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tv   CNN Newsroom Live  CNN  October 9, 2021 1:00am-2:00am PDT

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a warm welcome to our viewers in the united states and around the world. i'm paula newton. ahead, president biden making a move that could expose donald trump's actions during the january 6 insurrection. after the latest u.s. jobs report, biden says the u.s. risks losing its edge and xi jinping vowing to reunify taiwan with mainland china.
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we begin in washington with a showdown over executive privilege. donald trump is pushing back after biden denied shielding. the former president has written his own letter to the national archives in an attempt to keep more than 40 documents under wraps. more on what this means for the investigation. >> tonight, the biden administration is clearing the way for the january 6 select committee to get information about what was going on in the white house before and during the insurrection. president biden will not assert executive privilege over some record since the document shed
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light on the events and baron the committee's need to under the attacks underlying the most serious attack on operations of the federal government since the civil war. >> this is just the first set of documents and we'll evaluate privilege. the president has been clear he believes to be the utmost importance for congress and the people to have a complete understanding of the events on that day to prevent them from happening again. >> the dmity made 12 pages available ands it unclear which documents have been cleared to give to the committee, the wide range of request include call logs and schedules from family febr februarys including melania trump, jared kush ner and documents pertaining to the mental tablt of the form
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president. he signed his own letters ending, should the committee persist, i will take all necessary steps to defend the office of the presidency. >> the democrats party of the fear of the return of donald trump. >> former trump official steve bannon is telling the january 6 select committee he will not comply with the subpoena saying the former president will not cooperate. it will be up to the courts to decide whether bannon will have to cooperate. >> this letter is a delay tack tack and legally holds no water. >> many say bannon would not be covered by executive privilege because he left the white house in 2017 and was not working for the federal government on january 6.
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one day after that deadline, the committee revealing a statement, two other targets former chief of staff are engaging with the committee even though trump told them not to comply. >> the committee is firing back to bannon. in a statement lawmakers are saying they will act swiftly against anyone that refuses to comply with the lawful subpoena including the possibility of keeping bannon and others in criminal contempt. president biden found himself on the defensive after a dismal job's report. only 194,000 jobs added in september. much lower than expected. we have the details. >> this job's report reveals while the u.s. labor market
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continues to recover. that is no maier near as fast as many had expected. take a look. you can see over the summer in june or july, the job numbers started to come up significantly. in august and september, they fell back as the delta variant started to take hold. you see that in the numbers for leisure and hospitality. well below the average of this year. women ls 26,000 jobs in this report. a sign that covid-19 continues to complicate child care arrangements. especially with the delta variant. >> it wasn't all bad. numbers were up for july and august and wages show a notable increase. a sign that employers are competing to hire people in this tight labor market. for president biden for whom
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this was the worst job's report. he use it had to make the case for his spending bills. >> the jobs number remind us we have important work ahead of us and important investments we need to make. america is still the largest economy in the world. we still have the most productive workers and innovative minds in the world but we risk losing our edge if we don't move. >> will the fed move ahead and start tapering or scaling back on these pandemic bond purchases. most agree this job's report was just about strong enough to keep that plan on track. reporting from new york. many health experts now feel the u.s. could be rounding a corner in the pandemic. the seven-day average of new covid cases has now fallen below
