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tv   Don Lemon Tonight  CNN  October 6, 2021 7:00pm-8:01pm PDT

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i think debbie downer goes to saying everything is bad. that's not what i'm saying. i'm saying we need to start asking why aren't things getting better? "don lemon tonight" starts now with the big star d. lemon. >> i think things are getting better. debbie downer, the smirk is going. i see both sides, i see the glass half empty right now and highlight those there is a possible pill that helps people when they get sick with covid. the covid numbers are coming down despite the vaccine he is tent people in the country, that
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there may be a deal, looks like a deal is in the works with infrastructure in this country and that will help. there are good things and also, i think on the other side, i think the concern should be not whether republicans love trump. we know that, duh. i think the concern should be with joe biden's approval ratings at an all time low reflects 58% to 38%. >> you have to see the relationship between the two. >> i don't see the relationship. one is looking at a reality. there is a president in office. people aren't happy with the job he's doing. other is a hypothetical. what would happen if he gets back, what have you. there is a difference between an approval rating i'm talking about trump now, a high approval rating and whether or not people want to see him run. but that -- i think let's not get ahead of ourselves because that may happen or may not happen. i think people should be concerned with the actual reality of what is happening now. the person who is controlling the levers of government or party controlling levers of
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government now. that's a democratic party. that's joe biden's party for democrats and that also shows if he doesn't get his agenda across the finish line, it's going to be an uphill battle or climb. that's where the concern should be. not if what, if, could have, is he going to run or desantis? don't get ahead of yourself. what about can the democrats and the people in washington republicans, as well, can they get the work done for the american people? can they get the work done for the people who put this current president in office? that is where the focus should be for the time being. >> well, that's always the focus. it's just that the answer is an obvious no and the reason that the answer is no, is because of what you're saying doesn't matter that much, which i differ with.
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>> i'm sure it doesn't matter that much but i'm saying priorities, people. >> i know, but the state of play is that biden's numbers are upside down for two main reasons. one, he's got no big wins and two, things don't feel better in terms of the nature of the spirit of the country. he's got his own party going at it with one another and you can call that big ten politics. i call that b.s. the other part is it is very much the reality that republicans overwhelmingly want donald trump again and kissing his hinie is proof they are going to play to his return so that's a reality and also why biden can't get anything done with the republicans because they are playing to the animous. the parties aren't even. it's true. democrats are making their own problems and the republicans are trying to make problems for biden so biden.
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>> they are trying to make problems for the country. they are harming the country by trying to harm this. i think that, you know, we don't over index trump and the trump supporters. before he was president, what did they think. >> right, thank you. >> i'm saying the same thing is happening with the oh, what is he going to do? fine, he may run. we'll deal with that. >> i don't disagree with that and i don't know if he does, if he could actually win because as you say, it's not half the country. and the people polling among likely voters for republicans or just republicans. >> leaners. >> okay. fine. of course we know that. duh. republicans love donald trump. duh. okay. next. >> the reason is -- >> can i have a beer bartender?
