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tv   CNN Newsroom With Ana Cabrera  CNN  October 6, 2021 10:00am-11:00am PDT

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. i'm ana cabrera in new york. thank you for being with us. we begin with breaking news in arlington, texas. that's in the dallas-ft. worth area where right now an active search ais underway for an 18-year-old male who police believe shot four people inside this high school and left the scene. police believe he left the scene in a car. they do not believe he is in the high school. but they warned this suspect may be armed and dangerous. we are told four people were
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injured, one person suffering minor injuries and was treated at the scene. three others taken to the hospital. live pictures right now of timber view high school. this is where that shooting took place on the second floor of this sprawling campus just after 9:00 a.m. local time, central time there. we know the fbi and the atf are on scene assisting with the investigation, and we've been watching now for a while as these students are leaving the school, which indicates typically that that lockdown has been lifted, obviously, and that the building has been secured and there's no additional threat there to students on scene. let's go live to that high school with cnn's ed lavandera who is there for us. what more do we know about this suspect and what happened, ed? >> reporter: well, that suspect is an 18-year-old male by the name of timothy george simpkins, and the moments after the shooting, that suspect was able to get out of the school, and that is why authorities and investigators here in the
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arlington, texas area have launched a search for his whereabouts. they have described that he left the scene here in a 2018 silver dodge. they are actively searching for him at this moment. in the meantime, here at timber view high school, you can see way off in the distance on the south side of the school a fleet of yellow school buses that have arrived here on the scene. over the course of the next hour or so, we suspect that we will begin seeing students cleared out of this building. investigators say they have been going through the school to make sure there was no one else involved. at this point investigators say they are confident that the threat is over, that there are no other shooters or any other kind of danger inside the school. but investigators here tell us that this aull erupted after a fight between this 18-year-old suspect and someone inside the
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classroom, and that's when the shooting erupted. they haven't told us how many shots were fired or what kind of weapon was used. authorities haven't been able to tell us exactly how this 18-year-old was able to get inside the school with this weapon, and unsure about whether or not there are metal detectors at the school. all of this unfolding right now as the investigators continue to search for the suspect. as you mentioned, four victims. none of them have died. three of them, we are told, are students and one a teacher. so a great deal of anxiety unfolding here for parents who have rushed here to the scene, and right now school officials are in the process of trying to move out all of the students inside the high school to a nearby performing arts center, and that's where they are told they can reunite with their parents and family members, and officials here are in the process of doing that right now. ana? >> i'm sure so many parents are
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grateful to hear that the active shooting situation has abated. however, there is still this threat, potentially, out there because no one is in custody yet. josh campbell, you're with us. you're a former fbi agent. tell us about the manhunt that's happening right now. how are police trying to track him down? >> there are a couple unusual aspects of this shooting, ana, that we don't typically see. when these happen we sometimes wait minutes, hours, sometimes days, to determine why someone opened fire. here authorities saying this appears to have followed a fight. and the reason why that's important is because it does not appear, at least from the information we have right now, that this person came to the school with the focus on ending possible life. it appears there was some kind of altercation. we've seen hundreds of law enforcement officers from different agencies descend on that school. they are now being focused on trying to actually catch this
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fugitive. authorities describe him as armed and dangerous. we know that he has already used a firearm, so that is something they want the public to know. they don't want people to approach this individual. they want them to call 911. finally it's worth noting there will be a host of resources piling in. this area just an hour and a half from oklahoma, louisiana, arkansas as well. they'll have a lot of resources in texas, the feds and police departments around the area on the lookout, ana. >> okay, edwe appreciate you an ed lavandera and we'll look for ongoing developments as they search for this suspect. stay with cnn for that. meanwhile the federal government is project to do run out of cash in less than two weeks. that's days sooner than expected and not acting by this so-called x date would most certainly plunge the country into economic
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catastrophe, experts say. we're talking trillions of dollars wiped out. 401(k)s, plunging stock markets, potentially millions of jobs lost. to avoid all of this, congress has to raise the nation's debt ceiling. remember, this is for money already spent, like paying your credit card bill. and the president is speaking about this right now. let's listen. >> i'm going to make some brief comments, maybe ask a few questions, and then we'll yield and go down the road here and maybe we can all of us both, virtually as well as in person here, can hopefully make some progress. i want to thank the secretary of treasury, secretary yellen. secretary romondo, i see on you the screen there. good to see you. and the leaders of some of the most important businesses and institutions. the american association of retired persons, the aarp, bank
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of america, citibank, deloitte, intel, jp morgan, nasdaq, the national association of realtors and raytheon. thank you for joining me today for talking about the need to raise the debt limit. we haven't failed to do that since our inception as a country. we need to act. these leaders know the need to act. the united states pays its bills. it's who we are, it's who we've been, it's who we're going to continue to be, god willing. that's what's called the full faith and credit in the united states. let me be clear. raising the debt limit is paying our old debts. this has nothing to do with new spending or what may be coming this year or other years. it has nothing to do with my plans on infrastructure or building back better, both of which are paid for, but they're not even in the queue right now. it's about paying what we owe and preventing a catastrophic event occurring in our economy.
