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tv   CNN Special Report  CNN  October 3, 2021 6:00pm-7:00pm PDT

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britney spears has been freed from her father. the pop icon's fight to take back control of her life. good evening. i'm alisyn camerota. >> i'm collihloe. >> britney spears sold more than
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150 million albums worldwide. her songs have been the sound track of a generation. >> she's made countless headlines thanks to her establishments but more because of personal struggles. the fascination and concern sure surrounding britney reached fever pitch. >> what started out as a grass roots campaign was a full fledged crusade to end her conservatorship. there are so many twists and turns to this story recently, and it feels like new developments almost every day. ♪ we have breaking news on a life changing moment for britney spears. a judge just suspended her father as the conserve tore of her estate. >> britney spears is one step closer to freedom. >> it's a great day for britney spears and it's a great day for
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justice. >> a los angeles judge suspended jamie spears as her conserve tore placing a public accountant in charge of her $60 million estate. >> there is a massive media presence out here. the stakes are so high. >> the ruling a major legal victory for spears. >> end the conservatorship now. >> whose long simmering battle for freedom exploded into public view this summer. today we hear from the pop icon herself in court. on june 23rd, at the los angeles superior courthouse, the pop star gets her first real chance to speak her truth. >> she said the conservatorship was abusive. >> she said she's been giving lithium against her will. >> she says she's not allowed to remove her iud contra s contrac from her body even though she wants to have another child.
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>> nobody expected this. not even her fans. >> it was one of the most arresting things i've heard in my career as a journalist. >> ronan ferrell was listening live as spears testified virtually. she pleaded for the end of her the arrangement that's been controlling her life and finances for more than 13 years. >> she was lucid, she was furious, she was acknowledging that she might have some mental health issues to confront but also, laying out a detailed case for how she was exploited. she used the word enslaved? that audio testimony has been sealed by the judge but the impact has opinion profound. >> she spoke so quickly. it was almost like she had to get everything out as quickly as
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she could because she was afraid they were going to take the microphone away. >> it broke my heart. it made me cry when i heard it. >> rosie o'donnell says she became close to britney after interviewing spears on her tv show and even going on tour with each other. >> we've known about it for so long. she's been afraid to speak out about it. i have a belief in her ability to get herself out of this horrible enslavement that she has found herself trapped in. >> you've tried to reach her over the years. >> yeah, i've reached out to her. we haven't connected. i always send, you know, notes sometimes when she would go to the four seasons, i'd go down to the spa to bump into her to say hey, kid, how are you doing? i just love her. >> that 23 minutes of jaw-dropping testimony tore down a very carefully constructed facade built over years. >> next question is am i okay? yes, i'm totally fine.
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i'm extremely happy. i have a beautiful home and beautiful children. >> this instagram post came two months before the explosive hearing. >> i'm taking a break right now because i'm enjoying myself. >> but spears said in her court testimony that she was lying about being happy and that she had been in denial. >> imagine for so many years she had to pretend. >> journalist laurie said she became friends with spears over the years. >> i got emotional hearing her because i kept thinking the people who are supposed to protect her, they weren't protecting her. were they in on it? >> britney spears referenced repeatedly in her testimony she wanted to speak out on this before, that she feared that she would be disbelieved, that she would be mocked.