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>> he could win but he likely won't win. >> won't win, yeah. >> him taking a double l, i don't believe he can destroy the democracy. anything is possible. i believe this country and institutions are stronger than presented. >> i'm not saying we're not aware of it. we shouldn't be aware of it. >> kind of said that. >> no, i'm just saying -- no. i just want to make sure because people get things out of context. , i'm saying that let's look at what is important in front of us right now. what's the best thing for the american people as far as elected officials are concerned? what's the best thing for an informed electret as far as you and i are concerned? the people in power now, what are they doing holding them accountable. donald trump is no longer in power. let's keep joe biden, his administration and republicans and democrats in office now. let's keep their future to fire truth to power in the moment that we're in and worry about
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donald trump if that time comes. >> deal. >> when the time is. >> that's what's in the interest of the american people. deals on all the issues that matter and then they can judge the deals and that should elevate the outcome of the election. >> deal. handshake. see you later. >> love you d. lemon. >> i love you -- [ laughter ] >> see you soon. this is "don lemon tonight" on a big breaking news night with major developments that's why i have to hurry up and get to it because it's a busy night. there is a texas six-week abortion ban, the most rest restrictive in the nation. a federal judge in texas issuing an order blocking the ban, blocking it. it is a victory for opponents of the law but maybe soft lived. could be temporary. the state promising to appeal here. that is happening as it is time for democrats, for democrats to make up their minds. if they want to get the president's multi trillion dollar agenda across the finish
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line, the agenda he campaigned on, the promises he made to the american people, they're going to have to make some very hard choices. will they take what they can get? or risk losing it all? and make no mistake, that's what is at stake right now. this is a defining moment. and it is coming as mitch mcconnell who has vowed for months that there will be no republican help on the debt is now offering democrats until december to figure out how to avoid something that has never happened in the history of this country, a default. talks continuing. >> senator mcconnell is now offering to have his caucus step aside and let democrats all 50 of us come to the floor and vote for a short term debt ceiling raise and i think we will accept that so we can move forward with
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finishing the work to pass the build back better agenda. >> listen, avoiding a default is of course a good thing. getting a few more weeks gives democrats time to work on the president's agenda without the threat of our economy collapsing. but make no mistake here, what's happening now is just kicking the can down the road. the white house said it and that's exactly what it is. we could be right back in the same place in december. a default looming while democrats battle their own. meanwhile, president biden's approval rating is sinking. the latest poll puts it at 38%, the lowest since he took office. like i said, it is a defining moment for the president's party and for his agenda. and there is news tonight that i want you to listen to. out of minneapolis, remember during george floyd so much of the focus was on minneapolis. we have this stunning new body camera footage of minneapolis police officers, they're responding to protests in the
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days after george floyd's death. revealing officers talking about hunting civilians as part of a response to unrest in the early hours of may 31st, 2020. according to court documents, that night this particular unit had been going down lake street in minneapolis clearing out people who were not adhering to the curfew with 40 millimeter non-lethal rounds. okay? as part of a debriefing with this up anyt unit afterward, a minneapolis police commander, pay close attention, said this. >> a busy night. >> it's nice to hear that we move -- today was just nice to hear we'll go find some more people instead of chasing people around, we're on a hunt. you're hunting people now. it's just a nice change of tempo. >> yep. >> [ bleep ] these people. >> so that was the attitude for
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officers there that you heard. cnn reviewed more than two hours of body camera videos and we have got more to come on this very story tonight. okay? there is more. this is happening as this day marks nine months, can you believe it's been nine months since one of the worst attacks in american history. that was the day that blood thirsty trump supporting rioters attacked the united states capitol, the capitol of the united states. storming the building all caught on live television beating police trying to defend the capitol within an inch of their lives and hunting lawmakers who were forced to flee. nine months since we watched all of that in horror. watched as it was happening. now the clock is ticking for several top aids and advisors to former president, the former president to turnover documents to the select committee investigating what happened nine months ago and sources say they haven't been able to physically
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serve the subpoena to one of those aides and that's dan, the communications guy. they want to find out what he knows about videos like this one. >> go home. we love you. you're very special. you've seen what happens. you see the way others are treated that are so bad and so evil. i know how you feel. >> meanwhile, the disgraced twice impeached one term ex president is showing that you just -- why he is disgraced putting out a statement actually it's nothing but a rant, really claiming the real ensure recollection happened on november 3rd, the day joe biden won the presidency with more than 81 million votes. more votes than the former guy. that was the day the ex president lost. it's just another rant/statement he's been putting out since he was kicked off twitter on
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january 6th because they feared that he would incite more violence and he is still pushing the big lie. the lie that exploded into violence at the capitol and here is the thing about pushing lying. when you lie to people over and over and over and over, when you tell them their government is lying to them, they won't believe you even when you're trying to save their lives. okay? that is why the health and human services, that is why health and human services is putting out a series of new ads aimed at convc convincing people still vaccine hesitant, ads that don't sugarcoat what it's like to have and almost die from covid. >> been in the hospital for 7 six days now and by the grace of god, i'm still here. it was a lot of dark times then. i died three times. they gave me a 5% chance at living. so i highly recommend everybody to get the vaccines and really protect themselves because this is no joke. >> no joke.