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i'm glad these leaders are here to talk about the real world impact this is going to have on people and on our position in the world. today's discussion won't be partisan and shouldn't be. raising the debt limit is usually bipartisan. let me speak for myself here. i want to be clear so the american people understand what's going on. there is a senate vote today to raise the debt limit. traditionally, it needs only 50 votes. we were informed by our republican friends that they had to be all democrat votes, that they weren't going to help. we said, okay, we'll provide 50 votes. the definition in the democrats is we have the votes. the democrats are willing to step up and stop this economic catastrophe if senate republicans will just get out of the way. but our senate republicans are planning to block the vote on
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the debt limit by using procedural power called the filibuster. to say that in plain english, it means you have to have 60 votes when there is a filibuster. 60 votes, a supermajority, instead of 50 to get anything done. it's not right and it's dangerous. the reason we have to raise the debt limit is in part because of the policies of the previous administration which incurred nearly $8 trillion in bills in four years, some of which democrats voted for. more than a quarter of all the debt now outstanding, we had to raise the debt limit three times when donald trump was president. and the republicans moved to raise it each time, and each time the democrats supported the effort to raise the debt. but now republicans won't raise the debt limit despite being responsible for what the debt limit -- why it has to be raised, for the bills that are outstanding. they won't raise it enough and
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we'll be falling out of debt that leave self-inflicted wounds that risk the market tanking and wiping out retirement savings and costing jobs. defaulting on the debt, which secretary yellen said could happen at any day after october 18th when we run out of money means that social security benefits will stop. salaries to service members will stop. benefits to veterans will stop, and much more. the failure to raise the debt limit will undermine the safety of the united states treasury securities, threaten reserve status of the dollar as the world currency that the world relies on, downgrade america's credit rating and result in a rise in interest rates for families talking about mortgages, auto loans, credit cards. my friends, and they are many of my friends, the senate republicans' position i find to
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be not only hypocritical but dangerous and a little disgraceful. especially since we're clawing our way out of a pandemic that cost americans 170,000 lives so far, and we're still battling it. american savings are on the line. american savings, your pock pocketbook, are directly impacted by this stunt. it doesn't have to be this way. my republican friends need to stop playing russian roulette with the u.s. economy. if they don't want to do the job, just get out of the way. we'll take the heat. we'll do it. we will do it. let us do it. let the democrats vote to raise the debt limit without any further delays. house democrats have already passed the bill, raise the debt limit and keep it functioning. it's sitting in the united states senate right now. democrats, with no help from republicans, have the votes today to pass the debt limit. the path republicans offer would
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take us right to the brink and cause irreparable economic damage in my view. so let's vote and end this mess today. that's the only way to eliminate the uncertainty and risk that will remain for american families and our economy if we don't. for more than 200 years, america has built this hard-earned reputation of the strongest, safest and most secure investment in the world. that's why the united states is the financial rock the world looks to and trusts. now, on one cynical destructive partisan ploy, just for politics, our republican friends are teetering on the brink here. they're threatening to boot that all away. now, it's a meteor headed to crash into our economy. we should all want to stop it, stop it immediately. this shouldn't be partisan. and i'm thankful for the leaders who share the urgency on why we
