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tv   The Situation Room With Wolf Blitzer  CNN  October 6, 2021 3:00pm-4:00pm PDT

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southwest alaska. 12 big bears com pedded, whether or not they knew it. otis ate his way to the file for the fourth time. even after the votes were counted, the champ was still chowing down. there was no salmon harmed in the making of this story, but that wouldn't be true. wolf blitzer continues in "the situation room." happening now, breaking news, senate democrats appear ready to accept the gop compromise, aimed at averting a catastrophic default. are republicans blinking after the president accused them of playing russian roulette. and four trump aides were -- but they can't find dan scavino.
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brian laundrie's family is offering a new timeline for his disappearance, while the manhunt drags on. we want to welcome our viewers here in the united states and around the world. i'm wolf blitzer, you're in "the situation room." >> announcer: this is cnn breaking news. we begin with breaking news on a potential break in the partisan standoff over raising the federal debt limit. we're getting new information from both end of pennsylvania avenue. we'll go to jerry diamond over at the white house in just a moment, but first let's go to ryan nobles, our congre congressional -- we're told there's developing news?
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>> reporter: this came as a surprise, when we learned that mitch mcconnell told his republican caucus he would like to give the democrats an opening to raise the debt ceiling before that impending deadline coming up in the middle of october. mcconnell putting out a statement shortly after that meeting with his republican colleagues, saying that basically democrats have two options. either they agree to a bill that has moved quickly to the floor without any republican objection, that would allow the debt ceiling to be raised basically through the end of november, to give more breathing room for a more long-term raising of the debt ceiling, or he would allow what he called a clean budget reconciliation package to allow them to do it without much fighting from republicans. not a number of amendments that could delay the process. we're told that democrats have a separate meeting of their own, where they hashed out these two proposals from senator mcconnell and they do seem open for a vote
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that extends the time to negotiate. now, there are two problems with this, though, the first being it's going to be tied to a specific number, we're going to raise the debt limit to this number, which could be a political problems for democrats heading into the midterm elections, and also doesn't solve the problem long term. so democrats are still hashing this out. there's not even 100% consensus from the republican caucus. the negotiations are ongoing, but this does appear to be an important breakthrough. keep in mind there was a bill on the floor tonight that was expected to go down to raise the debt limits that republicans were set to block. that now is on hold. >> we'll stand by and see what they do. ryan, thank you. let's go to our white house correspondent jeremy diamond. is the white house fully on board with this offer from
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mcconnell that senate democrats will partial go along? are they convinced in the white house that the senate democrats will go along with it? >> reporter: as of about an hour and a half ago, the white house did not seem fully on board. i asked jen psaki, moments after the contours of this deal began to emerge. here was her response. >> we don't need to kick the can. we don't need to go through a cumbersome process that every day brings additional risks. >> reporter: when you hear her not wanting to kick the can down the road, that's pa effectively what a short-term would do here. i understand the white house is working on a statement to give their official position. i think it's clear that jen psaki didn't want to give a definitive stance one way or the other, but it was a pretty stark contrast, when you heard her fairly lukewarm response on the best there, contrast with what was happening at the same time on capitol hill, which was
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senate democrats emerging from a caucus meeting, and essentially claiming victory, saying they believe that mcconnell had caved and would take this short-term win at a minimum. one thing that mcconnell was able to do here was getting at one of the central arguments that president biden has been making. when i asked the president yesterday about using the budget reconciliation process to lift the debt ceiling, the president told me one of the reasons he was opposed to that is because it is a cumbersome process. and it was a risky process, in essence. now mitch mcconnell, the senate minority lead saying, look, i'm giving you two month to get this done. the white house's position, not wanted to do this through reconciliation has not changed. i believe they'll pressure republicans to at least do a simple vote without filibustering.
