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tv   CNN Newsroom Live  CNN  October 11, 2021 1:00am-2:00am PDT

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hello, everyone. welcome to our viewers joining us in the united states and around the world. i'm isa soares right here on "cnn newsroom." >> it's not time to run back in and pretend like nothing is going on. >> we have to be careful we don't prematurely declare victory. >> america's top health officials warn not to be too excited. australia's largest city coming to life after a lockdown.
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we go live to you from sydney. and -- mass protests across poland. why there are growing fears of another european exit. >> reporter: live from london, this is "cnn newsroom" with isa soares. hello, everyone. it is monday, october 11th. welcome. we begin this week with signs the u.s. is gaining ground in its fight against covid-19. have a look at this we've got on your screen. the number of new cases dropping across most of the country, we see that. only five states saw a significant jump in new infections last week. hospitalizations we have a look at that and deaths are dropping across much of the country. experts say now is not the time to let your guard down.
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>> we have to just be careful that we don't prematurely declare victory in many respects. we still have 68 million people eligible to be vaccinated that have not yet gotten vaccinated. even those who have gotten vaccinated, you want to look forward to holiday seasons, spending time with your family and doing those things .
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>> god has given us the ability to do and they're incredibly safe and effective, maybe that was the answer to prayer. another reason to roll up your sleeve, stay safe during the upcoming holidays. celebrating halloween outdoors should be safe especially if parents and older children have been vaccinated. we're learning new details about when the u.s. might see covid vaccines for children under 5. it will likely be next year before the shots roll out. officials are being especially cautious about vaccines for younger children. >> i think cdc is likely to be very cautious because they're less at risk for covid, we're
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still collecting data about it and it's a novel virus. there are a lot of things we don't know. for those parents who still have a lot of questions, i would urge them to have a discussion with their pediatrician about the pros and cons of vaccination. in boston more than 1,000 city employees may be placed on unpaid leave tomorrow for not complying with covid-19 regulations. some doctors say time will tell if these types of regulations will increase vaccinations. >> essentially everyone who has wanted a vaccine has gotten a vaccine. we'll see what mandates can do to nudge people. people who aren't subject to mandates and are steadfast against it, who have been misinformed, deliberately
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misinformed, are going to be very, very hard to convince. >> we have 95,000 cases. still 115,000 americans are dying every day. let's not forget we're going into the cold season. we know what happens, people take off their masks and in places that are really cold will be hanging around other family members also in tight spaces. so i think we should tighten up restrictions. >> that is in the u.s. in australia, more than 70% of adults in sydney are vaccinated. you can go to the pub, work out in gyms and shop in stores. the prime minister talked about the simple pleasures in life that are possible. >> today is the day so many have been looking forward to. the day the things we take for granted we'll celebrate. being with family and friends, getting a haircut. grabbing a meal together.
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going to the pub and having a beer with your mates. these are things that across new south wales and particularly sydney we will be able to do again today. i know all around the country that will be true. >> any sense of nervousness from those you've spoken to today? >> reporter: nervousness. more so relief i would say so isa. people know what the challenge will be ahead. they still need to keep covid in mind but they'll be doing so in a covid normal way in sydney. they'll be living with the virus because that vaccination rate has crept so high. yes, we're concerned about there being more cases now that we're opened up and hospitals may have many more patients over the next coming weeks. authorities and people here
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hoping that will be ameliorated by the fact that vaccinations have been driven up to that 70% mark and more of adults being vaccinated. children from the ages of 12 to 15 are taking up the vaccine at a quick pace. that's very different to the way things were in june when this outbreak of the delta variant first popped up and when sydney went into lockdown 106 days ago. then one case. an outbreak began with an unvaccinated driver who was chauffeuring airline crews from the airport to their hotel. he caught it. now these next few months later over 60,000 covid-19 cases and over 300 deaths. we all know how deadly and how dangerous the covid-19 virus are. people are out celebrating today. i went to one pub in central sydney the angel hotel where they're giving out free drinks.
