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tv   New Day Weekend With Christi Paul and Boris Sanchez  CNN  October 2, 2021 5:00am-6:00am PDT

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highest record in 2016. get those tickets now while you can. >> if i'm sick tomorrow. >> i will walk to atlanta to go take care of you. >> have you seen this video from hawaii? the kilawea volcano is still erupting. visitors have been going to watch this in person. no worries, currently, there is no threat to on lookers or nearby residents.
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we should point out a grim milestone 18 months now into the pandemic. >> and a forcing to vote on that fa instructure bill. >> more looking into the hours leading up to the january 6 insurrection with audio recordings and what officers were dealing with hours before the breach. a fight over alabama funding. her plan to use covid relief funds to build prisons. you are waking up in
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october. maybe you just needed a day to set in. taken some time to adjust ho quickly this has flown by, the united states hit a grim milestone reaching 700,000 deaths. there is good news in the threat of the coronavirus. >> drug makers america and ridgeback are working on a drug that could be the first pill used to fight covid-19. >> but vaccinations are still the key to get past this pandemic. bring us up to speed with the latest. >> only about 3.5 months that the u.s. hit 600,000 deaths and
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here we are now. authorities do maintain that there are promising and positive signs of things continuing to improve including the improvement of number of cases and hospitalizations and main t -- maintaining that the best tool to use is getting vaccinated. >> as early as next fall, california students will need to get vaccinated. >> i want to get this behind us and make sure kids never have to worry about getting a call saying you can't go to school because a kid or staff memberer tested positive. >> phasing in by groups. grades 7 through 12 and grades k
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through 6 only after approved. parents waiting to vaccinate those under 12 are hopeful that may happen by halloween. and what may first become the oral medication to cut hospitalization by nearly half. piravir. merck seeking emergency use authorization from the fda as soon as possible. >> i'm very excited about a drug going forward to fda for consideration. we do need better treatments and oral therapy. prevention is the best way to go but when people get covid, we need better treatment. >> with 70% of americans having at least one dose. they are hopeful at least those who need a second doet will get
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one. more than 90% of the roughly 78,000 teachers received a shot according to the city. those who didn't include stephanie who now faces being forced on to unpaid leave. >> unless anything changes come monday, they've decided i'm a threat to public health. that goes against some of the very basic values of this country. we need to balance freedom and safety. this is an overstep. >> the head of the department of education, the teachers who remain defiant can still concern. >> continuing to get vaccinated over the weekend, we welcome them back. >> in addition to providing pfizer shots for children over 12, taking on the issue of moderna and pfizer in the coming week and a study of a max and
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match booste r approach. >> justice sotomayor responded and rejected that from taking place. >> joining us now, former city health director. good to see you. good morning. straight to this antiviral pill from merck. how much of a difference is this going to make? >> with all the grim news, you've got to celebrate the
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wins. this is a win. it reduces hospitalization and death by 50%. not in competition with the vaccine. but with monoclonal anti-bodies which are now only used by infusion. most don't have the time do that. this is a pill based on a crip from your doctor. it has a 50% impact. that is a big deal because of the delivery i hope this gets quickly to the fda depending on how that looked. the big news is the best thing we can do is continue to push
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forward on vaccines thinking this drug will be there. don't do that. it is good news that we have one more tool in the tool bag here. >> as r as you suggested, it is a coin flip. let's talk the global perspective of this bill. the antibodies are expensive. with this pill, you can mitigate around the world. >> that's right. one of the startaling moral failure is being able to get vaccines into all those arms. if you can get these pills out there which are much easier to
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move given how cold they are stored. headed into the winter months and in flu season. we saw a spike getting to the part of the year where folks have to be inside where this virus thrives. >> we are talking about covid where we have a string of good news. a remain concerned. this virus has figured out how to dip and dodge and evade. nobody figured on a delta surge starting in the summer. because delta has been so efficient transmitting itself between people, what you have is an increase of immunity across
