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tv   At This Hour With Kate Bolduan  CNN  October 7, 2021 8:00am-9:00am PDT

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hello, everyone. i'm kate bolduan. thanks so much for being here. we begin with two breaking stories. pfizer has just announced it has formally asked the fda to authorize use of their coronavirus vaccine for younger children between the ages of 5 to 11 years old. an estimated 28 million kids in the united states would be eligible if regulators give the
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green light. pfizer says the research shows the dosage for these younger kids is one third the dose given to those over the age of 12. same vaccine, smaller dose, and it's safe and effective. also breaking this hour, chuck schumer has announced he's reached a deal with mitch mcconnell to extend the debt ceiling to december. averting another crisis like this for only two months. we'll have more on that in a moment. let's begin with the breaking news on feiser. joining me now, dr. sanjay gupta. sanjay, we knew this was coming, but what does this announcement mean from pfizer. >> they're basically saying at this point they think they have the data to support this emergency use authorization. we have heard about this as you pointed out because of the trials. now pfizer has put it all together. they submitted the application and they think that it's going to -- they're obviously hopeful.
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keep in mind, 16 and older as far as where pfizer stands. 12 to 15 is emergency use authorization. this would now be extended this if it goes through to age 5, which i know is particularly important in your household as well, kate. >> i am not joking that people in my household are doing a happy dance. my daughter cannot wait. she doesn't even remember what normal is, but she's excited to welcome it in once again. what do you think this means for the timeline for these kids and even younger. >> we know the fda has scheduled a meeting to review this. between now and then, they're looking at this data. it's about three weeks away, and they're going to schedule the meeting. it will be an open meeting. people can listen in. they'll discuss it and make a reng men dags to the fda at that
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point. the fda will september it or not and then it goes to the cdc. so over a few days, october 26th, that's when we talked about the possibility of halloween potentially as an authorization. we'll see. it could happen that quickly. now, keep in mind, as you know, kate, that means it's now authorized. people have to get the first shot, wait three weeks, get the second shot chd and then it eefs after that before they're considered vax nate. there's time to get it. >> that's a great point. as you very well know, sanjay, and we've seen the polling on this, parents of children in this age group are really split on whether they want to give their kids the shot. i made clear how i feel about it. why do you this that is, whajd do you think the conversation is like now, you know -- i'm going to say i assume this gets
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authorization from the fda between pediatricians and parents? >> first of all, i do think the number. we just heard from the company so far. i think, kaye, the fundamental concern is i think my kid's fine. i don't think my kid's going to get sick. why do they need the vaccine? it's an argument we hear over and ore again, but particularly so with young kids, and pediatricians need to make the point it's rare for chung u yo young children. i can show you. it's another 9% of the country in this category. if more people get vaccinated, we could start look at this thing in the collective?
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>> the thing we keep on the side of the screen for everybody, take it and add it to the overall infections. down. hospitalizations, down. deaths, trending down. and we're seeing these kind of consistently. is united states getting control. >> i think so. it's probably here to stay. to be clear, there's remnants of the 1918 flu epidemic. it's not audacious to say that at this point looking at the trend lines. i look at data from the rest of the countries and i look
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historically, you saw big surges. right about now in the beginning of october, the numbers came down and stayed down for a long time. >> you know, we've seen these surges. wu used to say you were speaking too soon. now you add on layers of the vaccines, that's what tihappeni. thank you. >> thank you. to the other story we're following i ing chuck schumer days. the dow up a lot, doing well at this moment. let's go over to cnn's ma you rah knew. what are you learned? >> short-term deal.