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you know, she talks about efforts to keep her quiet, and her desire to give interviews about this and her inability to do so. >> he says the ten core people who manage the business of britney were nervous in the days leading up to the hearing. >> there were frantic texts being exchanged within her management and team debating what was going to happen and what to do about it. >> britney actually went to the police station hours before her hearing and spoke to 911 dispatchers reporting herself a victim of conservatorship abuse. shortly after, officers met with britney at her home. >> there was a concerted effort to create a record of her complaints, and she wanted to begin to establish that she believed that something illegal was happening here, and indeed, that is what she said the next day, that she felt people involve in maintaining this
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conservatorship should go to jail. >> conservatorship is a legal proceeding in which a court appointments someone, or gives somebody authority to make decisions for another person, an adult that's been deemed unable to provide for their own needs for good health, food, clothing and shelter. >> lisa is an l.a. county conservatorship attorney who over the years faced off in court with many of the legal players in this case. were you surprised when britney was put under a conservatorship? >> absolutely. i understood there was trama. i understood she was having emotional upheaval but i certainly didn't see a woman so incapable of taking care of herself, which is why i've maintained all along that this has been an unlawful deprivation of her civil liberties and constitutional rights. >> britney's father denies doing anything wrong and in a statement jamie spear's lawyer said he devoted his life to
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helping britney meet her goals. but britney's testimony was vindication for a group of concerned fans. what was it like when you heard britney address the court on june 23rd in her own words? the developments with vi vindication for a group of fans. >> we just can only imagine how excited britney must be. >> leeann simmons is a leader in the free britney movement. >> the energy out here, outside the courthouse was just papble, even was screaming and dancing and playing britney music. >> they are also leaders in the movement. the movement that jamie spears called a joke and made up of conspiracy theorists. >> after years they are witnessing britney's
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controversial conservatorship come apart. >> what was going through your mind? >> britney must be jumping off the walls right now. this is something she's been wanting since the beginning. i know she's just over the moon and so are we. >> free britney! >> it's incredible what the free britney movement has been able to uncover. >> former promotional tour manager daniel george rarely spoke publicly about his time working with britney. >> you know, there are wild conspiracy theories but you can laugh about them but there are people very diligent who have really sniffed out the story and just organized in such an amazing way. it really shows how much love they have for her. >> some claim not everyone has had britney's best interest at heart. >> i was struck in our reporting by the testimony of a number of people who felt that there were pretty sinister motivations on
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those holding up the conservatorship. >> who and why? that story later. first, the twisted road that got britney where she is today. with extra hot sauce. tonight, i'll be eating salmon sushi with a japanese jiggly cheesecake. (doorbell rings) jolly good. fire. (horse neighing)
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i noticed last week you had the most adorable pretty eyes. do you have a boyfriend? >> no, sir. >> why not? >> they're mean. >> since she was a young girl, britney spears was tasked to be the impossible. >> she's supposed to be monumentally sexy and supposed to be perfectly innocent and she's expected to sustain those contradictions in from the of a national audience forever and ever at every moment. >> i'm just wondering how you feel about constant speculation
6:14 pm
about your virginity and whether you're a virgin or not. are there any changes on that front? >> that's a personal question. ♪ ♪ >> the scrutiny started at age 16 with britney's first hit "hit me one more time". >> rosie, you were the first talk show host to actually interview britney spears. >> you started out when you were like just a little kid. >> what were your memories of that interview? >> what i remember was that she was an immensely talented kid and she came on my show and blew everyone away. she was adorable with this little southern twang. she's up there with the top tier of women performers in my lifetime. ♪ ♪ how you want it to be ♪ >> i'm 37. how old are you? >> i'm 17.
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>> i'm old enough to be your mother. i don't want to see you in that shirt again. >> did you ever meet her father or her mother in all of the interviews, were they ever there with her? >> never, never met them. >> while britney went on tour, her parents jamie and lynn spears usually stayed close to home to raise their other two young kids but they enlisted the help of their close family friend to go on the road with her. >> laundry, laundry. >> in court testimony britney portrayed a rocky relationship with her dad during her childhood. i was always extremely scared of my dad she said and i always thought he should show up drunk somewhere and embarrass me. >> jamie was an alcoholic. lynn wrote in the memoir about how once jamie went on a bender so egregious, she shot up his beer cooler with a shotgun.
6:16 pm
jamie's personality is fairly domineering and aggressive. >> in her memoir britney's mother lynn said she under went years and years of verbal abuse, abandonment. her parents' eventual divorce was the best thing that happened to my family. >> did you meet jamie and lynn spears? >> i maybe met him twice, two or three times. >> he was managing publicity during britney's big breakout in 1998. she's on the cover in "rolling stone" in basically her underwear. were there discussions how you-all were choosing to market her? >> the interesting thing about that is "the baby one more time" video, it wasn't seen as sexualized.
