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tv   Don Lemon Tonight  CNN  October 8, 2021 8:00pm-9:00pm PDT

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president biden rejecting
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the former guy's request to keep records airway and the committee threatening to advance a criminal contempt of congress referral and on the search for brian laundrie, police say there is no physical evidence of him in the area they have been searching in for weeks. this comes amid questions what his family knows. police describe one of their first interactions with the laundrie's parents as quote, odd. i want to bring in jeffrey toobin and senior political analyst kirsten powers. good evening to both of you. good to see you. jeffrey toobin, trump sent a list saying i here by formally assert executive privilege over these records. that's pretty specific. he's clearly going to fight this. but can he stop the records from being released, really? >> he can go to court and the point here may be delay as much as it is victory. this is the problem that this congressional committee faces,
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even though they have a strong position, the non-governmental witnesses, by going to court the former guy, donald trump puts the case in front of judges who cannot, who usually do not resolve these matters in a matter of weeks, as opposed to months and this congressional committee does not have months. so the mere act of going to court may frustrate this committee's position even if the committee ultimately winds up winning. >> kirsten, trump's hold on the gop as we have been talking incredibly strong. no surprise there. can the select committee get the answers they need before the midterms because if republicans regain control of investigation, i mean, it's done, don't you think? >> absolutely.
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i can't imagine them investigating something they claim isn't even a problem. what would the investigation be about from their perspective and so look, if trump has his way, what jeffrey is saying, he's trying to gum up the gears and slow things down so that is part of the point of this, i think. i think the other part of this is just to put it out into trump land with all of his supporters, the idea that he has the right to assert executive privilege and that if somehow, you know, the documents make their way to the committee, that he's been mistreated, that he asserted executive privilege, this isn't information that was supposed to go forward, even though that's not how it works that the sitting president is the one that asserts executive privilege but i think trump, as always, is trying to put out another story line that makes him, you know, seem he's being victimized my the deep state and the elites in
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washington. >> yeah. jeffrey, let's talk about steve bannon refusing to compile with the subpoena but we're told that trump's former chief of staff mark meadows, former pentagon aide cash patel are quote so far engaging with the committee. not sure what that means. dan scavino, no word. the strategy in trump world as you said is to delay at all costs. considering, you know, when you think about what p happens with this committee. is there a best path for them to force these aides to compile or are they at the mercy of nothing? >> i'm afraid there is not a great path here because the legal system does not work quickly. even if as appears likely, the committee seeks a criminal contempt charge through the justice department, that's a legal proceeding and has to go to the district court and once the district court hears
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briefing and arguments and writes a decision, that goes to the circuit court and then after there is briefing and argument and decision in the circuit court, there is the potential for petition to the supreme court. i mean, this is a month's long process. but it is worth just saying, don, that it is so outrageous that steve bannon who is a non-governmental actor who has, you know, who couldn't conceivably assert executive privilege, he is saying he is not going to cooperate with this committee. that is a -- >> does he have any legal standing, jeffrey? >> what? >> does he have any legal standing? as you said. he didn't even work for the white house or no governmental standing. >> none. none at all. but, you know, with the president -- the former president asserting executive privilege, it still has to go through the courts and in my experience, even frivolous legal claims take weeks, if not months
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to resolve themselves but the bannon situation, mark meadows was the white house chief of staff. there is a conceivable executive privilege claim. with bannon, there is nothing. absolutely nothing that he could claim except that he can make, you know, he can keep the former president happy by refusing to testify and the courts unless i'm proven wrong, perhaps i will be, it certainly has happened before will not move quickly enough for bannon really to be forced to testify in this c committee here. >> there is another story about how this president and this person has used the courts and how -- it's just amazing. there is another -- >> don, you know, when the house just diciariry committee subpoed
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mcgahn, it took two years to get through the court. two years. that's the kind of system we're dealing with here. >> oh, boy. kirsten, let's talk about another tough thing that's happen happening, another tough week for the biden presidency. disappointing jobs report. the country just barely avoided a default. the debt ceiling remains. that mess remains. it's temporary. they're stopping it now but will have to deal with it in december. his domestic agenda, if i can get my lips to work right on a friday, is in jeopardy. i mean, biden ran as a candidate that could get things done. so how is he going to pull all this off? >> well, look, yes, i mean, i think he's trying to get things done but we have to keep perspective on this, which is it's not like he has 60 democratic votes in the senate. so he's working with a very narrow majority and with a couple senators who are, you know, aren't going to go along