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population. 55% overall will start making a real dent in children. a large proportion acquiring immunity the hard way. getting sick. we have a far more immune population than we had going into delta and vaccine hes tennessee made sure of it. that created a space whereas a population we are a lot closer to the idea of herd immunity. which should protect us. >> expecting the vaccine for kids 5 to 11. the expectation that only about a third of parents feel comfortable getting kids
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vaccinated at those ages. what would you say? >> i have a three yoiear old, i wish that included her. my wife is a partner physician. we can't wait to get our kid vaccinated. the freedom of not having to worry about her being exposed. this is that freedom from covid-19 all of us want. don't for get. we know these kinds of viruss have had a history of harming kids in ways that healthier
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adults this one will less likely affect kids. 1/5th of those with covid were kids. these are those who hold our hearts everywhere they go every day. the vaccine is the best way to protect them from covid. >> doctor, thank you for the time. we always appreciate it. supreme court justice brett kavanaugh has tested positive. he is fully vaccinated. he tested positive thursday night. fortunately, he has displayed no symptoms. his positive test means he will not be on the bench on monday for the start of the new term. it would have been the first
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in-person session with all nine justices since the start of the pandemic. justice amy coney barrett was sworn in last year. president biden stopped by the senate. what he said surprised a lot of people but did it surprise democrats. we'll talk about it. >> plus what happens when star athletes refuse to get vaccinated or share their vaccine status? do they have a responsibility to fans and teammates? >> that story just ahead. prove our workflow. attract new customers. that's when fastsigns recommended fleet graphics. yeah, and now business is rolling in. get started at
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with amerisave's great rates. see how much you could save at president biden is vowing that he'll get this job done. >> the president says he's
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confident despite a high stakes week that ended with not much to show for democrats. no agreement and ultimately key elements on his agenda. urging moderate and progressive democrats to find some common ground. >> good to see both of you. what do we know about the status of this right now? >> the status is not much improvement on this. there is still two bills to be passed on the house. the bipartisan infrastructure bill that has already pass the the senate and just needs to pass the house before it goes to biden's desk and it becomes law. this is what progressives want. and the other bill,
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$3.5 trillion bill. progressives want this bill because it would expand the nation's social safety net tackling climate change, child tax credit, paid family leave. this is something president biden promised americans he would pass. moderates and progressives have different goals here. moderates want to pass a this. progressives don't want to vote it until details are ironed out. that is what president biden and democratic leaders faced this week. he made it clear they needed to work together to get those votes
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passed. the congresswoman head of the congressional cause cuss said she was optimistic. take a listen to what she said. >> six minutes, six days, six weeks, we'll get this done. we need a little time to negotiate. there was a lot of time to negotiate. i was wrong. i'm happy to be wrong about that. now we need a little time to negotiate on this build back better act. i believe we'll be able do that. >> bottom line here, leaders will work with those. moderates will want the infrastructure bill that would improve the roads and bridges. both of these expected to pass.
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>> what did president biden accomplish with his visit to capitol hill. joining us now live. what was his goal and did he achieve it? >> president biden's trip to speak with house democrats marked the most public engagement yet. the president went into that meeting speaking to the democrats for roughly half an hour and offered them a reset after we've seen moderates and progressives really warring about the infrastructure proposal and the massive $3.5 trillion. the president said to them and tried to remind them that democrats are reminded of what they are trying to accomplish and suggested that they need to continue negotiations.
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also saying that they expressed optimism that his agenda would be passed. take a listen. >> you are asking thousands of different questions. they are all legit. we'll get it done. doesn't matter whether in six minutes, six days or six weeks, we are going to get it done. >> the president acknowledging there that this is not going to be a quick, easy solution as these negotiations are ongoing. some lawmakers have expressed concern. they have stepped in earlier to get more involved. the white house has defended his role saying often the deal making is accomplished in the very end. heading to his home.