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one pub can keep his bar open because of the high vaccination rates. here's what he said. >> i think we're higher. 80% next week. >> the pub is way better than drinking in your own house. 106 days in my house? nothing better than the pub. >> reporter: so some joy there from people experiencing a small taste of freedom after such a long time. next we'll be looking to more vaccinations across the country trying to get closed borders state by state open and then the next thing is getting australia open to the rest of the world, isa. >> great to see that guy say there that the pub is way better than drinking at home. ivan watson for us in sydney. thank you very much, angus. just in time for the holidays here in the u.k. dozens of countries are coming
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off the less restrictive travel destinations. 47 nations and territories are being lifted from the red list. only 7 countries remain. let's get the latest from our selma abdel azeez is joining us. this is not just welcome news for travelers but airlines who have been crippled by covid and travel rules. talk us through the new policy, selma. >> reporter: absolutely, isa. 47 countries coming off that red list at 4 a.m. that means travelers coming from those countries will no longer have to quarantine in a government hotel. that was a hurdle for most people who wanted to bring family, relatives to travel and the other additional change is there will be 37 countries where vaccinations are recognized by authorities here at these airports here. just outside gatwick. that opens up the possibility
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for travelers fully vaccinated, they don't have to isolate at home for those ten days as long as they go through the series of required tests. this is something people have been calling for for a while. as you know, isa, this is a very international city. people have relatives from all over the world. i have family from all over the world. this begins to allow for reunification of families, allow for reunification of friends. as you said most importantly, it allows people to begin to have more confidence in the travel industry. it means families can begin to travel for the half-term break which is coming up in a few weeks. winter is coming here. a lot of travel abroad particularly to some of the countries in asia, thailand. it came off the list. one of the key countries that wanted to be removed. this opens up the economic possibilities as well as of course being able to bring families together. yes, there is concern about what this means in terms of keeping the covid numbers down, but first of all you have that layer of protection.
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about 80% of the population is fully vaccinated. so a layer of protection there because of the vaccinations. then you have the system of checks and balances with a series of tests required. with the proof of vaccination that is required. yet another step here towards normal but also with all of those cautionary steps needed to make sure that variants and that the numbers for covid cases continue to stay down, isa. >> indeed. good news for many people who haven't seen their loved ones for a long time. thanks, selma. now it's been a weekend of travel nightmare for southwest airlines. more than 1,000 flights were canceled sunday morning alone. more than 1/4 of southwest's schedule. that's after saturday saw some 800 cancellations and 1100 delayed flights. listen to one southwest passenger headed to a funeral describe her experience.
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>> and at 7:45 p.m. friday night i was dealt a devastating blow that my flight was canceled and they sent me a link to rebook. there were no other flights available at all on southwest or any other airline actually. and that's when i just began to cry. i was just devastated. >> southwest blamed the problems on bad weather, air traffic control issues and limited staffing. the faa is saying they haven't had any staffing shortages since friday. southwest pilots union say it's not their fault either. now authorities say there was no criminal play with the flight that was evacuated at laguardia. people were cleared out as
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passengers reported suspicious behavior of a passenger. one person was taken into custody but it's important to note we aren't sure this is the video of that person. under cover agents have arrested a nuclear engineer and his wife. the maryland couple are accused of trying to sell secrets about nuclear powered submarine to a foreign country. agents arranged for a handoff. the justice department said the fbi retrieved an sd card concealed in half a peanut butter sandwich at a pre-arranged dead drop location. no word whether it was creamy or crunchy. parts of the united states are dealing with a threat of severe weather including tornadoes. we'll get the latest from the cnn weather center ahead.
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we have a report for you from moscow next.
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now a night at the opera ended in horror on saturday.