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>> what what happened to the speculation about a conversation between the president and mitch mcconnell to try to resolve this. they're old friends. they have known even each a long time. >> reporter: jen psaki walked that one back today as well, saying that the president was meaning to say there could potentially be a call, that at some point the president appeared senate minority leader may speak, but that has not happened as of yet. >> jeremy diamond, thank you very much, reporting from the white house. let's discuss this with representative pramila jayapala. thank you for joining us. it looks like senate democrats will september this offer from senate minority leader mitch mcconnell to den the debt ceiling. do you support this approach? >> wolf, nice to see you. good to be back with you. >> i think that obviously this has been challenging, because it
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is the republicans and the trump administration over the last four years that ran up $8 trillion in debt now this debt ceiling is not to pay for future debt. this is to say the united states is good for the bills we already ran up over the last four years. the jas majority of which included tax cuts to the wealthiest. so that is why the white house has been so strong and senate democrats have been so strong. we'll sigh where they end up. i'm confident we'll get the debt limit raised, but i think it's pretty outrageous that republicans under this day have not wanted to do that. it's been bipartisan, and it's their debt that brought us into this situation, and, you know, we'll have to see. i'm confident it will get raised. >> would you support this republican offer? >> i haven't seen the exact
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offer. i believe in the end they will get us the best deal possible. >> let's tack about the reconciliation package. senator martialingen is walking about the higher range. he's not good to go above $1.5 trillion, about a trillion short of what you have asked of president biden. is that right? >> well, i haven't heard that. i think a lot of stuff that gets reported may or may not be what the actual discussion is. what i can tell you, wolf, we are committed to delivering on transformational investments that people feel immediately, and that we promised in the election. that's why the progressive caucus priorities have been so clear in that frame. so we want the care economic, university chiles cares, paid leave to people to get 12 weeks of family and medical leave. make sure we're addressing home and community-based service.
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we know we need to take care of the housing crisis. we know we need to take care of health care, and we know, wolf, we have to take care of the climate crisis so that the president can go to -- and bed saying the united states is leading. and of course we have to take care of immigrants. if it means shortening the time, that is our preference to get to a lower number, and of course we believe we would like to have it as high as possible, but we have to get all 50 on board. >> right now it's a ten-year funding for all the things the progressives want, but what i hear you saying is you might be able to make it for only three, five, six years instead of ten, to make sure everything you want is included. the hour majority whip, james
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clyburn, has suggested reducing the time. are you with him? >> that's exactly where our caucus came out on friday, that if we have to lower -- let's be clear, we don't want to lower the number, but if we have to, then let's just cut the number of years that something is funded, but make sure we are funding things that get immediate benefit to people, so they can see the value of it, and then, of course, we can continue to fund it down the road. >> if you cut it down from ten to five, you'll get down to $2 trillion, maybe even below that. representative gentleman apal, good luck. thanks for joining us. >> thank you. take care. just ahead, former president president trump speaking out on the eve of the deadline of his former aides to comply with the
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this just into cnn, former president trump slamming the work of the house committee investigating the january 6th insurrection, this the eve of the did i line for four former trump aides to comply with subpoenas, and submit documents. brian, what is trump saying? >> the former president a short time ago issued a statement calling it the un-select committee of democrats. he said the real insurrection happened on election day, and january 6th wall street a
3:16 pm
protest of what he called the fake election results. we have more information on how the aides are seemingly avoiding that panel. tonight members of donald trump's circle seemingly unresponsive to the house select committee, as the clock tickets toward tomorrow's deadline for receiving documents. more than a week since subpoenaing former trump deputy chief of staff dan scavino, the committee has been unable to physically serve the subpoena. >> who knows what he's up to, but this is not a subpoena he wants to see right now. >> reporter: one source with the situation joked that the house committee could tweet the subpoena, because he's been actively trolling the committee on twitter in recent days. three other former aides -- mark meadows, steve bannon, and kash
