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tv   CNN Newsroom With Jim Acosta  CNN  October 3, 2021 2:00pm-3:00pm PDT

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the real threat is critical race theory being taught in our schools. my question is, what is it and why am i mad about it? >> hitting pretty close to home with cecily strong. she is a national treasure. a quick programming note. on an all new season of this is life, lisa ling explains historical events rarely found in history books. that is next sunday at 10:00 p.m. only on cnn. and we're back at it. you are live in the cnn "newsroom". i'm jim acosta in washington. breaking news at the top of this hour. an environmental catastrophe at this hour along the coast of california. thousands of barrels being spilled into the pacific ocean. and a stretch of the shoreline is littered with dead fish and birds.
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is and it's not over. this leak has not been completely stopped. cnn's natasha chen is on the scene in huntington beach. natasha, how bad is this? and i'm sure there's no question about it. californians are outraged over the sight of in i of this. they don't stand for this when any of this happens. >> reporter: it is now a potential public health threat. orange county health officials said they are going to issue an alert, warning, imminently this afternoon advising if you come into contact with this oil, as we have seen with beachgoers showing it on their arms, the bottoms of their feet. it has comes in it. it could evaporate and spread through the air with the wind. it could create irritation in the throat, nose, eyes. so health officials are saying if people have respiratory
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illnesses, elderly, children, especially those vulnerable populations should stay away from this area. in fact, nobody should be going in the water at this time. the officials in two different press conferences in the last couple of hours, emphasized that again. really people should not be in there. the folks we did see on the water through our drone footage, these ships have been actually dropping boom and dragging it to really try and gather what oil they can up and down the shoreline right now. this is damage control. and a lot of parties are working toget together. eventually the city could ask for volunteers for beach cleanup. that's going to come later. right now the party responsible, amplify energy, the ceo also spoke alongside the coast guard at a separate press conference where they said they've got divers on location right now at the potential source site.
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those divers can potentially investigate what happened here. in the meantime, here is an orange county supervisor talking about what she's already seen come up on shore. >> i was there for a few hours today. and even during that time, i started to feel a little bit of my throat hurt. and you can feel the vapor in the air. i saw what i'll describe as little pancake clusters of oil along the shoreline. and i described it as something like an egg yolk. if you push it, it spreads out. we ask people not to disturb the clusters so the cleanup can be more easily maintained. >> reporter: and we're saying if people find animals that have come up on shore with oil on them, please don't touch anything. call the hotline they're giving out. and amplify energy says that they supply here a local refinery. because of this and that
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particular pipeline shutdown, that refinery will have to find a different source. jim >> just a sad situation out there. hopefully they get on top of this as soon as possible. thank you for the update. now the ongoing crisis that continues to touch the entire nation, more than 701,000 americans have lost their lives to the coronavirus. even though cases and deaths are currently trending downward, we know how this works. future spikes are likely unless quite a few more people decide to get vaccinated. 70 million people are still eligible to roll up their sleeves. here's a great illustration of why they should. take a look at the two most vaccinated states, vermont and connecticut. compare that to the least vaccinated states, wyoming and west virginia. it's right there. it's in the colors in green and red on your screen. here's how they fared against covid cases since june as vaccines became available. the lower the vaccination rate
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the higher the number of deaths. that's driving some states to ramp up vaccination mandates. in new york city, public school teachers have this weekend to get at least one covid vaccine shot or they won't be allowed in the classroom monday. california, going even further. it will require students to be vaccinated as soon as their age group receives full fda approval. polo, our new york city official officials expecting a teacher shortage? i imagine they have the vast majority of teachers cooperating with this? >> reporter: yeah. that's what we will be watching closely tomorrow, jim, as students and most staff at new york city's public school system head back to close. i say most because the last update from new york public schools officials, actually on friday, 93% of their teachers actually received at least one shot. and that would mean they did comply with that mandate that is supposed to kick in tomorrow that requires all school personnel to get at least one vaccination or possibly at least
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one covid shot, vaccination shots or at least face the potential of being put on unpaid leave if they don't have a confirmed medical or religious exemption here. now, in terms of what with we potentially saw over the weekend, school officials have not updated that number. so it is safe to assume there's many other teachers that did get the vaccination over the weekend. but there is still that potential for understaffing. that is one of the big concerns here. when you hear from the chancellor of the school -- or the department of education here in new york city, she said they have been working towards the state, they have plenty of vaccinated substitute teachers ready to go. >> we do not expect to have a shortage on monday. we expect to be ready. and we've been working very closely with our union partners to ensure we're ready. >> reporter: as of friday, only 7% of those teachers did not get vaccinated. you do the math. that is roughly 5,500. they were hoping over the weekend some of them got their
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vaccination to be able to comply with that. we heard from the chancellor who said the door is still wide open. they should get the vaccination if they haven't, and that would allow them to head back to class >> thanks to all the teachers doing the right thing. we focus on teachers who are not wanting to go along with this. but so many are. we appreciate that so much. polo sandoval, thanks so much. professor of bred sin and surgery at george washington university, dr. reiner. the u.s. has eclipsed 700,000 covid deaths, a staggering toll. i'm sure you have seen this down on the national mall. you see each white flag representing a death laid out like this. it is a powerful display. i have seen it myself. what is so depressing about it, it is important for people to see how it's growing. >> yeah. . >> the washington monument, the area of the national mall around the washington monument is about half covered by the white flags. and the other half is plank.
