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tv   CNN Newsroom With Fredricka Whitfield  CNN  October 3, 2021 11:00am-12:00pm PDT

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hello, everyone. thank you for joining me this sunday. i'm fredricka wit field. we begin with breaking news out of southern california where a major oil spill off the coast is called a potential ecological disaster. the leak three miles off the coast of huntington beach and experts estimate as much as 126,000 gallons of post-production crude spilled out from an offshore oil production site. the imypacts to wildlife are visible. oil has started to wash ashore with dead fish and birds. natasha is live for us at huntington beach. do we know how this happened and has the leak been stopped in any way? >> a lot of questions that are
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still unanswered at this time, we don't know how this started and according to orange county supervisor katrina foley who i believe is a guest on your show coming up, will tell you that the responsible party is trying to repair this leak right now. everything is still sort of ongoing and not a whole lot of clarity at this time, but we do know that this is about a 13 square mile area. as you said, there have already been reports of fish washing up on shore, we're hearing about birds that have oil on them and softball sized clumps of oil showing up in certain places. the bottom line is people should not be in the water. we are here at huntington beach where unfortunately there were a couple of surfers that our producer talked to who still wanted to go in the water because they say that in this particular spot, they're seeing the water is good. people in the area have been spelling this for at least a day or two. here are some folks who live and
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do their activities near the beach this weekend who have observed that as well. here's what they said. >> it's right here. you can see the slick collecting. living in orange county my whole life, this is kind of crazy to think. >> the smell is pretty strong. yeah. we can even smell it out in the parking lot. yeah. it smell bad. it's very obvious there's a spill. >> people i think were reporting they were starting to smell it, locals here right by the beach, since friday. they already had a smell. like what is that? it's been already i guess occurring for a few days. >> reporter: you can see one of the signs on the beach that tells people to not go in the water. one thing we should note too, this was supposed to be the third day of an air show taking place here involving a lot of performances including by the blue angels, with an expected
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million people who were attending over the course of the weekend and that has been canceled today. there have been people out here who actually did not know today's events were canceled and had to come out here and find that out. f fred, a lot of people starting to be affected by this and very concerned about the environmental impact. >> absolutely. natasha chen, thank you so much. we'll get more on this from a different perspective. let's go to cnn meteorologist tom sater. how likely is it this oil spill will spread? >> well, it's very likely. at 9:00 a.m. saturday morning the u.s. coast guard noticed off shore this oil sheen, believed to be about 5.8 miles in length. we take you offshore here and i want to explain a little bit about what's going on and what we believe in the early reports. see where huntington beach is. we're not getting reports of the oil at newport but likely on these sea currents it will slide
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down along the coastline, probably not as far as laguna beach, but show you where the complex is. these boxes are called the beta field, property owned by the u.s. department of the interior. this property is leased by these oil companies. we're getting closer and you can see we have several of these oil rigs that begin with the letter "e," names, edith and elle here. this is the concern. the red lines that move toward the shore are pipe lines. this is as mentioned post-production oil. it's not raw crude like we had with the bp oil spill. the consistency is going to be lighter, less dense, so it's easily going to disperse on the field of the ocean waters. the farther northern line that's illy's line. we had heard reports there was a breach on the pipeline where it is unknown. we were told that they did put a temporary or partial patch yesterday and they're getting to work on that again today.
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this is 3,000 barrels of oil, 126,000, 130,000 gallons. again, these pipelines carry it to the shore. where again? we're not sure of. let's follow the winds that push the sea currents. anyone in southern california will tell you you have the onshore flow, offshore flow. even though you see that red box, where the oil sheen is, at 5.8 miles in length, when you have the winds pushing on shore at a less density with this crude oil, you can almost expect that field to expand. by the time it makes its way further along the shoreline to the south on these winds, sometimes it will push it offshore and you'll start to see at night and again a process of carrying on. we can expect that field to elongate twice its size, possibly three times its size. the winds mean everything. they are light but those sea currents are definitely going to carry on shore. another concern is high tide. we're going to hit this twice. this evening and later on tomorrow, high tide is both over 5 feet.