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100,000 for the first time in two months. hospitalizations are also down. also a slow in demand for booster shots. almost 7 million people have gotten that extra jab. that is outpacing the number of people getting their first and second shots. the numbers appear to be turning around, pockets are still struggling, especially in trying to get young people vaccinated. >> only 33% of the 12 to 17-year-olds were given the covid-19 vaccine in the south. most of the southern states compared to 80% of the northeast. you have this geographic divide. i have to believe they'll hold back on vaccinating their younger kids as well. we are looking at a low up tick
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in the south and mountain west. that will be a problem and slow us down. >> the medical director of infection direction and anti-microbile medicine at usc. so good to have you with us, doctor. let's talk about what is going to finally hopefully be the end game of this pandemic. we have been waiting so long for children to be approved for the vaccine. it could be eminent now, how much of a game changer do you think this will be? >> thank you for inviting me. i think your questions are so relevant. all parents are yearning to know when they can get their kids vaccinationed so we can celebrate halloween and have fun
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this holiday season. if you look at the u.s. population, about 22 million children qualify being less than 18. if we are able to vaccinate that group, i think it will definitely help in increasing the number of people who are vaccinated. remember, with the delta variant, we need to have 85 to 90% people immune to contain the community tr community transmission in a community. it will have a huge impact. now, we've started learning what we initial thought that children are not the primary drivers of infections as in they don't play a great role in transmission. they do. a study came out where they compared adults and children. it seems like they are important
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transmitters similar to adults. it will be a game changer if all parents are as enthusiastic as myself and my peers. >> do you feel as if we are now moving into a different phase of the pandemic where we will be able to live with it and it just becomes pandemic or do you think we can control when it comes to severe disease and death? >> i really do think we are moving in that direction where in we will not be seeing a lot of sick people in the hospital and our health system will be robust as it relates to operations. i think where we are today because there is a drop in cases, hospitalization and death. i think the reason why it is
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dropping, as everyone knows, is because we are doing quite well with vaccination. having said that, we haven't reached our true north. i think 56% of the u.s. population has been vaccinated. that's not good enough. i think right now, we are seeing. this wave comes in two months, it seems like it. we really don't know why. we have completed our two months of delta wave. this is a time where i think there is going to be a lull. now there is a race between how many people get vaccinated versus how quickly will we see another variant that will out smart what is required in the vaccine. i want to think, yes, we are out
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of the worst having said that, i would say don't mess with bugs. you have to give them credit. >> that's been a tough lesson we've all had to learn the last nearly two years now. >> thank you for all of that information. appreciate it. >> thank you, paula. china is demanding answers from the united states about a u.s. nuclear powered submarine in the south china sea. more on the rising tensions between the two countries. >> reporter: what is important is not only the accident with the nuclear submarine and the context. the uss connecticut, a sea wolf class was operating in the south china sea when it hit an under water object. it is unclear at this time, what
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that object is. dozens of soldiers were injured but none critical. they went to guam to be treatment. the u.s. said it happened in the international waters. but we learned that it happened in the south china sea. the u.s. saids that international water. but china claims most of the south china sea as its sovereign waters. that's where the friction comes in in this disputed piece of water. not just that there was a submarine there. also the u.s., uk and others doing a multiforce lead by the uk carrier strike 21. they too were operating in the south china sea. a show of force where we are seeing more aggressive actions from the chinese against taiwan. with he saw it not only on the
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day of the accident when the military flew aircraft in and a couple of days later, they flew more than 50 aircraft into the region. china said it could try to make a move taking over taiwan by 2025. that's also part of the friction around beijing, washington relations. just meeting with a high-ranking chinese official trying to set up a virtual meeting between president joe biden and president xi jinping. there is still this underlying pressure surrounding taiwan and the south china sea. >> you heard it said there, beijing sent those ships close to taiwan.