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and i'm wondering, are we going to get there. >> it's devastating. and every day, you know, we're adding 2,000 more flags to that space. what's so maddening and so frustrating to me is that the last 200,000 people who have died have largely died for no reason. the 200,000 people who have died since the vaccine has been available to everyone in this country. what i'm hoping going forward is that the 70 million people in this country who still have not gotten the vaccine will understand they don't need to die. no one wants to be the last person to die from this virus >> no question about that. the "new york times" put together a map showing the concentration of the most recent 100,000 covid deaths in the united states.
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i don't know if we have that available. if we can put it up on screen. you can see republicans are more likely to be vaccine hesitant. there it is right there. the dark spots on the map are in trump country, basically. fox news country. what are your thoughts when you look at that? >> when you look at the kaiser family foundation polling, they poll vaccine attitudes he ever month around the united states. 90% of democrats have been vaccinated, 50% of republicans. it makes no sense. the virus doesn't care what your political affiliation is. what we have seen, many of the gop leaders have been strangely silent. the former president has been almost completely silent about vaccines. he could have taken his show on the road and claimed victory for vaccines and gone from state to state advocating do masks, vaccine rallies. but yet he has chosen not to do
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that. and people have died as a result. >> and i want to show you something that caught my eye. our friend at fox, geraldo rivera, you know who he is. he had a fascinating tweet. i'm friends with all kinds of people. as we pass 700,000 dead, i have zero tolerance for anti-vaxers. most of all, i detest vaccinated blank heads who urge the unvaccinated to fight for their freedom, the mob urging the man on ledge to jump. i mean, he's not wrong. >> he's not wrong. >> i imagine he's talking about tucker carlson. >> right. he's not wrong. it's not based on science. it's very, very cynical.
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these aren't just individual decisions. every person who decides not to get vaccinated is making a decision for the people that surround them. you know, if they die, then they have made a terrible decision for their family. if they infect someone vulnerable in their family, they have made a horrible decision for their family and for their community, for the old man next door, for the person who had a bone marrow transplant down the street that they pass every day. we need to come together and link arms as a community now rather than being red and blue. there are no red or blue people. there are just americans. it is time we start acting like americans and pull ourselves together. this weekend we passed the total number of deaths for all americans who have died from hiv in 40 years. so in 18 months, over 700,000 americans have died from this
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virus. and i think half the deaths have been avoidable. . >> and the flags on the mall are white, they're not red or blue. trump has weighed in on the booster issue. let's take a listen >> well, i got the pfizer. i would have been very happy with any of them. >> mr. president, you have talked a lot about the good state of your health. i'm curious, would you get the booster shot? >> well, if i felt it was necessary. i guess, i have sort of a double vaccine. because, as you know, i had it, recovered from it pretty well. >> what are your thoughts on that? . >> his answer should have been, if my doctor recommends the booster, i will absolutely get the booster. and i encourage all my supporters to ask your doctor if you need a booster and to go out and get the booster. . >> right. right. . >> instead, he's ripping it. and if i had to guess, i would guess he's already been boosted. >> in secret. >> like the original vaccine. in secret. >> dr. jonathan reiner, thank you very much.
