challenge that's going to be really tight here. we've seen his opponents trawling him about this. we've soeen allen west, who had covid himself, saying he doesn't believe in vaccine mandates. his other primary challenger congratulated him for this order. that appears to be what is driving it. but he's playing a really dangerous game. kids are going to become sick and die because of this. he is extending it to private business owners. >> it puts businesses in a bind. >> yeah. but it's also pretty rich coming from, as you pointed out in your intro, a conservative who labels himself as pro-business, right? i mean, this is a private business owner. you're telling them they can't protect their workers. another interest thing, think about a church that wants to
3:17 am
mandate the vaccine. how is that going to work? if a church tries to mandate the vaccine, and now any entity is prohibited. how is the u.s. supreme court going to look at that? >> topsy-turvy thing. the reverse religious entryway. >> yes. >> laura jarrett. there are going to be major businesses that have an issue with this. a lot of major businesses with a lot of workers in texas. we'll be watching this closely. florida is confronting a massive teacher shortage, and the situation is only getting worse. according to a recent survey, teacher vacancies in the state have surged to more than 5,000. that is a 67% increase compared to last year. 75% of districts across the state are also facing an alarming shortage of support staff. so people like bus drivers, custodians, and food service workers. joining me now to talk about this is gretchen robinson, a reading teacher at university high school in orlando. gretchen, thank you so much for being with you -- with us.
3:18 am
i know that you are dealing with a lot right now as kids have been coming out of this pandemic. it's such a difficult time for teachers. so tell us what you're dealing with. >> well, very large class sizes. sort of insecurity about how the health of students, teachers, and staff is going to be protprotect protected going forward. we are enforcing mask wearing right now. apparently, the governor is wanting to not allow that. kids out on quarantine constantly for weeks at a time, and it is very difficult to maintain that continuity and instruction that's so important for them, are some of the things we're dealing with. >> i know that instructing them
3:19 am
online isn't an option when they go out. so they're also playing catch-up when they come pback. >> correct. >> tell us where the kids are at educationally. tell us how they're doing socially, mental health wise. >> well, they've had a year and a half of very disrupted education. the ones that have been, you know -- that were in the classroom last year, you know, they were able to keep up a little better. but many of the kids last year were out on remote teaching, and some of them, honestly, just, you know, would check in online and then just go do whatever. go back to sleep or something. wasn't a whole lot of accountability for the students, and it was very difficult to reach some of them. you know, also, we were dealing with kids that had, you know, poor internet connections at home or, you know, just lots of stuff going on in the
3:20 am
background. so now they're back. they've lost a lot over the year and a half. we're double timing it to try to catch them up. unfortunately, we're dealing with very large class sizes. that makes it even more difficult. >> and you are always dealing with in florida something that i think a hlot of people don't knw about. florida is 49th in the union when it comes to teacher pay. >> uh-huh. >> so it's really lagging. i mean, teachers are not making much compared to other states. is that a huge issue, and what else needs to be done besides addressing teacher pay to turn this trend around? >> oh, absolutely, that's a huge issue. i mean, i'm real happy for new teachers, you know, that they got a pay increase. what about the veteran teachers? i'd love to be making what my colleagues in states with an actual teaching budget, who are
3:21 am
veteran teachers like me, are making. that would be great, considering the insane hours i put in during this, you know, situation. even at the best of times, teaching is challenging. it's a challenge i love. but, you know, right now, it's brutal. i would love to be compensated for that, you know? we have these teacher appreciation things, where they give us these coupons for, you know -- i'm just make it up, mcdonald's, whatever, chick-fil-a, places i don't go. they can keep that and just, you know, up our salary to, you know, make us competitive with other states. >> gretchen -- >> as far -- >> gretchen, thank you so much for joining us. look, we know you have your work cut out for you, and we thank you for shedding light on these problems. >> you bet. elon musk is trolling jeff
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elon musk is currently the world's richest person and has no problem bragging about it. musk is now worth more than $30 billion more than the second name on the list, amazon's jeff bezos. musk responded to the news in a really classy way. tweeting this to bezos yesterday, a second place medal.
3:27 am
joining us is chief investment officer at wheelhouse and christine roman, cnn chief business correspondent. really great look for rich people to be involved in a match like this. what's going on here? >> bickering billionaires, and we have some of the worst in quality the united states has ever seen. not a great look. these guys have to be careful. there will be a backlash if they don't start reorienting their wealth and capabilities into something more worthwhile. >> what is musk doing? this isn't the first time he's gone after bezos. >> i doubt it'll be the last. one of the things musk has proven himself at being adept at is getting public attention, stoking fires, and ultimately turning it toward his business at the end of the day. he is a master pr guy. >> he is punching up, not down. i think he is envious. looks like he has bezos envy. >> i think most people have bezos envy. they've got $440 billion of wealth between the two of them.