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taipei called for peaceful reunification. xi jinping calls it inevitable and has this warning, quote, succession aimed at taiwan independence is a grave danger to national rejuvenation. he went further, those who for get their heritage, betray their hom homeland will be disdained by the people and condemned by history. i'm wondering about your take away from this speech. we've just outlined the parameters and tensions right
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now, was it more about the tone or was there actually something new in what he was saying? >> i think it was more the timing that it is coming after the display of chinese air force might flying into the chinese identification zone over the past week. a lot of the rhetoric surpass the area which has existed for ages. taiwan is a breakaway region. it is part of china. >> it reiterated the position that they will one day come back under beijing's rule even though the party has never once had a day of control of taiwan. he insisted that this was the will of the chinese people. he also urged people on both
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sides of the taiwan straight to accept this and move forward this way. it is a chinese position and one that does not necessarily take account of the millions of people living on the self-governed island of taiwan. >> we were talking about the speech that was laced with the usual rhetoric but it did include a warning for u.s. countries. how is taiwan now responding? >> beijing insists that taiwan is its internal affairs. so it strongly rejects any criticism coming from outside. the u.s., which maintains this kind of strategic ambiguity towards taiwan where it doesn't recognition taiwan as an
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independent state or challenge the assertion. it also continues to argue that it is committed to taiwan's capability of self-defense. beijing uses this position to block the united nations position of blocking taiwan from an independent state and uses its power against much smaller countries like the tiny baltic state of lithuania. they said it would welcome a taiwanese representative office in its capitolal. issuing a statement saying taiwan rejects the formula of one country, two systems that xi
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jinping proposed for bringing back taiwan. many would argue was ripped to shreds over the last year when beijing effectively banned opposition politics to take place here and peaceful protest and used these laws to close a popular newspaper here and you have a statement that says, in fact, the future of the island lies in the hands of its 23 million inhabitants and urging beijing to stop its policy of, quote, intrusion and disruption and instead focus on peace and dialogue. the disagreement continues. >> with the winter olympics on the scene, this will continue. thank you for that update from hong kong. donald trump won the state of texas by more than 600,000
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votes. a lot. why is texas about to audit the 2020 election? its role in the big lie and the state puts the six-week abortion ban back in place but the battle could be heading to the u.s. supreme court.
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in the state of texas, a six-week abortion ban is back. the judge put a temporary hold on the order to block that ban. that could end up before the supreme court. last month, the court rejected the request to block that texas law. it could still be challenged. the law itself prevents most abortions after six weeks of pregnancy. the governor of texas is pushing the big lie about the 2020 presidential election. republican greg abbott is pushing ahead with an audit even though donald trump won by more than 600,000 votes.
1:25 am
>> reporter: donald trump may have won the state of texas, he won by nine points four years earlier. now the former president is pushing the lie that vote in texas is marred by fraud. >> they say i'm being aggressive but you have to be aggressive to ward out this corruption. >> ruling out the audit. texans know voter fraud occurred. it didn't take long for abbott to feel the pressure. on the same day releasing an audit on harris, dallas and tarrant and collin counties. >> isn't it a waste to do this?
1:26 am
>> it is fundamental to our democracy. >> earlier this year, telling the committee there were no problems with the election. >> in spite of all the circumstances, texas had an election that was smooth and secure. the former president said jump and abbott said how high. >> it is about identifying stricter election laws to make it harder for people to vote. >> this is just jumping around to play into that narrative to please president trump and to set the table for what this is really about, which is passing laws to make it harder for people to vote. >> the governor has denied the request for an interview but has picked two democratic counties and two republican counties. dallas and harris vote
1:27 am
democratic. republicans have been losing ground in tarrant and collin. in 2020, trump lost tarrant by half a percentage point after winning by eight points in 2016. in and collin, trump's lead plummeted. >> this could blow up in their face. >> he says there are no reason to believe there are any issues with the vote count. >> this begs the question, why is the governor and some texas republicans willing to bend over backward to appease the former president. do you think this feeds into this? >> i think it is all about politics. i would be very surprised if we
1:28 am
have a problem in texas especially in tarrant county. >> you might wonder how trump reacted when he asked for a recall of four out of 44 counties. he wasn't happy. he called the move weak and this won't be finished until next spring. still to come, the u.s. and mexico coming together to protect against cross boarder crime. beat the symptoms fast.