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we appreciate it. coming up, monica lewinsky is speaking out about her struggles with mental health after the clinton affair scandal. she is talking about how she is reclaiming her story. you're live in the cnn "newsroom". [beep] ♪ [shouting and clashing] ♪ [horse neighs] ♪ ♪ ♪ dayquil severe for you... and daily vicks super c for me. introducing new vicks super c and dayquil severe convenience pack. vicks super c is a daily supplement to help energize and replenish your body with vitamin c and b vitamins. dayquil severe is a max strength medicine for cold and flu relief.
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it's been over 20 years since most americans first heard the name monica lewinsky. only now are we getting a fuller picture of the former white house intern and what she went through during the clinton impeachment scandal. she is telling her story in new interviews and as a producer of a tv drama about the affair that changed her life. >> reporter: a jarring new narrative from monica lewinsky, who sheds new light on the struggles she endured while the impeachment scandal swirled around her. the former white house internal is reflecting openly about the mental health problems she experienced in that period in the 1990s, telling david ax
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axelrod, she had suicidal eye deeations and ken starr, who was investigating, knew bit. lewinsky referring to the oic office. . >> i couldn't see a way out. i thought maybe that was the solution and had even asked -- which this is also an interesting point of just i had asked the oic lawyers about what happens if i die. >> reporter: the clinical psychologist sheds light on the trauma lewinsky likely went through, which could have led her to think about suicide. >> not only was it the legal situation hanging over her head, the threats, her having no idea what might happen to her and to her life ahead, it was the public shaming. it was incredibly intense. and what it meant to be called a sexual predator. she was accused of the one, you know, causing this trouble for
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clinton. and being a narcissist. >> reporter: lewinsky addressed the issues on of bullying in a ted talk. >> public shaming as a blood sport has to stop. and it's time for an intervention on the internet and in our culture. >> reporter: the latest podcast interview comes as new attention is being focused on lewinsky, who is now 48 but was in her early 20s in the clinton affair and investigation. she's a producer for a new drama series on fx titled "impeachment, "american crime story"." >> sorry. i'm so nervous. i have a huge crush on you. >> reporter: lewinsky told the "today" show recently that project has taken its own emotional toll. >> i'm nervous for people to see some of the worst moments in hi life and a lot of behavior that i regret. if you remember your 20s not that long ago it is pretty cringeworthy.
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>> rarely speaking about it. building a wall around her personal life. analysts say she seems to be owning her story more, reclimbing the narrative as a survivor. >> after two decades largely in the wilderness. her ability to have a normal life was sidetracked. her ability to have a career that she was in control of was sidetracked. this relationship with the president defined her life and she couldn't get away with it. now she sees an opportunity to use it in a way that allows her to take more control. and that's what she's doing. >> former president clinton said in a documentary that aired last year that he feels terrible that his affair with lewinsky unfairly defined her life. lewinsky, in a recent interview, said she doesn't need an apology from bill clinton. brian todd, cnn, washington. and we should note if you or a loved one are struggling with thoughts of suicide, please call suicide prevention life line. or text home to 741741 or call
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800-273-8255. joining us is david axelrod, who got that interview with monica lewinsky on his podcast, great podcast, the axe files. when i see monica lewinsky, i almost feel like i grew up with that being part of all of our lives. and i guess there's a part of me that i still feel bad for her to this day. but i don't think she wants it that way anymore. that's the sense that i get when i watch how she is handling herself. what are your thoughts? >> there's no question about that. you're so right about that. i only met her once before this podcast. that was five years ago in a restaurant in new york. and we had a very nice conversation. and she walked away. and i thought to myself, my goodness, you know, this happened when she was 22 years old. >> right. >> and now she's a grown woman.
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she was 43 at the time. and that's all people -- so many people know about her. what an awful burden to bear. but, jim, the admirable part of the story, rather than withdrawing, which she tried for a while, she turned her pain into purpose and has become a very, very powerful crusader for, you know, against cyberbullying, for kindness, against some of the social media companies who promote some of this bile online. you know, i think this has been really transformational for her. she has a document called "15 minutes of shame." she was the executive producer on hbo max, really delving into all of these issues. it is such an interesting story and an inspiring one in the end.