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state media reports a performer was crushed to death during a live performance. cnn's matthew chance reports now from moscow. >> reporter: this tragic accident happened during a scenery change during the performance of a famous russian opera at the famous bolshoi theater in moscow. one of the background actors moved the wrong way when a heavy ramp was being moved on stage. performers are shouting stop and call an ambulance. attempts to reviv him were unsuccessful. they initially thought it was some kind of stage trick. in a statement the bolshoi theater has expressed condolences to the friends and family. investigators say they're looking into the circumstances around the death. this is not the first time the bolshoi has become embroiled in
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tragedy. in 2013 a violinist died after falling into the orchestra pit and a dancer was jailed for throwing acid into the face of the company's artistic director badly damaging his eyesight. matthew chance, cnn, moscow. now to st. paul, minnesota. struggling to figure out how a night turned so deadly. one woman in her 20s was killed, another 14 people were injured. police have arrested three suspects. they're all in the hospital. investigators are working to determine why this happened. >> officers rushed to the scene, got there quickly and walked into a hellish situation. there was gunshot wound victims
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lying on the street, outside the bar and inside on the floor. all told, 15 people were shot. in california a man is dead after police in los angeles county said he drove his truck on to a sidewalk and nearly hit several pedestrians. he struck a tree and crashed into the building. that's when bystanders pulled him from the vehicle and beat him to death allegedly. the coroner is working to discover the exact cause of death. police and federal agents who have spent months focusing on brian laundrie. if he has been there this entire time, some are wondering if laundrie could still be alive. we have the latest for you. >> reporter: coming up to four weeks since brian laundrie's parents say they saw or heard from their son on september 13th. they say he only left with a
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backpack and was headed for carlton reserve. it's swampy, full of alligators, snakes, other insects. that's where they say he was familiar with some of the hiking trails. even his father, chris laundrie, went last week to that area with investigators. cnn asked some survival experts about what they thought about brian laundrie being able to survive for four weeks there, they all said it's pretty unlikely. listen to what his sister cassie said about her brother's survival skills. >> i'd say brian is a mediocre survivalist. it wouldn't surprise me if he could last a long time but i don't think anything would surprise me at this point. >> reporter: a laundrie attorney asked if he thought brian was still alive? he said he's hopeful. now a 3-year-old boy in texas is now reunited with his
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family after he was lost in the woods for four days. christopher ramirez was found saturday in rough terrain five miles from his home after apparently wandering off while chasing a dog on wednesday. the boy was tired, hungry and dehydrated but otherwise okay. wonderful news. now sunday was the second day the central u.s. has been hit by severe weather. the national weather service reported at least nine tornadoes in oklahoma on sunday night. a line of severe thunderstorms has been moving through the region. the risk of severe weather is now shifting. tyler malden is joining us now. is it shifting? what to expect? >> hi, isa. improvement across the central and southern plains. we continue to have 1.5 million americans in arkansas, oklahoma, texas, louisiana under tornado
1:23 am
watch. that will expire 40 minutes from now. i highly doubt they extend that watch because we are seeing this line of thunderstorm activity die down. in total on sunday we had nearly a dozen tornado reports and about 30, 31 severe wind reports. some of these wind reports were as high as 73 miles per hour and there are some preliminary reports that wind gusts could have gotten up to about 80 miles per hour. if you live in the midwest and great lakes listen up because this storm system is heading your way. we're not looking at the same type of severe setup as we saw across the plains. we could see large hail and damaging wind across this part of the country. then on tuesday we hit repeat and the central plains, they're going to see another round of severe weather. here we could see more tornadoes, large hail and
1:24 am
damaging wind. a level 3 out of 5 risk for severe weather here. plenty of time to up the risk to level 4 or 5. the reason we're going to see more severe weather is because of a developing storm maker across the west coast and this system is going to drop more than a foot and in some areas more than two feet of snowfall especially in the northern rockies. it's also going to bring down some really cool air and the clash in the temperatures that you see on the map here, the above average heat across the east coast, the below average temperature across the west coast, where they meet, that's where we get the severe weather. that's what we're dealing with for the next couple of days. >> thank you very much for breaking it all down for us, tyler. now i want to show you these images from that erupting volcano in the canary islands. we're showing you here on the show for the last few days. weeks. these are live picture blocks of lava as large as three story
1:25 am
buildings have rolled down the island of la palma. the lava has been flowing for three weeks and tremors still being felt in the area. it's 9:24 in la palma. 6,000 people have been forced from their homes and 1,000 buildings have been destroyed. la palma's airport has reopened. we'll keep on top of that story for you. now president biden's poll numbers took a recent dive. coming up, democrats are concerned how that will affect their chances. plus, taiwan marks its national day as tensions with mainland china remain high. we'll hear how they're responding to comments from china's president xi jinping. you are watching "cnn newsroom."