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in the united states and around the world. at least 46 people are dead after a third explosion in afghanistan this week alone. the blast tore through a mosque. isis k later claimed responsibility saying a suicide bomber blue himself up. what this means for the taliban as they try to rule the country. >> the taliban's whole appeal is the promise that they can provide security after decades of war. they have put themselves on a platform saying we are the ones who can bring about an end to the fighting. you have the terror attacks the likes we've seen over the last few days hitting soft targets and the attack of a shiite mosque, that's exactly the sort
1:33 am
of ugly violence afghans have become accustomed too and deeply sick of. the question comes, can the taliban get a hold on the situation and get a hold on the threat isis k holds. one can only assume they'll continue to try to hit these soft targets. now they are the ones in charge and having t o grapple. u.s. officials are focused. officials said the u.s. will also push the taliban to, quote,
1:34 am
respect the rights of all afghans including women an d girls. it is clear both sides want to update the security framework. both want to use to tackle the issues on the cross border, transnational crime. we got to the joint statement that they are going to both start operating on it is clear both will try to update the
1:35 am
united states saw hundreds of millions of aid to mexico to help fight organized crime. they are trying to update that on law enforcement and combatting the cartells and both sides looking at the root causes. working on options for young people other than the drug business. on the u.s. side, treating addiction and trailing demand. notably talking about the amount of guns trafficked south. the u.s. promising to track down those weapons being tracked down
1:36 am
as well. this situation in mexico is horrific. this country is a wash when it comes to guns trafficked illegally to mexico. the promising network trying to address the root cause and whether this will promote substantive change. that remains to be seen. reporting from mexico city. u.s. president biden is canceling more trump era contracts to build a wall with mexico. the latest cancellation cover about 44 miles in texas. mr. biden has been chipping away on the contract.
1:37 am
building the wag ll was a key o the trump presidency. in florida, almost four weeks into the search. why did investigators request him even though they were keeping an eye on him before his disappearance. we talk to two women who talk about the devastating impact instagram had on their teenaged years. insurance policy during enrollment, and you're not covered. not even a a little bit? mm-mmm. no insururance. no. when employees can't enter and manage their own benefits enrollment infnformation, it cn be a real pain. not even— nope! with paycom, employees enter and manage their own hr data in a single, easy-to-use software. visit and schedule a demo today.
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a pipeline spilling oil off beaches of southern california could have been damaged as much as a year ago. officials suspect the pipeline was dragged more than 100 feet by a ship's anchor causing a crack and large leak. they are now checking ship movements over the past year. to florida now where the
1:41 am
frustrating search for brian laundry is approaching the fourth week. they've been looking in a vast nature preserve near his family home. the family lawyer says the parents have no plans to help the search any longer. brian's fiance was found dead. >> as the search for brian laundry approaches its fourth week, no activity visible in the nature preserve where his parents think he went before disappearing. new details after returning home. and before he left the family home heading to the 25,000 acre preserve.
1:42 am
police reveal they were watching before he left but were limited on what they could do because he was not charged with a crime. >> the guy goes for a walk in the carlton reserve. now wanted for a crime. what are we supposed to do? go tree to tree following him back through the woods? it just wasn't there with the information we had in this case. >> petito's remains wither found in wyoming september 14. t the corner called it a homicide. authorities met in the home of his parents. authorities visited the home again september 17 when laundrie's parents reported him missing. but refused to answer questions about his whereabouts. police did not see or speak with
1:43 am
brian. confirming they do not have the cell phones they used during the cross country trip. previously reporting he bought a new cell phone on september 4 and left it behind on september 13. laundrie has not been charged in connection with the death but is suspected of using a debt card belonging to her to access over $100,000 after her death. in an interview that aired thursday, petito's family pleading with brian to turn himself in. >> i'm feeling upset. turn yourself in. it is just getting more and more frustrating. >> they are hopeful brian is still alive. petito calls brian the missing piece of the puzzle. they believe he has all the answers to what happened to
1:44 am
gabby petito. congressional testimony highlighted how apps like instagram can make teenaged girls feel bad with their body. we have the story of two teens who suffered eating disorders because of those apps. a warning, some viewers might find this report disturbing. >> reporter: we spoke with two women who live on almost opposite sides of the world but both had similar experience with instagram. lead down the path. >> this is ashley thomas at 14 years old. having a complete melt down because her parents are demanding she eat. >> just open your mouth. >> in the grips of anorexia.