6:17 pm
that's what kids were wearing. the "rolling stones" magazine is something we feared for a long time. we saw it and got the proofs back from the photographer and i remember thinking like, we could be really screwed here and i remember being in the next meeting and it was really tense. >> why agree to put that cover out there? >> it was "rolling stones" decision. >> "rolling stone" did not respond for comment. ♪ ♪ >> "slave fo >> "slave for you" came out and that was, i felt, the turning point. when i saw that video i felt like she's now a woman, you know, she's like -- >> and a sex symbol. >> and a sex symbol. >> she's traveling and constantly under bright lights, big audiences and under so much scrutiny but she has this stable, loving, first love. >> they had been together for a very long time before they
6:18 pm
actually went public. >> she was a top editor at "teen people" and knew about her romance with justin timberlake before they went public in 1999. >> you have to ebb are that traditionally, you don't want to reveal your romantic status but if you're a girl, the record label wants the guys to put you on their wall, right? and that might dam your sexual appeal, your sex appeal a bit. >> and then they breakup in 2002 and suddenly a lot of people describe this as the moment where she starts to feel the e norty of her fame. >> how is it justin went oh, so right and britney went oh, so wrong? >> justin timberlake said bye, bye, bye to girlfriend. >> tabloids turned on the pop
6:19 pm
star. >> he's gone on television and pretty much said you broke his heart, you did something that caused him so much pain, so much suffering. what did you do? ♪ ♪ >> justin was accusing britney of cheating on him, and putting out a song about it. ♪ cry me a river ♪ >> she's getting death threats for doing justin dirty. and now her sex life, her objective is turned on her in a sharp and really cruel way and the breakup, you know, by all accounts, it, yeah, destabilized her. >> it was a hollywood machine. it's the only way i can explain it. >> former hollywood paparazzi said at least 100 photographers would follow spears at any given time. >> the tabloids were paid a lot of money for britney spears. everyone else, great.
6:20 pm
every other celebrity, okay. but britney, number one. >> that photo could be very valuable. it could be worth $100,000, $150,000, perhaps. >> what people don't realize is you're so provoked when you're the entertainer, the height of my career when i had all these little babies and they were everywhere and trying to find out is she gay, isn't she gay? how fat is she? it's like never ending incoming bullets. >> i was left with a lot of ptsd from that stuff. >> actress mischa barton was named the it girl in 2003 thanks to her hit show "the o.c." >> i remember one time the paparazzi was closing in and i sat down too quickly and it clipped the side of my head and i could feel the blood gushing down my face. i guess the conversation has opened up to what led to some of
6:21 pm
these people's breakdowns over the years. >> everyone is under a microscope when you're famous and it's very difficult to manage no matter what anyone tells you in the midst of it. i know fame is like a tsunami. it's hard to keep your head above water. >> there was such a lust for celebrity gossip and became so competitive. it became like they were our pray. >> their number one target, britney spears. >> britney? >> we talked to people who worked inside her house who were talking about photographers climbing the trees at the neighbor's house and shooting into the backyard. it pure chaos. it starts to make her lose it like it would make anyone lose it. coming up, britney is about to lose so much more. >> she went to kevin's house and wanted to see the kids but kevin wouldn't let her in the house. shingles? camera man: yeah, 1 out of 3 people get shingles in their lifetime. well that leaves 2 out of 3 people who don't. i don't know anybody who's had it. your uncle had shingles. you mean that nasty red rash? and donna next door had it for weeks. yeah, but there's nothing you can do about it. camera man: actually, shingles can be prevented.
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for britney spears, 2004 was nothing but swarming of the paparazzi. >> it was the beginning of a chapter of britney's life, one that would push her to the brink. >> it was definitely my dream wedding. >> mine, too. >> britney was 22 years old with she met then backup dancer kevin
6:26 pm
federline. >> i care about you. >> they were engaged after three months of dating and nearly eight months after her shocking 55-hour marriage to childhood friend jason alexander, which was annulled. >> we realized what we did was probably not right. >> she was branded as a wild card. >> she did something i found touching a couple months after she gets married, she writes i had an entire career and traveled around the world and kissed madonna. the on thing i haven't done is the closest thing to god and that's having a baby. i can't wait. >> everyone in general should boast their wishes more. the more you throw it out to the universe, the universe gives it back to you. >> she gets pregnant three months after they get married. >> britney, britney, what were you thinking? >> but motherhood only intensified the paparazzi attention and scrutiny on bit britany. >> the pop star was photographed
6:27 pm
driving with the infant in her lap. >> she says that she did it instinctively to get herself and her son out of the situation. >> she drove the car with the baby on the lap. okay, that's a mistake she made. they drag down women in a way that is terrifying. >> there is paparazzi chasing her in new york, and she's on a cobblestone street holding the baby. she stumbles. his head tilts back. flashbulbs go off everywhere. she starts crying. she goes to a cafe to just cradle her infant. she was surrounded by paparazzi. she was holding that baby sobbing. >> how are you tonight? >> three weeks after the second kid was born, kevin federline