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with his agenda as he's laid it out and are fighting him on it. the majority of democrats are with him. 48 of the democrats on the senate are with him. two of them are giving him a hard time. so i think that that's something that he has to now bridge between these two sides of the party and that's hard. so i don't think that we should just say the biden is not getting things done. he's been dealt a really not great hand and i think that we don't know yet what's going to happen. so i've been saying i think they are going to reach a deal and in terms of the debt ceiling, that's a problem created by republicans. joe biden had nothing to do with it. republicans decided they were going to not support that and at the last minute came along and kicked the can down the road acting like they've saved the day when all they did is fix a problem they caused. so -- >> temporarily fixed a problem they caused. >> temporarily, exactly. i think he's -- i think he's been dealt not the best hand in terms of having, you know, 50
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democrats who would support him completely he's got to negotiate this and i think he's still probably going to pull it off. >> okay. we'll see. but jeffrey, i want to talk to you about this wildly restrictive abortion law in texas. a federal judge had stopped the law from being enforced, the state of texas appealed and tonight, the fifth u.s. circuit court of appeals granted the state's request so now what? >> well, i mean, you know, again, don, it's worth pausing to consider that the women of texas are being denied constitutional rights that have been guaranteed to them for 50 years since roe v wade and what the circuit court has done is reinstated this clearly unconstitutional ban. you know, the wop men of texas d constitutional rights for about three days since this law has gone -- went into effect on
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september 1. what happens now is the fifth circuit, this three-judge panel, the most conservative circuit court in the country and it looks like this panel, which is two republican appointees will hear briefing and argument and they will decide whether this law, you know, goes -- remains in effect but let's be clear. this law is contrary to supreme court precedent and it is a complete outrage that the fifth circuit has reinstated it perhaps only temporarily but that's now the state of play. abortion is now effectively illegal in texas again and will remain that way until the circuit acts otherwise. >> kirsten? >> yeah, i mean, what's the commonality of everything we're talking about here? it's total contempt for the law.
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right? it's like don't have to respond to subpoenas that. don't have to act like they even understand executive privilege. don't have to honor the constitution. have created the scheme. explicitly to get around the constitutional rights that have been granted to women according to the supreme court, which last time i checked, decides what the law of the land is. so it's just this utter contempt for the law from the law and order party. >> well, the supposed law and order party. yeah. unless it's -- you don't want to follow that law. >> exactly. >> or order. the other people's law and order, that's -- no, don't do that. thank you. >> totally different, yes. >> thank you both, have a good weekend, appreciate it. now to the former president pressuring texas to audit the 2020 election even though republican state officials have been calling it a success. so why are they punishing -- excuse me, why are they pushing his big lie? is cnn's ed laed laugh venn dar
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>> reporter: he won the state by nine points four years earlier so now the former president is focused on pushing the lie that the vote in texas was marched by fraud. >> they say i'm being aggressive, but you have to be aggressive to weed out this horrible election corruption. >> reporter: in september, trump sent texas governor greg abbott a letter calling for the state to conduct a full forensic audit of the election with zero evidence trump writes texans know voter fraud occurred. it didn't take long for abbott to feel the pressure. on the same day, the republican governor announced an audit in harris, dallas, tarrant and collin countys. >> isn't it just a terrible waste of taxpayer money to have an audit in a state that everybody says went fine and
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that the president trump won by 600,000 votes and aren't you contributing to the undermining confidence in the election process? >> why don't we audit everything in the world but people raise their hands in concern when we audit elections, which is fund mental to the democracy. >> reporter: earlier the election administrator told a committee there were no problems with the election. >> despite all the circumstances, texas had an election that was smooth and secure. >> president trump said jump, the governor said how high? >> reporter: clay jenkins a democrat says the audit is about undermining democracy and to justify stricter elections laws that will make it harder for people to vote. >> this is just jumping around to play into that narrative to please president trump and to set the table for what this is really about, which is passing laws to make the harder for people to vote. >> reporter: governor abbott has denied cnn's request for an interview but said he picked two democratic counties and two
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republican counties for the audit while dallas and harris counties vote democratic, republicans have been losing ground in tarrant and collin countys. in 2020, trump lost fter ter ret county by half a percentage point and plummeted from 17 points in 2016 to four points in 2020. >> this could be a good thing for them or it could blow up in their face. >> reporter: gary is a long-time county commissioner in terrent county and republican. he has no reason to believe there are any issues with the vote count. >> i believe this begs the question why is the governor and some texas republicans willing to bend over backwards to apiece the former president who has been pushing this idea of a big lie? do you think this all kind of feeds into this? >> i think it all about
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politics, but i will be very surprised if we have a problem in texas, and especially in t terrant county. next, i'll talk to someone whose own state spent millions to audit their results to come to the conclusion that yes, joe biden did win arizona's former attorney general is here grant woods. that's next. and a follow up. and a “did you see my email?” text. orrrr... you could see her status in slack. and give lisa a break while you find someone online who can help. slack. where the future works. we're carvana, the company who invented car vending machines and buying a car 100% online. now we've created a brand-new way for you to sell your car.