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no yjoke. that's the brutal truth for those who get covid. this country is averaging 133,000 cases a day. the vast majority unvaccinated people. but listen to what happened. okay? pay attention. have a seat. i don't know what time -- if you're having a cocktail, whatever it is getting ready for bet. have a seat, pay attention to this. lindsey graham tried to convince people to think about, just to think about getting vaccinated. here it is. >> so the bottom line is i took the vaccine. i've had it. it kicks your butt. if you haven't had the vaccine, you ought to think about getting it -- >> no! >> no! >> i don't tell you to get it. you ought to think about it. >> no! >> no! >> i'm glad i got it. 92% of the people in the hospitals in south carolina are unvaccinated. >> oh my god. >> lies. >> i'm with you on --
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>> lord jesus. >> i'm with you that it's probably unounce constitutional -- >> god help me. >> she's right. lord help me. [ laughter ] that is absolutely right. lord help me. is it any wonder why far too many people don't trust vaccines when they have been fed a steady diet of lies and misinformation from the very beginning? >> no. not getting that vaccine. no, no, no, no. them vaccines are not good hun. >> are you vaccinated? >> no, but i have a lot of hydroxychloroquine at my house. >> have you got your vaccine shot? >> no. >> why? >> they haven't tested it enough from my opinion. >> i don't trust the government. i don't trust the cdc, i don't trust none of them. >> do you know any people that got sick or died? >> i know three people that got
7:15 pm
it and died but i know people that got cancer and died, too. >> you know three people that died from coronavirus and you won't get the vaccine? >> no, i like i said, i don't need the vaccine. >> have you guys gotten vaccinated? >> no, won't do it. >> why? >> i'm allergic to a lot of the things in the chemicals and stuff like that and freedom. you get to choose. if you can have an abortion and choose your body, i should be able to choose if i get a shot. >> i know. i know. i know. i know. i know. look, they've been fed this steady diet of misinformation, so there is that. however, they are adults. let's remember that where those lies and misinformation came from. >> i said supposing you brought the light inside the body, which you can do through the skin or in some other way and i think
7:16 pm
you said you're going to test that, too. sounds interesting. and then i see the disinfectant knocks it out in a minute by injection inside or a cleaning. it gets in the lungs. >> so, you know, we live through that. hard to believe, right? you know, sometimes i feel bad because i laughed about it but it's not funny. i mean, it's laughable. it's ridiculous to think that. that is -- that was the president of the united states at the time talking about a deadly pandemic and light inside the body of bleach and all of that. that's where that came from. and then if they didn't see the -- how ludicrous that was,
7:17 pm
why would they do it now? right. same thing with the polls. we love trump. people romanticize history. they move on. things don't seem bad in the rearview mirror. january 6th wasn't that bad and the pandemic wasn't bad. it was awful. all of it. that's where all of that b.s. came from. that guy. but now he's no longer in power so it is the people who are in power now still making excuses for him because they want to hang on to power, not that they want to educate people or do what's right for people or save their lives, they just want to hang on to power and they think that's the best way to do it because people's ignorance -- people have been exploited for their lack of knowledge. l let's put it that way and because people want to have their believes confirmed and reconfirmed and reconfirmed.
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how could he be wrong? we voted for him. he lied to you.pandemic. lies running on facebook and the big lie that fueled that violent attack on our nation's capitol nine months ago. i have said it before, lies and misinformation. they are killing us. and they are killing our democracy. if i have to say it over and over every single night, i'll say it over and over and one day you'll look back and say wow, that guy was right. we should have paid attention. breaking news, a federal judge in texas issuing an order blocking the texas six-week ban on abortion. what does it mean for women in texas and will that order hold?