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welcome to "cnn newsroom." i'm isa soares. top stories this hour. covid-19 cases and hospitalizations declining across 45 states while new vaccinations are averaging more than 1 million doses a day. health experts warn it's too soon to relax mandates as well as restrictions. meanwhile, southwest airlines canceled and delayed thousands of flights over the weekend. they blame the problems on bad weather, air traffic control issues. now the drop in u.s. president joe biden's approval ratings has one democrat worried about his own election chances three weeks from now. terry mcauliffe is running for governor. he's downplaying a recent
1:30 am
remark. he's calling on democrats to stop the in fighting and pass the infrastructure bill. our joe johns has the details for you. >> reporter: if there's one thing that comes through about terry mcauliffe's comments, it's that he's frustrated. it's a frustration shared by many democrats in similar situations around the country due to the president's low polling numbers. for terry mcauliffe, of course, it's a different issue simply because he comes from virginia, he's a former governor from virginia and it's a state that has been trending blue over the past several years. this race is also considered a bell weather looking forward towards the mid term elections. add all of that up, terry mcauliffe ended up venting on a call with supporters. listen. >> we are facing a lot of headwinds from washington, as you know. the president is unpopular here in virginia so we have to plow
1:31 am
through. >> reporter: on cnn dana bash asked him about what he said. >> you're talking about the democratic president and democratically controlled congress. are they dragging you down. >> you bet i'm frustrated. >> are they dragging you down? >> they're not dragging me down. >> making it harder for you? >> hard or not, people understand what i'm doing, my 20 big plans to take virginia to the next level so they're going to vote for me, but there is frustration all over the country. we just want action. >> reporter: so what does the white house say about the president's drop in approval numbers? press secretary jen psaki blames it on covid and the delta variant and the spillover effect between the pandemic, the labor market and the economy. joe johns, cnn, wilmington, delaware. a whistle-blower is slamming
1:32 am
the department's leadership before, during and after the january 6th insurrection. in a 16 page letter to congress they said the acting chief didn't share vital information. they said there was more work to do and a lot to change. meanwhile, the house committee investigating the insurrection is hoping to review documents from the trump administration soon. the white house notified the national archives allowing them to have documents with the committee and not to assert executive privilege. they have subpoenaed top trump aides to hand over documents. >> we should, i think, get those documents soon because the sitting president has the primary say on executive privilege.
1:33 am
we want to make sure these witnesses come in to testify and we are prepared to go forward and urge the justice department to criminally prosecute anyone who does not follow their duty. >> we are following growing bipartisan support through capitol hill to rein in companies like facebook. last week's whistle-blower testimony called for pushing for new regulations. suzanne malveaux has the report. >> reporter: despite nick clegg's appearances on multiple sunday morning shows saying facebook couldn't possibly know whether its algorithms pushed the popular thoughts, members of congress, both republicans and democrats, are having none of it. tuesday the senate commerce committee heard all they needed to hear from facebook's whistle-blower. in her testimony about how its own research showed it allegedly had a toxic effect on teen
1:34 am
girls, stoked division and spread misinformation. senator amy klobuchar, who i've covered over the years, has been leading the charge on this issue going after big social media, calling for greater regulations and accountability. she is fed up and earlier she said on cnn congress is ready to act. >> i appreciate that he is willing to talk about things but i believe the time for conversation is done and a time for action is now they're saying, trust us. we've got this. the guy down the street said his mother-in-law won't get the vaccine because she read online it will implant a microchip in her arm. we know the majority of people who won't get the vaccine read stuff online. we know about the violent content. >> reporter: what can congress do? john thune has sponsored several
1:35 am
measures to create transparency that would give the public and policy makers more understanding of how algorithms work and pushing content to users. democrats want to strengthen privacy, competition laws, bolster online for children, get full access to research data to create new rules and standards to address consumer harms and illegal content and limit protections for facebook and other companies for the actions of their users. the whistle-blower is calling for an independent government agency to audit the impact of social media. senators say what's next, possibly a hearing on facebook's impact on national security. and the catch "saturday night live", they had a whole parody on the whistle-blower testimony, so it's not just in the sterile halls of congress where this is being debated. suzanne malveaux, cnn in washington. now china's lashing out at
