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tv   CNN Newsroom With Jim Acosta  CNN  October 2, 2021 2:00pm-3:00pm PDT

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you're live in the cnn newsroom. president biden's sweeping economic agenda clinging to life after tense talks on the hill. democrats gives themselves one more month to overcome deep
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divisions on two huge bills. house progressives are holding up infrastructure because democrats are holding up the other safety net package. if it sounds complicated, this morning, president biden tried to simplify it. >> we could bring the moderates together, get two more votes. two. >> those two people of course senators, manchin and sinema, they refused to sign off of biden's bill until the price tag comes down. it's $3.5 trillion over ten years. i'm joined by rhode island congressman. congressman, great to see you. thanks for being with us. your caucus chair, the $3.5 trillion top line may have to be trimmed. i know members of congress don't want to negotiate through the news media. but i think it's fair to say would you agree we are no longer at 3.5? no longer there?
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>> i think that tgs fit's fair say. the house democratic kcaucus is really unified in this. we want the president's entire agenda to be passed. this is his proposal to really transform the economy in this country to make it work for everyone. it includes universal pre-k, affordable childcare, paid family and medical leave. lower prescription drug prices. lower healthcare costs. free community costs. it's incredible investments in really rebuilding the middle class in this country. we want as much of the president's agenda to be enacted as possible and i think what the president said when he met with us, we need to know what the other folks are for. what do they think isn't worth investing in. tell us what you would like to remove from it and we can have a negotiation, but we want to make sure as much of that agenda passes. it will make sure the recovery reaches everyone.
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it's fully inclusive and particularly communities of color and women, they get back into the workforce. so we're going to get both things done and we just need to know from our colleagues what are the things that you don't want to include rather than talking about numbers. what are the things you don't think are worthy of investment in build back better. >> what is your view on this? that the spending in those programs need to come down all together so you preserve all those programs or might something get pulled out and we'll deal with that at a later date? >> well, i think you have to be careful. you can't, there are some things can be shortened for a few number of years depending on how long it takes to implement. but i think we have to be open to that. but you know, it's a little frustrating to be frank with you because my republican colleagues who voted for $1.9 trillion tax cut that added to the debt that really didn't assist our economy in the long-term, sort of like a
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sugar high, it was unpaid for. what's important about build back better is it's fully paid for by making sure the most profitable corporations pay their fair share. the trump tax cut added 1.9 trillion to the debt. build back better adds zero. because it's fully paid for. >> do you wish the democrats could just act like the republicans and ram things through the way they did? >> no. i actually think, look, what people have watched over the last couple of weeks is, we should celebrate. this is how our dhemocracy work. just a couple of years ago, we had a president who was inciting an insurrection. we're in a different place. we're debating and arguing about what should be the final contents of this bill. that's the legislative process. we should celebrate that. it's going to be transformative for the american people and we want to make sure the
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president's vision that's going to really benefit our constituents becomes a reality. >> a short time ago, senator sinema, one of those two that biden mentioned, she lashed out at the house over this infrastructure vote saying in a statement the failure of the house to hold a vote on the infrastructure investment and jobs act is inexcusable for communities across the country. denying americans millions of good paying jobs, safer roads, me reliable electricity, better broad band only hurts every day families. doesn't she have a point? >> we are definitely going to pass the bill, but that's not enough. that's a very modest investment in rebuilding the infrastructure of our country, but if you create jobs where people don't have access to them because they don't have access to childcare or child training or housing, all those things that are in the build back better plan. we need to do both. the president met with us.