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7:23 pm
pitman writes and i quote the other courts may find a way to avoid this conclusion and it is theirs to decide. this court will not sanction one more day of this offensive deliberation of such an important right. it is a strong denunciation, laura, of this law. >> the supreme court of the united states, their decision not to actually rule on the underlying constitution ty or somebody thumbing their nose at the valid roe v wade. remember, this is about the deprivation of what has been established under the supreme court press dealt for roe v wade talking about equal protection to the 14th amenlamendment. they sued this particular state based on this in violation in part of the clause as well about federal law being able to preempt and of course, the establish precedent of roe v wade and about how the end runaround judicial review
7:24 pm
actually might create a blueprint in other states here and so, this is really an indication that this judge is completely a verse to the notion that that which was contemplated as a way for people to not be able to be able to exercise their rights, it was already in effect. it was already acting as a deterrent. people were not able to go and perform or be able to obtain abortion related services and so it had the chillingfect. this is actually going to be a temporary measure, though, don in reality. >> okay. yeah, temporary measure because the order could be short lived. any appeal and it could go to the fifth circuit court, correct, that declined the request from clinics to block the law so how might this play out? >> of course, it is one of the most notoriously conservative courts in the entire country so it might ultimately if they decline or they find that the law is constitutional and they don't take issue in the same way
7:25 pm
that the district court level judge did, it could mean it would not reach the supreme court of the united states if they then decline to under take this. remember, they already have a miss issippi state law on the docket to decide an even later abortion ban i believe after 16 weeks. this could actually be a very decisive moment in terms of the longevity of this particular district court ban if it goes to the fifth circuit court of appeals, it might in fact be able to be reinstated. right now it is a victory for those who are in favor of abortion related services and of course, roe v wade but might be short lived but for now, it's a clear rebuke of an attempt to have an end runaround very clear precedent. >> let's talk about how restrictive this law is, laura. we discussed it before but aside from the six-week abortion shs the most shocking part of the texas law is how it deputized
7:26 pm
citizens of those who they use sp suspect getting an abortion. is that central to the legal argument against it at this point? >> absolutely. the idea of you calling it depa deputization, to stop a law from going into effect or to sue over constitutionality, a state official or actor is one who has to enforce it. you have people that could be totally unrelated or unaffected by any person who is attempting to or aiding somebody trying to get an abortion, which raises issues about whether you have a right to even bring an action and it incentivizes people to bring the causes of action, don because you can -- if you are successful, you get attorneys fees and a $10,000 bounty. this is one of the reasons why it's been so offensive to the department of justice and a central argument in addition to the 14th amendment constitutional issue and the idea of the clause, why is it so
7:27 pm
offensive and sued and why this district court judge said not on my watch. >> listen, laura, we always listen to you. you have great insight on the legal matters and if i must say so, i had the honor of prereading laura's -- your book is fantastic. it's not out yet. if you can preorder it, preorder. it's called "justice pursuit." i was honored to read it earlier than anybody else. i didn't want to put it down or end. congratulations in advance and we'll talk about your book. i mean it. it was really great. thank you laura. >> don, i love you for that. thank you. honor for your to read it. look, i don't have on waterproof mascara, what are you doing? stop, stop it. >> it's the truth. i don't have time to read as much as i used to. this one is great. whenever it's ready to preorder, we'll talk about it and promote it. if you can get it, preorder it now, do it. thank you. i got other stuff to do. >> thank you, don. >> see you soon. possible breakthrough to
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wait, a minute? but what have you been doing for the last two hours? ...delegating? oh, good one. move your xfinity services without breaking a sweat. xfinity makes moving easy. go online to transfer your services in about a minute. get started today. tonight, the senate republican leader mitch mcconnell refusing to blink days before the u.s. government is set to run out of money to pay its own bills. now proposing potential options to avert default by passing an emergency debt limit extension into december. looks like democrats will go along with it. i want to bring in ron brownstein and laura lopez.