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need to act and we need to act now. many of them are here with me. not next week, now. we look forward to hearing their perspectives and we'll now get this meeting started with my colleagues' permission. i'd like to start off, if i may, with a question for jane frasier. by the way, congratulations on your award. you run one of the largest banks in america. what impacts do you think you'll see from this obstruction? what does it mean for small businesses and everyday people if we renege on the debt here? >> thank you, mr. president, for inviting us all to talk about this critical issue. >> the president has this meeting with business leaders and kceos across the country. we just heard him make the case
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for how dangerous the situation could be in the u.s. were to default on its debt. he is placing the blame right now with republicans who are refusing to pass this in a bipartisan way. i want to bring in chief white house correspondent kaitlan collins and chief congressional correspondent manu raju to break this down as far as the state of play right now. manu, as we heard from the president, it sounds like this is a public campaign of sorts trying to get some movement on this issue. are democrats even confident they could raise this debt ceiling in time? >> well, the question they're facing is really the deadline. because, of course, we know now it's less than two weeks away. that's the date the treasury secretary has warned about, but even that is not really a firm date, because you could see the effects of this sooner. that's what the president was trying to convey to everyone, everyday americans, by saying that social security benefits will stop, paychecks to military
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members will stop, benefits for veterans. this is really a message you're seeing white house economists try to hammer home today as they do try to increase pressure on repub republicans. that is clearly what the white house is doing with this meeting. this is something they tried to put together in the last 24 to 36 hours or so, inviting the top leaders to meet with the president on this, because they're hoping that will help. either it will cause republicans to vote with democrats to raise the debt limit, or let democrats do it on their own with a simple majority. we know republicans are set to block that this afternoon, instead saying they need to do that complicated process known as reconciliation to pursue this instead. one thing the president did not mention there, something we know democrats are discussing behind closed doors, and that is the idea of this nuclear option which is changing the rules to the senate filibuster to allow them to get this passed with only 51 votes instead of having 60 votes, potentially. that is something president
10:16 am
biden told me last night, ana, is a real possibility if they feel though don't have support from republicans despite trying to get republicans on board. >> let's talk about idea, manu, about gutting the filibuster. are senators manchin and sinema on board? in the past, they have not been on board. >> they have not expressed any interest in doing that right now. ch krysten sinema has not said if she's changed her position in any way. and joe manchin is concerned about what it would do to this institution and it could impact future minority rights and upset the minority on a whole set of issues. on this issue of dealing with the specific carve-out, just
10:17 am
allowing the debt ceiling to be raised by a simple majority, changing the rules of the filibuster so it could not be voted on by 60 members, he still has made it clear he has not changed his position. he still supports maintaining that 60-vote threshold. >> my caucus leader and majority leader is chuck schumer, and basically the minority leader is mitch mcconnell. i implore them to engage, start working, work this out. this should not be a crisis. i've been very, very clear where i stand on the filibuster. i don't have to repeat that. i think i've been very clear. nothing changes. >> reporter: do you think there would be 50 votes to change the filibuster? >> there would be. there is a lot of passion in the caucus about not allowing senator mcconnell to derail our advancing the build back better agenda.
10:18 am
>> reporter: that last sentiment by chris coombs believes ultimately, when push comes to shove, joe manchin, kyrsten sinema, will come on board. they need manchin, they need sinema. we're not there yet. we're still 12 days away from the october 18 deadline. will something change with manchin and sinema over the next two weeks? democrats believe the pressure will build, especially when they're waiting for a vote to happen across state party lines in a matter of days. >> even though republicans under trump voted to raise the debt ceiling a few times, in fact, and we know the u.s. has never defaulted on its debt. manu rayu, kaitlan collins, we'll be watching close.