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anything that gets pushed onshore will be pushed a little bit further inland. you can look at history, they've had a list of problems in this beta field. they've been fined before for corroded pipes and things of that nature. in 1969, this was the worst, santa bar bra spill, 3 million, the worst until the exxon valdez and then bp again. a history of problems. you know they're going to be talking about this in more depth not only in southern california but you'll probably hear about it on capitol hill this week as well. >> that was a lot of great information, the scariest among them this will elongate because of the currents you described that come from so many different directions. tom, thank you so much. let's talk more about all of this. joining us on the phone is katrina foley, natasha was making reference to, a supervisor representing huntington beach. glad you can be with us.
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are you clear yet on how this started? >> we don't have the source yet in terms of what exactly happened. i'm hoping to get an update around noon. there's a press conference with our instant management team. i will be heading to that in long beach. we should know more then. they have been working this morning to repair the leak. we know it's a pipeline connecteds to the platform that is the source of the leak. we don't know why it's leaking. >> who is responsible -- the responsible party that is repairing this leak? can you divulge? >> yes. so there is a company named beta offshore and they are actually the responsible party with -- working with our u.s. coast guard to koerd ncoordinate the cleanup. their parent company is called amplify energy, and so the -- they'll be responsible for the
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cleanup, the financial consequences, making sure that the cities, the counties, the private entities that were impacted get reimbursed and, of course, making sure that our natural habitats are properly cleaned up. >> already, we're able to report that a lot of that wildlife is in peril because there are dead fish and birds coated in oil and licensening to eye within -- listening to eyewitness accounts when they started to smell the chemical smell that comes with the oil, are you able to ascertain when this happened? because if dead fish are washing up and birds that are covered, does that not say to you, more than a day, that this spill has occurred? >> well, they're investigating that. i do have a report that there were individuals from the
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platform that had called the coast guard and called our orange county sheriff department's harbor patrol regarding a potential leak or spill in the area. that was the night before last. and then the orange county sheriff's department harbor patrol ha been wonderful in terms of being aggressive getting the coast guard out there, finding the source and helping to coordinate the effort. they started doing that right away get morning. you're right, it seems like it's probably been leaking longer than we know, but i can't confirm that because i don't have that information yet. >> so you've said reportedly that significant damage has occurred at tallbert wetlands from this oil spill. can you elaborate on what you've heard? >> i was out at the river jetty and i've been touring the area
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also received updates from the city marine life management division for the city of huntington beach and our tallbert wetlands, the oil has infiltrated the entirety of the wetlands. there's significant impacts to wildlife there. i was out at the river jetty. you could see -- i like to describe it as like a pancake sized cluster of oil up on the shoreline and beading along the shoreline and so that also oil all in the wetlands. these are wetlands that we've been working with the army corps of engineers, with the land trust, with all the community wildlife partners to make sure to create this beautiful, natural habitat for decades and now just in a day, it's completely destroyed. >> so quickly, what kind of resources -- sorry to interrupt. what kind of resources are coming in to try and, you know,
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soak up, try to pull, contain some of that oil that appears to be -- that you're visibly able to see on the surface? >> well, we have our orange county environmental health out. we also have -- i understand that the responsible party has hired some company to stand up booms and to get out there and begin the cleanup. i know i'm going to get more updates on -- in terms of like what kind of materials are being used and the like at noon at the press conference, so i can't really answer that right now. but i do also know that our wetlands and wildlife nature center, they're warning everyone, you know, please don't go down and try to help. we're not taking volunteers yet. if you do see an oiled wildlife call 1-877-823-6926.
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that's the best way to help. >> that's helpful. katrina foley, thank you so much for taking the time. appreciate it. we'll continue to monitor that press conference scheduled for noon pacific time. all the best. still ahead, president biden vowing to get his domestic agenda done but a divided democratic party stands between him. is there a path forward? >> next sunday, "this is life with lisa ling" explores historical events that changed america but are rarely found in history books. catch the season premier of "this is life with lisa ling" sunday, october 10th at 10:00 p.m. eastern and pacific only on cnn. hey, guys! they have customized solutions to help our family's special needs... hey, graduation selfie! well done! and voya stays by our side, keeping us on track for retirement... us confidence in our future...
