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tv   CNN Newsroom With Alisyn Camerota and Victor Blackwell  CNN  October 7, 2021 12:00pm-1:01pm PDT

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angola. like diana, her sons are carving their own paths. meghan may have never met her, but one person she is close to in the u.k. was a close friend of diana. >> one of the people i reached out to and who has become a close confidant is one of harry's mother's friends, diana's. because who could understand what it's like from the outside? >> "diana" premieres sunday at 9:00 p.m. only on cnn. thank you for staying with us. we begin this hour in the big step in the long fight against the pandemic. pfizer has asked the fda to authorize emergency use of its vaccine for children ages 5 to 11. and there are some good signs.
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the pandemic may be getting a better level across the country. new cases and hospitalizations have dropped more than 10% from last week. the number of deaths also declining. vaccinations are up more than 30% compared to last week. president biden is in illinois boosting support for vaccine mandates, and today's news from pfizer and the dip in case numbers are sending hopeful signs that the pandemic is slowly coming under control. >> we're going to have hopefully a vaccine for children, and sometime by the end of the year, we'll have the oral drug from merck if things go well. i think those two things will be sort of the bookend on the sort of pandemic phase of this virus, and we're going to be entering the more endemic phase when this becomes an omnipresent risk but doesn't represent the extreme risk it presents right now. >> elizabeth, senior
12:02 pm
correspondent. what does this mean for kids? >> this is such a relief. last spring it gave my husband and i such relief to have her vaccinated, and this will give such relief to parents of young children. let's get the timeline, because i know parents are wondering, they've applied for a ua, when might they get one? let's take a look at this. the a advisors from the food an drug administration have until october 26 to look at the application. for adults, the cdc gave the green light two days after that fda advisors meeting. two days after the advisors met about the adults, the cdc green lit the vaccine. would it be two days after the
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meeting, the 28th-ish? it gives you the possibility that this could happen by halloween, as some have said. now let's look at the data for pfizer's vaccine for children ages 5 to 11. they said they've done a trial for about 2300 of children that age. they found the vaccination was safe and generated the robust antibody science. that's great, but there needs to be more than that. they need to show to the fda that the children in the clinical trial who were vaccinated had lower rates of getting sick with covid compared to children in the trial who were not vaccinated. now, we're assuming that they have that data or else they wouldn't have applied, and so it's up to the fda and the advisors to look and see if that data is really there. we expect to see that data prior to the october 26 meeting. victor? >> let's assume that this is authorized. what do we know about the rollout, the preparation for
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this age group? because i remember, we all remember when there was authorization for adults, there were long lines and long waits, lots of confusion. what do we know? >> it was so messy when the vaccine was rolled out for adults back in january. i don't think we're going to see that with the children. because there has already been a system in place for some ten months now. there are about 28 million children in this age range that we already have the vaccines in pharmacies. it's actually relatively easy to get vaccines to pediatricians' offices because those supply routes are already established. but pediatricians are very good about getting vaccines, very good at administering them, which isn't always the case about doctors for adults. i think this will go quite smoothly. one thing to look at, will pharmacies be allowed to vaccinate children? in some states they're not supposed to. it will be interesting to see necessary change those rules. >> important point. elizabeth cohen, thank you.