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he's the leader of our party and of our country. he said i need both of these things and the way we're going to pass both is to do them together. that has always been the plan and so look, we should focus now on the, not on the bipartisan infrastructure bill, that already has the support of everyone. that's going to pass. let's finalize the build back better bill so that we can get that through the house and senate as well and again, really transform the lives of people we represent. this is the biggest investment in working families in my lifetime that's going to make such a difference and we've got to get both things done. when the president visited us, he said look, we don't have to do it in six hours. we need to get both done. it's going the take a lit time, but we're going to get it done and everyone believes both things must happen and will happen. >> does the president need to get more involved? i know he's been burning up the phone lines and he's been having folks over to the white house. but he was over on the hill right before it became apparent that this wasn't going to come together at the end of this
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week. might that have been helpful had he done that more often and sooner? >> look, no. the president -- >> maybe not with you, but with some of your colleagues. >> i don't think so. the president and his team have been driving these negotiations from the beginning. as the president reminded us yesterday, this is his plan. he wrote this. these are his priorities. he campaigned on. you know, universal pre-k and affordable childcare and more affordable housing and paid medical and family leave. adding to medicare benefits. these are his ideas. he wrote the bills. so he's been very involved in the crafting of them. in persuading people that these things should happen and they should happen together. so you know, the president will continue to be very voinvolve a his team will be, but i think he came over yesterday just at the right time to say look, we all understand we have to get all this done. we will. we need to take the time that's necessary to complete these
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negotiations, but when we're done, what we pass will make a tremendous difference in the li lives of working families and will be something we can all be incredibly proud of. >> thank you so much. appreciate you coming on. >> my pleasure. >> all right and now to the senate side of this debate, richard blumenthal of connecticut joins me now. senator, great to hear you with us this evening. we just heard from your fellow draft from the house. that we're not longer at 3.5 trillion. is that your understanding? >> i continue to hope we're going to have a major, big, bold investment. i don't mean roads and bridges, but also in people who use them. that means making sure that people can get to work on those roads and bridges with childcare that they need to re-enter the workforce. both men and women. and fill those jobs with the skills they may lack right now. which means more education. of course, healthcare, climate
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change. and paying for all of them through taxes that make the corporations and the wealthiest in this country pay their fair share, which they do not do right now. because a lot of them pay nothing in taxes. so that kind of fairness paying for the programs, investing in human beings, there should be no surprises here because the president linked them and he said there were no arbitrary deadlines and we need to take a little bit more time to make sure that we achieve this once in a generation opportunity. really is once in a generation that we have this kind of opportunity. >> and senator, i hate to ask a senator if one senator has too much power, but do you think your colleague senators, joe manchin and kirsten sinema have too much power? i ask in all seriousness because in all honesty, you could have dug your heels in and said this package doesn't have this in it
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and you didn't do that so no dice. i'm off to my boat and no dice. you didn't do that. aren't some of your fellow democrats a little peeved? >> you know, we work together remarkably well and i should just add on a very personal note, jim, that i've been really impressed by how the president has led here. he's been on the phone. he's come to the hill. he's met with all of my colleagues at one point or another. and maybe not personally. but he's certainly made his views known from the very start. so i think all of us in the democratic caucus have worked together. what has really surprised and appalled me to be very honest is how none of my republican colleagues seem to be interested in investing in the human beings who are going to use those roads
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and bridges and ports and airports and broadband. they have joined in the bipartisan investment in physical assets, but not in the human beings through education, healthcare, climate change, universal childcare and a fair tax program. >> i want to turn to facebook. this hugely important issue of social media. as a parent, i agonize over this. and i'm sure there are so many out there who do. newly published internal documents reveal the negative impact of the company platforms have on teenagers. in some cases, linked to suicidal thoughts. it's horrible. and you grilled a top facebook executive about these studies this week and i want to play it. >> i want to be clear that this research is not a bombshell. it's not causal research. it's in fact just -- >> no, i beg to differ with you, miss davis. this research is a bombshell.