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is ticking to reach an agreement. president biden has made clear he believes the two packages are linked with moderate and progressive democrat at an impasse over the price tag and content. here is what the head of the progressive caucus said this morning on cnn. >> there's no number on the table yet that is -- everyone has agreed to. >> what do you -- >> i don't feel the need to give a number, i gave my number, it was 3.5, if you're in a negotiation you need a counter offer before you bid against yourself. >> what about 1.5 like what senator -- >> that's not going to happen? >> why won't it add up? >> that's too small to get our priorities in. it's going to be 1.5 and 3.5. >> new york democratic congressman joins me right now the deputy whip of the congressional progressive caucus. good to see you, congressman. if both the fracture and build back better plans are popular
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with the american public, what is going to bring some resolution some common ground, on the price tag or the content? >> well, we'll follow the president's instructions and his instructions were that we should take a look at the programatics aspect of this discussion and that will drive the price tag. i like 3.5, but not everybody does. we ought to take a look at what we can do to help the american people as they come out of this pandemic. how do we recover as a country is really the goal, the objective, not necessarily the price tag. it is important to take a look at each one of the proposals on the table and we prioritize them. i think that's our goal right now. >> i think that's where the difficulty is. not everybody is prioritizing the same way. if the priority is, as you say, and as the president wants it to be, prioritization basesed on the programs, if you all say
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universal pre-k education and know the price tag is somewhere in the $450 billion range, that means there has to be a consensus to say how do we have the program but whittle down the price? it sounds like that's what negotiation is, but it doesn't sound like that's so easy right now. what's the problem? >> our caucus is pretty much united. let me say, it's never 100%. i don't think any democracy you will find any particular body 100% in agreement with anything. we're very close to that. there's a small minority that may not be agreemin agreement we price tag we put forward, but i think our caucus is united. now the question is to prioritize those programs and see which are so important, for example, day care. day care is critical. why? women were disproportionately at home and fell off the work force. they have to get back to work now. you need day care.
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universal day care is an important one. to me imymigration is critical. over 5 million undocumented immigrants were there when we needed them, delivery to our home, making sure our seniors and frail were taken care of, we have to be there for them now. how do we bring them in is a challenge. i think we'll get there. we have the vast majority of our caucus in agreement we will follow the president's lead. this is his plan and it's just a question of how bold we want to go. >> and now this, are you worried about losings the republican senators who voted in favor of the infrastructure bill? now expressing concern about the idea of decoupling these two bills? >> no. i think that both in blue states and red states there is an urgent need to take a look at our infrastructure and build new transportation systems. i think that's so important to our recovery, but most
11:22 am
importantly, you have roads and bridges that need emergency repair in blue states and red states. not only that, but this is a great job creator, so the fact that we're going to create millions of jobs and we need to train those folks and that's why these two bills are connected, the human infrastructure -- >> that's you pushing for the bills and the value of them, but the question really is about those republicans who are threatening to change their mind on supporting these measure because of the separation of the measures. >> i think they go back to their states and they will hear from their constituencies and the need to build bridges that are nearly collapsing and ensure they bring back prevailing jobs. people trained for that industry. that will resonate. i think it's important they hear
11:23 am
their constituencies and i think they will. >> now on moving this deadline to halloween, house speaker moving the deadline, we heard from the president when he was on the hill and said six minutes, six weeks, six months, whatever it takes, is there a disadvantage to moving the goal po, the deadline? >> i think it's towards the end. i don't know if it's halloween. it's the end of october. i think it's important we have the ample time. it's not just about how quickly we get to the finish line but getting to the finish line the right way i think is the challenge. of course, we must make sure that america recovers, that the jobs are there, that day care is there, the free community colleges are there, that hearing, eye care, dental care are provided for seniors. america wants. >> congressman, thank you so much for your time. >> thank you, fred reda. thank you so much. a possible game changer in the fight against covid.