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dr. khan is dean at the college of public health. let's talk about this rollout, potentially. elizabeth laid out the timeline. should we expect that this will follow that line, considering you've got this gap, as i mentioned earlier. you've got 5 to 11-year-old kids who range in size and weight and structure. >> so the timeline actually sounds quite reasonable. fda has been doing an excellent job of reviewing this data way before it's formally presented to them so they know what they're going to see. as elizabeth said, the fda and cdc have been working closely together. we should expect this vaccine sometime between halloween and thanksgiving available to our kids. part of this rollout, as elizabeth said, we have the processes in place so there will be a pediatric dose, so there will be a dose about one-third
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the size for this age group. in this age group you need a smaller dose than what the 12 and older are using. >> how do we convince the parents? we know there are a lot of parents who are saying they're not going to rush out as soon as it's available for their 5 to 11-year-old. some are just going to reject it altogether. >> conversely, there are a lot of parents who have been beating down the doors trying to get this vaccine for their kids, especially if they're in schools where there aren't mask mandates and other efforts to try to protect their children, so this will provide parents one other tool to protect their 5 to 12-year-olds given the fact that adults have not been willing to get vaccinated and help protect the community. >> that's certainly a percentage. we just saw the numbers from dr. sanjay gupta that there is still a significant number of parents who are either waiting to see -- you see right here on the screen, 32% will wait and see. 24% say they will definitely not
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get their child vaccinated. 34% right away, which is up from 26% a couple months ago. let's move on here. we've seen declines before. we're now seeing a decline in new cases each day, declines in hospitalizations, deaths are down as well. do you expect that this is a sustained decline, or are we just waiting for the next variant to take us back up again? >> so, actually, it's a combination of the two answers, victor. this is great news. the decline is excellent. however, we need to remember that we still have ten times the number of cases that we'd like to see, almost 2,000 deaths a day. the decline isn't uniform across the united states, so alaska, for example, has crisis levels of care where they just don't have enough hospital beds for people anymore, and i think four times the number of cases than the rest of the united states. so the good news is that the decline is happening, but until we get these 70 million people
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vaccinated, we will be at risk for another wave. >> so, dr. khan, on the adults who are vaccinated, there is a new study that shows, generally speaking, women have higher protection against covid from these pfizer vaccines specifically, the second shot, than men. do we know why? >> no, we don't know why. that study also showed, as expected, that younger people do better than elderly people. i think the study was 4,000 people. i think a better study to point people to is the 4 million person study by pfizer that also came out this week that didn't just look at antibody levels. at this point we have really good data that looks at protection. we know if you have the pfizer vaccine, about six months out, you're still at 47%, from 88%.
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this vaccine still remains very good to prevent you from getting hospitalized or having a severe complication even six months out. that's better data than the antibody data. >> of course we'll be paying attention to the fda, waiting for authorization for this pfizer dose for young kids. but the leadership at the top of the fda, the president still has not nominated an fda commissioner. we know that the current acting commissioner can only legally serve until -- i think the date is november 15 barring nomination. considering the significance, increased significance of the position at this time, your reaction to this and some urgency i guess we should see from the administration. >> this is surprising eight months into this administration that we don't have an fda commissioner. we're very fortunate in the acting commissioner, dr. janet
12:10 pm
wilcox, she's doing a great job. we just talked about a number of vaccine issues, but there's also issues around vaping and new treatments. we do need a treatment of the fda that can be a representative for the people of america. >> go ahead. >> the message is the same. get vaccinated and mask on. >> what are those this time? >> tigers. >> tigers, all right. dr. ali khan with the biggest mask in television, thank you for being with us every time. speaking of masks, this just in. florida's board of education has just voted to sanction mask mandates with no opt-outs. the board was meeting to consider how to penalize people who defied governor ron
12:11 pm
desantis. nick tuned in for the vote. nick, what did you learn? >> reporter: we know masks work to help reduce your chances of getting coronavirus. this was still a topic of discussion at today's board meeting. the department of education there in florida voting unanimously to eight different school districts around the state that currently have a mask mandate. they were found to be not in compliance with the emergency rule from the department of health there in florida that prevented school districts from adopting universal masking protocols as well as requiring students who have been exposed to covid-19 to stay home. the commissioner there, richard cochran, suggested a docking of pay in those school districts. it was also recommended that state funding be withheld from the school districts to offset any federal grants they may have received that were perceived as encouraging these mask mandates. take a look at the commissioner lay out his reasoning and his
12:12 pm
recommendations, as well as reaction from the superintendent from atchua county. >> i recommend that the state find that the district is not following the rules and will withhold state funds of any project of state grant funds or deny the district withholding state funds in the amount of 1/12 of the cool board's salary. >> we believe we are in compliance and we've been following the recommendations of the mask mandates. >> one superintendent who spoke called the meeting a political theater in favor of governor ron desantis. six districts filed a join lawsuit challenging the department of health's ruling on those mask mandates.
12:13 pm
it was tense at times, i should say, victor. the parents of the students in those districts had a chance to talk. most of them voiced disapproval of the mask mandate with just a few saying they were happy schools were requiring masks. victor? >> talk about what we heard from the state's multicultural commissioner, nicki freed, accusing the florida governor working to block the release of covid data. what did she say? >> some pretty pointed remarks from nicki freed who is running for governor as a democrat. here's what she had to say this morning. >> reporter: this is so black and white, such indisputable evidence that say the masks were working. in the direct impact of lowering of cases means kids are getting
12:14 pm
sick, teachers and staff are dying, students potentially have to stay home, but most of all, they don't care about the evidence. >> the governor's office returned our request for comment by e-mail saying they are, quote, pandering to the conspiracy theory without evidence that florida is hiding its covid-19 data. >> thank you, nick valencia. >> thank you. see you. former president trump and others in his administration tried to overturn the 2020 election. we have evidence. and police officers talking about hunting protesters after george floyd's death. the just released body camera footage is ahead. the team at f.