3:17 pm
patel -- have apparently received the subpoenas, but none have responded. >> they know this information will land the former president in hot water, so they're privately trying to figure out a way to get out of this. >> reporter: what if none cooperate? if they don't submit documents or don't show up to testify as they've been askeded to do? >> at some point there will come a moment in time when the committee decides it has waited enough time and it's been flexible enough. then the committee would make a criminal referring to the justice department, and it would be up to the justice department to determine whether there's a case to enforce for contempt. >> reporter: top democrats on the house committee have
3:18 pm
indicated that's just what the panel may do. >> if they decide not to, then obviously criminal contempt or other measures will be open to us. our problem is we can't wait forever for people to talk. >> i would hope we can mo expeditiously to enforce the subpoenas, if that's necessary. >> reporter: sources tell cnn that others have cooperated, including at least two people involved in organizing the stop the steal rally. the commission's mission -- find out what trump and his inner circle might have known beforehand about the attack on the capitol and how they responded. >> they want to look at what happened on the 6th, what did re do in the white house? what did he not do? >> reporter: one key question is whether this house committee will go after a fellow house member, kevin mccarthy. mccarthy spoke to trump on the phone as the capitol was
3:19 pm
stormed. but analysts say house members may be concerned about subpoenaing mccarthy. our chief legal analyst jeffrey toobin is joining us, author of "true crimes and misdemeanors." so far, jeffrey. no trump allying have apparently complied just ahead of tomorrow's deadline. they can't even find dan scavino. this doesn't look too promising, does it? >> no, it doesn't. one of the lessons that the trump administration taught us all is that he can defy congressional oversight, even when they're wrong on the law, because they know that time is on their side. you know, what's going to happen with these subpoenas is one way or another, it's going to wind
3:20 pm
up in court. even if the trump allying there have lousy arguments, as i think they do, the courts move slowly. congressional committees, as the chairman said, they don't have all day. the congressional elections are almost, you know, just a little more than a year away. the delay of going to court will serve to interfere with the committee's investigations and stop this testimony, even if they're wrong on the law. >> walsh us through how it will work, jeffrey, if the committee decides to charge them with criminal contempt. well, first of all, that is a process that the committee has to go through. that takes a certain amount of time. at that point it gets referred to the justice department. the justice department has to decide whether to go forward with an actual proceeding against these four witnesses. in the meantime, these four witnesses and any other witnesses who don't want to
3:21 pm
respond, can filed motions to quash subpoenas. think about this, the house judiciary committee subpoenaed don mcgahn, the white house counsel for president trump. the litigation over that subpoena too two years before there was a silts -- settlement. it wasn't even resolved after two years. obviously two years is out of the question. that's the pace at which the legal system operates. i think the trump people realize that tyke is on their side. >> what do you make of this latest statement calling the 2020 election the real insurrection. does this taunt show exactly why the committee needs to investigate the january 6th attack? >> you know, it's also part of a big process going on, led by the former president, which is the normalization of what went on on
3:22 pm
january 6th. yesterday we talked about former vice president pence saying, well, you know, this wasn't such a big deal. the entire republican party is falling into line with this really obscene idea that this was some sort of legitimate political protest on january 6th, instead of the criminal insurrection that it really was. the former president said is precisely that, it was merely a protest about the election, that was not as bad as the election itself, which is really an obscene rewriting of history. >> if you just look at the video of january 6th. thank you very much. gabby petito's parents are revealing new details about where her body was found's they speak out about the homicide and