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eventually i kick the can down the road. this is an extension of the statue. it's about $84 million. that's how much debt will be wracked up. this sets up a larger fight come that time. we'll be right back at it. it's the same deadline the. if they don't ever -- this is the same cone evacuation win in in the last several weeks. they have goufrts funding and then they batted for weeks in a staring contest. people were enfajed in a virtual
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dispute for peej. offering a shoem p. schumer, mcconnell sh deal. averting this medial crisis, apparently the first ever. can they do it again come december? that's going to be the big question. lawmakers may have their backs up against it. overnotice a judge banned the law in texas regarding abortions. we discuss it it a lot in the
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show. from the moment sb-8 went into effect, women have been unla mtd. they're protect it immediate constitution frmg cnn's report iris leave for us. f. >> what it means is this is headeh headed back. the law has mate it so happen. they allowed this law to go into effect, but then the law of justice weighing in. the judge basically thinks it's
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unavoidability. then he had a message for the court of appeals because it's going to be appealed at the fifth circuit caught of appeals. he said other court i may find a way. they will not suffer one more day of sep raegs. whether or not the crick itss ae going he aid. >> thank you, ariane.
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four are involved in the january 6th insurrection. dan scavino still has yet to be found. what's going on here? >> it's impossible to believe because it's been all to news unable to find him to fizz lis sir them with the supporter. that's tort. they're supposed to show that they're complying with the requirements death riced. . it's not particular pli pom out of the water. they're wait another week to conduct the depositions. however, without the documents to review, it's much more diff
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to ask questions. right now we flow are other who have been subpoenaed who intent to comply or they're saying, it's a congressional subpoena. it's not a sep. there will be civil remedies, possible criminal remedies. it's early, only 11:00. we'll see with more can be brought into it. >> thank you. joining us now, jeffrey toobin.
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we've seen so trump related subpoenas in congress. why do these things, these sps, psych like. bhorned lore it is position to get these matters tied up in the court. they subpoenaed don mcgahn. that dispute lasted two years, district court, circuit court, supreme court. that lohse e. that's the playbook billion eyesed dhiem. even if they agree to do criminal sanctions against any of these four who row fehr.
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now whee e noefrp saskatoon is that there is a time prash o frame. there is only a limited window for this committee to do their investigation, if these witnesses can tie up the matters before the court, even if they lose and eventually have to to investigate. >> i think the team prash is being underappreciated by in meme. % -- by many people. his response is stoim. that the real envelk j happied on november 3.
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3. which was january 6th the day of to freedom. it's far from sneefrp also this is something that's going on throughout the party, which is following former president trump in trying to yoet night. it wasn't the criminal departure? o mcmark college. at first they were outraged. they loipd sbonts flep. they three the tirch is a be. we they say, we love you and
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that's how the issue wu being fr framed. >> let me ask you. donald trump and the doj worked so hard to try to overturn the ee lensz p. of course the kritd criticism, times. is this confirmation that this was a real attempt at a coup? >> it's a very chilg roweler rep it undermine hosnes clois he ca.
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it wasn't trying to interfere with the list do begin ever volcano all of think with goes on am the sim tape. trump lylists ths in the justic department. there was a fight who nique nizs t -- the law was the law. >> how close the country came has become between and quite. >> what do you think the justice departmentally do, can k do, or
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whether do. >> he's said it's going to precede in of the actual rioters on january 6th, but there is also an ongoing investigation of who gave the orders, who financed, who afwlee that it. that has not been pursued in the courts so far, but certainly it suggests that the january th con spear we could have gone a lot higher in termings of breaking the windows in the capitol. >> thank you smoufrp. >> imj u down. but a state oh perj freedom.