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he will be traveling a across the country a little later in the week to try to sell proposals. some of the focus to the president and his top staff will be to prod along these negotiations to offer the president a bit of a legislative win. >> thank you so much. so cnn's commit call commentator with us. hillary clinton's former campaign manager. >> thank you for having me. >> so president biden says six minutes, six days, six weeks. this is diametrically opposed to the urgency we've seen from speaker pelosi this week. how imperative is this time
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line? >> it is quite imperative. failure is not an option here. hello? >> go ahead. we still have you. >> president biden and democrats across the country ran on build back better. americans across the country voted for build back better. more importantly than all of this, this information will affect real people, real working families. there was some criticism from
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democrats saying they want more from him. would i have preferred he engage sooner on the bill, sure? >> very view of us have seen the president in the nine months he has been president. he should come to a caucus. >> and he did. >> what is missing here? do democrats feel the president isn't taking a side? >> president biden spent 36 years as a senator and was spries president to president barack obama. i think there is probably no one on the planet, except maybe
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nancy pelosi who knows the art of compromise and deal making when it comes to the legislative process. we all know the art of compromise is delicate and you often have to get two parties together and roll up your sleeves to deal with the nitty gritty. while it was a healthish week. both sides have a lot of muscles to flex, we did see a lot of progress both sides rolling up their sleeves and willing to compromise. now, the president can step in. >> it was a healthish week.
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as the song says, sometimes you've got to go through hell to get to heaven. i thinks that where we are headed. >> what did that look like? when you look at the child care and the things that effects regular, everyday americans every single day. what is vulnerable in this act? that's what i believe democrats progressive and moderate will have to hammer out. maybe not in the next six minutes or six days but hopefully in the next six weeks.
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they'll have to hammer it out and phase that in and sun setted later. these are all details that will have to get hammered out. make no mistake, man chin's opening number was $1.5 trillion. it will be between $1.5 to $3.5, that is an historic number. it will have real impact on real american people, working families whether child care. >> i'm sorry. with that said, where do republicans fall in this? if it is passed and there is that success and there aren't republicans behind it, what does that mean?
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>> the infrastructure bipartisan deal, they'll take that bill and campaign on it. the reconciliation bill, that means it can get done with democratic votes there is no way they'll get that value through that bill. dhield care, combatting climate. all bills that will get passed. >> thank you for being with us. >> for sure. >> the same nba player who once questioned if the world was flat has to do more research before getting vaccinated. we are talking kyrie irvin.
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tangling on one of the league's biggest stars holding out on getting the covid vaccine. brooklyn net guard kyrie irving. >> a lot of questions of what's going on in the world of kyrie. i would love to keep that private and handle it the right way with my team and go forward together with a plan. >> irving has recently been liking social media posts that are against the vaccine. the nba does not have a vaccine mandate but unvaccinated players risk missing games and not getting paid.
5:36 am
>> getting access to his new book. asking you specifically about the role race plays into this. the united states has a history of medically misusing african-americans. now faced with mistrust. kay rebeing a leader. does he see this as a form of activeism? >> you may recall kyrie said the earth was flat, which it isn't. he also bought a house for the george floyd family.
5:37 am
he sits on the board of the nba player's union, which is not down with the desire for a vaccine mandate. so much for america's most progressive sports league. with the demographic consistently slow up tick is the black american community. i think you've got most aggressive cities saying hoopers need to get vaxed. so of course, this ultimate influencer is going to test the bounds of the nba, science and the law and refuse to play games here in brooklyn. he said this is a personal decision. there is a fine line. >> humanitarian provacature. >> on the idea that earth was flat, he admitted that he went
5:38 am
down a youtube rabbit hole and apologized to science teachers. having access to him, how persuadable do you think he is to listen to someone like kareem abdul jabbar. >> i think he's agreeable but he needs acid tests. the head of instagram told mekhi reirving had more engagement than donald trump when he was allowed on. the head of instagram said it is good for leaders to have country view points and fans attach themselves. the next paragraph in my book has a teenager saying, i love all of kyrie's instagram posts,
5:39 am