6:28 pm
took a private jet to vegas. he was trying to jump start a rap career. this was creating problems in their relationship. >> less than two months after giving birth to her second child, britney filed for divorce. >> she is still nursing a 2 month old. kevin immediately requests full custody and they are splitting custody while this is all being adjudicated. and this is when things really started to get really bad for britney. she had these huge chunks of the week she wanted to be with her kid and couldn't and she filled that time with whatever any 25-year-old might, going out. >> the paparazzi hounded her. >> january 16th, 2007 while filming a shocking episode. >> there's a lot of buzz about
6:29 pm
the bizarre actions of britney spears. >> she shaved her head leaving many wondering if she lost more than her hair. five days later, another stunning incident. >> she went over to kevin's house and wanted to see the kids but kevin didn't let her in the house and she buzzed the door and you could hear i'm not letting you in. and then she would call him on the phone like let me in. you're not going to see the kids. >> please, guys, don't do this. >> she got upset. she grabs the umbrella and she starts going after my truck. >> magazine covers blared that britney was in the middle of a breakdown. >> i really hate to say this but britney spears seems to be meting down quicker than the
6:30 pm
wicked witch of the west. >> they took her kids away. if you take my kids away, i'd do the same exact thing. >> britney spears in 2007 and 2008 went through what is clearly a very difficult period. she seemed to be struggling emotionally. >> [ bleep ]. >> she had lost a lot of access to her children. there had been a custody dispute and at the same time, people close to her told us she had struggled with addiction. and there were a number of showdowns where her mother tried to get access to her. >> how are things with britney? >> where her family was trying to reestablish control and where big fights ensued. >> there is another force in the spears family orbit, a business manager working with britney's younger sister. >> over the same period of time, jamie spears was in conversation with lou taylor a business manager that shared the spears' family christian faith and her husband is a pastor at a very
6:31 pm
devote christian church. she began to consult with jamie spears and the family, and was on a number of calls where jamie spears was exploring britney's life. >> by early 2008, britney is only allowed supervised visits and on one of these supervisions, she doesn't want to let the kids go. she's clutching the youngest and goes into a bathroom and shuts the door and says she's not coming out. this immediately results in the police being called, swat team comes and breaks down the door, straps her on to a gurney, takes her to the hospital. >> the judge signed a 5150 order that puts spears on a three-day hold.
6:32 pm
>> she's as acutely psychiatrically ill as a person can be. >> i remember i threw a water bottle and ended up getting locked up, arrested and i was quite notoriously, as everybody knows held on a 5150 back in the day. it was very easy to strip me of my rights very quickly, and to keep me in line. >> after two hospitalizations in less than a month, one day would change britney's life for the next 13 years. >> this way, britney. >> february 1st, 2008, she's placed under a temporary conservatorship. the l.a. county judge puts her father in charge of her finances and person decisions. the conservatorship was made permanent that year. >> lou taylor after the creation of the conservatorship was brought in as britney spears' business manager. what lou taylor her attorney say is she was only there to, you know, manage a tour.
6:33 pm
>> sources close to britney tell cnn that britney blames lou taylor for many of the issues surrounding the conservatorship. one source says quote, britney is aware and angered by the control exercised over her that reaped millions of dollars from her estate. taylor resigned last year saying she had been receiving death threats. in a statement a lawyer for taylor and her company try star tell cnn quote ms. taylor was not involved in the creation of a conservatorship adding they were paid app industry standard percentage as britney's business manager and they have nothing but fondness for britney spears and are proud to have served her faithfully for 12 years. >> she couldn't have a cell phone. is that true? you're here to tell the free
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♪ ♪ late 2008, britney spear's' life was a circus. she released a new album.
6:38 pm
♪ >> and launched a busy promotional tour all while adjusting to life under conservatorship. >> suddenly she's back out on tour, the circus tour. how? why? who is allowing this? >> from the very beginning, the motives of the conservatorship was questioned including by former family friend jackie butcher. >> jackie butcher is a great example of someone who initially was sold on this argument that the conservatorship was a dream come true and a way to put britney spears on a healthier path to nuture and support britney, not to orchestrate a comeback. >> britney spears did make a
6:39 pm
comeback. circus sold more than half a million copies the first week and debuted at the top of the billboard 200. >> the britney comeback train keeps on rolling. clearly it's been circus but she's ready for a come back. >> behind the scenes, a lot was put in place to keep things running smoothly. >> she was very approachable. >> dan george worked as britney's promotional tour manager for six moments starting in late 2008. this is one of the rare interviews he's given about his experience. >> i had worked with shaquira. she was scandal free. i think those were points they were looking to bring to the britney universe when they were trying to restore order. >> her reputation of being scandal free, they thought you could help put up guard rails? >> yes.