7:33 pm
good evening to both of you. who is actually in charge here, republicans or democrats? trying to figure that out. that is the question. laura, it appears the country is avoiding economic collapse for now but the white house is asking why kick the can down the road so much time and energy wasted and we'll be back right here in a few months. isn't that why everyone hates washington? >> it's a big reason why people don't like d.c. yeah, that's right. and it does -- >> as you broadcast to us from d.c. >> from d.c. look, i love d.c. i personally love living here. capitol hill aside. but this definitely sets up a big battle in december. democrats, you know, majority leader schumer and others came out of the meeting saying that they only took part of mcconnell's offer that they are still not going to pass the debt limit or increase through the
7:34 pm
reconciliation process, which is what republicans initially wanted and mcconnell wanted to see them do because he could make it a painful process by voting it out and putting out ameant ndments but democrats sa that will only take part of his offer and do this outside of reconc reconciliation. again, it will be a big issue come december. >> yeah. ron, go on. what were you -- what did you want to say? >> the answer to your question really is that republicans are maintaining a veto over what democrats do solely because of the choice primarily because of the choice of two democrats. i mean, joe mansion and kyrsten sinema really have watched over the last ten days as you seen maybe the most egregious modern example of abuse in the filibuster. mitch meacconnell created a situation where he said on the one hand democrats have to provide all of the votes to raise the debt ceiling.
7:35 pm
that's not particularly unusual when republicans had unified control under bush, democrats did not provide many or in several cases any votes to raise the debt ceiling. the twist that mcconnell added was an oh, yeah, while i say the majority party has all the responsibility, we'll retain a veto in your attempt to raise the debt ceiling which democrats pointedly did not do under bush and under trump when they could have filler bustered raising the debt ceiling, they provided as many or more votes to raise it as republicans did. so mcconnell took one step back as they came to the brink but i think this is the clearest example of how on so many issues, basically anything that can't be shoe horned into reconciliation, democrats parti particularly mansion and sinema are providing leverage to the point you can ask that question legitimately, what is running washington? the majority democrats or minority republicans? >> will this be enough time, ron, for democrats to get their
7:36 pm
act together and pass president biden's build back better package? >> you would think. i'm curious what laura thinks. you would think between now they would get a deal between now and december or they're not going to get one at all. there are a lot of ways to try to get a deal. you know, one thing politicians can do very well is find a mid point between two different numbers. there are a lot of creative ways to do that. we talked last friday. the idea that you can get a political two-for by starting programs and phasing them out t save money allowing you to go back, if you like universal prek and the tax credit, you have to reelect a democratic congress to give them to you. one thing that's not talked about a lot, a trillion dollars or more of the 3.5 trillion are actually tax cuts. so could you convince mansion
7:37 pm
and sinema you're holding down spending and still get the total up somewhere north of $2 trillion by treating the tax cuts differently. if they're not going to get a deal by thanksgiving, they're not going to get -- >> what i find interesting -- >> that's the challenge -- >> if you look -- >> that's not a challenge. >> if you look at the polling in both states, it shows voters want these two things to go through. right? they want the -- or they want the infrastructure package in both states, i should say. laura, i want you to respond to that but you're reporting the white house is seriously entertaining across the board cuts to biden's social safety net package. is that going to be enough to get a price tag everyone can agree with? >> well, so that's the tricky part here, don. the white house prefers across the board cuts because they know there are so many items in this package that democrats across, you know, moderate, progressives want but there are probably
7:38 pm
going to be a few big items that end up on the chopping block because it is going to be hard to get down to that range that mansion and sinema are saying they're willing to support and it is mansion and sinema that are pushing the party towards this smaller number. mansion even today kept reiterating that he is not for anything above 1.5 trillion. now, that's a lot of posturing going on from mansion, from sanders but again, the white house is trying to continually talk to not just the two senators with mansion and sinema but also keep a really open communication with progressives and with others in the house because after what happened last week, they're trying to rebuild a bit of trust with house democrats who were pretty frustrated with how everything unfolded but, you know, i am hearing to be honest a lot of optimism from democrats feeling as though they're starting to right the ship and they think
7:39 pm
they can make the new deadline that nancy pelosi set at the end of the month. >> all right. thank you both. see you soon. so speaking of deadlines, as laura mentioned, there is a key deadline tomorrow for trump insiders to compile with subpoenas that inside -- issued, excuse me, by the house committee investigating january 6th. the problem is one of them can't even be found.