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my blood pressure is borderline. garlique healthy blood pressure formula helps maintain healthy blood pressure with a custom blend of ingredients. i'm taking charge, with garlique. developing this morning, there will be a meeting, considering punishing 11 school districts, including possibly with holding salaries from officials. there's more. they released new data to show
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what we show. mask mandates are working to better protect kids against covid. joining me now is state official nicky freed. she's a democrat challenging florida's ron desantis in his upcoming re-election. thank you for being here. you announced this morning that your survey of covid data in schools show district that started the year with mask requirements, saw infection rates three times lower than districts without mask requirements. what do you do with this data now? >> this data we've been asking for since august. we put in a public request into the governor's office and provided it. we sought the information ourselves. we compiled all the information. today what do we do? rereleased the information, those who want to know this information, parents, teachers, school board administrators, and to make sure they have the right decisions for their communities. we didn't always know this was the right information and now
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we've got data to back up our analysis. >> the groft's office has now responded to several requests but desantis has said consistently that masks shouldn't be the school's decision, it should be the parent's decision. they're considering punishing these schools with mask opt-outs were put in place. do you have any belief that your decision is going to impact anything? >> no. this education and our commissioner and aur governor has every single step along the way in covid has lied about the data, has manipulated the data and they've been bullies along this way. so even with this that's so black and white, such indisputable evidence that the masks were working and are working to decrease the number of cases, the direction impact
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of lowering the cases means tles kids are getting sick, kids are less exposed to staying at home. but unfortunately they don't care about the facts and the data and the evidence. all they care about is winning political points. they're defunding our education system in the state of florida because not only did we have to go to the white house to get support. now they're threatening to take away additional funding. >> florida is the only state that has not put in with the federal department of education for the available covid relief funding left for schools that was approved by congress, the only state florida is that is leaving what appears to be $2.3 billion on the table. the governor has said that the reason why -- and i'll read part of what he put out as a statement, which is, quote, no
8:27 am
district has ar took lated a need for funding that cannot be met with currently available resources is. that what you're hearing? >> not at all. that's absolutely ludicrous. our school boards and the schools across the state of florida have been asking and demanding for additional resources. we're also still holding onto billions of dollars there were already allocated from last year's covid response, and their administration was basically saying we don't need it or they'll extend it over the next few years. our schools need it now. the money is needed to make sure we're keeping our schools open, keeping teachers in the classroom, getting better ventilation systems in our school, and so the money is necessary. it's $801 per student that this governor has kept away from our
8:28 am
kids. $801. all he had to do is apply for the money. he's been very shortsighted. that's where his mission has been, is to privatize our school system and hurt the parents and teachers and the students on the right side of science, on the right side of the evidence, and are doing the right thing for our communities. >> if desantis would like to provide a statement or speak with us about this, we would be happy to have him on or put out a statement if and when he does respond. thank you for your time. >> thank you. coming up for us, new video of ruptured pipeline that caused that massive oil spill in southern california. what we're learning about the cause and the environmental impact next. as carla wonders if she can retire sooner,
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like the chance to win a universal parks & resorts trip to hollywood or orlando to attend halloween horror nights. or xfinity rewards members, get the inside scoop on halloween kills. just say "watch with" into your voice remote for an exclusive live stream with jamie lee curtis. a q&a with me! join for free on the xfinity app. our thanks your rewards. more breaking news. two people are now dead and schools are delayed this morning in central alabama after flash flooding swamped homes and streets overnight. a 4-year-old and an 18-year-old were killed in the flooding south of huntsville. crews responded to at least 30 water rescue calls.
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parts of the state had twice as much rain in a few hours as they would normally get for an entire month. we'll continue to follow that. but now to that massive oil spill in southern california. we have new video to show you that shows a 13-inch tear in the pipe that caused the environmental disaster. through the gash, officials say up to 144,000 gallons of crude oil spewed into the pacific ocean. you see it circled right there. this morning we are hearing from the ceo of the energy company that owns that pipeline defending their actions in the critical hours of the pipeline. joining us is the lieutenant governor. thank you for coming back. the coast guard seems to be focusing right now on a cargo ship that was anchored near the pipeline before the oil spill was discovered, but there is some question of how close that ship was, how close the anchor would be the that pipeline. what do you think caused the spill? >> well, kate, at this point