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facebook's response? that's not true. we have an industry leading research program so we can identify important issues and work on them. it's disheartening to see that work taken out of context and used to construct a false narrative that we don't care. this all follows stunning testimony yesterday from former facebook employee francis hougan who says it's time for facebook to declare moral bankruptcy and admit they need help sovlving a problem they created. lawmakers say action will follow. it was january 6 that our democracy was attacked and today president trump is thumbing his nose at investigating that attack. the committee has not been able to physically hand dan scovina a subpoena. he has been physically out of reach for days although he's
10:25 am
been trolling on twitter. they have a deadline tomorrow for requests for compliance of documents. another deadline next year for depositions. whitney is here to break it all down. whitney, does scovina's disappearing act have any effect on this time frame? >> reporter: it could. they're supposed to hand over documents tomorrow, but they're not on the docket until october 14 or 15. if they can't find him by october 14, when he is actually supposed to appear for a deposition, that could be stickier, although we have no indication the other three have not been served with subpoenas. as far as we know, the other three who are also very important to figure out what happened on january 6 and the leadup for nthat has been successfully served. we know congressman patel has been served with a subpoena and he will continue to tell the
10:26 am
truth about what happened. that's where we are here. it raises this bigger question, ana, about what is the bigger strategy for people who were close to the former president? it's just not clear. we've reached out to about a dozen people who are in this trump world to find out what the legal strategy is, and we don't have any clarity on that yet. that's what we're moving forward with and trying to figure out here as this house committee moves forward. we do know that there are 11 other people who are part of the rally that led up to january 6. we know that some of those people are already cooperating or outwardly admitting they plan to cooperate. absent dan scavino's information, there is still a select committee to work on this, ana. >> we want to talk to a legal expert. carrie cordero is here right now and former counsel to the u.s. assistant attorney general.
10:27 am
is there anything illegal about dan scavino ducking the subpoena? >> there is some rifsk for him. the committee will have to decide how far it's willing to push to enforce its subpoenas. one would think the committee gave a lot of thought into issuing the subpoenas to begin with to individuals who were close advisors of the former president. so the question is if dan scavino, or any other potential witness served with a subpoena, if they do not comply, if they evade service of the subpoena, is the committee willing to refer it to the justice department for criminal contempt. and that really is the vehicle that the committee chairman has available to him if he wishes to pursue it. >> this whole thing with dan scavino reminds me of daniel brooks as he evaded a subpoena for months when congressman eric swalwell was trying to serve him with a subpoena after filing a
10:28 am
civil suit over the january 6 attack. eventually the process server did catch up with mo brooks, but that was a civil suit. is the process any different with a congressional subpoena? does that have to be hand-delivered? >> the difference here is what the committee can do, it can refer the matter to the justice department for criminal contempt. that's whether a witness decides they simply aren't going to appear, or i think one thing the committee will need to consider is if he continues to evade service, which is what it sounds like based on the reporting that he is doing, then they potentially could send a referral, a criminal referral for obstruction of justice. in other words, his actual evasion of a subpoena, if that's what he's doing, could be a criminal referral for obstruction of justice. so the committee has to decide if they're going to play hardball here and if they really are willing to pursue these criminal investigative avenues that would require the involvement of the justice
10:29 am
department. >> now, scavino and three other trump aides, mark meadows, steve ban no one, cash patel, they are all supposed to give witness testimony next week. it sounds like at least some may be willing to cooperate. unclear what their legal strategy will be. however, we have heard from the former president in the past that he is ready to use executive privilege to try to muck up this investigation. can he do that? does he have authority as a former president? >> i think there is a very weak argument there. the executive authority belongs to the president of the united states, and right now that is joe biden. so it is the president's authority to assert executive privilege. now, sometimes presidents do assert executive authority because they want to preserve that for the presidency itself. but in this case, so far the indications are from the biden
10:30 am
white house that president biden is not interested in thwarting the investigation of the january 6 committee and there is no indication that he is going to assert that authority for the january 6 committee's investigation so far. >> okay, we'll watch again october 14, october 15 that are two key dates, deadlines for these subpoenas. carrie cordero, i always appreciate your expertise and insight. thank you for being here. >> thank you. there are covid horror stories of unvaccinated people suffering. will this tactic have an impact? that's next. you have the best pizza in town and the worst wait times. you need to hire. i need indeed. indeed you do. indeed instant match instantly delivers qualityandidates matching your job description.