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it is powerful, gripping, riveting evidence that facebook knows of the harmful effects of its site on children and that it has concealed those facts and findings. >> senator, on behalf of all exasperated parents out there, kids are hooked to this. what is the solution, do you think? >> jim, you should be appalled and agast as a parent and you should be here because facebook not only knew of these harms, really serious, destructive consequences in online bullying, eating disorders, self-injury, even suicide, and they concealed them and maybe most agreejsly, they profited from them purposely and made money and exploited your children and all of america's children on
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instagram and facebook and what should be done because we no longer can trust facebook is to hold them accountable through legislation like the kids act, which i have authored with my colleague, senator markey, the online privacy act. other measures that will protect children. we're talking about 13 and 14-year-olds and younger. who really have this harm inflicted on them. on a personal note, i sued big tobacco as attorney general of connecticut. i led the lawsuit against big tobacco and there's an eerie resemblance here. in the case of big tobacco, it was nicotine and smoking. here, it is also as you've said quite correctly, the addictive
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effect. the perfect storm as one of the researchers said, with this kind of online addiction. and i'll just add one more point here. we're talking here not only about one study. we're talking about multiple studies. not a single disgruntled facebook employee, but numerous researchers who should be proud of their work, but the leadership's trying to suppress it. >> and i can't let you go without asking you about former president trump has asked a federal judge to restore his twitter account. perhaps you've seen some of this today. of course, he's not on the platform right now because he incited an insurrection, but what goes through your mind when you hear that he would like to get back on and he is taking legal action to get back on? >> i think there's no legal basis for it. but what i've heard from
2:15 pm
americans and many, that his being absent from twitter has been such a relief and the kind of contamination that he's done in dragging america down to dark places on twitter has been a disservice. he absolutely has incited an insurrection and the investigation i'm going by the congress i think will add weight and evidence to the case for his being off twitter but also held accountable for what he did to incite is january 6th insurrection. >> all right, senator richard blumenthal, we asked you a lot of questions. thanks so much for being with us this afternoon. we prappreciate it. >> thank you. zbln when it comes to vaccines, ted cruz says he's my body, my choice. the hypocrisy, next. with mucinex all-in-one you've got unbeatable
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some west virginia protesters made their way over to joe manchin's boat. >> senator manchin! >> senator manchin! >> your constituents are here. >> your constituents are here. >> your constituents are here from west virginia. >> your constituents are here from west virginia. >> will you please come talk to us? >> what are you going to do for the poor in west virginia. >> we're going to do everything we can to create opportunities. >> and you need to tax the rich. >> i aglree with that. >> almost heaven. joining me now -- thanks so much, guys, for being with me. molly, the democratic party sure isn't the love boat these days. >> i mean, there's a lot of
2:21 pm
conflict, but this is legislation and you'll remember in the trump administration every week was infrastructure week. and yet he never passed any infrastructure. so i mean, it's complicated and there's a lot of moving parts but they're actually doing what we sent them there to do. >> it's sort of feeling like infrastructure week is every week now though as well and eventually it will have to stop being infrastructure week because they're going to have to vote on something eventually. joe manchin has said what his top line figure would be for this bill. one of the key holdouts, sinema, she has not made clear where she stands. that has progressives fuming. >> she's being treated like a head of state. i never requested or met with the president in the oval office. she meets with him every day and has a whole delegation. they all go to her office. >> come to my district.
2:22 pm
have her come to my district and meet with my oath in st. louis. meet where those that sleep on the street. she has her own story that i feel like she's forgotten. >> when you say they're frustrated that they don't know where you are. >> well, actually, this weekend, "the new york times" is reporting she's back in arizona holding a fund-raiser. jeff, you were with the president today. you saw that reaction that he gave to the cameras where he talked about two people. >> yeah. >> what are they thinking over at the white house? do they know where kirsten sinema stands? >> they have been very careful when they talk about senator sinema and they say she's been negotiating this good faith and they're trying to negotiate this good faith back. i think they're also realizing it's not going to help their cause and it's not going to help hers if they start bad mouthing her in congress, or in public. but as those clips just showed, there's some bad feeling in the democratic party. president biden said this morning he's not frustrated --
2:23 pm
>> i think i can hear a little grumbling. just a little. >> i mean, it's hard to believe there isn't frustration on that side of pennsylvania avenue. >> and molly, senator cruz got a lot of attention this week getting to the covid crisis in this country. tweeting his solidarity with nba p players who don't want to get the vaccine. even used the hashtag, your body, your choice. i guess this is trolling. this is what he does now. what is your reaction to this? >> i think the lesson that ted cruz got from trumpism is to be even worse and to be even more ted cruzy. you'll remember that al franken called him a -- so i think he's really leaning into that role as this being a troll. and i don't think, i think you know, the abortion ruling, you have women all over the country
2:24 pm
today marching in solidarity. you have a supreme court as unpopular as it's been since 2000 and you know, you have ted cruz, you know, teasing us about it. so i think it's a really tough situation for a lot of women and i think ted cruz is just hoping to sort of like you know, continue in this trumpy, trolling way. >> yeah. and jeff, on this subject, joe rogen made this bizarre claim. he suggested president biden got a fake covid booster shot on tv. here was his rationale. take a listen. >> got a booster. >> a real booster. >> you mentioned there before we started talking and i hadn't thought about it, but when i watched it on tv, him getting his shot, his mask on, all i could think of was this is performance art. the next one could be not giving them the booster, but a shot.