6:40 pm
>> there were reports that on the circus tour she couldn't read certain books. she couldn't have a cell phone. is that true? >> yeah. >> what books couldn't she read? >> she could only read christian books. >> says who? >> her father. >> she couldn't have a cell phone? >> at times she did have a cell phone. her phone was monitored. the text messages were read. the call logs were there. i don't know whether or not calls were recorded, but the use of a phone was very tightly controlled. >> cnn cannot independently confirm these allegations but britney herself says her doctors and therapists were also carefully controlled. >> the conservatorship dictated to her who her doctors would be, which doctors she would see, how often she was going to see them, how long the sessions would be. every aspect of her medical care and not just her medical care was extremely, extremely controlled. >> as was who she could see. >> who she could date, who she could be friends with was very, very tightly controlled. >> the conservatorship told her who she could be friends with.
6:41 pm
>> yes. >> why? >> i think there was concern a third party could introduce something to the mix that could be detrimental to the structure that was restoring order in her life and i think the conservatorship did a good job of doing that. >> they were trying to keep out the riffraff or trying to make sure they were protecting the bottom line and this commodity could keep her forming? >> well, she was treated as more of an object than a human. >> and behind the scenes, george says everyone who worked on the tour knew about the conservatorship but were forbidden from discussing it. >> if anyone expressed an opinion talking to a colleague or britney was about it, you could lose your job. you would be out the next day.
6:42 pm
>> jamie spears declined to comment on the record about these specifics. his lawyers did tell cnn that jamie was working to help britney at quote regaining custody of her children, rehabilitating her career and being in a position to live the life she wants to live. >> if i wasn't under restraints i'm under right now with all the lawyers and doctors and people analyzing me every day and all that kind of stuff, like, if that wasn't there, i'd feel so liberated. >> britney broke her silence in an mtv documentary filled during the circus tour. >> when i tell them how i feel, they hear me but they're not listening. they hear what they want to hear but not listening. it's bad. i'm sad. >> that shows a self-awareness that she is able to see the way that she's feeling so she's not some cookie person caught up in her thoughts and unable to see herself thinking. she's actually outside of herself looking at herself and
6:43 pm
saying i'm sad right now. >> she was clearly able to think for herself, articulate what her needs are, articulate, you know, what she was feeling and expressing and that really was very sad and troubling. i did not see anything other than a woman traumatized, a woman being abused by the family law courts. >> get her. >> remember, the standard for conservatorships is when a judge deems someone incapable of caring for themselves or managing their finances like someone with dementia or a profound physical injury or alzheimer's. since 2008, britney released four studio albums, toured the world four times, had a four-year las vegas residency that grossed more than $137 million and became a judge on
6:44 pm
"the x factor" in court testimony britney says this is all proof that she does not need a conservatorship. >> she is clearly working and supporting herself, supporting her camp, her lawyer, her manager, her father and we hear the conservatorship is basically for people who can't work, who can't support themselves so it's quite contradictory. >> it's absolutely shocking. it's so inappropriate. >> it is absolutely remarkable that not a single judge, not a single lawyer, not a single member of the probate court staff in los angeles county, not anyone affiliated with britney had enough common sense to put together this is inappropriate. >> inappropriate says to have
6:45 pm
stayed in place for 13 years. >> once they deprived her of her civil liberties and got her to accept her conservatorship, she gave up fighting and resisting because every time she attempted to hire an attorney or to be heard, she was ignored. >> and forever changed. she says she remembers seeing britney in 2015, seven years into the conservatorship. >> she lost a spark. her light had dimmed. >> britney reignites when we come back. or necessity. we can explore uncharted waters, and not only make new discoveries, but get there faster, with better outcomes. with app, cloud and anywhere workspace solutions, vmware helps companies navigate change-- meeting them where they are, and getting them where they want to be. faster. vmware. welcome change.
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on the surface, britney's conservatorship appears to stabilize her life and career but recement news reports and uncovered court documents reveal she was unhappy and quietly push for the years to end the arrangement. >> in 2019, britney abruptly cancelled her las vegas residency and checked herself into a mental facility. in august of 20 she -- 2020 she took her fight public petitioning to remove her father as conserve tore. after years of pressure from the free britney movement, part of her request is finally granted. for the first time in 13 years, britney spears is now free from her father's control. >> britney spears has been faced with a decade-long nightmare orchestrated by her father and
6:50 pm
others and i'm so proud of her for her courage. >> she spoke out for herself in this remarkable way and i don't think >> the development does not fully end the 13-year conservatorship. it's also not ending the fight with her father. >> he is out. he is officially out. his files must be turned over, including communications with his representatives, which may or may not contain communications regarding what "the new york times" uncovered and reported on september 24th. >> britney's lawyer is accusing jamie spears of, quote, unfathomable behavior, including claims based on reporting by "the new york times" that jamie spears placed a recording device inside his daughter's bedroom.