2:23 pm
>> yeah. i mean, she was one of the first people i think to have this avalanche of social media, internet garbage to land on her. and this is how she's emerged. it is admirable. you asked monica lewinsky a very difficult question during the interview, if the relationship was tied to her relationship with her father. what did she tell you about that? why did you ask that question? >> well, first of all, as you know, the essence of my podcast is not to tell people what they already know how to really tell the life stories of the people i'm talking to, to share those, to probe those so when people leave the podcast they know them better. and i asked questions about her childhood, not just about her dad but there was -- she had a very tumultuous home life when she was growing up. her parents had a difficult relationship then. you know, i wanted to know how that impacted on her. and there were other things that
2:24 pm
she shared, quite personal things about things that happened to her. but i should say none of it was in service of saying, so i am not accountable for the things that i did even as a 22-year-old. >> right. > she never said that. she wanted to say, no, that wasn't why. subsequent things happened. but she's impressive, jim. and i was happy to sit down with her. and i, like you, you know, we all think back to that time in history and say, what should we have done? how should we have handled that? >> society handled it so poorly. we as society handled the whole thing so poorly. we just learned president biden will be heading to michigan tuesday to rally support for this economic agenda that is in
2:25 pm
trouble. it's difficult to see how this all gets passed. at this point of course it may still happen. let's listen to what president biden said about this yesterday and talk on the other side. >> we could bring the moderates and progressives together if we had two more votes. two. two people. >> it might have been too much too fast with everything going on with health care. this is a massive undertaking that joe biden is trying to get to the finish line. >> it is. and, honestly, i just want to differ with one thing you said a little bit. i actually think that the odds are more in favor of it getting done than not getting done. you know, this is the process, jim. and there's a negotiation going on. you know, what the president needs to do are two things.
2:26 pm
if what he is doing is making sure people understand what it is that is actually in these packages. this is a case where the sum is greater than the parts. there are programs within this package that are important to people's lives relating to child care, to universal p prekindergarten and climate is obviously addressed in here. so health care. a whole range of things that are meaningful to people in their lives. if you don't talk about the individual components of it, then it just becomes a big washington fight over dollars and numbers. and that's not helpful to him. the second thing he has to do is just continue the process of negotiating. he needs to find out what everybody's bottom line is. it seemed to me at the end of the week people were going home to think about that. not just the number, but what are the things they could dispense with in this package. how could it be shaped in order to meet the desires of the other side.
2:27 pm
this is kind of the process. look, the affordable care act, which as you pointed out i was involved in, people read last rites over that legislation about 1,000 times before it passed. and it was the same process of just finding out what everybody's bottom line is. i think every democrat understands that to walk away from this, to walk away from these two pieces of legislation is really catastrophic. and, you know, so it's not just catastrophic for the president. it's catastrophic for democrats running in 2022. and most importantly, for the country, for the missed opportunity. so i think that they will get-together. but, you know, it's -- you know, i used to have hair, jim, before the affordable care act fight. . >> and a moustache, too, if i recall correctly. >> exactly. i have lost a lot as a result. but i think they'll get there. >> all right. we're all the better for it,
2:28 pm
david. david axelrod, great to talk to you as always. >> nice to see you, jim. thank you. >> a quick programming note, "diana" spwraousz people to the life behind the princess. it premiers next sunday at 9:00 p.m. on cnn. up next, nba star kyrie irving keeping quiet about his covid vaccination status, even if it means missing games. we'll ask hall-of-famer isaiah thomas, about how he would field playing alongside somebody who is prioritizing being a public health risk than being there for his teammates. we'll talk about that next. you're live in the cnn "newsroom". i've been telling everyone... the secret to great teeth is having healthy gums.
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kyrie irving, one of the best nba athletes in the league right now, but now that the nba has warned that vaccine mandates could prevent athletes from playing, the brooklyn nets all-star guard is mum on whether he will be vaccinated and able to join his team on the court. >> there's a lot of questions about what's going on in the world of kai ring. and i think i'll just would love to keep that private and, you know, handle it the right way with my team and go forward together with a plan. >> irving is one of a small group of players who will not disclose whether they are vaccinated. the nba says they will not be playing players who are forced to miss games because of vaccine mandates.