2:25 pm
>> i think if they were going to give him a booster shot, the last thing they would do is give it to him live on television. what if he dies? blacks out? gets, because people have had very bad reactions like in the moment for whatever reason. >> right. >> jeff, you cover the white house. i had covered the white house. the thought that, i mean, they would give the president of the united states a fake booster. i hate bringing this stuff up, but rogen has so many listeners out there that i think it's worth a fact check. >> it is, but it's almost ridiculous to be talking about. the fact is it was a real booster shot and also his logic is sort of strange. president biden wants to get booster shots. he's also in that age group where it's time for him to get a booster shot so he got one. of course he got one. and he wants people to see that on live television and he wants people to see that he's okay and he was okay.
2:26 pm
this is a huge value he's facing, to get people vaccinated. >> and but this has been one of the problems, one of the challenges that the biden administration has struggled with, molly, throughout their time managing this pandemic. getting on top of covid disinformation. that kind of garbage you just heard from joe rogen there. it is so pernicious and we can write it off and say, oh, this is just some kguy with a podcas, he's a comedian. it's dangerous. just so dangerous. >> it is dangerous. joe rogen is not just some guy. he has millions and millions of rabid fans who listen to everything he says. and you know, you'll remember, he is actually probably one of the leading sources of this kind of disinformation and he was a couple of weeks ago when he got covid, he got the monoclonal
2:27 pm
antibodies and ivermectin. he spread a lot of disinformation. it's really tragic and we still have people in the south dying in large numbers because they refuse to take the vaccine and you know, i think that it's caused people like rogen to see these anti-vaxxers as easy marks. he knows they're sort sof passionate and they're looking for a champion. ultimately, it will kill people. not getting vaccinated leads to higher levels of death with this virus and it's really tragic. >> it is. just so dangerous. and just wish he would knock it off. it's not worth it. the numbers or data. please stop. all right, molly, jeff, thanks so much. appreciate it. coming up, britney spears' father has been booted as her con serve tor, but the battle to have control of her life is far from over. plus, a new season of this
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to help prevent threats. every day in business is a big day. we'll keep you ready for what's next. comcast business powering possibilities. britney spears scored a major legal victory in her fight fo regain control of her life, but still faces hurdles. joining us now, a former federal prosecutor, state prosecutor. great to see you. the los angeles judge suspended britney's father's
2:33 pm
conservatorship and his control of her estate. he designated temporary replacement. fascinating developments in a case that a lot of people are following. what happens next? >> yeah, jim, so there's a court appearance on november 12th and that's where the judge will decide what happens next with the conservatorship which really interesting here, the father is now taking the position that it should be ended all together, which is unusual. why would he take that position? the thing is, the person who's now replaced him is a cpa. certified public accountant. so the father might be afraid that the cpa is now going to have access to the books, papers and financials and there could be accountability coming. >> no question. and does jamie spears face potential legal issues moving forward? that has been a key question in all of this. >> yeah, i think that's exactly it. first of all, if he was engaged, the father, in abuse or mismanagement or embezzlement, he could face civil charges, the
2:34 pm
estate or britney could see him for money damages. also, there could be criminal damages if he was enganled in fraud, misrepresented the expenses, took money for himself. also there's this bizarre detail that the father put a recording device in britney's bedroom. that could be a violation over the wiretapping statute. you're not allowed to record conversation between two other people if neither of them know about it unless a judge has signed off. there could be real consequences for the father. >> what are the big picture lessons? >> conservatorships are not necessarily evil. this case has given them a bad name. they were designed to protect the rights of people who are legitimately incapacitated but courts need to scrutinize carefully and make sure the interests of the people on the other end of these things are being taken care of. >> forgive the sharp right turn, but let's talk about texas. yesterday, the doj argued its motion to i guess seeking to