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growing up in a little red house, on the edge of a forest in norway, there were three things my family encouraged: kindness, honesty and hard work.
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over time, i've come to add a fourth: be curious. be curious about the world around us, and then go. go with an open heart, and you will find inspiration anew. viking. exploring the world in comfort. former president trump announcing a new rally in michigan to push the audit in the state. whatever. the election was almost a year ago and recount after recount has shown that over and over
8:20 pm
again trump lost after it was shown trump pressured the department to overturn the election. joining me now is grant woods. good to see you. thank you so much. >> thanks for having me, don. >> i want to start with this new judiciary report that found trump directly asked the justice department to overturn the election nine times. this is a relentless pressure campaign. he tried to squeeze mike pence. it almost worked. where is the out reach from the republican party? >> i don't know where it is. they've -- i think they've just all gone in the tank and when i say all, it's pretty much every elected republican in washington. there is a couple in the house, not really anyone in the senate, sometimes romney. they're in the tank with this guy because otherwise, how can you just sit back and say nothing? you couldn't do it. but don, the problem is, you
8:21 pm
know, i was a lifelong republican. i was elected twice. i was john mccain's guy. we always had buffoons. there were goof balls saying weird things but they were the fringe and what happened with trump is they have taken over and now that they have taken over, the establishment crowd, the country club crowd, the chamber of commerce crowd has to make a decision. do they stand up and do what is right or wait for this fever to pass and not rock the boat because in the meantime, they get the big tax cuts and no regulation on anything. they get what they want. so far, they decided they would be quiet. that's bad and outrageous. >> the fraud it in your state blew up in trump's face and everyone supporting it. despite the failed recouples, he's still pushing for more in
8:22 pm
michigan, texas. is this about amplifying a big lie? does this keep amplifying the big lie when they continue to show that biden won the election? >> yeah, i think -- i agree with the judge from texas you had on earlier. that was a great conversation. it's out of a playbook and started in arizona but now it's going everywhere. the point is they want to undermine people's confidence to justify the voter suppression bill they are trying to put through and have in many, many swing states across the board here. why would you do an audit in texas? well, because texas will go blue one day soon. i don't know if it will be, you know, next election or the next one but some point in time it will go blue. why would you do one in florida and michigan? those are states that the
8:23 pm
republicans can lose. they need to suppress the vote. in my view and unless the republican party changes dramatically and gets rid of the trumpers, they will go extinct over time. the question is when? unless, unless they can rig the process in the short term and put enough authoritarian into our one-time democracy so that they can prevail. they cannot prevail on hate, on divisiveness, everything for power, nothing for principle. they could lose but would win in the short term if people don't rise up and that's an open question, whether they will or not. >> grant, at this point, is congress passing a voting rights act the only thing that will protect us you think from those because you say unless they can rig the system, right, in the short term. >> yeah.