1:36 am
taiwan's president saying her speech during the island's national day celebration distorted facts and incited violence. the president spoke sunday amid heightened tensions saying they will defend their democratic way of life and won't bow to pressure. >> translator: no one should under estimate the resolve, the will and the ability of the chinese people to defend national sovereignty and territorial integrity. reunification can and will be realized. >> translator: we hope for relations and will not act rashly but there should be absolutely no illusions that the taiwanese people will bow to pressure. >> while cnn's ivan watson is tracking developments, he joins me from taiwan. this is tough rhetoric coming
1:37 am
from both sides. how worried is the region by these tensions which really, as we pointed out, are clearly intensifying here. >> reporter: well, as taiwan was celebrating its national day on sunday which beijing basically argues it has no right to do because china views taiwan as a break away region of its own territory and denies it any declaration of sovereignty, the chinese military flew three war planes, according to the taiwanese ministry of defense, into the air defense administration zone. while xi jinping has been calling for peaceful reunification, there have been considerable displays of military might coming from china earlier last week. record numbers of war planes flying into this air defense identification zone, being warned away by taiwanese air
1:38 am
defenses. the taiwanese president replying to xi jinping replying we are not going to become part of the rest of china because we want to maintain our democratic freedoms. she described taiwan as a front line in the democratic defense against growing authoritarianism around the world. take a listen to what else she said. >> translator: nobody can force taiwan to take the path china has laid out for us. this is because the path china has laid out offers neither a free and democratic way of life for taiwan nor sovereignty for 23 million people. >> reporter: the chinese government is accusing her of provocative statements with a speech like that. it suggests anybody who is against reuniting against taiwan is against the tide of history
1:39 am
denying basically the fact that the president of taiwan is democratically elected and has a multi-party system and tolerates a free press unlike mainland china which is ruled by a communist party. one fact, this break away didn't just happen. taiwan has been governing itself since 1949. the ruling communist party in mainland china has never ruled taiwan for a single day. >> thanks very much, ivan. coming up, a show of unity with the european union. a brewing legal fight. huge crowds are demanding to remain in the bloc. i don't believe we can ever leave europe. >> we came here because we don't want our future to be ruined by nationalists.
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london's police say they are not taking any further action against prince andrew. the suit accuses prince andrew of forcing her of having sex. authorities say a short time ago, as a matter of procedure, mps reviewed a document lease in august 2021 as part of a u.s. civil action. this review has concluded and we are taking no further action. now there is a legal fight brewing between poland and the european union and many are now taking to streets to show really where they stand. listen to this. massive crowds really are rallying behind the european
1:44 am
union after a split at the bloc. protests were held across poland on sunday with as many as 400,000 people turning out in warsaw alone. cnn's fred pleitgen joins me with more. fred, the protests we displayed are pro european union. how real then is the fear of actually poland leaving the eu because of this incompatible law? >> reporter: well, i think, isa, among the opposition or many people who support the opposition, one of the things we always have to keep in mind is poland politically is a very deeply divided country between the conservative and more liberal forces. among the liberals, they do fear that perhaps the government in the long term at least might want to break with the european union. they call it polexit. the government itself has said it has no plans to do that, however, there have been things
1:45 am
that alarm the opposition where the european union says some of the actions are not in line with the laws of the european union. for instance, the way they treat the free press. also, the courts apparently or the courts that have been reformed which many say are not in line with the independence of the justice system within the european union. the latest verdict as well where the polish constitutional court has said or has questioned the primacy of european law which of course is something european union countries have signed up to. a lot of people did go protest especially in the western polish or mostly western polish centers. listen to what some of the folks there had to say. >> we want to stay in the european union because we feel stronger and we hope there will
1:46 am