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. right now experts are urging americans to avoid complacency, despite promising pandemic trends. the average number of daily new infections is at the lowest rate in the u.s. since early august. covid hospitalizations are down by more than 20% from the last month. on top of that, there could be something new in the pandemic toolbox. pharmaceutical giant merck says its new antiviral drug cuts the
11:29 am
risk of hospitalization and deaths by 50% for covid patients. dr. anthony fauci says he looks forward to seeing the impact this drug could have. >> the results are really quite impressive. as you mentioned, it decreases the likelihood of getting hospitalization or dying in people who early in the course of their infection take this particular medication. in addition, there's another part of that study that is really impressive. among the deaths in the study, there were 8 deaths among the placebo group and no deaths among those who took the medication. that's very impressive. we really look forward to the implementation of this and to its effect on people who are infected. >> joining me is an emergency medical physician in new jersey. always good to see you. we've talked about the inex questionties before in terms of
11:30 am
treatment. do you believe this is going to address those inequities or exacerbate? >> i think this drug has a potential to really exacerbate some of those inequitieses. say it work the way it's being billed, we don't know yet, it's going to cost about $700 for a course. we have about 30 million in this country uninsured, about 25% of people in this country don't have a primary doctor. it has to be gotten to the people getting covid early in the course to be effective. the difficulty here of getting an appointment with a primary doctor to get a prescription and then paying for it. if you don't have insurance, you're not going to be able to afford this medication. this is a medication that is going to be wide hi taken up by the rich and well insured, but not going to be there for our black and brown communities, marginalized population,
11:31 am
homeless people, people suf urg from covid-19 during this pandemic and this is a problem we see over and over again. we're looking for high-tech, expensive solutions, which what we should be doing is investing billions in supporting our public health infrastructure, in education, and investing in public welfare. that's how we beat this pandemic and best prepare for the next pandemic as it comes up. >> all right. so let's talk about the data that suggest that vaccine mandates work. people across the country have been trying to use religious exemptions to bypass the requirements. dr. anthony fauci said people sometimes confuse a philosophical objection with a religious objection. how do, you know, experts separate legitimate requests from those who are just looking for a loophole? >> we see a lot of religious leaders across the country saying the same thing over and over again, that getting vaccinated is our duty to each other, that if you truly believe in religious teachings, you
11:32 am
understand that you have a duty to your fellow man, your fellow woman, and so this is part of our duty to get vaccinated because choosing vaccination is not a personal choice at this point. this is really a choice for everybody. public health is not about the individual but our entire society and getting vaccinated shows that you understand that duty to each other, that you understand your role within society, and that you understand that duty and how important it is for us to protect each other. i think the religious exceptions should be extremely narrowly defined because we do see that mandates work. mandates are going to work and help us to push our vaccination rates higher and we need to be continuing to push this and i expect you'll hear more religious leaders saying the same thing, part of our duty to each other. >> always good to see you. be well. >> thank you. still ahead, as police continue searching for brian laundrie, new body camera footage reveals a domestic
11:33 am
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petito and brian laundrie taken during a police stop in utah following a physical altercation between the two seen by several eyewitnesseses. about aen month later petito's body was found in wyoming. nadya romero is on the scene in north port, florida, where police are continuing to search for clues, information and for brian laundrie himself. first, where do things stand right now in the search operation and what kind of activity, if any, is happening at the fiancee's laundrie's family's home. >> we have definitely seen a more scaled down search effort than maybe two weeks ago not far from here is the carlton reserve and that's where brian laundrie's parents say they believe their son was headed on september 14th and that was the last time they say they heard or saw from him. so there was a lot of police activity and people out searching for him in a swampy area, but then that started to scale down this past weekend and
11:39 am
definitely now here at the laundrie family home, the fbi come in and out over the past week collecting item belonging to brian laundrie trying to get those items together for the k9 units out searching for him and to try to potentially match for dna. so that is a very important part of this process, but we know that fbi says they're going to have a targeted approach when it comes to their search for brian laundrie. you mentioned the video from august 12th, domestic dispute between brian laundrie and gabby petito giving us more insight into their relationship that it wasn't all wonderful and lovy like we see on social media, but instead, there was this other side of the relationship that was pointed out by that video, the response to that call is under independent investigation. here in florida it's relatively quiet right now. the hecklers we sometimes see along the street in front of brian laundrie's home say they're going to a different
11:40 am
location, to another laundrie family member's home instead of being here in front of the parents' house. >> on the hecklers, do they live in the neighborhood or come from elsewhere? >> people who live nearby and you see some familiar faces day to day who come out, new people who were encouraged to join them. the police usually come when they show up. someone in the neighborhood if not the laundrie parents call the police because of the noise ordinance. we saw them with bull horns, not allowed to use those, saw them come out with mega phones and speakers, not allowed to use that, but using their voices and almost just as loud. >> and then nadya, are investigators re-examining or looking at some of the body cam video differently or more attune to looking for clues that might have been overlooked before? >> yeah. they have to use everything they can because many people believe, especially gabby petito's family, that brian laundrie has the answers.