8:24 pm
>> is that the only thing that can protect? >> yeah, i think so. and here is the good news. there is good news and bad news. the good news is, you know, when senator mansion came up with his compromise on voting rights, i will say i was skeptical, you know, what's that going to look like? it's going to be a watered down thing. it's not. it's fantastic. he did an amazing job and it just needs to be passed. i don't know how partisanship aside how americans couldn't befor the things in the bill. it's a good bill and compromise and i assume that means senator mansion will support the bill and compromise and use the filibuster to get rid of it. our senator here from arizona is the only one left then. she seems to be all hung up and bound by this idea that the -- we've got to preserve the filibuster or if the republicans take over, oh, god, what might happen? well, it's called we live in a democracy and the majority rules
8:25 pm
so if you go to the leg sleigh t -- legislator, school board, anywhere in the united states whoever has the most votes wins. you don't need two-thirds or three-fifths or anything else. so i don't know why she's so worried about that. if the democrats lose and the republicans step in -- by the way, do you think they wouldn't abuse the filibuster just like they have in the past few years? you trust mitch mcconnell. he's going to, you know, follow the rules on that? he's not going to. so yeah, i think -- i think that's the key thing. even more than this reconciliation bill. the key thing for the future of our country is sitting right there waiting and we need to get it passed. we need to bus the filler buster and pass it and then we can go out and have a fair election. that's all you can ask for. if democrats get kicked out and republicans get put in, wso wha. we can't win it if they rig the system. >> want to know why certain people do certain things you don't understand? attention is, you know, people love attention and i forget who
8:26 pm
the great fa lophilosopher who fame is powerpowerful. >> who wants to get involved in this you ask if they will run for office. are you crazy? a lot of nerds. a lot of people that haven't been too successful in other areas of life and all of a sudden everybody is kissing their butt. they don't want to give that up. they don't have marketable skills as much as they love the private sector. private sector doesn't reward complete b.s. as much as politics and politics would like. i think that's -- i think between the fame and the power and the fear they might have to actually go and do something protective in society they won't go down easy. we got to beat them. that's what i say, we got to beat them. >> grant, appreciate it. hope you'll come back. >> okay. great seeing you again, don.
8:27 pm
>> you, as well. no one seen him for almost a month. police say there is no physical evidence of brian laundrie in the nature reserve they have been searching for weeks as they tell cnn that lawn undrie's pars are behaving quote, odd. that's next. to the environment. seeing yourself as an artist - legitimate and genuine - can be transformational. daddy! for the best audio entertainment and storytelling. audible. need your prescription refilled? capsule pharmacy can fill and hand deliver your medications - the same day - for free. go to to get started. we handle your insurance, coordinate with your doctor, and text you when your medication is ready. all you have to do is schedule delivery. we bring your medication directly from our pharmacy, straight to your doorstep. get your prescriptions filled and delivered today - for free. go to and get started in 15 seconds. trading isn't just a hobby.
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8:32 pm
are saying is quote odd. the state attorney, dave, thank you for joining. nearly a month of searching for brian this this reserve all because his parents said he planned to hike there in mid september. why are authorities putting all their eggs in one basket and relying so much on the parents for information? >> good evening, don. there is some evidence he may be on the appalachian trail. there was a witness there and the fbi spoke to them. dog the dbounty hunter is in de otto park. there must be evidence he was camping in the swamp land or they wouldn't pay so much attention to it. a lot of evidence is coming from the parents that's why they brought the father out there to see if they could find where brian laundrie was camping but no dice. so they're at a dead end right now so they depend on people in the community, civilians to help provide tips. >> look, this is always a
8:33 pm
telltale sign when people do this because it's not actually admissible in court but they're like looking to create some credibility. the laundrie's attorney saying they have taken a polygraph test. they're saying this time they haven't taken a polygraph test. does that matter because it's not even admissible in court? >> it's not admissible in state court but federal court there are ways if you fail a polygraph test, they can use it against you. there is no legal purpose for the laundrie pa rrents to take e test. if they get on the stand and say we do something and the polygraph says you were lying it could be used for purposes of impeachment. you can see why the law says don't take the test. the fbi doesn't clearly trust them. after all they changed their story when brian left. first they said a tuesday, now it's a monday and four days on
8:34 pm
later, friday, they finally reported him missing even though he left the house without his phone and his wallet. that's unusual behavior. you may think the parents know more than they lead on. >> where do you see this going, dave? >> i see them finding brian laundrie, eventually and charge him with more serious crime. deepending on the cause of deat. they're waiting on the cause of death from the medical examiner. we know the manner of death. it was homicide. was it strangulation? it blunt force trama? when they find that and get the toxicology reports in the next couple weeks, then they can start filing charges against brian laundrie but prosecutors don't want to rush it. when they file charges, they have 180 days under speedy trial rules to try the case. so police have an interest in finding him and arresting him and prosecutors want to slow it down. in the meantime, the laundrie parents won't win any people's
8:35 pm
choice awards. they are upsetting the public by their silence. >> dave, thank you. appreciate you appearing. >> thanks, don. >> thank you. so people are getting so heated that an expert on race and inclusion had to get security before making a presentation on empathy at a school. the battle over teaching about race in schools is next. ♪ (vo) subaru presents... the underdogs. they may have lost an eye, or their hearing, or their youthful good looks. but there's a lot of things these remarkable dogs haven't lost... like their ability to lick, wag, and love with the best of them. join subaru in helping underdogs find a loving home and celebrate all dogs during our third annual national make a dog's day.