be more prosperity if we are in. >> reporter: so you can see some fear there on the ground in some of these polish population centers that the government could be plotting to leave the european union. again, the polish prime minister did say there are no plans, absolutely no plans to do that. this is all ploy by the opposition to do that. >> keep us posted, fred. appreciate it. now polls are closed in iraq and the preliminary results are expected in the coming hours. we are hearing the turnout was low despite a push from protesters to hold these elections early. cnn's sam kiley joins me from abu dhabi. i know we expockeect the first
1:47 am
results in a few hours. talk us through what we can expect here, sam. >> reporter: well, isa, first thing is that it's not as low as it was first being reported. initial indications were that the turnout was as low as 20%. those figures have been revised up to 41%, 3%, 3.5% down on the previous election. these are very important elections, isa, because they were called early under pressure of the massive demonstrations that rocked central and southern iraq in 20189. a lot of people turned out for those demonstrations demanding an end to the rein in corruption and expansion of unemployment and other economic opportunities. those saying people don't appear to have turned out in any numbers for elections which experts believe will largely continue to reflect the
1:48 am
sectarian nature of iraqi politics with very large shia blocks -- a large brock of shia votes likely to be to parties very closely aligned with iran. possibly the largest block though of shia voters. possibly the largest block of all voters going to another shia movement. he's opposed to iran. the rest of the dispensation very unlikely to change. >> sam kiley in abu dhabi. thank you, sam. netflix has a new hit show that everyone is talking about. taking the world by storm paving the way for other korean content. "squid game."
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are you a christian author with a book that you're ready to share with the world? get published now, call for your free publisher kit today! now netflix has a show which portrays a kind of economic hunger kams could be the biggest hit yet. as paula hancocks tells us it's all the rage right now. >> reporter: on social media these images are everywhere. on television -- >> down here with the cast of "squid games." >> reporter: -- everyone is talking about it. amazon's jeff bezos tweeted, i
1:53 am
can't wait to watch the show. already hitting number 1 in 90 different countries. "squid games" has 456 debt ridden people competes in games for a prize of $40 million but the penalty for losing is death. they wanted to make the show for more than a decade but studios rejected it. >> translator: when i showed it to people a lot of people said it was unfamiliar. it's strange and unfamiliar. what is this? what the hell is this? they said it in negative ways. >> reporter: south korea has large, profitable studios but the tv shows were predominantly romantic soap operas until netflix arrived. >> translator: i thoughtly be able to bring this to netflix? they said they loved it. >> reporter: netflix has
1:54 am
invested some $2 billion on asian content and will invest in another half a billion on making new korean content alone this year. >> i think in the past couple of years we've seen korean content viewing grow four times in the region. >> "parasite." >> reporter: this is a golden age. music, film, tv shows. it's swept far beyond asia where it's been popular. kwang said this resonates around the world. >> translator: the world is getting much harder to live in. even in the last ten years wealth disparate is growing. nations are facing economic strife. >> reporter: central disparity from "parasite." content from south korea have war and military dictatorship traditionally carries a strong
1:55 am
message. >> media is not just entertainment. media has been a very important tool for political enlightenment or political resistance. >> it is relatively cheap to produce dramas in south korea compared in america. in the "squid game" each costs $2 million which is half of the prize netflix invented in each episode of "house of cards." the younger generation is much more open to foreign language content. >> look at the audience that went to see "parasite" in the united states was younger people. they have been really keen to kind of break that one inch subtitle barrier. >> reporter: the success of "squid game" has been getting other asian content to trend on
1:56 am
netflix. paula hancocks, cnn, seoul. another version of willey wonka is in production. the movie will tell the story of willey wonka before he opened his fame house chocolate factory. that does it for me. i'm isa soares. "early start" with christine romans and laura jarrett is coming up next.
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good morning, everyone. it is monday, october 11th. it's 5 a.m. here in new york. thanks so much for joining us for a special holiday edition of "early start." i'm laura jarrett. >> i'm christine romans. welcome to our viewers in the united states and around the world. we begin with coronavirus and some encouraging news over the holiday weekend. the latest cdc report shows 1.1 million vaccine doses delivered. that brings the 7 daze day average to 1 million s


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