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the federal government today with a new ad campaign. real people, real covid-19 consequences. >> i've been in the hospital for 76 days now, and by the grace of god i'm still here. it was a lot of dark times. i died three times. they gave me a 5% chance of living. >> i got covid. i was intubated and in a coma for 11 days. >> two months ago i contracted
10:36 am
the dealta variant covid-19. i haven't been the same man since. i went from being a man who loved to play outside with his children and exercise to a man who barely has enough energy to make through the day. >> all three of those people were not vaccinated. joining us now, dr. leana wen and author of "lifelines c:a fit for life." >> do y do you think this is going to work? >> i believe it will work with some people. there will still be some who just won't get vaccinated. that group, though, remains in the minority. those who remain unvaccinated are unvaccinated but willing. they still need questions to be answered, or maybe requirements are going to work for some of these individuals, and i think also hearing the stories of
10:37 am
people like them who, for whatever reason, made the choice to stay unvaccinated, that could help them to be pushed over the edge. i do think the stories of people whoo change their minds about vaccination because they got ill, it's important to tell these stories. >> canada just issued a covid-19 vaccine mandate for anyone over the age of 12 traveling on a train or plane. we spoke about this before. i wonder what is the best strategy, playing to someone's fear, showing a campaign ad like we just showed, or making the vaccine a requirement for more things, like traveling. should the u.s. be more like canada? >> yes, we should. we really need every tool at our disposal at this point. we've already tried incentives, we tried outreach and education. we should continue doing that, but at this point vaccine requirement s to go. vaccine requirements in workplaces have been very effective and i also think for
10:38 am
domestic travel, trains, planes or buses, something that is within the control of the federal government, i think it's time to put those mandates in, too. because of holidays coming, it will be a powerful incentive for people sto say, look, you can stay unvaccinated if you want, but you won't be able to travel to see your family. >> and we had a story the other day about an ncaa basketball player who didn't want to get the vaccine but he wanted to play. so he got the vaccine. there are also substance abusers, smokers, drinkers, marijuana users are all at higher risk of breakthrough infections even if fully vaccinated. why is that? >> i'm not surprised at all by this finding. so i chair the advisory group
10:39 am
for an opioid treatment center, and when i was the health commissioner for baltimore, i also worked closely with the people with substance abuse disorders. this is a group that is medically fragile. this is a group that has often undiagnosed and untreated other medical conditions that predispose them to severe outcomes for covid-19 already. also individuals with the disease of addiction also tend to have unstable housing and lack of access to food and health care, so these are people who have a higher rate of exposure also to covid-19, too. this is just another reminder about the intersection with covid through other health dispa disparities. it's also a reminder that covid is not just a public control. there are other epidemics, like the opioid epidemic, like overdoses. they were a problem before the pandemic, and if anything, they've only gotten worse. >> i do want to ask you about testing as well. just this morning the white house announced a $1 billion
10:40 am
investment to improve production of rapid at-home tests, but the major change in availability doesn't come until december. it's worth noting europe seems to be way out in front here. i just don't understand why testing is still a major thing for people here in the u.s. it doesn't make them do the right thing. >> we've been talking about that, that from the very beginning testing was our achilles heel. we fell behind and that's why the pandemic spun out of control. we still seemed to have not learned this lesson versus other countries have. singapore and japan, they have ubiquitous vending machines to give tests. g you can go to the u.k. and get testing any time you want. that's what we need to have here in the u.s., too, and i think that if we have frequent testing that's widespread, combined also with vaccination and with early treatment, that is how we can get covid under control and turn it from the potential of a deadly disease into something that actually is manageable.
10:41 am
but we really need scaled-up testing, so i combine the biden administration for this step, but what i really want to see them do is to say, we're going to put as much effort into testing as we did around vaccines so that every american is going to be able to get tested at least twice a week and those tests will be free. >> dr. leana wen, it's so nice to have you here. thank you so much for all you do. we have a break through in the search for gabby petito's fiance brian laundrie. there is now activity in this nature reserve. ly you see police vehicles on scene. scene. wewe'll get details just ahead. scenene. we'll get details just ahead.