2:35 pm
block that state's restrictive abortion law. what do you make of the doj's argument here? >> it's interesting. the one question that the judge asked doj yesterday is what are you doing here? it's unusual for doj to be involved in this kind of case and the lawyer's answer was first of all, this violates roe versus wade. and second, the supremacy clause. if there's a federal and state law that conflicts with it, the federal law has to win out. on it face, it's a straightforward, strong argument. the question is where's the future of roe versus wade lie. >> is the doj going to run with the procedural provisions of the texas law? this part about private citizens being able to sue for money damages, so-called vigilante portion of the law. >> the judge hammered the texas attorney on this. he said essentially did you set it up this way with this bizarre
2:36 pm
system with private bounty hunters? did you do it that way to make it harder for me, a judge, to do this? the texas lawyer didn't really have an answer. he said, well, judge, it's not that unusual. it is, usually when you have a law like this, it's to be enforced by a governor, an attorney general. that's who gets sued. here, this vigilante system has really complicated things and is designed to frustrate judicial review so the judge took notice of that. >> thank you so much. we're going to be watching. thanks again. >> indeed. thanks. it was music that soothed a raging president. coming up, what we're learning about trump and a famous song from the musical, cats. plus, reaction from one of the stars of the original broadway production, next.
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♪ si acelero no me paran ♪ ♪ el viento pega en mi cara ♪ ♪ si acelero no me paran ♪ ♪ el viento pega en mi cara ♪ ♪ have you heard about the music man? a new book out. step stephanie grisham says when president trump would fly into a rage, they would call in -- that included this famous song from the show, cats. ♪ memories turn your face to the moonlight let your memory leave
2:42 pm
you ♪ ♪ it is very soothing and i feel calm already. we have a treat for you because joining us, betty buckley who played in the original broadway production of cats. such an honor to have you here. so wonderful to have you here. i have to ask you, betty, what was your reaction when you heard this bonkers story that they played your music to calm him down? >> oh, my god. it's so nice to meet you, at least -- >> virtually. >> virtually. thank you. i was on a tv set in new mexico
2:43 pm
doing a new series and i looked up i think it was wednesday morning and i checked my phone and they were saying thank you for saving the world and i was like, oh, my god. then i read about the book and i tweeted back that i was happy to do my part. he had used memory at his rallies for the past many years and that was when people would send me videos of him at his rallies and playing the background and i was horrified. and i wrote andrew lloyd webber -- and the beatles and foo fighters and elton john and springsteen and rolling stones, we all requested through the
2:44 pm
cease and desist that he stop because it was such an aberration for that memory. the anthem from cats, to be associated with his politics. with his rallies and so he ignored the ruling of the courts as he always does and just persisted on and so when this book came out and i understood that they were literally using the song to calm him down in his fits of rage, somehow, it all made sense to me. i was like, oh, man. you know, the guy is so rooted. his soul is so damaged and i feel that on some level, this beautiful lyric resonates with what remains of the window into whatever soul he might actually have. he has this insatiable need to
2:45 pm
be loved because daddy just didn't, you know, and neither did mommy. so it would seem. so he's really mad at the world about that. but she's a character that is about longing and the need to be touched and the need to connect. so i guess underneath it all, that's what's happening here. >> i was going to say it sounds like you've spent a fair amount of time processing i guess the psychology of why he would be so soothed by this. getting back to something you said earlier, somebody tweeted, betty, you may have prevented nuclear war. i hope it wasn't that close, but my goodness, you just never know. >> well, as i said, i'm willing to do my part. you know. if that's what it takes. i just, i think it would be great if the government came up with some kind of broadway commission to send broadway singers, you know, who had volunteered to do so, to the hot spo spots of the world including --