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8:40 pm
race is an important issue that needs to be discussed. here is cnn's evan. >> she heard from several kids that it was actually a petition to restart slavery. >> reporter: julie was chatting with her daughter a student at park hill south high school in the suburbs of kansas city. the conversation was alarming. >> she was very upset about it. my daughter is ethiopian. she has herself encountered, you know, racist things happening to her and so she -- the more she talked about this, the more upset she got and i said well, let me go find out more information. >> reporter: what she found is the uncomfortable reality in schools across the country. there are two dopposed conversations about race going on at the same time. in one, some white parents are telling school leaders lessons about race make white students feel bad. >> another subject i would like to address is critical race theory.
8:41 pm
i fear this would cause more division and racism. >> reporter: the other conversation is about the racism that is actually happening in schools. in park hill, the superintendent released a video message seven days after julie started asking questions. >> we can react or we can respond. we are choosing to respond. >> reporter: part of that response is a search for an expert advisor on race and inclusion. someone like nicole price who has been fired in schools throughout mississippi and kansas. she generally gets a phone call after something racist happens and white school leaders are often in a state of shock. >> am i surprised? that's the question i get the most. >> reporter: what do you say? >> well, i'm not surprised. i'm disappointed but never surprised because here is the thing. when people are not educated in the head and heart, they will do things that will surprise some people but because i spend my life trying to make sure that education is at the forefront
8:42 pm
because that's how we can help fix this, i know that we had to have some regression. >> the job can be a challenge in the current environment price says. after one missouri school district hired her to lead a session the school board got threats. >> i had a driver and asked for extra security of which they obliged. they were the ones getting the threats. >> to attend the school board meeting you felt you needed security? >> i was actually going to the school to give a keynote presentation on radical empathy. >> you had to get security to give a speech about empathy? >> yes. >> reporter: this school district isn't the only one facing these issues. in iowa this summer, the governor signed a law strictly dictating what teachers can eloquent the students about race and america. >> we ban banned critical race theory and any curriculum.
8:43 pm
>> reporter: the law is in effect for the first time this year. tennessee also has a newlessons students feel discomfort because of their race a. sheriff's department is investigating this photo as a hate crime. it shows a white football player in what authorities believe is a photo shopped klanhood. >> i think the incidents have gone up. i say that because of what i hear from my kids, that the environment is a little more tense in our schools. there's more hatred out there over the past couple years. >> reporter: kansas is also considering similar legislation. state senator a democrat says fear of critical race theory is getting in the way of schools dealing with racist incidents like this one at a nearby high school. this imitation of the homecoming dance was posted online causing outrage. the school condemned the image in an email. three weeks before that a dad
8:44 pm
condemned efforts to expand race education. >> i'm here to state my opposition to the derivatives therefore indock ck nated or hid at. every piece of this proof pagan is false. >> i think getting emails over the past couple months from individuals saying things like i'm really worried that our kids are being indock nated and our kids are being taught to hate their white skin. one, we don't have crt in our schools. second, that's not at all what's happening as far as any type of teaching about teaching children to not like their white skin. that's just not happening. >> reporter: julie says these white parents need to wake up to the reality of what is really happening in school. >> i watched my white daughter, my older daughter grow up and not experience the things that my younger daughter has to experience. so that's been really tough to
8:45 pm
see. >> reporter: you know, don, there are a lot of examples of racist incidents in school i could include in this piece but we couldn't because of time. i've been traveling doing stories about this pitched battle about race and education in the school all over the country and i find two conversations, white parents saying racism is over and we shouldn't teach it and include it in education at all and the other side, these parents and families saying they're facing racist incidents in classrooms every day. the politics of this moment, this conversation about race is really running right through the american classroom, don. >> evan, thank you. we'll be right back. this is a cl from matty ice. i convinced the nfl teams to turn to cold with tide. the nfl? you guys are filthy. tide can handle it, even in cold. kid is good. this was a cold call
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and with their insurance, it was no cost to them. >> woman: really? >> tech vo: plus, to protect their glass, we installed new wipers too. that's service the way you need it. >> singers: ♪ safelite repair, safelite replace. ♪ this sunday cnn is bringing you an all new season of "this is life." lisa is tackling the issues by taking a deep dive into the past to uncover some really hard truths why the first episode looks at the recent rise in anti-asian hate crimes around the country. here's a preview.