3:28 am
>> it is vintage musk though. he doesn't care what we think about it either. he's sort of like billionaire frat boy stuff. this is the way he behaves. >> there's wealth inequality. i'm sorry. it is so petty. >> the typical american family makes $67,000 a year. he is talking about gaining $52 billion just this year in his own wealth. $52 billion at a time when progressives are saying we shouldn't be taxing income of middle class people but the nest eggs of the richest. you could fund all kinds of programs by taking a little of what elon musk has. timing is interesting. >> you know who doesn't need to invest in this, someone worth $200 billion. you have better things to do. there is other news about amazon. they are putting out some new guidelines about return to work? >> a little more flexibility here. they talked about going back to the office, corporate teams going back to the office in january and having at least three days a week in the office. now andy jassy, the ceo, is saying they're going to let the individual corporate teams decide what is best. however, they want you to live close to the office because you
3:29 am
still have to come in for meters. they don't want you relocating to hawaii, but they'll be more flexible. it is an interesting precedent. they have 950,000 employees, a big company. the warehouse workers are not going to have this flexibility. for the corporate teams, they're saying it is going to be individual directors, team leaders who will decide, at a time when, in media and in banking and finance, a lot of people are saying, we want you to be back in the office in january at least three days a week. this is a different tack. >> are companies having a hard time finding the sweet spot in terms of flexibility in a hopeful, post-pandemic world? >> i think it is difficult. you're seeing the two extremes. hybrid hasn't really been figured out. you've got people letting people work from home, no end date in sight. there will be a push back to the office. employers will try to see what the rumblings are, and i think hybrid be settle. it is tough. >> there are concerns about what this means for diversity, inclusion, equity at work if you
3:30 am
are hybrid. that's something the diversity managers are concerned about. also for the career trajectory of women, they're more likely to be taking on the schooling in the home and the work. they want to work from home. could be great for them to have hybrid. except the managers and human resources experts are worried, if you have them out of face time, the culture building, contact building in the office. that's a real concern. >> thank you so much for being with us. really appreciate it. coming up, an urgent, new warning from speaker pelosi about the future of president biden's agenda. plus, former president trump is the leader of the gop, but do the majority of republicans want him to run again? the answer may surprise you. the new sensodyne repair and protect with deep repair has the science to show
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biden's legislative agenda amid slumping polling data. in a letter sent to lawmakers last night, pelosi wrote this, in order to pass both the build back better act and the bipartisan infrastructure bill on time, it is essential the difficult decisions must be made very soon. overwhelmingly, the guidance i am receiving from members is to do fewer things well so that we can still have a transformative impact on families in the workplace and responsibly address the climate crisis. a better planet for the children. let's talk about this with political analyst and political correspondent for the "new york times," jonathan martin. okay, this letter was to everyone, but who is she really talking to here? >> i think she's trying to send a message to progressives in her caucus. look, we're not going to be able to do the full scope of what you want to do. this is not a $3.5 trillion package, as was envisioned over the summer.
3:36 am
the reason for that is you have a fairly broad and diverse party, and you have two chambers of the party. you're not going to get a bill through the senate at that price tag or near that scope. so let's narrow this thing down. also, this is important, let's make it more understanding for the average voter. if we're trying to sell this to voters in the midterms, this is what democrats have done for you. let's keep it the old k.i.s.s. >> keep it simple stupid. what gets cut? >> this is where it will get dicey and could make this a difficult fall and early winter for democrats. there's going to be real discord. for example, i think there's some movement in the house to trim back the expansion of medicare for dental and vision benefits. that has been a priority for bernie sanders in the senate. so what does that look like? that's a big chunk of money that, you know, you could lose, but that's an important priority for a key senator.