7:40 pm
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as we reported, today marks nine months since rioters attacked the capitol and a deadline for key insiders to turnover dorkcuments to the hou committee investigating but said the committee has not been able to find former deputy chief of staff dan ska vino to serve the subpoena and tonight, we're learning that facebook whistle blower will be interviewed by the january 6th committee.
7:44 pm
so joining me now, democratic congressman jason crow. there are a lot of developments. good evening. we remember the image of you in the chamber during the insurrection, the select committee hasn't been able to find dan. the deadline is looming. what kind of information are you hoping the committee gets from these trump allies? >> yeah, hi, thanks, don. thanks for having me on. the key take away for folks at home now here is if you think that the danger of donald trump and his key allies and cronies is gone, the danger not only to the safety and security of the american people but to our democracy at large, you're sorely mistaken. they clearly don't want to say what they know. they clearly are avoiding the process here and even more so than that, they continue to scoff. if we don't have rule of law in america, we have nothing. we certainly can't have a democracy. here we have an essence of president trump, a former president explicitly ordering
7:45 pm
his top advisors to not compile with a lawful legal subpoena. you know, that is not trouble folks, i don't know what will. >> congressman, are you concerned that the committee won't have enough substantive findings about the truth before we're in the middle of another campaign season? >> well, there is a lot of information the committee gathered. we have to remember this is a crime that was committed in front of the american people. it was televised live on tv. as you mentioned, i was sitting there trapped in the house gallery with my colleagues. it was filmed live. we have over 140 police officers, metro police and u.s. capitol police officers who were brutally beaten. several who died after their injuries from the attack and we have a continued extremist movement in america that continues to spread because of the big lie and donald trump's incitement. so there is plenty of evidence and plenty of facts out there. it is important that we actually
7:46 pm
find out who was talking to donald trump and what they were saying. that's why we formed this committee that had subpoena power to gather that information. if they continue to disregard subpoenas that, i'll highly encourage to pursue criminal contempt because frankly, that's what would happen to any american. if you refuse any american, if you refuse a subpoena, there are consequences for you. there should be consequences for the president and his top enablers and cronies here. >> congressman, it was shouted hang mike pence on january 6th but now down playing the danger calling it a day in january and of course, trump is saying the real insurrection was on november 3rd, not january 6th. these are lies but millions of americans unfortunately will believe it. how do you stop? how do we stop the reframing of the insurrection and the danger of january 6 th?