11:41 am
they can't find him. they've got to use that call, that police interaction, for something that potentially will give them a clue or another piece in the puzzle. we're hearing about possible sightings of brian laundrie in north carolina. the sheriff in that area says he doesn't know how valid the sightings are, but all of that information taken to the fbi because they're trying to use every resource possible. >> nadya romero, thank you so much, in florida. let's talk more on this and zero in on the images we saw in the body cam video which i think everybody knows is so disturbing. i want to bring in dr. green, she is an expert on violence against women and children and executive producer of "ending domestic abuse" podcast. so good to see you. >> thank you so much for having me. >> i think it's been so troubling for everyone to see that video and to see different angles of it and different portions of it and try to piece together what was happening and just to see, you know, gabby
11:42 am
petito, you know, just crumbled in tears and clearly in a lot of pain. when you look at this footage with the expertise that you have, you see something different perhaps or something a lot more magnified. is this a window into what domestic abuse cases look like or do you see something else and you can educate us all? >> you know, it is. first, we start with her. if you look at gabby, i mean, the behavior of her, blaming herself, protecting the abuser. then she's coming across confused. she was very anxious. so that shows she was already a victim. what i have seen and can tell in this case, this is not the first time. it has been going on for a long time. also, about him, he is like defending himself, you could see she's not acting well so i had
11:43 am
to push her away. pushing is abuse. that's abusive behavior. he's shouting at her. not only that, i notice he was saying he was driving fast, to scare her, intimidate her. this was abuse going on between the two of them. >> and then i want to play this particular encounter where gabby petito details the fight between she and brian, just listen. >> it's okay if you're saying you hit him and i understand if he hit you, but we want to know the truth if he actually hit you because -- >> i guess, yeah, but i hit him first. >> where did he hit you? don't worry, be honest. >> scratched my face, i guess. he didn't like hit me in the face. he didn't like punch me in the face or anything. >> did he slap your face? >> like he grabbed me like with his nail and i guess that's why it was -- i was cut right here because i can feel it. >> i mean there's so much there,
11:44 am
dr. green. it goes back and forth too because she's almost like in a moment now revealing how in pain she is and, you know, revealing being victimized but kind of waivers back to, you know, well, you know, i hit him, and then to even hear the police say it's okay if he hit you or you hit him. how do you decipher all of that? it seems like it was such a mix of pointing the finger, of admitting being a victim and then going back to i guess she being accused almost as the aggressor? >> well, we have to understand that in certain states the person who hit is the abuser. so we have to understand where she is in that state. she comes across like the abuser but if you look at the whole relationship and the situation, whatever occurred there, you can see both were abusing each other. but she was the one that keeps
11:45 am
blaming herself and apologizing. she was really the victim. that's how i see it with my eyes. what i have experienced in my work in 26 years. on the other hand, the police, you know, they have training through the sheriff's association, training for a day and a half, when they get a call from 911, they learn about basics, but they are not psychologists or psychiatrists to understand what is happening in this relationship. they need to be much more training and understanding about what happened. >> i feel like, too, this case is revealing something else to us, to the masses, that perhaps, you know, masking an abusive relationship is something that happens too. i mean, we saw a video that gabby petito had put on instagram i believe it was on social media just really conveying how beautiful the relationship was, how perfect their road trip is, this you
11:46 am
cross country journey, you know, kind of sending the message of just pure happiness and euphoria, and then now, to learn that of it strangers, people in the public, who would see that she was being slapped around is how one witness, you know, described it enough to raise their concern that they called police. so talk to us about i guess the issue of masking trying to divert attention from the real horror that someone is living? >> you know, it's quite common. many people outside the home they go to events, they look beautiful as couples, the relationship looks perfect, but you don't know what is going on behind doors. that's what the reality is. where the reign of horror occurs. now because we have the social media, we portray what we are not really having. we want to be accepted by others, by our society and families and think that we have it all perfect.