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time is running out for some of former president trump's allies. by the end of this day, former white house chief of staff mark meadows, basteve bannon, dan sk vino and kash patel are supposed to provide testimony and records. it seems they've been defiant so
12:20 pm
far. a top lawyer in the justice department tried to overturn the 2020 election. dana bash and harry lichtman are here to discuss. welcome to both of you. nine times, dana, the former president asked the justice department to intervene to try to overturn the 2020 election. there was also evidence that senator grassley produced as rebuttal. let me read you a line from the gop report in which it says, based upon the available evidence and witness testimony, president trump's actions were consistent with his responsibilities as president to faithfully execute the law and oversee the executive branch. i don't know how you get to that conclusion based on what we learned from the committee's report? >> i'm so glad that you brought that up. all i kept thinking when i clicked on the republican rebuttal was, why is there a republican rebuttal? this of anything that congress would, should or could do in a
12:21 pm
bipartisan way, this is one of them. this is the thing that they should do in a bipartisan way, and that is figure out why and what happened in the days leading up to the january 6 attack on them where republicans and democrats were in equal amounts of danger. where the democracy that they elected to uphold, the constitution they elected to uphold, was in danger. so why on earth is there a republican rebuttal? well, i answered my own question, and you both know the answer to that question, and that is because the former president has a firm grasp, a tight hold, i would even say, on his party, and even chuck grassley, he says he's running for reelection in iowa. the former president is relatively popular, pretty popular in iowa even today, and especially among republicans grassley needs to win again. >> i want to come back to iowa, because this context is not just
12:22 pm
understanding 2020, it's about looking ahead to 2024. harry, let me go to you. there is this moment on january 3rd in the oval office in which one of the witnesses described then-white house council pat cipollone calling it a mass suicide attack. >> that's the one encouraging act from the whole thing. cipollone and the entire run of doj folks, remember, jeffrey clark, the rascal here, he's not first in the department, he's not second, he's not third, he's not fourth. he's an acting fifth and everyone above him would have resigned. that's an indication, victor, of just how outrageous the request was and it would have made the saturday night massacre and the resignations in watergate look like a small matter. so that is what caused the
12:23 pm
president to back down, what grassley is saying, take the advice of his counselors, it would have been a scandal that he could not have ridden out. and, fortunately, these folks from the department were ready to put him to that kind of test where he would act so lawlessly. >> yeah, it's interesting that this gop report which i'm fascinated by after what we learned from the committee. they say that trump did not use the justice department to overturn the election, but he tried to many, many times. they also say that he listened to his advisors and listened to their recommendations. well, he listened to some of the advisors who he put into place because they would do his bidding. the others had to threaten to resign in order for him to comply, dana. i want to go back to your context about iowa, because we learned in the des moines register poll that president trump is not only popular, his
12:24 pm
favorable numbers are not only high, they're at the highest point ever for the presumptive frontrunner for the nomination. >> yep. that right there, those numbers on the screen tell you everything you need to know about why there is even a little bit of a dispute about having -- the importance of historical record coming from the united states senate on the words that you had on the screen, victor, which this was a constitutional crisis that was happening that was far deeper, far more severe than we knew at the time, this meeting you're talking about with harry about cipollone, january 3rd, three days before the insurrection. and it is very clear that was a potential coup that was derailed by the people who were around him. and the beginning of your question was, well, he went to the people who were telling him what he wanted to hear.