2:34 pm
irving's stance has prompted outrage from shaquille o'neal. >> if you're on my team and you can't play home games, i don't want you around. we have a chance to win. and you're not on the program, go somewhere else. whatever your reasons, i'm cool with it. but we aren't going back and forth 41 games whether you can play or not. >> and there you go. isaiah thomas. just to inform our viewers. you horrifically sprained your ankle in the finals game against the los angeles lakers. you were on one leg, scoring a total of 40 points. a lot of nba fans remember that very well. but given that experience, how does it feel watching somebody like kyrie irving prioritizing being a potential public health threat over being allowed to play and contributing to his team's success as shaquille
2:35 pm
o'neal was talking about there. it sounds selfish. . >> well, there are two different issues here. and i love shaq. he's one of my closest friends. and i also love kyrie. when we put it into perspective, this is really a safety issue. and i would like to shift lanes. it's more about we care about kyrie's safety. we care about the american population's safety. we have had over 700,000 people plus and counting die from this virus. and what we're trying to do is just spread the word to our fellow americans, our fellow teammates, in the environments that we're going to be in, plan in, communicating in, working in, that this is a safety issue. it's not an injury issue where you just talked about me being injured in the game and continuing to play.
2:36 pm
this is a pandemic that is not only affecting people in america but affecting people all across the world. this is affecting people in other countries, and everyone is collectively coming together to try to defeat if we want to use a team analogy, to try to defeat this virus. and we as americans, we all need to come together and try to defeat this virus for each other's safety. . >> and if you look at the data, lieu at the facts out there, there are certain demographics, certain sectors of the community bearing the brunt of deaths due to covid misinformation. one is conservative trump supporters. there's no way around that. you can look at the data, look at the maps out there. we have been showing that on our program. we have seen great progress in the african-american and latino communities. but are you upset to see prominent black athletes with
2:37 pm
millions of fans taking this public stance? keep in mind obviously we want to shoutout to all the players doing the right thing. they're all doing the right thing and sending a positive message. but what about those folks that aren't doing the right thing and the message that they're sending? >> i would say here's my message. we love them too. we want the conservative trump supporters to be healthy and safe and live. we want, you know, our minority communities to live. we want the athletes to live. we want everybody to collectively come together. and i'll take it to a higher ground, jim. i'm not looking to criticize anyone. i'm looking to inform and influence and let people know this is a safety issue and we care about you. that's why we're trying to get you vaccinated because we have a
2:38 pm
vaccination. we have something that has been proven, scientifically, medically to basically help you stay alive and not die. this virus has killed again close to 700,000 people. that's just here in america. when you look across the world, there's millions of people who have died from this virus. we don't want anyone else to die from this virus. we don't want anyone else to be sick from it. so the information we're trying to give to everyone, conservatives, minorities, athletes, everyone, is that, hey, we care, we love, we have the solution for you and your families so you won't get -- so you won't die. you won't have to take the risk of one of your family members passing away or one of your close friends passing away. and i've had both happen to me. >> your so right about that. but here's the thing. 90% of nba players are
2:39 pm
vaccinated. way higher than the country as a whole. that's an accomplishment, i have to say. but take a look at this tweet from texas senator ted cruz where he says he stands with players who have been silent or private, didn't want to say whether or not they've been vaccinated or have released to get vaccinated. he ended up with the hashtag your body your choice. why not elevate, why not tweet the players that we are happy that they got vaccinated? what do you make of that tweet? what do you think of that decision made by the senator there to put that out there? >> well, the first question i would ask senator cruz out of respect is he vaccinated himself? and if he is, then he should influence others to protect themselves. because this is not a political issue. this is a safety issue. this is about us coming together
2:40 pm
for the greater good of americans where we want our fellow brother, sister, to have a chance at living. and when we look at -- okay. let's look at some of the hospitals in texas where he is the senator at. there have been people there who need to get in the hospital, can't get in a hospital for some of their surgical needs, their emergency needs because the covid wards are filled. the hospitals are filled. people can't get in to really service what they really need to take care of in their families. >> right. >> this is what we are as americans. we have to stop politicizing this. we have to stop looking at it in individual pockets. we need to come together as a collective country to fight this virus for americans and get ahead of it so we can all live and everyone can be safe. i keep emphasizing this is a safety issue.