11:47 am
in the case of petito, she was also using social media because her dream was to create this blog, be a blogger, and changed her careers. she might have been going through some emotional i would say like economic situation that she's dealing with, economic abuse as well. we don't know her circumstances. from being unemployed to being a blogger and wanted this to happen. >> yeah. it's all so sad. dr. green, thank you so much for your perspective and we're hoping this is an instructive conversation for people out there who might feel like they can't share what's really going on in their lives and learning something about what we're sadly seeing in public view, thank you so much, dr. green. everyone deserves relationships free of domestic violence and if you you or someone you know would like to talk to someone, it's confidential and available 24 hours a day, call the national domestic violence hotline. at 1-800-799-safe or visit the
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a number of civilians are dead in kabul after an explosion ripped through a crowd gathered outside a mosque. people were there. it's not clear who carried out the attack. clarissa ward joins us with more. what have you learned? >> fredricka, i should start saying this is the most significant explosion we've seen in kabul for many weeks now.
11:53 am
from what we understand the target was the senior leadership of the taliban who were gathered at the mosque for funeral prayers to commemorate the death of the mother of mu ja head, the group's spokesperson. journalists who arrived on the scene in the moments afterwards were not allowed to get near the mosque. the taliban trying to push them back saying that was for security reasons, but there does seem to be an effort as well to try to sort of quash reporting on attacks of this nature because there are a lot of tensions at the moment with ongoing skirmishes between the taliban and isis-k. isis-k has not yet claimed responsibility for this, but obviously they did claim responsibility for that horrific attack on the airport and they have also claimed responsibility for a number of smaller attacks and ieds, explosions in jalal bad and other parts of the country. the sense at the moment with many is one of deep unease.
11:54 am
can the taliban continue to provide effective security across the country when it has so much on its plate and has a formidable adversary it would appear in the form of isis-k. as i mentioned before, they have not yet claimed responsibility for this attack, fredricka. >> clarissa ward, in kabul, thank so much. we'll be right back. ing forward. they guide me with achievable steps that give me confidence. this is my granddaughter...she's cute like her grandpa. voya doesn't just help me get to retirement... ...they're with me all the way through it. voya. be confident to and through retirement. ♪ ♪ i give families a home, not just a place to stay. i am a vrbo host. ♪ ♪
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after winning multiple super bowl championship over 20 years playing for the new england patriots, tom brady is returning to his old stomping grounds to square off against his old team. cnn's coy wire has a preview. >> hi, fred. one bonn radio host described this as the high school reunion where you have to see the ex who broke your heart. it's also how tom brady might feel about the breakup with the organization after 20 years when he walks into gillette stadium to play his former team for the first time. physically, brady will try to prepare the same way for every game but mentally no way to prepare for something like this. it will be surreal for brady to face his former team and mentor ben ber bill belichick, highlighting six super bowls for new england and
12:00 pm
the title in tampa last season with the jay-z lyrics, allow me to reintroduce myself. some pats fans say there will be boos, others will be cheering for him over their own team. some held a parade for the greatest of all time marching goats through downtown boston yesterday. as fate would have it, brady will likely break another record tonight in foxborough. 80,000 plus passing yards in his 22 seasons and turns out he needs 68 to pass drew brees for the most in nfl history. what are the chances? how will fans react to brady. how will brady handle the moment? we've seen him get emotional many times over his career. one of the most highly anticipated regular season matchups in nfl history, fred, 8:20 eastern tonight. hello,


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