8:35 am
we're in the middle of a federally driven investigation into the causes. the coast guard is involved. u.s. fish & wildlife service is involved. we're going to get to the bottom of what happened. everyone wants to know, how could this have happened again. oil production off the california coast has been steadily decreasing since its peak in the 1990s. we're very forward leaning on fighting combat change. for a lot of people, it's just astonishment. very unsettling to see this could still happen here in california. the investigation is very important. being driven by the federal government. the state and local government are being very helpful, and everyone wants to get to the bottom of it. >> absolutely. there's the cause and then there's the response. cnn is reporting california authorities were notified late friday of reports of an oil sheen at the site of a spill. that's more than 12 hours before amplify energy reported it to
8:36 am
state and federal officials. but amplify's ceo is defending its actions. listen to this. >> there was no lag in communication at 8:09 a.m. we communicated back to the platforms. the first call goes to our instant response commander, which is o'brien's. we started notifying agencies. they notify agencies as well. there was no lag in the communications at the time we were aware there was oil on the water. >> what do you make of dhis connection? does it come down to a technical legal definition of notify. >> well, look. think think is part of it. times is a part of it. it's not just when they were notified but when they should have known that this was happening, so everyone is honestly focused on the cleanup, focused on protecting our beaches, focused on protecting
8:37 am
the wildlife that's impacted by this. at the same time, this investigation is going to be robust and we're going to get to the bottom of what happened that could cause this very severe environment al damage that is unsep tobl the people. >> there are reports that the weather could shift and big winds could be blowing oil onshore. what does that mean for the cleanup efforts and for the california coastline. >> kate, over 100,000 gallons of crude oil has leaked a uf of part of our state that is very important for ecological value, very important for tourism. this is a very serious challenge that we're up against, and, so, again, with u.s. fish and wildlife, with the coast guard, with our volunteers, there will be hundreds, if not over a
8:38 am
thousand volunteers out there doing the work, and, of course, professional entitities cleaning it up as quickly and efficiently as possible, but it's the biggest oil spill that we've had in a very long time. fortunately technology has gotten a lot better from some of the disasters that we've had in the past. some of this points to the fact that california has been dramatically reducing the amount of oil production off the coast, and this is why. more than 70% of californians want to see an end to offshore drilling, so this is where we are. again, the focus is on investigation and a very rigorous cleanup, which as you know could get worse as the weather changes. >> that could happen today. fingers crossed, and we will see. thank you, governor. coming up, the government has reached a short-term deal on the debt ceiling.
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the senate majority says they've got a deal and the vote could come as early as today.
8:44 am
it's crucial for the white house as they face an agenda on hold until at least then. joining me now jared bernstein. thank you for being here. >> thank you. >> if this goes through on the debt ceiling, what iegs going to happen in december? how is this providing any certainty? >> yeah, that's a great way to tee up the question. we're certainly happy to have a little bit of breathing room here, and we're in close touch with senator schumer and his team, but we cannot forget the important point that you underscored, which is that this simply kicks the can down the road. it gives us some breathing room, but it doesn't resolve an issue, an issue that shouldn't even be at this level of a debate or fight right now. the reason for that is that this is a step accrued by both parties. democrats have been pushing hard to raise this debt ceiling. $8 trillion of this debt, in fact, was accrued under trump
8:45 am
and mcconnell in the previous administration and yet despite the fact the debt ceiling has been raised 80 times in the past 60 years, in many cases bibi partisan cooperation while democrats have consistently tried to get republicans to go along, they haven't done so. so, sure, we're glad to see this respite in terms of this republican-driven potential default, but it shouldn't have even got on the this point. >> and you're up against a wall again in two months. do you worry you're playing into a mitch mcconnell chess match here? you've been around washington a long time. >> yeah, look. first of all, again, you're making some really important points i want to underscore. two months of continuing to argue about this does not resolve uncertainty. it just keeps it going for another eight weeks, and that's
8:46 am