8:51 pm
>> mr. chang, this is where your car parked here? >> yes. you can see black. >> yeah. >> you can see burn on the street, too. black, yeah. and dirty. see? >> so when you come out of your house and you' this -- >> i think what happened to my car in who do my car? and fire department coming but too late. >> makes you sad? >> yeah. i sad, i know. >> so the only cars that burned that night was your car and another asian man's car? >> yes. >> do you think it may have to do with the fact that you are asian? >> i don't know 100%. i don't know who did it. i don't know. >> oh boy. lisa is here. hi. >> hi, don, hi. >> really tough stuff there. over the past year or so the
8:52 pm
anti-asian hate is bothersome to all of us. delving into the past is a departure for you. tell us what you hope to reveal to the viewers this season. >> this is the eighth season of "this is life." our show is generally one that's emotional but we couldn't express those things in covid so we decided to take a deep dive into moments in american history that didn't make it into history books because i believe that we can't really know where we are going and how to fix things and to improve if we don't know where we've been and the first episode is about this long history of anti-asian sentiment and discrimination and scapegoating and we look into the story of a man named vincent who in the 1980s was a chinese-american man out celebrating a bachelor party at a bar an entwo out of work auto
8:53 pm
workers accused him of being japanese and taking the jobs and this is a time in detroit when the industry was experiencing a downturn and people blame japan for making the fuel efficient cars and people lost the jobs in detroit so if you looked like you could be japanese in detroit you could become a target and that's what happened to vincent. he got into an altercation in the bar. the two men followed him out and beat him to death with a baseball bat and didn't serve a single day in prison. they paid about a $3,000 fine and spent a couple months on probation but when you look at what is happening today, happening over the last year and a half the scapegoating of asians goes back more and a century and until we address it and acknowledge this aspect of american history really i think
8:54 pm
it will be really difficult to move forward. >> yeah. listen. again it is very important and so grateful that you are doing this and the best way to learn is to tune in. thank you. i really appreciate you joining us. >> thank you. >> thank you. >> tune in "this is life" premiers sunday night 10:00 p.m. only here on cnn. this week's cnn hero is a survivor of the boston marathon? her life was forever changed by injuries and turned the tragedy into triumph and monday she will be back by the finish line cheering on runners and continuing to live life to the very fullest. >> i heard the first explosion just ahead in front of me. the next thing i knew a second explosion occurred to my right and that was the last thing i
8:55 pm
knew before i landed in the restaurant on the ground. i was in the hospital for several days while doctors were deciding whether or not to amputate. it was hard to come to terms with the fact i'm an amputee at first. and had my injury not happened in such a public way where there was so much assistance available i never would have been able to afford multiple pros thet sis. i decided to do what i could to help people get the devices that simply couldn't get them because they're out of reach. it has been life changing for them and a lot of them remeind e 0 of that feels rewarding to be able to do that. >> so to see heather's full story and how she is helping amputees get prosthetics go to cnn
8:56 pm
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are democratic lawmakers investigating the first coup attempt this country has ever seen taking a butter knife to a gun fight? will they, as they are signaling tonight, truly get tough on those who stand between them and the truth? also, did president biden just wheel a howitzer into the battle? john berman here in for anderson. a string of new developments to bring you from both ends of pennsylvania avenue. they all touch on this. whether those who tried to undermine democracy itself will be held accountable. because as one political observer tweeted today, an unpunished coup is a training exercise. those are the stakes, as the committee tries to enforce


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