12:25 pm
that's vintage donald trump. we know that from so many events throughout his presidency. but it was on steroids at the end when this was about his own viability and the l word, him being called and confronting the idea that he was a loser, that he lost the 2020 election. >> we also know that based on how many people he hired from television, that he just liked what they said so he brought them on so they could say it at the white house. harry, the last time you were on, we were talking about potential avenues for the attorney general if these four who were subpoenaed did not comply. there is one who has not been served that we know, dan s scavino. what are the avenues for him? >> they are indicating they want to take a route of making a
12:26 pm
criminal referral to the department of justice, because this will be a plain criminal contempt if they just openly defy it. the problem is the doj policy, and even an loc opinion says we won't exercise contempt power, we won't take a referral if it's for a former or current executive branch official. you can see why they're thinking of the long run, but the short term consequences are potential. other two options, inherent power of the senate, people are talking about it, hasn't been used for 100 years and would still land them in court, or civil contempt, which is what they tried in the trump years. that makes them run right to court also and gives the 18-month to two-year delay and succeeded at the foiled efforts during the impeachment. >> there is a midterm coming up,
12:27 pm
and historically and in recent polls, republicans have a good chance of taking the house. >> which is why they're dragging their feet. you just nailed it, victor. >> right. d dana, harry, thanks so much. republican leaders are struggling to find 10 votes to break the filibuster. >> republicans have said it's all up to the democrats to raise the debt ceiling. that led to the standoff, it led to the potential first debt default in history that could occur by october 14. when mitch mcconnell made the proposal there would be a short-term debt increase that would go from now to december 3rd, essentially kicking the can down the road, democrats agreed to that. now they need a vote to make that happen. to make that happen you need 60
12:28 pm
votes because any one senator can force the threshold by objecting. there are multiple republicans who are objecting. that means they need 60 votes to advance this short-term debt ceiling hike. 10 republican senators need to break ranks and join with democrats of the behind the scenes, republican leaders are having a hard time finding out who those republicans are. many don't want to just cast this vote after they said they would support the debt ceiling hike. this to the tune of $48 billion, saying the debt would increase that much taking it through december. leadership is trying to get members to vote for that first procedural vote and ultimately vote for final passage. the final passage is a majority, 51 senators, democrats can do that on their own. but the first vote is key, which is why this is held up, which is why we don't know exactly when this will happen or how it will happen, but john thune compared
12:29 pm
it to a, quote, birthing process. it's very difficult. republicans hate the debt ceiling, but we'll get there. >> this is remarkable, because we often talk over at the house about how nancy pelosi knows how to count votes. mitch mcconnell knows how to count votes, too. one would think he knew who those ten votes were before making this offer. >> reporter: republicans i talked to just moments ago are undecided. they don't know what they want to do. they want to see if other republicans will cast this politically toxic vote themselves before they commit. ultimately the belief is when they get to the floor and they actually have the vote, the republicans will vote yes. but it's uncertain as to who will do that. every republican, every senator on both sides, they know they have to raise the debt ceiling but very few of them actually want to cast the vote to do that, which is why we are in the
12:30 pm
situation we're in, where we're running up to this deadline to raise the debt ceiling, a potential default. everyone knows it's going to happen but how it's going to happen still a question at this point. >> manu raju for us on capitol hill, thanks so much. let's go to the live pictures of president biden just outside chicago. in a few minutes he's expected to deliver some formal remarks about the importance of vaccine mandates. we know that according to a white house report, these mandates have cut the number of unvaccinated americans by a third from 95 million down to 67 million, the president still pushing that plan as the way to go to get people vaccinated. we'll bring you his remarks as soon as they begin. >> all right. thank you. hey, guys! they have customized solutions to help our family's special needs... hey, graduation selfie! well done! and voya stays by our side, keeping us on track for retirement...
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. a nuclear powered submarine hit something. this happened on saturday. this is a tense time for u.s. and china relations. oren lieberman is at the pentagon, oren, what do you know? >> this happened saturday as a u.s. class submarine hit an
12:36 pm
underwater object. we learned it was the contested waters of the south china sea. it involved the uss connecticut. several sailors were injured, though not life-threatening. it is unclear what the submarine hit at this point, but the submarine was able to make it back to port in its own power and there was no damage to the nuclear core, the powerpoint as it made its way back. the it's unclear why the u.s. submarine was in the south china sea with tension so high. it was in part of what taiwan sees as its air space and what it defends. china would send 600 into its
12:37 pm
air space. u.s. and china was taking part in destabilize ing in the regio. china would shoot back that they were breaking policy. they are setting the stage for a virtual meeting between president joe biden and president xi jinping. it did little to ease the tensions in the south china sea, especially if there is an exercise of four countries operating and exercising in the same region right now. >> a lot to has been at that virtual summit if it happens sometime later this year. we're standing by to hear from president biden. he is in chicago expecting to speak shortly on vaccine mandates. we'll take you there when it begins.