3:37 am
if you do just that, for example, that's going to create real discord between chambers. >> you see progressives getting in line here? >> look, i think it is going to be difficult, but i think the cost of failure is so significant that it's hard to see how they don't pass something. but this is going to be the challenge. how far do you come down from the $3.5 trillion number? how much do you cut until the left says, you know what, we're willing to compromise here but what are we doing? this is too much. >> this isn't going to make a difference that will help us. even politically, and maybe not help the american people. >> given the promises made, exactly. >> this recent research poll that you have been looking at i'm sure with considerable interest shows 67% of republicans or republican-leaning independents think donald trump should remain a major political figure. 44% think he should run for president again. what do you make of this? >> it is fascinating. it sort of makes clear that this is not a black and whitish shoe
3:38 am
for republicans when it comes to trump. it is not trump is our savior, maga forever, or trump is the devil incarnate. look, there is a larger middle ground between those two views within the gop. it is what i call kind of the gold watch electorate within the republican party. they want him involved in the party, but they don't want him to be the standard bearer again in 2024. that to me is the most fascinating slice of the party. because if they do remain steadfast, then that could make it a much more competitive primary in '24 if trump doesn't run. >> except trump has a say in this, right? >> sure does. >> it's very clear where he is about how you thread the needle. he doesn't want republicans doing it. >> this is the other thing, if you do have a primary where trump is in the race, you know, do the opponents carve out the vote? there is a precedent here, 2016.
3:39 am
donald trump never got 50% in the primaries in 2015. he was a plurality nominee. you can be if you're running in a split field. that could help him in 2024. you don't need 51%. you can get the nomination with a plurality. that is key. but that poll does show us, this is a more complex party right now when it comes to trump being the nominee going forward. >> it is fascinating. jonathan, wonderful to see you bright and early. thank you. >> thank you. the taliban trying to prevent a less oppressive image on the world stage, but the reality on the ground paints a different story. cnn's latest report from inside afghanistan next. plus, we'll take you inside a hospital in rural missouri where administrators are warning a coronavirus vaccine mandate may hurt more than it helps.
3:40 am
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the taliban tried to present a new image to the world of life under their rule. more moderate, less oppressive. still, stories persist of afghans facing the taliban's brand of swift and brutal justice. cnn's clarissa ward spent two weeks reporting from inside afghanistan. she joins us now from islamabad in neighboring pakistan with her latest report. i should note, it contains graphic video. this is something people need to see. >> reporter: absolutely, john. we actually traveled to a city just under 100 miles south of kabul. we spent some time with the much-feared, notorious, so-called vice and virtue police who have just started their patrols again. take a look. this is the image the taliban want to project. friendly and pius, bringing peace and security. on the streets of ghazni city,
3:45 am
this taliban official goes from shop toshop, talking to the owners. he asks how the security situation is with the taliban in charge. the situation is good, praise be to god, the man says. it may well be a performance for our cameras, but it is telling. the taliban wants to show they have changed. when you're talking to the men and some of them don't have long beards, are you saying anything to them about their beards, or does it matter right now? we tell the people that this is the prophet muhammad and make them aware, he says, but we don't want to force the people to do this. in another part of the market, the newly resurrected, much-feared religious police are also keen to show they are taking a lighter touch. they gather the shopkeepers to
3:46 am
introduce themselves and warn them about the importance of following the sharia. make sure your women cover themselves, one talib tells the crowd. they should not travel without a close male relative. a man stands nearby, casually spoking a cigarette. a punishable offense under the previous taliban regime, but no one says a thing. back at their headquarters at the ministry for the propagation of virtue and prevention of vice, the men are still settling in. up until recently, this was the ministry for women. the man now in charge seems leery of my presence and refuses to meet my eye. he says their mission is to help afghans embrace islamic rule. what do you do if they're not following your interpretation of sharia law?