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with the tools and resources they need to be ready for anything. i hope you're ready. 'cause we are. we're following breaking news in the gabby petito homicide investigation. her family now revealing new details about where her body was found. this, as new questions emerge about exactly when brian laundrie vanished. cnn's leyla santiago has our report. >> reporter: tonight the family is speaking out on dr. phil's show. >> her body was found -- i guess it would be in front of a tent, if that's what was there, or
3:28 pm
just in front of the fire ring. there was definitely a fire ring there. >> it wasn't far from the van. it was a five-minute walk, something like that. >> definitely not an area that's heavily trafficked. >> reporter: her father sharing he would like brian laundrie found alive. >> i want him to be in the jail. he's an outdoor person, and that he can't smell the fresh air like that? >> reporter: laundrie has not been charged in gabby's death. this mustang is sparking new questions tonight about brian laundrie's disappearance, seen here towed away by the fbi weeks ago. the newly obtained police report says the mustang was found abandoned on september 14th, the same day police say the laundrie family initially claimed they
3:29 pm
last saw him. the family now laying out a new timeline of when brian went missing. the attorney for laundrie's parents now saying the laundries were basing the date on their recollection of certain events. upon further communication with the fbi, and confirmation of the mustang being at the residence on wednesday, september 15th, we believe the day he left to hike was september 13th is the attorney saying his father went looking for him when he didn't return. they found the citation on the abandon car on the 14th. they brought the muss tang back home on the 15th. brian's sister kathy spoke to us on the phone, saying she's phone spot fbi several times following gabby's disappearance, but she hasn't talk to her parents in about two weeks, because her attorney told hem not to answer
3:30 pm
any questions. the laundrie family attorney general confirming, i told my clients, which includes her parents, not to talk to anyone, and yes, that includes cassie. >> we are just as upset. >> reporter: cassie laundrie not his client. she also told us she's in the dark and tells abc news -- >> no, i do not know where brian in. i would turn him. >> reporter: he has not idea what her parents know. >> i don't know if my parents are involved. i think if they were, they should come clean. >> the search continued today in that 25,000-acre research, where we have seen teams searching for any clue of brian laundrie for more than two weeks, but today we learned that additional resources and teams were requested. >> leyla santiago, thank you very much. joining us now is state attorney for palm beach county, florida. dave, thanks for joining us.
3:31 pm
as you hear not only brian laundrie's parents are changing their story about when their son left, we now are learning they went looking for him, knew hi car was abandoned outside the nature reserve. is anything of this adding up? >> it just makes the laundrie parents look even worse. they've been already demonized in public opinion, because they lawyered up, they remained silent, haven't helped anyone, and it looks like their son went missing a day before they reported it. now, originally they said it was tuesday that he left the home. they didn't report him missing until friday. now it's that he left the home to go into that swampland on monday. that means they waited until the end of the week to report him missing to police, long after they retrieved his mistake from that swamp.
3:32 pm
>> laundrie's sister, as you heard tell cnn, her parents' attorneys advising them not to talk to her about the case. is that the same legal advice you would give your client if your client had absolutely nothing to hide? >> well, in the court of public opinion, they continue to incriminate themselves, but in a court of law, it's different. the lawyer is very different. the laundrie lawyer knows the parents could be charged with being an accessory after the fact. that's a serious crime. they don't want them to say anything. if they communicate between themselves, husband and wife, that would be privileged communications, and so the court wouldn't be able to hear that. but if they communicate with their daughter cassie, cattie doesn't have that privilege, neither do the parents, because there is no parent-child privilege, so cassie could say whatever the father and mother tell her.
3:33 pm
that's why the lawyer -- it doesn't look good in the corbett of opinion, but he's trying to protect his clients. cassie is not his client. >> as we learn more from gabby petito's family about the site where her body was found, is there any more physical evidence that investigators can gather to help them piece together what happened to her? >> the biggest thing is to find out the cause of death. we know the manner of death. it was homicide. was it blunt force trauma? was it strangulation? we also want to find dna, the gps monitoring where the phones pinged. that's crucial evidence the prosecutors want to know. there's a lot of pressure on police to find and make an arrest right away, but prosecutors saying, let's slow it down. we need enough evidence to prove this case beyond a reasonable doubt. thank you for joining us.