even the weird ones. >> playing a sound bite from draymond green. >> we are dealing with something that to me feels like a political war when you are talking about vaccinated or not vaccinated. that goes against everything stands for. i'm not in any position to go tell him what he should or should not be doing. >> draymond, a hugely influential player. in this era of player empowerment, how do they manage this? >> we are talking about a war on personal freedom and public health. these guys are sweating on each
5:40 am
other and yelling at each other. it's not like the guys around you is not vul understandable to a breakout. which has been requiring players wearing masks. they are up to 95% of players being vaccinated. they find themselves against a race in time. but when you've got these folks retweeting this, the question is will vaccinated players guilt trip these players and will the nba new covid rules make the lifestyles of the rich and famous so uncomfortable that
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you, i'm sure, like us were glued to the television on january 6 as we watched protesters clash with capitol police. what we are learning now is that this wasn't the start of the violence that day. we are learning that police had confrontations earlier before these scenes began. >> joining us now with that audio. >> what this audio show sthaz the u.s. park police were dealing with the situation several hours prior to the riot. there were pro-trump supporters coming to washington and based on their gear were prepared for a fight. park police observed people in riot gear in gas masks, in some
5:47 am
cases, carrying a pitch fork. they made clear they were overwhelmed. saying she were surroirchded. all they could do was get a backup. seven hours of audio obtained. this is a quit bit of that more than seven hours of tape. >> you have a mob of on lookers inside the flag circle. just be advised when you are coming up to tell that prisoner to standby for now. >> we are at the washington monument with a prisoner. we are going to close it now. >> the prisoner is inside the base of the monument with
5:48 am
multiple park police officers. they are completely surrounded with protesters. they are trying to figure out a plan. >> we have individuals with shields and gas masks at the statue. >> they are at the shield with shields and gas masks. >> monitor only. do not take any type of enforcement action. let it happen. >> further, what park police was dealing with was little flair ups throughout the city. issues at the washington monument and lincoln memorial and hundreds of rioters tried to get into stop the steel rally where backpacks were prohibited. so they left them on the side walks. park police was on the side
5:49 am
walks looking at this pile of backpacks that they said had grown to 1,000 backpacks they were trying to ke occur it. it was a dynamic situation that took places hours before the incident began. >> alabama seefd >> alabama received millions for pandemic recovery but the state is using that for building prisons. more still ahead. yeah, and nows is rolling in. get started at there's software. and then there's industrial grade software, forged from decades of industrial experience and insights. meet honeywell forge. analytical software that connects assets
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we are 53 minutes past the hour, and we want to check top stories for you before we go. alabama is one of the states that's been hardest hit by covid, but they're not using all of their federal covid relief funds to fight the pandemic. >> instead, republican lawmakers are allocating up to $400 million from the american rescue plan to build two new prisons. democrats have raised questions over the legality of the funding. others are questioning its morality. alabama governor kay ivey signed the bill yesterday and said, quote, this is an alabama problem. we're going to give it an alabama solution. american airlines says all its u.s.-based employees must get vaccinated if they want to keep their jobs. the airline announced last night, the biden administration's vaccine mandate for all federal contractors does apply to the airline. american did not say when the requirement takes effect. it did say that while religious and disability-related exemptions will be available, there will be no provisions of
5:55 am
regular testing alternative. check this out. a new drone capturing footage inside hurricane sam as it barrels toward the atlantic. it navigated through 50-foot waves to capture this dizzying footage. >> it's something, isn't it? noaa says this is the world's first. it gives us a completely new view of a hurricane. data from this drone and others like it should help predict how and when hurricanes strengthen so not only good to look at but obviously getting valuable information. so, we will see you again in just about one hour in the "cnn newsroom." >> we sure will. stay tuned. smirconish is with you next.
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-- captions by vitac -- senators manchin and sinema, the problem or the solution. i'm michael smerconish in philadelphia. it's been a roller coaster of a week in washington. democrats tried to advance a $1.2 trillion infrastructure bill passed with bipartisan support and a more ambitious $3.5 trillion expansion of the societal safety net that lacks a single republican supporter. in the end, speaker pelosi having given problem solvers her word still couldn't deliver a vote. there are 535 members of congress, but 2 held the most sway. senator joe manchin of west virginia and senator kyrsten sinema of arizona. the political game of chicken between house progressives and moderates was actually dependent upon these two senators whose votes are needed for the larger package to get through the


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