3:47 am
>> translator: we act with accordance to sharia law. firstly, we inform people about good deeds. we preach to them and deliver the message to them in a nice way. the second time, we repeat it to them again. a third time, we speak to them slightly harshly. >> reporter: if his words sound like talking points, that's because they are. as we leave, he hands us a newly issued taliban booklet, outlining the group's ghenentler gentler approach. this is how they should carry out their work. old habits die hard. back in kabul, not everyone is following the new guidelines. it's badly bruised. in a secure location, we see the ugly marks left behind after this man says he was whipped by taliban fighters. we changed his name for his protection. he tells us three fighters stopped him as a busy travel circle for wearing western style
3:48 am
clothing. they took him into a guard hut and demanded to see his cell phone. >> translator: i had photos in my phone related to gays. also the clothes were a gay style. they took me and covered my mouth. two of them held each of my hands. the third hit me, first with a whip and then with a stick. >> reporter: what reason did they give for doing this to you? >> translator: when they were beating me, they kept saying that i was a gay, and i should be killed. they had very scary faces. they were enjoying beating me. >> reporter: that lurid brutality was on full display weeks earlier in the western city, when the bloodied bodies of four men were hung in public for all to see. the taliban said they were kidnappers, killed during a raid. on one man's chest, a grim
3:49 am
warning, abductors will be punished like this. remarkably, many in the crowd seemed to approve of the taliban's medieval display. people are really happy about this decision, this man said. because people believe that by doing this, kidnapping can be removed from this province. in another grotesque display, two alleged criminals, their faces painted, were humiliated before a djjeering crowd. punishing the taliban favors for petty tlohieves. after the corruption of the former government, the group has seized on a frenzied desire for swift justice. but they are savvy enough to know how it looks to the rest of the world. back in ghazni, our attempts to see the justice system in action are repeatedly stonewalled. we're told that the sharia high court is closed, despite the
3:50 am
people waiting outside. we're trying to show that you have -- as we try to persuade the taliban to let us in, we see two men head into the court. our taliban minder relents and lets us follow them. but in the courtroom, the judge makes it clear we are not welcome. tell them to stop, he says. we are quickly ushered out. we've been trying all day to get into the sharia court. they're not letting us. they also won't give us a reason. it may be what could happen to the taliban's newly created image, and the conflict is still brutal at its core. we spoke to a taliban official privately who conceded what
3:51 am
happened shouldn't have happened. this illustrates the difficulty the taliban's leadership have at the moment. even if they issue these gentler edicts or directives, it can be very difficult for them to ensure the rank and file on the ground and the different regional leaderships toe the party line. so that is part of the reason you're often seeing a disparity between what they say and what they do. that's what the u.s. in those meetings over the weekend with the taliban said. it's not enough to hear the words. we need to see the actions. >> pay no attention to the man behind the curtain there. quite a difference between what they're trying to say they're doing and what you are seeing on the ground there. clarissa, why is it so important for the taliban to try so hard to change its image? >> reporter: well, i think a big part of it is the taliban understand right now they need the support of the international community. they need to be recognized by
3:52 am
ore other countries. more than anything else, they need the billions of dollars in aid which had been frozen to start flowing again. afghanistan is on the precipice of a major economic and humanitarian disaster if that money doesn't start flowing, salaries aren't being paid. we're also talking about real hunger if that aid doesn't start moving soon. so the taliban understands, this is an important moment to demonstrate that they're already pragmatic and more diplomatic. then you have to ask yourself, john, why don't they do easy things, like allow girls to go to school again? they said schools can't go to school after sixth grade until they've set up the proper islamic environment. that would seem to be an easy fix to show the international community that a leopard can change its spots. >> easy things and the right thing, it's worth noting as well. clarissa ward, terrific reporting, as always. thank you so much for being with us. one of the highest profile coaches in the nfl stepping down after the league unearthed a
3:53 am
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3:58 am
that there is a mental health crisis, both on the school's campus and across the entire united states. making his announcement about the university's wellness day, chancellor writes, quote, as a chancellor, a professor, and a parent, my heartbr breaks for a those whose suffering goes unnoticed, end quote. several studies have found a link between the covid-19 pandemic and mental health challenges. one report from last year from the cdc finds that almost 41% of adults report mental health challenges stemming from the pandemic. i'm chloe. netflix is standing by dave chap chappelle's comedy show, said to be transphobic. advocates, artists, and net netflix's own employees.
3:59 am
netflix's ceo said, quote, we don't allow titles on netflix that are designed to incite hate or violence, and we don't believe this crosses the line. cnn has not independently verified this emailment . in the midst of the controversy, netflix suspended three employees. one identifies as queer and trans and tweeted criticism of the special last week. netflix told cnn the suspension had nothing to do with this employee's tweets. i'm lainey dos santos. a newly discovered picasso is about to go on display, a crouching, nude woman found behind another painting that had been painted on top. the 1903 work, "the blind man's meal." it was found using techniques like artificial intelligence, advanced imaging technology, as well as 3d printing. that offers exciting, new possibilities of examining other
4:00 am
post-modern pieces. ♪ welcome to our viewers in the united states and around the world. it is tuesday, october 12th. i'm john berman with prixbriann keilar. on this new day, glory. >> here comes santana. the red sox. >> kike hernandez driving in santana with a ninth inning walk-off sacrifice fly to send the boston red sox to the american league championship series. they beat the heavily favored tampa bay rays, three games to one. a series the yankees watched from home, if at all. so congratulations to the entire world, which clearly benefits from this. i can see brianna agrees.
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