3:34 pm
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that's why we're building 5g right, that's why there's only one best network. breaking news. cnn has just learned the facebook whistle-blower during congressional testimony yesterday will also testify before the january 6th select committee, perhaps as soon as tomorrow. let's go to our chief media correspondent, the anchor of "relight sources. this is a major development. exactly what she knows about the inner workers in the run-up to the riot. she had she felt like -- after the election, because they
3:39 pm
figured, now we can bring facebook back do normal. they want to know what she knows about how facebook was used. he saysi lute cry, but we know social media was a factor, and organizing it next constitutions ahead of the riot that day. we heard directly from mark zuckerberg. what more did he have to day. he said it's likely false. here's part of the zuckerberg statement, saying that the hard of he says that's just knot true and that it would by ig logical.
3:40 pm
that's been a problem for years. haugen has a lot more to say, not just to the select committee, she's also speaking with why werian commissioners you see here here today on a call with a lawmakers in brussels, whether we'll see change other refer this story is far from over. >> thank you very much, brian. here in the united states in the coming week, we'll discuss that and more with a former head of the cdc.
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in texas tonight, an 18-year-old suspect is in custody after a shooting at a high school left four people injured. it forced hundreds of terrified students into lockdown. police believe a gun was pulled in a fight between the student and another person. he's being charged with three counts of aggravated assault with a deadly weapon. the 450-caliber handgun was recovered. three of the injured were taken to the hospital, including a male student who underwent surgery and remains in intensive care. there's more news we're following. the latest covid-19 surge has
3:46 pm
pushed the death toll to more than 700,000, but tonight there's hope it may have peaked. let's discuss this and more with the former director of the centers for disease control and prevention. dr. friedan, thank you for joining us. the cdc is forecasting covid hospitalizations and death to say decline. do you agree we're finally beginning to see the worst of the surge for tenchally behind us? >> this "wall street journal" is receding, but unless we get the nearly 70 million americans vaccinated, we are at risk for future waves. >> the white house just announced a $1 billion investment in rapid at-home covid tests. is that a big enough purchase to make a difference? these tests are really critically important. >> at-home tests are another tool in our arsenal. what we're talking about here is
3:47 pm
layers of protection ice lace of people who are sick and care for those, support for those who are exposed, and tossing can be a big part as long as we understand that testing is not a replacement for other layers, and it's not perfect. you need those multiple layers of protection to make sure we don't see uncontrol spread. the testing is a great teal to use. why do you think it took so long to make this investment, when it would have been most helpful, for example, when the delta spun out of control. >> we need to make sure the tests are accurate enough. still we have a gap, but tests back quickly can be helpful. you just have to remember it's not a get out-of-jail free pass. it doesn't mean you definitely
3:48 pm
don't have covid, but it is another layer of security. i was asked today if a family wants to get together for thanksgiving, would you test? if their 90-year-old grandmother is there and a cancer survivor, you want to be careful, and testing can give you another level of confidence. >> the fda's top vaccine scientist, dr. friedan says a booster dose sometimes causes swollen lymph nodes which could turn up as a false positive on a mammogram. is it still important for women to receive booster doses, even if means rescheduling their mammogram? >> if you're eligible for a booster, the recommendation is you get it, though you can still be considered fully vaccinated without it. the best data suggests that the pfizer vaccine is waning in its immunity, or perhaps less effective against the delta variant. if you're over 60, or another
3:49 pm
health condition that makes you more vulnerable, good idea to get a booster. dr. friedan, thank you very, very much. we'll have more news, right after this. had autism, his future became my focus. lavender baths calmed him. so we made a plan to turn bath time into a business. ♪ ♪ find a northwestern mutual advisor at if you have diabetes, you should wear a dexcom. i'm on this one because it's the best. and because it works. it's easy to wear. you put it on, and the numbers are there. no fingersticks. i can't say that enough. the dexcom is a game changer.