1:45 am
>> i remember sitting down and my dad holding my jaw open and my mom syringing food in my mouth. >> how bad did this get for you and your family. >> when i was admitted. the doctor said, we don't understand why you are here. you should be dead. in hospital, my heart failed twice. >> her downy began with consuming content on instagram about clean eating and what she thought were perfect bodies. i wanted all the likes and followers. i wanted to be liked and loved. >> would you say you were addicted to instagram? >> yeah. very addicted. >> thousands of miles from her home in australia, anestasia
1:46 am
also driving out of control in the united states. clean eating captured her attention too. >> bomb barted with the messages, you have to do these exercises or go on this type of diet. >> the more she saw, the more anxiety and depression she felt but she couldn't stop. she said that led to her cycles of binge eating. >> revealing what former facebook employee revealed. >> i believe facebook's product's harm children, stoke division and weaken our democracy. >> citing facebook's own internal research which found facebook's platforms including instagram make body images worse for one in three girls. 13.5 say the platform makes thoughts of suicide and self-injury worse.
1:47 am
17% said instagram makes eating issues worse. saying the percentages are actually much lower. >> the company's leadership knows how to make facebook and instagram safer but won't make these changes because they've put their profits before people. >> facebook's ceo mark zuckerberg responded saying in part, we care deeply about issues like safety and mental health. if we wanted to ignore research, why would we create an industry leading program to understand these issues. facebook also said it welcomes regulation but those who know the inner workings know that won't save teens. >> their business model is putting teens into these kind of
1:48 am
loops. there isn't some quick fix to this thing. it's the intrinsic nature of the product. >> these two young women simply pood instagram endangered their lives as teenagers. >> we shouldn't have to be put in a hospital bed or fed with a tube or our parents say goodbye to us or hand over their rights. >> as for ashley there at 14, she's now 20. she has started an organization called my secret burden. she's back on instagram but using it in a way to try to heel people who have had eating disorders or mental health issues. >> as for anestasia, she's 18 years old and going to college.
1:49 am
she decided to delete her account for good. she's also starting a podcast called brave takes and writing a children's book to help deal with technology better. ahead, netflix has a new hit show. we'll look at why squid game has taken the world by storm and what it tells us about south korea's tv and film industry. you're at your best. in other words, it's the most energy-building, wellness-boosting, parent-powering, proven quality night's sleep we've ever made. don't miss our weekend special. save up to $800 on sleep number 360 smart beds. plus, 0% interest for 36 months & free premium delivery when you add a base. ends monday.
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a book that you're ready to share with the world? get published now, call for your free publisher kit today! netflix which shows a economic hunger games could be its biggest hit yet. skid game is the biggest hit from south korea. one of many south korean film and tv productions gaining traction around the world. >> on social media, these images are everywhere. on television, everyone is talking about it. amazon's jeff bezos tweeted, i can't wait to watch the show. already reaching number one.
1:54 am
squid game is a south korean tv show where 400 contestants compete in child-like games to reduce debt but losing will lead to death. >> a lot of people said what is this, what the hell is this, they said it in a negative way. >> its tv shows were predominantly romantic soap operas. >> i thought will i be able to bring my show to life if i wanted if netflix is involved. i brought the script and netflix loved it. >> netflix already invested over
1:55 am
$2 billion in content. >> i believe in the past couple of years, we've seen korean content grow four times in the region. >> parasite. >> one win after another. swept far beyond asia where it has been popular the past two decades. this show's message resonates around the world. >> translator: the world is getting much harder to live in. even in the past 10 years, and the covid pandemic has made the wealth gap even worse. >> content from south korea with its turbulent history traditionally carries a strong political message. >> the media is not just like in
1:56 am
entertain but but always considered an important tool for political enlightenment. >> but not all politics. >> it is till relatively cheap to produce dramas in south korea compared to in america. the ksquid game, each episode costs less than half a million. less than netflix contributed to "house of cards." >> a big number watching parasite and audiences that went to see in the united states was younger people. they've been really keen to kind of break that one-inch sub title barrier. >> squid game has helping other asian content to stream on netflix. other streaming platforms are looking to replicate this
1:57 am
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