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they've got a deal. we think. the u.s. senate is rushing to kr increase the country's borrowing limit today, but republicans are struggling to find ten votes to break the filibuster. here's what president biden said when he was asked if he would support a short-term deal. >> reporter: mr. president, do you support a debt ceiling short-term deal. >> he held up crossed fingers there. the president is waiting to see if the deal is finalized. let's bring in now cnn senior political analyst and senior editor, ron brownstein. ron, those crossed fingers are
12:43 pm
especially important right now because we're learning they're trying to find 10 republican votes. is it a surprise to you that mitch mcconnell didn't have ten votes when he made the deal? >> it has to underscore from the outside how radical the posture mitch mcconnell is taking here. he is saying on the one hand that democrats should supply all the votes to raise the debt ceiling. and on the other hand, republicans should maintain a veto about whether they should do so with the filibuster. it would go to december, but it's worth noting that democrats had five chances in this country to filibuster when a unified control of government sought to raise the debt ceiling, and they never did. so this is a big escalation in the political conflict between the parties. yes, democrats have sometimes voted against raising the debt ceiling when republicans controlled all the branches of government, but they did not make it impossible for the majority to do so. they did not filibuster it.
12:44 pm
if mitch mcconnell cannot get ten republicans who are willing to break a filibuster on this, the message ought to be pretty clear to joe manchin and krysten sinema are not breaking on this. >> let me ask you about why you think mitch mcconnell blinked. for months he said, i'm not helping and i'm not bluffing. >> i think he blinked both because the consequences of breaching the debt ceiling are so momentous and there are a lot of business interests in the republican party who really don't want that to happen. and potentially because he saw that such an extreme position might be generating more willingness in the democratic party among those last two senators -- it really isn't the democratic party at this point, it's joe manchin and krysten
12:45 pm
si sinema. i think congress has made the strongest point possible in breaking the filibuster because this is how the senate and congress now operates. the majority party should provide the votes to do this, and the minority party is going to oppose them tooth and nail, root and branch. that reflects the reality that the senate now, and the house as well, is now a quasi-p quasi-parliamentary institution. but the second half, that the minority should make a veto, because there is no other system in the world that has in effect a parliamentary mechanism for the legislature with a minority veto. it just doesn't work and we're seeing some of the consequences not only on the debt ceiling but all the other things you mentioned that are kind of stacking up one after the other. >> ron, you say this is a strong
12:46 pm
case that mitch mcconnell has now made. joe manchin isn't buying it. he made it clear he's not moving on the filibuster, and that means congress, the country, will be right back here in december, so where does that leave us? >> right. i mean, look, we will be right back here in december unless manchin -- manchin and soinema are providing mcconnell the leverage he is using to hold over our heads but not only democrats. none more important than voting rights. i think voting rights, victor, even before we got to the debt ceiling increase issue in december is going to be where this comes to a head. democrats have renegotiated their bill around -- to create a national floor of voting rights around the principles that joe manchin raised as his objections to the original bill, hr1 to clear the house.
12:47 pm
it is likely every house democrat and senate democrat will renounce that bill. he probably won't find any republicans. several republicans have already said they won't support any kind of legislation on this, and therefore they'll face the issue, do they give a veto whether rights are created, or is joe manchin willing to provide a carve-out. that's where it's going to come to a head in the next couple weeks. >> all of this comes to a head in december, including funding the federal government. >> brron brownstein, always gla to have you. >> thanks, victor. newly released body camera footage of officers talking about hunting protesters. we've got it for you. that's the planning effect, from fidelity.
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new today there is some sickening body camera video. more than two hours of newly released footage from police responding to demonstrations in minneapolis after the murder of george floyd in may of 2020. some officers are heard discussing hunting protesters.
12:53 pm
we're following the story. what are you learning from these tapes? >> reporter: this body camera video was captured on may 30th five days after george floyd was killed. minneapolis police were responding to another night of protests. court documents reveal this unit was traveling along lake street clearing protesters out beyond the 8:00 p.m. curfew with 40 millimeter, nonlethal rounds. following there was a debrief. here is what one minneapolis police commander said. listen in. >> it was just nice to hear we're going to go find some more people instead of chasing people around. >> yeah. >> we're going to -- you guys were out hunting people now. it's just a nice change of tempo. >> yep. >> all right. we're rolling down lake street the first -- just hand them with 40s. >> yes, sir. >> that a good copy?