6:51 pm
>> even in the sacred place, her home, every single request was monitored and recorded. >> an attorney for jamie spears responding in court, quote, it's not evidence, it's rhetoric. britney expecting freedom and accountability for those who have been controller her every move. the 39-year-old said in her july court testimony, quote, i want to press charges against my father. i want an investigation into my dad. >> we have already seen in recent filings from britney spears' new lawyer that he's advancing a case that britney spears' funds were at best used inappropriately, at worst, maybe fraudulently. there could be real repercussions for someone involved in that management team. >> jamie spears calls the decision disappointing and frankly a loss for britney. he writes, for anyone who has
6:52 pm
tried to help a family member with mental health issues, they can appreciate the tremendous amount of daily work and worry this requires. for mr. spears this also meant biting his tongue and not responding to all the false attacks on him by certain members of the public, media or more recently britney's own attorney. the statement continued, respectfully, the court was wrong to suspend mr. spears, put a statement in place to manage britney's estate and extend the conservatorship that britney begged to terminate earlier this summer. and then there's the court of public opinion. >> it's about how we treat women. i'm the same age as britney. when my peers and i were watching how she was treated, it made it okay to treat us like that. so, i think it's a reckoning in that respect, hopefully. >> celebrity watchers are now
6:53 pm
rethinking how britney was treated following her break up with justin timberlake. >> he was coming from a boy band, trying to make his way, and he used women. >> justin timberlake did issue an apology to britney, writing, in part, that he, quote, benefitted from a system that condones misogyny. britney's struggle in the national spotlight also raised important questions about how the legal system and society treat women with mental health issues. >> we do have some examples of men, of male celebrities, who have in paparazzi pictures appeared unhinged. >> i radically at times. >> women are judged by a higher standard. most of us wonder what the narrative would look like if she wasn't a women. >> gender based violence and post-traumatic stress disorder on mental health.
6:54 pm
>> there's a voieristic component to celebrities, and especially to this case. it's important to keep in mind that this is a person, this is someone's life and the way we treat her says something about ourselves, about our society. >> and then there's the issue of conservatorships. in 2018 there were an estimated 1.3 million people under active conservatorships or guardianships in the united states. >> britney! >> britney's story has already inspired a call to action from lawmakers on both sides of the political aisle. >> it took britney spears to bring the country together. >> literally, literally. >> representatives charlie krisz and nancy mace introduced the freedom and right to emancipate. >> how big a problem are conservatorships? >> if this can happen to britney spears, it can happen to anybody. >> what this will do will allow
6:55 pm
someone like britney spears or someone in a similar situation to petition the court or petition the judge and give them the right to have a public guardian overseeing their conservatorship, rather than someone who perhaps has a conflict of interest, financial or otherwise. ♪ now i'm stronger ♪ ♪ than yesterday ♪ ♪ oops you think i'm in love ♪ >> as i grew up, her albums became sound tracks to different eras of my life. >> the sound track of britney's own life has a new tune. she seems to be speaking more freely on social media. she also just announced her engijment to long-time boyfriend sam asgari. her fans and friends say they just want her to be happy and free. >> britney is an authentically
6:56 pm
good person. >> i literally just hope she gets as many children as she wants and has this great life. >> i definitely want to tell her that you were always one of those girls that wanted love, and i really hope you find that. >> i just wish you happiness. >> i want her to know that she is not alone. >> i love you britney. don't give up. >> we love you, britney. we support you. we just want you to live life on your own terms. >> she has so much left to live for, so much left to do. she survived what most people couldn't, and i thank god she's using her voice. i love you, britney. [inaudible shouting and clashing] ♪ ♪ [horse neighs] [phone clacks as it closes]
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-- captions by vitac -- video killed the radio star. now has the internet killed the record industry? >> napster is stealing from us. straight up. and i'm going to fight them to the death. >> ladies and gentlemen, the strokes! >> may i have your attention please. >> the president of the united states. >> the dixie chicks, they can say what they want to say. >> billboard's top ten all by black artists. >> rappers are the new rock stars. >> i don't please anybody with who i am as a person. >> i love beyonce. >> that's not a working telephone, is it? >> hello? >> empty shelvesrell


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