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so they only pay for what they need. woooooooooooooo... we are not getting you a helicopter. only pay for what you need. ♪ liberty. liberty. liberty. liberty. ♪ there are new developments in the search for brian laundrie. i want to talk to jean in florida. we understand the parents are now speaking out. what's the newest there? >> we're learning this through the attorney of the parents. what he is telling cnn is
10:47 am
although the parents of brian laundrie told law enforcement that it was september 14 the last time they saw their son when he went to the carlton nature preserve not too far from the house to go hiking and never came back home, after talking with the fbi they're now saying, no, we think it's the 13th of september was the last day that we saw him when he went to go hiking. now, what's the difference between one day? well, factually, if we look at the facts, we do know that on the 11th it became public that gabby petito was missing. that's when the missing persons report was filed. that's when law enforcement was informed. they started looking for her two days later. now the family says they believe that he left the home. and they say they haven't seen him since. so while law enforcement continues to try to find brian laundrie, and of course they want to find him alive because everyone has questions, they just want to ask him questions at this point. the family of gabby petito, they went on dr. phil yesterday, again today they'll be doing it,
10:48 am
and they not only want to find brian, they say somebody needs to talk, we need answers, but they really poured out their heart and said things that they have never publicly said, one being her stepfather was in wyoming, the search was going on for gabby and suddenly he gets a call from the fbi saying, we need to talk to you immediately. listen to what he said. >> do you think they know where he is now? if they do, do you believe they should pick up the phone and tell you? >> somebody needs to start talking. >> what they actually said was the fbi took them into a conference room, and there was a conference call with the rest of the family and said, we found clothing, and they described a sweatshirt. they all knew that it was gabby's, one of her favorite sweatshirts and that's when the realization were that there were remains, there was a sweatshirt and that gabby was no longer
10:49 am
with us, ana. >> i can't imagine as a parent how horrific that would be. thank you so much, jean casarez for your reporting. in other breaking news, the search on for a man who opened fire inside a high school. the police gave the all clear for the school but the shooter is on the run. we are live on scene. stay with us.
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zblncht welcome. a quick programming note. lisa ling explores historical events. the hard truth the country still confronts today. catch the season premier of this is life sunday at 10:00 p.m. eastern and pacific only on cnn. i want to squeeze in this little bit of breaking news. the best kind of news. we have a new member of the cnn family. probably the tiniest, too. take a look. congratulations to our fearless leader, executive producer, michelle, on the newest addition to her family. welcome to the world, jay george, who weighed in at a healthy nine pounds.
10:55 am
michelle, we miss you. we'll see you soon, but no breaking news can replace the precious moments you're going to have with this little bundle of joy. so soak up the moment. we're sending you lot of love and again, huge congratulations. thank you so much for being with us today. i'll see you back here tomorrow at 1:00 eastern. the news continues next with alyson and victor. [crowd cheering] how's sanchez looking? with your qb's increased spin rate, any pass with a launch angle of at least 43 degrees puts sanchez in the endzone. you a data analyst or something? an investor in invesco qqq. a fund that gives you access to nasdaq-100 innovations like ai statistical analysis software. how am i gonna do? become an agent of innovation with invesco qqq.
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opreza: trabajar en recology es más que un empleo para mí, es una tradición familiar. tomé la ruta de mi padre cuando se retiró despues de 47 años. ahora le muestro a la nueva generación lo que es recology como una compañia que pertenece a los empleados. estamos orgullosos de haber creado el sistema de reciclaje. convirtiendo a san francisco, en la ciudad mas verde de america... sigamos haciendo la diferencia juntos.
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hello, everyone. thanks for joining us on newsroom. >> we begin with the breaking news out of arlington, texas, where there's a man hunt for a suspect in a school shooting. this happened this morning at timber view high school. the shooting reportedly happened during a fight and we're told four people were injured. three went to the hospital with injuries. >> police have identified 18-year-old timothy simpkins as the suspect. he has fled the scene. police say he could be armed and dangerous and they are asking for the public's help in finding him. ed


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