12:54 pm
>> thank you. >> what are we doing with these people? >> what are we doing with people on lake street? >> shooting them with 40s. >> and that clip is part of the two-hour video file victor referenced at the start of the script. the video is linked to a case involving jahlil stallings who was acquitted on all charges after firing a gun toward minneapolis police who first fired nonlethal rounds at him. the attorney representing stallings said he wanted to release this video so the public could see and hear what happened. that attorney saying this body camera video contradicts initial reports made by law enforcement. meanwhile, cnn did reach out to minneapolis police as well as the police downon.
12:55 pm
we have not received a response. >> hunting people is a god chgod -- good change of tempo one of the officers said. thank you so much. we are awaiting president biden there outside of chicago soon to deliver remarks about the importance of vaccine mandates. we'll bring it when it starts. new projects means new project managers. you need to hire. i need indeed. indeed you do. when you sponsor a job, you immediately get your shortlist of quality candidates, whose resumes on indeed match your job criteria. visit and get started today.
12:56 pm
at aspen dental, we help you find your happy place like milkshake mustaches high fives and high dives. or 3-on-3s... 2-on-2s... and 1-on-1s. we see how these moments make us smile so, we make it easy to share your smile with safe and convenient care — all in one place, with evening and weekend hours. right now, new patients get a complete exam and x-rays — free without insurance. plus, everyone saves 20% and here is the president just outside of chicago. >> -- somebody want to steal and bring back to washington, i've done it a couple times. at any rate, look. jerry, every company needs
12:57 pm
people like you. every single one. someone who knows what my dad taught me and a lot of people who know me well, including the governor's sister who i worked closely with for eight years my dad used to have an expression. he used to say everyone is entitled to be treated with dignity. a job is a hell of a lot more than about a paycheck. it's about your dignity, your place in the community, being able to look your kid in the eye and say, honey, everything is going to be okay. that is the god's truth. ever since he lost, things went south in scranton, pennsylvania when i was a kid and coal shut down, my dad was not a coal miner. i had a great grandfather who was a coal miner engineer. he was a sales person. everything we moved down to wilmington, delaware, little steel town where there is no steel anymore but right on the border of pennsylvania. it was always about the dignity of work.
12:58 pm
what you are doing here about this pandemic is protecting the dignity of your fellow americans. you know, you stayed in an operations mode lining up protective equipment for the rest of the country, all around the country, and when the vaccine came out you all stepped up and got the shots. as a company you're getting more shots in arms. i want to thank auto for hosting us here, one of the midwest's biggest construction companies. $3 billion a year in revenue. thousands of employees nationwide. here in elk grove, 100% downon. not labor. union. not labor. union. one of the reasons i said i ran was to rebuild this country, rebuild the back bone of the country and i meant this sincerely. the backbone is to build from the bottom up and middle out. i'm a capitalist. i think people should be able to go out and make a lot of money. that is not the problem. everybody should have an even
12:59 pm
shot. and who built the middle class? unions built the middle class. not a joke. without the unions we would not have a middle class in america. everybody owes you all. you're constructing buildings for some of america's biggest companies but also doing something bigger. you're helping us beat back covid-19. so are the great leaders here today. jp, governor, you've done more than about anybody i can think of in any state. i mean that sincerely. you've stepped up. you've always done what you said you were going to do, and you've been relentless in getting people vaccinated. in the midwest you're leading. it' it's real. it's not hyperbole. mayor lightfoot who i said please go back to work, i'm going to get in trouble. she had to leave. she did the same thing. in elk grove mayor johnson you've done a hell of a job as well. we had 11 members of congress
1:00 pm
here. thank you for hosting us in your district and permission to come into the district and i want to thank colleagues in the house of representatives. bill foster, brad schneider, lauren underwood, marie newman. and i know, for them, you all understand it in a different context but this is a busman's holiday for them. they have to come and hear another politician speak. you know what i mean? not a joke, folks. i appreciate it. i genuinely appreciate it. i appreciate it. and i know they wanted to be here but there are others in washington who can't be here, dick durbin and tammy who i've spoken to, they're in washington and hopefully voting soon. also we have state leadership here. the lieutenant governor and the ohio -- i'm from


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