2:46 pm
>> he's on to something. maybe we're all on to something here. in inadvertently. i want to ask you about the impact that the pandemic has had on broadway. i love broadway. we all love broadway. we want to get back to normal as quickly as possible. it's starting to do that. just reopened after a year and a half and already breakthrough cases have forced aalladin to cancel shows. what are your thoughts? >> i was recently in new york and went to see this brilliant play and i was so touched to be back in the theatre. i was literally weeping sitting in my seat and everyone had on masks and we had no you know, present our cards for vaccination, that we had been vaccinated, to be there. everyone was as a community, was cooperative in trying to be
2:47 pm
present and be a part of this thing that we love so much. broadway theatre. and theatre in general. and you know, it was just so heartwarming and inspiring and joyous to be back in the theatre and so i've been following with great anticipation and joy the reope reopening of broadway because disney says they're the happiest place in the world, but for me, broadway is the happiest place in the world, so i'm so delighted we're back. i think this momentary thing with the pause in alladin, they're taking care of it. they're going to reopen at later date than planned. but you know, i was just on this tv set in new mexico and the covid rules were very you know, everyone had their masks on. everyone kept a distance. they tested us every day. it was really great.
2:48 pm
and when a community cooperates, we can solve this thing. >> the former president wasn't often the bushes listening in. just to get one last, one last dose from the great betty buckley. >> thank you. >> thank you so much for being with us. we appreciate it. great to see you. >> thank you for inviting me, jim. i'm such a fan. thank you. >> thanks so much. take care. and we'll be right back. to run a growing business, is to be on a journey. and along the ride, you'll find many challenges. your dell technologies advisor is here to help. so you can stop at nothing for your customers. with mucinex all-in-one you've got unbeatable relief from your worst cold and flu symptoms. so when you need to show your cold who's boss, grab mucinex all-in-one... and get back to your rhythm. feel the power. beat the symptoms fast.
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if you're a farn of '90s hip-hop, stay tuned. this year's halftime sboubl show is bringing together five legendary artists. ♪ it's the one and only ♪ ♪ ♪ we like to keep it on the high note ♪ let's get it ♪ >> >> sofi stadium in englewood stadium. they have 22 billboard number one albums.
2:54 pm
maria rose belding explains how being named a top ten hero in 2018 helped herget food to those who need it most. >> i was 14 when i started building memes. i was 23 when we were honored. to get this award and to have our work shown in its full breadth was just so incredible, and it really changed the narrative that we'd been up against, we were just kids, this was just a club. our hearts and souls were poured into what we were doing and we were having this large-scale national impact pt since then our budget has more than quad quadrupled. we were able to invest 4.1 million dollars in restaurants across nine cities. i'm so grateful for the opportunities heroes opened up for all of us.
2:55 pm
thank you and congratulations on 15 incredible years. >> 15 incredible years of everyday people making world a better place. go to cnnhero for mo information. that's the news. i'm jim acosta. pamela brown takes over. make some memories tonight and have a good night.
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get started today. conscious optimism, the worst of the delta outbreak is behind us. >> this may be the last major wave of infection. >> while the new anti-viral covid pill may be a game-changer but vaccines are still america's way out. >> the president is vowing to get it done, but divisions of the democratic party leave his agenda in limbo. >> i think it makes sense. i support both of them, and i think we can get both of them done. >> new body cam footage reveals what gabby petito told police about the august 5th domestic dispute with her


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