2:41 pm
this is not an injury. >> no question about it. thank you for that positive -- you are just as relentless about that as you were on the basketball court. and we appreciate that. the great isiah thomas. thank you for spending time with us. we appreciate it. >> thank you for having me. >> good to see you. and we'll be right back. make ee possible at 40,000 feet. instead of burning our past for power, we can harness the energy of the tiny electron. we can create new ways to connect. rethinking how we communicate to be more inclusive than ever. with app, cloud and anywhere workspace solutions, vmware helps companies navigate change. faster. vmware. welcome change. [whispered] air wick. get more fresh fragrance with air wick scented oils. for the price of one frebreze refill, you get two air wick refills. for over 50% more of the fresh fragrance you love. choose air wick.
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2:46 pm
openly pushing a wild and racist conspiracy theory. cnn's sunlen serfaty reports. >> reporter: what was once a fringe white supremacist conspiracy theory has now become main mainstream. >> jews will not replace us. >> they want open borders. this is exactly their strategy. they want to replace the american electorate. >> reporter: with a growing number of american lawmakers openly promoting the great replacement theory. >> for many americans, what seems to be happening, or what they believe right now is happening, is -- what appears to them is we are replacing natural born, native born americans to perfectly transform the political landscape of this very nation. >> reporter: the racist, anti-immigrant theory that says non-white immigrants are being brought to replace america aame
2:47 pm
white population. >> this nation wants complete and open borders. you have to ask why. do they want to remake the demographics of america. >> reporter: the conspiracy theory is detailed in a french writer's book called "the great replacement." elements of replacement theory appear to have motivated some of the most heinous recent mass murders in the u.s. and around the world. the gunman accused of killing more than 20 people at an el paso walmart uploaded a document to the internet before the shooting saying, this attack is in response to the hispanic invasion of texas. they are the instigators, not me. i am simply defending my country from cultural and he ethnic replacement brought on by the invasion. the man who allegedly killed 11 people at a pittsburgh synagogue said jewish people were being
2:48 pm
responsible somehow for immigrant invaders. and the shooter who killed 51 people at a mosque in christchurch, new zealand named his own manifesto, the great replacement. >> this is an invasion. >> reporter: the theory amplified again by the former president this weekend. >> our country is being turned into a migrant camp. joe biden has thrown the border wide open, and our country is being invaded by hundreds of thousands of people every single month >> reporter: voices on fox news by members of congress this week. . >> what do you think they're going to vote for? this is trying to take over our country without firing a shot. >> reporter: republicans normalizing the theory leaving some to fear what could profit even more violence. >> it is an insurgence. it's an invasion. >> thanks to sunlen for that report. and now we have this week's "before the bell." >> reporter: hi, jim.
2:49 pm
brinkmanship is add to go wall street worries. it is just another thing on the list concerning investors. september actually was the stock market's worst month in a year. it looks like inflation will stick around longer. that is causing bond yields to rise and high-flying tech stocks to fall. when the september jobs report comes out on friday, investors want to see how wages are increasing and whether that is feeding into this inflation narrative. overall, economists predict the u.s. economy added back 500,000 jobs. the jobless rate will slip to 5.1%. beyond the jobs report, there is that debt ceiling clock. it is ticking here very loudly. treasury secretary janet yellen says the u.s. government runs out of monday october 18th unless congress raises the borrowing cap. reaching that limit and breaching that limit could be catastrophic for the economy and financial markets. expect uncertainty in stocks to continue into october. in new york, i'm christine
2:50 pm
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a georgia high school student was not going to miss this shot to hang out with lynn manwell miranda. he got a note delivered by the star himself.
2:55 pm
take a look. >> officer, this is lynn manwell miranda, and i'm sorry, he can't be in your history class right now. but we're going to go over the bill of rights. we covered a lot in about two and a half hours at hamilton, and we're going over it in specifics, so this is not lost time. thank you. >> so many kids are jealous right now, that is amazing. this is a quote. oh, my god, i'm freaking out during the test, and i can't scream because they are concentrating. 16-year-old luke stevens was at a fundraiseer with his mother where lin-manuel miranda was a guest of honor. since he is a fan, we think this will be wonderful. he's part of our arts out there. great to see that. that's all for me right now. that's the news reporting from washington. i'm jim acosta. we'll see you next week at 5:00
2:56 pm
eastern. pamela brown takes over. everybody, take care. ♪ i had a dream that someday ♪ ♪ i would just fly, fly away ♪
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