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now, a cnn exclusive. ethiopia has for decades been the beneficiary of a u.s. government trade agreement granting hundreds of millions of dollars of favorable access to u.s. markets, allowing ethiopian airlines, in recent years, to build a global fleet and become one of the world's leading airlines from both the u.s. and ethiopia. this relationship clearly
3:54 pm
matters. but for almost a year now, conflict has raged in ethiopia's tigray region. numerous cnn investigations have uncovered evidence of ethiopian government atrocities. cnn has now found evidence that ethiopian airlines cargo carriers have been shuttling weapons between ethiopia and eritrea in what experts believe would constitute a violation of international law, and that trade agreement with the united states. here's cnn senior international correspondent nima elbagir. >> with direct flights from over 95 international destinations, fly ethiopian airlines. the new spirit of africa. a star alliance member. >> reporter: state-owned ethiopian airlines is africa's premiere carrier of passenger and freight traffic. but among the regular cargo, evidence of sinister shipments. cnn can reveal, based on documentary evidence and witnesses' accounts, ethiopian
3:55 pm
airlines has been transporting weapons between ethiopia and eritrea since the beginning of the war in ethiopia that has seen thousands killed. according to aviation experts, this would constitute a violation of aviation law. among the evidence are these stills that were taken onboard ethiopian airlines flight et-3313 and verified by cnn. it's the middle of the night. this cargo plane is being loaded by hand. a slow and unorthodox method. but look closer. this isn't the usual cargo. inside these boxes are being loaded onto this civilian aircraft and transported from eritrea to ethiopia. here is the cargo manifest corroborating the day and time, november 8th, 2020. the date is sig tnificant. it's just four days into the
3:56 pm
conflict and months before eritrea officially admits to being involved. ethiopia has been at war with the tigray regional government, the tigray people's liberation front, for almost a year. eritrea to the north has become the ethiopian government's ally against the region of tigray. an unusual alliance as the countries were previously at war with each other. now, they have a common enemy. tigray. and they are sharing weaponry. cnn. cnn. with cnn. journalists. cnn has been reporting on atrocities in ethiopia since the beginning of the year. if you want to have detained a cnn team, then that's what's happened now because we're not going to the camp willingly. we traveled to tigray last april, and saw for ourselves eritrean troops manning checkpoints with immunity. while the ethiopian government denied their presence on the ground. that relationship between ethiopia and eritrea began
3:57 pm
months earlier in november, 2020, which coincided with an increase in the movement of weapons shuttled back and forth from the ethiopian capital to eritrea. during the same month, there was also a series of massacres in the region of tigray. and ethiopian airlines employee turned whistle-blower spoke to cnn about how he had to deal with an unusual request. in various statements, ethiopian airlines has always adamantly denied ferrying arms on passenger or cargo planes. but in addition to speaking with whistle-blowers, verifying cargo manifests, and authenticating stills, cnn has obtained airway bill receipts that show at least six occasions in november where ethiopian airlines billed the
3:58 pm
ethiopian ministry of defense to ship military items, including guns and ammunition to eritrea. >> in the end, the success of ethiopian airlines is an important and impressive symbol of the limitless potential of the u.s.-ethiopian partnership. >> reporter: ethiopian airlines built its cargo dominance through a relationship with the u.s. government and american aviation giant, boeing. these new cnn findings, together, with previous investigations into atrocities committed by ethiopian forces will constitute violations of international law, according to aviation experts. and run contrary to the terms of that relationship with the u.s. government. whether this forces the u.s. to act substantively against the ethiopian government remains to be seen. nima elbagir, cnn, london. >> responding to cnn's latest investigation, ethiopian airlines said it complies with all aviation regulations, and i am quoting now, to the best of
3:59 pm
its knowledge and its records, it has not transported any war armament in any of its routes by any of its aircraft. that's a quote. a u.s. trade spokesperson told cnn they would conduct a review of eligibility for the u.s.-african growth and opportunity act next year in 2022 based -- and i am quoting once again -- upon compliance with standards that include adherence to internationally recognized workers' rights, rule of law, and human rights. after the review, the u.s. trade representative office could possibly recommend that the president add or remove certain countries from the african growth and opportunity act beneficiary country status. aircraft manufacturer, boeing, said they had no comment for this story, and the ethiopian and eritrean governments did not respond to requests for comment. to our viewers, thanks very much for watching.
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