7:47 pm
>> accountability number one. there needs to be truth and accountability and that's what the january 6th commission is about. that's why we continue to go out in our communities and tell the truth and stand up against those lies, push back. the false media and conspiracy theories, social media and places but it's hard. i'm not going to sugarcoat this at all. this is a hard challenge our democracy faces. i think we have to understand something really important, not only the risk that continues but it is especially acute in the former president. i sometimes hear people say we are a nation of rule of law and that no person is above or below the law even a president. it's not even. it's especially a president. the more power you have in this system, the more important it is for you to be held accountable and to be subject to accountability and truth. so we will not stop pursuing that truth in the house of
7:48 pm
representatives. >> congressman crow, always a pleasure. thank you very much. >> thank you. court documents revealing who helped play a key role in the founding of far right conspiracy outlet one america news and apparently, it involves at&t executives. 're in a screen saver. (man 2) yeah, but we need to go higher. (man 1) higher. (man 2) definitely higher. (man 1) we're like yodeling high. [yodeling] yo-de-le-he... (man 2) hey, no. uh-uh, don't do that. (man 1) we should go even higher! (man 2) yeah, let's do it. (both) woah! (man 2) i'm good. (man 1) me, too. (man 2) mm-hm. (vo) adventure has a new look. (man 1) let's go lower. (man 2) lower, that sounds good. (vo) discover more in the all-new subaru outback wilderness. love. it's what makes subaru, subaru. you're driving innovation. you're racing to the cloud. you need to do it securely. that's why palo alto networks developed prisma cloud - an integrated platform that secures your cloud environment end to end. used by the world's largest organizations,
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7:53 pm
former president. it is as corrosive to our democracy as anything we have seen from facebook. so just look at some of what aired on that channel. >> if anyone can fight this fight and root out drcorruption it's root. >> one ballot equals a vote how do we get decimals? >> in north dakota election fraud, okay? this is on a crime of history. >> some find it difficult to believe five states decided to stop counting votes on election night. >> they cheat on the elections. >> okay. so listen, i have to note here that at&t is the parent company of cnn and joining me now cnn's media reporter oliver dorsey. good evening. thank you for joining. this is interesting. what are you learning about at&t's relationship with oan? >> we knew that they have strong ties to good journalism and this network. but apparently they have strong
7:54 pm
ties to a far-right wing conspiracy channel. at&t executives played a strong role, a key role in the founding of this network, one america news, which promotes all sorts of nonsense as you just showed, regarding vaccines, nonsense regarding the big lie. frankly, nonsense we spend a lot of time on this platform debunking. >> this is all according to oan's founder in court documents over a number of years for giving the idea of starting a stifr news channel. he said that executives wanted a competitor to fox. reuters published a report today explaining how at&t helped to build up this channel. reuters also cited a sworn testimony from an oan accountant which said that according to the
7:55 pm
accountant about 90% of oan's revenue was due to at&t deals, deals with at&t on platforms. this is causing a lot of controversy, especially as we talk about facebook and the poison it injected into our democracy. a statement from the naacp just came out. the president says, we are outraged to learn that at&t has been funneling tens of millions of dollars into oan since the network's inception. it says, as a result, at&t has caused irreparable damage to our democracy. the press should inform the american public with facts, not far-right propaganda and conspiracy theories, according, don, to derrick johnson, the president of the naacp who added that he is, quote, sickened by these revolutions. >> do they name names? when you said executives, do they name names of the executives in this report, or no? >> there are thousands of court pages, frankly, don.
7:56 pm
so there are a lot of details regarding this. but there are names that are named. >> what's at&t saying? >> at&t is come out with a lengthy statement t gets into some of the details that is confusing to explain on television. it says at&t has never had a financial interest in oan's success and does not fund oan. when at&t acquired directv refused to carry oan on that platform and oan sued directv as a result. four years ago directv reached an agreement with oan as it has with other hundreds of other channels and oan did with other tv providers, it says, directv offers a wide variety of programming including many news channels with variety of too viewpoints but it doesn't dictate or control programming on the channels and continues to say that the decision to review oan will be up to directv which is a separate company of at&t. i should say we followed up on
7:57 pm
this statement with an at&t spokesperson. very specific question ons the actual reporting that we did and that reuters did and that spokesperson, frankly, deflected. >> okay. having said what you just said, does at&t still distribute the network? is oan receiving any money from the company zm. >> yeah. so oan is distributed, don, by at&t platforms. >> thank you. appreciate it. breaking news tonight. a federal judge issuing an order that blocks the six-week abortion ban in texas. we will go through what happens next in just a moment. pain was actually ibs-c giving her grief. so she talked to her doctor because she wanted more relief. that's when she said yess to adding linzess. linzess is not a laxative. it helps you have more frequent and complete bowel movements. and is proven to help relieve overall abdominal symptoms-belly pain, discomfort, and bloating. do not give linzess to children less than six and it should not be given to children six to less than 18, it may harm them. do not take linzess if you have a bowel blockage.
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