why democrats have said to republicans -- >> why take the deal? >> this is a joint responsibility. let us hold hands and fix it together. republicans have consistently said, no, we won't work with you. unlike the democrats worked with the trump folks three times to raise the debt ceiling. so we said to the low pressures, get out of the way, we'll do it ourselves. again, no deal. we are the grownups in the room here, and we have to oversee an economy, a global economy wherein the u.s. treasury and the faith and credit of u.s. debt is key to the foundation of global economics, and so not only do we have to be sure that social security recipients and military get their payments but that creditors get paid. being the grownups in the room, we're not getting a lot of cooperation from the republicans, but we're continuing to get this behind snus grownups and children are
8:47 am
going to be up against the wall at the same time. maybe when it's truly truly horrible and immediate, maybe bipartisan ship can reign supreme. i do want to talk about inflation to keep it consistent. every time you come on, we talk about inflation, jared. there's the technical aspects of it, but what's behind it doesn't matter to someone who's paying more on a lot of stuff. now going to dollar general and paying much more these days. it's happening. it's real. but where is your current greatest area of concern, and how inflation is hurting individual families. >> so the greatest areas of concern have to do with the extent to which pandemic-related supply side con stanlts continue to put upward pressure on prices. now, this is occurring in some of the areas that you know like cars, for example, having a lot
8:48 am
to do with semi-conductors, very much a function of pandemic-related supply constraints and not just here but global. so we have to do everything we can to mitigate those constraints. lumber prices were up tremendously. that's already rolled over and started coming down. there's actually some of these components within the consumer price basket that people are gout out and facing that have eased up a little bit. we at the white house are doing what we haven't had to do for a long time. that's pay attention. we have a task force designated. we probably don't talk about that enough. we have folks in port trying to help that coordination problem improve so we don't have maritime parking lots in los angeles and long beach. the president, you've heard him talk about the problem of industrial concentration and
8:49 am
some of the price issues invoked there. we're convening experts and business owners from all kinds of different sectors including chips and trying to get them to work together. we're pushing very hard on this because we know as you said, at the end of if chain is the consumer paying more for goods. at the same time we want rising wages in the background to help improve people's income over this period. >> so many aspects of the economy. let's continue this discussion another day. i'd like to talk with you more about it. thank you, jared. >> thank you, kate. >> we'll be right back. laven. so we made a plan to turn bath time into a business. ♪ ♪ find a northwestern mutual advisor at age before beauty? why not both? visibly diminish wrinkled skin in... crepe corrector lotion... only from gold bond. . . we're carvana, the company
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stunning revelations about the founding of far right conspiracy channel one america news. court documents reviewed by cnn shows the parent company at&t played a creative role in creating and financing the network. cnn's brian stelter joins us more on this. what are you learning? >> reuters first broke this story and cnn breaking it, at&t is cnn's parent. it's striking to read about the cable and distribution deals that financed oam. you know, what oan lacks in original reporting and real news they make up with conspiracy programming, propaganda on behalf of donald trump and other far-right figures. for years after buying cnn and the rest of warner media, at&t was propping up a rival that basically seeks to discredit cnn and the rest of the mainstream media at any given day in a
8:55 am
given way. what we've learned in this court document, many court documents is oan was encouraged to launch by at&t and was provided carriage fees, cable fees, exclusively by at&t. other distributors like comcart and charter don't carry oan so at&t is largely financing the channel. here's what at&t says though, a corporate spokesman tell me we've never had a financial interest in oan's success and when at&t acquired directv we refused to carry oan and they sued us as a rough. we have a commercial carriage agreement now. of course, there's lots of channels that get carriage fees but oan is not your average channel. it's not really a news channel. it's full of propaganda and conspiracy programming, pushing the big lie and anti-vaccination messages. that's the difference, and the question then becomes does at&t have any standard, any line that it draws for what programming it's willing to carry even if
8:56 am
that programming hurts the viewers? >> brian, thank you as always for your reporting. really appreciate it. thank you all so much for being with us today. i'm kate balduan. "inside politics" with john king begins after a break.
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♪ hello and welcome to "inside politics"ch i'm john king in washington. it's a really busy news day. thanks for sharing is with us. huge news on covid, for example. pfizer just asked the government to green light vaccines for kids ages 5 to 11. we'll walk through the timeline and potential impact on the broader pandemic fight. plus, dead lipoday for four trump aides subpoenaed about the insurrection. a new senate report and brand-new review of court documents offer us some startling new details about how donald trump and his allies pushed the big lie and desperately tried to keep power. and we've got a deal.


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